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  1. To avoid confusion, please put the faction of your character at the beginning of each post.

    Chapter 1: The Battle of Sluis Van
    Imperial Mission Briefing (open)

    Aboard the Eclipse - Dreadnaught class heavy cruiser

    A group of various Sith and soldiers with a few hired guns thrown in the mix stood around a holoprojector in a darkened meeting room. The holoprojector lit up and resolved itself into the image of a meeting room. Three figures sat around a table. On the left was a middle aged man dressed in rather simple black robes that nonetheless marked him as sith. In the middle loomed a bulky man wearing full battle armor, looking like he could barely fit in his chair. On the right sat a relatively young female chiss, starkly contrasting with her peers in a white admiral’s uniform though the stripes on her shoulder indicated her rank as a sith.


    “You are currently above the planet of Sluis Van,” the man in the middle began without introducing himself. “As you should know, the planet is famous for its shipyards which is what the imperial fleet is here for today, however that does not directly concern you. Your primary objective is to disable the automated defences of Sluis Van’s orbital shipyards. Your secondary objective is to kill any Republic military personnel on planet.”


    “The defenses are controlled via a relay network based on planet,” the chiss woman spoke up, taking over. “The replay network base is housed in an underground complex below the capital city of Sluis Van, Sluis city.” The holoprojector switched to a projection of a map of the underground complex.


    “The entrance is here.” The North-East part of the map glowed briefly. “The main controls are housed here.” The center of the map glowed briefly. “The entrance to the complex is in the northern part of the city and has been marked on your maps. A contact will ensure it is unlocked for you. ”


    “The Republic believes that we will simply overpower the automated defences with our numbers, so they will not be expecting you. However, what resistance you face on the planet, it will be centered around this complex,” the man on the left finally spoke. “Expect to be out numbered and expect to be out gunned. What you have on your side is the element of surprise. Use it well. There is a drop ship awaiting you in the hanger. Your drop zone is a field several kilometers north of the city. Direct any questions to Cipher Five.”

    The man paused a moment to emphasize his last words. “Do not fail the Empire. Command out.” With that, the holoprojector powered off, leaving the room in darkness for a moment before over head lights flicked on.

    Republic Mission Briefing (open)

    Aurek Base, Sluis City

    Several people milled around in a meeting room with a holoprojector in the middle. There were a few jedi, some soldiers, and some hired guns, all chatting rather amicably. The conversations quickly died down when the holoprojector lit up and resolved itself into the image of an aging woman dressed in the uniform of a general of the republic army.


    “I am, as many of you know, General Garza,” she began. “I apologize for the short notice, but we have an emergency on our hands. The Imperial Third Fleet has been spotted massing a few hours away from Sluis Van. They are undoubtedly here for the orbital shipyards. Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to mobilize a force large enough to defend the planet, and the automated defences of the planet will not hold up against an all out assault. It will not be a question of if Sluis Van will be taken, but when.” The general paused a moment to let her words sink in, then continued.

    “To ensure the safety of the civilians and to minimize our casualties, we have no choice but to abandon the planet. Your mission is to ensure the orderly evacuation of Sluis City. There will be shuttles waiting on the landing pad in the northern part of the city. Time is of the essence as the fleet could be converging on us as we speak.” The general’s tone then softened “Save as many as you can. Garza out.” The holoprojector powered off, leaving silence in its wake.
  2. Myrazan Zyr watched the projector describe their mission. She knew where they were to land and was excited to see this mission get underway.
    She glanced around the room at the other sith and mercenaries that had gathered here. Some of them she knew. Sith lord Kallius was opposite her listening to the details as they were spoken. Cipher Five was to her left, his eyes seemingly glued to the holoprojector. Her apprentice, Tydema Kerchek, was standing a little ways behind her. The mercenaries were scattered around the room at various spots.

