Star Wars: the Saga Reborn (From "A New Hope" to "Return of the Jedi", rebooting the universe)

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    Okay I'm not gonna get too detailed with this because I'm still working on the major elements, but here's the premise for this:

    The original Star Wars trilogy (New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of te Jedi) is easily one of the best science fiction stories ever told (in my opinion). Some may disagree, but I've loved Star Wars ever since I saw it as a kid. Even to this day, I still love the movies, TV shows, books, video games, comics, and pretty much anything that pumped out more things for me to enjoy in the Universe. I know that other people also share the same love for Star Wars as I do, so without further adieu, here goes:

    This, as the title suggests, will be a Star Wars fan-RP. This story is will take a group of people from the Star Wars universe and send them on the greatest adventure that the galaxy's ever known.

    Set during the age of the Empire, the plans for the Death Star have just been stolen by Kyle Katarn, a mercenary working for the Rebellion. Aboard the spaceship Tantive IV, the plans are set to be delivered to Alderaan until the ship is intercepted by Imperial forces.

    The planning for this RP will begin right there. This will be a complete as total reboot of our favourite space-age story. Rather then following the story of Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, Threepio and Artoo as they attempt to take down the Empire, we will be following the story of our own characters as they form up and try to take down the Empire.

    We would create a whole new story for the original trilogy. Rather then the droids landing on Tatooine, they could get captured by Darth Vader (or a new Sith Lord replacing him) and brought aboard the Death Star, or instead of flying to Bespin, the heroes take refuge in the city of Taris, where they discover an Imperial plot to destroy the lower levels of the city and blame it on the Rebels.

    The story can develop whoever we want and go off in whatever direction however we'd like it too.

    One issue I would have is Force wielders. I know that in the movies, only Luke, Vader, Sidious, Yoda and Obi Wan are supposed to know how to use the Force. This RP, however, being a reboot will feature many elements from the Extended Universe, leaving the possibilities open for additional Force Wielders similar to how Mara Jade, General Rham Kota, and Kyle Katarn were able.

    We'll discuss the details more, but I'd like to get some interest generated for this before we go too crazy. Anyways, post below if you're interested and we'll see what ya'll have to say!
  2. Yeah, I'm totally up for it! Just finished my Star Wars Movie Marathon (all the way from Episode I to VI) a couple of days ago, and am so pumped again! XD I'm drawing my own Sith ideas- bad guys are so much more fun to draw! It's awesome. STAR WARS ROBOT CHICKEN MAKES ME DIE. Yarel Poof and Bobba are my fav characters in it. Too funny. WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT.

    So yeah, I'm in for the rp. Ready to start whenever. ;)

    May the Force be with you.
  3. XD nice. I've been so busy, my marathons been interrupted. I'm currently watching it now, ironically.

    Yes, I'm a mega-nerd. Sue me.

    But sweet. What character do you think you'll play? Seeing as how you mentioned Sith characters, would your character be replacing Vader/Palpatine?
  4. I'm fine with whatever. XD I can play bad guys, good guys, super evil guys, guys in between...whatever you want! I'm not a very fussy person. But I think I'll take that most sinister job...could be fun... mwahahaHAHAHA. LOL. Sometimes I can be really sweet, or really evil- I've been told many a time by so many people. XD Guess it's just a quality I possess!

    Oh yeah, when I say 'guys' I mean the generic term. Like 'people'. I'm a girl, so I don't really play guys, but I think I could if you wanted a bad GUY. Like I said- really not too fussed. :bouncy:
  5. XD haha sweet. Its totally up to you, you can play any of those "guys" you want!

    And by all means, be a female character. The movies really only had like, 8 women in it as opposed to the 80 guys.
  6. Anyone else interested?
  7. Okay, so seems like we only need 3 more people before we can officially make this RP a thing.

    I'll have a cut-off number of 8 players just in case for the actual RP, but we only need 2-3 more people to start plotting this.
  8. So, what kind of character do you think you'll be playing?
  9. Bad guy. :devil: Never rpd a bad guy, but it sounds fun.
  10. Sweet. A Sith bad guy or just regular?
  11. Hmmm....I may be interested. I love Star Wars but before I sign on, I want to see more of the structure and elements you are getting set up.

    <----is a Maybe.
  12. Yaaaay...?

    Any questions you may have about it concerning the structure or how the RP will go?
  13. Post requirements; length & frequency.
    Plot strings; will we all just be one man armies or do you have a basic plot to initially draw us together?
    Combat rules.
  14. Ah, I see
  15. Well normally I try to make everybody post at least 2-3 paragraphs a time, but you're free to go over that if you wish. One paragraph is okay if you're struggling, but don't make a habit of it. Anyone who posts a 1-liner will immediately be asked to leave the RP.

    I'd hope to have people posting 1-2 a week, maybe more if they can manage. My schedule can get pretty hectic sometimes, but I'll let you guys know when I'm busy. I would appreciate if you also gave me that same curtesy.

    I'm thinking we would have a plotline to bring us together (such as the stolen plans from the Death Star or some other event with one/two NPC's as a cataclyst like Threepio and Artoo). It'll be tricky to properly develop until we have the required players, but as far as I can see, we've got one confirmed Jedi/Sith (moi), an unconfirmed Sith who may or may not be a Darth Vader character in the story, and whatever it is you'd want to play, @WarriorHeart

    Combat would be a bit tricky, but when it comes to NPC's just make it realistic. For example; you can cut down Droids without issue (I don't care as much about them because lets face it, most of the CIS forced were dysfunctional), but don't make yourself invincible. Get shot, or at least clocked in the face by a blaster.

    Player on player combat would rely on one of two things:

    1. The dice roll system included in the post options. From 1-10, 10 being dealing massive damage whereas 1 means you miss entirely. This could work, with lower scores making the battle harder for the players (ex. Imagine Luke got a low dice score in Empire. Vader rolled a 10, so he chopped off Luke's hand).

    2. Planning from the people fighting via PM's. This way, the conflict will be decided properly and will ensure that a beginning, middle and end are present. If this route is decided, I would like to be included in the discussions so I can not only monitor the events, but also contribute ideas and work the fight into the plot.

    Those are just a few basic ideas, but they can be changed or worked on. What did you think for combat? (Its the trickiest of them all)
  16. That all sounds very good. As far as the combat is concerned, be sure to detail it as much as possible in the OOC thread. Ex. Any Sith/Jedi must have some kind of limit to his/her power. Ex 2. In long melee combat sequences, players must show some kind of fatigue realistic to his/her character.

    I like the way you have laid it out thus far. Do you have a planet or system in which you plan to start? The more clarity you can provide on your starting plot; the more I will be able to tailor a character to fit the story. I like to be the late addition so I can fill any voids in the character pool.
  17. That's cool, and yeah of course. The Jedi/Sith info will be included in the OoC so people know what they can and can't do in/out of combat.

    I'd like to start off doing something either on Taris, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Dantooine, or possibly Coruscant. Depending on who joins and wether or not we include the Death Star would influence where we start.

    Any ideas on your end?
  18. Nar doubt. I'm all for the Smugglers' Moon.
  19. Cool. So, as per typical Star Wars fashion, the question remains:

    R2D2 and C3PO: in this RP, or not?
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