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  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


    Peace! Having struggled against the relentless forces of the GALACTIC EMPIRE for over 23 years, the REBEL ALLIANCE finally defeated the corrupt system. EMPEROR PALPATINE, also known as DARTH SIDIOUS, was destroyed once and for all by his apprentice DARTH VADER and his son LUKE SKYWALKER during the BATTLE OF ENDOR. With the SECOND DEATH STAR destroyed along with the Sith Lord, the GALACTIC EMPIRE was forced to flee to the outer reaches of the galaxy.

    In the years that followed, the REBEL ALLIANCE morphed into the NEW REPUBLIC and focused on undoing the damage caused by the GALACTIC EMPIRE so long ago. The GALACTIC SENATE was re-established and LUKE SKYWALKER, having adopted the title of JEDI MASTER, began building a new JEDI ORDER on YAVIN IV. The NEW JEDI COUNCIL was moved to the JEDI TEMPLE on CORUSCANT, the same place where the original council was held so long ago. As the years went on and MASTER SKYWALKER trained more and more Jedi, the NEW REPUBLIC saw the re-emergence of the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

    Taking to the battlefield with extreme caution, the NEW REPUBLIC entered the SECOND GALACTIC CIVIL WAR alongside the NEW JEDI ORDER. Years passed and after another long struggle between the two groups, the GALACTIC EMPIRE and the NEW REPUBLIC signed a peace treaty and decided that a partnership would be beneficial to both the galaxy and the groups. The GALACTIC EMPIRE was given its own space within the galaxy and the surrounding systems were adapted to a more peaceful Imperial control, this time led by the GRAND MOFFS. Despite the treaty, the GALACTIC EMPIRE split off into two separate groups: those who wished to ally themselves with the NEW REPUBLIC (the Moff-Empire), and those who wished to oppose the NEW REPUBLIC and return to the way the galaxy was when the SITH were in control (the Sith-Empire). The SITH-EMPIRE was labeled as a threat to peace, but no acts between them and the NEW REPUBLIC resulted in a full-out war. Instead, the unified MOFF-EMPIRE and the NEW REPUBLIC agreed to deal with the threat on their own means, hunting down the SITH-EMPIRE.

    As the years continued, the galaxy saw quite a lot of change, but most of the changes were for the best. Examples of this were the JEDI ORDER formed specific groups they called "The True Force" to practice a mixture of the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force so that a better understanding of the galaxy could be discovered, the MOFF-EMPIRE But, in the shadows of the galaxy, the SITH have returned under the leadership of a new Dark Lord who remains nameless. While the JEDI ORDER has dedicated their efforts to finding and destroying the SITH once again, the NEW REPUBLIC struggles with the ever-growing threat of a 3rd GALACTIC CIVIL WAR caused by the war-mongering residents of MANDALORE.

    The Galaxy now hangs. on a thin balance. With the NEW REPUBLIC struggling to keep the peace they once had, one simple act could launch the galaxy into what could very well be the largest conflict since the Revan Wars of the Old Republic...



    The clash of Lightsabers echoed throughout the dark, enclosed room of the Imperial starship. As it turned out, the Sith-Empire had been assigning various members of the Sith Syndicate to help assist the Stormtroopers and Battle Droids in their war against the Republic. But it would do them no good. Once the Republic had discovered this plot, various "special agents" were sent across the galaxy to try and apprehend and take down the Sith. "Jan Oorden", was one of those agents. Jan had been sent alongside a battalion of Republic Soldiers to destroy the ship and kill the Sith commanding it. Most people wondered how "Jan" was able to kill a Sith, but nobody asked him directly. Instead, those who travelled with him tried to keep interaction to a minimum. Nobody wanted to piss off the guy who was capable of killing Sith, because only God knows how he would kill a Soldier. But the less anybody knew about him, the easier his job became. "Jan" was just a cover up name, a false identity given to him by the Jedi Order so that nobody would suspect him of being more then another Republic agent. This wasn't a traditional thing the Republic did, but given his history with the Sith, "Jan" had requested a fake identity be given to him when he was sent out on assignments. In all actuality, Maar Zhet, was actually a Jedi Knight, tasked with hunting down Sith in the galaxy.

    Once aboard the ship, Maar and a group of Republic soldiers raced down the halls and burned open the doors, killing any Stormtrooper's and Battle Droids they came across. The Republic forces focused on the individual battles while Maar marched his way through the remains to find the Sith. His search, which had taken almost an hour, finally led him to the command bridge where the Sith was waiting for him. As his identity as a Jedi was revealed, the Sith sprung into action. She was quick, but also very old. Her abilities with the Force were extraordinary, but her skills with a Lightsaber were miserable. Needless to say, Maar couldn't focus on fighting her as a swordsman and would need to pay close attention to her use of the Force. The panels on the floor, broke pieces of the ship, metal bars and even electrified wires heaved into the air and launched towards Maar, who narrowly dodged all of them. When the old crone tried to shove him out the window of the starship with constant shovings from the Force, Maar finally found an opening. She was too distracted about shoving him out into space then she was about keeping herself out of harms way. With a lightning quick reflex, Maar flicked his hand and sent his fallen lightsaber hurtling towards the woman, activating it was it flew. By the time she had realized her mistake, the green blade had already cut her in half. Gasping for the last time, the woman tumbled to the floor and split in two, dropping Maar. Dusting off his black and grey uniform and walking over to the body, Maar looked down at her and called out "Simulation: End." As he grabbed the lightsaber from the fallen Sith, the room began to glow bright blue and fizzle away, leaving only the blackened metal of holo-pads surrounding him. The woman also melted away, revealing a training droid that had programmed for combat and installed with anti-Force devices, as well as given powerful jets on its body to simulate the effects of the Force.

    "Hm. Not too bad... I still need to improve my technique though. Almost died that time." mumbled Maar as he holstered the Lightsabers and walked out of the holo-deck. As he marched out, a Padawan approached him and explained that Master Skywalker was looking for him. With a nod, Maar walked off towards the Jedi Council's main chamber.
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  2. Alex

    The cantina was bustling with lowly creatures from all around Coruscant, It was a place to grab a drink, and share some gossip, it was also a place for criminal scum. In the underworld of Coruscant, you can find almost anything that would be considered illegal, and if you play your cards right, you might just get a few credits from it all. In the back of the cantina sat a male figure, dressed in all white, hooded and had a mask on. Across from him sat a male green twi'lek with two guard droids at his side, and a table between the man and the twi'lek.

