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  1. B'Ransu

    Five Years Ago.

    "You think that what Master says is true? About bringing balance to The Force?"

    "...I mean it has to be, right? My mother always tells me these...extraordinary things about him, everything he's done...what he's overcome...If he can do it, so can we, even more so..."

    I was 15 years old. I sit beside a lean and spirited 27 year old Ben Solo, fresh and ripe in his apprenticeship under Master Luke Skywalker. He was the only one at the time, the rest of us just Padawan, but some showed more promise than others. Ben had watched over me like a guardian, pushing me with tough love and a disciplined motive to become greater than what I was the day before. He looks down at me, my short hair breezing in the wind, and smiles. I return a smile and kick my feet out as our legs drape over the edge of a jagged cliff, looking amidst the river blow in a dense jungle cove.

    Ben: "You have greatness inside of you Su, don't ever let anyone take that sight away from you. We are to restore what was lost to this galaxy. You and me."
    "It's you and I actually...."
    Ben: "Smart Ass....get up, let's go again."

    I rise from the edge of the cove as I look at a much more kempt and polished warrior who was like my big brother. He smirks at me as his eyes and face silently asks 'Ready?', and I oblige by a nod and a bow, before my young face turns cold and hardened, breaking into a kendo stance, legs split at the sides and left arm in front of me, as my custom built lightsaber emits a deep blue as it flashes on. The first one I ever built on my own. 32 inches of lethal peacekeeping. Ben chuckles as he draws his lightsaber, also blue in color, but more arctic in hue. The saber spawns strong and passionate, followed by two small exhausts seconds later, forming a crossguard. He wastes no time. He pushes at me with everything he's got. Our sabers collide like lightning in the dense foggy jungle.


    Two Years Ago.


    Lightning collides in the area all around me as heavy rain drenches on my face. My arms raised as a red streak tears my flesh, my body crumpling into the ground below. My ribs and torso searing with a burning death, the smell of smoke arising from my garments. I hear screams. Men. Women. Younglings. All Jedi. The thick mud covers my despair under my body as the night sky rumbles with thunder and more flashes. I couldn't move. My body was done, and I knew soon I would be as well. I hear grunts and cries from all around the land as the sound of buzzing light ends them, one by one. My body twitched in pain as feeling begin to come back and adrenaline kicks in. I dig my fingers into the mud as I forcefully pull myself along the heavy substance, the mud rubbing against the left side of my face buried in it. My eyes dart around for something, anything. A sign of hope. Master Luke, someone that hid....but to no avail. My eyes locked onto a Twi'lek girl, scared and confused, no more than 11 standard years old. I watch as a couple dozen yards away a red crossguard saber pierces her temple. I wanted to scream, to cry, but the pain wouldn't let me.

    More I scrape myself along the mud, my vision starts to become blurry, my ears ringing and hot with boiling blood. I could hear a voice, a deep, pitched, almost electric voice. It was him. My once loved brotherly figure, saying something I never thought imaginable.

    Kylo Ren: "Destroy them all."

    My heart races into overdrive as my peripheral spots a flickering light in an academy storehouse about 15 yards from my location, hidden behind faltering flames and fires being put out by the wave of rain. I close my eyes and focus on The Force, meditating on healing my lethal level injury, but I was but a Padawan still, the thoughts that I was just weeks away from apprenticeship saddens and destructs my heart. I had to utilize my abilities now more than was literally life or death. Another pull from my burned muscles. I grunted in agony as quietly as I could....the heavy rain and thunder sheathing my noise. Or so I thought. My heart dropped, The Force was pulling me inside. I could see the storehouse in front of me, but I knew....I was going to die. Someone was behind me, looking over me. I strain to turn my heated body around, and I lock eyes with a masked, very tall figure looking at me. No lightsaber, no weapon, just his mind. I knew who it was immediately. It made a tear form and fall down my cheek, indistinguishable from the raindrops. My heart pounded, time slowed down. I was about to die, and the most crushing thing was not that it was at the hands of once close Kylo was that my last image was going to be my best friend taking the life from my very soul. My eyes go in and out, blurry then clear, as he lowers down.....and then nothing.

    I hear the same voice, the same voice as Kylo Ren's deep and sooted sound. But it wasn't his was my best friend's. It was Orix.

    Orix: "Goodbye."

    Dawn. Daylight. I awaken with a tormented and betrayed body. Everything burns, even just to breathe. I squint in the storehouse of the burned down academy, chars and cinders all around, along with wet floors and mudded ashes. I was propped against the standing wall, alive. I was alive. How was I placed here? Orix....I remember Orix. I try to scream out for help, but my voice is packed with soot and ash, dry as cinnamon. I knew no one would answer back. They were all gone. I didn't bother to move. I didn't bother to survive, I knew what awaited outside. Death, loss....all ways to the dark side in fear. So I sat there, waiting to die, to give up. I begin to cry with the very little fluids I had left in my body to spare, which were none. My face snickers up and my muscles burn as the contractions from the damaged parts caused me to hurt. Inside and outside I was destroyed, crushed. By the dark my best friends....I just cried, and cried....until I died, or at least that was the plan.

    ?: "I feel it....someone's still alive....Mako, Maar...clear the debris...."

    I heard the voice of someone....I didn't know who...sounded like Master Luke, but I was hallucinating. It wasn't him in reality, but I seen his face as he approached me and called out to me, but really it was the head apprentice Biggs Ri-Ku. The human male with a love for The Jedi...or what used to be us. The last thing I saw was the three of them pulling the rubble back, one running to me as I passed out. I don't know how they survived. No way Kylo seen them or they'd be dead right now. Either way....whether they fell into the ravine below and lived, or used some illusion of the Force. I was glad they lived, because when I closed my eyes, I knew I was dead.

    I was wrong again. I wish that I wasn't.


    Present Day.

    I awake in the middle of the night in a dampening, heavy rain forecast of Coruscant. Thunder and lightning rumbles and clashes in the sky as I wipe my eyes. It was pitch black, I could feel Maar's chest under my head. It was a strange situation indeed. He would argue with me, and me with him, I would snap at him, he would ignore me. He would lash out at me even mentioning Kylo's name in a positive aspect, I would shun him for even trying to apologize for being an impossible person. But every night, we would sleep side by side on our sleeping pods, and either he would end up over on mine, or me on his. Maybe because we're too bitter to admit we're angry and hurt. Maybe because we have no one else that will understand. It's never been anything past mutual, too much of trying to stay alive and secret to even consider more, with anybody let alone him. We'd wake up, look each other in the eyes, and I would get up and storm off. Rinse and repeat.

    I left Maar sleep, a part of me wanting to get a punch in for no apparent reason. It was different from being angry enough and pained to the point where we'd go to the dark side, because we always balanced each other out, with meditation, with sparring, with always staying sharp and remembering them, the ones we lost. Everyday we think about them. How Maar, Mako Qua, and myself escaped that damned planet, as our overseer Biggs Ri-Ku sacrificed his life by stalling a Condor Dragon from getting all of us as we boarded an old cargo ship. He didn't make it. It was just us three now. The last of a repeatedly dying breed. I close my eyes and meditate their memory as I balance my spirits out. Two years of despair and isolation. I didn't know about Maar, but I'd gotten used to it. Better to be alone than to entangle in loss again. Fear of loss was a path to darkness, but absence of loss cuts that problem out altogether.

    I walk across the rugged carpet of the flat, spotting my wool socks in the corner. I slide them on and check diagnostics from our systems. Alarms and backchannel flags in case The Resistance or Order had heard of surviving Jedi other than Luke. Nothing. Good. That means after all this time, Orix for whatever reason hasn't told Kylo, or any of them....many times I wanted to use my telepathy to call to Orix, and everytime Maar would shut the idea down as it'd risk our security and livelihood. I knew Maar was right, but I would get so annoyed I would end up saying mean things, but not out of hate or fear. Just sadness. Same thing with Kylo....I felt the conflict and good in both of them on Devaron, but when I consider calling to them, same old rodeo with Mr. Zhet. He was right, but I'd never tell him that publicly. I made sure the security locks and hidden embedded cameras outside the flat were operational. Holo tripwire sensors were operational and not flagged. Good. I squat into Indian style as I take out a private encrypted remote server comm link. My server. Programmed and created by me to block all back channel, primary, and military communication across 100 parsecs. Unless I wanted them in. It was only linked to one other comm in the galaxy. Mako Qua. I activate the sync and await as the beeps reach out to my friend.

    "I can't this a bad time? I know it's afternoon there and you're probably collecting herbs and supplies. I had a dream just now...about back then. About Ben...Biggs...all of it."

    I look back at Maar, trying to be as quiet as possible not to wake him.

    "How's Kashykk? The city life here is starting to get boring. The underground sounded so scary as a kid, but now...really living here. The criminals are harmless....just wanna be renegades that pose like they're tough. The Black Market has some really rare and great supplies and items though. I make a living repairing droids and creating private programs and network servers for criminals. You'd be surprised at how many credits they pay for that sort of thing.....I don't know what Maar does...he just kinda leaves and returns with credits. I don't say anything...because..."

    I knew Mako knew the reason. The bickering. The venting. The sadness. The pain. I move towards the window and look out into the draped landscape of wet and semi-flooded streets of underground Coruscant.

    "I want to ask you honest with me, well I mean you are you think we can save them? Orix and .....Ben? If I were to call them..."

  2. Mako Qua

    I awoke to near darkness, as usual. There were many reasons this region was referred to by the native wookies as the "Shadowlands." The trees were massive, literally miles tall, covering nearly the entire surface of the planet. I was fascinated by them, and the insane abundance of nature that continues to surround me at all times. After learning about the wildlife here, I managed to develop a way of surviving, handling any of the several predators while finding all the food and water I'd ever need.

    After the short morning routine, Including a roughly three mile run to and from the closest river to gather some water, then the run back. The workout routine had become so routine, that I'd actually have to occasionally extend it or make it more difficult. Stagnation was dangerous, after all. Upon finishing it, I had decided to go out and gather some more herbs. It was about time to restock.

    I hadn't been back in my shelter for more than ten minutes before my comm-link began going off. I had been grinding down some of the herbs using a mortar and pestle. I raised a pierced brow, glancing at the communicator before picking it up and activating it. A familiar voice rang into my ear, bringing a slight smile to my face. I continued working as she spoke.

    "Not at all, Su. I actually just got back from a supply run."

    I replied softly, waiting for my old friend to continue. I knew she was troubled, hell, we all were. Well, the few of us that were left. When she mentioned her dream, I could only sigh briefly. It was a shame that her mind was still so haunted. I suppose it wasn't surprising. She was hit harder by what happened than the rest of us. Still...

    I listened to her closely, nodding invisibly. I knew she had decided to go to Coruscant, a massive city. Practically the opposite of what I had decided. I recall asking her to come with me instead, to let me help her keep herself tranquil. To just come and stay with me, where I could watch after her. These days, I can't remember our exact exchange, but I remember that she had already made up her mind. I couldn't blame her, but I also couldn't deny the sadness that followed. Since then, I've been in my own self imposed exile.

