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  1. IC Section


    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


    Approximately four thousand years ago, one of the strongest and most accomplished Jedi ever born, fell to the lures of the dark side. He became known as Darth Revan Lord of the Sith. He spread his Sith Empire across the galaxy and, using the unlimited recourse known as the Star Forge, eradicated thousands of Jedi. He, along with fallen Jedi Bastila Shan, started a new Sith Empire after defeating his traitorous apprentice, Darth Malak. However, Revan soon discovered the original race of Sith, those naturally born into the Dark Side, were still alive. He soon vanished in order to extinguish this threat, leaving Bastila Shan in control of Revan’s new Sith Empire, which was unrivaled in the galaxy. After years of waiting, Shan realized that Revan, her love, would never return to her. Things fell into chaos soon after Shan fell ill and died, the Sith empire fell into chaos.

    During the fall of the Sith Empire, the Jedi began to rebuild. By one thousand years, the Jedi had recovered most of what they had lost, and made it their goal to eradicate all remaining fragments of the Sith, in order to avoid another great Jedi purge. The Jedi managed to still remain the peacekeeping monks they originally were, however the Jedi were now more warrior like than they ever would have been before.

    Now, three thousand years later, the Galactic Republic finds itself at odds with the Confederation of Independent Systems. You, Smuggler, Politician, Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Fallen Jedi, or Soldier, are faced with a massive trail… Finding the last known Sith Lord, Darth Vandread, or ending the war between the Galactic Republic and their Clone Soldiers and the CIS and their droid army, or finding the long lost Star Forge seemingly popped out of existence, or maybe you have an ulterior motive?[/color]

    tl;dr/Summary (open)

    In this Star Wars Alternate Universe RP, there is no prophecy of the Chosen one, very few of the characters you once knew exist in this universe. The Jedi order is much more combat oriented, only one more known Sith exists, Darth Vandread. You can choose be a Smuggler, Politician, Jedi, Fallen Jedi, Bounty Hunter, or a Soldier and bring peace to the galaxy and balance to the force.

    Episode I (open)
    Episode I: Fall of the Sith

    War has Swept the Galaxy.

    The Galactic Republic finds

    itself in a stalemate with

    the Confederacy of

    Independent Systems. The

    Republic must rely on their

    Jedi allies to sway the war

    in their favor.

    Meacnwhile the Jedi Order

    has almost completed it's

    three thousand year mission,

    to eradicate the remnants

    of Darth Revan's Sith

    Empire. Few Followers of

    the Dark Side remain.

    The last known Sith

    has been tracked down to the

    desert planet of Geonosis

    where the Republic is in a

    heated conflict with the CIS.

    It is here that a select

    few have been chosen to

    hunt down and destroy the

    last known Sith Lord, Darth


    Episode II (open)

    ….coming soon….

    Episode III (open)

    ....coming soon….

    How to Apply
    Applications (open)

    Smuggler (open)





    Appearance: (Image or description)

    Home Planet:

    Personality: (At least one paragraph, four to seven sentences, of information)

    Ship: (Name and description or image)

    Weapons: (Blasters, vibrobaldes, phasers, etc.) (Image or description)

    Alignment: (A Smuggler is TYPICALLY Neutral however you may choose to side with one cause over the other. If they pick a side, smugglers typically side with the Republic as the Republic’s government system and beliefs tend to benefit them more than the Separatists).

    Bio: (This could include personal history, beliefs, how you came to be a smuggler, anything that can fill a MINIMUM of one paragraph, four to seven sentences minimum, of information)

    Bounty Hunter (open)





    Appearance: (Image or description)

    Home Planet:

    Personality: (At least one paragraph, four to seven sentences, of information)

    Weapons: (Blasters, vibrobaldes, phasers, etc.) (Image or description)

    Special Gear: (Jetpack, Mandalorian armor, hidden gun or blade, poison darts, flamethrower, etc.)

    Alignment: (A bounty hunter is TYPICALLY neutral, however you may choose to side with one cause over the other. If they pick a side, bounty hunters typically side with against the Republic as their laws make it difficult for them to make a living).

    Bio: (This could include personal history, beliefs, past kills, how you came to be a bounty hunter, anything that can fill a MINIMUM of one paragraph, four to seven sentences minimum, of information)

    Force Sensitive (open)





    Appearance: (Image or description)

    Home Planet:

    Personality: (At least one paragraph, four to seven sentences, of information)

    Force Alignment: (Jedi/Fallen Jedi)

    Alignment: (Republic, Neutral, Separatist, other (please describe in detail))

    Lightsaber(s): (Number of, appearance (a picture or description is fine), color)

    Style of Combat: (All trained force users are versed in all 7 basic forms of lightsaber combat however each person has a prefered style of combat, there are 11 total styles (see “Lightsaber Styles Explained”. Pick at least one style your character prefers to fight with, you may pick more than one, however you may not pick more than three for these prefered styles are the person’s most well-trained style.)

    Primary Force abilities: (The force abilities your character uses most often, pick at least one but no more than five. you may use as a reference, however make sure the ability is not in the “amazing feat” category in this RP. You need not put common ones like Force Push or Force Speed here.)

    Amazing Feat: (There are many great force users in history who have had many amazing feats with the force. However this did not happen overnight, this was with years of intense training and situational experiences. Therefore you may only have one amazing feat if you are a padawan, two if you are a knight, three or four if you are a master of the force, unless you wish to reason with me otherwise (I am very open to negotiation). These amazing feats may be anything from advance control of a lightsaber throw (being able to throw your lightsaber and glide it through the air in multiple directions and at great distances), force repulse, tutaminis, force crush, force deflection, etc. Refer to the list “Examples of Amazing Feats” above for more information. You may learn more Amazing Feats as the RP progresses)

    Skill focus: (Force focused, Lightsaber Focused, or Balanced)

    Bio: (This COULD include how you were trained, how you found your crystal, how you built your first lightsaber, personal history, training history, personal beliefs, etc. Anything that can fill a MINIMUM of one paragraph, four to seven sentences minimum, of information.

    Politician (open)


    Age: (At least 24 (Senator) 16 (Nobleman) 18 (Ruler), depending on race)



    Appearance: (Image or description)

    Home Planet:

    Planet of Representation: (Typically but not always the same as their home planet)

    Personality: (At least one paragraph, four to seven sentences, of information)

    Rank: (Senator, Ruler (Queen/King, Prime Minister, etc), Nobleman, etc.)

    Weapons (if any): (Blasters, vibrobaldes, phasers, etc.) (Image or description)

    Alignment: (Republic or Separatist. Politicians typically aren’t neutral unless your character is a Nobleman)

    Bio: (this could include how they were put in a position of power, personal beliefs, personal history, etc. Anything that can fill a MINIMUM of one paragraph, four to seven sentences minimum, of information).
    Politician (open)

    Soldier (open)


    Age: (At least 18)


    Race: (If you are a clone soldier put "Clone" as your race)

    Appearance: (Image or description)

    Home Planet:

    Army served in: (Planet army, Republic Army, Sepratist Army, personal attack force, etc.)

    Personality: (At least one paragraph, four to seven sentences, of information)

    Military Rank: (Varies, depending on army they are a part of.)

    Weapons: (Blasters, Vibroblades, phasers, etc.) (Image or description)

    Alignment: (Should match the army your character serves but isn’t necessary.) (Republic, Separatist, or Neutral)

    Bio:(This could include personal history, beliefs, how you came to be a soldier, anything that can fill a MINIMUM of one paragraph, four to seven sentences minimum, of information)

    List of Common Races

    Races (open)

    NOTE: all species listed are force-sensitive species (that means that they can have members that are force sensitive). If you would like a wider list of races, please feel free to examine the wide range of races in the Star Wars universe with this link!

    The races below are just my suggestions or my own personal favorites.

    Human (open)



    Humans are the most common race in the galaxy. They are also the most widespread and the most politically dominant and present force. Humans, when compared to other species, are all around average. They have average strength, average intelligence, and overall average affinity for the force.