    "So what you mean to tell me is, you want five thousand credits for this package? look mister masked man, I Ain't runnin no charity here, I don't care if its some rare exotic spice that could've been difficult to get. I ain't Buying it kid "

    The mask man leaned forward from his slouched position getting closer to the twi'lek " look, I thought you wanted to make a profit off of this, I guess I thought wrong, looks like i'll just sell it to some other buyer who wants a profit, maybe one of the red bandits will buy it

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  3. Jason J. Jaggers
    "Oh Hutta you still are just as terrible looking as when I last saw you all those years ago." Jason said this as he walked around on the surface of the slowly dying planet since the Hutts didn't know how actually run a clean and stable planet. It had been a few years since his last trip to the planet after being chased away last time due to a "misunderstanding" with one of the Local Hutts named, Zilex. "I wonder if she still remembers that...of course they remember Jason you are talking about a Hutt here." Just as he was thinking that he was stopped by a few Gamorian guards in an alleyway who demanded that he come with them right away to see Zelix to which he replied, "Ya know as much as I would like to go see the great Hutt i'm afraid that I have another appointment with someone on this planet." As he said this he pulled out a flashbang from his belt and waited until they asked who he was meeting. "Oh you know just an old friend with a flashy personality and I would tell you all about them, but I figure its best to just show you,"Jason stated before dropping the flashbang in front of them and sprinted off towards the landing strip before they had the chance to see again. "Hey kid might wanna fire up the ship cause i'm afraid i've brought company," he yelled into the communicator built into his helmet while dodging a few blaster bolts that almost hit him, "Damn Zilex it was only a shipment of spices how long are you gonna hold this grudge."
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  4. Zhalek aboard Aetheon
    The Sith Warship Aetheon slowly drifted through the empty space. It was alone, no where near any other Syndicate ship or even near an Outer Rim Planet. Aboard the ship was a very powerful man. Darth Zhalek, currently leader of the Sith Syndicate. Only the most trusted members of the Syndicate was aboard Aetheon. Captains, Soldiers, other Sith, and a few Political Figures that sat on the council for the Core Worlds. No one has ever seen Zhalek's face, or even seen him fight, but that makes him even more intimidating. No one knew how capable he was, or if it was just a giant bluff. He was more of a Zealot, you could call it, he didn't believe in democracy like the lowely Moff-Empire and even the re-established Sith-Empire wasn't what he expected it to be. They were all blind, and he was brought into the Galaxy to cast away the shroud of darkness that blinded everyone and lead them into true peace and prosperity. "Lord Zhalek, the Senators have just left. What is our course?" Admiral Xu'ua, a Zabrak, stood behind the robed and masked man. Zhalek looked out the bridge of the ship, looking out at the vastness of space and all that it could hold.

    "Set a course for Korriban. We shall burn this Galaxy soon enough, but now is not the time. Everything must be set in place before we are to unleash to flames of war." His voice was smooth and calm as he spoke. Almost as if it was a recording that took many tries. His body hidden away underneath the robes, armor, and mask that any cybernetic parts would be hidden and unknown, if he had any. "As you wish. My Lord." Xu'ua gave a respectful bow and turned sharply on his heel before giving out the commands and orders to the many pilots that it took to fly the ship. The ships thrusters were slowly turning on, the ship coming to life now as it began to surge forward. Hyperspace travel was almost ready and soon the ship surged forward once again as they traveled at a speed faster than time as people believed or considered it.

    When they broke out of hyper travel, the ship slowed down as it approached the Sith Planet. Ships encircled the planet, protecting it. Coming and going just like any other planet that held a center of attention. "Get my ship prepared. I'm heading down to the planet. Keep Aetheon ready to leave at a moments notice." Zhalek wasn't one to stay on a planet, or in a place that he could easily be found. That is why he always had himself aboard Aetheon and in the middle of nowhere in space so he couldn't be found. He believed himself to be that important, that whenever he shows up he expects people to bend their schedules to fit his.

    His lightsaber was equipped on his side, tucked away safely. His cloak/robes were integrated into his armor, giving him a hood and the 'skirt' like part that a normal cloak would have, but he couldn't remove it. His mask visor glew a dim red, and what seemed to be a filter straight down the middle for breathing. He could even use it when the air was poisoned and survive.

    "Your ship is ready, My Lord." With that said, he turned on his heel and began making his way off the bridge. Everyone saluted him or bowed as he walked by, and when he reached the hangar. Two sith warriors waited at the ship, the cargo ramp open, the warriors at the base waiting for him. "My Lord" They both bowed as he walked by and up the ramp, following closely. He took a seat in the 'Captain's' chair part of the ship as they sat and piloted the ship for him. "I do not plan to be here long. Keep the ship running and warm, and both of you stay inside. If for some reason something goes wrong, I'm certain you will be there to help." He had comms inside of his helmet to always be speaking to whoever he needs too on whatever channel his Syndicate is on. It wasn't a very long range, but long enough that he wouldn't be in a pinch if they couldn't receive his message.

    "As you wish my Lord." They both replied in sync with one another before the shuttle departed Aetheon and down towards Korriban. He would be holding a meeting at the Academy, and expected a few influential members of the Sith Empire to be there. Though Zhalek hated both groups, he wasn't stupid enough to declare open war with them. He would be using them for his own personal goals. The ship arrived on Korriban, at the Academy in a Private docking bay. He stood up, and exited the shuttle to go meet with the others.

