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  1. 3,500 years before the rise of Darth Vader and 300 years after Jedi Knights Revan and Meetra Surik disappeared into the unknown regions, the True Sith Empire returned to the known galaxy after their exile following the Great Hyperspace War. Korriban was taken without warning, the unsuspecting Republic forces there slaughtered. Now the Republic scrambles to muster response against the sith onslaught.

    Jedi, Sith, soldiers, bounty hunters, all are called upon to play a part in the ensuing conflict.

    This RP will always be open to sign ups.

    Lore (open)

    Note: If you generally know what Star Wars is, don’t read this unless you really want to, just browse through and look at the pretty pictures.

    Background to the Great Galactic War (open)


    5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY), two explorers stumbled upon the True Sith Empire. This event sparked a conflict that came to be known as the Great Hyperspace War. The Republic prevailed, but at the cost of billions of lives across the galaxy. With the death of the sith emperor Naga Sadow, the Republic believed the true sith to be extinct. They were deceived.


    A century before the Great Hyperspace War, a child by the name of Tenebrae was born. He was strong in the force, incredibly so. At the age of six, he killed his step-father, and tortured his mother to death. At the age of ten, he killed his biological father, a full grown sith of considerable power. At the age of thirteen he was granted the title of Lord Vitiate and governorship of the planet Medriaas.

    When the Great Hyperspace War ravaged the galaxy, Lord Vitiate, his life unnaturally extended through dark side rituals, refrained from participating, and instead watched as the Empire fell.

    When Naga Sadow died, Lord Vitiate made his move. He used propaganda to drive what remained of the Empire into a frenzied panic about their fate should they be discovered by the Republic. Then he called all the remaining sith to the planet of Medriaas, now renamed Nathema, to perform a ritual that he promised would unleash the full power of the dark side. What the ritual actually did was kill the 8,000 sith that answered his call along with all the life on Nathema, all life except Vitiate. The ritual had stripped the Force from the planet and gave Vitiate unimaginable power along with immortality. From this time forward, he was known only as the Sith Emperor.


    The Emperor led the remnants of the Empire on a 20 year exodus, during which, the citizens of the Empire had begun to worship the Emperor as some type of god. At the end of the exodus, they arrived on the jungle planet of Dromund Kaas where the Emperor decreed that a new empire would be built.

    For a thousand years, the Emperor plotted to invade the Republic. Not for revenge, but because he had found a way to expand the ritual he performed on Nathema to encompass the entire galaxy, and he intended to use a war with the Republic as a means to fuel the ritual.


    Around 4,000 BBY came the story of the Jedi Knights, Alec Squinquargesimus, Revan, and Meetra Surik which shall not be told in the interests of keeping this from becoming a novel.

    In 3,681, the galaxy was plunged into war once again as the sith flooded out of the unknown regions to spread fear to the galaxy once more.

    The Force (open)


    The Force was a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous power that held enormous importance for both the Jedi and Sith. Known as the Way in ancient times, the Force was viewed in many different aspects, including, but not limited to, the light side, the dark side, the Unifying Force, and the Living Force. The first two aspects were concerned with the moral compass of the Force, as manifested by the conduct and emotions of living creatures who were themselves part of the fabric of the Force. The light side of the Force was the facet aligned with compassion, selflessness, self-knowledge and enlightenment, healing, mercy and benevolence, while the dark side of the Force was the element aligned with hatred, fear, covetousness, anger, aggression, jealousy and malevolence. The latter two aspects were defined by prominent Jedi philosophies: The Unifying Force essentially embraced space and time in its entirety while the Living Force dealt with the energy of living things. Though the Force was categorized in this way, there were no specific abilities or powers that were only usable by a follower of a particular path of the Force; the Force partially existed inside the life forms that used it, and drew energy from their emotions. (adapted from Wookieepedia).

    The Rise and Fall of the Je’daii Order (open)


    In 36,463 BBY, the galaxy’s best scientists, philosophers, priests, and warriors gathered on the world of Tython to discuss the mysterious energy known as the Force. Together they formed an order known as the Je’daii Order, an order dedicated to keeping the balance between the light side, which they Ashla, and the dark side, Bogan.

    For a millennia, the Je’daii flourished. They built great temples on Tython, and spread their teachings. Then, in 25,793 BBY, a conflict that became known as the Force Wars arose between the followers of Ashla and the followers of Bogan. In the end, the followers of Ashla prevailed, and believed themselves to be better than the followers of Bogan. They broke away from the Je’daii’s teachings of balance, and formed the Jedi Order.

    The Jedi (open)


    From the ashes of the Je’daii came the Jedi Order, or what is known in modern times, the Old Jedi Order. The Jedi were guardians of Peace and Justice around the galaxy. Though they work closely with the Republic, they are a separate entity. The Jedi use the light side of the force, the believe in peace and serenity. They are led by the Jedi High Council, a council of twelve Jedi masters.

    The Jedi Code (open)

    There is no emotion, there is peace.

    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

    There is no passion, there is serenity.

    There is no chaos, there is harmony.

    There is no death, there is the Force.

