Starbound 1.0 is out!!!

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    Hello my fellow adventurers!! Well... Space Adventurers at least~ Starbound has now left beta and is now in its 1.0 state!! I would love to play it with others, and get a strong community together to play! It no longer requires people running a server to have multiplayer functions, and has steam support!!

    So, please come join me friends in this fun adventure of gaming!! ^.^~

    People I know that play Starbound:

    @Dawn @Tribs @Alan @Phantom General @Windsong @Samsterious
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  2. This wasn't my thing my time.

    But I wouldn't mind trying again if Multiplayer and out of beta.
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  3. Yeah it is!! It has steam support, so you can just go to your friend and hit "join game" and you'll join right with them @Gwazi Magnum
  4. @Qwertronix and I have played soooo many hours of this in the past year or so, ever since it was in early beta where you died at night or if you didn't eat LOL ! good times

    Will definitely be playing some during our days off!
  5. We should all play together!!! :)
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  6. I'll probably hop online at some point now the multiplayer is proper and they probably won't wipe progress again.
  7. Have they implemented remotely secure multiplayer yet?
  8. The game is sooooo much better now
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  9. The game has so much improvement!! Love it!! ;__;
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  10. Not sure what you mean. Their multi-player is now completely run through steam, not individual servers, though that option is still available as well.
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  11. This made a nice birthday surprise.
  12. Man, how the heck do you craft pickaxes in this version? D: I have built all of the stations I can from the inventor's table, but the option isn't there on any of them. I don't want to dig around for iron using just my matter manipulator. RIP
  13. I have only found Pickaxes. Make sure you look to your right at the Matter Manipulator button, lots of powerful upgrades there!
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  14. Also. you can buy pickaxes fro mthe Ursa Shop.

    And you can UPGRADE every crafting table aside from the Kitchen.
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  15. Yes!! Me and @Mahariel just got our Solarium (sp?) Last night and everything is fully upgraded ^.^
  16. I had looked into setting up a persistent server before but at the time there was absolutely no protection against cheating/griefing, etc.
  17. >Starbound Story Mode

    >Completes the first and second boss with little difficulty

    Oh I actually got this...

    >Then gets to Harambe and the Bone Dragon


    The difficulty spike is actually insane ;-;

    But in the meantime, I saved the world universe, but I still haven't bet Dreadwing because I am a fucking idiot -thumbs up-
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  18. Yeah, the last few bosses were most certainly a bit more tough!
  19. It literally took me at least ten attempts and about 50+ health items to defeat Big Ape by myself...

    At least I got help for the Bone Dragon orz
  20. Seriously @F0X , nobody plays Starbound anymore... Or Dota. :/
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