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Look at the Swoop Gang Leader, Woody. That looks like a bike. Now look at the one Zy has. They loot totally different. And I didn't mean a speeder bike, I meant speeder, as in landspeeder. You know, that thing Luke drove Ben in on their way to Mos Eisley. I'm not saying Zy can't call it and use it as a swoop bike. I'm just saying that I wouldn't.


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Size wise it works and if you play Knights of the Old Republic that's what they have as a swoop for racing. You'd also get the size due to walking by it. Of course apearance wise I agree with you, it looks more like a speeder... but who cares? New stuff is always introduced and this is far from new.

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Old republic has no grey area force users that aren't trapped on their own planet.


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[ Hope it's not too late to join! Thought I'd make a contrast to Zypher's awesome character. Long as it's okay! ^_^;;]

Name: Cobier Vespidae

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Species: Miraluka

Occupation: Sith Saber

Physical Description:

Height- 6'0 feet
Weight- 150lbs
Hair- Brown. Shoulder length.
Eyes- None. But can create the illusion of having violet eyes.
Skin- Pale.
Build- Athletic. Well toned musculature.

Personality: His temper is at once his greatest strength and his worst weakness. No loyalty seems to be held by him towards anyone save for his master. If someone can push his buttons in just the right way, all his skills and fighting prowess are for naught. But if they do piss him off it will not bode well for their survival since the uncontrolled focus of any rage makes everyone a potential target. Good at thinking on his feet and in the heat of battle. Also, he often hurls out insults at foes with a wicked and witty tongue. In other words, he can't take what he dishes out.

When not provoked he is capable of planning things out to a degree and often manipulates others if it will get his current objective done faster. He has no known qualms about killing anything or anyone even including other Sith if given the right context. He has never been seen in a romantic relationship with anyone but like most men there are certain urges that can give him an itch that needs to be scratched.

Strengths: Impressive lightsaber skills in both the traditional methods and a personal one he has developed himself. Even known to have used two lightsabers at once with moderate skill. Survival skills that can be used to survive in poor conditions while on a dangerous planet or otherwise. Knowledge of defensive and offensive fighting styles of the Sith. Use of the force in the ways of the Sith. Acrobatic skills. Resistance to most mental abilities. Sabotage.

Weaknesses: Cannot pilot anything of military grade vehicles. Well, he could TRY but it probably wouldn't end well. Even for civilian craft he has only a basic understanding of how to pilot them and is far better at destroying them than keeping them in one piece. Only a rudimentary understanding of how to use blasters and the more advanced the weapon the less likely he can use it effectively. Lack of people's skills to the point he has more finesse with a lightsaber than with the ladies. Vague understanding of the upper-class leaves him exposed if at a function of high society.

Special Abilities:

Force Sight This vision was so strong that if a Miraluka looked upon a Jedi or Sith, they could "see" Force radiating off them. It also allows Cobier to sense his environment by way of the force. Should his connection with the force be severed in any way he would be utterly blind for as long as he were disconnected.

Force Illusion- Trained under the Sith, the ability to create an illusion of eyes that Miraluka's often have was expanded upon greatly since boyhood. Cobier uses this ability to often create the illusion of violet colored eyes. But after his years of apprenticeship, he can now create illusions to a moderate scale only limited by his imagination. Since it was projected directly into the brain of the creature, it appeared on all of the creature's senses, from hearing to smell to senses such as echolocation. Even viewing it through an electronic system such as a cybernetic eye or camera was of no use if the creature was within range of the illusion during its duration, the creature would "see" it with the system as if the illusion were actually there, though any playback after the illusion had ended would reveal nothing at all.

Force Grip Despite his training, Cobier has not focused on this ability as much as one normally would. For this reason he can mostly only cause an object in motion to freeze in place. In this respect he can halt quite a few things from striking him, but it requires an amount of focus that leaves him open to attack. To move an object is more difficult for him, increasingly harder with the object's size and requires even greater concentration.