    The Sith (open)


    In 7,000 BBY, the Jedi Order discovered a group of heretical dark Jedi, experimenting with forbidden alchemy. A war was fought, and ended with the Jedi victory in the Battle of Corbos. The remaining twelve dark Jedi were exiled to unexplored regions of space. Unknown to the Jedi Order, the exiles landed on the planet of Korriban, home to the Sith species, a species of red skinned force sensitive humanoids whose beliefs closely matched the teachings of the dark side. The exiles became rulers over the Sith, the first Dark Lords of the Sith.

    The sith follow the dark side of the force. They channel their passion as a means of fueling their power. They are traditionally led by an Emperor.

    The Sith Code (open)

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

    Through passion, I gain strength.

    Through strength, I gain power.

    Through power, I gain victory.

    Through victory, my chains are broken.

    The Force shall free me

    The Plot (open)


    The Sith Empire has returned to the known galaxy, bent on galactic conquest. The Republic struggles to respond to their brutal campaign. Neutral factions use the wartime economy to wring out profits, while bounty hunters and mercenaries await the inevitable flood of contracts.

    Both the Empire and the Republic have started gathering individuals talented in the arts of war, forming them into teams to send against each other.

    Factions (open)

    Note: The Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic are the two main factions. All are factions are for flavor more than anything as they are either aligned with one of the main factions, or the individuals within the factions are aligned with one of the main factions.

    The Sith Empire (open)


    For a thousand years, they have waited in the Unknown Regions of space, biding their time, and waiting for an opportunity to return to the known galaxy once more.

    The Empire is ultimately ruled by the Emperor, but the Dark Council, composed of the twelve most powerful sith in the Empire, see to the daily running of the Empire. Each member of the Dark Council governs over a sphere of influence. The spheres of influence are Ancient Knowledge, Biotic Science, Defense of the Empire, Expansion and Diplomacy, Imperial Intelligence, Law and Justice, Military Offense, Military Strategy, Mysteries, Production and Logistics, Sith Philosophy, and Technology.

    Imperial culture venerates the sith, placing them at the highest level of the hierarchy while non-humans are placed at the bottom, generally viewed with disgust. The Empire values strength and efficiency. There is no place for fools and imbeciles within its ranks.

    Their capital is Kaas city on the jungle planet of Dromund Kaas.

    The Chiss Ascendancy (open)


    Note: Only Chiss characters may be a part of the Chiss Ascendancy

    Note: All members of the Ascendancy will be fighting for the Empire

    The most popular theory on the origin of the chiss species is that they were evolved from humans. Their home planet of Csilla is a harsh and unforgiving world. The surface of the planet is too cold to live on, so the Chiss have moved underground.

    The Chiss are governed by an oligarchy of ruling families. Each family is headed by leaders known as Aristocra. The day to day runnings of the Ascendancy is overseen by a democratically elected parliamentary body from each of the 28 colonies.

    The Chiss are highly xenophobic, believing themselves better than all other species. They are as isolationist as possible, rarely trading beyond their borders. The Ascendancy became an ally of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War.

    Their capital is Csaplar of the ice planet of Csilla.

    The Galactic Republic (open)


    The Galactic Republic is a representative democracy, composed of various star systems, sectors and member worlds throughout most of the known galaxy, created around 25,000 BBY. The Republic is lead by the Senate, made up of senators from each of the member planets of the Republic. The Supreme Chancellor is the main executive power within the Republic. The Supreme Chancellor is elected from the ranks of the Senate by its members.

    The Republic is made up of the culture of its various member worlds, though in general, the people of the Republic value freedom and democracy. All sentients are viewed as equal within its ranks.

    Their capital is the city-planet of Coruscant.

    Mandalorians (open)


    The Mandalorians were a nomadic group of clan-based people, consisting of various species, all bound by a single culture. Early Mandalorian culture revolved around battle, with war being a source of honor and pride for them. They’re led by a man or woman known as the Mandalore.

    Later on, Mandalorians moved away from their war obsessed culture, and most became bounty hunters and mercenaries. Though the Mandalorians have traditionally allied with the Empire, Mandalorian bounty hunters can be found on both sides of the war, going after the biggest payload.

    Despite their occupation, Mandalorians still viewed honor with great importance. There is honor in a good fight, in completing a contract, but there is no honor in senseless bloodshed, or the enslavement of others.

    They have no capital city, but they consider the planet Mandalore to be their headquarters/base.

    Some Mandalorian clans active during the Great Galactic War:

    Clan Cadera (Favored the Republic over the Empire)

    Clan Farr

    Clan Lok (The current Mandalore is a member of Clan Lok)

    Clan Lone

    Clan Ordo (Favored the Republic over the Empire)

    Clan Rodarch

    Clan Rook (A dishonorable clan made up of pirates and slavers)

    (Note: Feel free to make your own clan, just don’t make the name too ridiculous. Also, if two people are from the same clan, they probably know each other)

    Independents (open)

    Mostly smugglers, bounty hunters, and mercenaries, they answer to no one but themselves, carving out a living outside the law.

    NPCs (open)

    These are the people who will oversee most of your operations. They will give you mission details and all other information you need.


