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    Episode I: The Fall of the Sith

    War has Swept the Galaxy.

    The Galactic Republic finds

    itself in a stalemate with

    the Confederacy of

    Independent Systems. The

    Republic must rely on their

    Jedi allies to sway the war

    in their favor.

    Meanwhile the Jedi Order

    has almost completed it's

    three thousand year mission,

    to eradicate the remnants

    of Darth Revan's Sith

    Empire. Few Followers of

    the Dark Side remain.

    The last known Sith

    has been tracked down to the

    desert planet of Geonosis

    where the Republic is in a

    heated conflict with the CIS.

    It is here that a select

    few have been chosen to

    hunt down and destroy the

    last known Sith Lord, Darth

    Vandread . . . .



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  2. Geonosis, a remote planet in the Arkanis Sector of the Outer Rim… Its inhabitants are insect-like people who follow the orders of their supposed “Queen”, one who has not been seen by any non-geonosian in centuries. The Geonosian people have now been discovered not only as Separatists and barred from the Republic, but it has been recently discovered they are holding a massive droid manufacturing facility unbeknownst to the Republic. On top of that, rumor has it that the last Sith Lord, Darth Vandread, has hidden away in one of the Geonosians underground tunnelling systems near the Petranaki Arena, and the Geonosians have refused to do anything about it. It was time the Republic put things into their own hands and stop the Geonosians before the droid manufacturing facility AND the Sith Lord become bigger problems than they already are…

    The Republic sent out a massive fleet straight to Geonosis and landed their fairly recently founded Clone army on its surface. The Geonosians were prepared for this. The Council of Ten that lead the Separatists made sure the Geonosians had enough equipment for the impending battle. Although it is unknown why the Council of Ten would allow the Sith Lord to stay on Geonosis…

    The battle came mostly as a surprise, no one besides Republic commandos and Geonosian soldiers knew about it, many civilians and smugglers have ended up caught up in this mess due to both sides keeping their intents secret until now. Currently the battle rages on, Republic Supreme Commander Barron Sazza leads his Clone troops alongside General Dossa Ya. Both of them on the battlefield meant bad news, however the Separatists had their aces in the battle as well. Both General Virous and Commander Sheelal directed the battle from above in their Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruiser, Harbinger, which was being assaulted by Republic Fighters and was spewing out their own Vulture Droids as a counter attack.

    From the air, both Republic and CIS fighters were dropping bombs across various planes across the battlefields. Droids and clones numbered in the thousands as they went head-to-head. Meanwhile, Jedi Senitnels would use the battle in order to distract Geonosians so they could not only sneak into the Petranaki Arena, but find and kill Darth Vandread.


    Markus sat there, on the Orray which carried him around Geonosis for the better part of the week. He had been sent here by the Jedi council in preparation for this mission, it was an important one after all. They had located Darth Vandread, the last known Sith Lord. His apprentice, Darth Raemous, had been killed only five years ago. Now it was time for the master to fall. However Markus was given a secondary mission to be completed if Darth Vandread couldn’t be killed, find out the secret of his Mind Controlling capabilities. His entire army is mind controlled, no force user no matter how powerful could possibly control that many minds constantly, there was something else to it, and as one of the many spies of the Jedi Order, it was up to him to find out… Well him and a few others. Markus was told before leaving to expect friendly company, they did not specify who so Markus simply kept his head up and his mind open, looking for those the council could have sent. Most likely another Jedi, possibly a smuggler or a Bounty Hunter, hell even a clone or a arc-trooper. Upon finding Vandread he would alert the Jedi Generals and then confront the Sith Lord if necessary.

    It was then that the battle had begun, lasers shot everywhere, granted at a distance. Markus found himself a bit away from the battle, but close enough to hear the explosions and screams of dying clones, “Those poor men…” he thought, ”... They have their jobs… and I have mine…” Markus, cloaked in his dark purple Jedi cloak, slowly approached Petranaki Arena, void of Geonosians. His Orray began to fidget a bit when they got closer to the battle, however Markus was able to calm the beast.

    The arena was tall and was made out of what appeared to be some kind of red rock found all around this planet. As they, him and the Orray, got closer, the shadow of the arena casted over them, engulfed them. Markus could even begin to feel the presence of the Dark Side and he wasn’t even in the tunnels yet! Upon reaching the entrance to the empty “Arena of Justice”, Markus left his Orray and tied him up to one of the smaller pillars.

    ”Stay…” He ordered with a smirk and one hand out, as if teasing the beast. After a moment, he reached into his cloak and pulled out a piece of meat.

    ”Good boy! Who’s a good boy!? You are!” the Orray jumped around happily as Markus uttered his words. Markus then chucked the meat to the Orray which promptly began to chow down on it. After seeing his pet of three days enjoy his snack, Markus went into the arena, hoping to meet up with some welcome company...
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  3. [​IMG]

    Lylith von Black, #ff4d4d
    Lylith watched through the bridge port as the Republic fleet converged above the surface of Geonosis. She hadn't expected the massive array of battle ships to actually move in for an attack, but here she was... Stuck in orbit, and under general orders not to land until the initial invasion was over. She wasn't sure what this was all about, but she knew this wasn't a diplomatic excursion, or a flyby to demonstrate naval power... "This is serious..." she muttered, as she watched in anticipation as the ships began to eclipse the planet, blocking portions of it from her view...

    She turned as the planet began to disappear, and returned to the lounge that she used in place of a formal Captains chair. She lay on her side, propping her chin up on the arm of the small, plush, sofa, and sighed...
    "I guess that means no grilled Acklay, or commission from merchant sales... At least not at this very moment." she said softly, seemingly to no one... She sighed once more and retreated into a shallow meditation once more, allowing time to pass a little faster...

    She didn't like to be kept waiting...