    Humans can be found almost anywhere in almost any profession. While the species, overall, is very average, they have an astounding capability for great feats, recovery of stamina, and psychological recovery, partially due to the abnormally high human will power. Humans, on average, live between 100 and 120 years old.

    Zabrak (open)





    Zabraks are an alien race known for their natural crown horns. Zabrak have many different variety of subspecies based on skin color, the most common are Red skinned and White skinned Zabraks. Other skin colors include: Yellow, Brown, Tan, and Black. Zabrak hail typically from Iridonia or Dathomir, however there are many Zabrak colonies across the galaxy. Zabraks have been around for most of the known galaxies history and was one of the earliest spacefaring species, alongside humans.

    Zabraks have an abnormally high rate of force sensitives in their society, they are also known to be very strong and highly resilient, having ridiculous stamina and an ability to last through otherwise compromising conditions and have a great resistance to physical pain. They also have a second heart. Zabraks are also known for their facial tattoos that most adults sport. It is from their right of succession ritual that all Zabraks are faced with. Their tattoos cover their entire body and are typically made from a combination of the nature of their use of the force, their families tradition, and their personal preference. Zabraks are also carnivores and tend to be very single minded. Zabraks also tend to be proud, overconfident, and they hold a strong belief that they are superior to other species, however most understand they can still learn from “lesser” species.

    Chiss (open)



    Chiss are known to be taller than the average species, blue skinned, and have red eyes from the planet Csilla. Chiss, due to the odd placement of their planet (being BASICALLY in the middle of nowhere space), tend not to have much contact with outside species. Although they are very common and spread out throughout the galaxy, the government itself doesn’t talk more than they have to. Chiss hair is also commonly jet black, although variations have been known to exist. Chiss themselves turns out have evolved from humans, due to the environment they lived in for generations upon generations have the changed occured.

    Chiss tend to be smarter and more resilient to the cold than the average alien, and very charismatic. While they also have great strength they are somewhat lacking in the stamina department.

    Miraluka (open)



    Miraluka are like humans in many ways, although they are not as spread out. Every Miraluka is force sensitive, they have a natural connection to the force as their species are born with no eyes, instead they see with the force. Their homeworld is Alpheridies (this is different from the world they evolved from as it became uninhabitable at some point). Most Miraluka are either Jedi or Fallen Jedi, this is due to their natural affinity with the force.

    Miraluka are naturally curious, cautious, and thoughtful. For social reasons, Miraluka wear some form of headgear or cloth to cover where their eyes would be. It’s mainly just to make other human-like species more comfortable around them as they typically find lack of eyes kind of disturbing.

    Twi’lek (open)



    Twi’lek’s are mostly hairless aliens who originate from the desert planet, Ryloth. They only have hair in the form of their eyelashes to help keep sand out. Female twi’leks are often considered beautiful and highly sought after in the galactic underground. Twi’leks are all around average in terms of physical and force capabilities, however they do have a natural ability to survive in dry and hot environments.

    Twi’leks have long “brain tendrils” that are used for communication between members of their own species and higher cognitive functions. Twi’leks are also known to “ride the storm” and just sit through tough times, not ever really taking a side. There are obviously exceptions for Jedi and Sith Twi’leks but even then you can see some reflection of that societal feeling in how they act. Twi’lek’s also have a lot of variation in their skin colors. Twi’lek skin colors range from: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, tan, pink, white, striped, to dark grey.

    Mirialan (open)



    Mirialans are a green/yellow skinned near-human force sensitive species from the planet Mirial. Miralan’s are well known for their view of destiny as each persons actions are shaped by the forces will and everyone has a certain destiny to follow. They believe this religiously and emphasize “what is meant to be” often, even in death.

    Kel Dor (open)



    Kel Dor without face mask:


    Kel Dors, or Kel Dorians, hail from the planet Dorin and require breathing masks and goggles when on planets with high amounts of oxygen, due to Dorin’s atmosphere of helium and a unique undefined gas. Kel Dors are typically taller than the average humanoid and have skin color that ranges from peach to red. Kel Dor are also unique in that their entire species have black eyes EXCEPT for force sensitives, who have silver colored eyes. Kel Dors are one of the few species that have a physical identifier for aptitude with the force. The Kel Dorians can also last for a few moments in the vacuum of space, however the exact amount of time varies between Kel Dors.

    The Kel Dors have amazing reflexes and are typically very quick, witty, and highly intelligent. However their constitution tends to fall short compared to other Humanoid species.

    Cathar (open)


    The Cathar, whom hail from the planet Cathar, are a species of humanoids who have evolved with feline features. The cathar are very loyal, temperamental, passionate, moral, and very family/societally oriented. A long time ago Mandalorians almost extinguished Cathars from the face of existence, however they have continued to thrive thanks to the efforts of people like Darth Revan who aided in their survival.

    the Cathar are also more physically adept and agile than most other species, however they are quick to anger and are easily teased.

    Cerean (open)



    Cerean’s are known for their highly cultured society on the planet Cerea. Their large heads held binary brains that allowed them to focus on many things at once. Also in their elongated skull was an extra heart that provided extra blood flow to the binary brains. Many Cereans can be found at the highest ranks of the Jedi order for their incredibly advanced thinking capabilities.

    Cerean’s tended to be very calm, thoughtful, and very good problem solvers. They also had amazing reflexes however have been known to be a bit clumsy, partially due to the weight of their skulls.

    Rodian (open)



    The Rodians are a reptilian species from Rodia. Rodians come from a very violent culture and many of them become bounty hunters, criminals, or some other kind of troublemaker. However Rodians also have produced some of the most amazing artists, politicians, and merchants in the galaxy. There are also many famous Rodian Jedi that have popped up over the century. Rodians are also known for their great ability to produce amazing plays and theatre pieces, despite their bloodthirsty and violent culture.

    Rodian skin tends to vary between green, purple, and blue with green being the most common.

    Wookie (open)



    Wookies are tall, very hairy, live in trees, and are from the planet Kashyyyk. Wookies are amazing warriors with ungodly high stamina and strength, however many of them are not as intelligent as the average humanoid species. Wookies are typically very gentle, however if they do get angry they have enough strength to rip off the arms of most other humanoids without even breaking a sweat. It is EXTREMELY rare to find a force sensitive wookie, however it is not unheard of, but is still a pleasant surprise whenever one is found.

    Wookies have grey skin and have hair color that varies from black, to brown, to white and also sometimes in combination with each other to form stripes, spots, or highlights. Wookies are also much taller than most other humanoids standing at 2.1 meters on average.

    Nautolan (open)



    Nautolans are amphibious humanoids from Glee Anselm. Nautolans have low light vision, amazing swimming skills, the ability to breath both under and over water, and have an astounding sense of smell, this is aided by their head tendrils. Nautolans, having developed underwater, are naturally more agile and stronger than most other humanoids, however they are more fragile than most humanoids and have no eyelids.

    There are hundreds of species to pick from, these are just twelve of my personal favorites.

    Lightsaber Crystal Colors and Their Meanings

    Crystals (open)

    NOTE: These are SUGGESTIONS and are by no means strict guidelines for what crystal your character’s lightsaber should have! Although Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Black Crystals are all EXTREMELY rare, your character MAY NOT have a Black Crystal, the information is merely here for you to be aware of.


    Blue is typically used for Jedi Guardians, those who utilize their force sensitivity to improve their physical capabilities and lightsaber skills.


    Green is typically used for Jedi Consulars, those who prefer to focus on the mystical and knowledge of the force, with an emphasis on removing the dark side from their hearts.


    Yellow and Orange lightsaber colors are used by Jedi Sentinels, Jedi’s who had a balanced focus and knowledge of the force and lightsaber dueling. Sentinels were often used by the Jedi Order as a kind of secret order to exterminate disrupting fragments in the dark side of the force. They mainly focus on spy-like abilities


    Purple crystals typically indicate Jedi who are proficient in both light and dark side abilities, they stand on the thin line between good and evil. However these Jedi tend to be strong willed as they must resist the pull of the Dark Side since they dwell so close to it.