    Soon everything would be in motion, just like the Holocrons told him.
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  5. Karrde3.jpg

    ~Outer Rim
    ~~Jandoon System
    ~~~Corva Sector


    The void of space was silent and brooding, but among the vacuum of darkness Retra steers the Republic ship she had access to towards Jandoon. The entire system was rumored to be haunted, and the crazy part was that Retra knew that. But she also considered what was there. A civilization lost ages ago before the battle of Yavin, and now their supposed souls loom in despair. Retra was superstitious, nut her will overshadowed the doubt and fear in her heart. She knew why she'd ventured out here towards the edges of the outer rim, and if she could truly find out what happened to the Brizzit, then she could get major respect from her peers at the academy. Of course that's not why she's doing it....not why she's even there. Already in her Eco-Suit, she catches view of the planet up ahead, a monstrous world to explore all to herself. She smiles to herself and rolls her neck, cracking the bones with a slight loosening of tension.

    "Let's do this."


    She begins to enter atmospherical space and starts the diagnostics for the planet. "Barometry... 1.2214 Coruscant's gravity... Carbon-Oxygen compounds, looks like I got lucky." She steers the thrusters to maximum torque as the ship darts into Jandoon with a rapid fury. An aura of flames and thermal pressure forms around the ship as she looks around and can feel the heat slipping through into the cockpit. She presses a button on her collarbone and summons the helmet to her Eco-Suit in split seconds. She breathes heavy and slow, with controlled breaths and a muffled sound of air from behind her helmet. It felt weird to her, like some sort of evil human robot mix up or something. As the horizon of the Haunted Planet appears, Retra's heart drops slightly at the massive sight of distant structures and moss infested constructs, with an immediate smell of rotten, strong sap filled the air all around her. She eyes around for potential soft spots on the surface to properly descend and land her ship. After a few moments she spots what seems to be a massive field of pure moss and grassland. Retra steers around to face back towards the lands pointing inward to the ruins of Jandoon. Slowly and steadily, she lowers the ship and rips through the moss and brush with her landing, the soft and sultry material collapses into a deeper muck of green and brown.


    She steers up a bit and adjusts as the ship slows speed through the field. She steadily lowers again and the ship rumbles in the vast array of dark green in front of her. At least it was concealed. The ship halts to a stop and she docks the ship the best she could, before opening the glass hatch and popping her little helmet of the sea of green. Her glowing cyan visor piercing through the gold and dusky environment around her. She stood on top of the ship to get a vantage view of how far she has to trek to get on level land and walk to the ruins. She wasn't new to this, she'd done this plenty of times on other planets and systems, but they're usually inhabited. This was only one of very few times she had ventured to an uninhabited planet, and of all places a haunted one at that. She puts her hands on her hips and begins a confident yet corky monologue.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes...*sighs* this is crazy."

    Like a crafty and agile cat she hops down from the ship and darts dead ahead through the deepened tall grass and moss around her. The green splits apart to her momentum, catching a slight sprint with a surge of thrill and adventure. A arc-shaped weapon clings to her utility pack on her back, in case there would be some spirits that decided to test her mettle, even though inside she'd be a screaming little girl if that were to be a reality. Force projections are one thing, but actual spirits?

    All Retra could think about now was continuing to be discrete. 5 years now she's been wandering off on her own with about 15% of the time ending in her father sending someone from the Republic to retrieve her. And every time she'd get lectured...not scolded...lectured about how inconsiderate she's being. Like she was some 8 year old. Her father Talon didn't understand. At all, it wasn't about a rush, it was about finding the link to the galaxy's history and becoming a part of that experience. Far as she's concerned Talon and his Republic Intelligence Alliance (RIA) pals could all stick it where the Death Star blew. After a stack of minutes, she rushes out from the field of tall green into a golden sunlight, and a barrage of debris and lifelessness all around. This planet's ground zero. She was there. She finally made it. Now the fun starts.

    Ruins (open)

  6. [​IMG]

    Ca-chunk. Ca-chunk. Ca-chunk.
    The sound of metal hitting metal. It had become the norm onboard the SST Nexus for when the Fleet Commander walked from his private chamber and to the ship bridge. When the large bolt door opened with a hiss, guarding Dark Troopers stood ready to escort the Commander. With a salute, only six of the eighth Elite Troopers lead him to the bridge, while the last two kept guard by his chamber. His private room was located under the large bridge tower for safety reasons. He had a very unusually quarter due to his large size. It only contained the necessary along with a charge station instead of a bed.

    There was only space for four of the troopers with the cyborg Commander in the escalator up. The remaining two would return to his chamber. The sweet tunes of the Imperial March buzzed from the small speakers as they were shot upwards. The large cyborg Commander stood completely still. Even then it was impossible to tell what thought hid behind the grey metal frame and yellow cybernetic eyes. He stood a few heads higher than the infamous Dark Troopers, but it was his large metal shoulder plates that took most of the space. He was Fleet Commander first and Jedi Killer second. His large figure was meant to create fear and did so very well. His two light sabers was attached to his sides.

    The huge Bellator-class dreadnought had been modified to grant the Fleet Commander the mobility he required. Even as they walked down the last corridors to the bridge, droids of different kinds was working on patching up the ship. In truth they had only recently 'acquired' the ship after it had been laid abandoned for years in the outer rim.

    Dozen of D1 Battle Droids was working the stations when the Fleet Commander finally arrived on the bridge. With a bulky voice, the cyborg Fleet Commander quickly demanded a status report as he walked down the pathway. "Sir, the Aetheon have just arrived in orbit" One of droids announced. Darvius moved to the large window panel, and true enough the Aetheon Warship soon appeared from hyperspace. "Call the Harrowers in for protection of the Aetheon. The rest of the fleet will continue to patrol the space". The droids closeby noded in response, "Roger, roger". The upgraded battle droids had a deeper voice than the old B1, but the talk pattern was the same. To better or worse.

