Star Wars: Whispers of Darkness (OoC)

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  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


    Peace! Having struggled against the relentless forces of the GALACTIC EMPIRE for over 23 years, the REBEL ALLIANCE finally defeated the corrupt system. EMPEROR PALPATINE, also known as DARTH SIDIOUS, was destroyed once and for all by his apprentice DARTH VADER and his son LUKE SKYWALKER during the BATTLE OF ENDOR. With the SECOND DEATH STAR destroyed along with the Sith Lord, the GALACTIC EMPIRE was forced to flee to the outer reaches of the galaxy.

    In the years that followed, the REBEL ALLIANCE morphed into the NEW REPUBLIC and focused on undoing the damage caused by the GALACTIC EMPIRE so long ago. The GALACTIC SENATE was re-established and LUKE SKYWALKER, having adopted the title of JEDI MASTER, began building a new JEDI ORDER on YAVIN IV. The NEW JEDI COUNCIL was moved to the JEDI TEMPLE on CORUSCANT, the same place where the original council was held so long ago. As the years went on and MASTER SKYWALKER trained more and more Jedi, the NEW REPUBLIC saw the re-emergence of the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

    Taking to the battlefield with extreme caution, the NEW REPUBLIC entered the SECOND GALACTIC CIVIL WAR alongside the NEW JEDI ORDER. Years passed and after another long struggle between the two groups, the GALACTIC EMPIRE and the NEW REPUBLIC signed a peace treaty and decided that a partnership would be beneficial to both the galaxy and the groups. The GALACTIC EMPIRE was given its own space within the galaxy and the surrounding systems were adapted to a more peaceful Imperial control, this time led by the GRAND MOFFS. Despite the treaty, the GALACTIC EMPIRE split off into two separate groups: those who wished to ally themselves with the NEW REPUBLIC (the Moff-Empire), and those who wished to oppose the NEW REPUBLIC and return to the way the galaxy was when the SITH were in control (the Sith-Empire). The SITH-EMPIRE was labeled as a threat to peace, but no acts between them and the NEW REPUBLIC resulted in a full-out war. Instead, the unified MOFF-EMPIRE and the NEW REPUBLIC agreed to deal with the threat on their own means, hunting down the SITH-EMPIRE.

    As the years continued, the galaxy saw quite a lot of change, but most of the changes were for the best. Examples of this were the JEDI ORDER formed specific groups they called "The True Force" to practice a mixture of the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force so that a better understanding of the galaxy could be discovered, the MOFF-EMPIRE But, in the shadows of the galaxy, the SITH have returned under the leadership of a new Dark Lord who remains nameless. While the JEDI ORDER has dedicated their efforts to finding and destroying the SITH once again, the NEW REPUBLIC struggles with the ever-growing threat of a 3rd GALACTIC CIVIL WAR caused by the war-mongering residents of MANDALORE.

    The Galaxy now hangs. on a thin balance. With the NEW REPUBLIC struggling to keep the peace they once had, one simple act could launch the galaxy into what could very well be the largest conflict since the Revan Wars of the Old Republic...

    Rules (open)
    1. No godmodding, metagaming, etc.

    2. Proper grammar is needed, this is an Intermediate level RP, I expect a solid two paragraphs per IC post. No one liners either. You can also work with collabs if you don't want to flood the IC with only one conversation, so use that to your advantage!

    3. Original characters only. No Mary Sue type characters, people have flaws, your characters do too.

    4. Maximum of three characters. If you want more, you'll have to give me a really good request or kill off one of your existing guys.

    5. Characters can (and probably will) die. If they do, you can make another, should you want to fill that void.

    5 1/2. If you have one character as want to leave the RP indefinitely, we can collaborate on a creative way for your character to either leave or get killed off. This really only applies if you want to kill your character. If you don't want to, then ignore this rule.

    6. Try to be nice to one another in both the IC and the OoC. Everyone's here for a good time and even though I'm not a fan of confrontation (I personally don't like telling people off), I will intervene if things get too out of hand or if I'm requested to do so. Let's not have that happen and be nice ^^

    7. Keep swearing, violence/gore and sex to a PG - 13 level. Romance is cool, I love it in RP's! If you get to a mature moment, fading to black is your friend in the thread, but if you take it out of the thread please follow site rules on Libertine/Liberteen RP's.

    8. Please be active. If you're going to be unable to post for a while, then please notify me. If you lose interest in the RP and want to leave it then also notify me. I will remove your character from the roster and give them a good send-off. I won't kill anyone until I have official confirmation, but if you don't respond then I'll GM your character out of the IC until I get an answer.

    9. Even though this is primarily freeform, I'd like you to consult with me when planning some kind of huge plot point or story arc. If you guys want to join the fight against the Sith, then go ahead, but let me know about your plan before you pull a Star Destroyer down to the planet with the Force. Just easier that way.

    11. You just realized there is no "10" and went back to check :3

    12. Now that you're pissed at me because of "11", post your favourite Star Wars quote in the "Other" section of your sheet so I know who read the rules.

    Factions (open)
    New Republic - The main democratic organization in the galaxy. The New Republic serves as a unified government for planets and star systems that wish for democracy as opposed to the previous dictatorship posed by the Empire. The New Republic, run by Chancellor Leia Solo, controls the majority of the star systems in the galaxy and is ready to combat the "evils" of the Sith and the Sith-Empire (and Mandalore, if it must).

    Moff-Empire - A more democratic version of the Empire created after the Second Galactic Civil War ended at the Battle of Felucia. The Moff-Empire is controlled by the Grand Moff's, who have since renounced the ways of Palpatine's Empire and have unified themselves with the New Republic. While they still utilize TIE Fighters and Stormtroopers, the Moff-Empire has made it clear that they are no longer affiliated with those who wish to control the galaxy through fear. Instead, they now manufacture weapons and have re-activated the Clone colonies on Kamino (after rebuilding them) to create a Grand Army of the Moff-Empire/New Republic to combat the threat of the Sith and the Sith-Empire (and Mandalore, should it come to that). The Moff-Empire also has a seat in the Galactic Senate, further proving that they are democratically based.

    The Hutts - Just like in the centuries prior, the Hutts have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. They are notorious gangsters who hire bounty hunters and criminals to do their bidding across the galaxy. Thanks to the efforts of the New Republic, Hutt-space has been greatly diminished and now only a handful of planets remain under the control of the Hutts. As a result, the Hutts have now begun targeting New Republic planets and trade routes in an attempt to "strike back", but their attacks have been met with swift harshness from the New Republic and its allies. The Hutts run things via controlling crime, so Bounty Hunters and criminals (and slaves) are more likely to be involved with them.

    The Sith Syndicate - The opposite of the "New Jedi Order", the Sith Syndicate is the organization created to resemble the Order. The Syndicate is primarily what all Sith align themselves with, but some have been known to join other groups such as the Sith-Empire or any of the other factions. The numbers of Sith have rapidly grown over the past 20 years since the Empire was destroyed and as a result, many Sith have secretly spread throughout the galaxy, making any system contain a potential "Sith inhabited planet"

    Sith-Empire - The original "Empire", but repackaged and refurbished. Those in the Empire who wished to return the galaxy to how it was before the Rebellion defeated Palpatine joined with some of the newly trained Sith Lords to create an exact replica of the "Galactic Empire", but on a smaller scale. The Stormtroopers in this group were given a makeover and rebranded as "Dark Troopers", consisting of members ranging from normal clones, civilian recruits, Force Sensitives and Sith. The Sith-Empire combines the lethality of the Sith Syndicate and the Moff-Empire into one dangerous package. While they both share the name of "Sith", the Syndicate and the Sith-Empire are not allied and are constantly at war with one another over reasons that would seem trivial to those who didn't understand the Force and the power that it can produce.

    Mandalore - The Mandalorians have always been known as the most dangerous warriors in the Galaxy. Some of the greatest wars in known in galactic history have been initiated by the species, including the famous Mandalorian Wars. Recently however, the planet's inhabitants had been mostly dormant during the Two Civil Wars, but now it seems like they are preparing for war. With no clear intention being present for their actions, the entire galaxy can only stand back and hope that they aren't in the crossfire when the Mandalorians decide to initiate an all-out war.