    "It's...quiet. It's slow."

    I answered her question before allowing her to continue on, working the pestle a little more. When she talked about Maar, I wasn't sure how to feel. The fact that he was able to actually be there for her, and he wandered off on his own...I sighed softly before realizing that I wasn't any better. After all, part of the reason I left on my own was succumbing to the sadness in my own way. Then there was the spite...I was no better than any of them. Even...

    My mind drifted before I realized she asked me another question. My fist clenched, but, I realized that my emotions were bubbling, and I calmed myself. I don't think I could forgive Ben for what he did, and I wouldn't lie to her about it. Even though i knew what she wanted to hear. She wanted me to say that there was of course a chance to bring them back. She wanted me to console her and say that it'd be okay. That we'd save them from themselves and the dark side of the Force.

    But...I just couldn't.

    "Su...we've talked about this. Just about anything is possible through the Force, but...I really don't think they will ever see the error of what they've done. Even if they did...I couldn't..."

    My voice caught briefly. I hated myself for not being able to just give her this. To give her the hope that she so desperately wanted. No wonder she made the decisions she had made...

    "I'm sorry, but, no. Not as long as they cling to their hatred. Calling them would just put you at risk...please tell me you won't."

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  3. B'Ransu

    Mako was right, as always. The honesty surprisingly didn't spear as much as it should have anymore, but it was still waving over my spirit. He asked me to promise....he wanted me to promise him. Seeing as how him and Maar were all I had left in life now...that was as valuable as 1 billion credits. The Jedi way, honesty, truth. I wanted to tell him so bad. I just can't. There's something inside of me that still sees them as redeemable. Would I ever forgive them personally? Probably not....but deep down, if Luke could save Vader. If Luke could save his father....

    "I........okay Mako. I won't do it. I miss you."

    I look back at Maar, who was still sleep. I raised the covers over his torso so he wouldn't be cold from the draft of the cold front caused by the storm. We were all we had. I wish I could tell Mako that I was 100% again, that I'm ready to move past it. But the look in Dawari's eyes...the poor Twi'lek who was felled to Ben....Biggs....all of ate me up inside. Even with them here for me, I never felt so aloof. So isolated. I needed a happy thought. Anything. I knew just what to do. When the academy was up...I was known for two things: My tech expertise, and my specific specialist skillset in The Force involving anti-personnel. Force used not to harm others, but to manipulate and exploit them. That went good and bad ways. Right now I just needed the good.

    "Mako....close your eyes for me."

    I'm sure he was confused, but I wanted to do something random and I felt like it was what we both needed. My specialty of The subliminal Force. I close my eyes as well and focus my Telepathy on his mind, feeling his Force and not invading his mind, but melding it. I projected an image, then a full blown memory into his mind.

    Memory (open)

    9 years ago.

    He looked so down. A Zabrak that had just witnessed a pillage. Luke arrived with him not too long ago. He looked around at the training Jedi. Some sparring, others lifting things with their minds, the rest doing one armed handstands while lifting a rock with their minds...he was amazed. But he looked a bit sad and lonely. I looked around the open field near the temple, spotting a flower on the ground, cyan blue in color. Wait...boys don't like that type of stuff. I'd been here a year, he just arrived, but we looked the same age. I'd never seen a Zabrak before. Master Luke taught me that all races and life were precious. I strolled over to him with a smile and did something I thought boys responded to. Toughness.

    "Hey there, you're new right? I'm B'Ransu San Tekka. You look tough, are you tough? I'd like to think I'm pretty tough....strong as a rock."

    I caught glimpse of a rock about the size of a wookie fist near us, using my mind to pick it up and show Mako my skills, smirking in impression. I then decided to outdo a competition with myself and really show him how tough I was. I Force Push the rock into my forehead, not really analyzing the size of that thing. It impacted my cranium and I jerk back from the 'force' of it and collapse to the ground. A small batch of red shows on my forehead. The Padawan all look in amazement as they glare at Mako, thinking he threw the rock at me. I looked up at him and started crying.....laughing.

    "Hahaha!! Well I guess not as tough as I me up please?"

    Mako extends a hand as I bolt up and don't bother to touch or wince at my wound. Like a boy would, mission complete....ish. At least I got his mind off of that dark time he just witnessed. To add light and humor to a possibly scared and isolated boy's heart...well I felt happy that I could make a friend of him. The only way I knew to get him comfortable and away from those thoughts....was to bug the life out of him. I jumped on his back. I usually didn't act this obnoxious, but what they heck. In was the last time I was truly that free and outgoing.

    "Hey you never told me your name? Do you like wamprats? Why are you red and black? Can I touch your horns? Wanna see my lightsaber? What's your favorite food?"

    I open my eyes and chuckle a bit. A genuine memory. Pure joy. We were younglings, careless and responsibility free other than Jedi training. Seems like a lifetime ago. Now here we were, two grown adults. Mirror points from our youth versions...or were we? Where we still dug inside ourselves somewhere? We had to be. There had to be something other than this burdening void. The sun was coming up. It was a different cycle on his planet, probably mid-day. The rain was fleeting, and the rumbles begin to get quiet.

    "I hope that didn't make you sad...just thought it'd know-- "

    Knock knock

    Someone, or something was at the door.

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  4. Orix Valen

    Walking forward I began to reflect on that which once was. It was more than two years ago at this point. A time in my life that I wasn't out forcing my will onto other people. When I indeed had friends that I could count on. It was this simple fact that drove me out and into the stars once more. Ahead of me was a task that was very simple for me to undertake. That being what it was.. gave me the ability to undertake my own studies. To do what I wished to do. I had enough to get myself to and from planets so at this point I would be self sufficient and free to conduct my mission as I pleased. With all of this and a smile I got up and began to make my way to the ramp.

    With my ship having landed on the planet I stepped out. Tatooine... a place that harbors just about anything the galaxy didn't want to find. It wasn't a place I expected to find anything immediately but if you wanted information it was a place to start. The electronic breathing of my mask could be heard before a gust of wind from the dunes blew in hard. Sand kicked up and pelted the sides of my armor as I reached my hand up and let the particles bounce off. Looking up I gazed out and saw nothing but dunes and more dunes as far as I could see. My helmet pointed me in the right direction so luckily enough I knew I wouldn't get lost in this hopeless place. When I reached the bottom of the ramp I circled around to the back of my ship.

    From within the ship descended a Heavy Speed bike. Moving over to it I mounted the bike and placed both my hands on the controls. Gunning the throttle I was instantly off and speeding across the dunes at a lightning pace. Looking back and forth I took in the absolutely bleak desert. It was nothing but large dunes for as long as the eye could see. Turning slightly I began to readjust my course. My destination was not far from Mos Eisley meaning my chance to run into just about any creature was certain. I had to meet a Order agent within the spaceports back rooms. A discrete place to meet... for the agent but for one clad such as I.. the task was not an easy one. But, then again I did not have to hide who I was. It was unlikely many knew what I was in the first place. In fact, the odds were in my favor. Force once in a long time I was in my old attire.

    Slowing my speed I began to enter the outskirts of Mos Eisley. Extracts dotted the landscape in many places but obvious effort was made to allow easy entrance into the settlement. Passing through and into the city my speed continued to slow as I turned a bend into Mos Eisley itself. The streets were rather busy with the small outside stands selling things he wouldn't dream of consuming.. right now at least. Passing by the cantina I glanced over to see people flowing in and out. I was here on a mission but could allow himself the ability to go ahead with my own ideas once finished. In the end it didn't matter as I would have time to spend. I was alone and could do as I wished. Continuing to the end of the long stretch I was on I did a slow left and pulled up outside of the space port.

    Going to the back of my speeder bike I opened the backpack and took out a tracker. Kneeling down I placed it securely in a hidden place on the bottom of the bike. With insurance in place I moved into the space port. To say the least the inside was nothing spectacular. It looked more akin to a primitive snow structure than anything made now. Then again the Outer Rim left much to be desire in terms of technological advance. Moving further in I looked around to see people just passing by as if I was another drifter. Luckily enough being out here I was less likely to attract any suspicion at all. These people weren't stupid but more along the lines of uninformed of the more distant things. Moving past a group of people I put my hands on a door and opened it to another corridor before passing on and hand motioning a door off to the side of the corridor.

    Stepping inside I moved around and into a smaller open around with a man inside. "The twin Suns of tatooine-" the man said showing facial that he didn't know what or who I was. "are beautiful today." I responded making him smile. "Exquisite." He said. The man handed me a data pad before sitting down once more. "On your way." He said turning around and powering on his own Data pad. Leaving the room I made my way outside the space port. Moving towards my speeder bike I was surprised to see that it was still where it was. Sitting on it I began to look over the Datapad. Reading over it I began to smile. It wasn't much to go on but it was at least a start. Lowering the data pad I took in the information. My next destination would be Toydaria. From what I knew it would end up being a swamp planet and that can wait.

    Mounting my speeder bike once more I made my way back and over towards the cantina. Along the way I took care to stow my lightsaber away so no one could see it. Where I was going I didn't need the chance of someone attacking me. Dismounting I left the tracker on and went inside. It was a long shot on information regarding her but I knew that it was a chance none the less. The traders and scum that pass through Tatooine's space port are likely to come to the cantina to drink and blabber about their work. I simply needed to wait to pick up on anything that sounds like another force user. It was hard even expect it but it didn't matter. Moving to one of the booths I took a seat and unlocked my mask. Lowering my hood I blinked as my eyes adjusted to actual light. Looking around the cantina watched and listened. For now, I intended to sit back, relax and listen in.

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  5. Mako Qua

    I was thankful to her for saying she wouldn't contact them, but, even without the insight of the Force, I could tell that she couldn't stop herself. She was too emotionally compromised, and she felt too strongly that she needed to redeem them. Nothing I ever say could change that. But, at least I can look out for her...right?

    "I...miss you too, Su."

    I managed to say, becoming somewhat silent for a few moments after, even subconsciously stopping what I was doing. The mortar and pestle becoming stationary, the room falling silent as I was left alone with my thoughts, even with her on the other end of the common. After a few moments, she spoke again, telling me to close my eyes.

    It was indeed a strange request, but, I trusted her, and it wasn't like she was going on try and harm or surprise me too badly. The images came slowly after I closed my eyes, the beginnings of a vivid memory. As they played before my eyes, my smile returned. This was easily one of my most pleasant memories.

    It hadn't been long since I had lost my home, and nearly my life. I was all alone, surrounded by these people who could do amazing things, when I could do so little. I was aching, and this girl, whom I didn't know came out of nowhere. A strange girl, who would only bring out the best in me. Who practically saved me from my own darkness. Yet, I still would end up going off. Maybe I shouldn't have left her after all...

