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  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

    It has been twenty years since the destruction of the Death Star at Yavin 4. The civil war which plagued the galaxy has since ended with the defeat of the evil Galactic Empire and the death of its wicked leader, Darth Sidious.

    Since that grand defeat, a New Republic has been established throughout the galaxy. Gone are the monstrous laws and along with them the tyrannical dictatorship which held the galaxy hostage with an iron fist. The remnants of the Empire have since been destroyed, seemingly erased from the galaxy.

    Since the return of the Republic, the Jedi Order has too returned. Grand Master Luke Sywalker, son of Anakin Skywalker, the redeemed Darth Vader ressurected the Order from the very ashes it burned into. This euphoria was short lived as Skywalker has since disappeared, leaving the Jedi in uncertainty, right as a familiar foe returns with a mysterious, new orchestrator at the helm....

    An unusual aura of peace fills the galaxy, for once in a long time, there is no massive conflict encompassing much of the galaxy. The New Republic has had the galaxy in peace for the twenty years since it was established after the overthrowing of the tyrannical Galactic Empire and its leader, the sinister Emperor Palpatine. After fighting off the remaining Imperial forces, the Republic took control, embodying the ideals and elements of the previous Galactic Republic. The Empire seemingly fell for good, its forces destroyed and seemingly gone. Though, some said the Empire was not finished, but that they had simply retreated. These people were not entirely wrong, though they did not truly know this...

    The New Jedi Order established by Grand Master Luke Skywalker shortly after the arrival of the Republic. Initially, the Order started off great, Skywalker found others to join his Order, then potential Jedi were scouted out. A grand temple was established on Coruscant, in the same area as the original. The future seemed bright for the Order as Skywalker's guiding hand helped the Jedi return to galactic prominence. This high was only momentary as Master Skywalker disappeared in the 12 ABY, he did not say where he was heading, nor for what reason, but he was gone and no contact has been made with him since then. The young Order stalled as it lost its master, an aura of paranoia and uncertainty filling the temple as those that now had to guide the Order were unsure of their next steps.

    This was not helped by the Jedi's duties as peacekeepers of the Republic. They still committed themselves to this duty, but over time it took its toll on the Order. As Jedi perished or were lost, the Order grew weaker, less promising recruits were found, public opinion grew less happy with the Jedi, even the Republic grew unsure of the Order, the loss of a grand master was by no means easy to move on from.

    Then, in the year 20 ABY, something strange came over the Galaxy, on the Outer Rim a planet went dark, a Republic scouting group sent to investigate found no source of the disturbance, only destruction and death, the planet was just sacked and brutalized. Fires burning from craters, corpses all over, yet no source of the destruction. The destruction was too massive to be the work of bandits or slavers, it had to be an organized force with a huge military might. Some feared that the Empire had returned, others said that it was the Mandolorians. No one knew for sure.

    The Republic was unsure of how to react, how does one attack something that is unknown? All of the politicians argued for what seemed like weeks as slowly, two more outer rim planets fell, still no trace of the perpetrators. The order was completely random, as was the time between the assaults. Then, suddenly a Republic scout reported back seeing an Imperial Star Destroyer entering hyperspace accompanied by other ships. An investigation of the latest assaulted world found remains of Stormtroopers, war droids and even a corpse garbed in black, a red bladed lightsaber near the body. The Jedi Order came to the Republic immediately after the news, proposing that a force be assembled and sent on trail of the attackers, one composed of Jedi, Republic soldiers and even elite soldiers of fortune and bounty hunters.

    The Empire had returned, led by a mysterious Sith lord and his acolytes. Behind them stand thousands of Stormtroopers, war droids, mercenaries, pirates, gangs and even some Mandalorians. All of them had sworn loyalty to their new leader, Darth Dementus.