    Red crystals are more compatible with the Dark Side energy and are the only type of crystals capable of actually breaking other lightsaber crystals (however this is a very VERY rare occurrence). Red crystals are also non-natural, modified versions of other crystals. These colors are typically used by the Sith.


    Gold crystals are more compatible with the Light Side energy than any other type of lightsaber crystal. These are extremely rare and indicate someone whose skills and intents are purely and truly of the light


    Another rare crystal, Bronze crystals are typically used by jedi who rely mainly on great strength instead of force abilities.


    Another very rare crystal, Silver crystals are normally used by Jedi who are extremely calm and level headed and are almost one with the force. Some can even visually see the force act on people and objects.


    These color crystals are rarely ever used by Jedi, as white indicates those who are force sensitive but are completely and utterly obedient to one person, group, or cause and have no real will or ambitions of their own.


    Black crystals are the rarest crystals in existence. They are much like white crystals, however instead of complete devotion to something or someone else, it signifies complete and utter devotion to yourself and only yourself.

    Lightsaber Styles Explained (open)

    NOTE: Each form that have a somewhat long explanation has a “too long; Didn’t read” part at the end in case you would just like to skim and then look over the one you end up picking later.

    7 basic forms

    Form I: Shii-Cho (open)


    “In combat, Form I lightsaber combat was wild and raw, relying on deliberate tactics and being primarily aimed towards disarming rather than injuring foes, in keeping with Jedi philosophy. Basic initiates in the style demonstrated rather clumsy performance, though in the hands of a master, Shii-Cho was fluid but highly randomized and unpredictable.” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Basic motions, experimental and highly flexible, not made for lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat.

    Notable Practitioners: Every Jedi is proficient with Shii-Cho as it is the form they must master as younglings.

    Form II: Makashi (open)


    “Makashi was described as elegant and focused, and was based on balance and footwork to outmaneuver opponents. Fluidity and economy of motion were relied on, rather than strength, with Form II bladework heavily utilizing jabs and light cuts rather than hack and slash movements. though Makashi was superb for one-on-one lightsaber dueling… [it is] relatively ineffective against multiple opponents and failing to address the issue of blast-deflection.” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Made for lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, fixed version of Shii-Cho, most dueling-centric style, defense with minimal effort.

    Notable Practitioners: Darth Tyranus, Shaak Ti, Darth Vader, Asajj Ventress

    Form III: Soresu (open)


    “Like Makashi, Soresu relied on economy of motion and energy efficiency, keeping up constant blade-movement to build up momentum and minimize energy-expenditure. Form III focused on strong defensive technique to essentially outlast an opponent.. A master of soresu was considered invincible, and the focus on long-term survival allowed such duelists to take stock of and control of their situation… However… Soresu would receive heavy criticism due to its lack of offensive capabilities…” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Developed for blast-deflecting, tight bladework, subtle dodges, maximum defense, ultimate form of non-aggressive combat.

    Notable Practitioners: Darth Bane, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, Darth Vader, Galen Marek, Luke Skywalker

    Form IV: Ataru (open)


    “An aggressive style, Form IV was fast-paced and effective against single opponents, though weaker in prolonged combat and confined spaces. also, it was not recommended for use against opponents wielding blasters. Ataru was characterized by force-assisted acrobatics… for both attack and defense. Another characteristic of the form was its fast, powerful strikes from multiple directions.

    ... Ataru was also known to employ dual blades as part of it’s training regimen.” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Fast, aggressive, not good for small spaces or against enemies with blasters, very powerful strikes, dual blades are common.

    Notable Practitioners: Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, Plo Koon, Kyle Katarn

    Form V:Shien/Djem So (open)


    “Shien… was more adept at blocking blaster bolts, whereas Djem So was developed for lightsaber combat. Both Shien and Djem So were designed to use an opponent’s attack against them. Although some Jedi felt that Form V encouraged aggression and domination, that sentiment did not stop many Jedi from practicing the form.” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Modified Soresu that allowed quicker defeat of opponents, however encourages aggression.

    Notable Practitioners: Plo Koon, Darth Vader, Galen Marek, Ahsoka Tano, Luke Skywalker

    Form VI: Niman (open)


    “... hybrid martial art created by effectively combining elements of the preceding lightsaber forms… Nima balanced out between the various specializations of the other forms… This resulted in a fighting style that lacked a significant advantage, but also lacking any serious drawbacks, and thereby not leaving adherents as exposed as some of the more aggressive or specialized forms. Overall, Niman had a fairly relaxed focus on bladework, designed as a simple, easily mastered fighting form for Jedi who preferred to devoted most of their time and study to diplomacy. Despite this, it could be absolutely deadly in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

    … Niman training regimens encouraged the inclusion of Force-based attacks… Niman was developed from two pre-existing martial arts fighting forms that both emphasized the use of dual-blades.” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Average of all preceding forms, no real strengths or weaknesses, perfect for dual-bladed weapons.

    Notable Practitioners: Exar Kun, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Grievous, Galen Marek

    Form VII: Juyo/Vapaad (open)


    “...the Juyo incarnation of Form VII was described as the most vicious form of lightsaber combat and was said to involve significant internal focus on the part of the user. As time passed, knowledge of Form VII became restricted among the Jedi Order, whose members were worried that its precepts would lead practitioners towards the dark side.

    ...a new variation of Form VII… Vaapad… was explained as being a state of mind rather than just a fighting style, allowing the wielder to channel his own inner darkness into the duel, and accept the fury of the opponent.” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Most vicious lightsaber form, naturally embraced certain aspects of the dark side, restricted to only certain members amongst the Jedi Order.

    Notable Practitioners: Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Rahm Kota, Galen Marek

    Other Forms

    Sokan (open)


    “Sokan was a principle of lightsaber combat, rather than a true form… Sokan teaching revolved around using the environment itself to gain a tactical advantage in combat.” -Wookiepedia

    Jar’Kai (open)


    “Jar’Kai was originally a style of swordplay that utilized dual blades… Jar’Kai became something of a blanket term for Dual-blade combat” -Wookiepedia

    Notable Practitioners: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, Asajj Ventress, Maris Brood, Darth Vader, Galen Marek, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker

    Tràkata (open)


    “...Tràkata was a form of lightsaber combat developed for taking advantage of a lightsaber blade’s ability to be turned on and off… Quickly shutting off then re-igniting the blade could cause confusion in one’s opponents, allowing for diversionary feints in combat. Mixed with Jar’Kai, Tràkata was extremely effective, even against multiple opponents…” -Wookiepedia

    tl:dr: Turning ones lightsaber on and off to confuse opponent, great with dual blades.

    Notable Practitioners: Exar Kun, Darth Sidious, Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke Skywalker

    Trispzest (open)


    “A combination of elements from Form VII and traditional S’kytri aerial dueling… Trispzest… would allow the combatant to utilize the advantages of flying in battle against grounded units… Trispzest emphasis was placed on the use of the sai cha technique to decapitate [ground forces]” -Wookiepedia

    tl;dr: Attacking from the sky or flying and decapitating grounded enemies. Highly week against directly below hits.

    Notable Practitioners: Nazish, Dark Jedi Maw, Kharys
    Other Forms

    The Force and Your Force-Sensitive Character

    Amazing Feats (open)

    If you are making a Force Sensitive character, here are some “Amazing Feats” that cannot be put into their Primary Force Abilities section (you can learn more about these abilities by looking them up on Wookiepedia):

    Art of the Small


    Battle Meditation


    Force Deflection


    Force Breach

    Force Whirlwind

    Force Wave

    Force Repulse

    Force weapon



    Sever Force

    Force Environment

    Dark Transfer

    Electric Judgment

    Force Enlightenment

    Force Ghost

    Force Light

    Force Wall of Light

    Force Projection

    Force Protection (and all variants)

    Force Stasis (and any more advanced versions of Force Stun)


    Plant Surge


    Drain Knowledge

    Force Drain

    Force Horror (and any more advanced versions of Force Fear)

    Force Storm

    Force Malestrom

    Force Phantom

    Force Plague

    Force Crush


    Midi-chlorian manipulation

    Sith Alchemy

    Spirit Transference

    Mind Control

    Important NPC’s

    Jedi (open)

    Master Gen Shun



    Gen Shun is one of the members of the Jedi High Council on Coruscant, he was the master of several current Jedi Knights and is known as one of the most efficient and effective Masters in the Council, his ability to read padawans, sense what they need, and adapt his teaching format to that in order to bring out the best in his padawans is astounding. He is very level headed, easy to talk to, but can be very intimidating.