    Special Fleet Commander Darius Atlas folded his hands behind his back as he looked over the planet. "Let Lord Zhalek know we stand ready" The cyborg would smile if it could.
  7. Vondo'Zen'Das gave an irritated sigh wondering how in the world did his friend get him to agree on another blasted treasure hunt in nasty looking ruins. Dozenda looked at the pictures of the ruins that they took and looked at his friend "If there is nothing here I am going to foot you my maintenance bill again. Remember that one time on Dxon...nothing picked clean no doubt millennia ago Titus, same with those Mando caches that." He puts his hands up and air quotes "no one should know about" He says dryly looking back at the pictures of the ruins. It's not that the Chiss was scared, after what he's been through nothing really scares him anymore it's just... they still had force-users in them at some point, and if it is a big old tomb... what if the Jedi or sith didn't like being disturbed. That put a smile on Dozenda's face at the thought. He'd get to re-kill some bastard dark Jedi or sith, cause no way in hell those pansies from the order would have tombs out in this end of the Rim. "Glad that you already unloaded a fair amount of credits into this girl, I did tell you that I'd foot the bill for some stealth capabilities as well as more firepower...she needs a few more guns and this baby would be even sexier afterwards." With his friend, Dozenda was almost like a normal person again, with a few distinct flaws in his social abilities. "Well I guess nothing to do but send us into whatever is down there, if it's empty ruins, okay, if it's got some sort of guards." A feral grin played across his lips "Let's just say there won't be when we get down there." He turned back to Titus "So what is in there, and why did you drag me halfway across the galaxy anyway?" He asks leaning back in his chair, he was cracking his knuckles now, and stretching his arms. He didn't like sitting and waiting too long, it made him antsy...not that there was many places he could get up and move to in his friends ship that didn't feel as cramped.

    “Come on, Dozenda. Those weren’t entirely my fault” Titus Geth said. He talked with an accent of one who was a native imperial and whose main tongue was High Galactic and not basic. He was at the pilot’s seat wearing his white imperial armour, his helmet on the dashboard of the ship as they were at the atmosphere. “The sources were wrong and they weren’t quite unprofitable. Other than the fantastic scenery we got to fight some low tier pirates who had some good gear on them. They fetched a good bit of credit on Nar Shaddaa, remember?” He said, more amused by his past mistake then regretting it. He wasn’t the sort of person who dwelt on past faults. “My contacts, one even part of the Emporium, all hold up. They say that this site was once an important site of force-users and those will always fetch a price on one market or another. The fact that it is abandoned does not dissuade me that there are at least trinkets there. Some collector will at least give us a pretty credit. And if things go not so great and we meet some residents that proclaim the ruin their home or birth right or any other such drivel, they are sure to have some sort of valuables even greater than that of the ruin itself” He said optimistically. “If not, of course I shall be the one to expend all my future profits on maintaining the ship while you can go on to get more polish for that ridiculous blade of yours” He said with a snicker. They were about to land near the ruins and it was safe to let the ship land automatically for the next few minutes. While the ship was landing, the rust brown hull blending relatively well with the other browns and greens of the site outside of the embellished twi’lek painting on the hull, Titus gathered a shoulder rig where he placed his two small blaster pistols safely, his silver plated DL-44XT in a left hip right and his E-11 carbine in a right hip rig. He went to the cargo hold where most of the pair’s other possessions were located to get a journeyman’s archaeology kit, his data breakers and security blades. To be absolutely certain if they were to meet previous owners of the force user ruin he grabbed some stun grenades, detonite tape and his spore grenades, nasty things that could actually have 1 out of 12 chance to kill a victim due to fact that they weren’t fully tested before coming on the shelves. Geth let out a whistle and a blue ball rolled to him and popped open, revealing a reprogrammed and refitted buzzdroid which he had named buster. Not as versatile as an actual astromech, the little droid was capable at slicing into consoles as much as an astromech and other computer related tasks while his “brother”, Junker, was more appropriate for repairs. Geth packed all the kits in a backpack and grabbed a grappler as well as medical supplies just in case. “Hope you are ready” he said as the ship was just finishing up landing procedures, grabbing his helmet and put it on. It hummed

    Dozenda nodded "I don't mind maintaining the ship, it's my living space too when we're out here." He gets up and puts his helmet on and uses the magnetic sheath on his back to hold the blade in place, pulling the cloak over it, hiding most of the blade, he then equips his two ripper revolvers on his belt, and then his two heavy blasters in underarm holsters. He checks the rest of his equipment and walks up behind his friend. "Always ready Impy." He says chuckling "And this sword has gotten me out of some difficult jams due to some of your people as well as new republic soldiers, and force users...from both sides." He says and hits the button for the hatch to open. "I hope we get a good haul from this, and if anyone is living here like those pirates we took out on Dxon then even more fun will be had." He smiles under his helmet. "Besides, when am I ever not ready?" He replies to his friends question with his own, he walked out of the ship and looked around, browns, greens and more brown just like Nal Hutta only not completely engulfed in poisonous vapours and smelling like a hutt's ass. "Any indigenous wildlife we need to worry about, before I get too far away from the ship and need to kill something." He says and pulls out a ripper and a regular blaster pistol.

    “Probably just the regular ones though I doubt we will meet any” Titus said and brought up his automap. He had set the computers of the ship to scan the structure and pinged where they had landed before putting it on his belt. To be safe if he had been wrong about the indigenous wildlife he drew his carbine up and scanned the area with his rangefinder in his helmet. He was however oblivious to the fact that there was at least one more visitor on the planet and in the ruins infact.
  8. [​IMG]

    ~Outer Rim
    ~~Jandoon System
    ~~~Corva Sector

    Retra summons her Mobile Universal Drive and begins to program a topological analyzation of the ruins. She walks as the device displays a holographic field that spreads through the ruins and shows all faults, cliffs, and sections of the ruins. She retracts her helmet and breathes in the air, it smelled like old salt and burned droids, but it beats the alternative. To think she was actually out here alone. Her hair flows through the dry and savage winds, finding a stone cavern nearby to house her from the increasing violent conditions from outside in the golden sun. She looks up at the towering structure and stones of old Brizzit citizens that once inhabited the planet. She began to make her descent into the stone ruins. The light from the distant sun slowly begins to fall on the horizon, and all Retra could think about was how much fun she was going to have and the look on the Jedi's faces when she brought home a very powerful and very sacred item....if she could sift through hundreds of thousands of acres to do so.

    She figured she had about 3 hours before her father Talon would get to expecting her to check in with him. Being the daughter of the Republic's chief intel officer has ironically placed a bit of freedom on her, you'd think that after the many times she'd wandered off to distant and uncharted worlds before that Talon would place a full detail on her, but alas he hasn't, and to her knowledge he doesn't even know she's off planet right now.

