Star Wars

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Star Wars is fun! Most of us, I'm sure, LOVES Star Wars to one degree or 'nother. Me? Hell, I've made my own Mandalorian armour!

So here's the Q. Who's interested? In what era, and what kind-of plot would be most interesting? The Old Republic? A Team of Jedi, hunting down a Sith murderer? A group of miscreants forced to work together under the the watchful eye of a Jedi? Perhaps a Covert Ops team tasked with finding and protecting (or assassinating!) a Jedi that was located at the starting stages of the Galactic Civil War (movie era)?

Also, I'd be interested in hearing if anyone that might be interested in this, might want to use the Star Wars Saga RPG rules? From what I understand, it's a very well-respected rule set. We can even go so far as to use the rule set to build characters, and then... Well, just role-play the rest of it, without dice rolling. We can use the numbers as a "base" for what our characters can, and cannot do. An Honour system sort of deal, so we don't power-game.

So if your Intelligence score is 10, you're... not dumb, but you're not brilliant either. You won't be coming up with genius plans that take advantage of the backwards current of an ventilation shaft. Likewise, without a Talent or Feat that allows you accuracy at ranges beyond 30 meters... Your character can try shooting at something farther than that, but you'll have to exercise judgmental restrictions as to how effective you'll be at hitting anything. See what I'm saying?


As long as there's no complicated bios or rules, I am sooo in. >:D I'm not like, knowledgeable on any of the eras, etc, etc... but luckily I tend to play characters where that wouldn't matter anyway.
I was building a test character the other night using the rules. It's not more complicated than assigning numbers and picking Talents, Traits, and skills that you feel fit your character best. Is your character a sniper? Then choose a Feat that gives you that accuracy at those ranges, to reflect the detailed training you've gone through. Are you a diplomat? Then choose the appropriate class (so you get those specific skills), assign a few points, and wha-la!

And like I said, once you've done that part, we can fore-go the dice rolling at that point. We can all be epic characters and hit our enemies 9/10 (given our ability at doing so, like the previous sniper/long range examples I've used). However, that won't stop ME from posting a GM-post of enemies shooting at you two... And perhaps making those rolls myself, behind the scenes, yes?
Hm, seems okay. I'd personally go for the OLD REPUBLIC time period, it has some very nice things going on. I'll go check over these rules, see if I can't come up with something good.
I'm thinking Old Republic, too.

Thinking post-KOTOR2, with the Jedi now struggling to rebuild itself after so many conflicts in barely 100 years. There's no structured training, no official Jedi Academy, or anything like that. Now we got pockets of Knights and Masters, trying to teach whoever they can find, with a VAGUE base of operations (in a very loosely-named) "Jedi Temple."

This allows all manner of characters in the adventuring party, including all Jedi, or no Jedi.
*points to Diana*

What she said.
Funny thing I was gonna say no rules too.

And Old Republic is fine, there's more space to work with. lolz no pun intended.

It's also basically the same shit as the movies era, so it's okay.
Yep, I decided No Rules.

Old Republic setting.

I got a vague nuance of plot; I'll stretch it out and brainstorm it some more. I'll get something that looks like an OOC... Soon.

I want to play! Just...not a Jedi...
Ohohoh, I wanna play a person with a transport and shipping company! >:D With her own ship! But I need someone as my pilot! and then we can like.... be the taxi cab drivers of jedi! woooo!
I was planning one of those types, the Rogue-Who-Has-Massive-Skill-But-No-Combat-Capability-And-2-HP.

Or a droid that fought with it's fists and epic hidden gadget-weapon...things...
Ohohoh, I wanna play a person with a transport and shipping company! >:D With her own ship! But I need someone as my pilot! and then we can like.... be the taxi cab drivers of jedi! woooo!

I'll be it!

And it's not one your own roleplays so I'll actually post!