    Sub-Factions of the Jedi/Sith (open)
    "Jedi" (Any Jedi affiliated with the Council/New Republic)

    "the Order" - Think of them like the actual Jedi council members: they only enter conflict when there's no alternative (True Good)

    "Knights of the New Republic" - Basically the Jedi who are trained in both combat and using the Force. They're more of the "protectors" of the galaxy as opposed to the Order, who have more political/domocratic means of keeping the peace. (Neutral Good)

    "Jedi Enforcers" - These Jedi are more inclined to use a Saber then the force to get them out of a situation. These are more of the "Jedi Soldiers" of the galaxy and participate mostly in combat situations. (Chaotic Good)

    "Mixed Jedi/Sith" (any Jedi/Sith who excommunicated from their specific group or who was trained outside of the usual means. They can be part of any alligence and specialize in both the Light Side and the Dark Side of the force)

    "Lone Jedi/Reformed Site" - a force Weilder who has since left their specific group (Jedi/Sith) for their own reasons. They can be from any of the 3 categories listed under "Jedi/Sith". Typically, these force Weilders still maintain the sense of right they had as members of the Order (or gain this sense after seeing the cruelty of the Sith) and act like galactic vigilantes (Neutral Good)

    "The New Order" - a sub-group consisting of both ex-communicated Jedi/Sith who share the belief that both sides of the Force should be practiced in order to properly understand the unknown side of the universe and to become something more then a "Jedi" or "Sith". Typically these Jedi/Sith are neutral, but some have broken off to create the "Dark Jedi/Rogue Sith" and "Lone Jedi/Reformed Sith" groups. (True Neutral)

    "Dark Jedi/Rogue Sith" - Much like the Sith, these Jedi/Sith believe that the galaxy should be controlled by those who are able to weild the Force. However, unlike the Sith, they practice both sides of the force and act more like "galactic terrorists", counter to the way "Lone Jedi/Reformed Sith" act. Some want to rule the galaxy, and some just want to see the galaxy burn (Chaotic Neutral)

    "Sith" (anyone affiliated with the Sith Syndicate or the sub-group of the Empire that is still under Sith control)

    "Sith-Empire" - The polar opposite of "the Order", the members of this organization deal with the power of the Dark side rather then the power of the light side. They are the highest ranking officials for the Sith group and, should the Sith eventually take control of the galaxy again, they would be the ones to fight for complete control. (True Evil)

    "Sith Deciphles" - The opposite of the Knights, the Deciphles are the typical "Sith" one would find. Most commonly, those who fall from the Light to the Dark side of the Force become Deciphles. They are the most serious threat to any established organization such as the Republic. The Syndicate plans to gain control the same way Palpatine did, but the Dechiples plan to achieve control through a mixture of war and politics, giving them a much darker advantage over the others: they won't hesitate to kill if it will help them achieve their goals (Neutral Evil)

    "Korriban Spawn" - Even by the other members of the Sith, this sub-group is thought to be the most destructive. They have no mindset on ruling the galaxy, nor do they want its complete destruction. Instead, they instigate the brutalist atrocities against living creatures and start wars because they get bored. Thanks to the combined efforts of both the Jedi and the Sith (the latter being more secretive about their involvement), the numbers of Korriban Spawn have dwindled to almost nothing. However, an idea cannot be killed and most who join this group are driven mad by the Dark Side. Those who join are no longer sentient beings and only crave one thing: chaos. *think of them like Reavers from Firefly: they only act on madness* (Chaotic Evil)

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Image and/or a description, but image is preferred. Anything except for Anime is allowed. Anime just doesn't work well here.)
    (Male or Female)
    Species:[/b] (Any from SW, including Droid. Only exception is E.T. All he did was make a cameo, that was it).
    Main Faction: (New Republic, Empire (Moff/Sith), Mandalore, The Hutts, The Sith Syndicate, None.)
    Sub-Faction: (Dark Jedi/Reformed Sith, Moff-Empire, Sith-Empire, etc.)
    Weapons: (include images if you have them)
    Equipment (Non weaponry.)
    Skills: (As in "actual skills", not what the Force allows you to do. Mechanics, computer hacking, piloting. Those are examples of Skills you should put here.)
    Flaws: (at least 4, and don't make them stupid. No "Has a weakness for Cupcakes", please).
    Force Sensitive: (Yes or No)
    Force Abilities: (If any. 8 Maximum. Only "Side Sensitive" powers apply to your specific side. Ex. Jedi = 6 Light 2 Neutral, Sith = 6 Dark 2 Neutral, Inbetween = 3 Light 3 Dark 2 Neutral, or however you want to sort it).
    Bio: (Quality over quantity, but I'd like at least 2 paragraphs).
    Other: (additional information you may want to let us know about. Maybe you have a droid? Maybe you're allergic to shellfish? Who knows unless you tell us ^^)

    My Character (open)


    Stands at 5'6, with long and messy chestnut brown hair. He has dark brown eyes and thin eyebrows. Being a young man, Maar is quite thin. Most of his body weight is just muscle he's accumulated from the intense training his Sith masters put him through.

    Alternate Outfits (open)
    Jedi Robes


    What Maar is traditionally seen wearing.

    Sith Robes

    Kept from his days as a Sith Apprentice, Maar holds onto these robes because he never knows when he might need a Sith disguise.


    Maar Zhet







    Main Faction:

    New Republic (originally with the Sith-Empire)


    Lone Jedi/Reformed Sith


    Lightsabers (open)

    The Lightsaber of his father, recovered after Maar went back to Nar Shaddaar to investigate what should have been his family home. It was in quite the state, but after replacing the crystal and a few modifications, it was ready once again.


    The Sith blade he crafted as part of his 8 year training with Darth Dementus. the parts were taken from an ancient Sith Trooper base. Quite surprising that it still works, considering they were made during the Old Republic

    He normally carries around both Lightsabers and regularly changes between them, but primarily choses to wield his father's lightsaber. Maar is still learning how to properly wield both at the same time.

    DC-15 Side Arm (open)
    Maar keeps this around as a formality. While he really doesn't need it, it's easier to have a backup plan in case somebody has Force-dampening shields and takes away his Lightsabers.



    • A standard New Republic-grade grappling hook.

    • A detailed map of the Galaxy within a Holocron.

    • A wallet with well over 10,000 Republic Credits (all interchangeable thanks to a new currency device that immediately converts money into a different currency, as not all planets have adopted the Credit system)


    • He is an adept pilot, very skilled at flying pretty much all types of fighters. Specifically, he's had training with TIE's and the Ebon Hawk, but the knowledge can be applied to other vehicles. He's also had some training with Pod Racers, Swoop Bikes, and even a few confiscated Rebellion Ships such as the X-Wing or the Y-Wing.

    • Maar is very good at lying, even without the assistance of the Force. Normally, he can get people to believe whatever he says, but there's also the

    • Being a (former) member of the Sith-Empire and apprentice to Darth Dementus, Maar has been taught many of the primary languages in the Galaxy. Primarily though, he knows Ryl, Huttese, Bocchi, and most codes used by Droids.


    • Still suffers from "Sith tendencies" (over confidence, sudden fits of rage, jealousy overpowering his thoughts, etc).

    • Tends to rush into things without really thinking them through (most of the situations he has to get out of, he inadvertently created due to a lack of fore-thought)

    • Still struggles with keeping himself balanced in the ways of the force, allowing for much more of his "Dark Side" to come out when dealing with conflict/stressful situations

    • While he is somewhat skilled with the Force, he still isn't the strongest Jedi/Sith in the galaxy. He's also a little too confident and tends to let his guard down a lot.

    Force Sensitive:


    Force Abilities:

    Breath Control

    Detoxify Poison

    - Light Side -

    Force Stun

    Jedi Mind Trick


    - Dark Side -

    Dun Möch

    Force Scream

    Force Lightning


    Son of the Jedi Consular, Jan Zhet, Maar was a surprise to both the Jedi and his wife, Corrida. Being trained during the age of the Empire by a Jedi who had managed to escape Order 66 on Dantooine, Jan learned everything he could about the Force in hopes that he would one day assist in the fall of Emperor Palpatine. However, when Jan's Master was located by Darth Vader and killed during the final days of the Jedi Purge (4BBY), Jan fled for the planet of Nar Shaddaa. The strong dark side energies emanating from the planet provided a useful cover for the Force aura surrounding him and three years before deciding to leave Dantooine, he met his wife Corrida (3ABY). Before leaving for Nar Shaddaa, Jan and Corrida got married. However, they had not planned on having a child before they arrived on the planet, having travelled as refugees and found a small isolated home in the slums. Maar's conception was a shock to the couple, but a blessing nonetheless. As the months passed and their son grew larger, Jan found himself having to use the Force in small doses in order to survive by stealing food and clean water. Nobody was willing to hire the Jedi because of his refugee status, but also because he had been arrested four times for theft.

