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Starbucks has a secret menu! Those bastards! Like they aren't making enough money! Now they are holding out on the good stuff! Probably only available to a secret society of hipsters or something.

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Click here Starbuck secret menu items click here

This is most likely something that everyone in the world knows about except me.

I don't really go to Starbucks anymore. Too expensive and too sweet, for their mochas and stuff. Their regular black blends (How I drink it usually) are decent, but why would I pay for a cup from the establishment when I could just buy the bag and brew it myself? I also hate the environment at Starbucks.


Did you know about this?

Does everyone except me know about this?

There is no Starbucks here in town... D: I'm not... not even sure we have one in the next towns over...

In any case, I'd prolly rarely ever go cause they are indeed expensive. >< If I want a fancy coffee I'll go to my locally owned business! Support Small businesses yay!
Starbucks is nestled into my workplace so it's too convinent to get a morning coffee there. I usually get brewed coffee (not the Pike Place blend though, yuck!), an Americano or a breve latte. I don't mind the half&half, but I'm really trying to avoid the sugery drinks.

I prefer going to the local caffes though when I want to treat myself. It takes longer for the drink, but it taste better and it reminds me to sit and enjoy the moment.
You should be happy if that garbage "coffee" shop isn't anywhere near you. People can't walk around acting like smug assholes while carrying their burned up coffee they paid entirely too much for by either using another word for "large" or some made up word to order.

Why no, I'm not enraged. Why do you ask?
None of that made sense to me...was that a joke? Oo

&Starbucks, EWWW...~ the only time i go there is when some "high class" friends of mine refuse to go to DunkinDonuts. I don't even drink coffee. I just like eating off the whipped cream and taking a couple sips of some flavored mocha thing for fun xD

&you're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. ITS LIKE SUGAR MOUNTAIN in those things! c: i thought it was just me that thought so :x

I like looking at the cookies and the cakes in the glass thingys and staring at the menu for long periods of time.
Once in a while, I'll meet up with someone and drink one of those fruity smoothie thingys~ which aren't so bad ^.^

Here, there's a starbucks on every cornerXD


. . . Or scientologists.
What's Starbucks and why do Americans believe they need coffee to survive?
Because tea was the drink of our oppressors, so like the natural petulant child we drank coffee to be OH SO REBELLIOUS.

EDIT: What's hilarious is that it's actually true motherfuckers.
"Can I have a small?" "We don't have a small, we have medium and large." "No, you have small and large." "No, sir. See, medium and large." "Look. You have a small and large. You can't have a medium if you have nothing to COMPARE IT TO! YOU HAVE A -SMALL- AND A -LARGE-."
Also I hate my campus because somehow USF has TWO GODDAMN STARBUCKS.
I'm so going to try to force them to make me one of these now... >> <<
I don't hate Starbucks, but their stuff gives me stomach problems. x__x So it's best I have coffee from someplace else. I was aware of this secret menu, too. I just didn't know what all it involved! No longer so secretive, bwahaha.

I prefer the cuter, less popular coffee places anyway. There was a place in Bellingham called The Woods that I really liked. Much friendlier, peaceful atmosphere and a yummier selection. :3
Folgers. In your cup. It IS the best part of waking up.
I don't mind Starbucks. In fact I think that its handy location last year (as in April 2010) was what caused me to spend most of my coffee drinking monies in one. Hunker down at Games Workshop in the mall and go just across the way when I want to drink something. Also could stem from a few other reason... like the fact that I was in Belgium for two years where there one in the entire country (I swear the only one is in the Airport) and that I was born in Seattle and lived there for a good chunk of my early life.

Oddly though I rarely go to Starbucks, perfering to use the free Coffee place the Chapel runs here on base. Closer to home then driving to the other side of base to get Starbucks for money.

Oh and I agree with how the prices are messed up. Surprised no one brought up the movie scene with the lady snapping at her friend for going off on a barista about wanting a large, explaining that Venti meant something like 20 and it was 20 ounces... hence the name.

I've never gone to gringoland but apparently starbucks sucks according to her, that's good enough for me.

I mean, here we have real coffee and stuff.
I tried this.
The barista glared at me like I was speaking a foreign language.
I was a barista at Barnes and Noble and we used a Starbucks menu so I was aware of a lot of these actually, but nobody orders them! I like a muddy chai, which is chair tea with a pump of chocolate. (Because honestly, chai tea at starbucks isn't really all that traditional)