    Fun fact: Master Gen Shun does not like flying, he is a terribly pilot and too much time in a lone flyer can make him sick.



    Master of the Jedi Council on Coruscant, he is one of the most renowned and powerful Jedi in history. He is very wise, highly skillful, very patient, and has over eight centuries of life experience driving his thoughts. More information on Yoda can be found on his wookiepedia page.

    Fun Fact: Yoda often rides Kybuck into battle.

    Dossa Ya



    A very prominent General in the Republic army and a master on the Jedi Council of Coruscant, Dossa is brutal on the battlefield and is well known for her battle meditation. If she’s not on the front lines during a battle, she’s meditating in the back and giving orders. She’s very harsh but can respect those who can prove themselves to her.

    Fun Fact: Dossa Ya loathes having padawans and doesn’t often take one unless they are assigned to her. She does her best to train them, however she doesn’t always enjoy it but she does mean well.

    Rowhan Nyah’mo



    Master Rowhan Nyah’mo is in command of the Jedi Sentinels and a member of the Jedi Council. He dual wields using one green and one yellow saber. He is a very jolly and excitable person. However you can not find a more stealthy Jedi in the galaxy. He is seen as a father figure by many other Jedi Sentinels.

    Fun Fact: Rowhan Nyah’mo is also known for his ability to drink any of his underlings under the table and back again.

    Politicians (open)

    Padme Amidala


    Senator of Naboo, Padme is very aggressive in terms of diplomatic issues in the Senate. She is known as one of the most progressive members of the Council and is not afraid to go in and do things herself, especially if her people are involved. More information on Padme Amidala can be found on her wookiepedia page (Note: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and many other Jedi she would have normally been associated with do not exist in this timeline.)

    Fun Fact: Senator Amidala is currently in a relationship with the delegate of the InterGalactic Banking clan Rush Clovis

    Finis Valorum


    Finis Valorum is the current chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He tends to be very neutral and bows to the power of the bureaucracy, however recently he’s been fed up with the “power of money” and has become more strict in the operations of the Trade Federations. For example, his orders recently stopped a Trade Federation Blockade from surrounding Naboo. More information on Finis Valorum can be found on his wookiepedia page.

    Fun Fact: Valorum is an attention seeker, this is one of the reasons he loves to attend the Opera, someone of such importance is normally announced as a member of the audience before the opera begins.

    Tesla Todo


    Tesla is a nobleman from Rodia and a famous archaeologist, well as famous as an archaologist can get. He has made many impressive discoveries in his lifetime including; the tombs of several long forgotten Sith Lords on Korriban, a long lost Jedi BAttle Cruiser from the Great Hyperspace War, a long dead AI from the Rakatan Infinite Empire, and several never-before seen ancient pre-republic primative lightsaabers, and other amazing discoveries. However his most recent and by far most ambitious project is the discovery of the Star Forge.

    Fun Fact: Tesla is very twitchy and kind of obsessive with a massive ego. He doesn't like it when people can't recognize him or his research and he will do almost anything to complete his goals when he has one in mind.

    Soldiers (open)

    Barron Saza (Republic)


    Barron is the current Supreme Commander of the Republic Army. A deadly force both on the front lines and in the war room, Barron Saza is good friends with many Senators and Jedi in the Republic and is well known for his masterful battle strategies and tactics.

    Fun Fact: Barron Saza owns an orange Short-Blade lightsaber he received as a gift from one of his closest Jedi allies who recently died in the war.

    Qymaen jai Sheelal (CIS)


    Qymaen jai Sheelal is a Kaleesh high ranking general in the Separatist (CIS) army. After taking out his revenge on the Huk who attacked his people, the supreme commander of the CIS took interest and allowed him to join his army if his people agreed to join the Separatist cause against the Republic. Qymaen jai Sheelal is considered a god amongst his people and is a master with his slugthrower rifle. You can learn more about Qymaen jai Sheelal by visiting his wookiepedia page.

    Fun Fact: Qymaen jai Sheelal slaughtered hundreds of Huk with the blade of his wife, whom the Huk had previously killed.

    Maiem Harniss (a.k.a. Virous)



    Supreme Commander of the Droid CIS army, Virous was originally Maiem Harniss, a Zabrak from Iridonia. After leaving Iridonia he fell in love with a female senator in the CIS. After she was assassinated by an unknown Bounty Hunter, Virous made it his mission to not let her death be in vain and make sure the Separatists would win this war. He climbed the ranks of command until he became very influential in the CIS. In his arrogance, he ended up taking on a Jedi in combat, he was a master vibroblade duelist, however he was subdued by the Jedi and seemingly killed. However a few droids found his body and saw, miraculously, his vitals still working. He was then rebuilt into the droid commander you see above and given the new name, Virous.

    Fun Fact: Virous has four unique vibroblades he uses in battle, each of them has a name carved into them in Zabraki. The name of his lover, the name of the Jedi who almost killed him, his original name, and the name of the supreme chancellor of the CIS.

    Hadron Elsor


    Source not found, Artist

    Hadron is the current Mandalore, leader of the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians are currently neutral in the conflict between the Republic and the CIS, however rouge mandalorians have been known to aide whoever pays the most for their assistance. Hadron himself takes no position on the war, however will engage anyone, Republic or CIS, who enters Mandalorian space with aggression.

    Fun Fact: Hadron Elsor gained the title of Mandalore by challenging the previous Mandalore to a test of stamina, the loser would be executed publicly by the winner.

    Sith (open)

    Darth Vandread

    The last known remaining Sith Lord, Darth Vandread has lost his sanity delving deep into the practices of Sith Sorcery without care and loosing himself to the Dark Side of the force. He is a menace and controls a very small brainwashed army. His primary goal is to find the Star Forge and create a new Sith Empire from which he can rule over the galaxy and promptly destroy everything. He wields a double edged red lightsaber and is feared for his high affinity with the force.

    Fun Fact: Darth Vandread is f*cking crazy.

    GM’s Characters (open)

    Markus Ondor (open)

    Name:Markus Ondor

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human



    Home Planet: Corellia

    Personality: Markus is a result of careful examination of social norms. He tends to act as he is expected to act, and keep his true emotions to himself or his close ones. While these are very good traits for a Jedi to have, this also means that no one really knows where he truly stands on topics or situations until he either tells them or acts. Markus is not one to sit on the sidelines, he is very active when it comes to defense of the innocent and his fellow Jedi. While it has been noted that he does sometimes rely on his emotions in these situations, he is also very good at controlling his emotions and bringing himself back to the light. This is why his lightsaber hilt is purple as he is capable of delving into the dark side for strength while serving the light.

    Many Jedi consider Markus a loose cannon, but one that can be trusted. It’s like an old cannon that still works and has not given you any reason to believe that it wouldn’t do it’s job. So while Markus has the ability to be very stoic and very emotional, he is definitely easy to talk to. He likes people and getting to know those around him. He tends to be very open minded for a Jedi and the way he acts shows it.

    Force Alignment: Jedi Knight

    Alignment: Publicly Republic, in secret Neutral as he only wishes for this bloodshed to end and for peace to be found.

    Lightsaber(s): 2, his original Purple lightsaber and his new Orange lightsaber after becoming a Jedi Sentinel.