Force Jump- The common ability to concentrate the force into one's jump. Cobier can use this to leap up to three times his own height. Any further would likely require an impractical period of concentration, if it were during battle, at his current skill level.

Force Speed- Cobier possesses a low to moderate grasp of this ability. Mainly he employs it during a lunge or other combat move to impale an opponent and give them little chance to escape. Otherwise it is used for brief dodges or in conjunction with Force Jump to achieve greater feats. But this ability is draining and not wise to be used for prolonged periods of time in battle.

Force Corrupt- A dark side ability that could temporarily manipulate the minds of other sentient beings and make them serve one's own cause. It is the most recent ability Cobier has gained and one of the indicators to his master that the time had come for him to become a Saber. However, as the newest power it also the one he is least familiar with. Not to mention the most draining of all his abilities and can only be used in a highly limited duration. At this time he can only successfully use it on less intelligent creatures which offer the least resistance. But that still leaves it easily capable of influencing something relatively mindless like a swarm of insects.


Arm-mounted Lightsaber Lance- A gauntlet-like device attached to Cobier's left arm complete with a reactionary glove. When the user's hand balls into a fist the lightsaber is activated, unleashing a purple blade that can extend up to five feet. Settings on the device allow the length to be adjusted. Due to Cobier's use of the force he can also utilize that to suddenly change the blade's length in the heat of battle to surprise opponents. As a safety catch the blade automatically shuts off if his hand is no longer in a fist. In addition, he cannot perform what some call a 'lightsaber throw' due to the permanence of the device. However this also makes it impossible for him to drop the device no matter how hard he is thrown around during a fight. This was a custom device created by Cobier after attaining the rank of Sith Saber and thus it is likely the only one in existence.

Mandalorian Disguise- Using the armor of a fallen Mandalorian on his more recent missions, he tries to avoid directly revealing his true identity as a Sith. The armor has been customized since being taken from a Mandalorian who had died while fighting Jedi. It is now mostly black with yellow accents around the helmet's visor and various other places. A long black cloth sleeve goes down the left arm from shoulder to wrist as a means to hide the Lightsaber Lance.

Hologram Communicator- Allows him to communicate with contacts, superiors, or enemies from great distances.

(Weapons? Armour? Space-ship? Feel free to go all out here... Within reason, of course. If you have military-grade equipment, describe, at least briefly, how your character might have that in relation to your backstory.)


Cobier possessed a strong connection to the force even as an infant, which a group of Sith warriors sensed while attacking his village during a skirmish with Jedi. Kidnapped for the traits his species was famous for by the Sith, a Lord took him under their dark wing and trained him in the ways of the Sith. After all, a Miraluka Sith would be not only rare but useful in hunting down Jedi when the time was right. For years his master trained him as an apprentice under strict watch to ensure ever increasing progress. When given the task of putting together a lightsaber, Cobier chose a purple crystal instead of the standard red one used by the Sith. But his master allowed it out of curiosity since the boy has no actual eyes, wondering what the choice meant.

Often he showed himself to excel in using what some term the 'jedi mind-trick' and in using the force to move objects as well as himself. But while he fell further under the influence of the Sith, he also noticed there were no other Sith like him despite the varied races in their ranks. This alienation led to a very unique anger and hatred which Cobier utilizes during battle to focus on and motivates him to a terrifying degree. Any who have faced him in battle have witnessed this first hand.

Years later, he has grown up to become one of the youngest to progress from an apprentice to the rank of a Sith Saber. In other words he is now equal to that of a Jedi Knight. But this promotion has occurred only recently. Many would attribute this ascension to the race he belongs to and his personal connection to the force. His first days in this new rank were spent creating a custom lightsaber that he had dreamed of for years and acquiring personal gear to distinguish himself from the apprentice he once was not so long ago. Now filled with hate and anger, his first true mission as a Sith Saber brings him to the Illia Station.


