Starfighter (webcomic) inspired one on one MxM or FxF Sci-Fi/Space RP!

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  1. Hey all! So this is sort of a specific search for a space opera/sci-fi type plot with M/M (or FxF) romance, loosely inspired by the yaoi Webcomic Starfighter by HamletMachine ( I'm not usually this specific about plots but I happen to have one in mind that I'm really eager to collaborate on with someone! Without rambling too much, here's the jist of it:

    Plot~ (open)
    So my character signed up for this space exploration/reconnaissance expedition because his/her twin sister had done so a year before. But her ship and its crew were ultimately lost, therefore angst/drama, and it's kind of left him/her a little reclusive/emotionally stunted. So part of him/her joined in hopes that he's going to find her, either alive or dead, for closure. And it just so happens that the ship DOES happen to find the lost ship and most of its crew. But then weird things start happening; the spaceship has continuous malfunctions, increasingly endangering the lives of the crew, and no one seems to know why.

    And here's what I'm looking for/some tidbits about bit about RPing with me; I feel like it's good to get it all out on the table beforehand to avoid having to turn people down on there mere basis of incompatibility! That's never fun :c

    • Looking for partners who consider their wreiting advanced/prestige, since I almost tend to hash out my RPs in a similar format to novels, but if you consider yourself advanced then that would work too! (And please don't be intimidated by my long intros XD)
    • Because of the potential for sexual themes, I'm looking for 18+ RPers ONLY in this specific case.
    • My characters are human, and I'd prefer to play them off of other human characters, as well :3
    • I'll write as much or as little as needed (I'd say my minimum is about 3 paragraphs)
    • I'm a (semi) frequent replier ('cause life y'know T__T)
    • I'm cool with adults themes, obviously (sex, violent, language--and on that note I have a potty mouth T__T BUT not all of my characters do xD), so long as they make sense within the parameters of the plot. Senseless smut can just get boring. .__.
    • I love making friends/chatting with my partners, whether we're collaborating on a plot, or just talking about life c: (I use some instant messengers, but I don't like listing them publicly, so just lemme know if you want 'em xD)
    • On the previous note, I LOVE collaborating in terms of plots. I hate when I end up carrying the story all by myself. It's no fun ;__; So I am open to ideasss
    • I also don't mind doubling up or using several characters at once xD But it's not mandatory
    • I prefer to establish my RPs in the forums; I tend to lose track over PMs and other messaging systems, sorry :(

    OK so that is all I can think of right now. Feel free to PM me with details about the plot if you feel so inclined! ^__^

    And, on a last note, I am ALWAYS open to new ideas, but please read my RP RESUME before you contact me with them! I hate turning people down because they ask me to do something I'm not interested in.

    Thanks for listening to my rambles! If you're up for some space opera or other for collaborating on some other possible MxM/FxF/MxF plots, hit me up! :3
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  2. Hi there,

    I'm new to the site and looking to build some relationships, get some writing together and this sounds really good. I'm down for some sci-fi based roleplay and really like the Big Idea stuff to get to grips with. I'd love to hear some more about what concepts you have and we can bandy things about.
  3. Sure thing! Shoot me a PM and maybe we can figure something out c:
  4. Message sent!
  5. Plot added/edited~
  6. Updated and still looking!
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