    Purple Lightsaber:


    Orange Lightsaber:


    Style of Combat: Mainly uses Form IV: Ataru and Form V: Djem So, however he tends to rely on Form VII: Vaapad in a tight situation.

    Primary Force Abilities: Force lightning, Force Droid Disable, Force Sphere, Force Healing, Force Vision.

    Amazing Feat: Force Drain, Drain Knowledge.

    Skill focus: Balanced

    Bio: Born on the planet Corellia, Markus the child of the Senator of Corellia and her husband. He was taken away by the Jedi Order when they discovered his high Midi-Chlorian count from when he was born and trained under Jedi Master Gen Shun, a Kel Dorian Jedi Master on the current Jedi Council. After finishing his training as a youngling, Markus headed towards the caves of Ilum for the ceremonial finding of the crystal that all Jedi go through, the Gathering.

    He entered the cave with his fellow younglings and was led to a very large room, with black corruption surrounding the ice. The closer Markus got to the crystal that glowed out to him, the closer the corruption came to the crystal. Markus had to use the force to calm his mind, and then saw the corruption with the force, and pushed it away before it touched the crystal before retrieving it.

    Upon building his combat oriented lightsaber, he learned the color his crystal would take, a glowing purple. This disturbed some members of the Jedi Council as this was a sign of Markus’ aptitude with both the light AND dark sides of the force. However they agreed to train him anyway, but under a more strict regimen than the other padawans. Because of this connection with the dark and light side, Markus was able to learn the Force ability Force Drain, normally a dark side only ability.

    Markus went on many missions with his master Gen Shun, he was a part of many important missions, however he was forbidden to go to the planet Korriban by the council. Naturally he decided he’d go anyway with or without their permission. On this trip to Korriban, Markus discovered a long-lost ancient sith artifact that had been activated recently. Bringing this to the council he was thoroughly punished for disobeying their orders, however he was then praised for finding this artifact as it lead to the purging of several dark jedi and sith lords who were attempting to summon the long lost Darth Malak from the grave.

    Shortly after this, Markus went under the trials and came out of it a Jedi Knight. He was also assigned to train as a Jedi Sentinel, this required him to build a new lightsaber for his sentinel role, with a thin, smaller saber hilt and orange blade. Here he learned to dual wield, and he learned he was very good at it. He became renowned for his ability to dual wield his purple and orange blade, taking advantage of Ataru’s natural affinity for dual wielding and the natural flow associated with Djem So.

    Why are you on Geonosis?: Markus was ordered by the Jedi High Council on Coruscant to go to Geonosis and find the hiding place of Darth Vandread during the battle between the Republic and the CIS. He would then alert the Jedi Generals of his location and to meet up and ambush the Sith Lord, and then bring him to justice or take him out if necessary.


    -No God Modding/MetaGaming

    -GM word is law

    -Co GM (@Lord Wraith ) word is law also

    -No killing other players without that person’s permission.

    -You CAN be a Smuggler/Politician/Bounty Hunter/Soldier who is also force sensitive, you may request an altered version of the application if that is the case, however you will not have the benefits of being a Jedi or Fallen Jedi and you will NOT have unlimited access to most Force Powers.

    -I will ask that you post a minimum of once per week, if you will not be able to post during the week please let me know in advanced or else you will get a warning.

    -3 Warning system

    -Maximum of 2 Characters

    -Please try and find a source for your images, it's not required but it's nice. If you can't find one it's not a big deal, most of the images I found I could not find the original source for.

    -This RP is split into 3 episodes, there will be a certain amount of time passing between each episode in which you may feel free to update your character sheet.

    -No post length requirements, however it is highly suggested that you post at least 3-6 sentences per post. You will not receive any penalties for a short post.

    -Please feel free to make any suggestions for how to make this RP better, I’m very easygoing and open to suggestions

    -This RP must maintain a minimum of four characters in order to progress.

    -(I know this is very overused and cheesey but…) Have fun! Enjoy yourself!

    Current Characters


    Markus Ondor

    Kuu'lain Callister

    Iluna Akari

    Zak Dymo

    ------ ------

    Fallen Jedi

    Rav’ien Hisaragi

    Lylith von-Black

    ------ ------

    Bounty Hunter

    Tabatha Norzel

    ------ ------


    Vrill Narezz

    ------ ------


    CT-458 (Dead Lock)
    ------ ------


    Lya Vashee

    ------ ------

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  2. Tabatha Norzel (open)
    Name: Tabatha Norzel

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Race: Chiss

    Out of Armor

    In Armor

    As is common with her race, Tabatha has blue skin, red eyes, and black hair. She is 5'6" with a lean build. Her bust is big enough to be noticed but small enough that it doesn't get in the way of work. She rarely takes her armor off, but will if it is necessary.

    Home Planet: Csilla

    Personality: Tabatha is a pretty normal woman. She can have a temper at times, but is generally laid-back. She can work on her own, or join others on a mission, as long as she's not working with completely incompetent people. She thinks highly of her skills, but only because she has completed enough missions to deserve bragging rights. She tries not to judge people, but can't stand politicians and their usual negative look on her profession. She is generally blunt, but will sometimes make jokes to amuse herself during conversations. Tabatha gets attached to people and things if they grab her attention. She finds unique things and people intriguing, which results in her following said thing/person around until she can understand it better. She loves rewards, specifically credits, and will do almost anything for them.

    Weapons: Tabatha uses dual pistols which commonly fire regular blaster fire. They can also shoot different kinds of darts, including kolto darts to heal comrades and shock darts to stun enemies.

    Special Gear:
    • Tabatha has a jetpack, but only uses it in an extreme emergency. Fuel costs credits after all.
    • Tabatha has rigged a flamethrower to instead spew kolto in gas form, allowing her to heal multiple comrades in a small area.

    Alignment: Tabatha is generally neutral, doing whatever needs to get done as long as there is a reward. She does have a heart (a small one, but it's there), and will sometimes find loopholes that can both help people AND make her credits. If she is following someone who has peaked her interest, she will usually do whatever they decide, but will try to find some way that she can get a reward out of it too.

    Bio: Tabatha's childhood on Csilla was average. Her parents raised her with care, giving her space to do as she wished but making sure she was well educated. Along with her studies, Tabatha was taught to use a gun, just in case she needed it one day. When she reached age eighteen, she needed to decide what to do with her life. Though she enjoyed learning new things, she couldn't imagine having a boring job like a researcher or merchant. As chance would have it, a traveler came to Csilla, a human bounty hunter named Alkem. Intrigued by the unique man, Tabatha followed him around in hopes to understand him better.

    Of course, Tabatha ended up getting herself into trouble, and was taken hostage by the Rodian that the bounty hunter was hunting. Alkem was able to save Tabatha after she distracted the Rodian with a swift kick to the shins. Her adrenaline still pumping from the experience, Tabatha begged Alkem to take her as an apprentice, to teach her how to be a bounty hunter. He agreed, believing it was time to try having a partner for a change. Tabatha bid her parents farewell and left with Alkem to travel the galaxy. He trained her as they completed missions, and she slowly but surely became more skilled at her new profession.

    Four years later, Tabatha finally had a reputation. Her ability to work with others was something rare in a bounty hunter, and she was often asked to come in as back-up. Now that she had a name for herself, Alkem bid his companion farewell, saying he would see her again someday. Nowadays Tabatha takes work where she can get it, and continues to travel the galaxy, hoping to meet up with her teacher again so she can show him how much she's improved.

    Why are you on Geonosis?: Tabatha gained a tip about a client from the CIS on Geonosis who is in need of someone with her...particular skills. She was told to look for a peculiar man who wouldn't normally be suspected of working with the CIS.
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  3. Accepted! Welcome Chiss Bounty Hunter Tabatha Norzel ;D
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  4. Kuu'lain Callister (open)
    Name: Kuu'lain Callister

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Kuu'lain stands at roughly 5"8' and possesses a lean, muscular build, the light tan to his caucasian complexion giving his muscles a healthy definition. Despite being a near-constant traveler, Kuu'lain keeps his black hair short and combed back, only having it reach to the back of his neck and keeping his bangs far from his face as not to have anything accidentally disrupt his line of sight. This allows his soft cheeks and strong jaw to take the center stage of his clean shaven facial features and adds to the warm glow of his hazel eyes, making him seem far more friendly than a man who slays fallen jedi and corrupt force sensitives for a living likely should. When not in his usual form concealing jedi traveling cloak or disguised in the casual wear of a planet's native culture, he wears a loose fitting white cloth shirt and brown cloth pants with a long-tailed blue overcoat; the only part of his outfit that remains constant as his tanned traveling boots, well worn and scuffed from many, many years of walking.

