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A remote star system on the edge of known space. At the center of the system is a massive g-type main-sequence star, the system's sun. Little Aja is the closest planet to the sun, nothing more than a molten rock in orbit with a poisonous atmosphere. The second closest planet is 150 million kilometers away from the sun, named Agea.

Agea is orbited by a massive moon less than 200,000 kilometers and nearly the same size as Treya. The planets orbit the system's sun in a concurrent rotation, sharing day and night cycles. Both planets are habited, with oxygen-rich atmospheres and with carbon-based lifeform evolutions.

The third planet is also the most outlying planet, called Big Aja. It is a gas giant rich in elements, and separated from the inner planets by a massive meteor belt. Big Aja and the meteor belt has been extensively mined for many centuries.

Between the belt and Agea and Treya is a massive space station called Illia Station. It was built centuries ago and has been tended to, upgraded, and built-upon since it's completion. It is a mining station, a trading post, a metropolis, cultural center, political center-- it is practically a culture of it's own.

The Treyan War has destroyed the twin planets of Agea and Treya. Cities lay in ruins, farmland lay barren, continents are sundered. It has been a devastating war, fought in the recesses of the galaxy as a greater war between Jedi and Sith, Republic and Empire, has been waged. It is a forgotten war, but not to those involved.

Ten years of war has spoiled the twin planets, but not their population. They seek to rebuild, and have openly called for aid from the outside galaxy once again.

Illia Station is a beacon and a symbol now. Untouched by war, proclaimed neutral ground years ago, it is the only place in the Agean System that has been allowed to grow. While massively crowded with refugees, with a bustling underworld, it continues to thrive on trade.

Now, with a mass exodus of outsiders coming in to survey the remains of the beckoning Ageans and Treyas, reconstruction seems all but inevitable. Charities are already siphoning in millions of credits, and down-trodden outsiders come seeking work, offering business and expertise.

The Republic has seen it to their greatest profit to assist the Ageans and the Treyans, aiding their cease fire with a small squadrons of battlecruisers that have been temporarily accepted at the edge of the system.

The bulk of the Agean and Treyan military lie picketed on either side of Illia Station. All outsiders are urged to dock on the massive space station.

"Welcome to Illia Station. State your business."


Welcome to my first Iwaku-run RPG! There is an overlying plot. However, that is for you to find out and experience as a character and participant. Otherwise, this will be a fairly open-ended game. Applicants will be accepted at all times, and will be allowed to post tending approval by yours truly.


I must stress this above all else! While you can play whatever you want, from a Teras Kasi Master to a Miralukan Swoop Racer, you must have a feasible backstory!

This RP takes place within The Old Republic era within the Star Wars Universe timeline, sometime after the events of Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords.

There will BE NO Jedi Masters or Sith Lords.

While you may make a Force-user, you may not be one that is incredibly powerful. Jedi Knight level, maximum. Think Obi-Wan from Phantom Menace; he was skilled, but he wasn't quite that powerful. Not yet.

JEDI: You are in Agea to see to the peace, at behest of both the Republic and the Jedi Council. You are part of Jedi Master A'shan's retinue.

SITH: You are in Agea to exploit tension, foil the Jedi, and pretty much whatever the hell else you please. You are shrouded in secrecy.

Additionally, you may choose to play ANY type of Force-user you would like! You do NOT have to be a Jedi!

Any questions, please PM or leave a response in the thread! Have a great day.

Name: (Self-explanatory)

Age: (Relative to your home-planet, of course...)

Sex: (Male/Female/Other?)

Species: (The Star Wars Universe is filled with all manner of alien species, not just humanoids! Feel free to use WOOKIEPEDIA as a resource to find yourself something unique, even among human-looking species!)

Occupation: (Soldier? Jedi? Sith? Mercenary? Dancer? Swoop Racer? Smuggler? The list goes on, and on!)

Physical Description: (Describe your height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, fur colour, scale colour, how many appendages you have... That is, if any of that is applicable.)

Personality: (A brief description of your personality, please.)

Strengths: (List any talents here, as well.)

Weaknesses: (List all flaws and inabilities here.)

Special Abilities: (This pertains to any particular abilities relating to your species. Additionally, Force-users will describe their particular strengths in the Force.)

Equipment: (Weapons? Armour? Space-ship? Feel free to go all out here... Within reason, of course. If you have military-grade equipment, describe, at least briefly, how your character might have that in relation to your backstory.)

