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Anaxes Orbit
Imperial Occupied Space


Above the Imperial Controlled planet of Anaxes, a Space Battle was underway as a fleeing Rebel Frigate was attempting a Hyperspace Jump to escape the system. Onboard the Bridge, the Captain; Anton Gerald ordered a status report.

"Status Report, now!"
"The Imperial's are closing in on us, sir! Their Turbolaser barrage is intensifying!"
"Well get us out of here, quickly! If we fail here, the Alliance will never know of the plans unfolding on the planet."



The Trio of Imperial II Class Star Destroyers continued their relentless barrage of fire towards the Frigate, a mixture of Turbolaser and Ion Lasers. On the central ship, the Imperial Officer ordered a charged strike towards their engines. The Rebel Officer spotted a disturbance at one of the turrets and ordered a quick jump, not caring at all about the coordinates. As soon as the engine was revved up, an Ion Shot was fired and made contact with the ship right as it jumped; frying the Hyperdrive! During the travel, the ship rocked uncontrollably as the officer ordered another report.

"What's going on?!"
"Sir, it's bad! That last Ion Shot fried our Hyperdrive as we made the jump, and it's messed with the Navigation Computer! We have no idea where we're going to end up, we might not even survive the jump itself!"
"Damn it! Those Imperials always know how to gain on us... Just stabilize the ship, I'll... figure something out."

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The sunlight filtered gently through the window, waking Yuuji up. He rubbed his eyes, yawning. "Dangit, I fell asleep doing paperwork again?" he muttered as he arranged the papers best he could sleepily.
He got up, stretching against the chair, before going downstairs, greeting a few members as he walked, seeing Kaoru walking to the kitchen, back to him.
He smiled a devilish grin, running up and jumping onto Kaoru's back, making him yelp, tumbling to the floor loudly. "Hey!" Kaoru said, laughing. as they laid on the ground.

Yuuji got up, offering a hand to Kaoru as they walked into the kitchen, the whole Company inside already talking about other things.
The two passed them, laughing a little bit at their jokes and grabbing food before sitting next to one of their friends and Sakuto's cousin, Sakuya.
"Oh hey! Good morning!" Sakuya said, doing a quick one-handed wave to them before taking another bite of his pancake happily. Yuuji smiled, before taking a bite himself. "Good morning. Do you know where Yuki went?" he asked, referring to his own cousin in the Company, Yuki Rurikawa.
Sakuya thought for a moment, before responding. "Oh! Yuki-kun went upstairs to do the costumes for our next show! I heard he woke up super early to eat." he said, making some hand gestures to emphasize his point.

"Ah, I see. Thanks, Sakuya!" Yuuji said.
Kaoru grinned. "Hey Sakuya, do you know where my cousin is?" he asked. All the ghosts living at MANKAI had relatives there, which was an easy topic for conversation.
"He's also out at the bookstore. Some manga came out today." Sakuya replied. "I think it was some limited editions? All I heard was him begging Juza for his wallet and then running out."
Kaoru giggled, starry-eyed as he thought. "Ohhh!! Maybe he'll get that new volume of Kono Oto Tomare!!" he said happily.
Meanwhile, they heard a loud bang outside, making everyone inside the room alert.
"What the hell was that!?" Yuuji exclaimed, rushing outside.
Everyone stood in their positions, stunned, before everyone made a rush to the door, trying to find out what happened.
( @Raynar Saassin )
"We're exiting Hyperspace... now!"

As Kaoru, Yuuji and Sakuto exited their building to head outside, they'd discover that in the sky, a strange object suddenly appeared into view; smoking and crumbling as it was moving at relatively fast speeds. Onboard the vessel, the captain was taking direct control of the ship, accessing the Comms.

"Anyone, can you read me?! We're on an unknown planet and are making an emergency landing. If anyone reads, grab my coordinates and send a rescue team. Mayday, Mayday, we're going down!"

The ship turned it's front downward as it crashed into a nearby forest, creating a loud bang that could be heard at a very long radius near the trio and quite far.

