Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire

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  1. Prior to the de facto formation of the Galactic Alliance, smaller uprisings on individual planets stirred panic and unrest in the Galactic Empire. The plot I have in mind focuses on one of those uprisings--a labor strike on an Outer Rim planet run by monopolistic corporatists in league with Imperial officers searching for power on their own.

    Leave your thoughts here =).
  2. You're interested =D? That makes me happy!
  3. I hope it does, I've been waiting for a Star Wars RP.
  4. Wonderful!

    I'm not new to this forum, but not new to RPing. This whole planning method is a bit unconventional for me, though.

    Do you want to do this as a one on one? Or as a group RP? Should we start talking characters?
  5. Whatever is clever. Just look at other posts, that how I base some of my posts.
  6. No, no, the writing isn't the issue =). It's more the conventional structure, yadda yadda...

    Personally, would you rather do this as a one on one, or as a group?
  7. I think a four or five person group would be cool, but I could go for a one on one.
  8. All right =). So let's give it twenty-four hours, and if no one else shows interest, we'll do it as a one on one.
  9. Oh nuu~ I was going to do a Star Wars RP of my own. You beat me to it haha.

    Anyway I may be interested depending on your rules and what types of characters you're looking for.
  10. Oh, yay!

    Well, to start with, I believe roleplays are about collaboration, not about me. Naturally, I have ideas for characters--it's my concept, after all. But that doesn't mean we're limited to my ideas, you know? We could take this any number of ways =).
  11. So, you would be okay with whatever sort of character on whatever sort of mission, right? I have an idea for a character I'd like to try based on your description here but I kind of need a base to go off of. Like, does light side or dark side matter? Does race matter? etc.

    I'd be interested regardless.
  12. Race doesn't matter beyond the fact that Ewoks haven't been discovered yet, and are solitary to the moons of Endor =). Other than that, run wild. That being said, if you're a race like Hapan, or another race that usually doesn't move around, just have a good explanation, you know?

    In terms of Force Users, again, it's fine, but you need an explanation that makes sense. The Purge is on at the time of the RP, right =)?
  13. Okay, I think I understand then. :3 Do you want character sheets now?
  14. Let me share with you one of the characters I plan on playing =):

    Mahree Volsh is an aspiring medical doctor, in there service of the union/rebels/whatever you want to call them as a field medic. Mahree had to leave her home and her parents for a reason no one except the head knows. Maybe there's some speculation or questions. Regardless, the teenager recently arrived at camp, and the head provides her with room and board and food in exchange for her services.

    In this case, you'll only know more of Mahree's story from the beginning if you're playing the head of the group =P.

    I also have a concept I may play for an Imperial spy trying to infiltrate. But that's not in stone yet.
  15. If you want to brainstorm here, we can do that. But I think it's a good idea for us all to discuss where we want to go. We can all have very different characters, and that's fine, but there should be SOME sense of cohesiveness, I think.

    That being said, I'm not god XD. Feel free to disagree with me, and we can do whatever.
  16. Anywho, in my mind, here would be good characters to include:

    Head of local 'rebel' force
    A corporatist or two
    Imperial responsible for the region
    Random rebels
    Maybe some Imperial spies. Blah.

    Again, though, that's in my mind! We can go in a completely different direction if that's what y'all want =)!
  17. HOLY YES! I have been waiting for a Star Wars rp! I have been playing the mmo so this is supper awesome! I want to be an imperial spy! Thats what my character on SWTOR is. Oh I am so excited. Thank you! *HUGS*
  18. Yay! *hug back* Sounds great!