Backstory: (A brief run-through of your history, please. Be as detailed as you like. Include reasons for being at Illia Station.)

UPDATE 6/20: Characters will work on a revolving door. If a player starts stops posting, his character simply disappears into the vast city-labyrinth of Illia Station. Upon their return, they'll gradually re-integrate into whatever's happening--that is, if it's feasible!

Additionally, characters will always be accepted. There is no cap or limit to who can be involved, or what can happen. Also, I do NOT want meta-gaming! Unless your character is glaringly obviously of what you are (Mandos wearing Mandalorian armour, Jedis wearing their robes and lightsabers), no one knows who or what you are. Please, people-- this is ROLE-PLAYING.N

Now, without further ado...

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Cool. Can I play a padawan with a robotic leg?

Name: Kira Quanera

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Species: Miralukan

Occupation: Swoop Racer

Physical Description: Kira stands at 5'10" tall, just a bit taller than the average human female. She has pale white hair, almost giving the illusion of Echani roots (Which she doesn't have). She is constantly blindfolded to cover the fact that she lacks eyes, preferring the guise of a normal human to that of her true form. She likes to keep her hood up to help hide her blindfold.

Personality: Kira overall is a nice person but she certainly has her fair amount of sass. She doesn't like talking smack on the race track but she can sometimes get a bit carried away during a game of Pazaak. She takes her racing very seriously and when she is getting prepared for her races she wants absolutely no interruptions and won't tolerate even quick questions. She isn't shy with her pistols if she needs to be and has had her hand in a couple of underhanded deals before, including a couple of smuggling operations. She is friendly to most people, and doesn't have an issue striking up a conversation with a stranger in a cantina.

Strengths: She can never be blinded because she does not truly see. She has sharp reflexes (in part due to her connections with the Force and in part to training.) She's pretty handy will all sorts of blasters and she knows her way around a wrench from fixing her swoop racer on the fly, however she's not a skilled technician when it comes to real intensive fixes. Best of all, Kira is an excellent pilot with most vehicles, even up to smaller spacecrafts. (Ebon Hawk size maximum.)

Weaknesses: In areas where the Force cannot penetrate Kira is completely and totally blind. Although Kira is connected to the Force, she isn't skilled in using it and bending it to her will (though she's not really all that concerned with it and is only really thankful for the Force for allowing her and her people to see.)

Special Abilities: As a Miralukan Kira can "see" using the Force. With jedi and other Force users she can also "see" the force coming from them, moreso when they use it. Beyond her "sight" she also has very sharp reflexes which aid her greatly in her swoop races, thanks as well to the Force.

Equipment: Kira has a fully customized swoop racer, originally purchased from a private builder on Sullust.
Kira keeps two ELG-3A blasters on her at all times, however she prefers her shots to have precision over wild sprays of shots so she will only use one at a time. After all, a girl never knows when she'll have to shoot her way out of a sticky situation.
Kira also has a couple of changes of outfits and her hooded coat is a constant. She dresses in silvers, blacks and light blue colors mostly.

Backstory: Kira had led an overly mobile childhood. Her parents worked with an Ithorian herd ship to help keep their plants alive and healthy so she had been exposed to all manners of the galaxy at a very young age. Her brother (a couple of years older than her) was taken when he was quite young by the Jedi order to become a Jedi knight and it only seemed natural that he would follow that path, yet she would not be fated to follow him. Instead she used her abilities to become a swoop racer, having seen the races many times on more populous worlds, such as Coruscant. As she grew older she tried her hand at swoop racing and eventually began to get official sponsors for racing and left her parents (who at that time had finally settled back on the Miralukan home world.) She now competes in various swoop circuits, the most recent of which is having their final race on Illia station, hence her arrival.





Rutian Twi'lek

Physical Description:
Lia'ry is a lightweight who stands at 5' 7" for height. Her skin is a dark shade of blue, the stripes on her lekku an even darker shade. Having no body hair, except for eyelashes, her skin is incredibly smooth. Lia's green eyes are bright with tattooed makeup surrounding them. Above those eyes are tattooed brows, making her emotions easier to read and her face a little less alien. Beneath the brown and white toned clothes, her armour and other gear is a seductively curvy figure. There's not much muscle to Lia'ry, but it's obvious that she's gained some during past and present physical challenges.

