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  1. Star Wars: The New Warlords

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Welcome to the New Warlords, as you can see above you represent a little fish in a big pond. Now those who know me know that none of my RPs, least of all a nation RP, would be complete without rules. And indeed, there is no lack of them here either![/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Main Rules for Creating your Nation.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Secondary tools for Creating your Nation.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In addition, there is the "Strategy Map" which lacks much detail at the moment. But will become more detailed as the RP goes along. This map is a duplicate (approximately) of the map above but using hexes instead. Player nations will begin on one of these hexes (each). This map will (preferably) be updated very regularly.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Sheet - Feel free to copy and paste this format. [/BCOLOR]
    [b]Nation Name:
    Flag:[/b] - Optional
    Leader Bio:
    Significant VIPs:[/b] - This may be as detailed or not as you please. But bear in mind, only the leader has 'character shields'.
    [b]Nation Traits:[/b]
    *Please use an unordered list*
    [b]Population Traits:[/b]
    *Please use an unordered list*
    [b]Military Traits:[/b]
    *Please use an unordered list*
    [b]Technical Traits:[/b]
    *Please use an unordered list*
    [b]Economic Traits:[/b]
    *Please use an unordered list*
    [b]Espionage Traits:[/b]
    *Please use an unordered list*
    *Please use an unordered list*
    Feel free to name your sectors here and outline important planets to you. Each sector contains approximately 10 Habitable Worlds. Also, record the sector value next to the sector name. (And keep an eye on the map for changes :P)
    This has 2 parts. 1st a list of your fleet. (Do not forget to buy squadrons, they don't come with the ships!) Include the values for each type. Eg: If you have 10 Dreadnought Heavy Cruisers and 8 TIE squadrons each you would write it as...
    Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser: x10: 7'400 SP.
       TIE Fighter Squadrons: x80: 1'600 SP. (Light Interceptors. Standard)
    The 2nd, if you decide to take Custom ships, include each design in a spoiler box of it's own.
    [b]Ground Armies and Defences:[/b]
    Include here a list of your purchased forces. As with the navy. Include the amount spent and any details.

    Other Mechanical Rules:

    1. Each round is, at longest, approximately 1 week real-time. This will, normally, translate to a month in-universe. During each round the players can only post one mechanical post. This details planned construction, major actions and the like. Players are free to, within reason, post other smaller posts, including diplomatic meetings with one another. Or even just small fluff-pieces.
    2. Each player may give 'hidden' instructions. These are PMed to me, but hints about it must be included in IC posts.
    3. Where appropriate, be reasonably detailed. If you post "I send 10 Dreadnought Heavy Cruisers to attack Tatooine" you're going to get slapped around in most likelihood. But if you said "I'm sending 10 Dreadnought HCs to conduct long-ranged strikes against any obvious defences over Tatooine before moving in and adopting a blockade formation while I bring troop transports to deploy a Battalion of troops." Then your odds are much better.
    4. Events are going to happen! Be ready for anything.

    Other Rules:

    1. Be civil, be nice. No arguing amongst one another.
    2. The GMs word is final. While I do expect people to be polite and civil and while I expect they can handle most issues without direct intervention, if I have to weigh-in on something it is final.
    3. No God-Modding, No God-moding. No auto-hits. No cheating. etcetc. Penalties will be levied based on the severity of any breaches.
    4. Include a reference to Jar-Jar Binks in your leader's bio sheet somewhere. If this is missing you didn't read the rules!
    5. If you can't post in a cycle for any reason, let me know.
    6. Don't include canon characters in your sheets. And remember, you won't be placed in an existing named sector!
  2. I'll join!

    And I'll put my nation right here once the fourth page of the first document gets un-glitched.

    • Nation Name: The Sorean Federation
      Flag: - Optional


      Nation Traits:
      Jedi Resurgent
      Mechanics at Heart

      Population Traits:
      Refugee Asylum

      Military Traits:
      Defensive Doctrine
      Droid Army
      Elite Ground Forces

      Technical Traits:
      Tech Startup (Starship Firm)

      Economic Traits:
      Corporate Power
      Abundant Trade Goods
      Abundant Trade Ships

      Espionage Traits:
      Bothan Spies
      HKs Love Their Job
      Intentional Data Leak

      Pirates Favorite Pickings
      Government Red Tape
      Prideful to a Fault - "I thought you said this warship was invincible!" "Yes well it's only mostly invincible. We're totally gonna be fine though."

    • Leader:
      Leader Bio:
      Significant VIPs:
      - This may be as detailed or not as you please. But bear in mind, only the leader has 'character shields'.

    • Territory
      Sector 1: Sorea (Value: 13)

      Important Planets of Note:
      Sorea III (Capital)

      Feel free to name your sectors here and outline important planets to you. Each sector contains approximately 10 Habitable Worlds. Also, record the sector value next to the sector name. (And keep an eye on the map for changes :P)

    • Fleet:

      Navy: (XXX/65000)

      Starting Fleet: 26000

      (Aim for 5000 Points, Heavy Cruiser)

      (1 or 2 Designs, Star Destroyers, Aim for 2000 each)

      (Fill anything that hasn't been filled by the Capitals)

      Special Fleet Designs (open)

      Design1 (open)

      [410/5000 SP]
      12x Shield Generators [180 SP]
      1x Extra Armor [20 SP]
      8x Ion Engines (Advanced Thrusters) [200 SP]
      1x Private Hangar [10 SP]

      Capital Class:

      None yet

      Design3 (open)


      Leader's Ship:

      Space Stations:

      Ground Armies and Defences:
      Army: (13000/39000)

      1000x Light Droid Platoon (1002 B1 Battledroids/40080 Units) [2000 AP]
      750x Heavy Droid Platoon (1000 B2 Battledroids/30000 Units) [3000 AP]
      125x Special Droid Platoon (25 Magnaguards/1000 Units, 100 Suppressors/4000 Units) [1000 AP]
      330x Medium Tanks (200 AATs, 130 NR-N99) [2640 AP]
      800x APCs (800 Multi-Troop Transports) [2400 AP]
      50x Artillery Vehicle (50 SPHA) [800 AP]
      50x Superheavy APC (50 AT-TE) [800 AP]
      60x Light Airspeeder (60 STAP) [360 AP]

      Note to Self, Invest in Heavy Tanks ASAP during RP.