    "What wiped you guys out..."

    Her M.U.D. begins to glow and give small beeps, pinging to her network program of detecting other computer systems in the nearby area. Her heart drops and she instinctively crouches down and searches the program further. A ship system had been detected, a few hundred meters northeast of her location. Crap, someone must have followed her here. She was pretty sure it was some goons that Talon sent to retrieve her, but what if it were bandits? Outlaws? Even worse....what if it were Sith? Mandalore? Retra opens her utility pack and conjures her Avian Goggles, and straps them around her head in preparation for the incoming beings that would probably make their way to her before long. She quickly re-networks the program to ping a smalltime alert if any system is detected within 100 meters of her location. She hastily moves among the ruins and conjures a light from her helmet to get a better view of the destruction. Hard to believe this place has been untouched for all these years. A peace within chaos. She scans the hieroglyphics on the wall of Brizzit drawings, but particularly for one specific image. She knew whoever else was here was either for her or just a one else would come to a haunted system.

    She scoured the walls rapidly, while paying extensive detail to the images from the insectoid beings. She wanted to take all her time in the world, but she knew that was no longer an option. She had to move and do it fast, unless...Retra perks up and brings out one of her sono darts, a small pin needle designed to shoot in any direction and burst at great frequencies. She treks over to the edge of a high rise and places one pin in her tube. She sets the noise for 1330 GHz at 110 dB. She set the distance for 2000 feet and aimed it away from the ruins, so that whoever else was her would be inclined to follow the noise, or run in the opposite direction. Either way played fine for Retra. She pressed a button on the tube, as the pin shot out with a hiss. About a second an a half later, a loud shriek can be heard in the distance. Could be anything to the unknown party: Animal, Person, Beast, Device...all Retra knew was that she wasn't alone, and that made her cautious.

  9. Koyi We'Teksa

    "You guys are the dullest storytellers I've ever heard!" Koyi yawned once more before leaning back against the bench seat in the kitchen area, swirling her glass of rokai juice while Bossk, once more, tried to give a thrilling tale of his aged adventures as a staff member of a Trandoshan Little League Whiss team. The tips of her lekku twitched with annoyance, for the large brute was determined to finish his story, even after she had to wake up Greeko for the third time.

    "But, it gets better, especially when we were up against the Torrent Geminis for the championship...," Bossk started, but a buzz from the comlink on her seedship cut his words, giving Koyi a reason to stand up and push the snoozing Rodian off her shoulder.

    "Awesome! We’ve got a transmission. Greeko, wake up!” The Rodian blinked and called out in his strange garble that was still difficult for her to decode, but the genius of a Rodian was one of the few species she's come across who could actually understand twi'liki enough to actually sign it - with his crazy ear antennas too. His words were signed for her well enough for her to understand what he was asking.

    "Nope, we didn't get to that part yet. We'll have to keep him busy with something for the rest of the day so he doesn't remember to tell us later."

    Greeko sighed and shook his head, stood up and headed to the mini bar for another heavy swig for his cup. Tapping the comlink on the wall, Koyi leaned against it and answered. She could barely hear Jason through all the blaster fire.

    "Hey kid, might wanna fire up the ship cause I'm afraid I've brought company,"

    "Ah no...not again! Is there any place within this solar system safe for us to go?" Koyi caught the eyes of her crew before running down the hallway of her ship towards the control station. She hopped into her seat and started her initial rundown to get the engines heated.

    She closed her sapphire eyes and she called out, “SightLink open, Dulsora, I hope you're not too comfortable in this hanger. We've got to get going.” The darkness under her eyelids sparked a bright blue; a digital scan flicked open her horizons. Her Zonama Sekat Seedship responded to her, connecting her to itself in order to prepare for flight. The ship recognized her caretaker, and registering her sudden height in blood pressure, began to quickly rush through the flight sequence. Soon, the seedship's heavy boosters were hot and blasters aimed at the three entry ways into the hanger they occupied.

    Through Jason's last transmission, Koyi tapped her SightLink into the city's satellites to find where her mentor was located. Visions of the dead city streets flashed before her eyes until she finally found him - being chased, as always. "Damn, Jason's on the run again! Greeko, you better take the east guns; he'll be entering from there with a few Gamorian guard tagging along. Scales, cover the bay doors. I'm going to hover. When he's in, give me a shout!"

    Working with her ship, and watching the live video feed through her SightLink, Koyi waited until she saw Jason's figure disappear through the bay entrance. "He's almost here!" she called to the others as she began to concentrate and lift her ship. Dulsora hovered closer towards the opened exit, waiting for her pilot's word.
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  10. Jason J. Jaggers

    "Oh come on don't you guys have anything better to do than chase a semi-broke bounty hunter," Jason shouted before having at least three blaster bolts whizz by him, "Guess not then in that case." After taking a few more turns Jason had finally made it into the docking ports the only problem was the fact of there being a lot more guards here as well, but he managed to lose a good bit of them in the now confused crowd that was panicking with so many blasts going off at once. "Okay docking bay six where are you," he thought looking at the doors and almost fell at having to skid to a stop before he passed by his destination. He was sprinting like a mad man since those Gamorrean's were surprisingly quick for their size, but he was able to out run them and hop aboard the ship yelling, "Fly us out of here kid and fast," he said before throwing one last flash grenade to buy them enough time to get out of harms way.
  11. Making his way down the large and hallowed halls of the Coruscant Jedi Temple, Maar shoved his hands into his pockets and silently greeted his fellow Jedi as they passed by. He was still dressed in his training gear, but nobody seemed to really mind that. With so much going on in the temple, people really didn't have the time to get touchy about specific things like proper attire. But, that was just how Master Skywalker ran things. In total, there were about 6 different "Jedi Temples" spread out across the galaxy: the rebuilt temple's on Coruscant and Dantooine obviously, while the other temples were located on Yavin IV, Hoth, Raxxus Prime, and Felucia, respectively. There were a few smaller temples scattered around the galaxy on planets such as Kashyykk and Taris, but they were closer to being "Outposts" then they were "Temples". The Jedi Council had appointed a Jedi Master to each of these outposts to train students on specific planets in an effort to replenish the number of Jedi in the galaxy and to provide those without transports a means to learn the ways of the Force, provided they were capable of such things.

