Star Wars: The Revanites (Alternate Story) (OOC)

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    The Revanites
    The galaxy of the Star Wars universe is vast, large, and full of complex and in depth stories and tales about many notable famous entities. Examples being Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Kyle Katarn, Starkiller, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rahm Kota, Darth Bane, Exar Kun, Darth Nihilus, Meerta Surik (the Exile), etc. However, for this particular story, we will experience an alternate tale about a favorite within many Star Wars fan communities, Revan. Revan was a man who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. Revan was born around the year 3994 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). As a Padawan, he was trained by a number of Jedi Masters of the Jedi Order including Kreia, Zhar Lestin, Dorak, Arran Kae, and so on. It was here on Dantooine also, that Revan met his closest friend Alek, another potentially strong apprentice under Zhar Lestin. The young man became a Jedi Knight and was a vocal and charismatic critic of the Order's inactivity in the ongoing Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian warrior culture. Revan took up the responsibility of being the head of the Revanchist (A renegade faction of the Jedi Order that assisted the Republic in the wars) and doned the mask of a fallen Mandalorian (The signature mask in the image above) becoming the Supreme Commander of the Republic Military swearing to lead them to victory against the Mandalorians.

    After countless battles and impressive strategic genius from Revan, the Mandalorian Wars had ended resulting in a Republic victory after Revan single handedly slew the Mandalorian leader Mandalore the Ultimate himself at the Battle of Malachor V in 3960 BBY. Revan and Alek (Who now was under the name Malek) discovered a trail of mysterious Sith influence on the Mandalorian Wars which led to Unknown Regions of the galaxy. There, the pair found the Sith Empire rebuilt and reconstituted and met the Sith Emperor Vitiate who released a big influence upon both of their minds causing them to fall to the dark side of the force. Both of them became Sith Lords known as Darth Revan and Darth Malak but sometime later broke free from the influence of the Emperor and began massing their own desire for power and conquest over the galaxy. To do this, Revan used the Star Forge, an ancient space station of great power that had been built by the Rakata species which he and Malek found at their own disposal. In the Jedi Civil War, Revan's ship was infiltrated by a group of Jedi lead by one Bastila Shan. Though they made their way through the ship to the bridge killing Revan's forces, their main goal was to capture Revan, which was successful only because of a massive blast on the bridge that engulfed Revan. The blast came from Malek's ship, revealing the truth that Malek had betrayed his master to become the ultimate Sith Lord and claim his place to Reign over the Galaxy for himself. However, Revan survived the blast only succumbing to some major and minor wounds. Bastila and her jedi group took Revan and the Jedi Order whipped his memory giving him a new name and life memories of a false identity. When this was going on, Bastila had formed a Bond with Revan using the force and as such, they can experience visions and dreams that Revan may remember from his time as the Dark Lord.

    The identity given to Revan was that of a Scoundrel who for a living would smuggle spice and blasters all across the Correlian Run. For a long time he was very successful in his deals and trades but since the Republic couldn't catch him, they wound up hiring him instead to be apart of the crew on the warship called the "Endar Spire" under the command of Bastila Shan. Some time later, the Endar Spire was attacked by Malek above the planet of Taris in an attempt to capture Bastila. Revan joined forces with a group of people all from different back grounds and histories that developed their personalities and themselves (We all know that it was originally Carth Onasi, Mission Vao, Zaalbar, T3-M4, and Canderous Ordo but for the roleplay they will be your own personally created characters) in an attempt to rescue Bastila and get off of Taris. They were successful in doing both by Revan winning the swoop race in the lower city and taking command of the Ebon Hawk (A dynamic-class freighter and smuggler ship once owned by the Exchange Crime Lord, Davik Kang). Now on Dantooine, Revan was retrained as a Jedi Padawan and now with his team of (you), Revan's story begins anew in a whole new different perspective and alternated story.

    (To Learn all about the Star War universe, visit the Wookieepedia at and navigate from there. Yeah I know it's editable by anyone, but from the things I've read on there... yeah it's pretty much dead on at the moment. So use that... Now for the details of your role.)