    Darth Baras


    Head of the Sphere of Military Offense

    Darth Decimus


    Head of the Sphere of Military Strategy

    Darth Morphia


    Head of the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence


    General Elin Garza


    General of the Republic Army and Military

    Master Zym


    Grand master of the Jedi Order

    The Director


    Director of the Republic Strategic Information Service (SIS)

    Note: For you SWTOR players out there, yes I did switch out some Dark Council members because Darth Vengean and Darth Decimus look the same, and Darth Jadus gives me the creeps so I replaced him with my OC. And yes, Darth Baras wasn’t always as fat as he is in the game.

    Occupation/Class/I don’t know what to call this (open)

    Military: There are many occupations within the military, from the rank and file soldiers to the special operation units. They have no special abilities and rely on technology and their natural abilities to get a job done. Members of the military may not be a Mandalorian or an independent.

    Military Ranks (open)

    Private (will forever be available)

    Sergeant (currently available)

    Lieutenant (currently available)

    Note: I have no idea how actual military ranks work. I just got this off google.

    Force Users: Masters of the lightsaber and the living force, force users are a boon to their allies and a curse upon their enemy. Though in the case of Sith, they may be a curse on both their allies and enemies. Force users must be a member of either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire.

    Force User Ranks (open)

    Force users are not being accepted at the moment.


    Padawan (currently unavailable)

    Knight (currently unavailable)

    Master (currently unavailable)


    Apprentice (currently unavailable)

    Lord (currently unavailable)

    Darth (currently unavailable)

    Note: Jedi Padawans and Sith Apprentices should be accompanied by a master (not the Jedi rank master). If you don’t have one, leave a note at the bottom of your character sheet and we’ll find you one.

    Bounty Hunters: Armed with flamethrowers, jetpacks, and anything else they need to bring in a target, dead or alive, bounty hunters are one of the most feared professions in the galaxy. Bounty Hunters must be either a Mandalorian or an Independent.

    Bounty Hunter Ranks (open)

    Independent Bounty Hunter (currently accepting)

    Mandalorian Bounty Hunter (currently accepting)

    If there is an occupation/class/I don’t know what to call this that you don’t see here and would like to be, feel free to ask me about it, and we’ll work out the details.

    Combat (open)

    While I don’t intend for combat to be the focus, there are (hopefully) going to be role-players on opposite sides of a war here so it’s rather inevitable. This section will be updated as things come up.


    You have two people, one person attacking the other. The attacker and the defender will both roll dice. If the attacker’s roll is higher, the blow hits and the defender’s health will drop by the difference between the rolls. If the defender's roll is higher, the blow is blocked and nothing happens. After that, the people switch roles and keep going at it until one is dead or one runs away. Your character is free to run away during any attacking turn.

    In the interests of keeping things simple, there will be no counter attacks or stuff like that.

    When a tie happens, the attack is counted as blocked and neither party is injured.

    How it will work:

    Each combat post will begin with the character’s current health and roll bonus.

    Player 1 makes attack post and in that post, s/he rolls a die.

    Player 2 makes a blank post to roll a die, then defender can either edit the blank post or make a new post with how s/he defended that attack or is hit by that attack depending on the results of the roll. Then player 2 becomes the attacker and has a choice of either attacking or running away. Either way, player 2 rolls another die in the same post and writes in his/her actions.

    Player 1 makes a blank post to roll a die. If player 2 is attacking, just rinse and repeat. If player 2 is fleeing, and player 1 rolls higher than player 2, then player 2’s flee is unsuccessful and player 1 rolls another die for attack. If player 1 rolls lower than player 2, then player 2’s flee is successful and player 1 can’t attack player 2 again.

    See below for example.

    Add ons:

    Twenty sided die will be used.

    Padawans, Apprentices, and Privates have 50 health and no roll bonuses

    Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, Sergeants, and Independent Bounty Hunters have 60 health and a +2 roll bonus

    Jedi Masters, Darths, Lieutenants, and Mandalorian Bounty Hunters have 70 health and a +5 roll bonus

    Example (open)

    Sally is a Jedi Knight

    Bob is a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter

    Bob’s Post


    70 Health +5 to rolls

    Bob spotted Sally from across the battlefield, and grinned. Finally, he thought, I can test my mettle against one of the famed Jedi scum. He activated his jetpack and flew above the fighting to have a clear view of his target Then he let loose a salvo of blaster fire at the Jedi.

    Bob threw a 20-faced die for attack:


    Sally’s Post


    60 Health +2 to rolls

    ((Random filler text))

    Sally threw a 20-faced die for defense


    Sally’s Post (again)


    50 Health +2 to rolls ((Bob’s roll total after adding his bonus is 17 Sally’s roll total is 7, thus Sally looses 10 health))

    Sally noticed the bounty hunter firing at her, and turned to deflect the blaster bolts, but one managed to slip past her defenses and scored a burn across her shoulder. She ignored the pain in favor of focusing her attention of the fight and used the force to throw a bolder at the bounty hunter in the air.