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  4. CAPTAIN VRILL NAREZZ-GEONOSIS, #0059b3 Lines of blurred stars filled the cockpit of the lone frieghter until suddenly they went still as The Krakana dropped out of hyper speed. Engaging, the sublight engines, Captain Vrill Narezz expertly maneuvered the light freighter into the arid planet's asteroid belt to avoid any detection by Republic or Seperatist alike. While The Krakana could hold its own in a dog fight, it wasn't about to last against a dreadnaught and the Republic had no doubt brought several all filled to the brim with its test tube soldiers. Turning to his co-pilot, a smile was plastered across the Nautolan's face as he reached over to slap a hand on the smaller Chandra-Fan.

    "I told you we could outrun that bounty hunter!" He said with a laugh, his reflexes suddenly reacting as he dipped the ship below a rather large asteroid before suddenly emerging out of the belt and heading towards the planet below.

    "<You're just lucky the shields held off his blaster fire until I fixed the hyperdrive.>"* The little rodent like alien chirped back at Vrill.

    "Nonsense!" The Nautolan replied dismissively. "I knew we weren't in danger the whole time. There's a reason we stole a Mon Calamari ship, her shields are the finest in all the galaxy." The ship suddenly rattled as The Krakana began its descent through the Geonosisian atmosphere. "Now then prepare for atmospheric flight and set a course for the Arena. The sooner we can get off this planet the better, I've got a bad feeling about this whole place."

    "<I could handle living here.>" Drekl said happily. "<No need to fear water on such a nice dry planet.>"

    "One little flood and your whole race hates on what could very well be the source of life for the entire galaxy." Vrill retorted. "Water isn't so bad! Don't worry, you'll come to like it soon enough!" Reaching above his head, Vrill engaged the repulsor lift engines as the pull of gravity began to drag the ship downwards. As the ship stabilized, Drekl inputted their course and the Nautolan guided his ship to their predetermined landing pad as he gently put The Krakana down behind the Petranaki Area. Getting up from his seat as Drekl engaged landing procedures, Vrill holstered his S-5 on his hip before sliding his slugthrower onto the back of his waist. Picking his greatcoat up from the back of his chair, Vrill threw on his holdout blasters in their shoulder holsters before tossing his great coat over himself.

    "Keep the engines warm and your hand on that Ground Buzzer. If this goes South I want to be back in the air ASAP." Walking towards the aft of the ship, Vrill descended into the cargo hold before pressing a button which lowered the hold to the landing pad. Loading the crates which held the smuggled creatures onto a gravsled, Vrill pulled his scarf up over his face and lowered his goggles before driving forward into the Arena.

    *Speech surrounding by the following '<' '>' indicates speech in another language aside from 'Galactic Basic', in this particular post it's the native tongue of the Chandra-Fan. As such for future reference please do not have you character immediately respond as though Drekl or any other alien is speaking Basic.
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  5. Rav'ien was on a far away hill on the desalinate desert planet of Geonosis. He was looking over the battle that was taking place. He wasn't one for getting in the middle between a republic and separatist dispute. He planned to just walk away and have nothing to do with them and go searching for the teacher, but his eye caught something off in the far distant. It looked like a man riding some beast. Rav'ien quickly ducked down hiding behind some rocks on the hill and uses his Binoculars to get a better sight of the man and beast. What he saw was, a jedi? This was rather rare to see a jedi away from the battle at hand...... Rav'ien quickly moved and stood up, looking around and walked to his speeder. the speeder was a general high speed speeder with two repulse blasters at the end, for protection.

    Rav'ien revved up his speeders engine. "It's time for some fun." He said slowly as h quickly did a 180, riding towards the mans location. "He might hold my answers." He stated pulling his black hood over his mandalorian battle armor helmet. His whole armor was covered in black and red lines outline the armor. If the jedi was paying enough attention then he should see the cloud of smoke coming towards him.
    Dead lock was quickly behind Markus. Dead lock quickly jumped off his beast and ran up to Markus. "General, whats the plan for finding the sith?" He asked scanning the area around them while placing his hand on the side of his helmet. "Hey general we got company...." He stated getting down on his knee. Holding his rifle, ready to fire at the speeder coming down. He was extremely ready to fire and ready to fight what ever the threat maybe.
  6. After entering the arena, Markus took time to try and get a feel for his surroundings. It helped that he had Dead Lock with him, otherwise he'd be more concerned letting his guard down to try and detect little bits and pieces of the force. He removed the hood from his robe and took a deep breath, closing his eyes before answering his faithful, and thoughtful, clone captain. "Well captain, thanks to the efforts of Republic spies, we have a basic layout of the arena, however we do not have information on this specific tunnel system. So we will enter the tunnel system and use the air tubes to sneak past any guards we encounter. While I was here I kidnapped one of the guards and learned of the relative location of Vandread, it's a straight trip down, at the bottom of the tunnels. One thing is for certain though, the Dark Side is strong here and-" Markus stopped, he sensed something, or someone, getting closer. That's when he heard Dead Lock's heads up.

    Markus quickly tuned around and saw a cloud of smoke approach. He pulled out his goggles and zoomed in on a speeder, on the speeder a cloaked, armored man.
    "Careful Captain, we don't know who this guy is, for all we know he was sent to help. Keep on your toes, let's see what this guy wants. Be ready for a attack." he ordered, slowly walking up next to the clone. "Hmm... I sense a disturbance... Ironic, this place is flodded with Dark Side energy and this man on a speeder sets off a disturbance, I have a bad feeling about this..."
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  7. Clack...clack...clack...

    The sound of wood on stone could be heard echoing throughout the arena, though it seemed oddly muted, as if the noise was only barely reaching the walls and then quickly dying out before being able to travel too far. It was a steady sound none the less, only interrupted by the static-laden monotone of a few droid soldiers, their voices reverberating off the walls with much less difficulty as they accosted someone in the darkness of the arena tunnels.

    /Halt Civilian. This Area Is Under Quarantine By Order Of The Confederacy Of Independent Systems. Please Remove Yourself From The Premises./

    The voice that answered back sounded almost as muted as his steps. It was distinctly male in its tone and definitely wizened amidst its throaty rattle.