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The whole Company stood outside, watching...whatever the hell that was crash into the nearby clump of trees. "Wha-?" was all he could say before looking around, twenty-six other people standing around him. The whole of MANKAI, Kaoru, and Sakuto.
The trio looked at each other before beginning to run towards the trees, hoping whatever was there wasn't hostile. It could be a big issue if this happened on Veludo Way, where all the actors were.

@Raynar Saassin
As soon as the trio made it to the forest, the trail of destruction was vast. A large strip of land was ripped open by the vessel's crash landing, with a few of the neighboring trees on fire or knocked down. Pieces of metal walls, panels, terminals and all sorts of futuristic looking technology was scattered across, but that wasn't the worst of it all...

As the trio would make it to the central wreckage, they'd discover a mass grave. Various human and alien bodies were laid in the ground, some with nasty bruises, some were partially buried in the ground or under girders. Whatever happens after the crash, it looked like none survived. That was, until...


The sound of someone groaning in pain would be faintly heard nearby, and if investigated, would reveal a young female trapped under a tree and bleeding a little:



They tried freeing themselves but screamed a little, flinching in pain as they could barely move. They were on the verge of fainting from blood loss and intense pain. They needed help. Badly.

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"H-huh?" was all Sakuto could say as he surveyed the wreckage, visibly shaking as he saw all the alien and human bodies. "Th-this can't be happening. These aren't real aliens, right?? Aliens don't exist-I mean we do and we're ghosts, but still-and-" he stopped suddenly. "I-i'm gonna go tell Izumi and the others at the Company." he said before whipping around faster than any of the two other spirits had ever seen him go before and running off into the distance.

The two watched him run off before Kaoru heard a groan. "Huh?" Kaoru said confusedly, looking around before spotting the female nearby. "Hey, Yuuji, come look at this!" he yelled as he jogged over to her and knelt down.
Yuuji came running, looking at her. "Damn." was all he could say. "Do you have enough magic?" Kaoru said quickly, looking between the two.
Yuuji sighed, shaking his head. "Dammit. I REFUSE to do more Spirit Transfer paperwork today on my ONE DAY OFF!" he yelled before gently grabbing her arm, and looking back at Kaoru, spoke, although softer. "See if there's anyone else. If not, come back immediately." was all he said, his eyes getting darker with every word.

Kaoru nodded quickly before running off, Yuuji teleporting back to the Company with the female, hopefully, to help her out.
"I-is there anyone else still alive here?" Kaoru yelled nervously, surveying the area. "I hope Yuuji and the others can help..." he said while mumbling various Troupe Members' names to keep his mind busy, rambling to himself.

With Yuuji
Yuuji teleported into the kitchen, sweating. Various people milled around him, stopping in shock when they saw the two.
Izumi rushed forward, the brown-haired female stopping just in front of the two. "Yuuji-kun-what hap-" she was cut off by the teenager. "Miyoshi! Grab bandages and the first-aid kit!" he yelled, the older blonde-haired male standing still for a moment before shooting a worried peace sign and running off.
Sakuto rushed forward, encircling his hands around her arm and furiously trying to heal her with whatever magic he had left, sweating in the process. Yuuji joined him, and the two tried, hands shaking with nervousness as the other Company members ran around them. A few people had gone to get the others, and most had been up in their rooms.
After a few minutes, Sakuto released and fell backward, panting heavily. Yuuji joined soon after, their combined efforts healing most of the scratches and deeper cuts.
Kazunari returned, handing Yuuji the bandages and helping him wrap them around what was left.
Now, all that was left was to wait for her to hopefully...wake up.

@Raynar Saassin
After their healing methods were used up, the woman opened her eyes wide to witness several people crowding her. Fellow humans, she gathered. It was a reassuring sight that it wasn't anyone affiliated with the Empire, they usually do not accept survivors or take prisoners. Her weapon was still holstered to her waist away from view of the others, but she didn't want to arouse unnecessary conflict. After all if she did that, they could just as easily kill her in her weakened state.

"Wha... What...? Where am I...?"

She tried getting up slowly but found that she was still pinned by the tree.

"Did... Did anyone else...?"