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Name: James "Jim" Sweep

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Smuggler with a little side of merc when works slow.

Physical Description:


Personality: A practical man he'll always get to the point especially if hes talking business.

Strengths: (List any talents here, as well.)

Weaknesses: (List all flaws and inabilities here.)

Special Abilities: (This pertains to any particular abilities relating to your species. Additionally, Force-users will describe their particular strengths in the Force.)


Backstory: James began his life on Sandween, a minor planet with very little to offer the corporations all useful minerals having been mined and shipped off leaving the surface an arid wastland with mine dumps and abandoned shafts and strip mines covering large portions of it.

One strip mine became Los Vandetras, a smuggler port which used the abandoned mines and shafts as caches whenever the law did show up.

James spent his childhood watching the ships come and go and it wasn't long before we dreamed of leaving the world he was born on. In his teens he joined the illicit land speeder races that took place on a semi regular basis and helped serve as a front for speeders packed with illegal goods venturing into the desert.

It wasn't long before he became mixed up with the pilots of the ships he'd once dreamed of piloting and his chance came when he was taking an couple of smugglers to a drop when raiders ambushed them. One of them was killed but Jame's quick thinking impressed the owner of the ship and, in need of a new co-pilot offered James the job.

Years later and with his own ship the Agean System's Illia Station is the perfect place to find a job, caught between two sides no ones really watching the criminals being far more concerned with the opposing militaries.


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Name: Rebecca Ibis

Age: 35

Sex: Female

Species: Coruscant Human

Occupation: Commander in the Republic Navy currently serving aboard the Lucifant

Physical Description: Bright red curly red hair, when wore loose is wide and falls to about mid back. A fit frame, with strong legs and only subtle curves. She stands just barely over 5'4", but seems to be taller in people's memories. Her bright emerald color eyes seem to reflect no emotion, as Reba seems to look at everything in the same studied manner.

Personality: By the book is how she appears. Yes Reba will do things in a way that is proven to work and in accordance of the law. She is not so hidebound though to never improvise or twist things to do what is right. With a sarcastic sense of humor, it's sometimes easy to mistake her as being a hard nose all the time.

Strengths: Reba in not exactly a natural tactician, but no one under her command would realize that. Early training and a meticulous nature have made it much easier for her now then as a youth. She's especially good at taking apart a situation and seeing the flaws in it, and then exploit said flaws. She is not a soft officer, but still takes her physical training seriously. She is seen as fair and not one to utilize favoritism, which wins her more admiration then it should.

Weaknesses: Reba was never going to become an ace pilot, a dream dashed early on, nor a sharp shooter, though she has better aim then most. She still finds her ability for large strategies lacking, though is trying to improve in that respect. Reba is her own worse critic and it can all come out if she drinks too much. A crying drunk is no fun and if she can't cry her way out of the bar she might punch her way. Reba tries not to get drunk in public!

Special Abilities: N/A

Equipment: Being that she's suppose to be on R&R Reba is very ill prepared for any sort of action she might be drawn into at the present moment. All she has is her standard issue pistol and a stunner.


The Ibis has a long luxuries family history in the Republic Navy. Staff Sergeant, Generals, the number who have gone through the ranks are not worth counting. Needless to say that most children in the family follow in those footsteps.

As was the wish of the youngest Ibis, though she looked nothing like anyone else in the family. Brother, cousins, father all with straight brown and black hair, and her with curls and bright hair that did not come from any great-grandparent on either side of her family. Young Reba knew she was different, but not as much as the man she called father. He knew that was no child of his, and he had no problem with ignoring her for the most part as she grew up.

Reba tried and failed to gain the desired acknowledgment from her father and even her mother seemed to have a strained relationship with her. It was not until her late teens that she finally put the pieces together, but she kept the realization that she was no her father's daughter to herself.