    Sally threw a 20-faced die for attack


    Bob’s Post


    70 health +5 to rolls

    ((Random filler text))

    Bob threw a 20-faced die for defense


    Bob’s Post


    56 Health +5 to rolls

    Bob was so caught up in having actually scored a hit on the Jedi that he didn’t notice the bolder flying at him until it hit him and sent him crashing back on to the ground. Thankfully his armor took most of the force or else his innards would have been crushed. After that embarrassing hit, Bob decided he may have underestimated his opponent and turned to find easier pickings

    Bob threw a 20-faced die for fleeing


    Sally’s Post


    50 Health +2 to rolls

    ((Random filler text))

    Sally threw a 20-faced die for following Bob


    Sally’s Post


    50 Health +2 to rolls

    Sally saw Bob trying to run away and smirked. Not so fast, she thought. She jumped and used the force to enhance her leap, letting her land in front of the fleeing bounty hunter. She brought her saber about in a downward slash, aiming for a weak point in Bob’s armor.

    Sally threw a 20-faced die for attack


    Note: Yes I know that is not how it would work in real life as Jedi Knights and Sith Lords could easily kill a Lieutenant, but I didn’t want to put people who play non force-users at a disadvantage.

    Note: Players whose characters don’t fit a rank should talk to me about their roll bonuses.

    Character Death:

    Your character happens to be in a war, he or she might die. I have tried to make mechanics that lets you have more power over your character’s chances of death, but it won’t always work and for that, I apologize. If your character does die, feel free to come back and make another one.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name (Try to go with one that fits your species):


    Species (Most Star Wars species are a go, but I reserve the right to declare your species OP)


    Physical build (Tall and slender? Short and pudgy? Hunk of muscle?):

    Appearance ( As this is Star Wars, feel free to just use a description. If you find a picture, kudos to you):


    If Independent, what main faction hired you, if Mandalorian, what main faction is your clan loyal to?

    Occupation/Class/I don’t know what to call this:

    Rank (if applicable):

    Master or Padawan/Apprentice (if applicable):

    Favored Weapon:

    Specialization/Skills/Fighting Style:


    Character Biography:

    Rules (please at least glance through) (open)

    Yes, the force has unlimited power and can grant you invincibility, but that only comes with unlimited understanding of the force. There will be no godmodding. Only the Emperor can do that, and no one likes him for it.

    Your character isn’t perfect in every way, don’t try to make them that way.

    You can play as many characters as you can handle, but please, please, please, make sure you can handle them, and when you post, make sure people can differentiate between your characters.

    No one-liners please. I don’t ask for much, just make each post at least a paragraph of three sentences in length. An exception will be made for combat posts. Nothing else.

    Please post at least once a week. If you don’t, your character will be fed to the next available rancour (you think I’m kidding).

    As cliche as it is, respect each other. You characters can hate on each other, but you as roleplayers should be nice to each other.

    IC thread

    Edit: Slight modifications to combat section
    Edit 2: Added Bounty Hunter ranks and modified Bounty Hunter combat stats.
    Edit 3: Fixed formatting.
    Edit 4: Added gender to character sheet
    Edit 5: Added link to IC thread
    Edit 6: Updated Combat section
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  4. damn, i sooooo want to join but it looks like it's far from my skills. :(
  5. If you want to join, then join, no one's going to judge your skills (If they do, they will be fed to a rancour). we were all n00bs once.

    (If you're intimidated by the introduction, I should let you know that it's waaaaaaay too detailed, and nothing of that level will be expected of anyone.)
  6. i am extremely interested. What must i do?
  7. Go under the character sheet tab and fill that out.
  8. Name Myrazan Zyr


    Species Zabrak

    Physical build: medium height, Athletic, tell toned.

    Appearance [​IMG]


    Occupation/Class/I don’t know what to call this:Sith lord

    Rank (if applicable):

    Padawan/Apprentice: Tydema Kerchek

    Favored Weapon:double-bladed lightsaber

    Specialization/Skills/Fighting Style:Dual sabers or double-sided lightsaber, also slightly able to use force lightning and saber throw.

    Personality:intelligent, sadistic and a lover of pain. Calculating and cunning.

    Character Biography:Taken under the wing of the empire at the age of 3, Myrazan Zyr was highly regarded as a prodigy among some sith. Her martial skill with a saber was incredible, yet her skill with the force lacked compared to other padawans. She was taken under the wing of a influential sith lord at the age of 7 who helped her tap into her true potential. Since then, her fighting and force powers have rapidly grown and improved. She is always eager to prove herself and did so by killing her master at the young age of 19. At that time, she was named a lord of the sith and the power that came with it. Currently serves as a enforcer/killer under Darth Morphia for Imperial Intelligence.
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  9. You got everything down. Consider yourself accepted.
  10. Hmm... Currently working on the temp. Figured I might as well say this, but wouldn't Mandalorians be of higher health and roll bonus than regular Bounty Hunters? I mean, they are pretty much considered Elites.
  11. True. I'll go see what I can do about that.

    Edit: alright, I've changed some things
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  12. I would love to play a Jedi =)
  13. Then come on in and fill out a character sheet. I promise I won't bite.
  14. Name:
    Tydema Kerchek



    Physical build:
    Lithe yet muscular.




