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  1. It's been years since the fall...everyone knows the battles. Endor. Yavin IV. The Death Star....the fall of Palpatine, and the demise of Lord Vader. Everyone recounts the battles the same way, but with differing details. They never talk about after though... how things weren't all that easy after The Empire was in shambles. How even still, they conspired and convened to launch one last assault on the New Republic in rage and anger of their imminent defeat. The Shattered Empire against a multitude of Republic figures...General Solo...Luke Skywalker himself.... and my father. The Empire was down, but not out.

    And then we got our moment. Akiva, where we infiltrated The Order and captured high officials...Then Jakku happened. The planet where we stomped and shut out the Empire forever, and The newly found Resistance...we'd won. But with every head cut off...they say two more grow back in its place. The First Order. Remnants of the old Imperial way, but smarter, more cunning, more ruthless. And unlike the progenitors before them, they seek not public fear and attention, they operate from the The Resistance seeks to find this Order...and put an end to them as The Republic did The Empire before.

    It seems like a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

    But it was here, and it was now.

    ch0sen1 - B'Ransu Ematt - Daughter of Resistance Major and tech whiz with the craving of destiny.

    Mr_Pibbs - Maar - Mysterious unknown warrior with a darker secret than most, or is there more under the surface?
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  2. Name: B'Ransu (Buh-Ran-Soo) Ematt
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Occupation: Network Systems Analyst / Engineer for The Resistance.

    Pros: Loyal/Honest/Compassionate/Adaptable/Clever
    Cons: Melodramatic/Cold/Self-Absorbed/Domineering/Sensitive

    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Force Abilities: -Force Sense -Force Vision -Receptive Telepathy

    Skills: Extensive knowledge of X-Wing, A-Wing, and Y-wing fighters and mechanical operations of all T series, proficiency with droid engineering and mechanical function, exceptional knowledge and expertise on networking data systems of holocrons and other encryption based programs, adept firearms user from blasters to laser cannons; very skilled with a cycler rifle, moderately skilled pilot; not the best nor worst, apt knowledge on the Rim territories and planets, has the gift of gab and can talk her way in and out of almost anything, very athletic and nimble both in prowess and in combat; her combat is secretly a very lethal asset as she has not been allowed pilot or Force based training so she's honed all that energy into self-defense, she can also be alluring at most times; most toxic when it's intentional, very sneaky and clever; body control and precision gives her suttle movements and quite body vibrations.

    Looks (open)



    Outfit (open)

    Lightsaber Excluded

    Bio: B'Ransu Ematt was born on Chandrila during the very final days of the Galactic Senate. It was there that Chandrila was deemed the new galactic capitol, under New Republic leader Mon Mothma. B'Ransu is the daughter of Major Caluan Ematt (Smuggler's Run; Moving Target), a very famous and skilled Resistance Captain that also once served beside General Solo, Mothma, and the New Republic on Yavin IV. It was during those days that the rebellion begin to push back against the Empire, to where Caluan was stationed on Chandrila for a term before being deemed as lieutenant & heading off to war once again, where it was here that B'Ransu was conceived. B'Ransu was raised on Chandrila, but has often travelled to other New Republic planets such as Yavin IV, D'Qar, and once Coruscant. Her father is friends with the Heroes of The Republic, General Leia and Han Solo, but developed a keen relationship with Queen General Leia. Before becoming a Major for the now formed Resistance, he was a lieutenant with the Alliance to Restore the Republic after the fall of Vader and the second Death Star. He also commanded The Shrikes, an elite recon unit tasked with securing and identifying new locations for the Alliance. B'Ransu would very hardly get to spend quality time with her father, and he'd rarely ever talk about her mother, whom she's never met, but being raised under strict care and tendency of The Resistance has granted B'Ransu versatile and concrete knowledge of most things in the galaxy. She was raised knowing the tactics of fleet battle and galactic control, and thus was trained herself by some of the Alliance's best operatives, including one Lando Calrissian at a point and time. However, her father wanted her to stay away from the war and battles between the Order and Republic, thus securing her on Chandrila working in The Resistance as a network systems engineer and programmer, also serving in data encryption/decryption, and analyzing and developing holocrons. She also picked up mechanical skills during her tenure, pretty much handy with anything electronic.