      Custom Ground Designs (open)

      Suppressor Droids: Heavily modified B2 battle Droids built to be heavier, sturdier, and carry heavier weapons. Primary weapons are found on each arm, the right carrying a slightly lighter version of the twin blaster cannons found on Droidekas, the left carrying a magnetic pulse cannon (think Magnetic Pulse ability from SWTOR). In the center is a compartment where another weapon can be found, typically a limited use rocket launcher.

      Primarily a threat via being walking arsenals that are difficult to fully disable. For reference, these are considered a bit more powerful than a Droideka, but trades defensive capabilities for some agility. Known for their white and red paint job.

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  3. My sheet will go here.... Eventually.
  4. As will mine, potentially.
  5. Work in progress, clearly.

    WIP (open)

    Nation Name:
    - Optional
    Leader Bio:
    Significant VIPs:
    - This may be as detailed or not as you please. But bear in mind, only the leader has 'character shields'.


    Nation Traits:
    Imperial Warlord
    Envy of a Moff
    Mechanics at Heart
    Population Traits:
    Martial Pride
    Military Traits:
    Hammer and Anvil
    Martial Heritage
    Independent Shipyards
    Technical Traits:
    I Want Those Plans, Super Capital Ship
    Tech Startup, Arms, Strike Craft & Civic Engineering
    Economic Traits:
    Corporate Power
    Popular Trade Items
    Espionage Traits:
    Imperial Intelligence
    A Powerful Enemy
    Seinar Fleet Systems Licensing
    Krytos Gambit
    Pirates Favourite Pickings

    Feel free to name your sectors here and outline important planets to you. Each sector contains approximately 10 Habitable Worlds. Also, record the sector value next to the sector name. (And keep an eye on the map for changes :P)

    This has 2 parts. 1st a list of your fleet. (Do not forget to buy squadrons, they don't come with the ships!) Include the values for each type. Eg: If you have 10 Dreadnought Heavy Cruisers and 8 TIE squadrons each you would write it as...
    Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser: x10: 7'400 SP.
    TIE Fighter Squadrons: x80: 1'600 SP. (Light Interceptors. Standard)

    The 2nd, if you decide to take Custom ships, include each design in a spoiler box of it's own.

    Ground Armies and Defences:
    Include here a list of your purchased forces. As with the navy. Include the amount spent and any details.
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    • The Kurkovan Supremacy

      Nation Traits:

      • Sith Dominated
      • Shadow Government
      Population Traits:
      • Loyalty
      • Heroic Sacrifice
      Military Traits:
      • Rebellious Doctrine
      • Martial Heritage
      • Elite Ground Forces
      • Independent Shipyards
      Technical Traits:
      • Synchronicity
      • Tech Startup: (Costs 2 points)
        • Arms
        • Communications Networking
        • Medical
      • I Want Those Plans: (Costs 3 points)
        • Superior Bacta
      Economic Traits:
      • Trade Cartels
      • Lax Restrictions
      Espionage Traits:
      • Bothan Spies
      • Insurrectionist History
      • Shadowfeed Access
      • Intentional Data Leak
      • Gone Darkside
      • Tyferran Blacklist (Worth 2)
      • Darkside Cults
      • Critical Dice Roll Failure (Worth 3)
        • “Yes I know CDRF is going in without lube. I am braced.”
      • Paranoia!

    • Name: Azazel Kurkova
      Race: Human
      Female Sith
      Azazel was born on the volcanic world, Eol Sha. As the offspring of one of the mining settlers abandoned by the company in the wake of an ill-conceived business exploit, she was one of those who was to survive the harsh planet. However, Azazel, scarcely held the constitution for the world's atmosphere in her youth and often fell weak and ill. Her parents could scarcely care for her and hardly knew how to care for her. There was no escaping the planet for help or medical facilities to care for her.

      It was when Azazel was seemingly at death's doors that her savior visited. A woman by the name of Sullivan, gifted with the force healed her and saw in her the same gift. She offered to her parents the chance to uplift her daughter from the world that was making her so ill and teach her how to use her gift for good.

      In her youth, she clung to the words of the matron and followed her training diligently. She followed her well and found in her family she scarcely knew back on Eol Sha. However, she struggled to follow the path that Sullivan laid forth. Always, she struggled with her emotions and was prone to outbursts of anger and sorrow when she was met with failure. Still, the jedi woman did her best with Azazel until the day came where she died.

      It was a rough blow to the young woman to see her master slain before her and she reacted violently. She went on a rampage, slaughtering those responsible for killing Sullivan and from there, she retreated into herself. She roamed the galaxy, angry at what had become of her master and furious with the state it was in. She began to make connections here and there, amassing a small following as her temper was quick to flare and she made to prove herself.

      There came a day, though, that she began to tangle with a number of individuals that would rock her to the core. The first, was a woman by the name of Andrea. She was cautious, at first, but it spurred on into a whirlwind romance. Much to her surprise, this woman would introduce her to the Mandalorian who would become her Riduur and father her twin children: Valar Gra'tua. He was the leader of a sizable clan of Mandalorians. Finally, of their group was a woman by the name of Lena... who was found responsible for kidnapping their children, eventually.

      So it went, that upon the discovery, herself, Andrea and Valar went to confront Lena... It ended up a dire situation, to say the least. Valar found himself bound by his Mandalorian ways, unable to move as Lena threatened the children. Andrea was captured.... Azazel simply remembers a flow of blood that day as everything came crashing down upon her... but it served as building point to start her empire. Valar was dead and had named her Alor in his stead... the twins were gone. She built up from that point a great fire in the bellies of the clan and used that as a stepping stone to build her affluence.