Upon finishing her basic education Reba entered the military academy like her older brother and many of her cousins had before her. It was the only nodding gesture that she was an Ibis that her father granted her, which was just as well. When she realized that her grandfather was buying the commissions for her elder cousins she was embarrassed and a shamed. This was sadly not the first time she was ashamed of the family she was named under.

The Ibis, like many of the old rich families in Coruscant where Humanocentric. Sure there were prosperous non-humans on the capital planet, but even they knew the truth of things. It was of course considered uncivilized to have such views, but it was there none the less. Less blatant in some places then others, but there was an undercurrent of it in everyday life. Reba couldn't even recall any friends she had that were not human until the last few years of her early education, and even then she did not get to interact with any that were not at least humanoid until her military training.

The years went on and Reba worked her way up the ranks. Part of it was to prove that she could do what her brother couldn't do without bribery, but part of it too was to prove it to herself she was worthy of respect.

Reba has been career military all her adult life now. She's never known who her biological father was, other then when her mother let slip that she had been in love with a Corellian of some note. In fact in matters of family, Reba has been distant.

Now Reba has a most important decision. She has been given the chance to be captain of a smaller vessel then she is currently surviving on. Reba does not doubt her abilities to be a good captain, but she has still much she could learn from her current CO that would take much longer to figure out on her own with her own command. Granted she would have an XO of much talent, but Reba is not sure which is the best path for her personally or career wise. There is the added temptation to achieve a rank her brother has not yet, but that is not a good reason to make a career change.

At least Reba has a little time to make a decision, she was informed of this just before taking leave. Why Illia Station? Reba wants to see first hand what happens to a culture after a war. To walk with the people and see what their life is like as they rebuild. It's a testament of the undying spirit of sentient life.

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So when does this shindig kick off anyway?


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I'm thinking of not playing in this one after all. I just can't wrap my mind around the canon enough to make sense of it, even with Wookiepedia.

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Alright, so several of the RPs I was in appear to be dying on me at the moment (sad day), so I may actually be able to get my inner Star Wars geek on and join this.


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@ June: Need any help? Just ask, and I shall do what I can! I am, after all, the Resident Star Wars Guru.

@ Grumps: Sorry to hear that, man. I know I said I'd be on Floor 13, but yeesh if I can't wrap my head around a character, nor can I find too much space to get some solid writing done. I can barely get this workin'!

@ Everyone else: Expect Post #1 sometime tomorrow!!


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Name: Freya

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Species: Atoan

Occupation: Sith Apprentice

Physical Description:

Personality: Cunning, Seductive, and Stealthy are the best words to describe her. She would much rather talk herself in our out of a situation than fight.

Strengths: Flexible, Charismatic, Quiet, Intelligent, Intuitive

Weaknesses: Impulsive, Lusty, Cocky, Stubborn

Special Abilities: Several hearts throughout body, makes her hard to kill in one shot. Uses the force to control minds more than for fighting.

Equipment: Lightsaber (red, of course), Skin tight clothing (For stealth, as well as seduction)

Backstory: After being banished from her home planet because of various political scandals involving her, She convinced a rebel to give her a ship, and she set off across the galaxy looking for adventure. Her Master found her on a almost deserted planet, while she was trying to sneak some food out of a bar. He suggested she join the Sith as an apprentice and how could she refuse? It sounded like something she'd be perfect at.
Her Master recently sent her here to Illia to scout for information of possible Jedi attacks and ambushes. She was to extract the information any way possible.


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Dun worry about it, man. I know the feeling all too well.

Finished, fuck yer.

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Name: Cabel Mekaras

Age: 44

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Former Republic Combat-Medic and Field Surgeon, turned Back-Alley Doctor/Smuggler

Physical Description:
Years of combat and battles have taken their toll on Cabel; he is a man who is old before his time. His hair has been white since he was in his mid-thirties and already is beginning to fall out, and his skin is covered in a huge pattern of scars, burns and other mementos from his time in the wars he fought in. If any feature of his stands out the most, it would be his eyes; people often find it difficult to stare him in the eyes for too long, due to the haunted look that seems to be permanently etched into them.