    At nine months in her pregnancy (4ABY), Jan and Corrida were amazed to hear that the Empire had been completely destroyed and the New Republic was launched. Thankful that the Empire would no longer search for the Jedi and try to eradicate them, Corrida and Jan made plans to move from Narr Shaddaa to Naboo and raise their baby in the perfect home. Jan knew he could join the New Jedi Order that Luke Skywalker had created and shortly before they left, he called Skywalker to announce his existence. Skywalker was pleased to hear another Jedi had been taught in secret like he was and arranged for a transport to Coruscant for his initiation. However, before they could leave for their shuttle, a legion of Dark Troopers landed in the city and sought out Jan, which ended in a climactic duel between a Sith, by the name of Darth Dementus, and the Jedi Consular. Darth Dementus, previously known as Sett Oors, had once been the apprentice of a surviving Jedi much like Jan. However, Sett soon grew to resent the feeble and simple-minded views of the Jedi and taught himself the Dark Side as best as he could (mostly though, he allowed his emotions to fuel him). But shortly after he turned, Sett killed his master and traveled to the Sith home planet of Korriban in order to study the ancient ways of the Sith. He soon found out he was not alone and many other "Dark Jedi" had been flicking to the planet in order to properly develop their powers into something greater. They were only Force Sensitive when they began, but Sett, under the alias of "Darth Dementus", taught the others everything he knew about the Force and together they worked together to unlock the secrets of the Dark Side.

    Having properly gained control of the Dark Side within a year (started in 3ABY), the new Sith plotted to destroy the Rebellion and verify that the Empire would not fall. When the Second Death Star was destroyed alongside the Empire, Darth Demtentus decided to reform their plan: they would now succeed where Sidious had failed and successfully take control of the galaxy, enforcing the ways of the Sith upon any soul who could make contact with the Force. Starting with a whole new Jedi Purge, they would cleanse the galaxy of the Light side and rule over all with fear. However, Jan wouldn't allow them to purge any more Jedi and rather quickly, he won the fight. Forcing Dementus on his knees, Jan was ready to finish him and take down his Dark Troopers. But before the final blow could be dealt to the Dark Jedi, one of the troopers found Corrida, who had rushed back home during the battle in hopes to warn Jan before it was too late. Demanding that Dementus call off his troopers, Jan was killed by the Dark Lord when he accidentally let his guard down.

    Tossing the body aside, Dementus looked upon Corrida and hesitated. Normally, he would've killed her, but never before had he encountered a child born from a Jedi. In that moment, Dementus decided not to kill her or the child, thinking that since the child would know how to wield the Force, it could become a powerful ally. He then ordered that Corrida be taken into Sith custody on Korriban until she gave birth. After Maar's birth, Corrida was kept locked up along with her newborn. Every day, droids came by and made sure she received the proper nutrients and vitamins to stay alive and keep the baby healthy. After she had properly taken care of Maar and once he was able to properly act on his own, Sith Troopers would arrive and take the boy away to continue his training. Dementus would then lead him to an isolated chamber where Maar would spend the next 8 hours learning all about the Sith and the Galaxy, how to use a Lightsaber and a blaster, how to fly a starship, and most importantly, the inner workings of the Force. Mostly, Dementus forced the other Sith to train the boy as he was always busy planning how to covertly slip Sith Influence into the newly reformed Galactic Senate. After a month or two of training, the Sith assigned to train Maar would present the boy to Dementus and let Maar demonstrate his new skills. If Dementus was pleased at his progress, Maar would be given special advice and lessons from Dementus himself. If the Sith Lord was not pleased, however, the one training Maar that time would be forced to have a droid discipline the boy until his skills improved. This cycle continued for years until finally, at the age of 14, Maar became so enraged at the droid that he completely destroyed it, then broke out from his discipline cell and tore apart the backups. Darth Dementus was extremely pleased with Maar when this happened, knowing that finally he had allowed his anger to make him strong. At this point, Maar was deemed to have completed his training and was allowed to build his own lightsaber.

    As Mar entered the rankings of the Sith, Dementus ordered that his mother be killed, knowing that his emotions for her were holding him back. Unbeknownst to his Sith Order, Darth Dementus commissioned a special crop of clones from the Kaminoians, using some of the leftover "Clone Troopers" who had their minds wiped and re-fitted for a new purpose. When the clones were ready a year later, they were instructed that they worked for the New Republic and that they were to attack the Korriban Sith Temple and kill Corrida, who was a traitor to the New Republic. Landing on the planet and attacking the temple, the "Republic" clones found and murdered Corrida. In his distraught rage, Maar slaughtered the remaining clones along with one of the Sith who was training him that day. After giving her a proper funeral, Maar vowed that he would never forget what the Republic did to him. When he was strong enough, he would make them pay.

    However, when Maar was 17, he realized the truth about his past. Having been given a mission that took him to Nar Shaddaa, Maar accidentally stumbled across his parent's homestead (it was in the slums he had chased the target into). There, he found his father's lightsaber and discovered his true parentage (Dementus always told him that he was the son of the Sith Lord). Shortly after discovering the home, Maar did some snooping around and eventually learned that Dementus had ordered a batch of clones after he realized that the "Republic Soldiers" which attacked Korriban were almost identical to one another (he learned this by looking at old video footage of the attack). His journey to Kamino led him to the discover that Dementus had ordered the clones and reprogrammed them into "Republic Soldiers". It wasn't long before Maar put two and two together and realized he and the other Sith had been duped for so many years. Full of rage and contempt for the man he once called "Master", Maar confronted Dementus and challenged his master to a fight. Dementus easily overpowered Maar in the fight, but Maar managed to completely sever all of his limbs and make an escape in his shuttle. It is presumed that Darth Dementus died that day, but the Sith continued without him. Having now realized his mistakes, Maar joined the Republic and became a "Reformed Sith", hoping to finally do something right with his life and be the Jedi he was meant to be. In honour of his mother and father who had fallen prey to the evils of the Sith, Maar vowed he would do everything he could to eventually see the destruction of the Sith and avenge their deaths.


    He owns an R9 Model Astromech Droid which has the designation number "R9-D5". Maar purchased the heavily damaged droid for almost nothing from a Tondarian on Tatooine and fixed it up as a side project. After being fully completed, R9 proved to be an amazing companion, co-pilot and mechanic to Maar and the two quickly formed a friendship.

    R9-D5 (open)

    Maar is also the pilot of the "Ebon Hawk", a Correlian ship built in the age of the Old Republic. Much like R9, Maar got this ship for a bargain and spent a couple of months fixing it up with the Astromech and a team of mechanic-droids. When it was finally finished, the ship was almost as fast as the Millennium Falcon (but due to the lesser count of illegal modifications on the Hawk, the Falcon was still the faster ship).


    "You stupid little Astro-droid..."

    More coming soon!​
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  2. Appearance:

    He stands at 6'1 and weight 180lbs without his armor. He has a muscular build and is tan wit three scars around his left eye. Generally he has a short beard that he keeps trimmed to a chinstrap. His eyes are a verdant green with a broken spiral of blue around the center.

    Name: Karson Helix

    Age: 21

    Gender: male

    Species: human

    Main Faction: Mandalore

    Sub-Faction: bounty hunter


    -blaster rifle: A rifle that he earned once he completed his initiation. It is of the same variant he trained with as a child and has served him well. Along the side there are multiple scratches that he uses to tally his kills against force sensitive's.

    -retractable beskar sword- A fine sword forged from beskar. This doubled edged longsword can be retracted into the hilt and extended. The blade is a sleek silver with razor sharp edges, and down both sides are symbols of war. It was his fathers.

    -wrist mounted flamethrowers- on each wrist guard he has a flamethrower mounted. These twin firestorms are capable of burning a man to cinders in minutes, and can be fired with at will.

    -blaster pistol x2- Two blaster pistols that he wears in holsters on his hip. These pistols have been modified with better grips, and both have a DNA scanner on the grips meaning only Karson can fire them. If anyone else grips and pulls the trigger it will explode in their hand.


    -Karson's custom armor- a variant of the standard mandalorian armor. This armor has been modified for Karson's own purposes. The entire suit has been better insulated against the elements and electricity, and the visor has been replaced with a gold one. This armor has a jetpack built in along the spine allowing him short sustained bursts of flight.


    -marksmanship- Karson has been trained his entire life as a mandalorian and as such is an expert marksman. He can shoot a man dead in a gunfight quicker than most people think. Karson almost never misses and if he does its for a good reason.

    -close quarters combat- Being trained as a soldier your entire life has perks. Being a master of hand to hand combat is one of those perks. Karson knows multiple forms of hand to hand combat as well as sword and knife combat. He is a deadly fighter up close and couples powerful attacks with even more lethal speed.

    -tech savvy- Karson has learned to hack, repair, and build most types of tech. If he cant figure it out then it is either not known to most of the galaxy or it doesn't exist. He can hack droids, ships, hell if given enough time he could build a droid.