    "Oh come now... I've spent all day walking to reach here...would you force an old man to walk all the way back to town after all that effort?"

    /These Facts Are Irrelevant. Repeating. Please Remove Yourself From The Premises. You Will Not Receive Another Warning And Failure To Comply Will Result In The Immediate Termination Of Your Vital Functions./

    "I suppose I haven't another choice then..."

    There was a sigh. Poignantly whispering through the air to all who heard it, save for any clever enough to detect the facetious undertone rippling just beneath its surface. Without warning, there was the unmistakable hiss of a lightsaber being ignited, no longer suffering from the same muting effects held by its wielder, though oddly the hiss of ignition never seemed to fade, as if the blade were continually extending amid the death knells of the droids; the noise sounding of three in unison before they were abruptly cut off and the hiss of the lightsaber extinguished.


    The sound of wood on stone sounded again, once again muted against the walls as it made its way closer to the center of the arena; closer and closer until a robed figure could be seen in one of the arena's entryways. To the clone trooper Dead Lock, all he would see was the bent and crooked form of an old man; a long white poking out from beneath his hood. To the sentinel Markus however, he would see a much younger man walking forward with slow, powerful steps, behind each a sense of great purpose; his mind a veritable bastion of serenity with nothing of worth to show any mental probing, and an equally serene connection to the force. The only constant in this situation would be the ornate walking stick held in the man's hand, the intricate carvings etched into the wood seeming to almost pulsate the closer to Markus the man drew, as if it were reacting to the living force radiating from him.

    "A disturbance indeed, and a troubling one at that. Any presence able to announce itself above a Sith Lord is something worth giving attention to... I agree we should all be on our guard. It would seem we find ourselves in an odd situation, Brother Sentinel."
    The man said idly, almost as if he were talking to himself, though his comment was clearly directed at Markus. Dead Lock, the man paid no mind...he was neither Jedi nor Sentinel, not that he thought ill of the trooper, he simply had no intentions of extending his pleasantries to the man beyond what was necessary. Nothing personal at all.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Lylith von Black, #ff4d4d
    A voice echoed in the room, rousing Lylith from her meditation. She had ignored the intrusion of her first mate, Arden, until now. He knew not to disturb her unless it was very important... "Captain, the forces have been engaged in combat for the past hour, and are starting to drift our way... I think it would be advisable to relocate ourselves in orbit..." he said. Arden had been watching the battle closely... He had always been fascinated with naval combat, and had intended to join the Royal Hapan Navy. He was declined and instead, became a small time smuggler, with big time dreams which never came to pass.

    "I think you're right... Lets move ourselves a bit, and pick a new place to watch from. I'm sure our passengers are getting just as nervous as you are... " she said casually, adding a little sarcasm at the end, just to tease him. She stood slowly, stretching, and strode across the room to her R1 unit, rigged to the main bridge controls... She petted the droid that had been installed, permanently, into the main flight controls. She had grown fond of the little droid, as he had simplified many factors in flying the massive 325m long ship, turning a 12 man job, into a one droid operation.

    "Take us into a higher orbit, somewhere near the northern pole of the planet. I want our tracking speed to match the battle, so we don't have to worry about collision again. Keep the upper decks facing the fight too... Give our passengers a show, will you?" She grinned as she finished, and the little droid beeped an agreeable reply. she felt the ship shift immediately, and watched as the view out the massive transperisteel windows shifted... She grinned, and walked back to her seat, satisfied. She watched as the red, green, and blue lights swept across the black canvas of space, spearing into nothing as they flew at targets she couldn't yet see... She imagined the fear, and fascination of her passengers who hadn't seen anything like this before... Of course they were perfectly safe at this distance, but if they accidentally did cross flight paths with the orbital skirmish... By the time they exited the other side of the battlefield, there would be little left of her ship.


    Lylith woke suddenly from a sleep she didn't know she'd fallen into... " ... those bastards. Just tell them to wait while I get the Captai... Captain! There's a ship hailing us... Filthy scrap pirates think they can take whatever they want in the aftermath, including us." he finished, sweat beading on his upper lip. He nodded to a screen as it popped on, showing an ugly, older, Corellian. He had a sick grin on his face, as if he knew some dirty secret, or could see through clothes, and you didn't know it... He immediately cleared his throat and bowed, a little roughly. Lylith stood, and said nothing, but kept her steely eyes on him.

    "Greetings... I am... Well, nobody... Captain of this here ship" he said, slapping the arm of a chair he stood by... "And I'm here to, well... Clean up the junk floating around... " he laughed, a throaty laugh that made it seem like he may be trying to loosen up some flem, rather than displaying an emotion... "Cause, if I don't do it, ain't NOBODY gon' do it! Ain't that right?" he waited for a reply, and upon receiving none, he continued, letting his fake, cheerful, demeanor fall away, replaced by his more natural scowl... "Well, seems to me, the trash floated a bit farther from the fight than I'd realized, and so I'm here to clean out the belly of your ships cargo holds. I do sincerely hope you'll... Well... Acquiesce... To my request, and don't resist... Cause I do see here you have a bunch of non combatant passengers who I KNOW won't help you when we board... So just don't try it, little missy... Okay?"

    The man on the screen grinned again, showing his lack of teeth, and closed the connection. Lylith simply strolled over to the R1 unit again, and glanced over the scan of the, now enemy, ship... A Corona Class, with a few more guns than it was supposed to have, smaller engines, and more cargo room than life support. Lylith almost smiled, but refrained... She turned to her First Mate, and shook her head. "Go on and handle the passenger announcements. I'll handle this... " she stated, beginning the process of diverting power from portions of the ship that were unnecessary, such as propulsion and lighting, to be used in shields and weapons systems instead... She turned to the viewport as an alarm went off, advising "all non-critical personnel, make your way to Deck 2 of the ship, between Section J and N, for YOUR SAFETY..." Good... Arden was doing his job perfectly, and the guards on the ship will be directing all the passengers to the safety of the center of the ship.