    Her childhood was that of a regular one, growing up in a healthy environment, having friends and play dates, living life as a regular youngling, semi draped with royalty as well, working under The Resistance's most valued members. On occasion, she has seen and spent time with Leia Solo herself, being shown around the ways of The Resistance as a child and why they fought against the Imperial Order, and also how The New Republic became The Resistance against a fallen Empire and a new threat called The First Order. It was then that B'Ransu decided she would grow up to help join the fight, to be like her dad and Leia. She began to tinker with electronics and data systems when she was 5 years old, learning and developing a hobby of passion with them through her adolescence. At 12, she begin to learn about fighter jets, X and Y Wing, even some A wing vehicles. Her father however would not authorize her official pilot training, so she'd sneak off and learn on her own in the remote sectors of Chandrila, never getting caught. She'd often hear the tales of Luke Skywalker from Leia, his sister, and even of her husband Han Solo who'd she'd hardly ever seen as much as she should've due to his extensive missions. She's heard about The Jedi, and The Sith....and the legendary Darth Vader. B'Ransu belived that while they did in fact stop an evil figure named Vader, the stories were greatly exagerated to provide morale and hope for all people of the Republic, she didn't believe in these magical warriors of light and dark that no one has ever seen before except Leia and Han, claiming that Luke Skywalker was even a Jedi himself. It never added up to her, why no factual proof? Why where there a very small number of people who'd ever seen them? Even this Darth Vader? It seemed like figures of that prowess would surely catch sight and hold to the public for galaxies around. B'Ransu humored the elders who spoke of such ways of ancient magic. To her they were fables.

    Upon her 18th birthday, B'Ransu has now taken it upon herself to start to become more proactive in the Resistance community, even motioning to build her own academy to teach Resistance fighters and agents how to properly breach networks and quasi-decrypt data in the event that her expert skills aren't available to do so at any given time. She also offers to fix/analyze broken or defective droids, machines, vehicles, and devices as an independent engineer. She hasn't spoken to her father in quite some time, but after the Shrikes set up a new base on a planet called D'Qar, she knows at least he's up and well, still operating in the name of The Resistance. She can only feign her inner longing and desire for more however, as she feels sometimes feelings of more.....more of what? She does not yet know.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Stands at 5'6, with long and messy chestnut brown hair. He has dark brown eyes and thin eyebrows. Being a young man, Maar is quite thin. Most of his body weight is just muscle he's accumulated from the intense training his Sith masters put him through.

    Alternate Outfits (open)


    What Maar is traditionally seen wearing.

    Sith Robes

    Kept from his days as a Sith Apprentice, Maar holds onto these robes because he never knows when he might need a Sith disguise.


    Maar Zhet







    Main Faction:

    New Republic (originally with the Sith-Empire)


    Lightsabers (open)

    The Lightsaber of his father, recovered after Maar went back to Nar Shaddaar to investigate what should have been his family home. It was in quite the state, but after replacing the crystal and a few modifications, it was ready once again.


    The Sith blade he crafted as part of his 8 year training with Darth Dementus. the parts were taken from an ancient Sith Trooper base. Quite surprising that it still works, considering they were made during the Old Republic

    He normally carries around both Lightsabers and regularly changes between them, but primarily choses to wield his father's lightsaber. Maar is still learning how to properly wield both at the same time.

    DC-15 Side Arm (open)
    Maar keeps this around as a formality. While he really doesn't need it, it's easier to have a backup plan in case somebody has Force-dampening shields and takes away his Lightsabers.



    • A standard New Republic-grade grappling hook.

    • A detailed map of the Galaxy within a Holocron.

    • A wallet with well over 10,000 Republic Credits (all interchangeable thanks to a new currency device that immediately converts money into a different currency, as not all planets have adopted the Credit system)


    • He is an adept pilot, very skilled at flying pretty much all types of fighters. Specifically, he's had training with TIE's and a variety of smuggling ships, but the knowledge can be applied to other vehicles. He's also had some training with Pod Racers, Swoop Bikes, and even a few confiscated Rebellion Ships such as the X-Wing or the Y-Wing.

    • Maar is very good at lying, even without the assistance of the Force. Normally, he can get people to believe whatever he says, but there's also the

    • Being a (former) member of the Sith-Empire and apprentice to Darth Dementus, Maar has been taught many of the primary languages in the Galaxy. Primarily though, he knows Ryl, Huttese, Bocchi, and most codes used by Droids.


    • Still suffers from "Sith tendencies" (over confidence, sudden fits of rage, jealousy overpowering his thoughts, etc).

    • Tends to rush into things without really thinking them through (most of the situations he has to get out of, he inadvertently created due to a lack of fore-thought)

    • Still struggles with keeping himself balanced in the ways of the force, allowing for much more of his "Dark Side" to come out when dealing with conflict/stressful situations.

    • While he is somewhat skilled with the Force, he still isn't the strongest Jedi/Sith in the galaxy. He's also a little too confident and tends to let his guard down a lot.