    Home Planet: Coruscant

    Personality: Kuu'lain's personality could best be described as a controlled contradiction depending on whom it is you're asking. Among his Sentinel brothers and sisters, he is an incredibly warm and jovial individual who enjoys a good joke, warm food, and a stiff drink just as much as the next person. To a normal member of the Jedi Order, he is a calm and collected individual, offering his information and insight freely, but tends to keep most people at arms length emotionally. To a Fallen Jedi, Corrupted Force Sensitive, or Sith, he is often seen to be a cold, calculating, and merciless character only out to see their heads separated from their shoulders, though a rare few have found themselves on the rare end of his mercy. To a normal civilian or anyone outside the draw of the force...Kuu'lain acts however he feel will best please the individual's particular tastes, keeping much in line with portraying himself as unassuming as possible.

    Force Alignment: Jedi

    Alignment: Republic

    Lightsaber: Kuu'lain's lightsaber functions in two parts, the blade and the sheath, both working in tandem to great effect. Taking the form of a walking stick covered from top to bottom in ornate carvings, the top of the stick is actually the handle of his Lightsaber in disguise, though this is far from the only trick to its name. The "Stick" portion, or more accurately the Sheath was carved from the wood of a Lambent Tree, a wood unnaturally conductive of the force, and had a Mandalorian Iron weave integrated into the wood, allowing him to use the sheath to block an incoming saber. As well, the sheath could also produce a 2 inch blade from its side that was also forged from Mandalorian Iron, allowing it to catch an opponent off guard and deliver a swift decapitation.

    The Blade portion of the lightsaber is of a thinner composition than most standard hilts and as well the outer casing was carved from Lambent Wood in order to maintain its disguise, though the inner workings are still the same as a standard lightsaber, barring a few notable details. The two most distinguishing features of this blade is that it is powered by a compressed yellow Ilum Crystal, producing a much thinner and precise blade that extend to roughly five feet in length, and that it contains a hare-trigger ignition reactor. This allows the blade to ignite and dissipate almost instantaneously, giving Kuu'lain a unique advantage in misdirecting his enemies. However, the compressed nature of his crystal and the stress the hare-trigger ignition core puts on it means that the crystal cannot withstand multiple blows to its blade or even highly prolonged combat without shattering, meaning he must end a fight almost as quickly as he begins one, lest he be forced to rely only on his sheath and force abilities.

    Style of Combat: A Blended Style of Djem So, Tràkata, and Jar’Kai

    Primary Force Abilities:
    . Force Empathy
    . Battle Precognition
    . Telepathy
    . Mind Trick
    . Force Illusion

    Amazing Feats:

    . Drain Knowledge:
    Sometimes, being a Jedi Sentinel requires an individual to temporarily set aside his morals and standards for the greater good, and there's no greater instance of this to Kuu'lain than when he uses the Drain Knowledge technique. Without consent, he can forcibly rip knowledge, memories, and information from a target in order to either glean information he wouldn't otherwise be able to obtain, or to verify the truth of the information he's already gained; after all, hunting force sensitives is a dangerous job in and of itself, premeditation is something that Kuu'lain feels should never be thrown to the wind. Thankfully, due to his more subtle application of the force, this process is often quite painless to the recipient, but due to its invasive nature and moral greyness, Kuu'lain tends to keep this technique in his back pocket unless absolutely necessary.

    . Center of Being: Due to his calmer connection to the force and general level-headed approach to combat, Kuu'lain was able to attain the Center of Being technique shortly after attaining the rank of Jedi Knight. Only used in emergencies where he is outnumbered and unable to quickly end a battle, Kuu'lain enters an almost meditative state in which he can quickly and decisively weave himself through and around almost any assault placed upon his person, no matter how random and fluid it might seem to a normal mind. In this state, he is even capable of moving through rapid laser fire until he is close enough to put an end to the immediate threat. However, he is not yet a master of this technique and as such can only maintain it for a short period of time before his concentration is broken, making relying on it a risky proposition.

    Skill focus: Balanced

    Bio: Kuu'lain was, as most children are, born to a pair of loving parents among the towering buildings and shining lights of Coruscant and like all children born sensitive to the force, he was taken at a young age to the Jedi Temple on his homeworld to be trained. If this bothered the young Kuu'lainn, he never showed it...though he rarely showed much emotion or attachment to anyone or anything during his younger years, displaying a quiet and calm demeanor unless he was curious or confused about a subject. As well, his masters noticed his connection to the force was quite unlike most force sensitives; it was calm, subtle, and compact to the point of being oddly efficient. No matter what task Kuu'lain used the force to accomplish, it was as if not a single midi-chlorian was wasted in the effort. This wasn't to imply that his force abilities were weak by any means, it simply meant that his abilities were focused to smaller, more compact areas rather than all around him, making them deceptively subtle in the way Kuu'lain applied them.

    Noticing this, the youngling was taken on as a Padawan by a Cathar Sentinel named Kor'rah Shek and under her tutelage, Kuu'lain not only developed and honed his subtle connection to the force, but also began to open up to his new master. All of his doubts, fears, anxieties, and questions were met with calm ears and kind advice from Shek as she guided her Padawan through his adolescent years; this allowed the once reserved and almost emotionless Kuu'lain to flourish into a kindly and warm least to the people he developed attachments to, preferring to keep others at arms reach until he got to know and truly understand them. On the eve of his 18th Birthday, much to the happiness of his master, Kuu'lain completed the Jedi Trials and was given the official rank of Knight in the Jedi Order, making him a full fledged member of the Sentinels, something he took to with great relish.

    Upon his induction, his training, like all other Sentinels was taken up by Rowhan Nyah’mo, the commander of the sect and yet another Cathar who helped cement his fierce pride and dedication to the Sentinels; his new master teaching the young Kuu'lain a fair few lessons on the importance of loyalty, stealth, and the quality of one's alcoholic beverages. After 7 long years of training, Kuu'lainn was finally deemed to be ready to undertake the ultimate mission every Sentinel faces, the hunting and extermination of all who would use the force for nefarious purposes and with the blessings of both Master Shek and Master Nyah'mo, he struck out into the wide universe on his own.

    His first mission lead him to the planet of Ossus where a Fallen Jedi had taken control of a large tribe of Yuuzhan Vong and was using his force abilities to manipulate and subjugate them. Though Kuu'lain was victorious in their final duel, his lightsaber was so badly that only his compressed Ilum crystal was salvageable; in gratitude for his help, the Yuuzhan Vong crafted him an ornately carved walking stick made from the wood of local Lambent Tree, a material which was unusually conductive for the force, as well as a new casing for a lightsaber which hid in plain sight atop their gift. Since then, Kuu'lain has made several modifications to his new weapon including having an mesh of Mandalorian Iron woven into the wood and having a 2-inch retractable blade mounted inside of it.

    It has been 4 years since Kuu'lain had left Coruscant and with multiple kills under his belt, Kuu'lain has never felt more confident in his abilities; perhaps it was this confidence that persuaded him to follow rumors of notorious Darth Vandred being sighted on Geonosis.