    Rules (open)

    1. No godmodding, metagaming, etc.
    2. Proper grammar is needed, this is an Intermediate level RP, I expect a solid two paragraphs per IC post. No one liners either, if you are in an extended dialogue with another character then do a collab.
    3. Original characters only. No Mary Sue type characters, people have flaws, your characters do too.
    4. Maximum of two characters.
    5. Characters can die. If they do, you may make another.
    6. No fighting or being a jerk on the OOC.
    7. Keep swearing and sex to a PG - 13 level. Romance is cool, I enjoy it in RPs as long as it is well done and not trashy. Fading to black is your friend here.
    8. Please be active. If you're going to be unable to post for a time, then please notify me. If you lose interest in the RP and want to leave it then also notify me. I will remove your character from the roster and likely kill them off if you disappear without word for two weeks.
    9. Please don't go making your own mission out of the blue, or alter a NPC. If you have any ideas to make the RP more enjoyable, then PM them to me.
    10. My word is law, as is my co - GM's (Which I need to find and appoint, PM me if interested).

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name -
    Faction - (Republic or Sith)
    Gender -
    Species -
    Age -
    Appearance - (Image and/or a description. No anime stuff please)
    Weapons -
    Equipment - (Non weaponry)
    Apparel -
    Skills -
    Flaws -
    Force Sensitive? - (Yes or no)
    Force Abilities - (If any)
    Personality -
    Bio - (Quality over quantity)

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  2. My characters:

    Name - Darth Dementus
    Faction - Sith
    Gender - Male
    Species - Human
    Age - Unknown
    Appearance -
    Dementus (open)
    Dementus always wears his red mask which covers his entire face. Rumor is that he hasn't ever taken it off since he first put it on. He stands 6'0, his appearance out of his armor and mask not known to anyone but himself.
    Weapons - The only weapon he carries is his lightsaber, the weapon is of Sith design, the blade a shimmering red color.
    Equipment - N/A
    Apparel - He wears lightweight, dark grey armor accentuated by a flowing cape and hood. The armor provides some basic protection like similar armors without sacrificing any flexibility or speed. On his face is his red mask, which hides his identity.
    Skills - Dementus is highly skilled with a lightsaber, he knows the forms: Shii-Cho, Soresu, Shien and Juyo. He also is a great tactician and leader. He's a skilled pilot and hand to hand combatant, but not on an expert level like some.
    Flaws - (Maybe later in the RP)
    Force Sensitive? - Yes.
    Force Abilities -
    The basics (pull, push, speed, jump, etc)
    Force Lightning
    Force Choke
    Force Deflection
    Force Blinding
    Mind Trick
    Personality - Dementus is a strong willed, ruthless man who gets his way, his exact motives are unknown as he does not reveal the next move until the current one is completed. He has a low tolerance for failure, often terrifying or choking out those that repeatedly fail him. He is very willing to fight alongside his troops, right in the middle of the action where he can inspire and drive his followers further. Dementus does not take kindly to those that flee battle under his command, willingly striking them down for their cowardice. Though, unlike many Sith in the past, he is not outright cruel to everyone, he'll treat those that have earned his respect with respect, these are most often soldiers.
    Bio -
    Darth Dementus' true identity is unknown, he has never spoken of his past to anybody, though it has been deduced that he is a human male. How he became a Sith of such great power is not known, neither is how he found himself in charge of the (former) Galactic Empire's forces as well as many others that pledged loyalty to his cause. Many rumors exist of his ascension among his forces, that he is a former Jedi who fell to the dark side like many others, that he was a secret apprentice of Sidious or Vader, or even that he is a resurrected ancient Sith lord. They are just rumors though.

    (I will update information on him, including his history over the course of the story as it progresses.)

