Star Wars: The Old Republic

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  2. Fluffy, my guild has been ready and waiting for over a year.
  3. A bunch of mates and I plan on ruining our Third Year with this game. Totally playing a Bounty Hunter, cos fuck yer, Jet-Packs and flamethrowers.
  4. That and you know everyone else is going to be a fuckin' Jedi in one form or another. Put a couple of blasters in my hand, a flamethrower on my wrist, and a jetpack on my back.
  5. Lightsabers are for pussies; real men use jet-packs and rockets against them and still win.

  6. Gwah, same here. I already have a team planned out, even if they're nerdy family members. lolol

    Also! Grumpy, I wholly agree with you. >:] Mandalorians are the real men.
  7. If I go Republic: Jedi Consular

    Sith? Bounty Hunter
  8. Buddy and I are planning on two manning as a Sith Infiltrator and Bounty Hunter, let's see your lightsaber suck on an orbital strike
  9. They should do, like, a whole series of trailers like the ones made for this game.

    Like, entire movies.