Lia'ry is emotionally stable, knowing good outlets for stress, anger and depression. No good comes out of letting negative emotion dominate your life, after all. She is most loyal and affectionate to Fynn, her lover, hero and partner. Still, she is openly lovable to those she considers friends, who she will grace with a hug and peck on the cheek, no matter who or what they are. On the battlefield, she is the complete opposite of her friendly, warm hearted self. She becomes ruthless, almost emotionless. It makes a kill or capture so much easier to cope with.

-Charm and seduction is a useful skill for times that call for persuasion. She's also nimble, stealthy and acrobatic, making her nearly untouchable in combat. In addition to those feats, she is pro at cutting locks.
-Lia'ry prefers hand to hand with no weapons, but she has good knowledge on firearms thanks to her Mandalorian partner. You could say she is multilingual, too, as she knows a variety of alien languages.
-She is also crafty. Be it scrapped parts or resources from nature, she can make something useful out of it.
-Something she's unaware of is she's a little bit Force-sensitive, so some things flow naturally for her, such as maneuvering spacecrafts.

Like any Twi'lek, her brain tails are sensitive. Any harm that comes to them will be excruciatingly painful and could cause her permanent brain damage.
-That aside, she is incapable of driving any sort of vehicle simply because she's never learned how, with the exception of ones that fly.
-Lia'ry is Isolophobic, meaning she's afraid to be in solitude. Reason being, she's rarely ever been left alone. When left by herself, she feels helpless and lost, which makes her all the more vulnerable.

Special Abilities:
There is nothing terribly special about Lia'ry, save for the aforementioned mild Force-sensitivity. Although a confusing gift to her, she can fly just about anything without training. Once she gets her hand on the steering device, she instantly knows how to drive it.

-Stun Baton
-A pair of Vibro Knives
-Personal energy shield (worn on her belt)
-Standard Blaster pistol
-Stealth-2VX palm shooter
-Stun nets
-Sensor tags

Lia'ry also has armour similar to the design that Mandalorians use. With Fynn's help in crafting it to fit her shape, she created a protective suit of blue with useful bounty hunting weapons built in. The only piece she doesn't use is the helmet, since it wouldn't be a good or comfortable fit.

Lia'ry knows little about her peoples' home planet, history and traditions. Along with some other young Twi'leks, she was sent away to the life of slavery. Most of the youths were just being 'saved' from the poor environment of Ryloth. The memory of that departure is a blur.

No single Master kept Lia'ry. So, she was sold and sent away more than a few times. As a child, she was simply a house maid and entertainer for human, or other alien, kids. Growing up, she learned English and other alien languages so she could properly acquaint with the families. The days as a youth were the best days for Lia. She was genuinely happy living and learning with families.

Frankly, as she grew older, she grew more attractive. The very last family she stayed with put her on the market with several other enslaved species, since their younglings no longer needed her. Being Rutian, the rarest of all Twi'leks, many had their eyes on her. The highest bidder was a wealthy cantina owner who employed her to dance for guests by day and pleasure him by night.

Although she didn't love this man, she tolerated him and did all that was asked of her. That's how she felt about all Masters after him. The cycle of being sold and bought continued as places went out of business and owners died. During those exchanges, she learned what men liked and that all along, her purpose was to be something of a harlot.

That was, until the day she was rescued.

The very last person to 'own' her was a wanted man with a bounty on his head. Amidst casual conversation going on between him and her, the establishment was broken into by a bounty hunter named Fynn Brii'kad. The place was wrecked during the Master's struggle to be unsuccessfully captured, but in the end, this mercenary won.

Having left Lia'ry terrified and uncertain of what to do with herself, this man was kind enough to let her go with him. For the first time in a while, she was treated equally with respect, even given a new occupation as his partner. She was trained to be a potent fighter with and without weapons. In all her adventures with him, she learned she could do things he could not, such as flying their spaceship and cooking. It's allowed her to be and feel more useful.

Going from a slave to a mercenary was the best thing that's ever happened to her. Better yet, she dearly loves Fynn for all he's done and can't see herself with anybody else for any reason.

And yes you may, June.
*It is late so he can only hiss. Aparently he doesn't like the idea.*
Name: Voorel Zhafa

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Species: Echani

Occupation: Gray Jedi

Physical Description:

Personality: (A brief description of your personality, please.)