    Name - Jedi Master Keonos Dencha
    Faction - Republic
    Gender - Male
    Species - Human
    Age - 37
    Appearance -
    Keonos (open)
    A tall, clean shaven Jedi with crisping blue eyes, Keonos stands 6'4, his frame sturdy and fit from years of training.
    Weapons - He wields one standard Jedi lightsaber with a blue blade.
    Equipment - He carries a comlink device, which he uses to communicate with allies from a distance. It is a small black item which fits into his palm. He keeps it in one of the pockets on his belt.
    Apparel - Keonos wears the standard Jedi garb, a dark brown robe worn over a light brown tunic, dark brown pants and boots.
    Skills - He is an excellent swordsman, one of the best in the Jedi order. He knows the lightsaber forms: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu and Ataru. He is an accomplished diplomat, possessing a skill with words. He is also a talented pilot, using the Force to his advantage while in a vehicle, often times a starfighter.
    Flaws - While he is wise, Keonos can sometimes be headstrong and stubborn. He's very used to being in charge and does not take orders very well, preferring to hand them out instead.
    Force Sensitive? - Yes.
    Force Abilities -
    The basics
    Force healing
    Force Stun
    Force barrier
    Mind Trick
    Personality - Keonos is a kindhearted, compassionate man who is devoted to the Light side of the Force and the Jedi way. He is a patient man, one that does not take many risks. He believes strongly in justice and peace, war to him as something that should never occur. He hopes more than anything to end the Sith threat before it turns into a full blown war.
    Bio -
    Keonos was born on Naboo in the early years of the Galactic Empire. His father, Janick, was a pilot in the Rebel Alliance, specifically, the Starfight Corps. Janick flew in several battles against the Empire, managing to end survive to the Empire defeat at Endor, which he retired after, taking up an offered civilian position in which he trained future pilots.

    Keonos had avoided the civil war, instead working several odd jobs on different worlds until the Empire was defeated. He was found to be Force sensitive by the early members of the New Jedi Order, and so he himself was allowed into the Order, intent on becoming a Jedi. He spent years training and learning about the Jedi of old, he became fascinated with the Jedi and their ways, especially their roles as honorable peacekeepers of the galaxy. He showed proficiency as a Jedi, becoming a Jedi knight right after finishing his training. He was friendly with Master Skywalker and was concerned like many of the others when the Jedi left, then disappeared.

    He became a Jedi master at the age of 32, three years after Skywalker had left. He has taken one padawan, who perished on a mission years ago. Keonos was the Jedi master who proposed creating a task force to go after the mysterious threat that had laid waste to planets in the Outer Rim. [/spoiler]
  3. Place holder until further notice.

    There is an error in the prologue. It should be Galactic Empire and not republic. Oh...and the fact that the Death Star 2 was destroyed over Endor, not yavin so what you are saying by that is that everything after A New Hope never happened and the Rebels automatically won after the first movie. Even though there are 4 years between 4 and 6.

    Assuming that was just a mistake, that would mean that were 16 years of peace, not 20. That is also assuming that the rebels suddenly got a massive power boost and steamrolled over the Empire and drove it away into possibly the Unexplored reaches of the galaxy. Even though most of the core worlds were Empire territory. and also assuming that they took the seat of the empire within a year

    Or it was 20 years after endor but still the rebels took out the enpire completely at endor and every empire held world was liberated within a year even though they might empire supporters. That was quick. You'd think an empire that has controlled over 70% of core worlds and even held some of the outer rim would be harder to defeat even with the loss of te emperor as thereare dozen or so grand moffs and grand admirals would be a little more resistant to the rebels. And if the case is that they let them win would not make any sense since losing control after having the reputation of being a tyranincal regime would make them not only lose face but also support from loyal supporters who would be abandoned to the mercy of the rising rebellion.

    And then the current peetering of the New jedi order is iffy as well. It would mean that the jedi order was able to replenish its number in less than a decade and already have a fair number of master level jedi in its ranks despite that it takes at least a decade of training to become such. Worse so the fact that there some may start in their adulthood which has been stated that they have a harder time exceeding those who started early with some exceptions.

    Makes less sense that Luke was fully able to build the new jedi order in 8 years and even less so in 4 if we go with that the 6th movie is 4 aby. As an avid explorer of the expanded universe and most major stories in the novels other than the yuuzhan wong war, the jedi order was at its peak when Luke was in his 70's. But i could buy that the jedi order has a moderate amount if members by 20 years but still gaining footing.

