Starcraft Multiplayer II

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  1. Best Cheese game ever.

    Both cheese, Zerg gets to it first, Terran switches from cheese to defense flawlessly...and then goes into a nuke rush -- I wonder if a tech switch can be considered a cheese when its so damn high up the tech tree?

    The greatest moment is the Zerg going into a Spine Crawler contain/rush and trying to go for the wall bust...and then EVERYTHING DIES when the nuke hits.

    The moment is 6:23.

    Zerg Player: WTF

    Terran Player: booom!

    Casters: Take me now. Take me now, my body is ready. I'm wet. I'm just so happy to see nukes. GET WRECKED!

    Me: lololololololol

    Put up YOUR favorite SCII games!
  2. The one that's as fun as Brood War.

    Oh. Wait..