    Though we know the many characters that accompany Revan on his adventure to the Star Forge. Bastila Shan, Canderous Ordo, Carth Onasi, HK-47, Jolee Bindo, Juhani, Mission Vao, T3-M4, and Zaalbar... But instead of them (Well, for story line reasons Bastila is a must. But the rest can be replaced with your characters. They don't have to be just like the characters from the game or what not.) Be creative with your characters and act like them well. Btw, the story, though roughly based, is not going to completely be based on the game's story. There will be tweaks and twists and turns and much more that I myself will add. Not to mention that the roleplay will not only involve the events in both KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) games but also the novel about Revan after those events. Meetra is to make an appearance and even play a major role, same goes for other notable characters that we know and love... And just for your information... Don't complain to me for what happens in the roleplay... Btw, I won't hesitate to kill off a player character. If you do something stupid that its a given you will die... your character is going to die. Unlike most people, I am more realistic in roleplays of such things and do not provide players with "Player Character Safety" bullshit... if your character dies... they die end of story. But that doesn't mean that you yourself are terminated from the roleplay... you can have another role if you like :).

    Anyway, I will do a run-through of the character sheet template for all who have interest.

    Name: This is a given... Have a first and last name (And please make it a good decent actual name that you would find in the Star Wars Universe. And make it a name that is possibly in line with the race you choose :).

    Race: Any kind of species, save for animalistic beings like a Rancor or Terentatek. Be serious about this. Human, Twi'lek, Bothan, Rodian, Wookie, Sullustan, hell I'll allow a Jawa... so long as you give a proper story to the character and give them a right background for being on Taris or Dantooine. Do note that aliens, though treated poorly by Taris citizens, are still within trade and is caught under the effect of the Sith Quarantine surrounding Taris. If there is a race you think of and want, just ask and I will approve or disapprove. Remember also that the story will begin on Dantooine. Specify if your character was with Revan on Taris and helped him in his rescue mission and/or aided him in getting the Edon Hawk to get off the planet (Specify these in the bio). If he/she was on Dantooine before Revan got there, then specify that with a reason.

    Age: This is self explanatory... just give an age. There are age differences in race and species so remember that.

    Gender: A given, male or female... :D

    Class: I am not going to give you a list of pre made classes... I will just give out a few for reference. The class also is to be connected with your affiliation or race. For example for Canderous Ordo, he is a Mandalorian and a Bounty Hunter for Davik before joining Revan... So in terms of his class he is a "Mandalorian Bounty Hunter". Carth Onasi is a soldier with the republic fleet so he is a "Human Republic Soldier". Anyway, I allow the Scoundrel, Scout, and Soldier classes from the first KOTOR game. Basically if you go with Scoundrel, then it's a smuggler... the Scout is an explorer who ventures far across the galaxy and the Soldier... well... it's a soldier what else do you need detail on? For the Jedi or Sith classes... if you want to be a force sensitive, then go by the game. The Guardian, Sentinel, and Consular for the Jedi and Inquisitor, Marauder, and Assassin for the Sith. Okay I think I've covered everything on that note... aside from telling you that I will be giving a "special" class to Revan and as the story progresses, his character will be edited for the class.

    Abilities: This is a given as well... but it is more or less reserved for just force-sensitives. For force-sensitives, use the wiki to find Force power and observe the list of powers. It's a lot of powers but only choose a portion of them... not all of them. And also, make sure that depending on your character, that you give them powers that actually go with their class. I don't want to see a Human Jedi with the power of Sith Alchemy... -_-' I am not going to give you a minmum or max amount of abilities for you to work at. I will leave that to you, and if it's over the top, I will tell you for a few edits. I encourage you to get approved not to get me on your ass.

    Weapons and Armor: self explanatory... but for force-sensitives... they can't use there abilities when wearing light, medium, or heavy armor... Revan's outfit is different though. He DOES have an armor plate on his chest and back but that doesn't nessecarily mean it's the equivilant of a legit armor even if it's light. As for weapons... it HAS to be in reasoning with your character... I know I said be creative but don't give a nonforce-sensitive a lightsaber... Vibroblades, stun batons, blasters, repeaters, I don't care just so long as the weapon and armor is reasonable for the character. Jedi lightsaber colors... no rare crystals... please refrain from rare color crystals like the black or white crystals. Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple... fine by me... Sith, hands down red... if you want more than one lightsaber, so long as your primary is red, I'm fine with whatever color the other is. If it's double-sided lightsaber, both sides are one color. Understood? Great... and yes, Revan's signature lightsabers will be Blue (As Jedi) and Red and Violet (As Sith or anything else)...