      Some of her intent to gather resources, however, might have led to trouble. In an attempt to delve deeper into the realm of Sithdom, she was hit-and-miss... Initially, she uncovered lost holocrons that allowed her force techniques of wielding such skills as wielding fire and both manipulating and walking through the memories of others... However, she also created an enemy in the Sith, Traiserus and his his darkside cult located in the Tepani sector. Traiserus, leader of the Mecrossa Order, was a Tepani noble, and in the wake of a terrible encounter with Azazel in which she burned him terribly, he pulled a number of strings, including some with the Tyferran.
      JarJar Binks

      Significant VIPs:-
      Name: Hakkri Vessari
      Race: Zygerrian
      Transgender Sith
      Hakkri was never one initially for the rough sides of the galaxy. Different and effeminate from an early age, she was cast into a poor light in Zygerrian society. It was this quality that brought her to become a slave among her own people until a time as one of her slavers, Aggros, took pity upon her and freed her from the life. The two fled from their former lives. With egress came a need to pay their way and Aggros' scant mercenary work was not enough to provide for them both, not when he had to turn aside so much to remain near to Hakkri.

      So it was that Hakkri and Aggros found themselves employed at the Blue Twi'Lek, a gay bar and strip joint where Azazel eventually discovered them. It was perhaps a joke initially played upon Azazel, but sure enough, she hired Aggros as a personal bodyguard and permitted Hakkri to join him... It was a time before Azazel eventually uncovered that Hakkri possessed a latent talent with the force and took her on as her apprentice. Hakkri grew to become Azazel's confidant, friend and personal fashion coordinator and stylist until there came a time they all ventured within a Sith tomb. In a time where Azazel was able to save her lover Andrea from death's doors, she did nothing to save Aggros.

      Hakkri grew to despise Azazel and made a move to strike out for the death of her love. In retaliation, Azazel punished Hakkri, torturing her body and mind into submission. It was for a time that Hakkri was nothing but a husk, serving at Azazel's side... but as time has passed and they have lost friends and family together, she has grown into her role as Azazel's right hand.

      Name: Kitt Rho
      Race: Echani
      Female Warrior
      Kitt was never supposed to be here. There was a time where she was among a group of children, force sensitive and meant to be bred for something more, for the greater good. Yet, she struggled with her blindness in this time and found no success with the force. It was, though, that it would all change when a disciple of Azazel's, now passed, had invaded the creche and wreaked havoc that she would be abducted, or even liberated, from that life.

      She struggled, initially, to handle the memory of the screams that met her ears and the knowledge that the master of the creche had died in that time. It was at war with the emotions that she felt when she was given the gift of sight in the form of eye enhancements. Even more, she fought between what she had been taught to be right and what she learned of people such as Azazel and with what she was presented with being in her company.

      She began to take on Azazel's doctrine as her own and even feel strong emotions for the Sith. However, with the love-triangle already present between Azazel, Andrea and Valar, Kitt was spared not even a second glance and was brushed aside. Still, she placed herself at Azazel's side and became her enforcer and protector.

      Name: Casae Novae
      Race: Bimm
      Male Smuggler
      Casanova. Lady's man. Dashing debonair. These are all things to describe the most handsome Casae Novae. Though he has traveled the galaxy and been known to get into trouble, he always manages to fanagle his way out with his silver tongue, dexterous hands and wily ways. Such a knack for trouble, he grew into a liberated lifestyle and was less than concerned for the right and wrong of his actions, looking more for self-gain and self-satisfaction. There was one who tried to turn him from his devilish ways, a rather upstanding character who, while she claimed to be a 'jedi' never truly managed to doing anything exceptional or helpful or good, for that matter... but in the end, the jedi met a rather unfortunate end in a tragic accident that may or may not have been the result of a friendly hallucinogenic grenade.

      Casa would have been upset, if his grieving was not so interrupted by being captured by the perplexed enemy. He was in the cell, rotting, when Azazel stormed the compound with her men in order to take it over. That day, Casa was at his most persuasive as he made himself out like he was a valuable asset to coax the Dark Lady to free him.... He just had never expected it to leave him conscripted.

    • Territory
      Regulon Sector
      Value: 10
      • Avaven Yuan - Agriworld
      • RT8-7341-82 (The Forge) - Class-6 Planetoid
      • Rivin - Factory World
      • Xuanti-221b - Gas Giant
        • Luclin - Ecumenopolis Moon
        • Spacestation Kurkova
      • Gardynia - Class M Planet
      • Baskir - Class M Planet

      • Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser x8: 5,920 SP
        • Light Interceptors Squadrons x32: 680 SP
        • Medium Starfighter Squadrons x32: 1,600 SP
      • Nebulon B Frigate x4: 1,600 SP
        • Heavy Interceptor Squadrons x18: 720 SP
        • Medium Starfighter Squadrons x18: 900 SP
      • Imperial II Class Star Destroyer x1: 3,800 SP
        • Gunship Squadrons x5: 400 SP
        • Heavy Bomber Squadron x5: 375 SP
        • Heavy Interceptor Squadron x4: 160 SP
      Spacestation Kurkova: 2,735 SP Total
      • General
        • Shield Generators x12: 180 SP
        • Extra Armour x1: 20 SP
        • Advanced Armour x1: 40 SP
        • Superior Armour x1: 60 SP
      • Armaments
        • Retractable Concussive Missile Launchers x10: 100 SP
        • Retractable Mass Drivers x4: 160 SP
        • Retractable Turbolaser Batteries x8: 80 SP
        • Retractable Ion Cannon Batteries x8: 80 SP
        • Retractable Flak Cannon Batteries x8: 80 SP
        • Retractable Laser Batteries x16: 36 SP
      • Special
        • High Resolution Sensors x1: 80 SP
        • Hypercomms x1: 20 SP
        • Electronic Warfare Suite x1: 100 SP
        • Heavy Troop Barracks x4: 200 SP
        • Hanger x4: 120 SP
          • Medium Interceptor Squadrons x8: 240 SP
          • Ace level Gunship Squadrons x4: 640 SP
        • Private Hangar x1: 10 SP
          • The Dagda [139 SP Private Craft]
            • General
              • Shield Generators x4: 12 SP
              • Armour x1: 2 SP
              • Heavy Armour x1: 6 SP
              • Hyperdrive x1: 3 SP
            • Armaments
              • Flak Gun x2: 4 SP
              • Laser Cannon x4: 4 SP
              • Mass Driver x1: 3 SP
              • Concussion Missile Launcher x1: 2 SP
                • +2 Missiles x1: 1 SP
            • Storage
              • Smuggler Cargo Hold (F-5 Metric Tons) x1: 2 SP
              • Troop Capacity x1: 2 SP
            • Special
              • Security Suite x1: 3 SP
              • Force Cage x1: 10 SP
              • Conference Room x1: 2 SP
              • Stateroom x1: 5 SP
              • Cabins (pair) x1: 2SP
              • Light Anti-Personnel Gun x2: 2 SP
              • Drop Pod Chute x1: 10SP
              • High Power Communication Arrays x1: 10 SP
              • Advanced Sensor Array x1: 10SP
              • False Transponder Generator x1: 20 SP (takes up 2 SP space)
              • Light Med Bay x1: 5 SP
              • Nightshadow Hull Coating x1: 10 SP
              • Whisperthrust Engine x2: 10 SP
      • Modifications
        • Repair Bays x1: 100 SP
        • Advanced Command Features x1: 50 SP
        • Diplomatic Ship x1: 200 SP