Strengths: Trained in Jar'Kai and Echani Martial Arts

Weaknesses: Short fuse. Often mistaken for his brother*, a notorious assassin with a rather large bounty on his head. Refuses to use blasters or ranged weapons.
*: Echani siblings are almost always identical twins.

Special Abilities: Able to wrap fists and/or lightsabers in Force Lightning, though unable to cast the lightning out as with traditional Force Lightning; Sever Force; Was once able to create a massive Force Storm that leveled an entire city, though the effort left him near death and unconscious for several days. He has sworn never to use it again, both for his own safety, and as penance. This event is what caused him to be exiled from the Jedi Order.

Equipment: Twin Lightsabers with Krayt Dragon Pearl as the crystal (As seen in picture); Heat-resistant armor

Backstory: Voorel and his twin brother Vashta were born on Tatooine. Their parents were traders who, despite making most of their money on the backwater planet of Tatooine, managed to stay out of the shady business of the underworld. At an early age, both were accepted into the Jedi order and after their initial training at the Temple trained together on their homeworld of Tatooine under the Neti Jedi Master Grana. While in training there, the three of them managed to kill a Krayt Dragon, from which they recovered three Krayt Dragon Pearls. Grana taught the two padawans how to attune the pearls to themselves, and how to use them in place of their standard lightsaber crystals. Grana himself kept the third, as a symbol of connection to his two young friends, and wore it as a pendant. Years passed and then the Mandalorian Wars began. Like so many other young and reckless Jedi, the Echani brothers rushed off to join Revan and Malak, spurred on in part by their parents stories of glorious battles of ages gone by between the Echani and Mandalorians. Upon receiving a disturbing vision during meditation, Master Grana followed the boys.

It was on Althir that the destiny of the two Echani would take shape. One day, as Vashta was out scouting, he radioed his brother: He had discovered the body of their master. Upon reaching his twin's location, Voorel collapsed in tears. His brother told him that their master had been killed by Mandelorians while trying to protect Vashta. Enraged, Voorel and Vashta headed towards the nearest Mandelorian city, and harnessing the power of the dark side, created between them a massive Force Storm that leveled the city, killing everyone. However the strain was too much for the youths, and both collapsed, unconscious and near death. While he lay there, he had a vision. A vision of his brother killing their master. Shortly after, the two awoke. As Vashta shook himself awake, Voorel was already drawing his lightsaber. "Why?" He asked his brother. His brother smiled and said "Because he came here to stop us. And I won't let anyone stop me from gaining power." Without hesitation, Voorel launched himself at his brother. They dueled for nearly a day, eventually finding themselves back at the place where Grana had been struck down. Voorel had managed to gain a slight advantage, but it didn't last long, as Vashta used the Force to retrieve, quickly managing to overpower Voorel. However, unlike Vashta, Voorel's mind was unclouded by the dark side, and had managed to learn much more about his brother than he had previously known. Thanks to this, he managed to knock his brother's saber from his grasp. When Vashta realized he could not win, he threw the corpse of their master at Voorel, shocking the twin. Using this moment of surprise, Vashta swung at his brother's head with their master's lightsaber. Hearing a terrible scream of pain, Vashta didn't care to stick around to see wether or not he had succeeded in killing his brother or merely maiming him, and left his twin lying in a pool of blood on the ground.

The next time he awoke, he found himself aboard a Republic medical frigate. He was told by the doctors that he was lucky to get away from his injuries with just a scar across his left eye. He was told that they had recovered his and his brother's lightsabers, but his brother had escaped with their master's. Their master's body had also been recovered, and had already been shipped to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When he was released, he was taken into custody and sent to a nearby Jedi Temple for a disciplinary hearing. Despite blaming himself for the slaughter of so many innocents and the use of dark side powers on Althir, the Counsel absolved him of his misdeeds in recognition for his attempt to defeat his brother, who had clearly decided to follow the path of the dark side. Refusing to accept their praise, he exiled himself to his home planet of Tatooine, taking his brother's saber with him, where he trained himself for when he faced his brother next. Once he felt his training complete, he signed up with a smuggler named James Sweep, so as to try and draw attention to himself in the galactic underworld, hoping his name would find it's way back to his brother.
[[ WIP ]]

<b>Name||</b> Alicia Lelondi

<b>Age||</b> 17

<b>Sex||</b> Female

<b>Species||</b> Human

<b>Occupation||</b> Jedi Padawan

<b>Physical Description||</b>"Little, ginger girl" could probably cover it. Aly is an absurdly short girl with fiery, red hair and fair skin with lots of freckles. The fact that she is practically swimming in her great grandfather's old cloak only makes the image more apparent. She has a swooping hair style, which goes up.