    When the memory concluded, I was still elated from the pleasant memory, and she spoke again, hoping I hadn't been saddened by the memory. In truth, it was quite the opposite.

    "Don't worry, it was a great memory. Thank you for reminding me. It seems so long ago now."

    I could hear the forceful impacts through the communicator, meaning someone was there for her. A sense of dread filled my being, and the pestle in front of me suddenly cracked from an unseen pressure.

    "Su, please be careful. You know where I am, if you need me..."

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  6. B'Ransu

    "Hold that thought."

    I crouch low as I crawl to the feed underneath the desk where my communications server was. The holoscreen projected two figures. One Chiss and another an Epicanthix. You don't see many of those around anymore. Another knock comes as I give Mako the wait signal and put on my hooded robes, wrapping a sash around the lower part of my face. I unlock the module and the door slides open as I look at the two aliens before me. I study their body language, their subtle motions. An instinct of Jedi training taught by Master....something embedded into us to the point it's second nature. I still had the commlink in my ear in case things went south. So Mako could hear, then again would that make things better? It would just be sounds of chaos in his ear, making him worry or go crazy. But still, I left it on.

    Chiss: "We're looking for Jan Orden. We require...'assistance'."
    "Sorry. Wrong flat."

    I press the door to slide closed but the Chiss swiftly catches it midway, stopping its momentum from closing it shut. His red eyes look into mine with a dire sense of urgency. I returned with an ice cold look of steel myself, warning him in my expression of the mistake that he'd just made. I step in the doorway as I'm now inches from his face. The Epicanthix looks apprehensive, as it seems to lower into an attack stance, a faint growl behind it. The Chiss doesn't give ground, but does emit tension from his aura as I deadlocked his eyes.

    "If you ever, EVER do that again my blue'll need more than just assisstance. I told you once before, and I'm not going to tell you again. There is no Jan Orden here, nor do I know a Jan Orden."
    Chiss: "This is the location he provided."
    "I told you there is no-- "

    And then it hit me. There was a Jan Orden here. And he was in the shape of a Jedi sneaky, stupid, careless bloke of a person that I was seconds away from wanting to rip a new one. But, I close my eyes and meditate, taking deep breaths for a second. Thinking about them, the lost ones.

    "This Jan Orden. What does he look like?"
    Epicanthix: "Human. Short human. But Mandalore also. Mandalorian smuggler. Skilled. Very Skilled. Brown Hair, as eyes is too."
    "Uh huh, that's what I thought. Thank you, now go away."

    I push the Chiss' arm out of the way as the door slides, seals, and locks shut. I roll my eyes and talk into my ear directed at Mako.

    "I'll call you later, this time via hologram. I'm going to go see a 'Mandalorian' now....don't worry...we'll be fine. I promise."

    I sync off with Mako and direct my attention to Jan Orden, aka Maar. The nerve of him, he didn't ACTUALLY think I wouldn't find out did he!? To think that he's been going around here, dressed as another person's guise!? I tried to remain calm...but for the past two years he's been risking his identity, my own identity, and the risk of being exposed as a fraud. In a world full of's like he wanted to die!!! Even now the thoughts make me tremble with anger, but I don't give in. I breathe, and I channel that into tranquility. Harmony. A tranquil, harmonious, slap to Maar's shoulder.

    I instantly truncate his chest with personal belongings he's scraped up over the years. I should've known. The Mandalorian armor he'd 'collected' was a bit too much for his savor. I was violating his privacy right now, digging through his things as he woke up, but I didn't care. He violated our privacy and our way of life by inviting goons and criminals to our space, what if I had decided to wear my lightsaber and opened the door!?

    "Maar, get up. Now."

    I drag the plated armor and T-Shaped helmet out of the chest and slung it on the floor in the flat.

    "Really Maar? Oh excuse me, should I say JAN. Using an alias with your father's name!?"

    I reel back a little, knowing the sensitive subject of his parents being killed, especially the way his father died. I pause and then raise my hands in a relenting fashion. I decided my usual melodramatic female ways won't make it better this time. I needed a different approach.

    "Maar...I get have to make a living right? But you don't....I bring in enough credits to keep us going, you don't have to do this. You're risking us Maar! You're using a name that would be attentive to The Resistance! To.....them. You have to stop, okay? The fact that you've been name shooting your alias across the Underground to criminals makes us a liability. How could you be so...careless? Irresponsible?"

    I look down at the Mandalorian armor, and then over to the R9 unit in the corner in sleep mode. I had to admit, the unit was pretty friendly and helped out alot around the flat, but that was just another droid that could be traced and tracked to us, hacked and programmed to gather information on us. I knew I was being paranoid, but that's what's kept me alive so far.

    "Get rid of the armor....Jan Orden is dead as of today. And the R9 unit has to go too, I shouldn't have repaired him for you in the first place. I'm sorry, I know it seems I'm being too much but you're not thinking clearly. We have to go now. Someplace else. Maybe relocate on the planet, start over, and actually lay low this time...."

    I start to grab my personal clothes and items and storing them in a chest. I moved hastily as if we'd already been compromised. I look over at the elegant data and security systems I've wired up, the tripwires the cameras the servers....I would have to take it all down and rebuild it when we got wherever it was we were going. I was the only one packing however.

    "...what are you waiting for? We have to move."

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  7. Orix Valen

    The next two hours inside of the Cantina had went relatively fast. The stories that I had heard could definitely be forgotten in enough time. I heard enough stories of pirates and low lives to last me a lifetime. But, I did hear one thing. It wasn't what I was sitting to listen to but it had a specific ring to it that warranted my attention. Glancing over I locked my gaze with a man who I tracked the voices to. He appeared to be getting up and leaving the Cantina with another behind him. The creature following appeared to be a Rodian bodyguard. The thought of a Rodian being able to stop me almost dictated my next action plan. Standing up I began to move across the room before coming to the exit. The man had already began to turn down the side of the Cantina and walk away.

    I wasn't the best at keeping low appearances but I could track food and hunt in the worst of conditions. This wasn't food but I could stay out of sight just as well as long as he wasn't looking for me. After tracking this man to a good enough spot I made my move across and out of the shadows. My movements silent as I moved up behind the man without a lightsaber drawn. Glancing over at his Rodian counter part I spoke up. "Excuse me Smuggler! It appears you have things that interest me. At least you did before your contents were sold to the Resistance!" I said as the Rodian raised a blaster at me. My hands sparked and he was sent backwards and into a piece of Junk. The smell of burning flesh was evident as the electricity continued to cause his body to convulse.

    Keeping my light saber away the older man began to stare "I do not know what you are talking about." He said before crossing his arms. A smile beginning to spread about my face I began to get annoyed. "I am severely impatient smuggler. You waste my time." The man just smiled back "I have no idea what you are talking about." He said again making me just nod "Right." I said before moving over and taking a second to sense if anything was approaching. Luckily enough we were far enough from the main travel routes that it would be unlikely if anyone heard what I was about to do. I didn't take a second longer "You will tell me what you know!" I roared as the Small patience I had snapped. Raising both my hands electricity began to explode out of the end.

    The mans body was zapped constantly and sporadically with the electricity causing him to wail and scream. The voice hushed by nearby generators and to constant screaming of Speeder engines. Moving a hand down to my belt I removed the face mask and raised it to fit in place with a pressurized hiss. "Tell me what you know!" I roared again as the robotic voice boomed it louder. The man began to have his bones be shown through the light clothes he wore. I reeled myself in slightly realizing I was quickly approaching the strength to kill the man instantly. The purpose was not to kill but to torture into getting answers. "Fine! Fine! Stop!" He cried out as I released my barrage on him.

    The man fell straight into the sand and began to pant. "Fine! The supplies were bound to the resistance! People in the New Republic are sympathetic but are staying out of it.. that is all! Oh! I also took them to Dantooine!" He cried out before making me look up at the sky. "Do not fret.. you still serve a purpose." I said calmly as a purple connection began to be made between myself and him. The mans face began to go wide as his entire life essence began to be fed vampiricly over to me. The mans life force was devoured by my own making my eyes open wide. A second later the man began to go white as he died and the connection stopped. I took a second to reel myself back from the experience and felt wide awake.

    With that event over I brushed myself off and rolled both of my arms around to stretch some. I glanced over at the bodies "Sorry about this mate... Strictly business." I said before walking away and over to my speeder. Mounting it I gunned it after backing out and made my way back to my Heavy Fighter. The trip back was approaching night time. The heat sensors placed throughout my armor began to help moderate my body temperature keeping it warm but not to hot. The dunes continued for as far as I could see and in the far distance small fires could be seen. The farther up the tallest dunes I rode I could get a glimpse of my ship in the distance. It wasn't far away and I soon reached it. Getting inside I made my way to the cockpit and set the autopilot to set course to Dantooine.
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  8. Mako Qua
    I was going to speak again, but Su had ended the call rather abruptly. A soft sigh escaped my lips as i glanced down at the now fractured pestle in front of me. That wasn't good. Strangely enough, I knew full well that I hadn't applied too much pressure. Plus, that feeling i had gotten mere moments before...something terrible was coming. I had at first been under the impression that it was born of my concern for my friends, but now...

    My mind was so unfocused. So troubled...Damn it. This was such a bad time for this. My concerns for Su and Maar, the unusual ferocity of the creatures in the surrounding forest, and the more frequent hunts from the wookies. It was all forboding. I could almost swear i could feel something scratching at the back of my mind. Like some kind of intangible itch. I glanced through the small window at the blackness of the forest.

    I felt compelled. Compelled to give in to my unpleasant thoughts, to sulk on my failures with my people, with my lack of strength, with her...My fists clenched again, my eyes narrowing and my brow furrowing. My ears were ringing, like something just beyond the edge of hearing was calling out to me. Should I investigate? Should I contact Su and Maar? Perhaps they would be more knowledgable of this strange phenomenon within the Force.

    I dropped the mortar into the small bowl, adjusting my robe and raising my hood as I made my way outside, moving slowly and methodically in the direction of that strange feeling. The itching feeling was growing stronger, almost enough to become tangible. I stopped short of an unusually large cluster of trees. On Kashyyk, that was saying something. Surrounding them, was a large pack of beasts, each of them growling aggressively while snapping at each other.

    This behavior was becoming more common, and all the more concerning. It was as if they were becoming more hateful, full of primal rage. Then I noticed it, this strange sort of aura emanating from them. It was the same thing that had been calling to me. The Dark Side of the Force. It was as if these creatures had been soaking in pools of it, the energy feeding and empowering them. What in the world was going on here?

    In the middle of them was a large opening in one of the trees. Like a gaping maw, it opened to reveal a massive and seemingly endless void of shadow. That was the source of this strange feeling. The source of all of this confusion and doubt. It had to be. With this in mind, I advanced on the creatures. Each of them took notice of me at about the same time, turning towards me with bright red eyes and drooling razor-filled mouths.