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Yuuji mentally sighed, before standing up. "No, but my friend is out searching for anyone else." he said before fading and becoming solid.
Kaoru ran up. "I don't think there's anyone," he mumbled before whispering into Yuuji's ear. Yuuji's eyes widened before he blurted out a quick "You're right!" and groaned in disappointment.
He offered a hand to the woman and pulled her out from under the tree, wobbling a little bit when he let go.
Sakuto had already passed out, being carried by Tsuzuru. His wing hung limp, out as he faded to transparency, obviously worn out.
@Raynar Saassin
"D...Damn it... Curse those... Imperials..."

The woman blurted out before seeing their hand, grabbing onto it and pulling herself out with their help, dusting off the leaves and twigs that were on her outfit. She definitely wore an outfit that wouldn't befit anyone else there, and now that she was standing up, her Blaster Pistol was visible on her waist. Gripping her fist tightly and her teeth gritting, she groaned through it.

"Damn those Imperials... Always have to have the last laugh... Anyway... My name's Natasha. Thank you for coming to my aid... Though I don't recognize this planet. Where exactly am I and who are you?"

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"uh...You're on Earth. I'm Yuuji Rurikawa, and this is my friend Kaoru. Kaoru Sakisaka." he said, motioning to the taller pink-haired male.
They tensed up as they saw her pistol.
Sakuto had woken up, drowsy and with a splitting headache, a consequence of using up all his magic in one sitting like that, almost in a drunk manner. "Hey..." he yawned, stretching up his wings and pulling them back in, watching as they disappeared, before flickering back into sight.
"Dammit. I can't even-" he stopped suddenly, noticing how the female was up. "Oh hey! I'm glad you're okay. My name is Sakuto Sakuma~" he sang, momentarily forgetting about his wings.
Kaoru then spoke up, nervousness lacing his voice. "So um...why are you here?" he asked.
"Well... It's a long story but I'll make it brief. I was in charge of a special operation to retrieve knowledge of bad doings on another planet. We got the information but as we were leaving; a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers decided to come say hello. As we made our get away, they made final contact with our Hyperdrive as we jumped, and we just... ended up here."

Natasha explained, gesturing to the smoking remains of what was her Frigate.

"It wasn't by choice. The Hyperdrive broke and messed with the Navigation Computer."

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"Hmm...alright. So this is all...real? Not a prop?" Yuuji said softly, almost inaudible as he thought. "Welp. That's up to Interplanetary Travel, then." Kaoru mumbled. "Least we don't got any paperwork to do. I can't handle any more coffee." he said jokingly before sticking out his tongue, mimicking as if something sour entered his mouth.
"Should...we head back?" Sakuto said, speech still syrupy.
@Raynar Saassin
"If your place is nearby, I wouldn't mind resting up and figuring out what to do next--- AGH."

As soon as Natasha moved forward, she dropped to her knee and clutched her shoulder, groaning in pain.

"Urgh... Still kinda hurts."

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"Sorry, sorry! Here, lemme just uh-" Kaoru stuttered out before awkwardly holding his hands above her shoulder, a glow emanating from them before he healed her shoulder, light subsiding."Dammit why didn't you wait! Such a sloppy healing job and Mr. Sunshine-" he pointed at Sakuto, "-is practically dead-again!" he wrung his hands nervously.
"Oi! We did he best we could under dire circumstances! We had to think! We had to plan! We had t-" Yuuji was cut off by Sakuto. "Scream, almost pass out, and involuntarily almost cause a big burst of panicked magic." he said, giggling slightly.
Yuuji sighed, shaking his head. "Let's just...go back, alright?" he said before turning on his heel. "C'mon."

After they got back, Yuuji motioned for her to sit down. Kaoru had gone upstairs for Sakuto to rest and replenish his magic.
"Do you know how you can get back to...wherever you came from?"
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As soon as she sat down, she sighed and put a hand onto her head. it was a lot to take in, but at least she had medical attention of some kind here. It wasn't the first time she had to make a crash landing...

"Considering my ship was destroyed and the parts are not salvageable, I might be stuck here until the day I die. Even then..."

Looking out through one of the windows on her chair, Natasha wondered what was going on.

"I doubt the Empire would just let me live... They might find a way to triangulate the jump coordinates and invade."

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