    As Maar reached the door to the Council room, he paused for a moment. Ever since he had arrived at the Jedi Temple, the council had closely watched over him during his progression from Sith Apprentice to Jedi Knight. He shuddered at the horrible thought. Once, he had been a Sith. He had done horrible things to innocent people, he had slaughtered Jedi, and he had even destroyed an entire city alongside his "master", Darth Desolous. But after he found out the truth behind his lineage, Maar went into a blind rage and destroyed both his master and the Convent he was running. So much rage... So much power... But, r was broken. A lost soul, wielding the powerful Dark Force energies around him to completely obliterate what was left of his "other half". Such powers, as he had been told by Master Skywalker, should have killed him. But instead, it only tore his flesh, creating nasty scars that spread across his body like veins. Never again was he able to tap into that power: the unbridled and unlimited powers of the Dark side... It should've killed him. Some days, Maar wished it did.

    Shaking off the thoughts of his dark past and trying to push them into the back of his mind like he normally did, Maar walked into the council room. It was a national holiday on Coruscant, so naturally Master Skywalker was the only one there. Maar knew that Master Skywalker had given everyone the day off. Even if being a Jedi wasn't a job, everyone had to admire Skywalker for basically closing the Temple except for a select few. The other Jedi could do as they pleased today, for tomorrow they would resume their duties as Knights, Guardians, Masters, and even Padawans. The training of Padawans would continue and missions would be assigned to those who were willing to take them. Same old stuff, different day.

    Sighing as the brown haired boy entered the room, Luke Skywalker continued to stare out the large window of the Council Chambers, overlooking the Coruscant skyline. "I was surprised to hear you were here today, Maar. Shouldn't you be out celebrating Republic Day?"
    Maar chuckled, watching him as the Jedi Master turned his head to look at the young Knight. "I would, but that would imply that I have somebody to celebrate with. What about you, Master Skywalker? Shouldn't you be with your wife and children?"
    Luke grinned, raising an eyebrow playfully at Maar before he spoke. "You're right about that, Maar. I should be, but Mara knows that I needed to be here. I actually wasn't going to show up today... But, I got a call from General Solo earlier that made me uneasy... Tell me Maar, do you feel a disturbance in the Force?"

    "A-A little... It's strange, it's like there's this... This... Well, it feels like something horrible is about to happen."

    Sighing, Luke bowed his head and ran a hand through his hair. "I thought so... It's not terribly strong, as I'm sure you can tell... But something just feels odd. The Council seems to think it's because of the advanced Sith activity recently... But I know there's more to it."
    Looking back up at Maar as he spoke, Luke placed his hands inside the sleeves of his robe and crossed his arms. "Maar, the reason I called you here is because council has asked me to-"
    "You want me to try and find out what's going on by accessing the Dark Side." Maar asked rather dryly, looking at the Jedi Master with an almost sour look.

    "That's not what I'm asking, Maar." added Luke, "This conversation stays between us, that's why we're the only two people in here. It's to be off the record. What I need you to do is go to the Jandoon System to find the apprentice of Master Dens, Reetra Karrde. She's... Adventurous, to say the least, and she loves getting herself into trouble. We've been tracking her X-Wing ever since she tried to take a visit to Tatooine to try and get into a cantina brawl... We need you to bring her back to Coruscant... But, while you're retrieving her, look for any signs of the disturbance. I need you to help me with this, Maar... I'm going to visit my old master for guidance, but the Council has been made aware that something is going on. I just pray it isn't as bad as I think it is... Can you do this for me?"
    Without vocalizing his response, Maar bowed and nodded at Luke. "I'll have the Hawk prepped for take-off and leave immediately, Master Skywalker... I'll report back if I find anything that seems out of place."

    ((This is the first half, second half is coming later today. It's a short post that will deal with the "disturbance" and how its being caused.))
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  12. Koyi We'Teksa

    "Fly us out of here kid, and fast!"

    "Dulsora, NOW!"

    The roar of the rockets rose higher than the song of blasters and bombs as the seedship launched itself out of the bay exit and into the dusty atmosphere. Scales soon rushed into the cockpit, laughing about how poor shots the Gamorian guards were. He headed up into his gunner pit to prepare for incoming fighters who dared to chase.

    Greeko's loud squawks were loud and clear through the comlink, causing Koyi to laughed. She couldn't tell what he was saying, but after all these years flying with the guy, she recognized his frustrated tones better than anyone on her ship. The older crew member was barking down Jason's throat again about causing them more trouble than the trouble's worth.

    "You can lecture him later, Greeko! We've got company!" Dulsora informed her through their connection of two fighters in chase. That was enough to throw the Twi'lek into shock. "I thought you said we were just stopping in to drop off a simple delivery, Jason! If it was so simple, then why is The Hutt so key on catching us now?"

    She knew her new boss was rather notorious for making enemies, and rekindling old ones, but she thought he had cleared up his negative ties with The Hutt. This situation only confirmed her old Twi'lek beliefs - keep out of others troubles, and they won't become yours. However, a Smuggler's life was all about profiting off of others troubles.... If you make a few on the side, then so be it; they just makes the job more adventurous. Unfortunately for Koyi, her new freedoms have placed her within this little family of troublemakers. She didn't want to leave them, but her natural instincts to stay clear from such issues screamed for her to run away again...

    Dulsora tapped her consciousness, trying to resolve a bit of her frustration in order to regain her attention to the potential battle ahead of them. He's just as ambitious as Baltazar, just not as mature, her companion ship expressed her deeper thoughts about Jason out loud to her, and Koyi nodded.

    So, I just need to be patience and conscious of his actions - catching problems before they start, correct? That is, if he let's me know about things first!