    Soon as the lights flickered back on, she turned to her apprentice. "Be ready to head to the departure shuttle. The sooner everyone makes it down to the planet, the sooner we can get started taking this blasted planet for ourselves." She turned to Cipher Five. "Is there any other information I should be aware of before I depart? Enemy specifics? Jedi? Traps?"
    She didn't think this would be too difficult, but many a sith found their demise running into something half informed. She would not be one of them.
  3. Imperial

    Tydema leans against the wall of the briefing room and watches as the holoprojector goes silent and leaves the rest of the group to their own devices. He looks around at the others in the room and realizes that he really only knows his master out of the group. Sure there were a few Apprentices that he had run into in the past, some of which are still sporting the scars he gave them, and there are even some higher ranking Sith that he knew through simply what he heard. And then his Master turns to face him and tells him to be ready. In truth he was already ready since all he really needed were his lightsabers, which he kept on him at all times. That's why he just nods to the alien woman and begins looking around again until he sees a trooper that was obviously fresh out of training. Time for a little fun.

    While his Master was talking to some Chiss that he's seen a few times in the past he makes his way over to the human woman and leans against the wall. As soon as she sees him she makes a nervous salute and addresses him as "Lord". He rather likes the sound of that. That's why he removes the mask covering his face and lowers the hood to his robes. He shows her that he's roughly the same age as her and exudes a calming aura to help put her at ease. But this is almost destroyed when he holds her chin in his hand and lifts her face to look directly into her eyes. He admits that he likes what he sees. The woman looks at him with her green eyes before swallowing hard. She's obviously scared and Tydema just thinks that this is cute.

    "After this mission is over, how about you and I spend some time getting to know each other? I promise not to bite too hard."

    The woman's eyes go wide at the thought of being alone with a Sith, but she just nods and says, "If it pleases you, My Lord." Tydema smiles as he thinks that the common folk are being taught well. There was no possible way that she could deny him, he was Sith and automatically higher than her. She could be a General and he would still be higher than her. That's just how the galaxy worked, and he liked it. Afterall, power was all that was needed to get what you want. So with that he smiles before walking away and leaving the room to wait by the shuttles. His Master may have been an alien Sith, but she was still higher than him and would probably kill him if he failed her.
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  4. Republic
    Luess sat in a chair with his hands crossed as he heard the message. He stood up and looked at the people in the room. It annoyed him that they didn't obey the order to leave, everyone was quiet and they weren't moving. The general ordered them and they did nothing, this was unacceptable. Luess snapped at a couple people to help bring the people out of the base. Luess marched over to a couple of hired guns and pulled them along with him to evacuate the city. This would be a very hard job, and it would take very long to accomplish.

    Luess started to evacuate the city immediately once he was outside. Many of the citizens moved toward the ships, so it was his best bet to help there. He put as many people in to each ship as he could. If the empire was going to attack, it would be here most likely. He continued doing this and waited for backup to help the situation.
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  5. Imperial

    To any outside observer, Cipher Five was paying avid attention to the holoprojector. In actuality, he was running different scenarios for the mission up ahead. He had been given the mission specifics ahead of time, one of the benefits of being Darth Morphia's personal enforcer.

    When the lights turned back on, he blinked a few times to adjust to the brightness, then turned to face the sith addressing him. He had seen her several times at Imperial Intelligence. Myrazan Zyr if he remembered correctly. He bowed his head slightly as a show of deference before he began. "My lord, according to our sources, there are two jedi on planet. One of them fairly experienced. The other considerably less so. They are stationed at Aurek Base, and it will take them some time to respond to our intrusion. The enemy has only a token force here stationed within Sluis City, no more than one platoon. There are other forces scattered across the other settlements on the planet, but they will not be a problem for us. As for traps, the Republic should not be aware of our, this strike team's, presence. Even if they are, they will not have had time to set up any traps. The defenses of the underground complex are the standard auto turrets and whatever personnel that happens to be there." Finished, he waited to see if the sith had any other questions.
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  6. Republic.

    Eilami clenched her fist as she was given her assignment from General Garza, they weren't even going to try and fight? Just let the Imperial take what they wanted and allow the world to suffer because of it? Disgusting, the Mirialan growled in her head, baring her teeth a bit in annoyance as she looked to the only Jedi Master in the room, she had been told to basically shadow him and help him in any way possible. Basically, don't frakk up and stay out of the way, the young girl thought to herself as she immediately followed after him without a word. She had so many questions she wanted to ask him about their orders, wasn't there anything more that they could do?