She has a robotic leg, which was the result of an amputation. It's not obvious unless you really look for it, but it does come off.

<b>Personality||</b> Aly is a snarky gabber with a brain that is quicker than it is sharp. That's not to say that she is stupid, just impulsive. She does not know when enough is enough and this often gets her in a whole lot of trouble. She is quick to form an unwavering opinion of somebody based on her first impression of them, often with a sarcastic nickname.

However, despite her flippant attitude she does have a big heart and would even give her last meal to a homeless man if she could. Her disability has given her the grounding and empathy and knowledge of her limitations that she did not have before. And for that, she would sooner put herself in danger before anybody else.


<b>Weaknesses||</b> (List all flaws and inabilities here.)

<b>Special Abilities||</b> (This pertains to any particular abilities relating to your species. Additionally, Force-users will describe their particular strengths in the Force.)


Lightsaber: Pink. If non-canon colors are disallowed, I can totally go for purple.

Comm Pack: A toolkit with which she can bash together any sort of electronic communication device she wants. Like LEGOs except cooler. As her master always says, communication is key.

Name: Fynn Brii'kad

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Species: Kiffar

Occupation: Mercenary and Bounty Hunter


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair
Build: Athletic
Special: Powder-blue tattoos

Personality: Sardonic and devil-may-care are two very applicable ways to describe Fynn. As a matter of fact, those would be the greatest ways to describe him! He has little to no fear; whether that is because of his Mandalorian upbringing, or simply because he's a smartass to the nth degree, is unclear.

Strengths: Melee combat, small arms combat, squad tactics, gunnery, driving, space navigation, business savvy

Weaknesses: Flying, negotiation, cooking. Over-confident, bordering on arrogance. Easily manipulated (by taunts. He does not like being called a coward).

Special Abilities: Psychometry, a special ability to Kiffar that allows them to read the 'memories' of inanimate objects.


Armour-related weapons include a wrist-mounted taser, a wrist-mounted retractable grappling line, and an over-the-shoulder net-cannon. The armour is self-sealing with a limited oxygen supply. The helmet is filled with 360-degree sensors, thermal sensors, limited scanners, and various communication devices.


A decomissioned Republic Navy light-frigate. Armed with dual laser cannons, a dorsal quadlaser turret, and a ventral ion cannon. The cargo bay has been modified to accommodate two prisoner cells.

Mandalorian Repeater: A triple-barreled blaster pistol capable of firing in two modes: linked, or automatic.

Beskad: A short blade made from beskar, a special Mandalorian alloy capable of deflecting lightsaber blows.

Modular Rifle: Generally slung at his hip in 'carbine' form, Fynn has modular barrels and stocks that allow it to serve as a sniper rifle or a light repeating blaster. He also has appropriate ammunition.

Various grenades, smoke bombs and flashbangs.

Bounty Hunting accoutrement (including nets, handcuffs, stun guns and tazers).

Backstory: (A brief run-through of your history, please. Be as detailed as you like. Include reasons for being at Illia Station.)
Name: Dieltai

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Species: Zeltron

Occupation: Princess of Trellia

Physical Description:

Personality: Dieltai is the epitome of happiness, or at least it seems to be for that is the emotion that she projects most to other beings. She always is smiling and when she is not there is definitely something bothering her. She can become rather flirtatious and teasing around the opposite sex and giggly and playful around the same sex, her intentions never cruel since she dislikes negative emotions.

Strengths: As a princess she has access to great amounts of wealth, so much that she doesn't really know what to do with it other than shop since she does not have much else to do. She is never wasteful with her money though, and will more often just window shop than actually by anything. Along with money Dieltai is also quite the charmer, easily catching a mans eyes with the flutter of an eyelash or a playful wink. She is especially flirtatious when she is trying to get on someones good side for her families or her own benefit. She also had mediator skills from having served her father that way, always being the voice of reason when arguments arise during treaty writing and such.

Weaknesses: Dieltai has never raised a hand in violence, unlike her siblings, and has no concept of defense what so ever. She doesn't care for fighting at all and that has made her an easy target for even some of the weakest fighters. She is also sensitive to others emotions and can easily become confused if to many emotions start to clash at once.