    Thankfully, I was a Jedi, and these creatures, warped as they were, were still familiar to me. Using the force, I could calm them, stretching my hand out to them. I reached out to them, easing their rage and calming their minds. After about a minute had passed, the creatures turned and ran off into the forest, grunting indignantly as they did so. I peered into the abyss before me, that feeling of dread growing ever more with each step I took towards it. What awaited me in here? What would I face once I was fully engulfed in the darkness?

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  9. image.jpg

    Slowly grumbling as he began to wake, Maar was suddenly hit roughly in the shoulder by the hand of his 'roommate'. What was B'Ransu mad at now? Did he forget to clean his dishes, throw out the trash, or refurbish the spare droid parts to upgrade the current ones?

    No. She was mad about his line of work.

    Knowing that this interaction was inevitable, Maar slowly began to climb up from the small cot he had laid out on the floor for himself. "Ran, listen. It's just something to make a little cash on the side, nothing more. I don't suddenly have feelings of grandeur and I'm not using my powers... Don't worry." he grumbled, sitting up and blinking his eyes slowly as to wake himself up. But then, early in the morning, Ran struck a nerve. "Using an alias with your father's name!?"

    Suddenly, his face rolled into a scowl and a hydro spanner laying on the wall furthest from him went shooting towards the wall behind B'Ransu. He wasn't trying to hit her, but he wanted her to get the message. "I already told you: don't you dare talk about my father, B'Ransu. Not now, not ever." Maar growled, staring her dead in the eyes. "Yeah, alright. So I did something stupid. But we're Jedi. Guardians of Peace and light across the galaxy? Maybe you've heard of that, but the way you're acting I doubt you ever did."

    Slowly standing up and walking over to the sink, Maar quickly began to wash his hair as he continued to speak. The shower had been broken for a few weeks, so the two of them had to resort to using the sink to wash their hair. Thank the Force that the Jedi were trained with 'Breath Control', because otherwise they would have smelled terrible. "Yeah, you make enough. But we need more then enough. We keep moving around, it costs too much. I said we should take off to Jakku, but you refused to go there. Nobody can find anything on those desert planets. Hell, even Tatooine would be better then Coruscant. The city helps, but we're not completely hidden. Naar Shaddaa would've been better, but again: it all comes down to money. We don't make enough credits to keep running, so I took matters into my own hands."

    Taking his head out of the sink and drying his hair with a towel, Maar listened to Ran speak about how he was careless, reckless, and that as of today his alias was dead. He really didn't care what she said, he wasn't going to change. She said that R9 needed to be dismantled, and that they should move again, to which Maar only scoffed. When she asked why he wasn't moving, Maar crossed his arms and signed. "Firstly: don't touch the droid. He helped us get out of more jams then you care to give him credit for, and he's not being used to spy on us. I do daily maintenance checks to make sure he hasn't been tampered with. Secondly, Jan Orden is the only way we can still protect people without exposing ourselves as Jedi, so if you think I'm going to give up who I am, you can forget it. Thirdly, and this is by far the most important: if you think I'm just going to grab my stuff at the drop of a hat and run away from nothing, again, then you really didn't learn anything about who I am. My father survived the Jedi Purge: I can do the same."

    He slowly removed the towel from his head, tossing it into the laundry hamper as he walked over to the set of armour. Maar placed the helmet on the workbench where he often tinkered with spare droid parts and spoke as he looked down at it. "Bee, you're driving yourself crazy. You're paranoid. The First Order might be hunting Jedi, but they don't know to look here just yet. Nothing we've done has made them want to come here. Jan Orden? He's a smuggler who happens to be good at his job. I doubt they'd come to check out somebody like him, unless he suddenly carries around a Lightsaber and throws people against the wall with the Force. The Resistence? Commander Leia already knows that my father is dead; Master Luke told her before he took off. We were there when the holo vid was recorded. There's thousands of Jan's across the galaxy, I doubt that one who happens to be a smuggler will be enough to catch their attention."

    Turning back to her, Maar slowly approached the young woman and wiped a stray piece of hair from her face. He was oddly calm throughout the whole discussion, minus the outburst of anger at the mention of his father from B'Ransu. The reason it bothered him so much was that, during their training, she never knew him the way that Maar did. She never saw her father laying on the floor, bloodied and broken, his limbs severed in a grotesque fashion. She didn't know what it felt like to lose a father in such a horrific way.

    "What's going on, Bee? I heard you on the holo with somebody... Was it another Jedi?"
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  10. B'Ransu

    "Hey, I was there too okay!? I saw your father's body as well I felt your pain too!!! Even if I was dying myself which you seem to forget. You seem to forget that you almost lost me too yet you don't get all apprehensive when I talk about how I almost died....and I know what it means to be a Jedi, but we CAN'T Maar! We run the risk of exposing ourselves to the galaxy! We're supposed to be dead. D-E-A-D. It doesn't matter if you're using your abilities all it takes is ONE person from The Order to require your services, and if it's Kyl-- .....Ben then he'll sense your Force. Same with Orix. If it's not them then they'll find it particulary weird that this Jan Orden won't help the Order find Luke Skywalker or whatever else they might need. Then we're caught. You don't think! I'M being paranoid!? YOU'RE being thoughtless!"

    I lower my tone, not giving in to my emotions. Maar seemed irate yet composed. I had to handle myself better, I had to practice my training. For Master Luke, for the lost ones...

    "And I told you. I'm not going to Jakku. My grandfather is there and once he knows I'm alive it's back to The Resistance for us. No, I'm staying out of that life it leads to nothing but endless and pointless death. And I'm not going to bring Pa the pain of risking his life just knowing we're alive. And please, Tatooine is the FIRST place they'd look because it's the LAST place people would expect. Think Maar. And you act like we run planet to planet, we've been here for two years now, relocating. It's kept us alive, and you want to play superhero in a world that doesn't care anyways! Why can't you just lay low and settle for the fact we're alive? The First Order is too strong. They have cruisers, fleets, arsenal, fighters....Ben....Orix...those two alone can wipe out an entire race if they wanted to with their power. It's over Maar..."

    I walked to Maar, calm and alluring now. I wanted to really speak my heart and mind, but I knew he wouldn't get it. I knew he wouldn't change his mind. I walke back away and begin to look out of the glass to the orange glow guilding the city. I turn my neck to below, down in the criminal underbelly. The Underground. How many criminals had Maar worked with? How many low lifes?

    " say that I don't know who you are....but I do. We don't have to run anymore Maar, but you can't do this. You don't have to give up who you are, but if you want to live you have to give up what you are. Your father survived The did mine, but your father didn't survive nor anticipate Ben. No one did. So this is another thing entirely. I'm not driving myself're driving me crazy. Because everytime you leave out that door and say nothing to me I wonder if you'll even come back. It's my fault I didn't ask but I was afraid of this very thing! The First Order doesn't even know we're alive, they only hunt Master. You were there when the holo vid was recorded. I wasn't. I was in a coma, remember? Something you seem to not care about. Even now you never told me Master Luke knew you were alive. Does he know about me? Mako? Ben? Orix? Who else was there...?"

    I was talking my head off. But years of this was tiring me out. I was growing more and more cold by the day. Apathy incarnate. I didn't care about a lot of things, I don't care about a lot of things anymore. Maar knows, Mako knows. I used to be the most ditzy, vibrant girl at the academy, but I'm torn, and it's upsetting that he's not...that he's dealing with it in a reckless way. They don't know why I am the way I am. At this point I'm not sure if they ever will.

    I didn't tell them. About the nightmare I had aside from the tragedies of the past...I didn't tell them the reason why I was so paranoid, the reason why after 2 years...I'm still gripped and torn by those events. It wasn't just the betrayal of Ben, it was much deeper than that. It was the betrayal of me. The fact that I STILL took up for what he and Orix did to us, the fact that I still see them as Redeemable....what is wrong with me? My inner thoughts and dreams seep out into my behavior. It wasn't fear, nor was it anger. There was something coupled with this sadness and pain. Hunger. Hunger to be more, to do more...but knowing I never could. Just like I dropped my weapon in front of Ben, as he struck me down. Just as I never bothered to ask Maar his side of things or what he did at night. Like I still chase after Orix and Ben in my mind. Like I hear Mako's voice or stare at him via hologram and pretend all I am is sad....

    I died that day. I've been empty since....and I've just been so....hungry. I was starving in The Force.

    Nightmare Su (open)

    "It's only a matter of time...."

    Two swift strikes to my dual edged blue lightsaber came from an unrelenting foe. I spin my duosaber in an uncanny skill, breaking into a butterfly twist as I bring down all my bicep strenght into my opponent. My eyes locking with their fierce yellow-red eyes. They break my offensive and swing upwards with their red saber, then down swiftly, a thunderous strength behind them.

    "You won't win...."
    "I already have."

    Twists and turns from an impressive display of their lightsaber disoriented me as they swing into my duosaber yet again. The stength of the hiss knocks me back but I recover with a leg sweep into a flare all while maintaining control of my dual edged death. I spin it around my body as I rise to my feet and bring one end down to meet theirs, my strength with thunder this time around. I push the enemy saber towards their right, making them succumb to their body weight while bringing the second end quickly around to their back, as it's blocked by the enemy. They're not even looking, yet the red saber is perfectly in a block position. Such confidence. They swing under my duosaber and spin around with another wave of red towards my torso. I turn my wrist to make my duosaber vertical, stopping their momentum and flurrying the weapon all around my body, the rapid spins and turns from my wrists hitting their weapon multiple times like lightning. They backflip twice and Force Jump backwards yards away to recover. I continue spinning the duosaber and break into a kendo stance. They were smiling at me. I felt fear, and anger.

    "You're so strong that you're WEAK. Using your humanity as a tool of compassion. Isn't that what made you lose? Isn't that why they abandoned you? Because they realized you were all lost causes...?"

    I ran full speed with intense ferocity as I helicopter spin the duosaber over my head and bring down a rampant force unto my opponent. The edge staggers my enemy as they reel and crouch in struggle against my blade, and then I use that momentum and weight to use the second edge to brush them forward and tumbling towards me, quickly following up with a spinning slash to the back as they fall forward in searing pain. I diminish one edge to make it a single edged long saber now, walking towards the crawling body before me. Crawling just like I was, exactly like I was when Ben slaughtered them all. They even pulled themselves around as I did....was I now the aggressor? They did everything I did....because it was me. I was fighting myself. I look into my dark side, her yellow-red eyes bearing into mine.

    " won't even finish me off. You'll die....just like all of them."
    "NO. I won't."

    I kick her back over on her belly and deliver a fatal stab through her spine with my blue edge. Her muffled grunts becoming silent as my rage and turmoil was satisfied. Suddenly my edge turns red, and my back begins to burn hot as if I'd been sliced in the the spine. I scream for a minute in fear and agony...until I feel the anger taking over. The power, the longing was fading away. It was replaced my lust of The Force. My screams turn into laughs, smirks. I look up to see Kylo and Orix, with their knighted masks on. They say nothing, only extend their hand to me. I smirk, looking back over my shoulder at my dead body, a blue edged saber beside what was once my pure self.