    Occupation/Class/I don’t know what to call this:
    Sith Apprentice

    Rank (if applicable):

    Master or Padawan/Apprentice (if applicable):
    Myrazan Zyr(If she'll take me)

    Favored Weapon:
    Dual Lightsaber

    Specialization/Skills/Fighting Style:
    Dual lightsaber/Vibroblade Specialization
    Basic Force understanding.
    Force Choke

    Quick and precise with very little wasted movement.

    Merciless and cruel is the only way to describe him. But then again, the same can be said about most other Sith that make it off of Korriban alive. But that's not to say that he's stupid either. He is capable of telling when it is time to be gentle and when he needs to be harsh. He just prefers times where he needs to be as harsh as he possible can.

    Character Biography:
    Tydema comes from a long line of Sith. That's why it was never questioned when he got to the academy on Korriban rather quickly compared to other Acolytes. There he did what anyone else would have done. He studied, he trained and he slaughtered anyone that got in his way. It's because of this that he was selected to be part of the group that would fight for the right to be under Darth Morphia. He completed his trials and happened to kill everyone that was trying to do the same. He particularly enjoyed going to Dromund Kaas to torture criminals. But this didn't change the fact that Darth Morphia was too busy with her own agenda to take on another Apprentice, so she gave Tydema to Lord Myrazan Zyr to train.

    It blows my mind that Baras was actually thin once. I guess he hear the phrase, "The cake is a lie, there is only pie." and ran with it.
    The master isn't official. I still need to ask @ChaosMage to make it official.
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  15. It would be an extreme pleasure to have you as my apprentice Mistearea...>:)
  16. @Mistearea
    First off, you are accepted. Join the merry band of sith slaughtering everything in their path.

    Secondly, Darth Baras' sith code:

    The Cake is a lie, there is only pie.
    Through pie, I gain calories.
    Through calories, I gain fat.
    Through fat, I gain weight.
    Through weight my belt is broken.
    The recliner shall set me free.

    Thanks for taking Mistearea as your apprentice.

    General announcement: If we don't get any people on the Republic side, I might just make this RP entirely empire oriented.
  17. Finally got around to making my own character sheet here, and joining the Darth Morphia bandwagon.

    Name (Try to go with one that fits your species): Cipher Five. His real name has been erased from all but the most highly guarded Imperial Intelligence databases.

    Age: Classified

    Species (Most Star Wars species are a go, but I reserve the right to declare your species OP): Chiss

    Physical build (Tall and slender? Short and pudgy? Hunk of muscle?): Lithe and slender, almost feminine.

    Appearance ( As this is Star Wars, feel free to just use a description. If you find a picture, kudos to you):
    Show Spoiler

    He typically wears an imperial uniform

    Faction: Empire

    Occupation/Class/I don’t know what to call this: Military

    Rank (if applicable): Equivalent of a Lieutenant.

    Master or Padawan/Apprentice (if applicable):

    Favored Weapon: Vibroblade and stealth shield.

    Specialization/Skills/Fighting Style:

    Cipher Five specializes in stealth, infiltration, and assassination. His favored kill method is to stealth up behind a target and plunge a vibroblade into their spine. He does not do well in open combat situations, preferring to kill an enemy while their unaware.


    Like many other cipher agents, Cipher Five is emotionless and calculating. He dislikes anything that is done unnecessarily, putting him at odds with those sith who enjoy unnecessary violence.

    Character Biography:

    Cipher Five was born Ryth’yra’nir (core name: Thyran). At a young age, his family immigrated from the Chiss Ascendancy to the Empire where they barely made ends meet working as merchants due to the racism in the Empire. Later on in life, he enrolled in the Imperial Military Academy, and joined the only branch accepting aliens at the time, Imperial Intelligence. His service in Intelligence as a field agent was comparatively uneventful until he met the young and ambitious Lord Morphia who was already scheming to take power. As an unspoken rule, the various non force-sensitive members of Intelligence stayed away from the power struggles of the sith, however, Cipher Five aided the young sith in her bid for power. Some say it was because they were lovers, others say it was because he wanted more power. Whatever the reason, with his help, Lord Morphia became Darth Morphia, Head of the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence, and in turn, he became her ‘hand’, the enforcer of her will, and a weapon against her enemies.
  18. I'm definitely interested. I will post a CS when I have the time to do so (probably later tonight) but I wanted to reserve a spot/post just in case.
  19. Yay! More people. We'll be happily waiting for your CS
  20. "You can never escape me. Nothing harms me. But I know pain. I know pain. Sometimes I share it. With someone like you."