      Ground Armies and Defences
      • Infantry Platoon x300: 1,200 AP
      • Heavy Infantry Platoonx x300: 3,000 AP
      • Veteran Mandalorian (Heavy Infantry) Platoon x200: 4,000 SP
      • Engineering Platoon x200: 1,200 AP
      • Green Conscript Platoon x190: 190 AP
      • AFV x20: 120 AP
      • Medium Tank x10: 80 AP
      • Heavy Tank x5: 50 AP
      • Superheavy APC x5: 80 AP
      • Artillery Vehicle x5: 80 AP
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  9. Good starts for Sarzu and Aenimus

    • Baku Inc.
      "Solutions for a better tomorrow."

      Nation Traits:
      • A Brush with the Law
      • Vengeful
      • Not the Droids You are Looking For
      Population Traits:
      • Loyalty
      • Not One Step Back!
      • Long Term Oppression
      • Population Controls
      Military Traits:
      • Tarkin Doctrine
      Technical Traits:
      • I Want Those Plans: (Costs 3 points)
        • Superior Armor
      • Redundancy
      Economic Traits:
      • Trade Cartels
      • Hutt Connections
      Espionage Traits:
      • Bounty Hunters
      • Shadowfeed Access
      • Saboteur Squadron
      • Gone Darkside
      • Cartel Debt
      • Kyrtos Gambit
      • Poor colony conditions
      • Resource shortage

    • Nik Maquis

    • Leader: Nik Maquis, CEO (source)
      Race: Human

      Bio: Sometimes, even being good to the Hutts lands you in a shithole. With the fall of the Empire, an anonymous Hutt --unknown even to the operators of this colony-- began taking advantage of diverted eyes. A program designed to make bio/chemical warfare agents was chartered to a remote and insignificant quadrant of the galaxy. Its ranks were filled with some of the brightest minds the Core could muster, as well as the ilk that were needed to keep their labs running. Klatooinians, Weequays, and Aqualish filled its brawn, while an entire population worth of Nuknogs, the mental equivalent of Jar-Jar Binks, was siphoned to support its "infrastructure."

      Thus far, the project has been a disaster. The past two CEOs have been fed to various creatures of the local tundra wildlife at "the Overseer's" bidding. It is up to Nik to turn this dying project around so the Hutts can kill someone besides him. Some hope he's the man for the job... most should not.


      Born to a large, blue collar family on the polluted world of Eriadu, Nik Maquis made his living as a good honest man. Well, perhaps not always honest. His entrepreneurial ventures as a low-income, equal opportunity housing constructor and estate agent was a heroic—if naïve—business enterprise for some time. The equity of sustaining such an underserved population of factory workers, freed slaves, single mothers, and non-recovering addicts eventually needed support by more lucrative dealings…for the good of the people. Booster Blue, a performance enhancing drug produced naturally as a byproduct of construction dyes. It sold like fire to citizens and local “sentient labor” industries alike.

      Life was good. Money was good. And there was a lot of it; enough for Nik and his brothers to expand their investments. Facial tissues, repulsorlift coolants, watches, even their own pod racing team. The years found millions on returns. Nik had his own luxury yacht filled with a cycling harem of escorts, a summer home manor on Naboo, and his own line of data pen styluses. He was doing well. So well that outsiders began taking notice. Dirty money comes with dirty games.

      At his favorite race, the Ando Prime (which he had paid well for the rigging of) the street-made millionaire finally met his match. It wasn’t long before Nik found his head in a plastic bag.

      A Hutt had taken interest in him a long time ago. It turned out showing up to your own fixed race ages away from home was impolite at best. Nik and his venture partners were removed from the equation: their assets, friends, and families liquidated. Their entire life of Eriadu was scrapped in a matter of muffled seconds.

      After a year in a holding cell on some desert somewhere (sufficient time for the Hutt to acquire the family business while still maintaining the backup of ransom), Nik and eighteen of his men were sent on a mission of such lunacy it was pure suicide. Tasked with stealing a talisman from Dathomir. Their return without the item meant execution. By the end of the adventure, Nik wasn’t sure if that would have been best. Three years was spent on that godless wasteland. The native witches made their sport of them. It was torture. Catch and release. Dogs with toys. Dark things happened to those men, and they were changed by every second they took breathe.

      However, in the end, Nik and the last handful of survivors escaped with the package, a seemingly useless stick with mindless scribbles. They had been rescued by the man known only as “The Actuary,” an old Cerean who worked for an unspecified client, of an unspecified project, in an unspecified corner of the galaxy. Overnight, Nik Maquis had been promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the freelance research think-tank Baku Incorporated. The only firm answer Nik has received since is that he can keep the stick.

      Significant VIPs:-

      Name: Dr. Wespiad "Dr. Wisper" (source)
      Male Hapan

      Crazy scientist PhD.
      Acquisition: Director of Baku Inc. research department and brain power behind Project Crystal. Kept on role purely by the opportunity for advancing the state of the science in neuropathology... and probably the money.

      Name: Dr. Delia Luxiumbouigois (source)
      Female Zeltron
      Bio: Neonatal neurosurgeon, retired.
      Acquisition: Project Crystal consultant. Blackmailed to enlistment by Hutt oversight committee.

