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Which Star Wars RP idea interests you most?

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  1. Stormtroopers

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  2. Jedi v Sith

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  3. Bounty Hunters

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  1. OCC
    An unusual aura of peace fills the galaxy, for once in a long time, there is no massive conflict encompassing much of the galaxy. The New Republic has had the galaxy in peace for the twenty years since it was established after the overthrowing of the tyrannical Galactic Republic and its leader, the sinister Emperor Palpatine. After fighting off the remaining Imperial forces, the Republic took control, embodying the ideals and elements of the previous Galactic Republic. The Empire seemingly fell for good, its forces destroyed and seemingly gone. Though, some said the Empire was not finished, but that they had simply retreated. These people were not entirely wrong, though they did not truly know this...

    The New Jedi Order established by Grand Master Luke Skywalker shortly after the arrival of the Republic. Initially, the Order started off great, Skywalker found others to join his Order, then potential Jedi were scouted out. A grand temple was established on Coruscant, in the same area as the original. The future seemed bright for the Order as Skywalker's guiding hand helped the Jedi return to galactic prominence. This high was only momentary as Master Skywalker disappeared in the 12 ABY, he did not say where he was heading, nor for what reason, but he was gone and no contact has been made with him since then. The young Order stalled as it lost its master, an aura of paranoia and uncertainty filling the temple as those that now had to guide the Order were unsure of their next steps.

    This was not helped by the Jedi's duties as peacekeepers of the Republic. They still committed themselves to this duty, but over time it took its toll on the Order. As Jedi perished or were lost, the Order grew weaker, less promising recruits were found, public opinion grew less happy with the Jedi, even the Republic grew unsure of the Order, the loss of a grand master was by no means easy to move on from.

    Then, in the year 20 ABY, something strange came over the Galaxy, on the Outer Rim a planet went dark, a Republic scouting group sent to investigate found no source of the disturbance, only destruction and death, the planet was just sacked and brutalized. Fires burning from craters, corpses all over, yet no source of the destruction. The destruction was too massive to be the work of bandits or slavers, it had to be an organized force with a huge military might. Some feared that the Empire had returned, others said that it was the Mandolorians. No one knew for sure.

    The Republic was unsure of how to react, how does one attack something that is unknown? All of the politicians argued for what seemed like weeks as slowly, two more outer rim planets fell, still no trace of the perpetrators. The order was completely random, as was the time between the assaults. Then, suddenly a Republic scout reported back seeing an Imperial Star Destroyer entering hyperspace accompanied by other ships. An investigation of the latest assaulted world found remains of Stormtroopers, war droids and even a corpse garbed in black, a red bladed lightsaber near the body. The Jedi Order came to the Republic immediately after the news, proposing that a force be assembled and sent on trail of the attackers, one composed of Jedi, Republic soldiers and even elite soldiers of fortune and bounty hunters.

    The Empire had returned, led by a mysterious Sith lord and his acolytes. Behind them stood thousands of Stormtroopers, war droids, mercenaries, pirates, gangs and even some Mandalorians. All of them had sworn loyalty to a a new leader, Darth Dementus.
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  2. I love idea No.2!

    I think that I would like to do No.1 or No.3 as well, but No.2 would be best for my liking!

    I just want to play a Jedi who knows how to use the force well, a lot better than their light saber, and uses it as their main weapon instead.
  3. Yes! I've been waiting for somebody to put up some Star Wars stuff. I love the second idea best, because playing a Jedi would be fun.
  4. A'ight. I'll pitch in my interest for a Jedi vs Sith kind of dynamic here. And more than that, I'll give you my reasons why, in particular.

    1. Lightsaber battles are the best parts of all the movies/games/comics/books combined.

    2. My second reason is by far my primary motivation - and that is to present both the Jedi, the Sith and more importantly the Force, in a better light. And by better I don't mean ''good'', I mean more sensibly. George Lucas and far too many other people that have created content and lore for Star Wars always end up portraying jedi as arrogant, self-righteous and deluded, often finding themselves stumbling about in the dark and proclaiming wisdom where they have none and contradicting themselves and their teachings time and again.

    And then there's the Sith and the ''Dark'' Side. They too, are portrayed as, simply enough, villains. They are evil just because they are Sith, and they do evil things because of it. And the ''fall to the Dark Side'' trope in and of itself is a horrid pitfall of character development that I think aspiring writers should avoid. To put it simply, one doesn't simply throw away their virtues - and find the flaw in their every belief at the turn of a coin. They don't wake up one day trying to better the Galaxy, and then a few hours later to slaughtering defenseless children for shits and giggles.