    "All passengers are past preliminary airlocks and blast doors. You can shut them now... " she heard across her comm unit. Lylith danced her fingers across a screen, closing all airlocks, and removing air content from the first few layers of the ship. The problem with space combat is that the very thing that keeps you alive, also kills you... Compressed air inside the ship explodes outward when a hole is melted in the hull, and results in a massive hole in the ship, rather than a relatively small penetration. The only reason more ships did not employ this tactic, is because most ships weapon systems have to be manually fired from the weapon itself... The Acquiesce had been modified to allow Lylith to control the weapons from the bridge, or to allow her R1 unit to fire them in her stead. The only problem with this, is if the communications systems within the ship were disabled, the weapons would be disabled too. And that is why this method wasn't widely used...

    Lylith watched as the Corona Class Frigate approached slowly... The engines were weak, and were now burning at full power to propel the large-ish ship towards it's "prey"... Lylith glanced at the enemy ships overview and saw its shields were up as well. She reviewed the situation in her head, using the tactics her mentor had taught her such a long time ago...
    "Most of its power has to be consumed simply by the engines and those shields. They should have very little offensive power to use at this point..." Lylith looked down at her own ships status and pressed a few buttons, arming her weapons systems.

    "Aim all starboard weapons at the bridge of their ship. Maximum firepower, for maximum effect. Cease fire when shields are down, and fire the Ion canon into their bridge." she drew a digital cross hair to the image of her opponents ship, confirming where she wanted the volleys of luminous death to be directed... and released her finger from the glass, allowing the cross hairs to go red.

    Lylith grinned as her enemies engines nearly immediately cut, diverting power to their already doomed shields. The streaks of green from her 4 starboard Turbo Lasers, and red from eight Heavy Lasers, slammed into the pulsing blue-green of her enemy... She watched as the shield pulsed with a burst of energy, from the Corona, and steadily began to fade once more... Weak volleys from the opposing ship lanced out and were simply absorbed by her shield, which she had left up at half power.

    Lylith waited a few more moments until the Coronas shield flickered out... She saw a few stray battery rounds lance into the ship, just as the shields collapsed, but that couldn't be helped... She saw the blue glow of the Ion round fly free of her ship, and SLAM into the bridge of the enemy ship, effectively disabling the bridge, and possibly killing everyone within... Though that was rare. But still a possibility... One Lylith hoped for... She didn't want to have to see that ugly pirate in person when she boarded HIS ship...

    "Well... That was fun. What do you think R1... Blow it up, or take the goodies?" she looked to the droid for an answer, as if she would really take his advice, and laughed as red cross hairs appeared over the bridge of the disabled ship once more... "Ohh, you... Is it THAT BORING around here now?" she asked, laying a hand on his dome... He beeped a few times...

    "You're right... We should do this more often..."

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  9. CAPTAIN VRILL NAREZZ-GEONOSIS, #0059b3 Geonosian architecture was among that of the strangest Vrill had come across in all of his travels. From the surface the planet could nearly pass as uninhabited and barren were it not for the exhaust ports of the sprawling cities hidden beneath the surface. What evidence there was of these structures reached out of the ground looking something akin to the mounds left behind by insects on other worlds. Perhaps that further justified the insect like appearance of the Geonosian people. With one hand on the controls of the gravsled and another on his S-5, Vrill gently guided the sled to a stop as he met his contact along with another Geonosian. Vrill's tendrils twitched in annoyance as he looked towards the pair, an advanced battle droid standing on either side of them, their metallic hands lay resting at their sides, but Vrill knew what lay hidden beneath that shiny metalic surface.

    "<You're late Nautolan. The war has already begun, there won't be games for quite some time now.>" The first Genosian said in its strange clicking language. While Vrill wasn't entirely fluent in Geonosian, he understood enough of it to get the job done.

    "According to my chronometer I'm right on time. I can't help it that the Republic found you out sooner than you intended." Reaching his hand down to his pistol, Vrill subtly took his safety off the weapon while keeping an eye steady on the two droids.

    "<I'm afraid you won't be getting paid, our people will require the funds to ensure a preferably outcome in the war.>" The Geonosian motioned to the droid on his left as it stepped forward intending to unload the sled.

    "Whoa!" The Nautolan cried out as he raised his gun, his other hand reaching behind his waist for the slugthrower. "Hold on, what sort of Bantha Fodder do you think this is? You bugsluts better call off your droids and throw over some credits before I'm forced to deliver a little light show."

    The sound that came out of the Geonosian's nostrils could only be described as its attempt at laughter.
    "<You're scum and a fool. Did you really come out here looking for credits? We aren't exactly in the business of supporting the Republic.>" The Geonosian gestured to both of the battle droids all of a sudden. "<Kill him.>"

    Firing his S-5, Vrill managed to cripple the first battle droid, though his slugthrower missed as he ducked a shot from the other droid. Banking the gravsled hard, Vrill flipped the vehicle over the contents spilling out on the ground. A growl could be heard as the young Nexu was freed from its cage, but Vrill had bigger issues to worry about as he shot at the battle droid again, the droid's armor absorbing most of the shot.

    "Get the ship in the air!" Vrill yelled into his comm as he retrieved it from his belt while running from the droid. Behind him he could hear a cry of pain and a small growl, no doubt the Nexu had managed to get a hold of one of the Geonosians. A smile crossed Vrill's face at the thought of the Nexu hanging off of one of the bugslut's choobies.

    Vrill's run was suddenly brought to a dead stop as a pair of droideka rolled in front of him. Firing off his slugthrower again, the projectile ripped through the shield of one while the other laid down heavy fire forcing Vrill to take a new path as he was turned towards the arena's ring.

    "Drekl, take off! I repeat take off and take the ship over the ring! I'm not going to be able to make it back to the landing pad..." His words were drowned out as another volley of blaster fire rang out. Emerging from the tunnels, Vrill found himself standing in a balcony over the ring before jumping in without hesitation.