Special Abilities: Even though she seems to be a dainty little flower Dieltai could easily drink anyone under the table because of having two livers. She also has an exteremly high metabolism which helps her keep her attractive figure without much effort from herself. As mention before she is sensitive to others emotions, this is because of a telepathic ability that allows her to make others feel certain emotions and read them as well.

- Her royal wardrobe
- A card to access her money

Backstory: Dieltai was born on the planet Trellia to the King and his fourth wife, a young Zeltron. She was raised among 6 older brother, all whom doted on her. She spent her earlier years sitting in the room next to her fathers meeting room with her mother, using her natural give to help treaties and trade deals go through easily. As she grew older she uses her gift more and more to help her father, even becoming a mediator when trade groups fought and worked as an ambassador when befriending other planets.

However, things as of late had taken a grim turn. Her father was becoming too old and soon would pass away to leave the kingdom to be inherited by one of his sons. Sadly, the sons had gone from hugging and laughing to lunging at each others throats in hopes of gaining power. Not wanting Dieltai to get caught up in the mess that her brothers were making her mother sent her to Illia station to wait out the bickering and violence. Dieltai went, much to her dislike and now lives there privately, rarely stepping out side since she would drag attention to herself.
I, for one, LOVE Harpy's drawing! :D
Yay! I finally get to see the picture! It looks very Star Wars-y.

Also, Zy, what you have there is closer to a speeder than a swoop bike. Normal swoop bikes look cooler and more bike-y.
Name: Rowrrooko

Age: 612

Sex: Male

Species: Wookie

Occupation: Jedi

Physical Description: Rowrrooko is an ancient and wizened Wookie, standing tall but with a slight bent to him. His fur has grown longer and lighter in color, some areas the original earthy brown, but many more sandy or grey in color. It's no less thick than it used to be, but beneath it age has made him skinnier than a younger Wookie. His features have acquired a tired, almost mournful droop and a sort of pinch around his eyes. He wears a dark robe reminiscent of Jedi robes, except with the sleeves removed. He wears a thin, black, unadorned bandolier beneath his robes, and his lightsaber hangs lengthwise, a little past the middle of the bandolier.

Personality: He is quieter than most Wookies, his speech often restrained by comparison. He's become more of a listener, calm and reserved, a reflection of his lifetime. He has a soft spot for young people and a habit of taking them under his wing.

-Highly skilled with his lightsaber
-Calm and slow to anger
-Acts often as a voice of reason

-While he is wise in the study of the Force, he's become rusty in using Force Powers
-Has difficulty controlling his emotions when his wards are being threatened
-Can only speak Shyriiwook​

Special Abilities:
-Is especially proficient with the following Force powers: Negate Energy, Farseeing, Rebuke, and Sever Force.
-Is able to use the Force to communicate telepathically and express complete or complex thoughts.​

-His lightsaber, which is larger than a traditional model, to fit his paws and fighting style. Most humanoids would find the hilt to be larger and thicker than is comfortable for them, and likewise the blade would be oversized. The blade's color is a rich, dark green.
-A vox-box, a simple audio playback device that can play several common phrases in Basic(Yes, No, How much, etc.).​

Backstory: Rowrrooko has lived much of his long life balancing between Jedi serenity and Wookie passion, and has spent many of those years in internal conflict, unable to fully reconcile the two. He was often called clumsy with a lightsaber, until his built his own, properly proportioned to take advantage of his fighting style and size, and found that he had incredible skill as a duelist. That knowledge scared him, however, as he felt that following that path would lead him to the Dark Side.

Instead he turned to the study of the Force, to its mysteries and uses beyond moving things. The Jedi Council recognized him as a Force Disciple, though his official status was of a Jedi Knight. Many younglings and padawans recognized him as a readily available source of wisdom and instruction.

He never entered the war against the Mandalorians until it was perhaps too late, and watched with horror as Jedi became Sith and the galaxy fell into anarchy and darkness. In response, he quietly slipped away into a self-imposed exile, spending his time more in meditation than practice, as usual studying the less physical uses of the Force, though he did continue to train with his lightsaber as part of his mediation, refining his technique.

After hearing of the healing work being done and to be done in the Agean system, he's traveled to it to see what good he can offer, where he can, quietly re-introducing himself to the galaxy.
LOVE the picture, Harpy!


YES. A wookiee!

Keep the characters coming, guys!