    Force Sensitive:


    Force Abilities:

    Breath Control

    Detoxify Poison

    - Light Side -

    Force Stun

    Jedi Mind Trick


    - Dark Side -

    Dun Möch

    Force Scream

    Force Lightning


    Son of the newly appointed Jedi Consular, Jan Zhet, Maar was a surprise to both the Jedi and his wife, Corrida. Being trained during the age of the Empire by a Jedi who had managed to escape Order 66 on Dantooine, Jan learned everything he could about the Force in hopes that he would one day assist in the fall of Emperor Palpatine. However, when Jan's Master was located by Darth Vader and killed during the final days of the Jedi Purge (4BBY), Jan fled for the planet of Nar Shaddaa. The strong dark side energies emanating from the planet provided a useful cover for the Force aura surrounding him and three years before deciding to leave Dantooine, he met his wife Corrida (3ABY). Before leaving for Nar Shaddaa, Jan and Corrida got married. However, they had not planned on having a child before they arrived on the planet, having travelled as refugees and found a small isolated home in the slums. Maar's conception was a shock to the couple, but a blessing nonetheless. As the months passed and their son grew larger, Jan found himself having to use the Force in small doses in order to survive by stealing food and clean water. Nobody was willing to hire the Jedi because of his refugee status, but also because he had been arrested four times for theft.

    At nine months in her pregnancy (4ABY), Jan and Corrida were amazed to hear that the Empire had been completely destroyed and the New Republic was launched. Thankful that the Empire would no longer search for the Jedi and try to eradicate them, Corrida and Jan made plans to move from Narr Shaddaa to Naboo and raise their baby in the perfect home. Jan learned word of the New Jedi Order Luke Skywalker had created and shortly before they left, he called Skywalker to announce his existence. Skywalker was pleased to hear another Jedi had been taught in secret like he was and arranged for a transport to Dagobah for his initiation. However, before they could leave for their shuttle, a legion of Dark Troopers landed in the city and sought out Jan, which ended in a climactic duel between a Sith by the name of Darth Dementus, and the Jedi Consular. Darth Dementus, previously known as Sett Oors, had once been the apprentice of a surviving Jedi much like Jan. However, Sett soon grew to resent the feeble and simple-minded views of the Jedi and taught himself the Dark Side as best as he could (mostly though, he allowed his emotions to fuel him). But shortly after he turned, Sett killed his master and traveled to the Sith home planet of Korriban in order to study the ancient ways of the Sith. He soon found out he was not alone and many other "Dark Jedi" had been flocking to the planet in order to properly develop their powers into something greater. They were only Force Sensitive when they began, but Sett, under the alias of "Darth Dementus", taught the others everything he knew about the Force and together they worked together to unlock the secrets of the Dark Side.

    Having properly gained control of the Dark Side within a year (started in 3ABY), the new Sith plotted to destroy the Rebellion and verify that the Empire would not fall. When the Second Death Star was destroyed alongside the Empire, Darth Demtentus decided to reform their plan: they would now succeed where Sidious had failed and successfully take control of the galaxy, enforcing the ways of the Sith upon any soul who could make contact with the Force. Starting with a whole new Jedi Purge, they would secretly cleanse the galaxy of the Light side and rule over all with fear. It was like exterminating vermin: silent and quick. However, Jan wouldn't allow them to purge any more Jedi and rather quickly, he won the fight. Forcing Dementus on his knees, Jan was ready to finish him and take down his Dark Troopers. But before the final blow could be dealt to the Dark Jedi, one of the troopers found Corrida, who had rushed back home during the battle in hopes to warn Jan before it was too late. Demanding that Dementus call off his troopers, Jan was killed by the Dark Lord when he accidentally let his guard down.

    Tossing the body aside, Dementus looked upon Corrida and hesitated. Normally, he would've killed her, but never before had he encountered a child born from a Jedi. In that moment, Dementus decided not to kill her or the child, thinking that since the child would know how to wield the Force, it could become a powerful ally. He then ordered that Corrida be taken into Sith custody on Korriban until she gave birth. After Maar's birth, Corrida was kept locked up along with her newborn. Every day, droids came by and made sure she received the proper nutrients and vitamins to stay alive and keep the baby healthy. After she had properly taken care of Maar and once he was able to properly act on his own, Sith Troopers would arrive and take the boy away to continue his training. Dementus would then lead him to an isolated chamber where Maar would spend the next 8 hours learning all about the Sith and the Galaxy, how to use a Lightsaber and a blaster, how to fly a starship, and most importantly, the inner workings of the Force. Mostly, Dementus forced the other Sith to train the boy as he was always busy planning how to covertly slip Sith Influence into the newly reformed Galactic Senate. After a month or two of training, the Sith assigned to train Maar would present the boy to Dementus and let Maar demonstrate his new skills. If Dementus was pleased at his progress, Maar would be given special advice and lessons from Dementus himself. If the Sith Lord was not pleased, however, the one training Maar that time would be forced to have a droid discipline the boy until his skills improved. This cycle continued for years until finally, at the age of 14, Maar became so enraged at the droid that he completely destroyed it, then broke out from his discipline cell and tore apart the backups. Darth Dementus was extremely pleased with Maar when this happened, knowing that finally he had allowed his anger to make him strong. At this point, Maar was deemed to have completed his training and was allowed to build his own lightsaber.