    "C'mon Drekl! Don't let me down now!"
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  10. Rav'ien saw the trooper and Jedi pair stand there ready for a fight. Rav'ien took no chances for the clone to take a shot at his speeder, so he quickly stood on top of his speeders seat, leaping high into the air. the speeder quickly stopped in its path as if it was a built in safety measure. Rav'ien landed on one knee his fists on the ground and his head pointed down covered by his hood. He stood up and quickly looked at them both, revealing his mandelorian armor helmet covering his whole head. "Who are you jedi? and why is the Republic attacking Geonosis?" Rav'ien quickly asked moving his robe hind his lightsaber and pulling his hood down.

    Dead lock did not fire executing his orders perfectly. Dead lock quickly stood up and back away three steps keeping distance from this, Sith or jedi? It was weird since he did not know who markus was. Dead lock did not care he just wanted to know if this what ever was threat or friendly.

    Rav'ien did not take any aggressive motions. He did feel a strong force power with in the jedi. No matter the Jedi was still looking like a young knight instead of a master to Rav'ien.
  11. Markus's attention shifted from the figure gradually approaching the arena on a speeder to a new, more familiar figure entering the arena, radiating a sense of light. After seeing the man's walking staff, he knew immediately who this was. He was in Master Nyah'mos Sentinel class directly previous to him. He remembers the Jedi because the Jedi master could not stop boasting about this guy. He believed his name was Kui'lain something or other. He had never met him on a personal level but he had seen the black haired Jedi, however he had seen him around the library and the Sentinel lower section of the Jedi Temple. Markus meerely nodded and put on a small friendly yet confident grin on his face.

    "Greetings. You're Kuu'lain right? One of Master Nyah'mos favorite students? I'm honored!" Markus then tapped on Dead Lock's shoulder and then pointed to the Jedi, talking now directly to the Clone Captain "Don't worry Dead Lock, this guy is friendly." He continued, "My name is Markus Ondor, this is Captain Dead Lock, a trusted ally of mine."

    He then felt the other entity getting closer. He approached the entrance near Kuu'lain to see a mandalorian armored figure, wielding a lightsaber. This did not send good signals to Markus as he felt the Dark Side very present in the figure, however not nearly as much as any Sith Lord he's ever seen. No he was something different, probably one of those Dark or Fallen Jedi he's ran into from time to time. When the man started to ask questions, Markus answered quickly.

    "The Geonosians have been discovered to not only be traitors against the Republic but are also harboring a massive droid factory on the planet. They are also charged with espionage against the Republic. That and a few other, more confidential reasons, is why the Republic is here. Why do you care? From the looks of it..." Makrus then moved his hands to his waist and then pushed his elbows out, moving the cloak out of the way enough to show his own two lightsabers back at the darksider, "You don't live on Geonosis."
  12. Rav'ien looked at both of the two sentinels standing ahead of him. He glanced and saw that the jedi revealing the lightsabers was ready to fight if needed. This did make him chuckle just a bit. "Why do I care? I am searching for a great Force sensitive teacher who is living on this planet. Do you know of this person?" He asked hearing the jedi tell him he didnt live on Geonosis. "That is quite the observation skills jedi." Rav'ien stated being sarcastic to the young one. He faced towards the direct to the other sentinel, looking at him examining him, wondering why he was so patient and calm. But no matter Rav'ien had his goal and these jedi wouldn't stand in his way no matter.

    Dead lock nodded to Markus, acknowledging the other Sentinel as friendly. But seeing the opponent at hand he would stay strong and keep his footing, not lowering his guard even for a second. "If your looking for a teacher then why come here? The only teacher left here died, several years ago." Dead lock stated not knowing what this new information would do to this enemy.

    Rav'ien shook his head and shrugged it off, he listened to what the trooper had to say and sighed. "Well Well it seems lap dogs to speak there mind." He stated not really liking troopers since the republic was messing with human DNA making them all the same.

    The statement angered Dead lock but he couldn't be agitated so much. He could not cause a great battle here and now when, they had their own mission.
  13. [​IMG]
    Tabatha Norzel

    Tabatha quietly sat high in the Petranaki Arena stands, staring blankly at the nearby door to her left. A week ago, an informant of hers told Tabatha of a job offering on Geonosis. Apparently there was some rumor about a droid factory somewhere in the area, and the CIS was looking for some muscle to keep it safe. Tabatha was awaiting her contact, who was supposedly an odd choice for a CIS agent. However, it had been hours since she was supposed to have met him, and the very distant sound of battle gave Tabatha reason to believe that she never would.

    Unsure about how to proceed, Tabatha removed her helmet and ran a hand through her hair. " hot." The Chiss began daydreaming of her home on Csilla, trying to recreate the feeling of cold air circulating around her, but to no avail. The sound of nearby blaster fire brought Tabatha's attention to the ring, where she noticed a small figure descending into the arena. Shocked, Tabatha stared at the life-form below with wide eyes before a smirk spread on her lips. "Heh. Well, I guess the next best thing to credits is a show." Holding her helmet under her left arm, Tabatha began hopping down levels to get a front row seat. When she reached the lowest level of the stands, she let herself fall onto the stone bench underneath and placed her helmet next to her.