    Maar approaches me and I turn to face him, my expression baptized in irate fury. I couldn't even look him in the eye. There was also a tiring notion to all this, the fatigue and pain also on my face. He asks about the holo feed, asking was it another Jedi. I roll my eyes at him, who else would it be? I brush his hand aside as I fold my arms a short distance away from his face.

    "I was on the comms actually, and who else would it be? We only have one other person in the entire galaxy to talk to. Master Luke is gone, and it certainly wasn't anyone yes, it was Mako. Remember him? Also your friend? But unlike you he's actually doing the best thing we can do: hiding. Maar...I refuse to sit by and let you do this. No matte rhow much you don't care about me, I'm not going to watch you die too. I won't lose you."

    I bolted from the vicinity of his face and grabbed my toolcase for the work I had in The Underground. I raised my hood over my head and applied a sash over my face so only my eyes could be seen. I kept my duosaber in the back of my lower spine area to keep concealed from everyone's view and reach. The same day every day. Wake up, argue, leave, come back, argue, sleep. I was getting sick of it. I open the door and stop midway. I look back at Maar and speak one last time.

    "Perhaps Jan Orden can help smuggle me to Kashyyyk. Tell him I don't want to be here anymore if he's just going to get himself killed or exposed.......I should've went with Mako when I had the chance."

    I seal the door and I leave into the vast and cunning world that was underbelly central. Thieves and common junk worth of life beings who wasted their days chasing and being things they could never hope to gain. Two years ago on Devaron...near Eedit...I passed out and hoped that was the end of it. But I was in a coma. I don't even know how I got on the ship to escape. I don't know how or where I was until I woke up. Why we didn't go to D'Qar I'll never know, but we ended up on Naboo....away from Order and Resistance regime. A neutral site for the New Republic. The first thing I did when I woke up was cry, because this hell wasn't over. I knew I wasn't weak, just weakened. I'm glad they don't know, The Resistance nor the Order. My grandfather...I just don't want to be involved. I was dead inside anyway. I didn't know if Master Luke even knew we were alive, or if Maar ever revealed himself to General Leia and exposed that he was alive, but I would have to assume not if we've been in secrecy all this time. Good. Hopefully I can reach Maar before it's too late. If not....then I'd have to head to Kashyyyk. I'm already hoping to save Ben and Orix.....why must I save one of our own too?

    I equip my anti-toxic mask to combat the poison levels of the underground and enter the shop, nodding in my usual ritual towards the Toydarian owner as he buzzes around and nods back in respect. I've been here for a while now, he as the rest of the underworld have been impressed with my techspertise for a long time now. They also come back more not only for my efficiency, but my mysterious nature. I've never revealed a name to any customer, and I'm sure to stay silent 90% of the time, the exact opposite of what I got through at the flat with Maar. at first the criminals here made the mistake of trying to theaten and overpower me, until they found out real wuick what happens when you try that. Sometimes I didn't even have to fight, using my telepathy to manipulate and expose their greatest fears and concerns. Subtly of course. It looked deserted down here, but rest assured....this pace was busier that ever. Now more than ever, with the Order looming over the galaxy. Some criminals just wanted to do crime without having to side with the Order or Republic. That was the gem of this place...ironic that I've actually come to grow to be used to it....maybe all this time has actually made me like them, the reasons of my fits and bluntness.

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  11. [​IMG]

    LOCATION:: Warehouse-> Coruscant Underground COMPANY::B'Ransu MOOD:: Well Shit

    “Are you going to kill me?” Karsik asked. The ruddy-faced human looked up at me. He was on his back—a blob of fat and ill-fitting clothing.

    “Why would you think that?” I asked. My gun was pointed at his elbow, not his face. “This isn’t going to kill you. It’s going to hurt a lot, though.”

    “Then why haven’t you done it?” Karsik squirmed underneath me. I had my foot on his chest and my gun aimed at his arm. I’d caught him shitfaced in the local cantina. It’d been particularly easy to lure him out and into an abandoned warehouse. He’d was on my list of suspects. Each and every one of them had a history with the Resistance. He’d been the easiest to catch.

    “Because when I do it, you’ll scream. When you scream, I get a headache. I already have one from my hangover.” I really needed to lay off the liquor, but every time I closed my eyes she was there. I was an agent of the First Order, not some bleeding heart. I shouldn’t have dreams of her.

    Karsik laughed. “You can’t do it. I figured that the First Order was filled with pathetic children.”

    I pressed my foot harder on his chest. “Are you making a bet with me?” I asked.

    “You’re going to let me go, and we’re never going to talk about this again.” Karsik looked smug even though he was on the ground with my foot on his chest.

    I pulled off my helmet. Karsik inhaled. “You’re—,” he started to say.

    “Handsome?” I offered.

    “Blue,” he finished.

    I grimaced. “And you’re pink. Honestly, you look more ridiculous than I do, Pink Man Baby.” I sighed. “Anyway, I just wanted to remind you what you were up against.” I winked at him before I pulled the trigger. As one might imagine—screaming ensued.

    By the time I was finished with Karsik, I had a pretty good idea where the Resistance drop offs were. He was worse for wear, though. Both his arms were singed pieces of meat. His legs bent in directions that weren’t natural. His face was more like a peeled grape than anything resembling human. His eyes still worked, though. He followed the nose of my blaster with his gaze.

    “You’re going to let me go, right?” he asked. His voice was punctuated with the gurgle of blood and flesh.

    I pursed my lips and blew air through it. Honestly, it sounded more like a fart noise than one of deliberation. Karsik seemed very confused.

    “Well, you’ve seen my face,” I said. I pressed the nose of my gun to his forehead. “That will be a ‘no sir.’” I winked at him before I pushed down on the trigger. His brains painted the warehouse the fun colors of grey, pink, and red.

    I slid my helmet back on. The implant in my head immediately reached out to the transmitter in the helmet. Next thing I knew, General Hux was on the line.

    “I have the Resistance drop off points. I’m currently looking into their splinter faction. Things are moving slower than predicted. There are too many factors on Coruscant,” I said into the microphone.

    “Very well, Agent,” General Hux responded.

    “I request backup forces if they’re available.”

    “They are not,”
    the general said. “Currently excess resources are with Kylo Ren on Jakku.”

    “Jakku?” I asked. Immediately, I bit my tongue. That was none of my business.

    “He’s looking into Skywalker.”

    “Skywalker,” I said. “Isn’t that a myth?”

    General Hux was silent for a moment. “You know better than anyone, agent, that all myths are based on some facts.”

    “Yes sir,” I said. I didn’t know if I believed him, though. There were tall tales, created from overly elaborate history, and then there was pure fiction. Luke Skywalker and the Jedi were among the latter in my mind. If they truly existed, the First Order wouldn’t. If they were truly knights of justice, I wouldn’t be here. I didn’t doubt that Kylo Ren possessed some greater power, but the Force was some fairytale. The man’s abilities had to come from cybernetic enhancements. I could do things beyond my natural talents with all the circuitry in my body. This also had to count for others.

    “Keep me informed, Agent,” General Hux said before ending the conversation.

    I glanced back at the mutilated body. I couldn’t leave it like that. The trail would be so obvious. “Sorry buddy,” I said. “You’ve got to go to the trash compactor.”

    I dumped him into it with no problem. The inspection team would see the body, eventually. By that time, it would be hard to tell who it was supposed to be. In the underground, bodies in the trash compactor were not a rare occurrence. I moved to my next scouting point.

    The shop was in the Coruscant underground. I passed by several booths. I got a few looks but nothing substantial. I was just another mercenary that’s taken a bad job. They pitied me, maybe. I pitied them. My life didn’t involve wading through garbage. I checked my locator. I was nearly on top of a Resistance drop off point. I passed through the doors and into a shop owned by a Toydarian. He hesitated in his fluttering to give me a stink eye. I flashed him my credit chip, and he smiled. People were so easily bought with money.

    A bit too confident, I turned and nearly collided with someone. I couldn’t tell who they were given their mask. A woman maybe, given their build.

    “Sorry,” I said. I probably didn’t seem very apologetic with my words. The mask hid my features and my nature. That was the point. No one trusted a Chiss. I hesitated before I departed her company. Questions swarmed my mind. Was she a Resistance member? Or not? A bit of questioning could give my answers, yet I felt a strong urge just to leave her alone.

    My job won out. I cleared my throat. “I’m Tal Vog, mercenary. You looked like you need something done. Anything I can help you with?” I tried to lay it on thick. Even with the helmet, women usually found me incorrigible. Of course, that was not all women.
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  12. B'Ransu