    Name: Hexaus

    Age: 53

    Species: Mechanist; Mechanists are the descendants of an extra-dimensional Empire, changed through centuries-long isolation and exposure to the mechanism that their society created. None could be referred to as frail or delicate, the people as a whole are physically powerful and independent. At a young age they are introduced to the and tasked with producing and innovating for the betterment of all. They were responsible for cultivation of the forest that developed around their subterranean retreat since their rise in early years following the Calamity that decimated their planet, carving out a niche for themselves at its center.
    Pride is at the root of the mechanist psyche. From an early age, they are taught to be proud of their accomplishments, culture and achievements. As a result, they treat others with a haughty condescension that turns to fury should that superiority ever be challenged. They even have little patience for their own kind and duels over slights and insults, both real or imagined, are a common occurrence in their society. This can set the stage for family feuds destined to last for a generation or more.
    Mechanist civilization is highly developed and regimented to extremes, draconian perfection achieved centuries ago and perpetuated ever since. For its citizens lawfulness, order and obedience are the cardinal virtues. All receive at least some level of training in arms and leadership within society is divided clearly into the rank and file. Prodigious lifespans mean that rulers’ reigns can stretch fifty years or more, leaving those eligible for promotion with plenty of time to engage in intrigue over succession.
    Society is ruled by scientists, sages, thinkers and other experts on worldly matters. In their eyes, what one knows defines everything: prestige, social standing and privileges. Accordingly, competition for wisdom is fierce and those in positions of authority are often usurped by more knowledgeable individuals. This in turn creates enormous pressure to pursue new ideas and innovations, setting up the intellectual 'engine' that allows society to continue. Individuals travel mainly for social advancement, lured by the prospect of lost knowledge, rare alchemical ingredients or ancient relics of legendary power.

    Physical Build: N/A

    Appearance: As a mechanist, Hexaus' flesh has been reduced to intricate mechanics, what remains of its skull, spine and organs encased in a protective frame. As its limbs and the vast majority of Hexaus' body have been consumed by the mechanism, it has no need for and does not possess clothing or food, instead it disperses an external nanomorph web in a loose cloud around it until some function is needed. Any effort so made powers the capability to take further actions. Its head has been converted into an opaque sensory node.
    When interacting with humanoid species, Hexaus projects the form of an individual whose flesh is a strangely beautiful tapestry of tissue and intricate mechanics. Its hair is long enough to shroud its face in shadow with eyes protected by a polished monocrystal that extends to sharp, ridged ears along either cheek bone and over the bridge of its nose. The projection's body is portrayed as having the appearance of sleek armor.

    Faction: Independant, hired by the Republic

    Occupation: Dimensional Nomad

    Favored Weapon: *Actuator: By synthesizing matter into hyper-dense monomolecular nanostructures the resultant crystals grow extremely uniformly, absorbing radiant energy in the surrounding environment. Friction changes the frequency of their discharge, which ranges through the invisible spectrum of light. Grown in overlapping layers collapsed and compressed for storage, these crystals are strung upon a truss as intricate latticework that fills an actuator's interior.
    When activated, an electric current magnetically accelerates a dense metal slug on the end of a flexible extension that draws the stored lattice through a shaping emitter. Simple controls, in addition to releasing and retracting the slug, allow for tightening or loosening of the extension and to position the emitter to shape the lattice. As it cannot safely hold a charge for more than a second or two, the actuator is designed to be activated once every few seconds for a quick strike. In this way the friction generated as the crystal passes through matter can be used to recharge. By overcharging an actuator, the lattice can be be locked into a tight extension and heated to hyperthermal levels.
    Actuator size ranges from smaller than two through five feet, the formation extending five to fourteen feet from one end. Those of five feet are entirely opaque, while those of seven feet have an iridescent edge and translucent end. As their size increases the lattice becomes so loose as to be transparent and though unseen, these are still dangerous even at fourteen feet. The larger are stored in a mount between the spine shoulder blade on either hand while the smaller can be ejected from a wrist mount into a target or quick-released into either palm.

    Other Equipment: Divergence Criterion: Best described as an N-dimensional polygon having more forms than the number of angles it can be viewed from. No matter which spectrum of light it is inspected in or what form of detection is used on it, the Divergence Criterion never appears the same. However, a strange pattern is manifested in its appearances, namely that the sapient mind perceives it as a puzzle to be solved. When certain configurations are achieved, the device warps time and dimension to materialize a random monstrosity. These beasts are not under the control of whoever manipulated the device and, if they are capable will proceed to rampage indiscriminately until they expire some time after their initial manifestation. The timeframe of their function is as random as the physical form of the beasts themselves, ranging from mere moments to hours and even days with no apparent upward limit. All are mindless, predatory creatures that will immediately seek out prey and continue to do so until their inherent time has elapsed. Through testing it has been determined that the device follows an extremely complex algorithm. Different positions, different particles, ambient variables such as gravity, air pressure, flow of time and people in the area effect the outcome of its manipulation.