    Once outside with him, Eilami moved towards a couple citizens and started helping them onto planes, trying not to encourage any sort of panic that might already be there. It wasn't as though it was unknown why exactly they were evacuating, but other than that she kept close to Master Luess' side. She ended up though allowing her mind to wander a bit, her gaze fixated on the horizon as she stayed out of the way and simply allowed her mind to question practically everything that they were doing. A young child was crying into her mother's bosom and Eilami felt anger towards the Republic, why weren't they doing anything more? Was it better to run than it was to fight? The Mirialan didn't understand, and this only served to frustrate her further.
  7. Imperial

    Kallius stood towards the back of the group of Imperial's gathered around the holoprojector, his back firmly planted against the wall. To all onlookers he might have seemed relaxed, mainly because of his posture. His mask obscured his smile from anyone who might look his way... In truth, he was absolutely giddy, this mission being exactly what he was trained for. A foray into enemy territory right under the republics noses, destruction and sabotage. The words tasted sweet on his tongue and his smile widened. Infiltration was always his favorite game...

    As the holo slowly faded he glanced around the room, taking the measure of those he would be fighting alongside. The mercenaries looked tough... capable. They would see if that was true when the battle truly began, for even a seemingly easy mission such as this will surely have snags along the way. They skipped over many of the soldiers in the room, Kallius long since learning to see them as little more than faceless drones, and rested on one of the other lords in the room. Myrazan Zyr, if he was not mistaken, she was a lord he had noticed early on, being a fellow Zabrak in a generally xenophobic empire had made her an object of his interest, though he had never bothered to approach her. No time like the present

    He walked over to her slowly, his steps so light as to barely be perceptible, but as he moved the soldiers and bounty hunters around him slowly glided away from him. It was a trick he had learned in the jungles to escape the notice of the beasts, they would move out of his way without even realizing that they were doing so. As he arrived at her side he said nothing, instead taking the time to listen to Cipher Five's quick debrief... He waited a moment before speaking up," Two jedi you say... Good. It has been awhile since I've played with a worthy opponent." A small chuckle escapes his lips as his finger gently runs across the hilt of his saber," We are supposed to remove the Republic military threat if at all possible after all."
  8. Imperial

    Myrazan smirked. Only a couple jedi and regular defenses? She bowed her head slightly in thanks to Cipher Five for the information. Her gaze next focused on the sith lord Kallius. He had made his way over to her and Cipher Five, commenting on the republic forces.
    "Indeed we are..perhaps if we're lucky, we'll get that chance. Otherwise, we can always focus our boredom on the citizens of the planet."

    Gazing at the sith, she saw that he was not bad looking. He was a zabrak like her. "I look forward to seeing you planetside Kallius." Flicking her hair as she turned swiftly, she made her way to the shuttles where she found her apprentice eagerly waiting.
    "The others will be coming shortly. We shall take a personal shuttle down to the planet and get started early. Prepare the shuttle Tydema!"

    She watched her apprentice smile and nod before rushing off. He was eager..that is good. He will need that eagerness, especially if they came across the talented jedi that was on planet. She could sense the fear and anger on the planet below through the force. It felt glorious.

    Charis Uldun stood quietly as she listened to the mission briefing, her heavy assault rifle strapped snugly to her back. Once the holo projection had faded and the briefing was over, she began looking around the room trying to assess the meager forces assembled there. There were a good number of Republic troops, which Charis new from experience were always reliable in a pinch. Still, they were ill equipped to deal with a mission of this scope. Even under the best of circumstances, evacuating a planet this size would take a considerable amount of time and manpower; two things they did not currently have in large supply.

    There were also a few Jedi that had joined with the Republic forces to assist with the evacuation. She had noticed that one of them, a young female, was also a Mirialan. This brought a bittersweet pang of nostalgia to Charis as she tried to remember the last time she had been near one of her own kind. Although she looked to be at least ten years younger than Charis, the girl already bore some of the distinctive tattoos with which their people marked themselves. Charis had chosen not to give herself any such markings, as she felt they would only serve as a painful reminder of what she had lost.

    The fact there were Jedi present wasn't entirely comforting either. Although she had no doubt they would be of help in the evacuation, Charis felt somewhat uneasy knowing they could sense things through the Force she no longer could.

    As people sprang to action and began leaving the room to tend to their duties, Charis snapped out of her reverie, remembering she had a job to do. Making her way outside, she began directing people toward the shuttles.