    Now that she was closer, Tabatha could see the person better, a blue Nautolan from the looks of it. Based on how it was dressed, the Chiss could only assume the Nautolan was a smugger or bounty hunter. Either way, there was little chance that the alien would be willing to part with credits if she jumped in. So Tabatha stayed where she was and watched as a droideka came rolling into the open arena. "Oh my. Looks like our challenger has arrived." Tabatha's eyes returned to the Nautolan. Smuggler verses your bets. If the alien looked up at Tabatha, she'd pull out a credit chip and point to herself with a smile, as if to say 'I'll help you out...for a price.'
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  14. Khirr snarled and slammed his fist down on the dashboard, cursing in Cathar tongue as Vrill's ship shifted into hyperdrive and disappeared. His crew braced for another lashing courtesy of Khirr's short temper, but instead his snarl went low and quiet as it morphed into a low growl, and then cut out completely as he spoke. "Did you land the beacon?" He muttered, and a nervous-looking Rodian quickly spun in his chair to activate a screen on the dashboard in front of him. It powered-up slowly as Khirr padded across to stand over him, and then there was a dreadful second of silence - before a single bing sounded, accompanied by a quick download of co-ordinates and and the screen lighting up with sector data and an ongoing location track. Khirr paused. "Bring up the star-map."

    He sat down as the cockpit's front screen glassed over and then brought up a rough sector map, filled with lines and data and a single pulsing dot orbiting a large, ringed, desert planet.
    "What is that rock?" Khirr demanded, and the same Rodian fiddled about with his console before answering.
    "Geonosis." Khirr rolled his hand. "Insect-people. Seperatists. In the middle of a war. There's an interesting bounty posting though..." Khirr sank back in his chair.
    "Bring it up."

    The map flashed as a small window opened, detailing the bounty posted on a Sith Lord - perhaps the last alive - known as Darth Vandread, a known fugitive and suspected of hiding in the underground cities of Geonosis. There was a large credit reward - dead or alive. Khirr purred.
    "How interesting..." he mused to himself, and then thought for a second.

    Their last bounty clients were still after the Cutlass. Collection hadn't gone so well - the target was bound and aboard Khirr's ship, but a run in with Vrill and the Krakana when a derelict cargo carrier drew the attention of both smugglers to its shipment of highly useful and highly valuable droid parts had resulted in Khirr losing his temper as Vrill got away with the goods. A few taunts from the target was all that was needed for him to spell his own end via Khirr's talons and an opened throat. The brig had stunk of coppery blood for days. Khirr hadn't found anymore jobs in this sector since then.

    "We're not wanted in this sector. Fire up the hyperdrive. Head to Geonosis. This bounty is worth three times as much as the one we lost. And we can pay that drukstain Nautolan back for our troubles at the same time."
    His crew went to work, and Khirr purred again. Maybe things were starting to look up.
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  15. Lylith von Black, #ff4d4d

    She ran down the corridor straight into two pirates... "What th..." they began to yell, surprised by the sudden appearance of a red-headded woman, armed with an ELG - 3A blaster and a dagger like weapon at her side... They raised their weapons but fell as the woman fired two blaster rounds into their chests. One crumpled immediately, the second managed to aim and fire a burst of sloppy fire in her general direction. All of the rounds missed, but encouraged the red-headded woman to duck behind cover before continuing...

    Lylith poked her head out from behind the corner and sighed, leaning against the grey metal wall that led away from the docking bay she had landed in, with a small party of others. She looked back, waiting for the others to catch up, and continued on, smiling to herself at their expressions when they saw the two dead pirates... "Didn't know I could do that, did you now? Well there's a reason I'm Captain, and you're not... " she thought to herself.

    She slowed down a bit as she neared a large blast door. It was closed, but it most certainly wasn't locked. A green light pulsed on the right side of the door, indicating it was unlocked.
    "Strange... All the others had been locked. Why leave this one open?"... Lylith ducked behind the last corner and held her hand out, letting her team know silently, to stop... She reached out with the Force and found the panel, and applied pressure... The door hissed open showing nothing but darkness beyond... She poked her head around the corner a bit more before jerking back as a shower of red lanced from the black beyond... The red streaks ended in black burn marks all over the walls of the corridor, but none found their marks.

    Lylith reached down, taking one of the thermal detonators from her squad. The little grenade was a special little weapon that created a small sun when it detonated, and generally vaporized anything within a 5m radius... Perfect for this situation. She primed it and used the force to direct it through the blast doors and into the darkness beyond, faster than she could have thrown it on her own... And a bit more accurately... She ducked behind the corner of the hallway again, and covered her ears.


    What seemed like hours later, reports came over her comm unit reporting sections of the ship cleared of pirates. Teams moved in tandem to support each other throughout the large ship. They began to regroup, rounding up captives that the pirates were holding for ransom, and also cleaning out the cargo holds of anything small enough to move by hand or by grav sled.

    "... two crates of A280's, a few more of assorted junk weapons. Some explosives, and power cells for almost any weapon here... A few landspeeders, mostly junk, and the scraps from a few ships... There's a few droids here. An R3 unit, and a T3 utility... " The list was growing longer and longer, so Lylith switched channels to see what else was going on throughout the enemy ship.

    "... shut up, I don't care! F**k, I don't care about your 'mission'! I need you to line up, and move, or I swear to... " the man was cut off by a loud thud, and Lylith heard voices yelling. "... crazy bastard rodian! ... f***ker's loose... get the captain? ..."

    She heard a beep in her ear, and changed the channel to tune in to accept the incoming call... "Yes... I know." she stated simply... Already knowing what was going to be asked. She headed towards the location of the holding cells, and frowned... She'd never really wanted to see what state the pirates left their prisoners in, but now it was unavoidable.

    "Ohh what a day... "
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  16. [​IMG]
    Bridge of the Acquiesce

    Lylith von Black, #ff4d4d

    Lylith approached a bustle of activity deep within the pirate ship. It was dark, and rancid... The air was rancid with the smell of metal, blood, and rot. The darkness consumed the far corners of the rooms where slithering creatures retreated when she passed. She walked for what seemed like an hour, but it was only a few minutes, before she reached her team who was handling the pirates former captives. Wailing, and cheering, and some angry yelling could be heard echoing down the hallways, reaching her ears as an unintelligible wave of noise... As Lylith neared, she began to decipher some of the voices...