      Name: Q'Durga
      Male Rodian
      Bio: Covert Operations Coordinator
      Acquisition: Nepotism. Brought to position commensurate with Nik Maquis's employment contract. Escaped Dathomir with Nik Maquis and number of new security forces staff.

      Name: "The Actuary"
      Male Cerean
      Bio: Chief Financial Officer
      Acquisition: Classified. Frequent reports from subordinates of "mystic powers," unverified at this time; likely mook superstition and thermal hypoxia. His "insight" prompted the acquisition of Nik Maquis and his band of wayward business moguls.

      Name: Ms. Liveon Thix
      Female Cathar
      Bio: Naval Security and Asset Retention Manager
      Acquisition: A discharged Rebel Alliance Captain, Ms. Thix had a lucrative--if short--stint with the professional military. Her reserved, ultra-practical tactics found her applauded by her troops and quartermasters, but poorly received by the political machine who valued quick action for the sake of "civilian lives." As such, she remains a rare cool head among the throngs of trigger happy, testosterone infused chattel that fill the Baku security department ranks.

    • Territory
      Ouot Sector
      Value: 2
      some big, cold rocks... nothing to see here... move along, move along.

      4'000 / 10'000
      • Destroyer: "First Frost" 800 SP
        • Heavy Interceptors Squadrons (2): 80 SP
        • Private vessel: 110 SP
          • Hull:
            • 12x Shields [180], Advanced armor [40], 5x Ion engine [100], Hyperdrive [40], Tractor beam [20],
          • Arms:
            • 5x Plasma cannons [150], 10x Flak cannon [50], 10x Concussion missiles [50], 5x Heavy ion cannon [50]
          • Special:
            • High resolution sensors [80], Private hangar [10], Medium troop barracks [10], Vehicle pool [5], Light hangar [15]
      • Frigates (2): 400 SP
        • Gunship Squadron: 80 SP
        • Heavy Interceptor Ace Squadron: 80 SP
        • Medium Bomber Squadron: 50 SP
        • Light Shuttle: 10 SP
          • Hull:
            • 6x Shield [30], 4x Ion engine [40], Adv. armor [20], Hyperdrive [10]
          • Arms:
            • 5x Ion cannon [25], 8x Flak [40], 4x Concussion missile [20]
          • Special:
            • 4x Light hangar [60], 5x Light troop transport [5], Electronic warfare suite [100], Minelayer [50]
      • Corvettes (4): 250 SP
          • Hull:
            • 3x Shield [15], 8x Ion engine [80], Adv. armor [20,] Fast hyperdrive [20]
          • Arms:
            • 4x Massdriver cannon [80], 5x Flak [25], 2x Ion cannon [10]
      • "Dislovak" Spacestation: 500 SP
        • General
          • 10x Shield Generators [150], Extra armor [20]
        • Armaments
          • 20x Laser cannon battery [20], 5x Heavy ion cannon [50], Plasma cannon [30]
        • Special
          • Electronic Warfare Suite [100]
        • Modifications
          • Advanced Command Features [50], High resolution sensors [80]
      • Planetary Stationed Assets:
        • Superlifters- Hyperspace capable (2): 50 SP
        • "The Hounds" JM-5000 JumpMaster Light Interceptor Squadron- Commando + fast hyperdrive, shields: 120 SP


      Personal Vessel: (open)

      "Cobalt" [110 SP]

      4x Shield [12]
      Armor [2]
      Fast hyperdrive [9]
      Discord turret (Retractable) [12]
      2x Ion cannon- Retractable [8]
      Tri-beam turret- Retractable [2]
      Adv sensors [10]
      Troop cap [2]
      Smuggler medium cargo [6]
      Nightshadow hull [10]
      4x Whisper thrust [20]
      Microthrust Array [5]
      Support gen [2]
      S-foil [2]
      Security suite [3]
      Conference room [2]
      Cabin [2]
      Vehicle cap [1]

      Ground Armies and Defenses
      2'000 / 6'000 Modifiers: Armor Plans

      • Infantry Platoon- Green (45): 180 AP
      • Heavy Infantry Platoon- Veteran (6): 240 AP
      • Heavy Infantry Platoon- Commando (4): 240 AP
      • Engineering Platoon (5): 60 AP
      • Infantry Platoon- Elite Commando (2): 64 AP
      • AFV (10): 120 AP
      • Truck- Veteran (10): 40 AP
      • Heavy Tank (10): 200 AP
      • Artillery (5): 160 AP
      • Medium Air Speeder (5): 80 AP

      "Snow's Head" Base: 606 AP
      • General:
        • 20x Shield [300], Adv armor [40]
      • Armaments
        • 2x Spinal very heavy turbo laser [100], 10x Maser cannon [20], 2x Plasma cannon [60], 2x Proton torpedo launcher [16], Minelayer [50]
      • Special
        • Hypercoms [50]
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  11. Lots of people steal her formatting, she does a good job of it after all :p
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  13. Certainly you can. Who you going to see?
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    You can only have one Doctrine trait.
  15. Swapped Defensive Doctrine for Population Controls. Genocide is always the more fun of the two.
  16. CS should be finished except for any minor changes to fluff bits that might happen on review or discussion with other people. :3