    "Everybody keep moving! Leave anything unnecessary behind! If you can't carry it, you don't need it!" Charis barked out orders so she could be heard above the noise of the panicking crowd as people ran back and forth from all directions. She scanned the horizon for the first signs of any Sith ships, knowing it was only a matter of time before they made themselves known.
  10. Imperial

    Cipher Five excused himself with a slight bow when the sith turned his attention away from him. He made his way to the hanger, checking his equipment along the way. His rifle was strapped on his back, his stealth shield generator was strapped on his belt, and all his vibroblades were in their sheaths. Satisfied with the state of his gear, he entered the hanger. Myrazan's apprentice had made it there before him. He acknowledged the other man with a slight nod, then took a seat on one of the benches in the drop ship and reviewed his impressions of the three sith he would be working with. Lord Zyr and her apprentice he had seen before, and had read some reports from their missions. Darth Kallius, he was an unknown. From the few words he had heard the sith exchange, he was tempted to write him off as just another violence driven killer, but he didn't have enough information to make a sound judgment, so he left Darth Kallius in the unknown category for the time being.

    A short while later, Lord Zyr arrived in the hanger, calling for her apprentice. He was curious and a bit surprised that neither she nor her apprentice had yet asked him about his relationship to Darth Morphia. The topic was one frequently mentioned within Intelligence as many felt that a sith should have served as the dark lord's right hand. He gave a metal snort. The Empire had venerated the sith to the point where they seemed to have forgotten what a force blind could do.
  11. Republic~

    Its projection leaned against one wall of the briefing room, head bowed, though its gaze never left the projector. Patience had been rewarding for the mechanist, the difficulties faced since its initial appearance spurring an overwhelming want to be rid of this planet. So far, these flesh and blood had proven amicable enough but with the looming threat of final doom there was nothing left but to leave before the sky broke. It held the projection in place as the transmission resolved, bodies standing or moved toward the door. Silent, it waited for the general mass to filter out, in no discernible hurry. The orders to leave had left them ruffled, complaints and questions drowning out the truth behind the directive. Fascinating, how some would rather die. Behind these it followed, scanning their faces and what lay written there.

    The mechanist kept its projection at a distance as corridors gave way to open spaces and waiting vessels. Avoiding bodies it held a general path, curving around what crowd had gathered in an effort to herd stragglers. The trained shouted orders, expediting their movements and slowly the vessels filled. For all their complaints the flesh and blood were not resisting, this at least was good. With full depth the mechanist held its sensors trained upon the sky as anticipation of the coming drop processed. Excitement overrode most, the chance to see and test this new place after so long within the interminable between an entertaining prospect.
  12. Scene:


    The shuttle flew towards the blue green surface of Sluis Van. It suffered some turbulence as it entered the atmosphere before it's flight path leveled out into a smooth glide. From the single wide window in the front of the shuttle, the City of Sluis could be seen, a blurry shape off in the distance, gaining clarity as the shuttle moved closer. As the shuttle moved within range of the city's automated anti-air turrets, the shuttle pilot expertly sent the shuttle through a series of maneuvers that avoided most of the fire. The ship touched down behind a hill north of the city, invisible to any one looking from the direction of Sluis city.

    A crackle of static on the comm lines heralded the arrival of bad news. "To all military personnel. A small Imperial force has been spotted outside the city. They are believed to be a scouting unit. Do not engage them in combat unless necessary. Your priority is the
    civilians." With another crackle of static, the comm line went dead. Some civilians happened to be standing close enough to someone with a comm to hear the news, and within minutes, the entire populace was up in a panic, sentients trampling over each other in an attempt to reach the evacuation shuttles.
  13. Imperial

    Myrazan and her apprentice boarded the shuttle and left with the others towards the planet. Her thoughts drifted back to Cipher Five as they approached. That man was dangerous, as dangerous as her if not more. Word around the meeting rooms was that he was Darth Morphias right hand assassin. That made him worth her respect, and maybe perhaps he of hers.
    She had to hold her tongue as to asking about his personal status with the Darth, lest it be none of her business and she was forced to be reminded of that. If anything else, she may ask Cipher Five to tell her if her questions were getting too close when she asked.