    As Maar entered the rankings of the Sith, Dementus ordered that his mother be killed, knowing that his emotions for her were holding him back. Unbeknownst to his Sith Order, Darth Dementus commissioned a special crop of clones from the Kaminoians, using some of the leftover "Clone Troopers" who had their minds wiped and re-fitted for a new purpose. When the clones were ready a year later, they were instructed that they worked for the New Republic and that they were to attack the Korriban Sith Temple and kill Corrida, who was a traitor to the New Republic. Landing on the planet and attacking the temple, the "Republic" clones found and murdered Corrida. In his distraught rage, Maar slaughtered the remaining clones along with one of the Sith who was training him that day. After giving her a proper funeral, Maar vowed that he would never forget what the Republic did to him. When he was strong enough, he would make them pay.

    However, when Maar was 17, he realized the truth about his past. Having been given a mission that took him to Nar Shaddaa, Maar accidentally stumbled across his parent's homestead (it was in the slums he had chased the target into). There, he found his father's lightsaber and discovered his true parentage (Dementus always told him that he was the son of the Sith Lord). Shortly after discovering the home, Maar did some snooping around and eventually learned that Dementus had ordered a batch of clones after he realized that the "Republic Soldiers" which attacked Korriban were almost identical to one another (he learned this by looking at old video footage of the attack). His journey to Kamino led him to the discover that Dementus had ordered the clones and reprogrammed them into "Republic Soldiers". It wasn't long before Maar put two and two together and realized he and the other Sith had been duped for so many years. Full of rage and contempt for the man he once called "Master", Maar confronted Dementus and challenged his master to a fight. Dementus easily overpowered Maar, but the young Sith managed to completely sever all of his master's limbs and make an escape in his shuttle. It is presumed that Darth Dementus died that day, but the Sith continued without him. Having now realized his mistakes, Maar sought out the Jedi Order to warn the Jedi of the Sith reemergence. Troubled by this, Master Skywalker promised Maar that the Jedi would try to locate the Sith and keep them from upsetting the Galaxy once more. He then pardoned Maar, making him a "Reformed Sith". From there, Maar taught with Master Skywalker so he could learn the Light side of the Force. Maar would finally do something right with his life and be the Jedi he was meant to be. In honour of his mother and father who had fallen prey to the evils of the Sith, Maar vowed he would do everything he could to eventually see the destruction of the Sith and avenge their deaths.

    So, he set out on his own, trying to remain anonymous like the other Jedi before him. He kept out a watchful eye, seeing to it that any signs of the Sith were... Taken care of, before a problem could arise.


    Maar is an emotional wreck and rarely speaks of his past or of his mother. The only thing anyone knows for sure about him is the fact that he has an attitude problem.

    He's also a bit of a ladies man, but the mental barricades he set up prevent Maar from having fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex.

    (It's not completely edited yet, just thought I'd post it here so we can start the RP and I'll be linked to the thread)
  4. B'Ransu

    "Umhmm....yada yada....blah blah...."

    B'Ransu rolls her eyes as yet another side customer comes into her flat with another busted droid. That was like the third one already today, and the sun had just risen not even hours ago. She wipes her eyes and feigns a yawn as the customer goes on and on about how this certain droid served in the Battle of Yavin IV. She knew it was a bunch of malarchy, but for the sake of business she kept her mouth shut. So many days and nights she felt trapped and isolated here, despite having the complete and utter freedom and luxury to do what she wanted. Her place with The Resistance was rather unknown to most that occupied Chandrila, but the citizens of acquired status knew. It was here Su was raised and honed many times by her father and his friends. Especially General Leia. That woman was like the spoiled aunt who always pinched her cheeks, but Su knew she was just as brutal and cunning as she was compassionate. She still remembers Leia's thunderous calls and voice as she provided data intelligence along side the General and her father in The Battle at Jakku. She was younger, just a small child still, but capable nevertheless. It was what she did, to be born as a unassuming figure of righteousness from the beginning. Many times her father told her he was proud, but B'Ransu would rather have him here more than anything.

    Customer: "I'm tellin ya! Prime droid! It was in the lagoon with the Red Squadron themselves!"
    "....and do you know the droid's name? Because it's no's not C-3PO....not BU4D....certainly not "Peezy" ...."
    Customer: "It's....a....errh...look, I don't know the name but you can tell by the scarring! I found it on Hoth!"

    She had him now. Su stopped repairing the droid and gave a sultry grin. She turned to the customer and leaned close to him.