    • The Crimson Empire

      Nation Traits:
      • Imperial Warlord, With the Empire disintegrated we did what we had to do to continue the survival of our people, the Emperor is dead but the Empire is not even if we are splintered.
      • Envy of a Moff, The Empire can be efficient if one puts their mind on running it as it should be and eliminate sources of corruption where they may fester before they grow beyond control.
      • Mechanics at Heart, Long have some of the native alien species who are the minds behind mechanical engineering in our sector been ignored, by putting them forward and acknowledging what they did for us, for the Empire they continue their efforts.
      Population Traits:
      • Loyalty, We are imperials and follow the chain of command, as long as the chain remains a sturdy chain and doesn't split apart with numerous links claiming they are the next Emperor, Grand Admiral, Grand Moff, or Grand 'input title of the week'.
      • Martial Pride, Yeah I think you can say we are proud of our military.
      Military Traits:
      • Hammer and Anvil, When the Empire splintered and resources, materials and military assets were divided one has to adapt with the times and perhaps focus more on strategy and tactics to get things done.
      • Martial heritage, We may not boast military academies like the ones on Cadia or Corulag but we make do and our army, navy and political personal can boast proud military backgrounds and training.
      • Independent Shipyards, We aren't like Kuat but we make do with a few shipyard docks of our own.
      • Elite Ground Forces, We may not have the likes of the 501st Legion among our ranks but we are damned close thank to a number of former royal guard leading the military academy.
      Technical Traits:
      • Kuat Drive Yards Licensing, The pride of the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Star Destroyer, created and manufactured at the Kuat Drive yards, so it helps to have a In at those shipyards.
      • Seinar Fleet Systems Licensing, Another time honoured manufacturer for Imperial tech.
      • Synchonicity, Coordination is key to a successful operation, battle or even politics. But it would be nice if our star destroyers and support craft act in sync...
      • Tech Startup(2), As we splintered and realized we would be cut off from most sectors producing various items, goods or equipment we turned to develop our own centers to do it ourselves.
        • Strike Craft
        • Medical
        • Civic Engineering
      Economic Traits:
      • Corporate Power, A system of government is not without its economic powerbase, those being the local corporations that make sure commerce, industry and general day to day to make the 'machine' keep running.
      • Popular Trade Items, We have several factories and business ventures who manufacture components for a variety of equipment used throughout the known worlds.
      • Abundant Trade Goods, The sector might not be much but the are plenty of raw minerals that can be mined and traded across the galaxy.
      Espionage Traits:
      • Imperial Intelligence, This information has been deemed classified by the I.I. security level Magenta or higher required.
      • A Powerful Enemy, refusing to hand over the vessels under his command earned quite a enemy with a certain imperial warlord who wanted the vessels for themselves.
      • CDRF(+3), Why are you handing me a note that says 'Yes I know CDRF is going in without lube. I am braced.'? What does this mean...
      • Pirates Favourite Pickings, The system may not be much but it has a great wealth in certain resources valuable on the black market, a eager price for smugglers and pirates to abscond with.
      • Krytos Gambit, Ah yes... fun to have a storehouse with containers of a plague meant to attack and contaminate Bacta and turn the healing agent into deadly poison and having no means to dispose off it safely. Keeping it under wraps for fear word of its existence will either antagonize the population we are trying to incorporate in the new Empire, or give the idiots who basically venerate Palpatine to make a insane decision to use it, or have who knows what super power come by and take it to use themselves.

    • Name: Kyp Haasa
      Race: Human
      Male Imperial
      Bio: A Imperial means more than just being born in the Empire, it means that you dedicate yourself to a ideal and a lifetime of service to make that ideal a reality. Kyp was but a boy when the Clone Wars were being waged in the larger galaxy but the memories he has as a boy on Vorzyd II he remembers all to well, like how the CIS came, establishing a foothold on his homeworld and 'liberating them from the oppression of the Republic' by forcing the population to strip-mine their own world for resources to build more battle droids is something that is ever present in his memories all too clearly. As are his memories of the clone troopers of the newly named Empire truly liberating his world after the events of Order 66. They drove the remainder of the CIS forces that were present off their world and imprisoned collaborators, the Empire had brought order, justice and peace back to his home and for that he would work his hardest to pay back his debt to the Empire.

      When he was of age he applied for Imperial Service, a career as a imperial pilot was opened for him as he began his education in imperial service, shipped off to the imperial navy academy on Corulag where he spend the first few years of his imperial service thus began as a cadet. Participating in the mandatory courses of Imperial Doctrine, both regular and Navy specifically, and eventually was given the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to a TIE-squadron aboard one of the many Imperial Star Destroyers in service and that was the start of his career.

      He watched and knew all too well that some of his peers were on the fast track to success due to their heritage or even the planet they were born on but it did not much matter to him, he preferred the slow grind of working his way up to the upper ranks of the Imperial Navy as it allowed him to experience most, if not all, levels of the Imperial Navy, that and being promoted for merit felt more deserving than having it handed to him on a silver platter.

      The pinnacle of his career came when he, with the rank of colonel, was placed in command of Imperial Star Destroyer, the Imperial Fist, with several squadrons of TIEs and ground forces, as well as a few escort vessels assigned to patrol the Outer Rim Territories. Finding himself in charge dealing with a number of riots and even two full scale planetary uprisings, dealing them with a minimal amount of civilian casualties which saw him reprimanded because he wasted important and vital Imperial resources, time and effort to achieve those particular results. He was never replaced however, probably likely due to him being in the outer rim, on the fringes of Imperial bureaucracy.

      He even had a tour near the Unknown Regions, having to deal with unmapped regions of space and its inhabitants virtually unknown to the Empire. It was here he got acquainted with a individual who would become his closest confidant and right hand. A Chiss female, named Crirce'acezu'taci, reluctantly allowing herself to be referred in basic as Circe. She was originally assigned to his ship as a guide and navigator making sure his vessel would not wander into territories deemed off limits or too dangerous to venture into unprepared. They found a threat to both the Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy however, one that if left untouched would threaten both governments, he had been given orders upon report to eradicate the threat, Circe had been told not to interfere due to the Chiss policy of not delivering a first strike against a enemy who has not yet attacked the Chiss. Deciding to not let her hands be bound she offered her full cooperation to Kyp and with her strategies and his execution of the battle they eliminated the threat of a potential invasion of the outer Chiss and Imperial Outer Rim, the people of both territories never knowing just how close they had gotten to be ruled or exterminated by a amphibian long-necked species and their cunning if somewhat simple leader. She was however facing a court martial or exile, so Kyp commissioned her for the Imperial Navy, under his command. Surprisingly ,despite the Imperial's general distaste of women, or worse aliens the request was accepted and the Chiss woman became his second in command.

      It was then during the events in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor that would define him, and the men and women under his command.The Empire was in disarray, the Emperor dead, his battle station destroyed with him. Reports of revolts, uprisings and other general unrest flooding in and whenever Kyp tried to get into communication with his superiors for orders he was given plenty but most if not all in conflict with each other. Being ordered to be in multiple locations at the same time... eradicate entire populations who dared to revolt or report to several 'warlords' that were carving their own little splinter fractions within the Empire.