    "Apprentice, when we land make sure that no republic scum are nearby. We need to make sure the landing is clear for the rest of the landing party."
    She glanced at her apprentice to make sure he understood. She knew he would, and that he would love first crack at the republic.
    If it came down to it, she might give him that chance.

    The whoosh of the doors opening gave way to Sluis Van. Myrazan Zyr was smiling as they all stepped out and headed for the city.
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  14. Show Spoiler
    Sorry was attempting to wait for Eternal still yet, but I'd rather move the rp along than it die!! Maybe I could make Eilami a Knight after this 'mission' so I won't have to rely on Eternal as much? And i'm -really- sorry if my post is a HUGE no-no, but I did attempt to make it clear that they weren't disobeying orders, and thus I wasn't disobeying the GM X3


    Eilami felt the change in the Force, her brows furrowing as she looked in the general direction of where she believed it to be coming from. She slowly moved towards the city as though to enter it when she heard her orders to not engage. You have got to be kidding me. Are we just going to take this belly up? The Orders started a panic within the citizens, trampling one another and some trying to yank others out to get a seat. The Mirialan wanted nothing more than to charge into the city, but she wasn't a fool. A Padawan against an entire Imperial unit? No way.

    She raced towards the group and this time started helping soldiers control the crowd enough. They were running out of time though, "We can't just sit here and do nothing. Can't we create some sort of diversion?" Eilami questioned one of the officers, he looked to be of higher rank.

    "We have our orders, Jedi," the Officer argued, and then looked at her with a bit of annoyance, "what would you suggest we even do?"

    "Set up a blockade? We have to do something. People are panicking and they see us doing nothing except for crowd control," the Padawan pleaded with the officer.

    The officer rubbed his chin for a moment before finally sighing, "Fine...but we can't spare many people. Troops! Anyone who's willing, set up a blockade 100 meters from us. You shall be our first and only defense." Eilami looked relieved, she turned to go and help the blockade, but a hand grabbed her shoulder and she looked to the Officer, "Only for defense purposes, Jedi. We still have our orders to follow. We won't assault, simply defend."
  15. In reply to Queen Elsa (open)
    I believe that padawans are typically expected to show a level of autonomy within missions. As for disobeying the GM, do what ever's in character for your character. The set scenes are meant to be guides, not rules. They give you events for your character to respond to, not actions your character must follow.


    Cipher Five kept to himself during the shuttle ride down. He saw no need to talk with the sith sharing the shuttle with him, and instead stared out the lone window of the shuttle. Sluis Van wasn't exactly a beautiful planet. Its surface was marred by alternating streaks of green and tan. As the shuttle neared the city, he noticed a lot of movement in the streets. It seemed the Republic was trying to evacuate the city and the citizens have panicked. How fortunate, the chaos would provide the perfect cover for the strike team to sneak in.

    As the shuttle started moving in an erratic pattern to avoid enemy fire, he gave his equipment one last check over. Satisfied that everything was in shape, he lightly hopped off the shuttle when the doors opened and looked towards the direction of the city.
  16. Imperial

    Kallius smiled behind his mask the entire trip to the surface, his expression turning to a manic grin when the entire shuttle was forced into drastic maneuvers to avoid the automated turret fire. This is freedom. In truth he had to stop himself from launching out of the shuttle the moment it touched down. Being a Sith Lord comes with its perks, but attempting to seem calm and collected all the time often grated on his, admittedly thin, patience. He waited a moment, but no more than that, for some of the others to step out before setting out himself, jumping lightly from the ship.

    It was only as his feet touched down on the soft soil that he could feel it... The delicious pulse of fear coming from the city. Even from here he could nearly taste it, a sweet delicacy at the edge of his perception. Kal licked his lips lightly, hungry for a taste," Cipher... As you are likely the most... tactically skilled of those here, I ask you what our plan should be." A small cackle escaped him before he could suppress it," I suggest you hurry as well. I am finding it hard to contain myself here." As he talked one hand clenched and unclenched repeatedly, while his other ran lovingly across the hilt of his saber. He was aching for the battle and destruction to come, but he would not risk the mission for it. Not yet at least.
  17. Imperial