Personality: A burnt-out husk of a man, going through the motions of being a regular, functioning human-being. Cabel has gone through more than any person ever should and his mind is currently held together by strands that could snap at any minute. Others can tell there is something wrong with him; they notice his constantly shaking hands when he's sober, his jumpiness and his rather nervous disposition.

Cabel's worse than people realise, however. The only reason he remains vaguely functional is through substance abuse. He dislikes sleeping, knowing all too well that he will be plagued by horrific nightmares, and he is prone to mental breakdowns, hallucinations and flashbacks if he does not take a rather potent cocktail of drugs to keep them at bay. Though outwardly he does attempt to maintain his appearance as a slightly odd, twitchy man, inwardly he knows his condition is deteriorating and there is little he can do about it.

Strengths: Cabel's medical knowledge is second-to-none; years of battlefield operations and limited supplies means that he is capable of patching someone up even in the most hindering of situations, and he is incredibly skilled at the practice of medicine due to his years spent as a back-alley doctor after the war. He was expected to fight as much as he was expected to save peoples' lives during his time with the Republic military, meaning he is skilled with tactics and combat, though he prefers ranged-weapons. Even if he has a nervous disposition even at the best of times, he is a cunning, highly intelligent man who is more than happy to play up his nervousness in order to make people underestimate him.

Weaknesses: The Mandolorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War have left their marks on Cabel, physically but most of all mentally. He barely functions as it is, and this is down to his alcohol addiction and the drug cocktails he crafts to keep his hallucinations and flashbacks at bay, another substance to which he is hopelessly addicted. From these wars he holds several prejudices and fears; he detests Mandolorians, seeing them as brutes and murderers hiding behind a façade of honour, and he has a great fear of all force-users, be they Jedi or Sith. He knows what such people are capable of; he saw it first-hand.

Special Abilities: Being able to not die from the amount of alcohol and drugs he regularly pumps into his system?

Equipment: - Brown Duster (with red-cross around right arm) with many hidden pockets, containing medical supplies and equipment
- Personal Energy Shield, built into duster
- Messenger Bag, containing yet more medical equipment and substances
- Heavy Blaster Pistol, held in holster on side
- T6-V5, astromech droid modified to have medical droid capabilities

Backstory: There are some things you never recover from. Things you're never able to forget, not matter how much you might want to.

Cabel Mekaras was the prodigal son of a highly prominent doctor on the planet of Talos IV who dropped out of medical school to join the Republic Military when the Mandolorian Wars began, aged just 20. He became one of the youngest medical officers in the forces led by the general who would become known as the Jedi Exile, fighting for the Republic against the brutality of the Mandolorian forces.

Youthful heroics and a wish to do the right thing quickly died away in Cabel, however, as the reality of the wars began to set in. On war-torn battlefields, in brutal trenches and in steamy jungles filled with death and monstrosities, he fought to save his fellow soldiers from disease, injuries and other wounds, struggling against poor conditions and irregular supplies. He still maintained that he had done the right thing, however, and that he would come out of it all alright.

Then he was sent to fight on a planet called Malachor V.

One of the few to leave that ruined planet alive, Cabel returned a changed man. He had been witness to the power of the Shadow Mass Generator and the horrors it had inflicted upon friend and foe alike; it was an experience that damaged him. He refused to follow Revan like many of the veterans of the Mandolorian Wars, instead fighting once again for the Republic in the Jedi Civil War. This conflict he also somehow survived, though by it's end his sanity was rapidly fading due to overexposure to the horrors of the war as well as the after-effects of Malachor V, a place he still had nightmares of to this day.