    "Now, if it was in the Battle of Yavin IV, why would you happen to have found it on Old Icy?"
    Customer: "Maybe it was stationed there after, with the New Republic fighters."
    "Oh yeah! And maybe the Jedi were there too! Maybe they teleported it with their magical skills!!"
    Customer: "Ah, this again...Su just because you don't believe doesn't mean they weren't real."
    "I'm not going to have this debate with you again....125 credits."

    The customer scoffs and pays up to the quasi-royal status young woman, with her smile making him all the more annoyed. She processes her currency and returns her repair tools in her special lockbox. She closes and locks her door, finally taking the time to relax before she had to go to her formal position analyzing network systems for the Resistance. She approaches the glass window and looks out at the neon orange morning sky and all the beauty of Chandrila.

    B'Ransu yawns as she brings up her virtual interface device and begins to check for any new messages. Nothing. That was both a bummer and relief. She also had to decrypt a Holocron today, the first one found in a while. Apparently a Shrike found one while scouting out potential places for a new base, and they came across one on Coruscant. Su heard the stories of what happened there. Near half a century ago. It was hard of her to think about Jedi Temples actually existing, like these people really worshipped and looked up to these mystical beings? Who didn't even exist? In her mind, even if they did they obviously weren't a strong as they say if they couldn't stop an entire temple and council fall...same for the so called Sith....did the Empire really posses that much power if a band of freedom fighters could destroy a planet-blasting construct? All seemed like hyperbole's to her, and that they were to her. Though....she did heed Leia's words...about the war....about her brother's amazing capabilities in defeating Lord Vader. B'Ransu would always try to pry specific details from General Organa-Solo about her brother, but she never divulged, not completely. She would have these quiet moments and just look dead ahead....and always in those moments, Su felt something more....unexplainable. It was like a sense, but not a sense. She chalked it up to intuition.

    Su looked at a picture of her father, Major Caluan Ematt. Back then he was just a lieutenant, no more than 21 years old...but he was noble, and cunning. She smiled at the thought of her dad being a young punk with a zest for life, one of those run and gun types of young heads like a modernized Han Solo. She chuckled out loud and began to put on her jade green garments. She fixed her hair straight and long, but paused in the mirror when she locked eyes with herself. She just stared....wondering about the bigger universe and what was really going on behind the scenes. Her father and the other officials making the tough calls. She imagined herself flying an X-Wing, shooting Imperialists right out of the sky, but as cold minded as she was she knew she didn't have the capacity to kill in good conscious. She sighed and left her stable flat and walked out into the humid and salty air around her, the roaring ocean waves clashing on the shore rocks with ease. She walks out and decides to check the news on her virtual feed, scanning through the various reports here on Chandrila, and across the galaxy. Her eyes stop and attention focuses in at the sight of one in particular report.

    With a particular image.

  5. Show Spoiler



    Height:6 feet

    Weight: 245 ibs

    Occupation: Bounty hunter

    Skills: Expert marksmen

    Expert blade fighter

    Expert pilot

    Can usually sense when danger is close or when he can fire before his ship looks on to a target



    Bio: Tosen is a young warrior from the planet Dxun where a mandalarioan base is and he quickly set him apart form other warriors he seemed to have a natural knack for battle he quickly rouse in the duels by beating people well past his years and he was able to prove a great marksman taking down Dxuns beast with lethal shots that should have taken 10 shots or more Tosen did it with one and then proving himself in star fighters as well proving his ability’s against droids but something went wrong during a training exercise and the beast riders attacked damaging ships bad enough that some couldn’t eject Tosen was able to and took down any beast rider that came after him and using the beast as food so he could survive and while a hunting one day a battle was happening in the sky over head when it crash landed it turned out to be a resistance ship and Tosen went to salvage supplies only to find people alive but the crash attracted lots of Dxuns beast and Tosen had no choice but to fight he fought his way to the ship and helped the resistance fight off the beast and told them about the base near by that would have stuff that could help repair the ship he would show them were it was a provide the code into the area with part if they help him get off the planet and the agreed to take Tosen with them his best mission was where he boarded a enemy ship to rescue multiple resistance members while there they stole a prototype space fighter and Tosen detonated the bombs on his ship destroying the enemy ship and the Resistance gave him the prototype as part of his payment and to make up for his ship that was lost.

