Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.


A Relic of a Bygone Era
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So is anyone else keeping a stray eye on this thing at all? I've been checking up on things periodically every 3 months or so and I gotta say, I'm kinda excited. I think its at least worth a shot. Who knows. This might break WoW's hold over me.

For you poor uninformed types, here's a link.
I despise MMOs and I also despise WoW. The only good that came out of WoW is the Leroy Jenkins meme. <3

This one may be worth a try, though. I like to give MMOs a spin and see how much they entertain me while I ignore teh n00bs. And if they suck, *DELETE*~
ToR has my hopes because they acctually try to include the RPG Part, not ignore the RPG and focus on the MMO aspect of the game
MMOs will always be MMOs. This is much boo. I'd rather have KOTOR 3 instead.