    Skills: This is where we use actual skills and traits of your character. For everyone... is he/she quick, light on their feet, strong, good in computer use, stealth, repair, lockpicking, etc... use the game skills as a reference or even read up on things that your character can be good at in the Star Wars wiki. Again don't go over the top ^^.

    Personality (Optional though encouraged) The mood, sound, act, and anything else about your character in the form of characteristics.

    Appearance: Obviously what your character looks like. Detail in words or use pictures... either way, it's acceptable. If you are a race use the wiki for their appearances or just provide an image or both. Are you a tei'lek? Blue, Green, Red, Pink skin tones? How you hold your tentacles... yadda yadda... Human, simple details of course... short or long hair, color of hair and eyes... pale, tan, or dark skin... etc. Be creative.

    Bio: Your Character's history... Their childhood, how they lived, how they got to where they were before meeting Revan, if they met Revan as a Jedi in the Mandalorian Wars or if they met Revan as a Sith Lord, or if they met him for the first time on Taris, helped him on Taris or just met him on Dantooine during his retraining. If they know about him being Darth Revan or not, stuff like that. It doesn't have to emphasize on Revan, I was just using multiple history potentials for examples. Do whatever you think is good as a back story for your character! ^.^.

    (If you want a blank character template, here is that)






    Weapons and Armor:





    Remember if you want to know anything about the Star Wars Universe, you can ask me or hit up Wookieepedia... Link is above.

    Oh, one more thing. If you want a character that isn't based on Taris or Dantooine, you can be like a Jolee Bindo/HK47 type character that Revan meets on another planet. Just talk to me if you want to... trust me people, I'm acceptive of many things...


    1. All rules apply... remember that.

    2. If you have anything to say OOC, then mention it in OOC thread... here.

    3. Please no arguing for several posts in the OOC thread. You can point out your opinions and such but if it is to go for more than like 5 to 7 posts of nothing but arguments I will tell you to take it to pm or I will end the debate entirely. Btw, if you have a problem with how I run this "FAN-based" roleplay... then you probably don't belong in my threads.

    4. No god modding, your character or posts. Your character is still killable and again as I said before in this post that I will not hesitate to kill off a player character. Your character doesn't have Player Safety. If you die, I will make SURE your character is dead and if you do die, I will offer you another role to play so you can continue the story with us. If you get shot and I SPECIFY you've been shot, stabbed, hit in the face, stunned, cut in half... then that's exactly what happened. If you don't like it... then look for a group roleplay that protects your characters from any form of scarring or death. I love plot twists and to see a major character die just adds more suspense and interest to me.

    5. Metagaming is in a way the same as god modding, if you know something that your character didn't learn, then don't do anything with your character in response to the knowledge. You know it but your character doesn't. Don't metagame.

    6. If there is a case of which a Player kills another Player which more than likely won't happen unless I specify... If the two of you get into a fight and it is to result in death, you must get permission from the other player and then permission from me to kill off the player.

    7. There are ways to get out of a situation that death is iminent. If I deem it nessecary to keep your character alive for any reason, then there might be a possibility to save you. If you do die, again another role may be available to you to let you continue the story with us. If your primary character dies, please don't think I had a grudge against you. I hate that... because I don't. Your character can be my favorite character ever and I'll still kill them off. Not towards you personally... just how the story goes.

    8. You may take up the role of a Canon character if you wish for them to be featured. Canderous Ordo, Carth Onasi, Juhani, Zaalbar, Mission Vao, Meetra Surik (hell even Bastila Shan), etc. But you must request to me for me to permit it and when I say yes, you still are required to provide a character sheet for the character.

    9. Please no automatically hitting an NPC, especially if you know the capabilities of them. If you are face to face with Darth Nihilus and all you have is a vibroknife and you throw it and hit him... yeah, no... don't do that... using the extent of your abilities in a good way, I will allow a "picking off" style fight, but please know the limits of your character and don't Rambo them. if you do... refer to the rules above that mention Player deaths... it WILL happen.

    10. No taking control of another person's character. Get permission from the player and myself. Although for this case of the player letting you control their character, I personally don't have a say in that. The death part I do though.

    11. No posting more than one post. If you need to add something, then edit it into your already made post and tell everyone in OOC. One post available to each player after my initial Posts.