    *Tosen walks into a droid repair shop ran by the daughter of a Resistance major hes heard great things about her skill in repair droids and he hopes she can repair the one he recently got he walks up to the counter carrying a rust colored droid that is pretty messed up*
    "Greetings I was hoping you could help me with my droid here its a hk-47 combat droid and I didn't know if you can get it back in working condition and if so if there may be some upgrades I can have added to it as well"
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  6. B'Ransu

    Su looks at the picture and gets a bit heated on the inside. The imagery made her annoyed at the very sight of it. Like it or not she was still in the thick of this ongoing war. It was supposed to have been over decades ago, when the New Republic shattered what was left of The Empire....B'Ransu remembers bits and pieces of the end of the New Republic, and the beginning of The Resistance. The creation of this mysterious First Order, a cell group in the shadows derived from the old Empire ways. The image of Vader Lives was nothing more than propaganda, to spread fear. There were still people that were frightful of the old influence the Galactic Imperial Order has had over the galaxy, but The Resistance were strong, and better yet...they were public. As she walked out of her flat she was approached by man in Mandalorian armor, carrying a bulk of busted metal and circuits. Su watched as he walked up to her, feigning her internal frustration at the sudden upflow of business so early in the day.

    Mandalorian: "Greetings I was hoping you could help me with my droid here its a hk-47 combat droid and I didn't know if you can get it back in working condition and if so if there may be some upgrades I can have added to it as well"

    B'Ransu turns her head sideways as she looks at the busted droid called a 'hk-47'. She rolls her eyes and unlocks her flat door as the module turns from red to green, sliding the door open. Above the flat on the walls near the outer roof were two laser cannons mounted on each side of the flat. Su turns their defense systems off not wanting the warrior to step in her premesis and get blasted to dust. A couple of pedestrians also take their hands off their blasters, as behind their disguises are Resistance personnel on patrol detail for B'Ransu. She goes right back to her lockbox and makes sure the Mandalorian wasn't looking and inputs her code as the box opens. She pulls out her tools and mechanisms and sets them on her dining room banister. The warrior walks up with the rust colored droid.

    B'Ransu: "I've never heard of a 'HK-47' before...but it looks really...really old. The rust has pretty much made it break worthy and some of the joints are even rusted shut....where did you find this? Never seen a droid like this....judging by the structure it could be compatible with some 3PO parts in case I can't oxidize the rust thoroughly. If you just want it to function I can rewire the circuits and get it operational...that's 600 credits. Full restoration to pristine condition with a new finish...seeing as how it's a droid I've never seen or heard of before. It'll be 1000 credits. Non-negotioable. Plus I'm already behind for some other work I have to do."

    B'Ransu takes the heavy scrap of metal and wires and moves it back into her workshop room. She studies and details the unknown droid thoruoughly. The rust on this thing looks like its decades old, maybe even a century. She knocks on the metal as dust rises from the bot, and mild cracking can be heard after the impact. Holes and craters in the metal suggested that it had aged terribly in its offline time over the years. She walks back out, looking at the Mandalorian in his large T-shaped mask. She knew she had to be mindful around Mandalorians, their lust for conquest and battle were prominent.

    B'Ransu: "Where did you find this Mandalorian? It's at least half a century has ancient firmware in it...never seen any of that kind in a battle droid nonetheless. And also...what would you want to use it for should I restore it?"

    Su locks gaze with the large warrior as she scoots by him to pull out her tools and begins taking a look at the old droid's wires. She starts to strip loose joints and tries to reattach them to their rightful places. After a few moments of tinkering, she realized there were a ton more wires than anything she's worked on, probably because of the old model. She uses her small precise fingers to wedge into tight slots to stick the wires into appropriate compartments. Su studeied the Mandalorian's getup, becoming cautious about his intentions and motives. She noticed his vibroblades and firearm, and begin to become more apprehensive, though playing it cool and remaining casual. Mandalorians are known for being hunters and could be that this one has come to hurt The Resistance or something along those lines. Why else would a Mandalorian come to Chandrila?

    B'Ransu: "Excuse for a moment."

    Su steps out of the room and moves back to her room to be in private for a minute, using her ear sync to contact the Resistance officials outside of her flat. She links up with the small detail of hidden guards as she begins to speak quickly and quietly.

    Su: "Watch the Mandalorian, the one with the weird droid. Any suspiscious activity report to command and make your move."
    Resistance Agent: "Gotcha."

    Su walks back into the room and smiles at the Mandalorian, and procceds to work on the droid once more.

    Su: "So, what's your name and your business on Chandrila?"

  7. image.jpg

    "I grow tired of asking this, so it will be the last time..."
    growled Maar, looking at the man before him with an increasingly aggravated stare. "What. Have you done. To my ship?"

    Standing before him was the rubble of an X-Wing fighter, smoking and torn apart as if it were nothing more then a piece of scrap paper. "Bongo already tell stupid Hum! Was not you ship! I found on Bongo bay! It Bongo ship, and Bongo put in scraper so Bongo sell parts! Bongo no need X-Wing!" exclaimed the Tondarian buzzing around the Jedi's head, crossing his arms with frustration.