    "Stop your whining! You're not being held captive anymore! We're FEEDING YOU! We AREN'T PIRATES... "

    "Stop! N... NO! DON'T TOUCH ME! STOOOO.... ! " *ZZzzzAP*

    Lylith almost smiled. That probably wasn't the best way to calm down the rest of the captives, but neither would letting the crazy one continue yelling... She shrugged and turned corner, and immediately wished she hadn't. The ragged mass of people were hardly clothed, half starved, and smelled... She had no words to describe the smell... She pulled the mask attached to her suit meant for padding over her face, and continued on, joining the captain of the guard.

    "Ma'am... We have a bit of a situation..." Lylith almost laughed, interrupting him... "I can tell... What's the problem. Why did you bring me down here?" The man, his face covered as well, turned and pointed to a filthy rodian, picking at his handcuffs as if he could make them fall away somehow with his overgrown fingernails. "He's been spinning some story about a space station of sorts, ranting and raving about his mission or something... I don't believe him, but the story hasn't changed, and one of the men says he's heard of whatever he claims to be looking for." He inclined his head towards an older guard who was holding a cup for one of the captives. "He said if the rodian wasn't crazy, this was important, and you needed to hear about it."

    Lylith thanked the guard and made her way through the stench to the rodian. She knelt by him, throwing the tail of her cloak behind her, and pulling her mask down, despite the protests of her nostrils. "Who are you..." she asked, calmly, but with a bit of a warning in her voice. The rodian fidgeted, and looked past Lylith at the guard who was simply shaking his head, displaying his obvious disbelief in the rodians story. The rodian looked back at Lylith and raised his shaky, high pitched voice... "I am Tesla Todo! Archaeologist extraordinaire! And I DEMAND you take me to Taris IMMEDIATELY!"

    Lylith was tempted to smile at the aliens humorous display of bravery, but refrained, maintaining a steely gaze. "And why would I do that, mister Todo... Why should I take you anywhere besides the nearest inhabitable planet, to leave you to the local law enforcement?" she asked... The rodian hesitated, looking from face to face of his former cellmates. None offered any help, and so he faced the redheadded woman again... "These rancid pirates took my ship, MY SHIP, and sold it off for parts! PARTS I TELL YOU! They interrupted the discovery of the century for PARTS! No you must take me now to TARIS! I MUST continue my research!"

    Lylith frowned now, angry at the insubordinate demands of this filthy rodian... "Look here, mister Todo. I don't believe you're anything more than a captive rodian I just freed from pirates. You're afraid, delusional, and obviously suffering from whatever tortures were inflicted on you during your stay... But I'm NOT about to tak..." The rodian tried to stand up abruptly and promptly fell over due to his restraints... "But... You don't understand... I'm trying to discover... No, I am looking for the infinite creation machine, the star eater, the builder of empires! I am looking for the STAR FORGE! Do you realize the historical implications of this!? FAR BEYOND me OR you! You MUST take me! I am so close... So close..."

    Lylith shook her head and put her mask back on, walking past her guard who mimicked her before returning to his duty. She returned to the bridge of her own ship, thinking about what the rodian had said... She had heard about the Star Forge as well, but many had searched for it. Many had claimed they knew where it was, and all had either returned empty handed, or not at all... No, this rodian was simply one of those who had lost everything in their search, and gone mad with grief. She was sure of it...

    She sat, almost sad for the poor rodian... But there was no time for Lylith to grieve for a single alien. She had much to do, and besides... She'd just saved him from a horrid fate, and given him a new chance at life. That was something to be happy about, at least.
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  17. CAPTAIN VRILL NAREZZ-GEONOSIS, #0059b3 The droideka kept the Nautolan pinned under a stream of heavy fire as it hobbled closer on its three legs. Scrambling to reload his slugthrower, Vrill looked up to scan the skies for any sign of his ship but kept finding himself disappointed as he only ended up staring into the bleak red skies of the desert planet. Looking to his side, Vrill noted a body up in the stands watching him, he didn't recognize the species though. Like him they were blue, but it wasn't another Nautolan as their head was adorned with hair opposed to tendrils. What Vrill did recognize was the outfitting and the gesture of the credit chip.

    With a smile, Vrill returned the Bounty Hunter's notion with a gesture of his own as he gripped his blaster and returned a volley of shots to the destroyer droid. Ducking back behind cover, Vrill targeted a nearby piller with the grappling spike attached to his heavy blaster as he released the liquid cable before pulling himself across the stadium, landing with a roll as the droideka narrowly missed singeing him with yet another volley of blaster bolts. Holstering his S-5, Vrill drew his now reloaded KD-30 Slughthrower and aimed for the droideka only for a large blast to rain down from above destroying the droid. Sand whipped around as the repulsor engines of The Krakana lowered towards the arena.

    "Sith's blood! About time there Chandra-Fan!" Vrill said as he spit towards the ground and holstered his weapon walking towards the ship. "I was starting to think you ran off with my ship."

    The engines slowed to a hum as Drekl put the ship into standby and came down the ramp to meet his captain.
    "<The thought crossed my mind, but your head is worth more than your ship so it didn't seem like a profitable time to backstab you.">" Drekl answered cheerfully. Vrill couldn't decided whether to be frightened or not that the smaller alien had put that much thought into his answer or not. Either way the forever positive attiude of the Chandra-Fan was rather eerie at times.

    "Just remember who's the better shot." Vrill said with a smile of his own as he slid back his longcoat to put a hand on his S-5. "Now lets get off this rock. Another job that was a bust." Vrill suddenly paused as he noticed an anomaly on the hull of his ship."E chu ta!" Vrill yelled as he walked closer to the object realizing it was a homing becon.

    "By the thousand tides, that dag chuff-sucking cat snagged us with a homing beacon!" Vrill turned fast on his heel as he ran up the landing ramp, rushing through the ship's narrow hallways before charging into the cockpit as he leaped over the back of his seat. "Drekl, locate me a cavern to stow the ship! We need to get stealth systems active now. Stand by for take off, get the engines heated up and keep weapons at the ready there's no way that ship is too far behind us now. We've wasted too much time on this bantha fodder."
  18. Khirr braced himself in his chair as the Cutlass lurched forwards as its hyperdrive powered down and the ship dropped in speed dramatically. You never felt the speed up, but the braking always hit you. He growled low, and the Rodian lost his grip in nervousness and fell to the floor via inertia. Khirr chuckled. He looked out of the cockpit at the planet below.