    -medical knowledge- Having been in combat numerous times its good to know how to patch yourself up. He can heal most wounds given enough time, but needs proper supplies and time/


    -Sociopath- Being raised and trained as a soldier has numbed him to most emotions. Karson appears to be normal, but it is all a lie in reality he feels very little. He has trouble forming emotional attachments and doesn't see the purpose in them. This can lead to conflict.

    -weird habits- He tends to talk to himself. He has seen many wars and all of his friends and family have been killed. That being said being a lone bounty hunter can make you really lonely and you develop a habit of talking to yourself.

    -colorblindness- He is completely colorblind and sees in monochrome(shades of grey). Now this might not seem a big weakness, but it makes defusing explosives, flying ships, and other things quite challenging.

    -KILLING FRENZY!- when he is in extreme duress Karson goes ballistic shooting and killing anything nearby with no regard for friend or foe. He will fight tooth and nail to his last breath and take out anyone he can with him.

    Force Sensitive: no

    Force Abilities: none

    Bio: Karson was raised as a mercenary on a ship. He was just born that way. His mother and father were mercenaries as were their parents before them. In fact he came from a long line of mercenaries. Well more on that well never, anyway he was raised his entire life to be a mercenary. Eventually his parents fell on the field of battle.

    The two mandalorian mercenaries fought side by side. The male firing his heavy blaster in bursts as scores of enemies fell before him. His partner was firing with twin blasters at his back leveling just as many. The day slowly came to a close and the two ran out of ammunition. They fought together slaying enemies left and right their blades flashing through the air. A young boy watched from the side his squadron making their way towards the couple.

    The woman was the first to fall, a sniper round tearing through her chestpiece. The man caught her as she fell. He let her to the ground gently as another sniper round tore through his chest and he fell. As Karson's squad broke through he rushed to his parents side. His father removed his helmet and coughed up blood as he pressed the handle of his sword into Karson's hands.

    "Son, your mother and I have always loved you and are proud of you. Take this blade and make your legacy my boy."

    With those last words Karson's father died. As Karson stood he knew what he must do. Night fell and Karson's squad cut their way through the ranks. Day broke and the carnage was revealed. Karson and two of his men stood before the enemy commanders tent the man dead at their feet. Nodding Karson took his head as the others left to go their separate ways. Their commander had fallen and now they had to find a new crew. Karson boarded his ship and left to find a new destination.

    Other: there is no ignorance, only knowledge
  3. Appearance: stands 6'5 weighs about 210 pounds[​IMG]

    Armored: [​IMG]

    Name: Vondo'Zen'Das (goes by Xavier for business transactions) merging the names as is done also forms another name he goes by Dozenda which is the name he uses with closer friends, family, and lovers

    Age: 39

    Gender: Male

    Species: Chiss

    Main Faction: Bounty Hunter


    dual blaster pistols [​IMG]

    Two ripper pistols as well as a vibro knife in a boot sheath

    The VX Vibro-greatsword, also known as the Czerhander with cortosis weave with scope attachment

    Wrist launcher with blaster addition, launcher fires sleep and mild poison darts as well as explosives. Blaster is a mid range addition that fires 20 shots before needing reloading, also shoots eletric nets to capture particularly tough prey.

    Equipment armor in appearance armored picture, grappling cord, restraints, frag, and sonic grenades, full enviro suit built into armor, restraining cord fired from wrist launcher as well as titan (strength) gauntlets and a stun cloak.

    Skills: Skilled pilot
    accomplished Jedi Hunter
    naturally athletic
    zero-G combat specialist
    accomplished duelist
    skilled mechanic

    Flaws: No nonsense ideals
    very mission oriented
    arrogant due to skills learned hunting Jedi as well as bounties
    Almost lacks certain emotions due to torture and escape from a group of dark jedi
    closed off and distrustful

    Force sensitive: minimal physical only, basically he is slightly stronger, and faster than another humanoid at peak physical condition, heals quicker as well.

    Bio: Dozenda was born on an outer rim world, living with his family till he turned eighteen. During that time he learned how to fight and to shoot from his father, the man was an ex imperial officer. His family was killed a few months after his eighteenth birthday, they were murdered by dark Jedi and was tortured and after a failed escape attempt his left arm was slashed off at the elbow and another long gash across his chest, the boy was left for dead afterwards. His father set up an SOS emitter within the house and, gravely wounded Zen hit the button and used the small supply of bacta patches within the house to keep himself barely alive afterwards. The damage had been extensive to his body, in the end he lost sight in his right eye, his left arm was useless and deep gouges and slashes marred his body, luckily the wounds were healed within a few weeks of periodic bacta tank therapy. Afterwards the young man used the rest of the money he had to replace his eye, and left arm. He knew he would have to start earning money somehow, and joined the imperial academy, his father's named carry enough weight that no one pressed the issue afterwards. He received high commendations within his class, second highest overall between the rest of the graduating class. Afterwards he had his pick of assignments but instead used his skills for better use hunting down Jedi in general, he felt that all force users failed at keeping their people in line due to his family's death and with what he's leanred he feels he cans tart hunting them down. Zens tarted bounty hunting to earn money, and while on Nar Shadaa was noticed by a crime syndicate for his skills with his vibro-knife and blaster hand cannon. He was approached by their middleman and took on odd jobs, various lines of wet work for the syndicate rising through their ranks (and gaining a large sum of money), purchasing some of the best armor he could find, upgrading it himself and with the help of the syndicates various mechanics. Creating, in a away, a battle suit to aid him in hunting and killing Jedi and other force trained users. He then ordered a new melee weapon (the greatsword) ripper pistols (for their ability to not be deflected by Jedi, yay slugs) and various other equipment that he picked apart and added the tech to his armor. During this time the syndicate learned of his Jedi and Sith hunting ways and tried getting rid of him...that didn't work out to well for them, he placed explosives all around their base and listening devices for their inevitable backstab against him. Inr the end they were blown into tiny bits and he made out with their accounts and vast sum of credits, as well as the leader's personal star ship (which he sold for even more credits). He joined up with another Hunter who, as long as the credits kept rolling in, they'd be partners for a while yet. Dozenda is known throughout the Galaxy as a renowned Jedi/Sith hunter, the Republic as well as the Imperial Remnant both have used him on a number of missions, no one has a higher success rate at handling force users, with and without lethal precision.

    Other: Salesman: "Interested in a jetpack? Barely a scratch on it. It'll look great with that battle armor. Eh, same color, even."
    Jango: "I'll take that off your hands."
    Salesman: "Eh, how much you offerin'?"Jango: [draws blaster] "Your life."
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Titus Ta'a Geth Alias: Garrett Roche
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Species: Halfbreed <Hapan-Human>
    Main Faction: Mercenary
    Sub-Faction: Moff Empire
    Gear and Personal Items
    REISS-76 Blaster Rifle: A double-barreled blaster rifle fitted with a scope. It has a stun setting and modes of fire from semi fire, burst and rapid fire and whether or not to use both barrels. Using both spends the cell faster. Each cell can hold up 100 shots. The upper barrel may fire a stun bolt while the lower can be set to fire ion bolts. (Pic is in Equipment)
    Modified E-11 Carbine: A standard E-11 Stormtrooper Carbine. Holds up to 500 shots. Modified with the setting to shoot 10 shots at once in a tight spread.
    A heavy long one that holds 75 blue blaster bolts, called Longarm, and a pair of smaller sporting pistols that hold 120 yellow bolts. He calls these ironically Peashooters despite having quite a punch to them.
    Scopeless DL-44 XT Blaster Pistol (Silver Plated Han Solo Blaster).

