Star Wars: The Four Swayguns

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  1. This looks.... okay. :/

    I just hope they remember that Star Wars is more fantasy than sci-fi. The Force is what sells this.

    Also... I hope the broadsword lightsaber is something Luke made, to prevent hand chop-offage.
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  2. Looks like a Star Wars movie so far, which is good. The fact it looks like one of the primary characters is a Stormtrooper is kind of neat. The crossguard lightsaber looks kinda silly, but it also is probably one of those things that may be a no brainer, although having an extra blade pointing back at you seems kinda ridiculous and dangerous.
  3. Not too bad, though, I'm obviously a bit skeptical.

    The crossguard is stupid imo. If you're going to have a crossguard on a sword composed entirely of high-energy plasma, don't bloody make the crossguard plasma as well. I think it would of been awesome if it was composed of, say, Mandalorian iron.
  4. Maybe he's a flagellant.

    Also, before @unanun starts complaining that the black Stormtrooper can't be a clone of Django Unchained, I believe that 70% of the Stormtroopers were fresh recruits by this time. Science didn't PROGRESS to the point where it could make infinite white man clones for the Aryan Empire.
  5. I agree with the lightsaber thing. I mean, there are some sabers that had an angled blade that was for guarding or super close range, but it was just the one.

    Also, I'm expecting the shaky camera thing they like to do in movies now, and I'm pre-hating it like a good nerd.
  6. Oh yes, yes. We're all agreed that this is terrible and these 90 seconds prove that the franchise is a sodomized corpse of everything we loved. That goes without saying.

    Also, I'm posting my Django Unchained joke on YouTube. Wish me luck, everyone.
  7. As a whole it seems to lack the same feel of other Star Wars movies, even the prequels. I'm not aware enough of movie effects or what have you, but it seems like they are giving it the same treatment they give every movie nowadays, where they sort of bathe the entire shot in a particular color filter. White for the water/snow, orange-red for the desert scenes, probably blue-green in scenes where there's a lot of tech or something.

    Obviously, those colors are present anyway, but I am referring particularly to what seems to be an enhancement of that natural color for effect.
  8. At first I was wondering what a swaygun was and if this was one of those fan movies but even then swaygun sounds dumb. And then I saw and realized it was just Asmo being Asmo.

  9. Hell no. They made a million Maori man clones so they could get their hakka on. Jango Unchained is pretty unpasty, as far as ethnicities go.

    Star Wars is one of my favorite universes. O__O I am not one of the indepth rabid fans though, I just really like it. 8D I enjoyed the prequels despite some of my irritation with them, (grrrrrcontinuity), so I will prolly like these too unless they do something batshit crazy. >>

    I don't think they will though. Disney has grabbed on to the perfect cashcow here. o__o Make your fans happy and they blow thousands of dollars on merchandise.
  11. Forget this lamo movie. @Asmodeus did you watch Interstellar yet?

    -Original Trilogy
    -Prequel Trilogy
    -The Clone Wars cartoon
    -Rebels cartoon

    That's it. Everything else is just fancy alternate universe stuff.

    In regards to Stormtroopers, I don't think it was ever explicitly stated or implied otherwise that current Stormtroopers are definitely all clones derived from Jango's genetic material. I mean, I could be wrong and there might be an episode of Clone Wars somewhere that says something about it, but I only know that info from EU material. Correct me if I'm wrong, pls.

    As far as that lightsaber is concerned... o lawdy... I think this is just one of those "Rule of Cool" situations. Unless those blades extend out several feet in either direction for, "SURPRISE IN YOUR FACE", then...
  13. Yus, only 30% of the clones are left by the time Episode IV begins.

    @unanun - yes, I watched Irideus Interstellar.
  14. According to "Non Cannon" sources, most Stormtroopers made from the original Jango DNA were pretty scarce at the end of the empire. Many were just regular people recruited to fight for the empire.
  15. Jesus christ what a good movie. The only semi-plausible explanation of ghosts I've seen to date. All the visualizations were real physically accurate, by the way.

    And gawddamn, the organ music was beautiful
  16. We're talking about Star Wars, you Nazi bitch.

    Why is there a soccer ball on Tattoine? Vader should'a stamped that shit out.
  17. Underground soccer leagues run by the Hutts. Cup winners get SLAAAAAAAVES.
  18. Actually, now that I think on it, have we ever actually seen that lightsaber blades slide along one another? Unless it's in Rebels or either of the Clone Wars shows, I don't think it has ever established that lightsaber blades will slide along one another and be a threat to the hands. So why do you need a crossguard then when the blades aren't going to slide off and lop your fingers off.

    And yeah, I really am not so much feeling the Lucas on this one. And this is still JJ Abrams we're talking about. I mean the guy clearly demonstrated with Into Darkness that he has no idea what to do with the Star Trek franchise, are we expecting him to suddenly pull out a good vision for Star Wars?

    Oh well. I'm sure I can watch it and complain some more on the Internet how I'm the only one who understands what the balance of the Force actually should be and none of you people have read enough about Taoism to understand how the space-Taoism is supposed to work.

  19. Well duh.

    It involves space midichlorians

    I thought we established this as fact years ago?

  20. I have no idea what the plot is about, but it's Star Wars, so I'm going to stay excited until I see the movie next year. Could it blow, possibly, but considering all the "real fans" have been bitching about the franchise for the last 15 years I'm not going to worry about it.