    I take my mask off and settle for the sash over my face revealing only my eyes. The day was pretty well. Same old same old of stragglers getting beat up outside the shop and mugged. The fights were commonplace, sad thing was I even started to enjoy seeing the testosterone filled creatures brawling it out in the name of ego. Picked up a few moves to use in the future. You take away a Jedi's lightsaber, and their Force then what are they? I needed to make myself combat ready for any situation. When I'd first arrived to this part of Coruscant they tried to take advantage of me as well, but my wit proved to best them every time. I only got in a couple of physical fights, a couple that the opposers never bothered to mess with me again, and the witnesses of The Underground knew the message as well. I didn't tell Maar, there was no point. I handled it myself.
    On the topic of handling, a group of men walked in as I began to work on wiring an old droid from the Old Republic days. My gas mask removed and off beside me as I weld together some rusted metal with a replacement component. I stop halfway when the Toyadarian buzzes over and shakes the leader's hand personally. He's never done that before. Must be a VIP, someone of importance. The leader smirks and lays eyes on me, before making some cat calls and walking towards me slowly. His armed guards in red armor with weird looking blasters remained silent and still behind him. He walks towards me and I take the welder and and discreetly lower it below the counter so he doesn't see. I was ready to burn that smug right off of his face...
    Goodness Su...why are you thinking things like this??
    Leader: "Well luk loike you have a charming face under that sash...nevah seen you around these parts before."
    I say nothing.
    Toyadarian: "Do not bother Bala-Tik....she does not speak, I don't even know her name, but she is capable...REAL capable yes?"
    Bala-Tik: "Really? And no name huh? The mystery entices me...."
    Toyadarian: "We have mutual respect, girl and I. She is incredible tech expert, valuable. She has gained me many credits, and is a credit to your human kind."
    Bala-Tik: " don't say. How is she with weapons?"
    Toyadarian: "Tech only, weapons still my specialty. So, Guavian, what do you require?"
    Bala-Tik: "I need a mod on this blaster. Swap the laser thermal chassis with a percussive gauss chamber."
    Toyadarian: "Percussive blaster ehh? Won't be cheap...."
    Bala-Tik snaps his fingers as a red guard approaches and dumps 10,000C on the table. My eyes go wide as the Toyadarian strokes his chin as if contemplating, but I read his mind. I knew he was going to take the sale, he just wanted to act as if it was a reluctant choice. I could only imagine how much percentage he'd give me....if any at all. It wasn't a tech issue so maybe I'd get nothing. Or I could still it after the job is done, and run away to Kashyyyk. What am I saying, that's as reckless as Maar's ideas. The Toyadarian nods in approval as he takes the credits and stows them in a secure lock safe near the back wall of the shop. He then presses a droid's eye as the wall opens up to a hidden back room. As this happens another man walks in, the red armored guards eyeing him through his helmet with caution. It was semi-anarchy down here. Criminals respected each other's tradecraft, but that never stopped them from blasting a hole in each other's face if they even look at the other wrong. The helmeted man walks in, as the Toyadarian glares into a smirk with the criminal showing him a flashy chip. Figures. The Toyadarian gives him the wait signal as him and Bala-Tik enter in, as the path seals and I'm left staring at red armored criminals. The masked man walks towards the hidden path, and bumps into me, delivering a cold apology. I shrug it off and I began to weld once more while searching their minds. The red armored guards. Guavian Death Gang, led by Bala-Tik. They had just come from pillaging a cargo ship en route to Takodana. Took everything from a group of Rodian shippers. Shame. The helmeted heart drops as I continue to weld, playing it cool.
    He was an agent of The First Order, not the first I've encountered, but the first one that was alone. That meant he was a Specialist of some sort. He was here searching for Resistance cells and covert operations. There were a few New Republic affiliates here, but not in The Underground. The royalty and officials were topside, level 5000 and above. He'd killed someone not even too long ago....he was...a Chiss. Sort of similar to the one that I encountered earlier, but more fit. More cunning. I kept repairing and welding, not making eye contact with the man as I scanned his mind more. What is....who is....Jocoara? The Guavians simply remained still and I continued to work. Telepathy was a great thing to have in The Force. I could see people for what they really were, lies or honesty, noble or corrupt. I could reach out to them and pull from them as I saw fit. It was the first ability I told Master Luke I wanted to hone. Something he said he never could outside reading emotions.
    The Chiss approaches me, not knowing I already know the type of being he is. Even behind the mask he had a confidence about his body language and expressions. The first setence he said to me was a lie, which means he seeks to gain something.
    Chiss: "I’m Tal Vog, mercenary. You looked like you need something done. Anything I can help you with?"
    I say nothing. I look up into his visor and I stop welding. I just stare at him for a moment, hopefully he'll get the message. I then look back down and begin to weld again, almost finished with an old R2-B1 unit that was discarded long ago. It made me think of Niner back at the flat...the droid really was a big help, and I probably was a bit too harsh saying it had to be scrapped. Maar really liked it, so I fixed it up and even programmed a custom protocol in it, which makes my a hypocrite for saying it could get hacked. It seemed to have made him happy, so I spruced the R9 up. I then look at the high value credit chip to my left on the table, provided by The First Order Chiss. I could go against my friends' words right now...I could read his mind and find Ben and Orix right now...and go to them....I wanted to....but I don't. Instead, I conform to the person I've been for two years.
    "No, what do you need?"
    I reply nodding at the credit chip of his. The Toyadarian and Bala-Tik come out, the latter's weapon looking more polished and installed with that percussive cannon he requested. The exchange chat as Bala-Tik nods in a mutual respect to the Toyadarian, and then to me, that same smirk still showing. He tries to take my hand and kiss it, but I brushed it away and remained silent.
    Bala-Tik: "Fiesty....I loike that...but if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a smuggler and his no good giant furball wookie."
    Bala-Tik rounds up his guard and they exit the dainty shop and the Toyadarian lingers and buzzes over my shoulder, he examines Tal Vog which I knew to only be an alias. He buzzes onto the table, sitting in between Tal and I; Tal whom was standing at the counter, and myself who was behind it sitting down welding.
    Toyadarian: " face. Who are you? Resistance, Order, or just another armor looking for work and gear ehh? You got the credits, I have the assests. Human Girl here is the best in galaxy with repairs and technology, but you seek weapons? You come to me. So what will it be ehh? Mr.....?"
    "His name is Tal Vog, just another cheap mercenary."
    I placed a sultry and raspy application to my voice, added with a slight accent. Anytime I talked down here, that was how it sounded. I didn't want anyone to know my face, nor my voice. My paranoia and mystery has kept me alive all this time, and I don't plan to ruin that anytime soon. Meanwhile Maar wants to run around and play galactic savior...the thought of it and the constant arguing just irritates me, even now.
    I continue to weld.
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  13. Minua'la

    I stood passively in the shadows of Coruscant's looming skyscrapers, twirling my vibroknife in my fingers. I was itching to launch another attack on the First Order, but it was becoming more and more difficult. There was no telling when they would find me and kill me in probably the most gruesome way possible. I was, in all reality, their greatest present threat outside of the Resistance.

    The very thought turned my lips up into a smile though not for long. As smugglers and mercenaries and criminals of every sort passed by me without a second thought, I waited. I'd barely managed to catch wind that there was a First Order agent on Coruscant; I knew not their name, their species, or even their gender. In fact, I had barely anything to go off on at all, but I had to find them. If not to get them to talk, then to at least rid the Order of one of their assets.

    Each low-life that passed me was somehow familiar. Growing up surrounded by scumbags made it easy to distinguish who was old to the business, who was new, and who didn't belong at all. I was counting on this--finding the odd one out. If I couldn't manage that, then this venture would have been for absolutely nothing.

    Taking a breath, I stepped into the bustle of the crowd and moved swiftly through the familiar shops and stands. I knew this area of Coruscant's underground by heart, and I'd be damned if I lost my way trying to find this fucking agent. I had to find them if I even hoped to do more damage to the Order any time soon; the wretches had gotten a short break from my attacks because of near impossible security and more secretive locations.

    I hated not being able to punish them for what they did, even for just a little while. That was why I scoured the underground searching for an agent that might not even be there. Even if it was all in vain, I had to try. For Bak'jul. For the only person I ever really cared about.

    A half hour passed, and there was no sign of anyone who was out of place. I cursed under my breath, slamming my fist against a stall. The force nearly toppled the entire thing over, much to the dismay and anger of the twi'lek vendor. I shrugged in response, tossing him a credit before he could make further noise. The last thing I wanted was to alert people to my presence. Not all my enemies were found in the First Order, after all.

    Growling in frustration, I entered the nearby cantina in temporary defeat. If I was going to continue on like this, I needed a drink. Even from a run-down local place like this. Tossing credits onto the counter, I ordered their strongest shot with a strange sense of vengeance that caused those around me to shift uncomfortably in their seats. I didn't really care. Tipping back the bitter liquid, the slight buzz that resulted took the edge off instantly. That was enough for now; the last thing I needed was to get drunk. Instead, I sat in silence, my jaw clenched and my eyes narrowed in thought.
  14. Orix Valen

    Taking manual control I guided my ship into the upper atmosphere of Dantooine following my escape from hyperspace. Several freighters passed back and forth across the gravity well of the planet I could see. Guiding the ship through and towards the planet itself I began to scan the surface. A suitable landing location was found and I began my descent down and towards the surface. The planet itself was different than most I have seen. The ground itself was different and with every scan I began to find more structures dotting the surface. Taking several seconds I began to triangulate my position in space to adjust my entrance angle.

    Shooting down and above the ground I began to look at the rolling hills that dotted the landscape. Seeing a densely forested region ahead as well as the glimmering of a faint power source I began to slow down. The ground below opened up to the landscape of a nearby mountain and waterway. Turning my ship to the side I guided it and touched down on the ground. Getting out I didn't even spend time looking around to what was around me. Instantly my attention was adjusted to the scene and I couldn't shake it. Every fiber of my being was screaming out at the relic of the past and its picturesque resting place. I didn't take any more time simply gawking at it and began sprint towards the waters edge.

    Instantly I found myself putting a hand on the cold armored hull of the war machine "You are very old... aren't you." I found myself beginning to say as I found a grasp on its armor. Most people would leave a derelict war machine to its final death but I knew better. Although dangerous it was just another dive into someone untouched for untold years. It didn't matter anyway. No one was around to joke or mess around with me for once almost draining its significance. Gripping the edge of the armored hull I let out a slightly annoyed grunt as my mind began to work me up into a rage. I didn't have time to get mad at this moment. Even through the growing rage I found my way to the top and placed my hands down on the armored place. The plating on top of the AT-AT began to shift away and towards the edge of the walker.

    It was obvious to me that the entrance to the vehicle wasn't on the top of the machine. Not only would that be tactically devastating but could lead to people falling off if not set correctly. Knowing this I knew that I had to check the sides of the vehicle but from a distance. Taking my time I stepped onto the armor tile and began to float backwards and in the air. The feeling of weightlessness was one I was beginning to enjoy. I couldn't lift myself under my own power yet but soon I knew I would figure it out. It was only a matter of time. Snapping out of my mind I turned my attention back to the outer hull of the walker and looked it up and down. I didn't know which side would be a viable entry way and decided on the end to simply extend my hand and find a grasp.

    I found my mark on an out bent armor piece and gripped it through the force. Without a motion of any of my hands I guided the armor piece out causing a opening to be exposed and light to enter the black pit within. Not taking my time any longer I stepped off the floating armor piece and stepped on and into the hole before dropping inside. The top deck of the walker was entirely cloaked in black. Everything inside was musky and filled with floating particles of something I didn't know the origin of. Luckily enough I didn't need to breath whatever was in this air... it was likely skin particles never able to escape whenever the transport took a severe hit. Taking an attempt to focus my eyes on anything inside I noticed dozens of small holes dotted around the hull. The holes were small enough to let in enough light to see the basics but was soon put out as the angle of light intake moved on. Not letting this deter myself I pushed onward before stopping near a kit on the side of the wall of the walker.

    Opening the kit I found a survival kit still inside missing all the food packs and medical supplies but left the miscellaneous supplies including a glow rod. Taking the rod out I placed it on the ground and turned it on projecting light throughout the top tier of the walker. The light illuminated what all the small holes were and completely revealed the fact that the floor was covered with smudged and dust covered white armored soldiers. I immediately rushed over to some of them that looked to be in better condition than the others only to brush off the mask to reveal it wasn't the Orders pattern of armor. Realizing this I stood up and looked back at all the other corpses with holes in their chest. "This is old. This is great!" I found myself saying before looking down to the first level of the walker.

    Moving over and picking up the glow rod I tossed it down and onto the first floor and waited for any noise to resonate back up the hole. Not hearing any scurrying or any movement of creatures below I dropped down and began to look around. The lower deck had only one body on it. The body seemed to have been caught on the deployment hook trying to leave. Moving over I unhooked the body and placed it on the floor before moving over and continuing through the lower part of the walker. As I approached a locked door I put my hand on it and was about to open it before I found myself receding back into my own head. Thinking on more than just what lay past this door I stretched my mind out and began to relax myself. I couldn't let my feelings for anyone get between my mission and I.