    Your timeline really does need mending. 40 aby in the least, letting the empire at least put up a fight before it is stomped.
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  4. Where would I put a character who's just... in between, not on a side and just trying to not die from a war that they have no stake in?
  5. Spot Holder/WIP

    When she was an Item

    Name - Koyi Wi`Teksa - Teksa one of the many Twi'leki clans native to Ryloth, the clan's name means "trustworthy".
    Faction - Undecided (Depends on who gets to her first.)
    Gender - Female
    Species - Twi'lek
    Age -

    Appearance -

    As a free spirit.

    A very rare Twi'lek beauty; graceful in motion, a picturesque humanoid with slender height, topaz blue skin with dark mottled stripes down her form, and eyes that are historically tantalizing to even the hardest ruffians. Koyi's uniqueness does not end with just her altered skin tone, nor her rather long and curled lekku, but just what she does with them that forever doomed her and her race into a history of servitude for the wealthy. Even now, life after the Empire still holds onto such old traditions - in a more unethical manner. It's not consider kosher to maintain Twi'lek as slaves anymore, but there are those who still work the underground to come across one for themselves, to hide in their estates for their own secret pleasures.

    Weapons -

    Equipment - (Non weaponry)

    Apparel - [​IMG]


    Skills -

    Flaws -

    Force Sensitive? - Yes, but she's not as sensitive as she could be; yet, well enough to manage her ship.

    Force Abilities
    - Psychometric Powers - reading memories/potential future from inanimate or animate objects through physical contact.
    - Force Healing - using the energies within the Force to heal minor to major injuries. Can also manage certain illnesses. (More of this TBA)

    Personality - Koyi is a confusing sort to understand: soft spoken, yet outspoken. Timid, yet craves attention. Seems to be full of spirit and delight, but dark and depressed and sometimes dangerously cold and hostile if forced into a corner. Regardless of being baffled by her behavior and lopsided state of mind at times, she's still a very hard girl to dislike.

    Growing up as a form of entertainment, Koyi has learned to maintain a silent presence, keeping lost in the crowd until called upon. And if called to dazzle the public's eye, maintain a high degree of mystery and interest by avoiding everyone around her. Hence, the confusing first impression she displays to this day.

    Bio -
    She was owned for a long while by......... Upon her escaping him, a few other slaves were able to as well. One of them was caught by their owner, and they killed him in order to be free. Regardless, the only footage of the escape they have is on Koyi; therefore, she's marked with the murder and a huge bounty is placed on her head for her return.

    (As a Smuggler - Will alter image later to portray my charrie proper.)


    She's now part of a small, but very successful smuggling party ran by Baltazar Achk. He's the one who saved her hide when she was hiding from the authorities. Being accused of killing your owner can be a rather big thorn to pull from your side. He's also the one who's taught her about the real world, seeing that she was a roughened, broken, and weakened young woman with no idea of what life is all about. He trained her to use her disadvantages into advantages, and her skills in pleasure became the tools he needed to build her into the sneaky, manipulative, little mouse by his side. She's his spy and in some cases, sneaky assassin.

    Through his connections - since he'd realized just how Force Sensitive she was, went out of his to gain a Zonama Sekat Seedship for her. It's a very elaborate gift from him, but it has two sides to it - she get's a ship that no one else can pilot, and he gets a very rare and speedy ship for his new business venture; a sort of underground railroad, helping innocent victims of unfortunate situations escape and relocate.

    The Labiath

    Somewhere in the mist of her history, Baltazar sent her someplace to start Jedi training. She happened to have been discovered by a Jedi Knight, a Kiffar by the name of Lujem Vos, and he requested for Baltazar to allow her to train with him for a few years. He was attempting to work with her, even with her being older, to help her harness her psychometric and healing powers; which he realized was her strongest skills. Unfortunately, his younger years of being tempted to the Dark Side seem to return having such a seductive Twi'lek present. He lost his control one day and attacked Koyi, which she got away - back on the streets. She eventually found Baltazar again. He found her to be broken worse than she was when he'd first found her.
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  6. Reserving a sith!
    WIP, obviously.