    Integrated Biomorph Armor: Its body rebuilt by a mechanism, ocular scanners filter out bright light, protecting Hexaus' vision against the deleterious effects of “dazzle,” “flash,” and “strobe” weapons and can detect, record and classify electromagnetic emissions indicating radar or radio signals, revealing the distance to each source. Signals are usually detected at twice their range while low-probability intercept signals are detected at 1.5 times their range. The system will also function as a laser sensor, detecting ladar, targeting laser and laser comm signals that are beamed directly at it. Analyzing the signal allows it to distinguish a random emission from a targeting lock while determining known types of emitters. Aural sensors screen out dangerous levels of noise, while olfactory sensors offer a sensitive sense of smell. Variable protection disperses the mechanism as needed while inner layers of liquid metal and stabilized gasses absorb shock and radiation. Light and maneuverable, Hexaus is still vulnerable to heavy strikes.
    The armor has a full regenerative life support system designed for operations in a wide variety of hostile environments and conditions. It is proof against climatic extremes from absolute zero to 10,000°F as control systems remove waste heat, providing insulation and air conditioning. Pressure support (1,000 atm.), radiation protection (PF 100), and vacuum support are also provided, resisting crushing ocean depths and super dense atmospheres. Vacuum support protects Hexaus from the deleterious effects associated with vacuum and decompression (other than lack of air).
    As well as performing the basic function of protecting Hexaus' body, the armor also grants access to a multifunction sensor suite. It can image a target, calculating range while analyzing emissions and composition, scanning the interior of containers and providing internal details on any occupants, machinery or systems. Working in any environment, the mechanism can be tuned to function as imaging radar and can penetrate up to 6 inches of solid matter, giving detailed information about the composition, energy output, radiation emissions and other characteristics of non-living objects within. Providing detailed analysis from a distance, it can detect specific systems within a complex machine for analysis.
    Bio-scan provides the vital signs and biochemical information of Hexaus, a target or anything living on their surface, allowing study of biological processes at a distance. Search functions like ordinary radar except it can operate underwater and cannot be detected or jammed by systems that affect normal radar. A rad-sensor, inertial compass, diagnostics and visual recording systems constantly take recordings while a tracking system allows Hexaus to plot trajectories of objects.

    External Nanomorph Web: By internalizing a mechanism the organic body is broken down to feed further propagation, culminating in a diffuse mass that hangs around a central housing containing what remains of organs, spine and skull. By consuming unnecessary bodily structures and encoding its genetics into the mechanism one so rebuilt controls an initial sum of controlling units. As more matter is processed this number increases, forming a more precise shape and becoming more functionally efficient.

    Skills/Training: Projection and Control of Light and Sound: Capturing and redirecting light in the visible spectrum through monocrystal a mechanism can be made to project three dimensional images. Shaped rods can also be employed that modulate aural tone.

    Regeneration of Damaged Structures: Each cell in Hexaus' body is surrounded with biological repair and support machinery. Control is taken from the body's natural processes, the mechanism instructing them to begin taking vital structures apart cell by cell as it rebuilds in accordance with internal programming. This reverses the aging process as nanomachines reset cellular clocks, killing senescent or dying cells and replacing them with healthy ones.

    Nano-Armaments: As the mechanism produces more units it eventually replicates itself to the point that it spreads as a free-flowing mass. These are miniature actuators kept cool by hydrogen and helium pressurized in a liquid state, controlled by a mechanism that spans their interior. They gather energy and process non-organic matter by the interaction of monocrystal coating the surface of microscopic tools. At smallest size, they are fine enough to be employed within complex systems of an alien body, breaking down its structures. Ambulatory targets are paralyzed soon after contact as internal systems are repurposed and by invading a target's brain and corroding its deep structures one's programming can be altered. Likewise, a pill-sized device that contains a swarm of spheres can be released inside a body. These use the subject's biomass as building materials to grow a cybernetic implant. This could be benign or something unwanted or hostile. Similarly, a parasite seed is a template for a shapeshifting nanomorph. Its intelligence is distributed through its body and its structures are capable of rapid self-repair. In addition to assuming whole new shapes it can also extrude spikes or talons at will. To be activated, the seed-sized capsule must be injected into or swallowed by another life form. It then releases a mass that begins transforming that being, using its biomatter as raw material and skeletal structure as a frame to create a vestige.

    Resurrection: Through the mechanism, Hexaus is capable of reviving the dead, provided the body was not totally destroyed. As long as there are some traces of genetic material remaining its mechanism can clone the original using genetic reconstruction.

    Manipulation: Hexaus is capable of manipulating matter, energy and even warping the very fabric of time and dimension, dictated by syntax and by learning terms and concentrating on their symbols. These symbols, words and phrases are programming within the mechanism, which can pass on its store of knowledge in the form of visions and dreams. Combined into phrases many effects can be manifested. Once activated the mechanism executes with a visual display appropriate to the directive in the form of flowing runes as it consumes the matter necessary to power the function.
    Fueled as they are by the body they inhabit, the mechanism drains Hexaus' stamina with each use. A dangerous prospect as bodily structures are broken down to supply the needed fuel, if they don't fail outright. The larger the effect the more dangerous to Hexaus and the more likely it is to fail, unless others are willing to contribute their own bodies and wills to the attempt. Concentration is key to how quickly an effect can be made manifest, the more powerful the slower. While one of greater age may be able to manifest an effect as quickly as it takes to say the needed words once, any younger would be required to chant it for some moments as the mind is focused. Likewise, those younger take more advantage or damage from manifested effects.
    Every manifestation has two parameters: what is done, and what that is done to. Correspondingly, there are two types of Syntax: verbs and nouns. Each Word is intensively encrypted, the mechanism an aid in their deciphering. There are 10 verbs: Communicate, Heal, Sense, Weaken, Strengthen, Move, Protect, Create, Control, and Transform as well as 14 nouns: Air, Animal, Body, Death, Earth, Fire, Food, Image, Light, Machine, Mind, Plant, Sound, and Water. To manifest an effect these Words must describe what is to be made manifest. Complexity increases the amount of matter consumed by the mechanism in the process of manifesting an intense or complex effect. With more words this becomes a dangerous process.