      Kyp watched the Empire he had dedicated his life to disintegrate before his very eyes and decided he could not stand idle, nor could he follow the multiple 'superior officers' that were given orders that made no sense or ordered him to engage Imperial factions that were 'disloyal' because they decided to follow another warlord. Gathering like-minded officers and individuals they ventured from sector to sector before eventually coming to what they would call their new home, perhaps becoming a warlord himself, albeit a minor one he consolidated his forces and the resources he had at his command to begin the rebirth of the Empire, or ready to swear fealty to someone who could. Though putting reforms that women, and even aliens could serve the Empire in its military, as a move to keep support from the population and recruit men and women from more sources to replenish lost numbers.

      Significant VIPs:
      Crirce'acezu'taci, Commander Circe
      Race: Chiss
      Female Fleet Officer
      Bio: She was once a officer in the CEDF of the Chiss Ascendancy but that was a long time ago, ever since she violated one of the main military doctrines of her people she was effectively exiled from Chiss space. Not that she minds that much, the reason why was justified to her and she merely replaced her naval commission with the Chiss to one of the Empire, or more specifically under Kyp Haasa's command, serving as his aide and eventually second in command. It did not came without it's difficulties, Imperials were rather loathe to follow commands from her due to being a Alien first, and a woman second but over time she got through to the more stubborn of them, with some help from her superior officer.

      Then the Glactic Empire went to shit and they were thrown in the middle of it, she watched as her superior officer, her friend, was lost in turmoil on what to do, so she offered a gentle push. If none of his current superiors served the best interests of the Empire or his own. Take what like-minded people he could and survive till anyone would rise to the occasion to keep the Empire united and restore order to the chaos.

      So he did and Circe stayed in her role as his second in command, reaching a sector of space and restored Imperial order to a grateful population. Kyp proving himself to be more than just a military commander as he also had to take other responsibilities tackling civil and other political matters, becoming more a Moff than Colonel. She was as surprised as everyone else of the officers when Kyp announced that he would focus efforts on maintaining the integrity of their little splinter of the empire and placed active fleet command with her, giving her the rank of Commander. Taking command of the fleet from the bridge of the Star Destroyer, Imperial Fist.

      Name: Major Radin
      Race: Human, Corellian
      Male Royal Guard/Army Officer
      Bio: Kyp Haasa and his cadre of followers had only recently began fortifying and entrenching themselves within the sector when a unmarked Imperial vessel arrived at the edge of space, transmitting certain codes that gave Kyp and his officers a moments pause as they were being validated and confirmed as genuine. A set of codes that were only known to the Emperor and his inner circle.

      Not sure what to expect they allowed the vessel to dock and Kyp came face to face with thirteen men in all too familiar scarlet armour, a dozen of the Emperor's Royal Guard. Their spokesperson stepping forward and introducing himself simply as 'Radin'. He and his fellow Royal Guard had been on a assignment when the battle of Endor happened and with the Emperor dead they had nowhere to go, or at least nowhere they had wanted to go as most would use them as status symbols of some kind and none of them seemed to have a desire for that. They wanted to continue to serve the Empire and had observed Kyp's efforts in the sector and decided to come forwards, with the promise he would give them proper assignments that they could continue to serve.

      As their spokesperson and apparent leader, it became clear after some time that Radin must have served within the hierarchy of the Empire as his knowledge of army tactics, strategy and doctrine was quite expansive. So Kyp named him a major and gave him a command in his new command and army structure, the other Royal Guard were also given officers ranks, some serving as officers though most decided they would serve best as instructors at the training camps that were being set up. Radin meanwhile became simply known as a quiet officer, none but Kyp and Circe knowing his true background, observant and only coming forward with a opinion when other officers started to bicker.



    • Territory:
      Dranis Sector

      Value: 10 (15 with traits)
      • Rovix IV - Class M World
      • Rovix III - Factory World
        • Radjanis Ecumenopolis Moon, Sector Headquarters
        • Independent Shipyards
      • Rovix I - Agricultural World
      • Kothis - Class M World
      • NR-233A - Gas Giant
        • Xart Moon - Scientific Outpost

      Initially can spend 30'000 (5'200 Interdictor for free)

      Fleet Overview Addendums (open)

      TIE Defender Squadrons (Heavy Starfighter), equipped with Hyperdrive & Strong Shields, 75+20 SP
      TIE Scimitar Bomber Squadrons (Heavy Bomber), equipped with Hyperdrive & Strong Shields, 75+20 SP
      Assault Boat (Gunship), equipped with Hyperdrive & Strong Shields, 80+20 SP

      Planetary Defense Navy Allocations:
      • 21 TIE Interceptor Squadrons (630 SP)

      Ground Forces:
      Initially can spend 15'000

      Elite Units:

      The 312th Legion (5'784 AP):

      The 117th Legion (1'994 AP):
      • 100 Stormtrooper Platoons (400 AP/3'000 Men)
      • 20 Veteran Stormtrooper Platoons (160 AP/600 Men)
      • 20 Hazard Stormtrooper Platoons (200 AP/600 Men)
      • 10 Veteran Hazard Stormtrooper Platoons (200 AP/300 Men)
      • 30 Imperial Engineering Corp Platoons (180 AP/900 Men)
      • 10 Veteran Imperial Engineering Corp Platoons (120 AP/300 Men)
      • 16 Veteran AT-STs (96 AP)
      • 30 APC A-A5 Speeder Trucks (90 AP)
      • 10 AFV HAVr-A9 Floating Fortresses (60 AP)
      • 10 AT-ATs (160 AP)
      • 8 AT-AAs (128 AP)
      • 8 SPMA-Ts (128 AP)
      • 12 Deathhawk Light Air Speeders (72 AP)