    Why are you on Geonosis?: As a member of the Jedi Sentinels, Kuu'lain lives under the task of removing all traces of the dark side from the universe. Naturally, talk of the last remaining Sith Lord has drawn him to Geonosis in hopes of delivering a decisive blow in the name of his order.
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  5. Sweet another Jedi! Everything looks good, I would say the mind trick isn't an amazing feet as we've seen that most Jedi can use this ability, however the way you described Kuu'lain using it that's alright by me. And Drain Knowledge is an amazing feat. Unfortunately it cannot be in your common force abilities, unless you want to use a weaker version of it. The main benefit of Drain Knowledge is that it forcibly removes the knowledge from a person without their consent. A weaker version would probably be needing their consent or mulitple jedi with Drain Knowledge in order to do so.

    Besides that I love the character! You'll be fully accepted and added to the list once that change is made. Can't wait to see Markus and Kuu'lain interact as fellow Sentinels! (also the concealed saber as a walking stick is cool!)
  6. Thanks, I'm glad you like the character and I'm interested to see how he and Markus interact as well! As for the force abilities, I can just switch the Mind Trick and the Drain Knowledge from one spot to the other and I think that'd solve the problem just fine, so I'll do that right now. Apart from that, I can't wait to see what other characters show up and to see this RP started proper~
  7. Sweet! Im super excited to get this started! I want to wait for 6 people but we really only need 4, as long as those 4 are active
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  8. I'm going to be putting in a sheet for a Smuggler between tonight and tomorrow.
  9. Sounds good! Can't wait to see your smuggler :D
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  10. what do you think about a rogue Jedi not a fallen but a rogue that turned his back on the order (but didn't turn to the dark side) to do good as he sees fit in witch he is good he just may seem a little cold

    and how do you put those spoiler things that you guys have been doing?
  11. 1) a Fallen Jedi by definition is just a Jedi who leaves the order. You dont nrcessarily have to use the dark side to be a Fallen Jedi

    2) [ spoiler = Title Here ] information here [ / spoiler ]
    Type that without the spaces
  12. Quick question, would you care if my Smuggler had a Co-Pilot which would be sort of minor secondary character/NPC?
  13. No thats fine with me! As long as hes not a prinary character
  14. Perfect and he won't be! I just needed someone for my Smuggler to bicker with and most freighters require a crew of two.
  15. Sounds good!
  16. Update: Completed as of 05/26/2014
    Captain Vrill Narezz (open)

    VRILL NAREZZ, #0059b3
    | NAME: |
    Vrill Narezz​

    | AGE: |

    | GENDER: |

    | RACE: |

    The image to the left illustrates Vrill in his casual attire. Vrill is a Nautolan of average height, though his body is more chiseled and toned due to a very active life style. He has a blue complexion and often paints his face in the manner displayed. Vrill's tendrils are often decorated with black bands and are worn tied behind his head if he's working on his ship. His casual attire consists of a black MK 45 Protective Vest paired with a set of matching Drelliad Leggings and Drelliad Boots. Vrill often wears a utility belt equipped with a Inertial Inhibitor, as well as occasionally a Kama. Wrapped around his arms are Echani Fiber Armored Gauntlets which were passed down to Vrill from his mentor. These gauntlets house his Vibroknucklers, keeping them concealed on the back of his hands. When ashore from his ship, Vrill dons a long Greatcoat made of Reinforced Fiber Armor and Nastah Leather. This coat also includes a large hood which can even cover Vrill's many long tendrils, however aside from the hood, Vrill will often don a scarf which he wraps around the lower half of his face and a pair of tinted goggles.
    | HOME PLANET: |
    Glee Anselm​

    Snarky and sarcastic, Vrill possesses a very dry wit though he's not without a sense of humor. He can be quite charming when he needs to be, possessing a silver tongue and a certain degree of charm which he's used to get himself out of many tight situation. Irrepressibly confident, toeing the line of extreme arrogance, Vrill is the kind of guy to never worry about the odds but whether or not he believes the task at hand can be accomplished. Often Vrill comes across as very cold and untrusting, but of those who gain his trust his is the most loyal companion. Vrill never leaves his crew behind nor his ship, willing to risk, life, limb and tendril to save them. All that said, Vrill is never one to turn down a drink of Juri Juice or the occasional Deathstick. While he doesn't show prejudice towards any particular species, despite the fact there are some he doesn't think too highly of, Vrill has a deep rooted hatred and mistrust towards droids preferring to rely on the possibility of organic error before a droid any day.​

    | SHIP: |
    The Krakana

    The Krakana is a modified Mon Calamari MC-18 Light Freighter. The Krakana measured 23.6 meters in length, and could transport up to five passengers and was originally built to hold 50 metric tons of cargo. However due to modifications by Vrill, the vessel can now hold 75 metric tons without sacrificing her speed. The Krakana has a hyperdrive rating of 0.6 making it one of the fastest ships in the galaxy and more than capable of outrunning most ships which give chase.

    Like all Mon Calamari designs, The Krakana was custom-built, and no other MC-18 is exactly the same. Though in the case of The Krakana, it was further modified after production by Vrill. It also was equipped with a backup shield generator, as was standard Mon Calamari practice. Vrill installed both Particle Shields and Ray Shields into the The Krakana, as well as a second back up generator to ensure that both the Particle Shields and Ray Shields have a reserve source. It had a landing claw, standard landing gear, and inflatable puncture-proof pontoons for water landings. The MC-18 was also submersible (maximum depth 1,000 meters). When submerged, its shields had to be reconfigured to handle the strong exterior pressure and this weakened the shields versus other attacks, though Vrill's later modifications helped to balance this with the second back up generator.

    With travel routes becoming more and more dangerous, Vrill had to upgrade The Krakana's armaments. Originally the MC-18 only was armed with single laser turrent. Vrill had these replaced with dual modified retractable Corellian AG-1G Quad Laser Cannons as well as a Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" Surface-Defense blaster cannon. Furthermore, Vrill had two Concealed Dymek HM-8 Concussion Missile Launchers installed on to The Krakana, each with a standard load of eight heavy missiles each. Other counter measures included in the ship are the Sensor Jammer, a False Identification Transponder and a Sensor Decoy Cloaking Device.

    The last counter measure that Vrill added was a modified Amphibious Fighter or Amphib dubbed the 'Colo'. The Amphib docks at the top rear of the ship, with an attached airlock to allow for instant travel between the two.​

    | WEAPON(S): |
    | ALIGNMENT: |
    Neutral, Vrill will work for whomever provides the credits providing the job doesn't require him to compromise his own personal morals. As such he operates a wide number of jobs only refusing jobs which directly involving him killing someone or trafficking persons. Vrill isn't against killing however, he's just against being hired as a murderer, if you need that done get yourself a bounty hunter, that said Vrill will avoid killing children, innocents or bystanders at all cost and generally hesitates towards killing a woman whether she's an assailant or not.​

    | BIO: |
    Vrill was born to his parents on the aquatic world of Glee Anslem, and was raised there until the age of four. His parents were merely humble fishers and was more than thrilled when they were approached by the Jedi Order who informed them that their son was Force Sensitive. The idea of their son being raised to be a Jedi was seen as a great honour and they immediately agreed despite the fact they were informed that they wouldn't be able to see their son again.

    The Jedi took the young Vrill onboard his transport and while the majority of the journey was fine, the ship was tagged by Aqualish Pirates just outside the planet's atmosphere. Pursued by the pirates, the Jedi's transport was eventually shot out of the sky and during its descent was ripped apart. Vrill never learned what became of the Jedi, but he, himself managed to survive the crash despite the ship coming to a stop in Coruscant's dangerous lower levels. With only a will to survive, Vrill used the ship's remains as a hovel and learned how to steal to survive. Managing to survive four years on his own, Vrill was eventually recruited into a swoop gang called the Gundarks, where his piloting skills were first realized. The leader of the gang, a Twi'lek by the name of Tam Rao, was impressed by Vrill's skills and quickly put them to use, using Vrill to win numerous swoop races which only allowed the gang to expand and grow thanks to the race winnings. In exchange for the race winnings, Rao taught Vrill how to con and steal, skills which would completely shape the young Nautolan's future. The time with the swoop gang also taught Vrill other necessary survival skills including how to handle a blaster and brawl with the best in some of Coruscant's shadiest taverns. Eventually however, Vrill outgrew life as a racer and upon abandoning the Gundarks was forced to find a way off planet or otherwise risk execution. The gang looked upon its members as a family, and leaving the gang only ever happened by death. Walking out was considering betrayal, and the Twi'lek didn't take betrayal lightly.