    D'skar Dagger (No special material. Not lightsaber resistant)
    Stun Baton
    Gaderffi Stick
    Wrist Mounted Dart Shooter
    Dur-24 Wrist Blaster
    Deck Sweeper (Stun Blaster shotgun)
    Glob Grenades
    Merr-Sonn Stun Grenades
    Smoke Grenades
    Czerka Spore/B Stun Grenades
    Detonite Tape
    Sthokli spray Stick
    Common Armor
    Somewhat cheap armor common of bounty hunters, made of lightweight durasteel, holding his Reiss Blaster. Geth wears a reflect body glove underneath to keep his body heat leveled in harsher conditions. He wears this armor most often as his other armor isn't welcomed everywhere.
    The helmet is fitted with a rebreather to keep him from breathing in harmful chemicals for an indefinite amount of time. It can keep him supplied with oxygen for a few minutes if he were to be blasted into space and the same if he were to be underwater. The helmet is also fitted with a motion sensor array through the antenna, feeding him the information through his helmet's hud.
    The helmet itself is an imitation of the famous mandalorian armor but it's is inferior in quality and make. The armor is really bits and pieces of armor that an inquisitive and determined civilian could buy on a coreworld such as coruscant. A bit easier to get in a place such as Nar Shaddaa. The helmet is also fitted with a com which the antenna can enhance the range. The visor itself shields him from flash bang attacks.
    Stormtrooper Armor
    His own Storm Trooper armor is of better quality than that of the standard. It is rather worn but it is still shiny. Made of reinforced durasteel and energy resistant plastoid and a very light beskar alloy. The armor won't be cut up easily by a lightsaber but a determined Jedi or Sith pressing his blade on the same spot he will have an easier time getting through. The helmet has a sophisticated computer inside and a hud. It is fitted with a rangefinder and various vision mode such as night, infra-red and even sonar which is however useless in a loud environment due to the overwhelming amount of information. The helmet can be connected to a server of a ship and with the exception of jammers and electromagnetic fields, it has a range that can reach across half a system.
    Like its predecessor the armor is also a handy environmental suit, allowing the wearer to stay well in just about any climate from the scorching heat of Tatooine and the blizzards of Hoth. The right arm has a red stripe running down from the middle of the shoulder and down to the hand, along the white plastoid. The visor is shielded from flashbangs.
    Casual Outfit
    When he is somewhere heavy armor will be too conspicuous he wears his usual outfit (no knives or mask). This outfit is lightly armored blast vest with plastoid plates underneath to save him from small blaster fire and most heavy slug throwers that aren't designed to penetrate armor. He will be knocked back by the blasts. He also has a personal energy shield on him that can withstand bigger blaster fire and light lightsaber slashes but it eats up energy fast and is not designed to keep him in a firefight but help him get out of it. He wears his peashooters most often when wearing this outfit. He sometimes wears a pair of shades which mask his retinas from scanning.
    Exo and Jump
    Other personal gear that he is apt to wear is a lightweight imperial military exo-skeleton. A late prototype model that was supposed to suit with most personal armors of the empire, the skeleton enhances the wearers strength and speed. They may jump over 3 times their height and lift up over 5 times their weight, the exo skeleton is made of reinforced durasteel.
    Geth also possesses a harness that was first made by some street punks on Nar Shaddaa. This harness has multiple thrusters and functions the same as the heavy jump pack but instead of just one high jump or just a slow feather fall, the harness was designed to improve the mobility and speed of the wearer. He may jump and keep himself from falling great heights with bursts of thrust. They may use continuous thrust to keep the wearer from falling to his death.
    Geth has a number of cybernetics implants on him. One of his most used ones is a linguistic skill implant that assists his already considerable talent with languages. The implants allows him to porperly differentiate between dialects and even accents at times.

    A Bio-Monitoring Implant lets specialized computers to monitor his physical and psychological condition.

    Other Gear
    Titus also owns various other gear that he sometimes is seen to have on his person. Those consist of:

    Bundle of magcuffs
    Reprogrammed pair of Buzzdroids named Junker{Painted Red} and Buster{Painted Blue}.
    Luma flares
    Medical Field Supplies
    Data Breaker
    Security Blade
    Personal Datapad
    Zeltros made guitar.
    His Ship

    Geth possess an old 578-R Transport Which he has named and often refers to as The Temptress. The ship has been quite overhauled and refitted to suit his purposes, such as a new turret on it's top hull allowing for 360 horizonal turn and a the blasters reaching about 85 degrees horizontal turn upwards.
    The cargo hold has been partially refitted with 2x6 square to allow for a single person healing tank that can take both kolto and bacta and a medical table to allow for anything up to small time surgery to cybernetic limb repair. In the cargo hold are also collapsible walls and bunks to allow for impromptu private rooms to be raised. They are however not soundproofed.
    Throughout the ship are also smuggler compartments, sophisticated enough so that the contents go unnoticed by any common security check. The most sophisticated one that can even pass through high military security check is in his own private compartment and there is where his stormtrooper armor is located.
    The most expensive feature on the ship is a docking mechanism that allows the transport to lock onto another ship and share both hyperspace and shields. This is required so that a docking port can reach the other ship and people can go from one ship or the other in relative safety. On average the process takes about 1-2 hours depanding on the ship models. It is however impossible to dock with another ship without permission as it needs full cooperation to achieve such docking.

    On the ship's right side hull is a painted picture of a scantily clad Twi'Leki woman who poses suggestively at the viewer.

    Skills: Geth went through the harshest of the Stormtrooper training. He is trained in marksmanship, hand to hand combat and with melee weapons such as the baton and knives. He is an excellent pilot, able to pilot smaller space crafts such as freighters and fighters, can pilot light military walkers, swoops and tanks. He has knowledge of how to pilot a cruiser but he hasn't had the chance to.
    He knows basic slicing but only to the extent of basic security systems and computers.
    He has basic repair skills.
    He can blend into crowds well enough on basic worlds where there isn't any extreme segregation or where humans and the such are the majority. He can hide his military air and become more casual or even act like a junkie or a common thug. Not a professional actor level...or better depending on what sort of holo-vids you watch. In short; he has an excellent sabacc face.
    Through his days he has learned some smuggler tricks, able to smuggle things either on himself or on his ship.
    One of the few fields that Geth was on the top of during his days in the imperial academy was linguistics. He speaks fluent
    Twi'leki, bocce, hapan, basic, pak pak, bothese, cheunh, durese, high galactic, zabraki, huttese, mando'a and sullustese. Though after learning his 4th language he was implanted with a linguistics implant to assist him with accents and inflection.
    -He has a bit of a gambling problem. He is rather weak towards a game of sabacc but if the pot is good he can play pazaak, dueling dice or betting on races and fights. This has caused him to be in debt with unsavory people. He once nearly lost the Temptress.

    -With his implants, when he isn't safe with a helmet on, an emp charge and stun weapons can do funny things to him. Make him space out.

    -Over-thinks a situation at times.

    -May be defensive towards the Moff-Empire that will get him into trouble in republic space.

    Force Sensitive: Modestly. Will not be able to manipulate the force unless his midi-clorian count gets a boost but may be able to master a lightsaber more naturally. He won't be mind tricked or dominated easily.
    Bio: Geth was born on a small agricultural world in Empire territory. It was insignificant other than being one of many worlds that produced food and produce for the citizens of the empire. His father was a Hapan and his mother was Human and both were happily married and lived on a small farm. They had lost one child through miscarriage but they managed to bring Titus into the world, named after his mother's brother who was a storm trooper and living on the world.
    Titus was raised to like and praise the Empire and how it brought order to the galaxy which the Old Republic had failed to do. He had often pestered his uncle therefor to bring him on patrols and watch the Empire's finest in action but was always declined. He worked on the farm, tending to the livestock and gained some body mass through that. During a town run and along the market, Titus had caught a thief in the act of stealing from a cashier and gave chase. It was a big scene and he didn't manage to subdue the thief as he was much bigger and stronger, breaking Titus's nose, but it gained the attention to the local recruiter and with his uncle vouching for him he was sent to the imperial academy to become a storm trooper.
    It would have been nice to say that he was a natural at every field and that he got along with the rest of the recruits but that was not how it went. He struggled through the training and often times only barely passed the program to make him eligible to be part of a squad to try out the new armor models. There were a finite amount of these new models as they contained a light alloy of mandalorian iron which the empire did not control the supply. In fact, they had just found some of the ore from unregistered stockpiles from an inept officer. There were only enough to make these suits of armor and there for they had decided to train up recruits to wear them to turn them into another elite force.
    During a training exercise the armored recruits, three in total, were sent to another planet where some minor separatist activities had been going on and as an easy assignment to test the capabilities of both the recruits and the suits they sent in the newly graduated troopers to deal with them with a couple of officers to supervise and evaluate them. The recruits found the separatist but they were far bigger threat than the previous intel had lead them to believe. They however persevered and managed to quell the rebels even when they found out that they possessed a tank. Titus was in the process of putting restraints on the prisoners who were mostly teenagers not that younger than Titus himself but stopped when he had heard a blaster bolt. His fellow troopers had started to execute the separatists at the behest of the officers but Titus did not know that. Trying to stop them he caused a scuffle that ended with a blaster bolt hitting the rebel fuel supply and causing massive explosion in the area. Titus was injured but alive due to the fact that one of the troopers had been in front of him and shielded him from the worst of the blast. He had died and so had one of the officers, the other critically injured. The other former recruit was alive as well but severely injured. The officer immediately called in for support and Titus knew that he would not come out of this well. He had been responsible for the death of a fellow trooper and an superior officer. This would grant him a court marshal and an execution. Titus had no choice but to leave, taking one of the speeder bikes that the rebels had and sped to the squad's shuttle. He grabbed his gear and set the shuttle to autopilot away from the planet, giving him enough time to hijack and transport from the nearby city and get off world.
    He was on the run after that and with a bounty on his head. The armor had previously had a tracker but he had managed to disable it. He took the transport to the outer rim and ended up on the smuggler moon. There he settled for a while, finding himself gambling and then under the employ of local small time crime lords where he was forced to play as an enforcer. He managed to keep his identity mostly a secret and get fake credentials on the moon, using these new contacts in the criminal underworld to set himself up and get out into the world. He was still loyal to the empire but he had to face a harsh truth that the empire wasn't all sunshine and order as his parents and family had told him. He did however keep a place for the empire in his heart and believed in it overall. He believed that it was a force of order with some bad seeds amongst them. During his travels he would see some merit in the Republic as well but more often found them cause more trouble or just delay troubles than actually solving them.