    With a grunt, Koyi banks a hard right to avoid incoming fire, giving Scales a clear shot to take out one of the fighters chasing them. "JASON, where to now? I wanna get out of here before they decide to send for more help! If The Hutt wants you so badly, they'll do what it takes to get you!"
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  13. Jason J. Jaggers
    "Oh bite my head off later Greeko now get to your position," Jason yelled as he hurried off towards the main bridge alongside Koyi. "Okay kid we're making a beeline towards the Murrinkam system to meet up with my contact," he told her while hopping into other gunner seat trying to blast away their chasers. Thankfully he was quite a good shot as he managed to take down at least two other ships before the guns overheated making him yell in anger, "Damn it Scales I thought you said you fixed the guns," he asked recieving a few hisses in return, "What do ya mean you only fixed your gun." After a while of chasing it seems like the Hutt's soldiers had finally given up since they had flown out of their space making him sigh in relief.

    The moment that everything was silent Greeko barged in going off on the fact that their captain had been so reckless when dealing with a Hutt and made sure to point out all the negative parts about doing so, but he shut him off by putting a credit chip in his face, "Enjoy splitting that up since that is why I was being about 35,000 that time." He then just sat down in his chair breathing out a huge sigh of relief after running for so long and removed his helmet which was a rare thing even on the ship.​
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  14. Dozenda made a quick perimeter check before giving an all clear to his comrade, walking up next to him he sighs "Well at least the scenery isn't to bad compared to the other crappy places you take me to." He says as a life-form pings on the system. "You've got to be kidding me... someones here already, well this little salvage has turned into a chance for us to scout a prospective bounty it looks like." Dozenda smiles under his helmet. He checks the coordinates on the mapping system and he starts walking, taking the vanguard position as he always does. "Who do you think would hide out in a place like this?" He asks his comrade over their personal comm channel.
  15. The Dark Meeting
    Darth Zhalek stood in the Dark Council room of Korriban. Homeworld of the Sith. Zhalek gained word that Fleet Commander Darius is protecting the Aetheon and that they were ready if he gave word to attack. Zhalek wasn't going to attack yet, but he was letting the Sith Empire and whoever else may be attending the meeting in secret or not, that he had no plans on sharing the Galaxy with the Jedi, the Moff-Empire, or the Republic. They would all surrender to him and join the Sith-Syndicate, or they and their planets will burn. Once the powers of the Sith-Empire were seated, the strain of an 'Neutral-Alliance' between the Syndicate and Sith-Empire was already on a thin line, and could snap at any moment. Internal strife would already begin before they even attacked the Republic.

    "I'm so glad you all could join me today. Even if most of you aren't here in person." He looked at the holograms that sat in the chairs, the representatives attending the meeting without actually being there. "We are rather busy people Lord Zha-" Representative Lor'an spoke but was cut off by Zhalek raising his hand. "So be it. This meeting is a rather simple one. The Sith-Empire is not what it once was, and the Syndicate is growing weary. No longer will I sit in the shadows and wait for the Empire to develop a backbone and attack the Moff-Empire and the Republic. You would all stay on the Outer Rims, afraid of any conflict. You aren't true Sith, you are a bunch of cowards throwing the name around lightly. Thinking that with the title 'Sith' you will be feared and respected without willing to lay down your life for your belief." Zhalek walked around the council chamber, looking at the Holograms and Lords that decided to show in person. Zhalek calmly raised a hand to the side of his mask, pressing a button. It activated a Camera/Mic in his mask to where Fleet Commander Darius could watch the meeting and listen if Zhalek gave the command to attack.

    "I have many followers, more than you would believe. Some of them may be sitting beside you, they could be your closest enemy, or someone that you would of never suspected. The Sith-Empire is becoming weak, and I plan on rooting out the weaklings, and bringing the Empire back to the glory that it deserves." Zhalek stopped in the middle of the room. Standing there, calmly and unmoving as he glanced around the room at all the faces. "I give you all one chance. Surrender yourselves to me, join my cause and I will spare your lives. Deny my request and you will all burn. If I am to take over the Galaxy, I can have no weaklings within may ranks. No non-believers. I will not have anyone undermining my power like the late Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader." He stopped speaking all together now. The Lords of the Sith-Empire muttering between themselves, talking about how they should handle this situation. "Lord Zhalek. You come into our home, a crucial home planet of the Empire and ask us to surrender? You surely are a fool, and no one here would follow the likes of you. The Empire and the Syndicate have had many internal conflicts, and this shall be the last. You are a cancer that must be cut off and killed before you can cause any real damage. The Empire will rule this Galaxy in due time, but you would only weaken our cause." Lor'an spoke without fear in his voice. The Lords standing up, ready to strike Zhalek down.

    "I see. You have chosen your paths and I have chosen mine. You shall all burn, and soon. I will take over the rest of the Empire." Even if Zhalek killed all the Lords on Korriban, there were still many more. Many of the Lords weren't even on Korriban, only a handful were and the Empire was large. Striking at these few would only cause a few to defect and join the Syndicate. He would have to hunt down every Lord and kill every single one of them. "I am ready to die, are you?" That was the order for Darius to attack. The Lords believed that they were safe, being protected by the Armada surrounding the planet, the troops on the ground under Darius's command.
  16. [​IMG]
    Commander Darius
    "As you command, my Lord" The cyborg Commander swung around to face his droids on the bridge. With no hint of mercy for his former masters, Darious began giving out his orders. "Move the ship into firing position. The Ventor Star Destroyers are to move in and get up close. Destroy the Sith Lords ships!" The SST Nexus warmed up it engines and made a slight turn to the left. Many members of the Sith Council had their own ship and some had even come with their own escort. Taking by surprise however, the Ventor class Star Destroyers under Darius's command easily shifted in and began firing. "Sir, those ships are friendly" One of the D1 droids on the bridge spoke up. The commander just gave it a evil glare, "Open fire" His last command before he turned around to watch as chaos erupted. The Ventor Star Destroyers had been waiting from the get-go under the disguise of space patrol. Now they moved in and tore apart the Sith cruisers one by one. The Grand Bellator-class dreadnought slowly turned its turbolasers into position as well, and soon a storm of lasers rained down on the more heavy targets. Nothing would stand in his masters way, the commander thought to himself.
    Mean while on the ground.
    The Droids showed no sympathy for their former leaders and a large boom could be heard outside the council room. The D1 droids along with the backup of the B2 droids made quick work of the private guards outside. But it was the Droidekas that came rolling out of the door and into the council room in the dozen. The Mark II was a lot heavier than the older generation Mark I, but it had the same iconic shield. They effectively blocked the exist and more droids was waiting outside. There was a short moment of silence as the Droidekas folded out and stood still. Perhaps the Lords hadn't yet realized they had been fooled, or maybe they just didn't want to believe it. "There will be no need for you, I got everythi-" More did Lor'an not manage to say before the droids finally opened fire.
  17. [​IMG]