    Pushing everything out of my head I forced the door open and stepped inside. The computer for the machine of war were all in functioning order. The sealing of the door protected the main components of the walker enough for me to sit in one of the chairs. The angle at which I was working wasn't one I would have liked but made it far more entertaining. The only thing I had to do now was figure a way to power on the machine momentarily. With that I stood up and walked to the back of the ATAT. I registered a small power signature around this location and this was the only piece of machinery nearby. I didn't know the mechanical workings of this machine and hoped that it was the leg that disabled this walker and not the engine.

    Returning to the pilots seat I look across the control panel to finally see the button labeled POWER. The machine began to spark to life as the engine began to rigorous climb back to the top. The first systems of the walker to come online were the computers which luckily worked well enough for me to extract the data I required. The data on the computer was intact enough for me to extract the location of the 'Rebel' base on Dantooine. Although it was Resistance I suspected I could at least begin my search there. With information gathered I turned and began to scale the small incline to reach the pilots tube. Reaching the top I felt something shift below me and immediately I felt like I was moving.

    Looking back I stared through what little of the ATAT pilots windows weren't covered. The image I saw was a horrifying one as the walker attempted to move as if its last program was to scuttle itself. The three remaining legs began to creak to life. The noise of each of the three legs trying to move filled the cavernous belly of the monster. Immediately I began to try and climb my way up to the second tier but heard a noise that made my heart drop. The noise of a leg groaning filled the air before a horrible crashing noise could be heard as the ground leg snapped off under its own stress. With the entire walker lurching forward I stopped and took a deep breath. Everything for me seemed to slow as I took in all aspects of my situation.

    The sheer power I was pushing into my force reflex at this point was draining me slowly. But, it gave me precious seconds to work before everything around me was plunged into a lake. Thinking hard on what I could do I found my only option and began to reflect inwards. The doors I forced shut in my past were beginning to fly open and strike me in the heart. The faces of those I loved and betrayed began to flood back into my mind before I began to laugh. The sheer force of regret began to overflow my body before I smiled. The emotional force began to bubble out as the force reflex ended.

    The creaking and collapsing of the walker continued in earnest through my perception before raising my right arm. Facing the hull of the walker a massive wave of force shot out and struck the inside hull of the walker. The force of the impact shattered the entire walker causing it to rip open like a explosion was caused inside. With my entrance now open and the entire walker no longer falling straight forward I jumped out and landed in shallow enough water. Looking back I watched as the walked plunged into the lake and began to slide down whatever shelf was created inside. With my episode now over I began to walk back to my ship to check out the co-ordinates of the rebel base. Getting inside of my ship I took one last look back as I began to take off. The last thing I saw was the feet of the walker begin to disappear into its final resting place.
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  15. [​IMG]

    LOCATION:: Coruscant Underground COMPANY:: B'Ransu and Toyadarian MOOD:: I'm Not Cheap

    The Toyadarian’s employee stared at me for a long while. What did they see beyond a torn up mercenary in a torn up suit? They returned to their business, brushing me aside with the ease of child throwing away a toy they didn’t want. I looked back. The Toyadarian and his customer was gone. I sighed. This reconnaissance was turning annoying, and I’d only been here for minutes. The Guavians stared at me. I brushed them away. Not in a malicious manner, but plainly saying that I had no business with them. I still kept their positions in the back of my mind. It was not good to flash a possible enemy your back. That had been a lesson that had been drilled in my head since youth. I had the scars to prove it.

    "No, what do you need?" the employee finally said. They were busy working on a droid. Their hands deftly welded the pieces and parts of it together. It reminded me of Joacara. Everything was reminding me of her today. Must be the alcohol, I needed to lay off of it. It wasn’t the Chiss way.

    “Isn’t that the way of it? People always need something. I’m just looking for work,” I said, plainly. “I was just trying to be nice. People around here always need something.” They always needed something, even if they didn’t realize it immediately. Once they did, though, they’d think about the monumental process to reach that goal. So, for a few credits I could fix a problem for you. Yet, that problem could always become more complicated. That wasn’t my job, though. Intel was my job, and sometimes I had to bend (or break) a few arms to get it.

    The Toyadarian exited with what … Guavian men… had to be Bala-Tik. He was not the sort that was on my list—very neutral and very mean. He mentioned a smuggler and a Wookie. That could be anyone. Could be. I cataloged the information. They could always be matched up with the vague parameters given to me by General Hux. I was always being force fed information about those of interest to the First Order.

    The Toyadarian slid behind his counter and asked me my reason for being here. Before I could slip a word in sideways, the previously unresponsive employee gave an answer. "His name is Tal Vog, just another cheap mercenary."

    Cheap. Cheap! Wait, I was Tal Vog. I wasn’t Vik. Tal Vog was as cheap as shit. Vik was trained from childhood to be a lethal machine. His father, the Ascendancy, the First Order, and beyond had put their expectations upon his brow. He wasn’t a fish out of water. He was very competent. Maybe Tal Vog wasn’t. Still, Tal Vog needed a job, and Vik needed information.

    “I’m not that cheap,” I said, as Tal Vog. “Sure, my prices aren’t Mandalorian high, but I can still get things done.” I would have winked had my face been uncovered. “That being said, I have a rifle that needs a bit work. I think the focus is off.” That was a lie, Joacara was in perfect order. Yet, the exchange might seem more natural than some random renegade approaching a man.

    Right at that moment I silenced. My implant buzzed and I received a brief message. “Reinforcements are being withheld.” Dammit, I really needed some help canvassing this place. “Jakku was a bust. The Church of the Force was culled. A Resistance fighter was captured. The Skywalker information is still missing. Will update when further information is present.”

    I hoped my hesitation wouldn’t draw attention. Heh. That had happened quickly enough. It was amazing what the First Order could accomplish when they threw all their resources into something—and I would like it if they threw their resources into my mission. Yet, I wasn’t heartbroken about the lack of their mission completing. I was less heartbroken not witnessing Kylo Ren’s tantrum.

    The Toyadarian snatched the gun off of the counter and thrust it towards his employee. “Look into this,” he said. I knew he valued her. He hadn’t been rude about it. I leaned against the counter and watched her.

    “When your gun is fixed, we can possibly talk about business,” the Toyadarian said, “cheap mercenary.”

    I inwardly winced and glared at the employee. “I can handle business,” I said. Short of betraying the First Order, I could do anything.
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  16. B'Ransu

    Tal Vog comes back with a defensive remark as I continued to weld and finish the final repairs on the particular droid. He persists that he may offer low rates but he has quality assests for a job well done. Just more babble. Anyone could deduce that much. He paused for a moment in his silence as I welded to my heart's content. The Toyadarian strokes his chin as he buzzes around while watching me weld. He said that he needed his rifle evaluated and repaired, something about the focus being off. Another lie. There was something else he wanted. A flash suddenly popped up in my head....very brief. Maybe less than a second. But in the short time it happened, whispers and thoughts came one after another. Mission......The First Order....Resistance....
    And then a life changing wave coursed through my entire essence as a living organism. It was The Force, but not the actual Force was what was carried with it. I go lightheaded as my senses increase to divine levels, my heart drops as if I'm falling from a great void. My body starts to tremble in adrenaline and pure nerves. It was almost as if it was the euphoric experience one would feel right before death, and that was precisely what I felt. Death. Sadness and grief filled my entire being as I dropped the welding iron and raised slowly from the stool where I was sitting. My eyes dart in the conscious, but are reacting to an unconscious vibe of something greater. The Force only did this one other time in my life. The night The Knights slaughtered us all. As I lay face down in mud. Dragging my limp body to a hopeless freedom. I felt their loss, their souls silenced as The Force moved through the place. Now here it was yet again, and it was strong. There are 5 reasons that this would be happening right now. 2 of those involve the deaths of the enemy. Ben and Orix. Despite their alignment I still cared for them to some twisted degree. The next 2 were deaths of the ally. Mako and Maar. Mako was alone, but he was a very capable Jedi, as we all were.....but could it be that something got to him? To just die alone and defeated....that would crush me...just as much as....
    But what about Maar? As much as we bicker and go back and forth through our phases of animosity and turmoil...I can't lose him. He's still one of us, he's still the only other person in this universe literally that understands what I'm going through, and what I've been through. I don't know if I could face it....him dying in the streets of Coruscant playing vigilante. Or worse....being found out and executed. By Ben, by Orix, heck by a would hurt just as much. It would kill me. The last reason. The one that I honestly have no galactic idea how I would respond if it were true. The death of literally the only family I had in the universe. My grandfather. Lor San Tekka. That was the most unlikely reason, he's on Jakku. Secure and in covert hiding under The Resistance. No way that The First Order would locate let alone destroy a Resistance outpost when The Resistance doesn't even officially have that outpost on their data logs. My mind focused more on Maar and Mako. The Toyadarian, Tal Vog, and others begin to look at me as I seemed out of it. I was zoned out as the Toyadarian and Tal exchanged words, snapping my focus when the Toyadarian shoved the rifle my way.
    Toyadarian: "Look into this."
    "I......I thought you were the weapons person?"
    Toyadarian: "You must learn more than one trade ehh?"
    I responded quickly and picked the rifle up and began to look at the rifle, knowing he lied. He wanted something. There was nothing wrong with it, but I inspected it anyway. Just to blend. I was wavering. Cooling myself to be composed and calm, which was proving difficult due to the intensity of The Force level of this magnitude, I react slower and reach inside my own mind, first connecting to Maar who was closer, and then to a distant Mako. If it was indeed one of us, even Ben or Orix, all of us would feel it. But if it was my grandfather....I would be the only one to have caught this sense. That was where the fear began to settle in, but I fought it. I had to. I will prevail in the light side. Things will be alright. I reach out to my friends via Total Telepathy.
    Maar.....Maar please just tell me you're okay....
    I re-focus again and channel my mind on Mako through the path of The Force.
    Mako.....are you...are you okay? Mako?
    I await their answers as I take a deep breath and look around the shop at the inhabitants. Good thing my sash was over my face. My expression was analytical, menacing in a sense. My eyes locked in cold to theirs for a moment, hardened by the ways of The Underworld. I looked down once more as I welded. One more....I wasn't going to reach out to Ben or Orix. I knew what that meant. But I had to call out to him. My grandfather. But what if he was perfectly okay? Not only do you reach out to a man who thought you died two years ago and expose yourself to him, but you begin a quest back to The Resistance, because I know him, and he would stop at NOTHING to find and retrieve me once he found out I was alive. Would he be mad? Sad? Shocked? My mind started racing, my hands still shaking from the sensation, but I keep cool. Lor was a saint in The Church of The Force, a leader and pioneer for the history of The Force and a keen mind on its affairs. I knew I could reach him telepathically. But was I ready for what came after?
    I was in denial and I knew it.....Tal's feelings....I knew what had happened. And it scared me to death.
    Lor......Grandfather.....are you there.....?
    I felt no connection. No response from The Force. I began to breathe heavily, at this point I was visibly shaking. This has never happened before. The pieces were falling into place, and the picture wasn't looking good at all. I look at Tal once more, and with piercing eyes I read his mind again: Jakku.....mission.....Church culled.....location of Skywalker unknown....Kylo Ren. I snap back to the conscious as my pupils dilate and the Toyadarian buzzes over to me in concern, a few other criminals begin to watch in suspicion as well. Some knew me, some didn't, but they all knew I was very quiet and passive. For me to be like this was definitely a flag. I felt the loss, the closing moments of life. And though I didn't know for sure, my feelings tell me it's the one man I didn't want to lose. Because he was the only family I had. How ironic that I'm the most careful to prevent exposure yet here I am acting strange, then again to them it could be anything. Drugs, alcohol, just psycho....
    I slowly drop back on the stool, with a demeanor of hopelessness and aloof mentality.
    " light headed......I....there's nothing wrong with your rifle......"
    I blankly say to Tal as I shove it back his way still voidly looking into the bottom of the counter. I then sprout up from the stool and hastily walk towards the exit. The criminals and slum figures all part a path for me to leave, a sort of cautious but mutual respect garnering my way as I take my leave. I look dead ahead but respond to the Toyadarian.
    "I need some air."
    I step out into the dark and sulky Underworld as the humid air hits my body. I survey the area for anything out of the ordinary among the thieves and killers, and I begin to walk way from the run down covert shop to a place of isolation, which were very dangerous. But I wasn't worried about myself right now, I needed to make sure Everyone was okay. My robes flutter in the slight wind generated by an unknown awareness, my soft cloth boots silently pressing against gritty concrete and muddy sand. I would've kept walking for the rest of all time. My mind was clear, lucid even. My emotions were fluttering, my spirit cluttered. My body was just reacting at this point. I had to stop myself. My will and awareness kicks in and I stop in my tracks in the middle of the streets of Underworld Coruscant. I find a small alley way and step about five feet in, resting my back on the wall and closing my eyes to focus. It was just a matter of time, I knew it wasn't going to be a breeze forever....but please....just not Lor. Not my father, grandfather, mentor, provider, and old friend. The worst thing of all....if it's true, he would die never knowing I was still here, that I made a conscious choice to stay away from him. The conflict was eating me up inside. So much conflict. I can't dwell on it, I must clear myself, lest I succumb to darkness like Ben. One way or another, I had to find out. Or did I? The better question.....could I?
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  17. GM Post
    "I can feel it, stirring....."
    An ominous and thunderous voice roars from throughout the auditorium amidst the secret and potent Starkiller base among the Hosnian system. The owner of the voice almost dark with absolution and atonement, a dark wisdom of one thousand lifetimes exude order into the listener's ears. The figure was stout, silent, and boldly upright in his posture. All black robes, with one lightsaber at his hip, the hilt dark and etched with old markings of the past. The ominous entity leans forward from his giant throne, paled skin growing close to the figure down below. The figure raises its head to meet the gaze of his leader.
    "Even now...among the reaches of the galaxy....I can feel The Force resonating. Skywalker must be found. I will tell you as I have told Kylo and your fellow knights: this task is important, and will decide the outcome of order for all time to pass. Do not fail, inquisitor. Bring me all things of The Force that remains. You may start by searching for a relic of the old lightsaber that once belonged to a powerful Jedi."
    The Inquisitors voice was jagged, there was no voice effect like Kylo or Orix. His voice was tarnished, worn, and dark. His half mask replica of Vader striking in the light.
    Inquisitor: "Skywalker..."
    Leader: "No. One perhaps as strong as Skywalker in his time....his name was Mace Windou. He was destroyed by Darth Vader on Coruscant, a distant, commercial planet. Go now....see what you may find of his lightsaber. Perhaps it will provide us information we thought not to seek. Bring it to me."
    Inquisitor: "As you wish, Supreme Leader."