    Cipher Five resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the sith's eagerness to cause destruction, then realized it wouldn't matter as he had no discernible pupils, but the moment had passed, so he still didn't. "My lord," he began with a slight bow, "from what I saw on the shuttle, the city is currently being evacuated and the citizens are in a panic. Their evacuation shuttles seem to be in the northern area of the city which works to our advantage. We should be able to easily infiltrate the underground complex in the confusion as it will be more difficult for Republic forces to spot us within a crowd, and any citizen catching sight of Imperial forces will only cause more panic and fear." Cipher Five paused for breath and mentally debated with himself before saying the next words. "If I may be so bold, my lord, I would propose that we avoid engaging in unnecessary combat with Republic forces at least until we have completed our primary objective." Proposition laid out, Cipher Five mentally crossed his fingers, or he would have mentally crossed his fingers if he were prone to such ridiculous superstitions, which he was not, and hoped the sith would at least keep his suggestion in mind.
  18. Myrazan listened in to the conversation between Cipher Five and Lord Kallius. Not that her opinion was needed, but she could tell that Kallius was eager for confrontation. She stepped towards them as her apprentice was patrolling the area for stragglers.
    "I agree with Cipher. Until the defenses are disabled, we shouldn't focus on confronting the enemy. We'll have plenty of time for that after we do what we came here to do."

    She glanced at Cipher. Whether he thought of her as an assisting helper or a nuisance, she really didn't care. What she did care about was Kallius getting overeager and botching everything.
    "Cipher, you want to take lead and lead us to the objective location? My apprentice and I will follow close behind and assist you if needed." She gestured for her apprentice to join them and rested her right hand on her double saber that hung on her hip.
  19. Republic

    Yadesa sat on the bench closely listening to there briefing. He saw this mission as slightly pointless for him since they would just be getting civilians to safety. He saw it as hazing from his fellow masters since he was the newest appointment, Maybe they didn't take his serious. Was it for his young age and the consistent misstatement for a padawan and how he never bother to correct them unless it was important. Yadesa pondered those thoughts, He then toss them aside for they were just time wasting. He was here to support people and heal the injured. He is a consular so he is also there to lead but he is sure others could handle it.

    When they were ordered to leave the ship he watch and waited to see who leave first. He saw one Human Jedi Luess take charge, He ordered soldiers to get ready and proceed out there. Luess is up for promotion, he will make sure to vote for the man to join. He was very respectable, His fighting ability was close to his defensive and tactical.

    They left the republic ship and he got to his post, He was with the medical units using his talents to heal the injured the best he can. He heard someone preparing for a assault on them, 100 meter defense. He heard the itch of battle in her throat. "She wants to fight bad, Padawans would make good dummy waves if things ever went wrong in this war latter on." Yadesa thought. He resumed healing the injured, These wounds were not that bad but he was sure more horrid ones would come.

    "Dammit! Why'd they have to attack now?" She mused to herself. She was cleaning the pazaak tables and was just about ready to jump the planet after a couple hands. Then the imperials show up. The winnings would just have to wait. With a sigh, she exited the cantina, alarms blaring and people rushing for the shuttles. Floods of people crowded the streets on a scramble for their escape. Any sane person would head to the shuttles. But Nala's ship was still docked in the shipyard. Those damn imperials just had to ruin the party.

    Unfortunately, the Sluis Van militia weren't enough to fend off an attack squad of that magnitude. She swore she saw some lightsabers start to glow in the shuttles. Still, they did what they could to form a line. A loosely organized group of Republic forces tried to reinforce the defense, a couple Jedi and some soldiers. They looked like only a small annoyance to the imperials. She had to commend them though.

    Her only goal right now was to find her ship and get the hell out of there. She might be able to sneak out, before the brunt of the attackers arrived. Despite her better judgement, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Instead of running to the shipyard for her ship, she ran to bolster the defense. Besides, she might lose what little standing she had with the republic if they caught her leaving the battlefield. When the imperials appeared, she'd manage to find work as a supply runner for the Republic. It was quite lucrative and gave her some leeway in her smuggling business.

    "Only for a little while. The moment things turn south, I'm bailing," she promised herself. Drawing her blasters, she took cover at a low wall near the gates. She dared to take a peek outside and an intimidating force of Sith were on the move.
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