    12. The posts are done by Narrative style. I control Revan, but I also control the majority of the other NPCs as well. You are allowed control of an NPC that is of no importance but no one else unless permitted by me. After I have posted a Narrative Post... you will have a certain amount of time before my next Narrative Post is posted. If every player has posted, then the Narrative Post may come sooner. If the due time is passed and not all players have posted, then in my next Narrative Post, your character will be treated as a "Silent" NPC for that moment. They are still there, they are still active but they can't just sit around and twiddle their thumbs, especially when in a fight.

    13. I will offer authority to others depending on their actions and how much they commit to the roleplay.

    14. Have fun...

    15. Enjoy the Star Wars: The Revanites roleplay. XD

    Punishments: (I really don't want to list off what the punishments are so I will just leave it to your imagination.)

    Rewards: (You and your character will recieve rewards regarding their performance or otherwise their attitude and characteristics... I won't give a list as depending on your commitment to the roleplay and how well you do your character will determine my own personal opinion of what I should reward you)

    So... open yourselves up and don't hesitate! Reserving spots now!
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  2. Hmmm.. Put me down as a "maybe" for this. I love Star Wars, so I'll be monitorig this closely.
  3. Okay then... no problem Sora, glad that you have brought me your interest to my attention. Thanks... Are you exactly aware of Revan's story at all?
  4. Yes, I am. I've played through and beaten all three KOTOR games (I count TOR as the third one because its basically the prequel).

    Anything you'd like to ask me about this? I can probably answer with skill ^^
  5. Uh... well I am not too sure if it's considered a prequel to the first two games as it takes place three hundred years after the events of the first game... and the second game was five years after the first game... ^^'... so yeah, it's still a sequel...
  6. Oh wait that's my bad! XD I almost forgot about that. Geez, I sounded like a total twat there!

    But yeah, I know way more about it then my mixing up of the timeline suggests
  7. 0_o... well I don't doubt it... what are some of your favorite sith lords?
  8. I'm partial to Revan and Malak, but if we're talking a wider range of Star Wars, I enjoy Darth Vader, Darth Tyrranus and Darth Sidius. I'm more of a Jedi guy myself, but I enjoy the Sith from time to time
  9. Lol, well I am more along the lines of a true Revan type fan. I love the Jedi... but I love the Sith as well... truthfully I understand the greatness that Revan has in using the power and strength of both sides of the force instead of just one. There isn't anyone else that I've found that does that... Revan, though he uses both sides, doesn't actually see grey or clouds in his mind. He infact sees both light and dark at the same time. Which is something that I really am intrigued by in Revan unlike any other character, you know?
  10. Yeah I totally understand that.
  11. Great... anyway... I really hope that you will put your name forward as a yes some time. I really am hoping for this story to kick up as soon as possible :)

    I want to keep talking about Star Wars though. So if you don't mind... what Jedi would be your favorite?
  12. Again, stereotypical: but Luke, Qui-Gon Jin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin are probably my favourites. If I had to pick any more, it would probably be some of the not so canon ones like Starkiller or the old guy who helps Starkiller again (I forgot his name xD)
  13. And to be honest, I was thinking of playing a force adept character who doesn't go with the traditional Jedi ways, but isn't evil like the Sith. Would that be allowed?
  14. Rahm Kota is the old guy and actually from what I've heard, Rahm Kota is legit... Still unsure about galen marek (Starkiller) though... And towards your request for your force-sensitive character, that can be allowed, anything else in particular you were thinking about for him/her?
  15. Well he's sort of my OC. His backstory is long and complicated, but the short version is he was originally taught in the ways of the Sith. A Jedi showed up one day, apparently killed his master and gave MC amnesia. Then, he was taught to be a Jedi, but tends to act differently from any others (think sort of Han Solo's "smooth guy" attitude mixed with the occasional bit of Anakin's "dark brooding").

    And yeah, Rahm was awesome.
  16. Hmm... that sounds good... so does this mean you'll be asking me for a mixture of jedi/sith abilities?
  17. Lil'bit ^^
  18. What selection of Jedi and Sith abilities would you like? If one stands out that bothers me, I will let you know and allow you to find another one.
  19. I'll have to figure it out and post it later on.
  20. I can provide you with the list that you can read up and learn about.

    here you go... you can use this as a reference for your selection:

    but for right now we can discuss more about your character... Would you like them to have met Revan on Taris and assisted him with rescuing Bastila, on Dantooine or somewhere else for Revan to meet. And in his back story did he and Revan ever meet or just share a moment indirectly?