    He became a mercenary after that, getting a bounty hunter licence to avoid trouble if he were to run into bounties but he mostly worked for hire. He became a scavanger and treasure hunter, taking whatever seemed lucrative.

    He got some of his gear from the Emporium, doing business with a sullustan called FlapFace.
    Other: He is more attracted to near-human women than to plain human ones. Though not so with species such as the mon calamari. He is also a talented mandolin player and other string instruments such as the zeltron lute. On long hyperspace jumps and just long trips ingeneral he tends to play his instrument if no one is in the moid for a friendly game of sabacc or dueling dice.

    He has the tendancy to give people nicknames and may use multiple ones on a single person until something sticks with him.

    “GGGWARRRHHWWWW.” - Chewbacca - A New Hope
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    • [​IMG]

      Special Fleet Commander Darius Atlas
      "I am Fleet Commander Darius and let me give you a word of advice;
      War does not come alone. Neither do I."

      Age: 39
      Gender: Male
      Species: Human Cyborg hybrid.
      Main Faction: The Sith Syndicate.
      Sub-Faction: Sith-Empire.

      Darius grew up as a single child on a hectic human city world. It would later become part of the Core Worlds in the Galactic Empire, at least until the demise of the Emperor. Coming from a rich family, Darius had no problem getting the education he wanted. His father, and his father before him had all served in various Star Fleets and this laid the foundation for his life. Darius didn't mind though, and was eager to surpass both. At the time, Darius was a very attractive young man and had both the skill and will to grow in the ranks. However, it would be a while before he became the Sith fanatic he is today. But his family made the mistake to openly support the Sith and lost everything when the Empire was overthrown.

      Darious had barely finished his major education when the second Death Star was destroyed and thus was spared from war crimes. His parents however, now faced jail for life. Darious himself had mixed feelings about this, only further sending him towards the Dark Side. It would be the years with the Grand Muffs that changed his life forever though.

      Even though he remained slightly emotional unstable, Darious managed to impress the Grand Moff enough to get his own combat cruiser. He did not disappoint and by using dozen of daring, but also brilliant tactic turned the tide of his battle to his favor. It was at this peak he finally found someone to get him back on track emotionally. Doing a service on a desert planet, Darious fell in love with a local female human and they later married.

      But the new order of Sith had heard of Darius's skills, and they wanted him for their own. He was contacted but refused, now happy with the Grand Muff and his new wife. The Sith didn't care and planned his acquisition, with force if they had to. Using a double agent, a bomb was planted in the couple's apartment doing their honeymoon. His wife was killed, and he lost both his legs and sight. Darious was quickly captured from the site, and was declared dead. In truth he was taken to a secret Sith-Empire laboratory where he would undergo major changes.

      Dead flesh, broken bones and limbs was removed, leaving only behind his brain and a few organs. His new big metal body required that his heart was improved mechanically. Dozen of implants was also worked into his brain, and his sight was enhanced ten fold. Using a mixture of drug and sith force, Darius was tricked into believing the Grand Muffs was behind the murder of his wife along with the death of his parents in jail. Furious, Darius swore revenge and finally joined the Sith-Empire as Special Fleet Commander.

      Even now, no one know Darius serve the Dark Side. The Dark Lord himself have taught Darius light saber combat, training him to become the perfect Jedi killer and Fleet Commander.
      He hate his cyborg body and envy those who live without mechanical parts.
      2. Stubborn until the last minute. Should a battle not turn in his favor, he will fight until escape is the only option.
      3. Prideful.
      4. Fanatic. He is a core believer in the Sith way.
      5. Due to his size he cannot enter small enclosed areas.
    Main Weapons:
    Two lightsabers. (Red and blue)
    -Red gifted to him by the new Dark Lord, and the other stolen from a dead Jedi.

    Secondary weapon:
    E-5 blaster rifle
    -This gun normally require two hands for accuracy, but Darius only need to use one.

    High Power Energy Cells
    -The large and heavy cyborg body require a lot of energy. He can run for two days before the need for a recharge.

    Compact Universal Jammer
    -To countermeasure most sensors, Darius body include a jammer to hide his presence.

    Cortosis Gauntlets
    -Light saber resistant alloy cover his arms. Since Darius don't have nearly the same amount of training as a full blown Jedi, it was decided to equip this for self defense.

    Fleet Commander
    Droid Commander
    Lightsaber combat
    Close combat

    Cyborg body:
    Darious's hybrid body builds on the experience from both General Grievous and Darth Vader's cyborg parts. However, Darious's version is much heavier. Instead of the light material known from Grievous does Darious use alloy that are ten times stronger but in turn heavier. He stand at 2.9 meters. His sight have been replaced with advanced optics, allowing him to see further and sharper than any human. Since he is completely "infused" with the body he can survive freely in space.

The Return of The Droid Army

D1 Battle Droid

The D1 model is the successor to the famous B1 model. This version is only slightly more expensive to mass produce, but make up for this by having a much greater flexibility and intelligence.

E-5 blaster rifle
SE-14 blaster pistol
Thermal detonators


Dark Trooper

B2 Super Battle Droid

The B2 proved it worth doing the clone wars and return as is.

Dual built-in laser cannon (Wrist blaster)
2x TriShot and Wrist rocket

Droideka Mark II

The successor to the Droideka Mark I. This powerful unit is too costly to mass produce and instead serve to protect important assists like spaceships and stations.

2x Twin built-in blaster cannons
Triple built-in blaster cannon
Twin Ion cannons

BX-series droid commando

The commando droid return for special missions.

E-5 blaster rifle
Thermal detonator
Optional Droid commando personal shield
Stun baton

  • [​IMG]

    Bellator-class dreadnought
    Length: 7,200 meters
    Number in fleet: 1

    26x (13x2) 480-teraton superheavy turbolasers
    192x (48x4) 210-teraton heavy turbolasers
    320x (40x8)40-teraton heavy turbolasers
    56x (14x4) Heavy ion cannons
    736x (184x4) 200-gigaton medium turbolasers
    6272x (1568x4) 600-megaton light turbolasers point defense guns
    108x Anti-ship heavy missile tubes
    2x Tractor Beam Projectors
    2x Gravity Well Generators

    432x Starfighters
    12x Lambda-class shuttles
    30x Delta-class stormtrooper transports
    10x Assault gunboats
    16x Skipray Blastboats
    8x Gamma-class assault shuttle
    Repair and recovery vehicles
    AT-AT barges
    40x AT-AT walkers
    40x AT-SE walkers
    Various ground vehicles
    Prefabricated garrison bases


    Assault Ship
    Ventor class Star Destroyer
    Length: 1,137 meters
    Number of ship: 3

    8x DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets
    2x Medium dual turbolaser cannons
    52x Point-defense laser cannons
    6x Tractor beam projectors
    4x Heavy proton torpedo tubes
    16 torpedoes each

    192x Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing or V-19 Torrent starfighters
    36x ARC-170 starfighters
    192x Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptors
    40x LAAT/i gunships
    24x Military walkers
    Various shuttles
    1x Prefabricated garrison base


    Recusant-class light destroyer
    Length: 1,187 meters
    Number in fleet: 2

    1x Prow heavy turbolaser cannon
    4x Heavy turbolaser cannons
    6x Heavy turbolaser turrets
    6x Turbolaser cannons
    30x Dual laser cannons
    12x Dual light laser cannons
    60x Point-defense laser cannons

    240 Droid starfighters


    Harrower-class battle cruiser
    Length: 800 meters
    Number of ship: 2

    Turbolaser batteries
    Quad laser cannons
    Ion cannons
    Proton torpedos
    Concussion missile launchers

    95 starfighters
    Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighters
    32 B28 Extinction-class bombers
    35 shuttles


    Advanced Vulcan Droid Starfigther,_Mark_I
    Many years have passed since The Clone Wars, and the different Droid Starfigthers have seen a couple of upgrades since then. One of these is improved sensors and intelligence.

