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  1. Here it is guys! So let's get our cherecters posted up and then we can get started :3

    Name: Aremado Esyphillies
    Age: 16
    Species: Mage
    Element: Light

    Now, if anyone has questions or ideas let's hear em and decide if it's the right kind of idea or help out with whatever you need :3
  2. Name: Fallon Mystic
    Age: 14
    Species: Mage
    Element: Fire

  3. Name: Rinten Necrosyil.
    Age: 19
    Species: Mage
    Element: Darkness

    I'm kinda going to make my guy the group's foe for a bit.

    In short, he will make their life hell.

    But then, FRIENDS!
  4. Alright dear we wont, but you didn't post a cherrie
  5. GAH! We need to get into this thing!! You guys still interested?
  6. I know I am.
  7. Name:Fallwen Teatherheart
  8. On Donequis Oatey's request, the in-character story has been moved to this thread

    You can keep this one here for sign-ups.

    *flies away into the night*