    "First off, that landing bay was not yours! It was in a docking sector, meaning it's a public docking bay. Secondly, you stole my vehicle so I should rightfully so bring you to the police. Thirdly, and this is by faster most important point... YOU SCRAPPED LUKE SKYWALKER'S X-WING FIGHTER! That was a vintage item used during the Rebellion against the Empire, it was the ship that destroyed the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin! I understand why somebody would want to steal it, but instead of selling it like any other thief would do: YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO TURN IT INTO SCRAP PARTS?"

    "Like Bongo said: it Bongo ship. Bongo do what Bongo want with Bongo ship. Stupid Hum no have control of Bongo, or what Bongo do wit-"

    "Oh shut up." grumbled a clearly disappointed Maar, holding his hand out towards the insect like alien's neck and closing his pointer finger and thumb in a circular shape. Suddenly, the Tondarian began to sputter and grasped his neck, squealing like a pig as he tried to gasp for air. Maar held the position until the alien finally passed out. Letting his limp body fall to the ground, Maar pulled out a communicator and radioed for the nearest police patrol. "I hate Junkers..." he mumbled, slowly walking away from the wreckage. On the way, he passed by the police and gave them his ship's credentials before leaving. "Now I've got to find a new way off this rock... So much for a brief fuel up."

    His disgruntled walk eventually led him to a droid shop, where he saw a Mandolorian man speaking with a rather attractive woman. Beside him, stood an... HK-47 assassination droid?! Production on things had since been halted back during the age of the Old Republic, how was it possible that the device had survived this long? Granted, it seemed as if the man had brought it in for maintenance, but still. Perhaps he was a collector of some kind, but given the fact he was a Mandolorian, Maar assumed the man only wanted the HK droid reactivated so it could help him with smuggling or bounty hunting.

    Strolling into the store and looking around at the stock, Maar glanced over a few of the customized R2 units. He would need a new co-pilot now that his ship had been dismantled, but something else was grabbing his attention. There was... A presence. Somewhere in this room, there was one who possessed the power of the Force. It kept him weary and softly, Maar placed his hand on his belt, feeling the smooth metal device hanging by his side. The weapon of a Jedi. The weapon of his father.

    Reaching out with his feelings while studying the droids before him, Maar discovered the source of the fluctuation: the woman. She was a Force Sensitive, he knew that for sure. He could tell the Force pulsating within her like a second heartbeat, but he could also discern the fact it was confused, out of synch. She did not know how to control it, nor did she know it existed.

    Slowly approaching her, the brown-cloaked figure slowly lowered his hood and looked at her. "Excuse me, ma'am. Sorry if I'm interrupting anything, but would you happen to have a droid suitable for piloting a small to medium sized starcruiser? I saw the R2 units over there, but I was just curious in seeing your other stock."
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  8. *Tosen looks up at the screen the girl was looking at and gets a little excited that it said Vader lived Tosen would love a battle against tyrant but after hearing her remark on the price of the droid*"It is a old droid so I know the price wouldn't be cheap but when I come back and its in good condition im sure I can pay that price and I found it out in some desert on the planet Tatoonie and what would I use if for a sex droid"*Tosen says sarcastically*"My armor should speak for me I will use if to help my one missions bounty hunting assassinations mercenary work or being a body guard and if your little turrets and buddy's outside don't cut it you can hire me as well"*and sees her eye his weapons before excuseing her as she does this Tosen scans the room for cameras vantage points and anyone that could be a enemy*"As for a name I go by Tosen and my business here im here for work it seems my current employer stays on this planet"*Upon hearing another voice he Tosen quickly looks back at the man and his hand going to his blaster by instinct but then relaxing after hearing that he was looking for a droid*
  9. B'Ransu

    The Mandalorian provides his details as Su looks at him with sharp eyes. His name was Tosen, and he was here for merc work which made her feel uneasy. B'Ransu was always rather wary around those sorts of people, their alleigance was only to money and battle, and with that sex droid comment she really looked at him with weird eyes. She remained silent as he continued his cause to use the droid in battle, and that his current employer was here. She was curious to know who, as if it were anyone not in The Resistance she probably was't going to serve him.

    "Assassinations? Merceneary work? I'm afraid you have the wrong planet. Only The Resistance is here and they don't hire outside sources. And my turrets work just fine, so do my buddies. I wouldn't need to hire anyone else...I assure you."

    Su was engaging the Mandalorian in best of voice as the door slides open yet again. She thought it was going to be a Resistance member delivering news that the Mandalorian was indeed a perpetrator of some sort, but when she saw a man in a brown hood, her gaze went full with curiosity. When he started to look around at the various scrap parts and old droids just laying around the workshop, B'Ransu rolled her eyes and sighed under her breath. The fifth customer, fifth, and it wasn't even noon. Su fight s through it and showcases a bright and ingenuine smile towards the young man as he approaches her.