    And lastly - the Force. Y'know, this may just be me, but I think an energy, some kind of power that binds everything that exists within the galaxy, like magic - can't be as simple as ''Good'' and ''Bad''. Also midi-whatevers. Really - genetics - the ultimate Random Number Generator determines how strong one is in the force. Not their understanding of it, not their devotion or their training - but random chance.

    Alright, snobby rant over - despite the core things about Star Wars being flawed to me, I still hold the franchise close to my heart and if I see a chance to try (big emphasis on -try-) and write Jedi, Sith and the Force in a manner that is a little more mature and intelligent than what we've got to work with so far, I'm ready to leap for it.
  5. Hmm, 2 seems to be popular.
  6. I would like option two as well.

    I wonder about the writing level for this RP.

    But I would really like to see something Post Civil-War between Jedi and Sith (or other factions). Far too many rps I've seen have been based around the old republic, it would be interesting to see what can be done with the future timeline rather than the past.

    I just want to be part of the Remnant.
  7. I'm willing to go for No 3 since I love me some bounty hunting. Plus, I get to hunt Jedi who survived the Purge. >:D.
  8. The writing level would be either intermediate or adept. I haven't fully decided which one yet.

    It'll be set post Civil War. Maybe 20 years ABY, that seems like a solid time period. It would be between the Jedi Order and a newly emerged Sith empire. An idea I had for it was that the Jedi Order is not portrayed as strong as it has been in other media (the prequels), it would be a smaller, weaker Order with an aura of paranoia around it. It would be established, just teetering, one huge strike against it could cause the Order to once again collapse.A large part of this paranoia would be caused the mysterious disappearance of Grandmaster Luke Skywalker, who disappeared several years after establishing the order, leaving it in uncertainty. Of course the RP would be filled with OCs, no appearances by any canon characters, just references to some.

    An idea I had could be that the Sith gained control of the Empire Remnants, then used them along with an assembled force of mercenaries, thugs and others aligned to them to them as an army.
  9. Sounds like a solid base of an idea, that level of writing is enough to rope me in.

    Now just a suggestion, but what would you say to the antagonist being unaffiliated or gray Jedi rather than proper Sith? It would seem unlikely that the Sith would be able to gain power that quickly after the Emperor made sure any of his rivals were not a threat to his plan.

    Having bad-guys who are outside of the Sith would open it up to more characters as the Rule of Two and other Sithy shenanigans would not be a hindrance. You could have the occasional Sith, sure, but I think having a set of characters who don't adhere to the Sith would create an opportunity for more creative characters.

    That's just a suggestion however, and I'll have my Miraluka Paladin ready for battle nontheless.
  10. Well, I feel people would be more interested in being on the Sith side as it's a classic type thing, though a Grey Jedi splinter faction could be in there. A way I thought of it was that this antagonist Sith lord did not yet have an apprentice, instead they had a group of acolytes but had not yet chosen an apprentice. In the RP they would pick an official apprentice. Also, Sith frequently 'avoided' the Rule of Two.

    I still need to hammer out of the exact details though.
  11. Well, if either option 2 or 3 are picked I'm still going with a bounty hunter.
  12. I've always wanted to go with a Dark Jedi. Whatever you decide on, I'm all for it.
  13. We'll go with 2. I'll start working on the idea.

    I'll put the other two ideas on the back burner. Maybe those can be made into RPs later.
  14. Changed the OP.

    How'd I do with it? Sound enticing?
  15. That's fair enough. I like the idea of something new aside from the classic "Good Guy Jedi," vs. "Bad Guy Sith," but you make a good point to why you would want it in. Still, I urge you to check out the Wookiepedia sometime and look at some of the Force Organizations out there, some are very interesting. The idea of choosing an apprentice however, is wonderfull, I think that could cause some beautiful tension between Sith players.

    So you can count me in, I'll be watching closely.

    As far as the OP, it's a little simple, but I think it gets the job done quite well. I just don't know how I feel about:

    But please don't take what I'm saying negatively. This is your RP, you are the boss, I've just been rping for a very long time. I'm sure you will be able to make an awesome story for us!
  16. I promise that it is not going to be a generic good v evil story. Darth's motives are greater than that.
  17. I'd join in on this roleplay!
  18. Still looking for interested people!
  19. Interested - I have a Twi'lek charrie I've built a while back - street rat/hiding from any authority type, who happens to hold some skills in The Force, just never been noticed just yet due to her status at the time. She's a little mouse with a big mouth doing what she can to help her friends and her stay out of trouble while working at a local club. She really doesn't want to do anything to bring attention to herself, for she's got a warrant for her arrest for attacking her late keeper in order to escape. Unfortunately, he was killed soon after by another escapee who wasn't caught. Therefore, his death is placed on her.

    I'll get her typed up soon; she's still in pen and paper form.
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