    6x Blaster cannons
    4x Buzz droid discord missiles


    Advanced Hyena Droid Bomber
    Light laser cannons
    6x Proton torpedoes
    6x Concussion missiles
    4x Proton bombs

    Droid tri-fighter
    1x Heavy laser cannon
    3x Light laser cannons
    6x Buzz droid discord missiles​

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  • Appearance:
    With helmet
    Without helmet (Man on the far right):

    Name: Jason J. Jaggers

    Main faction: Bounty hunter
    Sub-faction: None

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Age: 25

    Weapons: His trusty twin blasters named Bella and Tally, A built in flame thrower, a few grenades of almost every type, and a lightsaber he stole on a mission.
    Bella and Tally's design:
    The stolen Lightsaber:

    Equipment: Jason like to travel with only what he needs so the only other thing he carries besides his weapons is a med kit carrying just whats needed to patch himself up. Also carries a special device that enables him to understand different languages as well as translate his speech into that language. Currently has about 15k credits on him as a gift from his mentor to help him start upon his journey.

    Appearal: Has his own custom painted armor to be a mixture of black and red stripes. He always keeps his blasters on his person at all time more so out of sentiment than protection. And usually likes to keep his helmet on unless he is alone or sleeping just for an added safety measure.

    Skills: Is incredibly agile thanks to his suit being lightweight. Able to react quickly during fights by following just his bare instincts leaving less room for him to hesitate. Able to bluff his way out situations since hes a great on the spot liar. Has what many in his profession call a hawk eye since hes able to find certain weakness in his opponents that usually go unnoticed in the heat of battle.

    Flaws: Tends to not think things through and make rash decisions. Does not have much in the way of ranged options since he hates rifles. Has terrible skills as a pilot and almost crashes any ship hes allowed to pilot.

    Force Sensitive: Yes, at least thats what he was told by the Sith he got his blade from.

    Force Abilities: Has no real combat abilities yet but by accident uses Force persuade when trying to get out of a difficult situation, and in turn has a natural resistance to it being used against him.

    Personality: Jason is a very relaxed and laid-back man prefering to rest more often than not when given a break from work. He also, like every other person in the universe, loves money and is always looking for any easy cash. Has a bright and confident aura around him. And above all respects the bounty hunters code ( )and even though sometimes he may not like it has to follow through with it.

    Bio: Ever since he was simply a small orphan growing up in the empire, Jason loved watching the bounty hunters that lived for only two things, money and freedom. One day a bounty hunter by the name of Markus spotted Jason staring at his blasters, and after smiling at this bright eyed kid he walked over and asked him if he wanted to learn the basics of what it meant to be one of them. After that day Jason had been training under Markus until the day of his 20th birthday where Markus retired, and gave all of his gear to him even his two most favorite blasters to help him get started. But since then on Jason has gone on to a pretty respectable bounty hunter, but mainly because of his lucky break of actually being able to kill a sith apprentice which really wasn't worth the credits he was payed afterwards. Now that hes 25, Jason has begun to hear talks of another Great Hunt about to get started through his underworld contacts, and this one looked to be this, this is going to be his one shot in the dark of becoming famous since everyone knows the final prize was more than worth all the trouble. And this my friends is where it all begins for Jason as he looks to find a suitable crew and be this years big winner and hopes ..but plans always change and usually never for the better.

    Other: The lightsaber he stole is used mainly as a trophy or a scare tactic since, while he can use it, he prefers his blasters. Has his own ship called the Lightning Streaker ( that he stole as part of the bounty hunting tradition. Has close ties to Koyi Wi'Teska after he took her under his wing to learn his free style of life.

    "Do or no not there is no try." -Master Yoda
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  • what is with all the force sensitive bounty hunters carrying sabers there is like a plethora of them.
  • Seriously lightsabers are too dangerous for normal bounty hunters like the rest of you are, also if you guys are gonna keep them then you should make it so you don't use em at all unless it's serious life or death not just ah we're getting shot at.
  • Or idk if you wanna do twirly spin moves with a shiny sword and the force be a jedi or sith, and if you wanna be a gruff badass mando use a gun and be a gruff badass mando.
  • Welp if I helped with my character i just mainly downgraded it to be a trophy of battle more so than an actual weapon he uses.
  • like normally peoples characters are none of my business, but im just saying like the reason mandos are so cool is cuz they don't need sabers and the force to get shit done. Also how can all these characters magically know how to use a saber, its not like a normal sword its weightless it would be like trying to swordfight with a flashlight, which is why it took years of training.
  • Well i guess to be fair on that point i can simply erase the little part about him being a bit skilled with it since he really doesn't use it often.
  • Bro im not the GM so until he says so your character is fine I wasn't trying to single you out I just noticed there are three force using saber wielding bounty hunters.
  • Oh no its cool man i just want my guy to feel more realistic to his kind of work and thanks for your input
  • Speaking of which if your going the mando route you can feel free to party up with my guy since he is going to be working for the mandalore side as a bounty hunter.
  • Sure i'd like that since they might seem to be able to work with one another
  • - and now a Free Spirit.

    Name - Koyi Wi`Teksa
    Teksa is one of the many Twi'leki clans native to Ryloth, the clan's name means "trustworthy". Koyi means "Serpent" So, she's a Trustworthy Serpent...but still, keep your eyes open!

    Main Faction: New Republic
    Sub-Faction: None

    Gender - Female
    Species - Twi'lek
    Age - Unknown, but about the human age of 18.

    Appearance -
    A very rare Twi'lek beauty; graceful in motion, a picturesque humanoid with slender height, topaz blue skin with dark mottled stripes down her form, and eyes that are historically tantalizing to even the hardest ruffians. Koyi's uniqueness does not end with just her altered skin tone, nor her rather long and curled lekku, but just what she does with them that forever doomed her and her race into a history of servitude for the wealthy. Even now, life after the Empire still holds onto such old traditions - in a more unethical manner. It's not consider kosher to maintain Twi'lek as slaves anymore, but there are those who still work the underground to come across one for themselves, to hide in their estates for their own secret pleasures.

    Weapons - Carries a set of throwing daggers that are usually hidden under the back of her various tops - the handles sticking out in such a way to appear as ornaments on her attire. She also carries a whip like weapon called a daggerlette - a thin chain with leather woven within it, which a small, sharp spear at both ends. She'll either wear this weapon around her waist as a belt, around her arm, or around her head like a piece of lekku jewelery. She also carries a traditional Twi'leki dagger, one that has been passed down from mother to daughter for decades.

    These days, she's now hoisting a few blasters, one of them being a sportsblaster that she's stolen from her former owner years ago. She keeps it only because it reminds her of what she doesn't want to return to.

    Equipment - FlashFlesh Med Pack, a Personal Assistant 4X Recording Rod, DataPad, a short-range matter transmitter (what she used during her dancing days).

    Apparel -
    Everyday wear or special occasions.

    Flight Suits

    Skills - Dancer, Contortionist/Flexible/Ambidextrous, knife throwing, whip attacks, and a natural ability in seduction. Under the wings of the late Baltazar Achk and now Jason Jaggers, Koyi's learning and strengthening her newer talents in spying, pick pocketing, lock picking, misdirection/manipulation/interrogation, melee and long range blasters. She is able to use Force Healing, but her untrained ability here gives her a varied success rate. She's not...too bad; just don't let her attempt to replace detached limbs... You might end up with more than what you've bargained for instead.

    Surprisingly Low Maintenance, Koyi is fine with roughing it. Having survived the deserts of Ryloth, she is competent in the wilderness, and when in highly populated areas can deal with slums or food that's not the best. She likes the high life, but can get by without.

    Koyi is also one of a handful of rare people with her own Zonama Sekat Seedship - a living vessel requiring some sort of mental connection to the original seed partner of the ship in order to fly it. It was grown for her - a gift from Achk before his untimely death.

    Flaws - Lacking major control and understanding of The Force within her tends to make her more dangerous than useful at times, but lucky for her, Koyi's mistakes end up being blessings in disguise.

    She's not particularly physically strong. If it comes down to a one on one fight where strength is the deciding factor she's pretty well hopeless. And what's worse, like all twi'lek, Koyi's lekku are extremely sensitive and a strong tug can incapacitate her with pain.

    Still very timid around strangers or situations that she honestly should not be a part of, and her hardheadedness tends to make it impossible, to an extent, for her to see reason; especially when the reasoning involves situations or issues she is unfamiliar with. To her, it's best to leave well enough alone and not rock the boat; even when doing so might just save her ass. Breaking out of her old Twi'lek customs and habits of avoiding others conflicts or standing up for what she believes in is difficult for her, but every now and then her mouth will open and her feelings come out, expressing just what her heart wants and believes.