    Young Man: "Excuse me, ma'am. Sorry if I'm interrupting anything, but would you happen to have a droid suitable for piloting a small to medium sized starcruiser? I saw the R2 units over there, but I was just curious in seeing your other stock."
    "Well yeah I have a few droids that are operational, depends on what you're looking for. We have some ready to go right now. An R2, and R3, and I just got a spy droid in too. If you were looking for something from scratch or custom it'd be at least a day wait. I have to service this gentlemen here with his ancient droid....and frankly I don't have time to fully complete that. If I would've known I'd get this much business I'd open up my own shop......oh....did you guys think this was a droid shop?"

    Su scratches her head and looks around at all her electronic wonder in the workshop portion of her flat.

    "Yeahhhh.....I can see how one would think it. Actually, I'm an independent engineer, this is actually my house..."

    Su moves behind her workshop bench and throws on her safety goggles and begins to continue to mesh the wires in the old HK-47 droid. She connects the upper torso to the lower half as she balances that and conversing with the two men before her, taking a very peculiar interest to the fellow in the brown robes. He dressed like some sort of...hermit or something.

    "What's with the robes? You're not an orderist are you? Because while we don't deny service here....people here REALLY don't like orderists. That would be bad."

    Another subtle tactic used by Su to entice the young man that if he were aligned on the side of this First Order that he'd do best to just leave. B'Ransu also looks at the Mandalorian with the same gaze and hint. She was a generous, sweet girl, but not a stupid one. In fact a very potent one. From behind the workshop counter she seamlessly worked on the old ancient droid while her hands under the counter from eye view, inches away from her blaster. She's never had to use it on a person before, but she constantly stayed in target sessions. Sometimes for the droids that had no hope of restoration, she would use them for targets.

    "There's some news going around...some sort of propaganda with a picture of Vader, saying that he lives or something. Found it pret-ty darn weird. Then again I'm guessing the same people that did that also believes in The Force if they think an evil overlord like Vader can live on as a spirit or something. I mean....the galaxy is a big place, surely this Force would have been seen by now or directly documented. My Aunt Leia says that it's all around us....that in the old days there were people capable of doing incredible things. It sounds nice, but where are the Holocrons? The data? There's nothing, or if there is no one's showing it. Not saying I don't believe, I'm just saying it's a bit silly they were overly sought and idolized like some primordial beings."

    Su looked up at the two to see that she was rambling again, a habit she gets into while working on her hobbies. She was always at peace to do what she enjoyed or loved. Complete meditation. Times like these she tends to lose herself, and it was this very fact that made her get one of her feelings, that she's called 'the shakes' over the years due to its randomness. Her feelings hit her, another gush of...something. It wasn't physical, nor emotional, but it was a feeling. She could feel it, like chillbumps but around the air. She clears her throat and stretches her eyes as she continues to work on the HK-47.

    "As for your droid Tosen, it'll have to wait a day. I won't be able to finish today so either find a place to stay the night or take it and leave, but you won't find anyone that can repair it. Any other business you two want? I don't mean to be so direct but I really must be going to my actual job."

    Just then her commnuicator chimes as she sticks in her earpiece to a transmission from the Hanna City command center. She instinctively looks out of the window across the large bridge on the other side of the city. She was supposed to at least be in the commerce district by now. She'd be late for sure.

    Woman: ~What's your location?~
    "Oh, hi Lady M....I'm still at my flat but before you say anything-- "
    Lady M: ~You need to be on your way B'Ransu, we must get these data streams secure....that and the....'project' ~
    "Yes ma'am, right away."
    Lady M: ~And don't forget your garments for the Endor Ball tonight!~

    Su hangs up and hastily locks the old droid up in her workshop before putting her tools back into her lockbox and securing them as well. She zips and darts around the room like a flash of lightning while throwing on her jade green robes. She grabs her custome transmitter and fits it around her forearm, a particular logo painted on it.

    "Sorry guys I really have to run, check out what you need to and pay me now and I'll get started when I return yes? Anything else before we depart?"

  10. Tosen
    "No I have the right place the fact that you named the resistance proves it you seem to have a relation to one of the higher ups if im not mistaken they talked highly of your skill and work which is why im here and you may not want to mention the resistance so casually like that but since I know your not a enemy to them that is who my current employer is"*After hearing her remark about her home and not a droid shop*"Oh my bad I didn't mean to barge into your home I was under the impression that this was a droid shop that fixed and sold other droids as well"*Tosen notices her look but is unsure if she was threating him or warning him about the new guy his hand goes to one of his illegally modified pistols and he rest his hands on the handle and puts some distance between him and the man*"You know I believe that Jedi are real storys of my ancestors say that they worked directly with and under some of this people but they don't sound a lot like the way vader was well waiting a day may be ok but I also would like to know if you got repair droids similar to what he asked I could use one of those on my ship and since most of my budget may go on that Hk I may ask if you have any work I can do to help pay for that"
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