    Name - Thareter Tpicrs, "Darth Drachmas"
    Faction - Sith
    Gender - Male
    Species - Genetically Engineered Human
    Age - 27
    Appearance - (Image and/or a description. No anime stuff please)
    Weapons - A pair of red lightsabers.
    Equipment - Drachmas wears little else on his person, save for a deep blue cloak and a silver mask. He does however, have a ship. The Scion is a top of the line frigate, manned by a crew of droids. He also has taken over a fortress on Naboo, from which he systematically slaughters the Gungan people.
    Apparel - Drachmas usually wears a deep blue robe overtop close fitting combat gear. He also wears a silver mask that mirrors light shone onto it.
    Skills - Drachmas is very good at murdering. He fights with an alleged "absolute offense" and has so far executed three separate Jedi. He is also an expert in the art of infiltration, and is shockingly charismatic.
    Flaws - Drachmas put everything he had into learning how to kill his targets as fast as possible. This being said, when put on the defensive, Drachmas is forced to either run or die.
    Force Sensitive? - Yes. Oh my goodness yes.
    Force Abilities - (If any)
    Personality -
    Bio - (Quality over quantity)
  7. I can't speak for the GM, but I would assume it would be fine just putting "neutral".
  8. Sorry guys, I don't think this is gonna happen. I just don't have enough time to run it, again, apologies.
  9. Awww!!! Would it help if you had one or two CoGm's to help you out? I'll help out with keeping up with story action, making summaries, and answering questions if I can. But, I definitely wouldn't be able to fully GM right now... have too many RPs of mine going already.
  10. I have already offered to Co-GM (even made the banner.)

    It seems like interest is lacking, but if we see a resurgance in posts here and other people applying, I would be willing to take on more roles and get my character up.
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  11. about someone just...takes over and uses the premise their own way? If gm ain't doin it what's stopping someone metaphorically jacking the metaphorical abandoned car and takes the wheel?
  12. That's not a problem at all - just need the GM to say yea, or hell no.
  13. If one of you wants to take it over and adjusts it however you want then I'm cool with it.

    Better than letting it die because I'm unable to GM it properly. Work and other real life stuff is kind of biting me in the ass at this time.
  14. Did somebody call for a GM? :3

    I just realized that sounded really douchy, sorry!

    What I meant to say was "I'd be willing to run this if you need a new GM!" I'm a major Star Wars fanatic and have done many RP's on it in the past. I'll do the job right, promise ^^
  15. Refer to edited last post for an apology and clarification on the subject of my comment.
  16. To be honest, I'm highly interested in a Star Wars RP, but found this one's setup to be a bit lacking (no offense!).

    I would LOVE to participate in this if the story were revamped.

    How many of you would be willing to change the time period, for example?
  17. It needed something. And its not hard to change the time. Change it to at least 40 aby and have like at least a decade and explain how the rebels managed to drive away the empire.
  18. Yeah, set it later then just after the film. If you guys want me to GM, I can come up with something
  19. If you take this on, I can Co-GM.

    I'm currently starting another RP, but I have a pretty extensive knowledge of the EU and have tons of experience.

    It took some time, but it looks like we might be getting intrest in a Star Wars RP, so yeah. If you want to take the helm, you could make a new OOC, with your own rules, CS, and story, and I could ensure all intrested parties are informed.
  20. I'll take this on, sure! And I'd be glad to have a co-GM helping me out. I also am a major EU fan, so I shouldn't have too much trouble. But if I do, I'll let you know ^^

    Anyways guys, I guess I'll be edited the thread a little then posting it again (more for the sake of me being able to edit the OP as much as I need to), so any requests on things to add/alter?

    @GonzoB., @WitchChild, @Phi Chisym, and @Eon, you guys up for this? (I didn't include you in that list @Cpt Toellner because you said you'd be running another RP, but I'd be more then welcome to allow you a character if you wanted)