INTEREST CHECK Star Wars + Zombies?



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Idea is inspired by this picture.

Anyway, I know, it sounds crazy. I thought this would be fun to try, though. It's two of my favourite things in one story! My thinking was that a group of rival bounty hunters must join together in order to survive an invasion of zombies on a mysterious planet. Their ships are broken down, or out of fuel, and they can't communicate with allies on other planets. Survival and teamwork becomes more important than the bounty one's trying to catch before the other.

You'd get to use Star Wars technology, you can be any race of your choice--all that good stuff. Just, bounty hunters only. I might allow something different, such as a surviving inhabitant of the planet, or a padawan that was separated from his/her master. Nothing as powerful as a Jedi or Sith, though.

This is still a sketchy idea that I need to build on, but I wanted to ask for the opinions of others before taking it too far. I'd also like to open up for ideas, if anyone has them.

I expect it to be really awesome, but also silly.

Anybody interested? *waits for responses and insults*
I'd totally be down. I've been craving a Star Wars roleplay for a while, anyway.
I'm gain. I call the High-G world human who has a voice of a bard.

And likes to handle big weapons.

I'm game. *gets his disintegration ray ready*
Fantastic. <3

I'll work on developing this further, then. :D
Sounds awesome. Death Troopers was a pretty cool book, and this has potential.
Yeah, Death Troopers looks like a good read. I will have to search for it sometime. n__n

We could do something similar to the plot, if you guys wanted. *ponders* Chasing the bounty all the way to an abandoned Star Destroyer, where there are infected troopers.

Or maybe these infected were abandoned on the uncharted planet I have yet to name. Hm hm hmm.

...yeah, don't mind me. Just thinking out loud. :P
The infection in the book death troopers actually started with the sith, apprently there is a whole planet filled with those infected. It's all in the link I posted earlier.
I would have gotten the OOC for this up much sooner, but I've been sickface and uninspired. x__x I'll get back to work on this thingy now, assuming people are still interested.

I intend to have a small cast for this, by the way. The way I'll allow new characters is killing inactive ones with zombies so we can make room for newcomers. I'm thinking I'll allow up to 6 players, maybe 7...

So if you're still interested and want to play, give me a holler. I know for certain that Spammy is still going to play, so that's 1 spot filled. *adjusts her glasses and gets back to typin'*

EDIT: Peter will still be playing as well, he says. So that's minus two spots now.
I would be pretty interested if you would have me. Death Troopers was indeed a good read, but I have yet to read the one about the Sith. Either way, As you said earlier, Star Wars and zombies plus a good plot and 5-7 players.....sounds like you've got yourself a story with promise!
I'll reserve a spot for Okami and you as well, Admiral. :3 That leaves 2 spots left open.

Also, I expect to have the OOC up tonight. Yay me.