    ~Outer Rim
    ~~Jandoon System
    ~~~Corva Sector

    Retra immediately begins to scan the walls and search for the particular image she was looking for. The chances of actually finding it was extremely unlikely, but those were the types of odds she found to have been the most successful in. Her M.U.D. doesn't beep which means she still had a great distance away from whoever else was here on the planet for whatever reason. IF she wanted to she could monitor their location and movement, but she had no time. She just wanted to find what she came here for: Adventure. There was something here that most people wouldn't have heard of if the lore is in fact true. The treasure to all treasures. Thinking about it she sounded like a treasure hunter or some sort of thrill junkie, when really she just loved to explore. She loved the mystery and open ended opportunity.

    She re-routes her drive's locator data to be emulated back on Coruscant, so that anyone that tried to find her location would be directed there. She also programmed her tracker to project a symmetric image on the radar of whomever tried to capture her on the tracker. If someone read her to be 100 meters in front of them, then the radar would show 100 meters behind them. A clever stealth tactic developed by her. She was a network guru, making many of her own custom programs, functions, and operating systems. Retra uses her device to scan for any hollow points in the ruins so that she can find a way inside this impossible rubble and towering structure of Brizzit perfection. There were probably many more ruins on this vast planet, but where she was seemed to be the most concentrated in debris and signs of civilization...meaning that this was probably the main area of populace.

    "Need to find an entrance..."

  18. Koyi We'Teksa

    With their new destination announced, Dulsora immediately followed her pilot's orders and altered their flight plans; pointing towards the Murrinkam system. The fighters soon backed down, allowing for a smooth flights out of Hutt territory. After a short chat with her ship, receiving the diagnostics about the damaged guns, Koyi relaxed and allowed the seedship to jump into hyperdrive.

    "Finally!" she huffed as she fell back against her seat and released the controls. Dulsora immediately took over to give her a change to breath. Looking over at Jason, Koyi frowned, "Was all that really necessary?"

    Just then, Grekko barged in with his two-cents, but none of it mattered as soon as their leader raised his hands. Her eyes widened with disbelief before a bright smile rose. "How did you come across this? Is this our payment for that other shipment, or a lucky stash you just happened upon on your way out The Hutt's door?"

    As Grekko yelped with excitement, calling Scales in to see what they had, Koyi turning towards Jason and stopped herself as he removed his helmet - a very rare occurrence. She almost jumped at how wild his hair looked after being confined in the metal covering, but didn't flinch. She's seen him before and wondered why humans were so hairy around their faces, but after seeing Jason with his mask for so long, it's easy to forget what the man looked light.

    With just as much excitement, Koyi's lekkus curled at the tips as they laid over her right shoulder. She reached for one of the credit chips, feeling the weight of it in her hands as she looked up towards her crew. "Does this mean we can finally order some proton torpedoes? Dulsora's alterations to accommodate them are almost completed, you know." Even Scales seem to bounce on his toes with the possibilities of equipping the ship with new weapons.
  19. Jason J. Jaggers
    "Well Grekko lets just say that old Zilex won't be missing the payoff from her last shipment of spices," Jason replied laughing after remembering the look on the Hutt's face when he rubbed in that fact after making his get away from the palace. He was rather tired after his latest great escape, but was disturbed as everyone started going off about their lastest payment and deciding on how to spend it and only smilied as he saw them practically bouncing about. "Guys i've told you before the money we get from the jobs is all yours so spend it as you see fit alright," he says laughing at Koyi's and Scales excitement. Jason was a man of simple needs so he let everyone have the main portion of their payments since it was really thanks to them that he's made it this far without dying...that and his extreme run of luck.
  20. "Don't get hasty, Dozenda" Titus told his friend over the com, watching as the automap began to summarize the structure within it's radius. It was an old model and wasn't really reliable. "It might just be a big lizard or a large snail" He added but drew his carbine as he went towards his friend. The snail might spit acid after all, wouldn't be the strangest sort of predator that Titus had heard of, one of which being a canine that hunted through the force like some sort of Jedi hound. Titus pushed those thoughts aside and went up behind this partner. By that time the sound far of in the distance erupted, causing Titus to flinch and turn in the direction of the sound but when nothing came and he could do a rough calculation of how far the sound was coming from, he took a deep breath. Whatever had made that sound was probably too far to be of any concern. The little buzzdroid followed them, in ball mode and rolling along with them.

    "Come on, let's go into this ruin" Titus said to his friend and said so in Cheunh, the native tongue of the Chiss people to communicate with Dozenda. If the life sign on the automap was actually a sapient life form and speaking in a complicated language such as Cheunh could that he was already speaking almost natively could only be beneficial. He approached a wall nearest them and checked the automap. According to it, the wall wasn't that thick, less than a meter of stone. "Stand back, I got just the thing" he said and stuck his hand into one of the compartments of the satchel, bringing out a roll of tape. He used it to make a rectangle, similar to a doorway that was about a meter and a half in width and two meters in height. He then laid an X from corner to corner and then jogged a bit away, dragging his friend along and finding cover. He then brought out a detonator and pushed the shiny red button on it. There was a *boop* and half a second after that, the tape exploded. He had used Detonite tape, something that was designed to blow up hatches and seams but the illegal armstrade always liked adding more of an oomph to their less lethal substances. There a hole in the wall somewhat larger than he had measured with rock dust and echo filling the area. "I believe I have found the secret entrance" he said with a smile under his helmet.

    The new door lead to a simple hallway and Titus was more than happy to let his big sword loving friend take point.
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