      Army Regiments (5x728 AP): 'The Sun Hawks', 'Crimson Guard', 'Emperor's Hammer', 'The Storm Razers' & 'The First and Only'
      • 10 Conscript Platoons (20 AP/300 Men)
      • 20 Stormtrooper Platoons (80 AP/600 Men)
      • 20 Veteran Stormtrooper Platoons (160 AP/600 Men)
      • 10 Hazard Stormtrooper Platoons (100 AP/300 Men)
      • 2 Veteran Hazard Stormtrooper Platoons (40 AP/60 Men)
      • 10 Imperial Engineering Corp Platoons (60 AP/300 Men)
      • 2 Veteran Imperial Engineering Corp Platoons (24 AP/60 Men)
      • 20 AT-STs (60 AP)
      • 20 APC A-A5 Speeder Trucks (60 AP)
      • 10 AFV HAVr-A9 Floating Fortresses (60 AP)
      • 4 HAVw A6 Juggernauts (64 AP)

      Armour Regiments (4x808 AP): 'The Hammer', 'The Anvil', 'Arrak Company' & 'Thunder Company'


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  17. [​IMG]
    The Black Imperium

    • [​IMG]

      Leader: General Valkyrie Kalrune
      Race: Imperial Human

      Leader Bio: Valkyrie Kalrune started her journey within the Empire's military at the Officer's Academy. She aimed to be a high ranking officer like her Father, and his before him. While often looked down upon and mistreated for a women it only made her stronger, until she started to crave for some of the most highly sought positions in the military. With exemplary service and the graces of the Senate one could move up into the Officer positions within the Imperial Special Forces. In recent years they have allowed women to take the Officer's exam in the Imperial Special Forces but 99% have never made it. One that did was Valkrie Kalrune, a Officer's Academy graduate and a soldier with a record spot clean. Of course this time nobody could fail her for being a women, for the Imperial Senate was watching very closely. Many had their doubts after she passed, saying that the stress of an officer's job and simply because they answer directly to the Senate meant that most people who landed the position didn't stay long. The Empire had been on a bad streak for a while and it showed on the faces of the soldiers.

      Valkyrie had quite the job to do. Only reverse the moral of the men and start them on a grand win streak for the Glory of the Empire. It was a very hard task at first. Even trying to find men capable of basic missions seemed to be almost impossible. Too stupid or simply not tough enough. Since she was a women and a new officer to the Imperial Special Forces she was granted the left overs from the recruits. Valkyrie wasn't stupid about how she went with new changes. She understood that when moral is low like this and the Officers, who are supposed to lead them couldn't do their job right that force isn't the way. The academy taught that Power is everything, but what they don't teach you is how to use that power. Brute force can only get you so far. She started to be soft and even kind of bubbly around her subordinates, trying to create a connection with those she worked closely with. It was almost a domino effect. After some of the more veteran officers under he started to ease up and create a workable environment the change is visible. Now that she had one problem done, it was off to finding capable men.

      Now that Valkyrie had men that actually worked she needed to get some more recruits for field missions. Most of the staff at her headquarters in Katora V had experience and were more than satisfactory at their job. Before she had taken over the previous Officers in her position would waste manpower running impossible missions that if were successful could raise them up the ladders unlike anything else. The only problem with that is nobody ever really pulled it off, not in a long time, which killed off a lot of the veteran members in her Sector. Surprisingly she could do a lot of damage from where she was but since she had limited capabilities there were no opportunities to do so. After another set of left-overs from the other Special Forces sectors she took her case up to the Senate. A lengthy review ensued that ended with a favorable verdict. With the fact of her importance of where her sector was and the fact that she had succeeded in reversing the moral of the men was more than enough for the Senate to grant her request. She would get first choice of the new recruits everyone 2 years. Now that she could get someone with ability it was time for a change.

      Valkyrie had a string of successful missions from her Sector in Katora V. Because of this and the Senates positive review she became an essential officer to the Empire. After only taking minimal losses during the battle of Endor, Valkyrie was given permission to take control of her whole Sector and consolidate her power for the Glory of the Empire.

      Significant VIPs:

      Novek Dulsis
      Imperial Human
      Veteran Officer

      Natasha Latova
      Imperial Human

      Krak Woton

    • Nation Traits:
      Envy of a Moff
      Imperial Warlord
      Mechanics at Heart

      Population Traits:
      Martial Pride

      Military Traits:
      Capital Doctrine
      Elite Ground Forces

      Technical Traits:
      Accelerated Repairs

      Economic Traits:
      Corporate Power
      Abundant Trade Goods
      Bargaining Chip
      Muun Accountants

      Espionage Traits:
      Imperial Intelligence
      Saboteur Squadron
      Intentional Data Leak

      Krytos Gambit
      [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Droid Rebellion[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]A Powerful Enemy[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    • Sector Name:
      Katora V - 14

      Sun [Planets in order from closest to farthest from the sun]

      - Ressidan - The planet closest to the sun. While the surface is completely unusable, it's underground has yet to be explored. May contain possibilities.
      - Irea - A desert planet with and extremely harsh environment. While containing almost no plant life, predator wildlife can be found although not very frequently.
      - Yashivik - A near baron world containing sand, near perfect for the construction of equipment and ships, close to the sun but not enough so to make the planet inhabitable.
      - Das Heed - The main base of command in the Katora V sector. Houses a large port and most of the fleet while inactive. Also contains a good number of barracks and training facilities.
      - Jeev - A lush planet mostly inhabited by wildlife and plant growth, though a rumor about a Imperial Research Base is hidden somewhere.

      Feel free to name your sectors here and outline important planets to you. Each sector contains approximately 10 Habitable Worlds. Also, record the sector value next to the sector name. (And keep an eye on the map for changes :P)

    • Fleet: 0/70,000SP
      28,000SP available to spend
      This has 2 parts. 1st a list of your fleet. (Do not forget to buy squadrons, they don't come with the ships!) Include the values for each type. Eg: If you have 10 Dreadnought Heavy Cruisers and 8 TIE squadrons each you would write it as...
      Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser: x10: 7'400 SP.
      TIE Fighter Squadrons: x80: 1'600 SP. (Light Interceptors. Standard)

      The 2nd, if you decide to take Custom ships, include each design in a spoiler box of it's own.

      Ground Armies and Defences: 0/42,000AP
      14,000 available to spend
      Include here a list of your purchased forces. As with the navy. Include the amount spent and any details.
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