Star Wars: Turncoats

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  1. My Partner Requirements:
    I'm looking for someone who can play the clone captain/commander of my Jedi's squadron. Also looking for someone who is able to match my post lengths, not drop the post, and keep things interesting. Good grammar please!

    Role Play Includes:
    Romance, sex, action, blood, gore, war, adult content, cursing, death, etc.

    The Plot:
    It was all just a rumor or so all the Jedi and clones that were loyal to them thought. But they were all so very wrong. Order 66 was an order to make Senator Palatine to full complete power and to get rid of the Jedi and the Jedi council. He is power hungry and the Jedi are standing in his way. So when the order goes out and they are in the middle of a battle and clones start turning on their generals - killing them. Some clones risk being labeled a traitor and executed but they help their generals escape and make sure they safely get ro a refuge where other Jedi are staying. Some clones even choose to stay and run with their Jedi's which is what her squadron does - they stay with her. When the order is given and the clones begin to turn on the Jedi - one of the other clones injures her. When she makes it back to her men - she cant help but wonder if they'll turn on her and kill her or if theu will stay loyal to her. But what happens when the squad captain starts showing his feelings for her? Will they be able to make it? Or will she be killed?

    My Character:
    Name: Alison Marie Geoffrey
    Nickname: Ali
    Age: 21 years old
    Parents: Doesn't remember them - killed when she was three years old. She was adopted by Captain Rex who practically is her adoptive father.
    Siblings: None. She was an only child. Commander Cody became like her older brother.
    Rank: Jedi Commander/General of Shadow Squadron
    Looks: She has brunette curly shoulder length hair and long bangs, a slender build that still holds the perfect curves that drive men crazy. She weighs about one hundred and twenty pounds and stands about five foot four inches.
    History: She did have a normal life as a young girl, living on earth with her family until the separatists attacked, killing almost everyone besides a few hundred people who had managed to hide away during the attack. Her parents hid her away when the attack first started and they were killed trying to defend their home, she was never found until clone troopers landed. She'd been told that they were the good guys. So as soon as she heard them and saw them, she ran and clung to the captains lead. That captain was Captain Rex, after they did their sweep of the planet, helping where they could, they tried finding the girls family. But when the young girl showed them what happened to her parents, they took her back to the ship with them taking her to the jedi council to see what they thought should happen to the orphan. Master Yoda said she was strong with the force, she'd grown on Rex while the council made their decision. After their approval of his idea to raise the girl, he does just that. He practically becomes the only father she has ever known, not remembering her parents.
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