He left the Republic military and effectively wandered into obscurity and crime; he often worked as an unlicensed doctor, aiding those who could not afford qualified medical attention. However, to fund his own operation and his drug dependencies, he was forced to deal with underworld groups such as the Huts and the Exchange in order to get supplies.

Cabel has arrived on the Illia Station recently largely because of this; he recently screwed two criminal factions out of a substantial quantity of medical supplies and drugs before fleeing to the station. He plans to distribute the supplies amongst the refugee population... before the criminals catch up to him.


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1) I will update the OOC soon; I'm feeling lazy.

2) All submitted applications as of 6/27/2011 are pre-approved for play. Feel free to post!!

3) Any questions, submit them to me.

4) Jedi players, A'shan was the leader of your retinue. Whoops...


6) Those of you fresh-coming in from out of system are ignorant of events, but whooboy, people are going to start assailing you with it soon...

7) Have fun. Questions? POST THEM.


EDIT: Future posts will be summarized, promise. BUT YOU WILL READ THIS OPENING POST. If you can't be bothered, well, you can't be bothered to post, now can you? ;P

EDIT2: Please finish your bios, though. T_T I'll finish mine.


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Name: Lanni Ta'Leren

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Species: Hapan

Occupation: Merchant Master

Physical Description: 5'11" and lean, with fair complexion and unnaturally bright orange hair, cut short over his ears and neck. Lan's eyes are a muted yellow flecked with umber, and his features are attractive enough to openly identified as a Hapan. His attire varies on a day to day basis of course, but it typically doesn't broadcast his position on the station. In short, he dresses down where he should be dressing up.

Personality: Lan is a difficult book to read at times. On one hand, he's quick to quip and sarcasm comes naturally to him, but if one were looking hard enough they'd quickly discover that it's all merely a defensive mechanism. One might assume that because of his prickly nature he'd be a terrible merchant, but so far he has only laid such notions to rest...

Strengths: Adaptable and cunning. What he doesn't have in formal training he more than makes up for in his own survival instinct. He's physically fit and more than capable of holding his own if push came to shove.

Weaknesses: He has no taste for formal occasions, which not coincidentally precludes him from many of the more legitimate meetings aboard Illia. He's also not a soldier by trade, which means that he looks for options aside from fighting if at all possible...

Special Abilities: The bottom line. While not the best sweet talker, Lan has a way of making sure that in the end... the house wins.

Equipment: Being a merchant master aboard the Illia means accruing a rather ridiculous sum of credits. No one is entirely sure what happens with the money that Lan doesn't put into necessary expenses for his business, but thus far no one has had a strong excuse to dig into his books... and those who have tried were made so uncomfortable that they either decided there was nothing to find, or suspiciously dropped the case.

For all his fortune, his possessions are somewhat modest. He keeps a DE-10 pistol, which he's careful not to display openly and even more careful not to mention how he came across it. Smart money is on it being illegally modified, as well. Secondly he owns a Corellian VCX-700 named "Ardent Lover". Once again, also likely hiding a few surprises.

Backstory: Coming soon...


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Name: Chaf'zil'vadili (Zilvadi)

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Species: Chiss

Occupation: Zilvaldi works mostly as a salvager, scouring derelict ships of their valuables for interested parties or even sometimes for himself. Despite this he doubles as a freelance smuggler, one who has little notoriety but it has perhaps saved his skin from patrols on more than one occasion. However when times are tough he has worked as a mercenary in the past, showing skills of someone who has seen the face of war.

Physical Description: Zilvadi stands at just under two meters tall, filling a build that is more athletic then a human of his age and resembling someone perhaps a few years older two if only he was Human. His skin is a mid tone blue, leaning towards the lighter side of the spectrum though fairly vibrant. His eyes are just as unnatural as his skin being a deep red, near crimson and sitting in stark contrast to his skin. Finally his head is coated with a mop of black hair, cut short, and out of his eyes.