    Personality: Hexaus suffers from lunacy and as such, the moon has a dramatic effect on its personality. During the full moon, it is extremely emotional and volatile while on nights of the new moon this is replaced with passivity. When the moon is waxing it is focused and pleasant, though when waning it is apathetic and a little touchy. Lacking in a sense of empathy, it doesn't possess emotions of its own and is incapable of understanding them. Hexaus' most telling trait is a vast overconfidence born from the society it left. This manifests as a quiet determination and outright mocking when the moon is right. Beneath its impairment, it is a broad-minded individual and quite imaginative, though not all of its ideas are good.
    Disliking other beings, Hexaus indulges in a sadistic streak, it will refuse cooperation with those of authority in even the nicest terms if any action is demanded. Hexaus can also be quite staid, ignoring matters that do not directly involve it. Preferring most to be alone, it will choose individual action over that of a group and, due to its concise nature, it can seem condescending to those unfamiliar with it.

    Character Biography: No exact dates are known.
    Early Years: Developmental years were spent in a growth vat until the equivalent age of eighteen was reached, whereupon it was removed and subjected to physical and mental preparedness training. Education was administered via a sleepteacher module that encased the head, imparting knowledge to its growing mind. Soon after completion of training it was bonded with the mechanism, showing marked aptitude in its use and in devising unconventional methods and effects. Unfortunately, it was also at this time that Hexaus began exhibiting signs of a malformed and damaged mind.
    23 - 37: Due to its unstable nature, Hexaus was sentenced to isolation and study. Before the sentence could be carried out, however it struck out in an effort for freedom. Meeting token resistance its elders saw merit in the denial of their will and, in answer cast it into the interdimensional rift where it would be left to shrivel or thrive according to its own devices.
    451 - Present: In its travels through the rift, Hexaus stumbled upon a strange object, apparently a puzzle-box though its dimensions constantly changed and shifted. Becoming obsessed with the device it devoted years to the effort of unlocking its secrets and, when successful released more than it could have conceived. Joined to the insidious Wearer of Flesh their minds melded and became one. Through abstract communion both determined that their goals were much the same, the gathering of knowledge and consolidation of power.

    Notes: *This is essentially an extension of Hexaus' humanoid projection and not actually a weapon, though it easily simulates the effect with quick flicks of its nanomorph web..

    The Wearer of Flesh: Fearsome predators from a distant realm, they are a race of monstrous imposters, creatures that can steal the bodies of their victims and pass unnoticed in their societies feeding and leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. This particular specimen is two feet in diameter with some of its longer tentacles trailing as much as eight feet from its center of mass. Weighing twenty-five pounds it lacks hair and eyes, the normally mottled blue-gray flesh has been corrupted by the chaotic energies of the interdimensional rift into a deep purple-black through which spread thick, pulsing veins. In lieu of blood its body is sustained by thick, black ichor. Its species resembles a tangled mass of twisted, fleshy ropes radiating dozens of strong tentacles studded with small, sickle-like barbs. Its body is little more than a thickening and joining of its multiple limbs. Possessed of many mouths, a larger central maw is joined to lesser orifices arranged at the ends of feeding tentacles which are themselves ringed by three flat, finger-like digits tipped in a single sharp talon. Other such digits are also present at the ends of longer locomotive limbs.
    Possessing little in the way of physical weakness, their flesh is freakishly strong and tough, accounting for amazing durability and surprising strength. Without eyes they cannot see in a luminal sense, but are capable of detecting sources of heat. Deaf, they also have no true sense of smell, instead tasting the environment around them by sampling scents through their many mouths. Hard flesh prevents any acute sense of touch, resisting small impressions or stimuli that a softer-skinned being would notice easily. Most useful is their sense of electroreception, with which they able to detect nearby creatures through electrical signatures emitted by their bodies.
    Not often found on their own, they are typically hidden within the body of another living creature and are capable of directing the body and even extending tentacles as a means of attack. Much preferable in times of extreme danger, they excel at puppeting dextrous shows of acrobatics to keep the host safe. Even without a host, they can easily rip an unarmored target to shreds with a flurry of lashes. Naturally, they are more inclined to stalk and ambush solitary victims, seeking to wrap around a chosen target, squeezing and poisoning it into helplessness before taking up residence within the lifeless body. Outside of a host they can climb extremely well, slithering over most any surface with ease.
    This corrupted individual is bonded semi-permanently with a single host until such time as the body no longer functions as desired, at which point it will be discarded. It must still feed, but this is not through any overwhelming desiccation of the host as would be natural, rather this specimen feeds on bio-electrical emanations.
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