    She's starting to understand more about what it truly means to be free with all rights and privileges thereof. This mix of two different ways to view life has set her in a path of doubt and negative self-awareness, making her somewhat dangerous to have around in a life or death situation. The only time this flaw seems nonexistent, is when she's piloting her ship. There, it's like she's within her element.

    Peacock on the surface, but all tiger at heart, Koyi gets very territorial, and if hurt enough falls back to instinct which urges her to fight even when she can't win.

    Force Sensitive? - Yes, but she's not as sensitive as she could be; yet, well enough to manage her ship. The need for more training would be nice, but she's not too keen about Jedis these days, not after the last incident she had with a Jedi attempting to train her. It'll take a lot of convincing to get her to agree to that again.

    Force Abilities: All of her abilities are either a natural, uncontrolled thing; at the beginning stages, or a skill she attempted to learn on her own - and has done poorly. Therefore, she's not strong in none of them. She's possibly proficient enough in Force Heal, Bond, and Lens, but it's mainly because they're somewhat been used throughout her life without her realizing that they were skills of The Force.
    1. Force Healing - using the energies within the Force to heal minor to major injuries. Can also manage certain illnesses.
    2. Force Bonding - Forms minor force bonds like second nature.
    3. Psychometric Powers - reading memories/potential future from inanimate or animate objects through physical contact.
    4. Force Lens - Is able to magnify force ability put into her, through her force bond. If the person isn't distracted and paying attention to her, their own abilities will be amplified through her. When she's not being used to focus force energy, she will completely be oblivious to what's going on, almost like temporary amnesia.
    5. Force Shield
    6. Force Body
    7. Force Drain - Due to her natural; yet, untrained and uncontrolled Force Bond abilities, she can unknowingly pull Force from others. It's a very weak and untapped skill that is slowly developing due to the weak Force Bonding she has, but with the proper training, combined can become a deadly tool.
    8. Force Scream -

    Personality - Koyi is a confusing sort to understand: soft spoken, yet outspoken. Timid, yet craves attention. Seems to be full of spirit and delight, but dark and depressed and sometimes dangerously cold and hostile if forced into a corner. Regardless of being baffled by her behavior and lopsided state of mind at times, she's still a very hard girl to dislike.

    Growing up as a form of entertainment, Koyi has learned to maintain a silent presence, keeping lost in the crowd until called upon. And if called to dazzle the public's eye, maintain a high degree of mystery and interest by avoiding everyone around her. Hence, the confusing first impression she displays to this day.

    Bio - Koyi was raised by her parents until the age of eight, when they, like so many others, still believed that slavery was an efficient way to proliferate their species, preserve their culture, and see the galaxy like no other. She was sold into an orphanage to learn trades in The Arts and housekeeping, and was sold to various owners when she was around the human age of 12 as a maid.

    Soon, she was old enough to become more than just a house servant. At the equivalent human age of 16, she was sold into the entertainment sector on Ord Mantell, and soon picked up by a master merchant named Valaras Fothe. After four years under his household as his personal slave, Koyi escaped along with a few other slaves. One of them was caught by Valaras and she killed him, but regardless, the only footage of the escape his security had is on Koyi. Therefore, she's marked with the murder and a huge bounty was placed on her head for her return.

    She became part of a small, but very successful smuggling party ran by Baltazar Achk. He's the one who found her in Lothal, saving her hide when she was hiding from the authorities within a rather dangerous bar. Being accused of killing your owner can be a rather big thorn to pull from your side, and this one has only grown for two years. He's also the one who's taught her about the real world, seeing that she was a roughened, broken, and weakened young woman with no idea of what life is all about. He trained her to use her disadvantages into advantages, and her skills in pleasure became the tools he needed to build her into the sneaky, manipulative, little mouse by his side. She's his spy and in some cases, sneaky assassin.

    Through his connections, since Baltazar realized just how Force Sensitive Koyi was, went out of his way to gain an invite for her to harvest a Zonama Sekat Seedship. It's a very elaborate gift, but there are two sides to his generosity: Koyi gains a ship that no one else can pilot, and he gains a very rare and speedy ship for his new business venture; a sort of underground railroad, helping innocent victims of unfortunate situations escape and relocate.

    The Dulsorian "Dulsora"

    Equipped with:
    Ysalamiri - Sessile tree-dwellers from Myrkr used as part of a defensive mechanism that protects the ship from Force Sensitive beings - pushing back the force from around it, creating a bubble in which the Force cannot be manipulates. They are small, furry salamander-like creatures, no larger than 50 cm long. They have long claws that grow directly into the core of the brances they inhabit, drawing nutrients from the mineral rich trees. It takes special knowledge to successfully remove ysalamiri from a branch without killing it. Koyi had learned this skill from a dancer friend of hers who was had one ysalamiri in the room they shared. The Dancer used it to keep Force Sensitive customers free and clear of any abilities that can put her in a disadvantage. She gave one to Koyi, who has been caring for it and gaining its trust.
    [BCOLOR=#080808]QQ-4U85 Tractor Shroud[/BCOLOR] - A Shroud was a counter-measure device fitted to some space vessels. It functioned to confuse and displace the tracking lock of a tractor beam, enabling a ship to escape the hold of the beam. It consisted of a wave-layered bomb, containing highly reflective particles, that would throw off the hostile tracking lock, presumably by confusing the tractor beams sensors.
    [BCOLOR=#080808]QQ-543N/53R Cap Drain Module[/BCOLOR] - [BCOLOR=#080808]To flesh out an existing canon device in a profitable way.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#080808]The module is, in effect, an advanced surge protector, designed to shunt away excess voltage (such as from ionic charged particle beams, Connor nets, and even electromagnetic pulses). [/BCOLOR]It [BCOLOR=#080808]protect a vessel against several small-scale engagements, it would certainly be useless after (or during) a fight against heavy capital ships. [/BCOLOR]
    QQ-C1R-C3 Defensive Decoy Module - an electronic device that essentially simulates the distress call of a large ship, making a fine distraction. One module contains ten plastoid barrels. Each barrel combines the following components. QQ-C1R-C3 is not always legal in a given star system or territory, and should be carried internally when legality is a concern.

    • Trickster Decoy - Can fool long-range sensors and midrange visual/sensor investigation with an electromagnetic, sensor, and holographic profile chosen from a variety of common yachts, bulk freighters, and high-end personal transports. Closer inspections will always unmask the decoy.
    • Distress Beacon - Randomized combination of voice profiles, languages, static blur, and overlapping background noises. Thousands of possible combinations of sound. Exhaustively tested, each distress beacon sounds reasonably authentic, and matches the trickster decoy (no Ithorian medical vessels claiming to be Hapan princesses' retinues, for example).
    • Self-Destruct Mechanism - Detonates on close-range, high-intensity scan, ionization, or tampering. Only sufficient to wreck the beacon's internal components and wipe their data.

    Somewhere in the mist of her history with Baltazar, Koyi happened to have been discovered by a Jedi Knight; a Kiffar by the name of Lujem Vos, and he requested for Baltazar to allow her to train with him for a few years. He was attempting to work with her, even with her being older, to help her harness her psychometric and healing powers which he realized was her strongest skills. Unfortunately, his younger years of being tempted to the Dark Side seem to return having such a seductive Twi'lek present. He lost his control one day and attacked Koyi, which she got away - back on the streets.

    She eventually found Baltazar again, not as the woman he's helped her to be. With new markets opening for him and a dangerous opportunity dealing with connections to the Sith falling into his hands, his mind was split between caring for Koyi and managing this ruthless money venture he shouldn't have gotten into. Unfocused and way over his head, Baltazar lost his life and Koyi lost the only real friend she's ever had.

    She reconnected with an old dancing friend in Naboo and followed her around the galaxy in search for a safe job where she can hide and live in peace. She ends up meeting Jason Jaggers, another smuggler who just happen to be in the right place - at the right time. She gains another mentor and a new purpose.

    "Who you callin' scruffy-lookin'? "[/spoiler]
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  • It seems like this shall be a mostly outlaw focused game. Now we just need a crazy psychic girl that came out of a briefcase, an uptight commonwealth doctor, a pacifist pilot and a priest and we got ourselves some genuine browncoats.
  • I'm going to have my character be a former Jedi, someone who didn't like how the council worked. So instead became a mercenary, figuring he'd make more money, and he could do as he pleased, rather than the council telling him what to do. If you don't want me to make a oc like that, then I'll just change him towards your liking.
  • Jedi is not a profession. It is a religious life not motivayed by greed.
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