Personality: First and foremost Zilvadi is a survivalist. He thinks of his own welfare first and that of others second. However there has been more than one case where he has acted seemingly in charity. Secondly he is a scoundrel, out to advance his own wealth and standing as best he can. Besides this he seems fairly in secular, never giving out more then he feels the situation needs.

Strengths: Zilvadi has demonstrated that he is not only a competent shooter but also spacer. He seems to have a knack with star ships that stands out, being able to operate them with ease as well as provide basic maintenance on them to a similar degree. With a blaster he seems to hold an innate talent with one that is above that of a normal being.

Weaknesses: Perhaps one of the largest issues that Zilvadi faces is his own greed and vanity. He knows he is good, not just that but that he can deliver results. This has had a habit of him biting off more then he can chew. He also stands out in crowd. There just is something about being a bright blue, red eyed human that just keeps you from blending into a crowd. Also, while he might be wonderful with a blaster there is just something about hand to hand combat that he just does not get, causing him to be more then a little clumsier then normal at it.

Special Abilities: While Zilvadi has attributed a lot of his exploits to skill he knows its not just it. He can feel that something else is there, albeit he has attributed it to luck much to his cherugin. Despite what others might say about him being force sensitive he shrugs it off claiming it is simply luck.


Zilvadi carries a fairly hefty looking blaster pistol resembling most any standard of heavy blaster pistol on the market. However when fired a bolt of blue energy is thrown rather then the more common red. Besides cosmetics it is a Charric weapon.

The Azure Star is first and foremost a transport. It is better at running from trouble then meeting it head on. Of the modifications that Zilvadi put on her included upgraded ion engines for sub light speed and had an increase to the hyper-drive's power, boosting it to have a rating of .75. The single laser cannon that was included was replaced with a quad laser turret, and smuggler compartments were added to the ship for the less then legal cargo he may end up carrying.

To addition to those more specific items listed above Zilvadi has some basic gear as well that he keeps either on board the Azure Star or on his person. They include the following:

- A suit of clothing with armor fibers woven in giving very basic protection against weapons at the expense of some maneuverability.
- A vacuum suit for space based activities. It also has been armored to protect against hazards associated with salvage work.
- A supply of medical packs to provide first aide as necessary. Despite where he is he always seems to have one on him.

Backstory: Zilvadi's story on before he came to Republic space is a bit of a mystery. He doesn't talk much of it, claiming he came from a world on the Outer Rim where he served in the local militia defending against pirates.

Regardless, he began his current career out of Ord Mantell. He worked as a mercenary for some time before hiring onto a salvage expedition put forward by a local Rodian crime lord named Silasi. A smuggler for Silasi was attacked by pirates that he believed to be in the employ of a rival. While the smuggler was able to shake pursuit his ship was damaged. Silasi wanted Zilvadi's outfit to go out and recover the ship, failing that he wanted the cargo.

When Zilvadi's ship arrived on the scene they located the ship with little difficulty, however as they drew nearer the pirates appeared having used the ship as bait. In the ensuing battle Zilvadi's ship took a good amount of damage, but was still space worthy and the pirates had been driven off. Once they had returned with the cargo, Zilvadi went his own way.

Using his funds he had acquired thus far, Zilvadi invested in a ship. It was a relatively new 578-R space transport he christened the Azure Star and the first thing he did to her was modify her her. Seeing the value of a smuggling ship, he also saw that working for himself might not always provide for a steady income. So he made his modifications to her to fit both roles.

It wasn't long after this however threat Silasi called on him and his ship, performing spice runs to some of his clients. Eventually however Silasi and him had a falling out, one that involved him taking the Azure Star and fleeing.


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Nearly done with my backstory. Then I need to add his personality. Should be done tomorrow.

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So our characters are walking in JUST as that fight finished?

Well MY character's prolly going to be in a good mood. Now I just need to get the right entrance together. . . .