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  1. Storyline- Set in an undetermined date in the future, a space station houses a starfighter fleet, each ship manned by a fighter and a navigator. Navigator Abel is assigned to the notorious fighter Cain, who kicks off their partnership by permanently scarring Abel to mark him as his property, then threatening him. Forced together by circumstance and military command, Abel does his best to be a professional partner and navigator to loose-cannon Cain, while entering into a brutal, messy relationship with him even as hints arise that Cain is even more dangerous than he appears.

    Link to comic-

    1) So! I just read these comics and fell in love with them almost instantly! If you haven't read them, I highly recommend you do!{if your into sci-fi, things like that} ^.^

    2) I absolutely love to rp Cain x Abel. ^.^ So! I am looking for someone to play Cain, the dominant one in the relationship. Or I wouldn't mind doing OC x OC but I am still looking for a Seme! ^.^

    3) 1-3 paragraphs would be nice. I do not do one liners, those don't contribute anything to the rp! I also only rp in third person.

    4) I would like proper grammar/spelling/punctuation. I understand a few mistakes here and there! Especially if you are on your mobil like me all the time! However I would like to be able to understand you! [​IMG]

    5) This will take place in the threads. Not pm's or emails please. ^^

    6) If you are not okay with something or any kinks, please say so! I will tell you what I'm not okay with as well. ^.^

    7) If you are interested, please comment below or pm me! I would really like to do this! [​IMG]

    I love this comic! What sort of plot did you have in mind?
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  3. Me too! XD I don't really have any ideas, did you want to do Cain x Abel or OC x OC? :)
  4. Personally I find it much easier to play OCs if you're okay with that! I always feel like I'm not playing the canon character right xD
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  5. Of course! I don't mind that at all. :)
  6. Maybe we could switch it up and have a dominant navigator and a more submissive fighter? I'm really up for anything though!
  7. Hmm, that could be interesting. :)
  8. You let me know what you decide and I can fashion a character from that ^^ I'll be ready whenever you are!
  9. I wouldn't mind trying that, having a dom navigator and a sub fighter. ^.^
  10. Let's do it! I'm excited :D
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  11. Me too! So do you have any ideas on how to start it off? Would you like them to maybe be training still at an academy before they actually go up in space maybe? Or already up in space? I don't mind anything really if you have any ideas feel free to tell me! ^.^
  12. Oooo an academy might be kind of cool. . . Something different!
  13. Okay! That would be kind of fun. :) Then maybe a lot later on we could have them go off into space or something, idk. xD
  14. Yea! Or maybe have them close to graduating, and up until then the navigators and fighters have been kept separate? That way we can have them meet for the first time but still kinda know what they're doing xD
  15. Sure! That sounds good. :)
  16. Yay! Do you prefer thread or PM?
  17. I prefer threads if you don't mind. ^.^
  18. No problem! You okay with starting and sending me the link? :D
  19. Your ad got me into the comic...Have a banner
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  20. Love it. :3
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