    Geonosis. Big, dry, red. Ringed, the rock debris spinning in perpetual motion, dangerous to unskilled pilots. Dumb pilots. It was easy enough to set yourself up in an orbit that opposed any kind of collision. The gravity wasn't strong enough to resist a ship keeping itself a further distance from the core than the planet's natural belt. The Cutlass was more than able to keep itself steady. Khirr shook his mind from pointless ramblings. They'd flown here for a reason.
    "Scan. Right now." He barked, and he was quickly obeyed. There was no ping from the beacon this time, and the Rodian, back in his seat now, didn't offer any immediate reasoning. Khirr knew this was from fear. He didn't care. "Report! Where is he?"
    "Nowhere, sir. The scan isn't picking up anything and...and there's no response from the beacon." Khirr knew the Rodian feared his temper, but this was expected. It didn't anger Khirr. But it was good to keep his crew in line. "They...they must have found it and taken it offline." Khirr purred, but low enough that it sounded like irritance "I'll keep looking." Khirr smiled.

    "Good. Ready a pod while you do. I'm going planetside."
    "This Hutt-maggot squid owes me a bounty and a sector full of jobs. And he can start paying me back by giving me this 'last sith'." Khirr stood from his chair and lifted his mask from the arm, pushing it into place on top of his head and feeling it click into place. He blinked a few times behind the visors and then made sure his blaster and vibroblade were secured to his belt properly. Their weight felt good on his hips. He'd spent too long on the Cutlass since losing his bounty.
    "I'll check in when I hit the surface. Keep the engines warm."

    With that, Khirr left for the pod. Stood with his hands crossed across his chest, he purred as he thought of that damn Nautolan getting his karma, and the paycheque from the sith. Maybe he could go home. The pod departed for the surface.
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  19. I am indeed, though I would hardly call myself his favorite. He shares his favor as equally as he shares his alcohol. As for you, Brother Ondor, I've heard many a tale of your exploits in my time, the honor is all mine I assure you.

    Kuu'lain seemed to visibly relax in the presence of a fellow sentinel, his illusion lifting almost immediately as he placed a hand on his chest and gave both Markus and Dead Lock a polite bow of his head. He still wasn't as keen on the clone trooper as he was with his Sentinel brethren, he had to take into account that Markus had called him a trusted ally.

    Sentinels were lone creatures by nature, preferring to move and hunt on their own. To open oneself to companionship and even more so to call someone in any capacity "trusted" was almost as high an honor as a Sentinel could give to another living being and that was definitely something to take note of. He might not have anything in particular to discuss with the trooper, but he would give him his due respect if only for that reason alone.

    Unfortunately, he was forced to push aside any happier feelings as the dark presence in prior question flipped off of its speeder and landed a few feet in front of them. It wasn't the Sith Lord they were looking for, but whomever this was most certainly had a firm connection to the dark side, an acknowledgement that brought a small twitch to Kuu'lain's hand, though he kept it concealed firmly beneath his robe. This man, while a target in his own right, was not the target, and therefore fighting him would only serve to hinder them rather than provide any real benefit.

    Lap odd for the pot to call the kettle black, but I digress. I can equally confirm that there are no force sensitive teachers upon this planet any longer, and furthermore it makes little sense for one to seek training amidst a world that has become an active battlefield in the event there were. I'm sure you can find other teachers on other planets, or does that escape the realm of your mental abilities?

    Considering how shortsighted and prone to tunnel vision fallen jedi tended to be, he wouldn't be surprised if it was beyond this man's ability to process. If he had to guess, this man would say something about whomever he was looking for being "The Best" and not wanting to accept any substitutes. For all he knew, this man was hunting for the Sith Lord himself seeking to become an apprentice...were that the case, he would see absolutely no issue shifting the man onto his priority list.
  20. Markus shrugged slightly "Believe me, Dead Lock is much more than a lap dog, I don't know if I can say the same for you though.", he then felt the wind pick up behind him, he turned around into the arena to see a ship descend into the middle of the arena, and a Nautolan running towards it. It was not any ship either, it seemed to be a well modified Mon Calamari ship, he wasn't sure of the model however. Ships were never Markus's forte. "Well that explains the other bits of energy I sensed" Not only that, but the nautolan was being shot at by two droideka. "Well... We have a Dark Jedi, a Nautolan a Ship, an Angry Geonosian and two droideka all in the same... and another presence somewhere, however they do not feel threatening... This doesn't feel right..." Markus slowly backed into the arena, far past the entrance as the wind picked up from the ship landing. He felt the great dark presence grow stronger, "Hey, you feel that right?" Markus asked his fellow Sentinel, he signaled for his clone trooper to back into the arena somewhat. It's then when it hit him, he looked towards the Geonosian, he didn't seem, normal... You know it was kind of strange, Vandread should be miles below the surface, he shouldn't be able to feel such a strong presence this far away... Unless... It was being channeled...

    "Dead Lock, take out the Geonosian! He's a mind slave of Vandread's! I'll deal with the droideka." Markus commanded, removing his cloak and letting it settle in the sand below. He would wait for Dead Lock to kill the Geonosian before charging forward and unsheathing his two lightsabers. Markus would then land to the backs of the two droideka, who would immediately turn their attention to him, during this time he extended both of his arms out and quickly pulled them back, channeling energy though the force and forcing the droideka towards him, causing the droid's shields to fall. He would then use his lightsaber blades to cut them in to, deactivating them permanently.

    "Well... I just hope Vandread doesn't know we are here, thankfully the Geonosian didn't see us." However his moment of relief was ruined by the sound of more droideka coming in through the sides of the arena.
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