    Stealing aboard a transport bound for Coreilla, Vrill left Coruscant and the Gundarks behind seeking a new path in life. Once he had arrived on Coreilla, Vrill found small jobs in the spaceport and once again took up underground swoop racing in order to earn extra credits. Quickly finding himself bored with racing each night, Vrill took his winnings to the bars where he eventually overheard spacers talking about a rather interesting job, they were intending to rob a dreadnaught while it was in travel. The idea of spaceflight intrigued Vrill and he approached the spacers offering his services. They looked down upon the young Nautolan before reluctantly bringing him aboard. Put to work in the engine rooms of the spacer's cruiser, Vrill was introduced to a young Chandra-Fan by the name of Drekl. The small rodent like creature happened to be the mechanic for the pirate ship and the two became quick friends, Drekl teaching Vrill what he knew about ships while Vrill taught Drekl how to handle a blaster. Eventually after serving aboard the pirate's cruiser for several jobs, Vrill began to become discouraged seeing the pirate's brutal methods and eagerness to kill. When Vrill had escaped the Gundarks he thought he had left such thuggish behaviour behind only to find himself once again tangled up in it. Ascending through the ranks of the pirates, Vrill eventually found himself the ship's pilot. Vrill eventually came up with the idea to come into business for himself, seeking out Drekl and offering his friend the opportunity to escape the pirates and acquire their own ship. Planning their escape, Vrill and Drekl laid in wait until a job took the pirates and their ship to the planet Dac, more commonly known as Mon Cala. Between the Chandra-Fan and the Nautolan, the pair were able to cripple the cruiser and imprision the few crew on board while the majority had gone ashore to perfom their heist. Taking whatever supplies and weapons they could carry, Vrill and Drekl struck out on their own, stumbling upon an MC-18 Light Frieghter. Drekl was easily able to bypass the ship's security and the pair made off with the ship, dubbing it The Krakana.

    The pair eventually earned a name for themselves as Smugglers, retrieving loads of spice and other illegal goods for numerous crime lords ranging from Hutts to Mandalorians. Never trusting anyone else but Drekl, Vrill refused to expand his crew and kept his operation small. Drekl was more than capable of pulling his weight as he continuously tinkered with The Krakana, upgrading the ship successfully make the smuggler runs in faster times while being capable of holding its own in a dogfight. The pair are known to attract trouble and have numerous bounties on their heads but they prefer to keep a smile on their faces and fly each sector as though it was new territory each day.
    • Force Reflex: Vrill is Force Sensitive unbeknowst to himself, and with that Force Sensitivity comes enhanced reflexes which allow him to effectively slow the world around them, heightening his reflexes and perceptions. This is most notable when Vrill is piloting The Krakana and manouvering the ship accurately and tightly at high speeds.
    Vrill was hired by the native Geonosians to deliver smuggled goods to the Petranaki Arena. These goods consist of a young Reek, an unhatched Rancor and a rare black Nexu cub, all of which are intended to be raised and trained for use in the Geonosian Gladitorial Games.​
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  17. I like it so far, it'll be fully accepted when the Bio was finished. Although I would like to point out. Do the Vibroknucklers have a cortosis-weave? The cortosis-weave is very rare knowledge at this point in Galactic History so I would like you to justify having it if it does have the cortosis-weave (the weave allows Vibro weapons to duel with lightsabers)
  18. The article makes no mention of the cortisis weave so we'll just say no and won't attempt to punch any light sabers.

    Though I was wondering if Vrill could be Force sensitive in a way similar to Anakin in Episode 1 in that he just has excellent piloting reflexes but aside from that he's untrained in the Force.
  19. Yes that is fine. Just add a section to the application after the "Bio" called "Force Sensitive Abilities" and put in "advanced piloting skills" and you should be set.
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  20. Khirr Sylvax (open)

    Khirr 'Aruetii' Sylvax

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Cathar

    Home Planet: Cathar


    Most of the time, Khirr is kitted out in his full captain's outfit, which includes a full-face mask that he uses to conceal both his identity (for obvious reasons) and his species (to avoid bringing dishonor on his family line, despite how he apparently feels about his lifestyle choices).

    Beneath the mask, however, Khirr's fur is a brilliant white, his well-kept face tainted only by his left eye - while his right is shining, ever-alert, and lightning blue, his left is scarred, milky-white, and ugly to look upon. He keeps his mane tightly shorn so as remain tidy and discreet, and his mouth brims with sharp talons but offers a charismatic smile - if one tempered by fangs. His body is slim but brims with natural Cathar muscle, his frame slender but athletic, and his gloves are often removed for use of his natural Cathar talons in tune with his surprising strength and swiftness to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat.

    Personality: Khirr strikes out against the rest of his specie's lofty moral code by being ruthless and questionable to even the most loyal of his men. Gone rogue, he is an exceptionally dangerous smuggler and borders on being an outright outlaw, nearly any job and contract being taken if the pay is suitable - the only jobs Khirr has been known to refuse are those involving children and members of his own race. Beyond those two requirements, Khirr has undertaken jobs involving theft, espionage, smuggling, species trafficking, drug running, and even murder, demanding appropriate pay rates each and every time, and using every credit to keep his ship running and his name off the most wanted list.

    Despite his efforts, Khirr has made a name for himself. His own home planet brand him unwanted, referring to him as 'Aruetii', or 'Traitor'. Though Khirr took grievance at first, he has since grown into the moniker, and now takes on most of his jobs under the alias. He's a ruthless bounty hunter, using his Cathar instincts to his advantage, but takes hunting jobs less often to aid a more subtle existance, and also a more reliable paycheck. However, a particular posting about Geonosis has recently taken his interest...



    An E-9 Explorer-class Scout Vessel that Khirr has dubbed the 'Cutlass'. With 2 Laser Cannons, a minimum crew of 4, a passenger capacity of 4, 2 escape pods, shielding, navigation, and a hyperdrive system, the Cutlass is everything Khirr could need for his operations.


    Customised WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol: Longer barrel and higher-intensity charger for more power and accuracy per shot at the cost of chargers per battery and shot frequency without overheating.

    Natural Chathar talons, combined with strong hand-to-hand combat capabilities.

    Short Vibro-Blade, held in his off-hand as a dagger.

    Alignment: Neutral - Khirr serves himself and himself only.

    Bio: Despite Khirr's good fur and natural predatory talents, his Cathar temper nearly always got the better of him; it lost him sibling semi-fights as a kit, it lost him his eye in his ritual hunting of a nest of Kiltik; and ultimately, after a series of disagreements about what needed to be done with a crashed pilot on their planet, it lost the respect of his family. Ultimately, Khirr was lead to put the ailing pilot out of the misery that was only prolonged by Cathar Elder medicinal practises (Cathar healing capabilities rarely need doctors), and to take his ship with him, fashioning an outfit and finding a crew, quickly finding any job that would keep him afloat.

    From there, Khirr came to enjoy his line of work. It was often brutal and aggressive, naturally lending itself to the preferences of his race, and he found that by only taking the occasional bounty, he could remain under eye as a mere smuggler and thereby stay out of the spotlight of galactic law. He found himself proficient in a number of practises, and has become known for being ruthless, lacking a distinct moral code, and his sheer competence in many a line of questionable occupations.

    Khirr is more of an outlaw than his proud blood will allow him to admit - but that does not mean he does not revel in the actions of his chosen lifestyle.

    Why are you on Geonosis?: Khirr has been low on jobs recently since a clashing with a rival smuggler resulted in the untimely death of a bounty wanted alive after an uncontrollable bout of classic Cathar temper. The free-for-all posting about Darth Vandread on Geonosis piqued his interest for a good haul of galactic credits...if he can get there first.

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