    Supreme Leader: "Kylo is returning with news of Skywalkers' whereabouts after his mission on Jakku, now it's time for you to do your part."
    Inquisitor: "I won't let you down."
    The inquisitor bows before taking his leave. He walks from the large and empty area back out into the main hub of the Starkiller base controls. He passes General Hux, who stands by for results of the meeting with the Supreme Leader. The inquisitor walks by Hux as the General follows him step by step.
    Inquisitor: "I have a task to Coruscant. Kylo Ren will return shortly with intel from Jakku. Await for him."
    Hux: "And what of your orders?"
    Inquisitor: "Need to know basis. Excuse me General."
    Hux eyes The Inquisitor with a feeling of distaste and mild animosity towards the ways of the knight and his entire order. Kylo and his knights were seen as power hungry mongerers to him and the officials of the order. He held his feelings at bay as the Inquisitor walks away and into the private chambers in the center of the base's command level. He shuts the door and slowly walks in revered fashion, as he stumbles and kneels willingly to the helmet of the old Lord Vader.
    Inquisitor: "I......I won't let you down. I feel the conflict in Kylo. He leads us with torn emotions. I feel the contemplation in my brothers. But not me, my lord. We did what had to be done two years ago. I feel no remorse, only absolution. The strong will survive. I will make sure Kylo and our leigon will ensure absolute power. We will end it all. I know what must be done.....and it will come to pass."
    The inquisitor arises quickly as if someone was barging in on him, with a great sense of urgency, but no one was there. Just him and the ideals of the old sith lord turned from the Jedi. He hastily walks out from the chamber and enters into the hallway, heading towards a small ship to head off into his mission. He could feel The Force waving among the stars. He knew Kylo's Force, as he knew Orix's. This was something different. Perhaps Luke. And if not the old master....then there was much that he and the rest of The First Order would be brought to light about. He gazes into space ahead from the surface of Hosnian Prime, ready to find out. Starting with Coruscant.
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  18. Mako
    The darkness of the cave was overwhelming. Even through the force, I was virtually blind. Each step echoed almost painfully throughout the cave, the strange stone throwing the vibrations at breakneck speeds. I winced slightly at the unpleasant sensation radiating through my entire being. The force, it was strong here, but, in a strange way. It was like I felt stronger here, stronger than I ever had.

    Yet, in a way, it was a terrifying feeling. I could feel all of the resentment I've ever felt, the rage, the hate, the jealousy...The sudden thoughts stung, and I did my best to push them aside as I continued moving through the darkness. My hands touched the cold stone, hoping to stick along a wall to keep myself from being lost.

    I stopped abruptly as a familiar sound hit my ears, the dull hum of a lightsaber. Strange, I hadn't noticed any light...I turned to see a bright red glow rounding a corner, evidently a lightsaber. I stood ready to defend myself, my mind racing with the possibilities of who this adversary was. How could I not have noticed the presence of another jedi here? No, worse, a sith?

    The figure rounded the corner, looking at me intently with their blade to their side, and my heart nearly stopped. Standing before me, wearing a mask that I could never forget, was Kylo Ren. He didn't speak, but then, he didn't have to. I could feel the smirk on the other side of his mask. My blood boiled, and my body reacted, the hilt of my own lightsaber flying to my hand as I lunged, throwing my arm in a horiontal arc.

    The bright orange blade ignited just before it reached him, but he was still fast enough to deflect it. Of course, Kylo Ren had overseen a good portion of my training, he knew how I fought. My trakata wouldn't be worth much against him. Damn it all. A chuckled escaped through his mask before he began to speak, keeping his guard up as he circled me.

    "Ah, still as transparent as ever, Mako. I can feel your anger, and your fear..."

    "I don't fear you, betrayer!"

    I seethed, glaring at him through bloodshot eyes. I twirled my blade, deactivating it as I spun around, throwing another horiontal swipe aimed at his neck, the blade igniting in perfect timing. Again, my strike was blocked, and again, another laugh at my expense.

    "No? Of course not. You haven't feared death since you were a child. But, I know what you do fear. True lonliness is a terrible thing, isn't it?"

    I growled quietly, taking a step back. I knew I shouldn't listen to him, but he knew me. My mind raced again, my concern for B'Ransu and Maar, my fears of not only losing them, but of losing her specifically...another chuckle.

    "You know, she's already contacted me. I felt her through the force some time ago. You've known the truth all along, Mako. Eventually, she would come back to me. Only a matter of time."

    I was taken back for a moment, but, I knew it was just a lie. She wouldn't...she wouldn't betray me like that.

    "I know how you feel about her, you know. We all do. It's been all over you since you were children. The jedi would never allow you to express those feelings, much less follow through with them."

    What? It couldn't have been that obvious, could it? I'd been denying those feelings for some time, yes, but, he was right about the jedi not allowing such attachments. It was dangerous, it led to exactly the kind of problem she was facing now. She cared for him too much, and when he betrayed us all, she was broken by it.

    "Be quiet, betrayer. You know nothing of me, nor of them."

    I could feel my emotions swirling inside me like a typhoon, raging about in a maelstrom of anger, sadness, and denial.

    "You remember that day, don't you? Those years ago when I asked you to join me? You refused, of course. It's a shame, with all that rage in you, you would have become quite powerful."

    I did remember. I said no, and I'd be lying if there weren't times that I questioned my decision. Regardless of what he promised, I knew that I couldn't accept it. I couldn't betray everything that they had done for me. I couldn't betray her.

    "Shut up!'

    I attacked again, a flurry of vicious swings, each hitting only plasma or air. I finally found an opening, deacting the blade as he went to block and reactivating it. Just before the blade made contact another blade interjected, stopping mine from striking him. I was pushed back as the blue blade was swung towards me.

    I grunted in irritation as I slid back, looking to the newcomer, only to be even more surpised than when Kylo had shown up. Standing beside him was a young woman, one whom I had known for many years now, someone that I had grown to care greatly for. As I looked at her, the blade in her hands slowly changed from blue to a red, a confident grin crossing her features.

    "I won't let you hurt Ben, Mako. Why are you trying to? Can't you see that he's right? We should be working together, bringing peace to the galaxy as a whole. Not living in some foolish self-imposed exile!"

    Her words struck almost as hard as just seeing her here with him. Was he telling the truth after all? No, it wasn't possible. This was a trick, it had to be.

    "I will not believe your lies, Ren. This is just an illusion. She would not betray me like this. Not her. Enough of your lies!"

    I attacked again, only to be stopped once more by Su, who began attacking me relentlessly. It took everything I had to keep myself alive, deflecting her blows one after the other before finally, disarming her, throwing her into the darkness with a push from the force.

    I turned to Kylo Ren, my rage reaching a boiling point.

    "You two could of had a future, Mako. I've seen it. Yet, you had to make the wrong decision. The only way you make it out of here alive is to kill us both, and we both know you don't have it in you."

    My muscles tensed, and he deactivated his blade, clipping it to his belt before taking a step towards me. I recoiled, holding my blade at my side at the ready.

    "Go on. Act out in your rage. Strike me down, like I know you do. Let your anger flow through you, empower you. Take your revenge."

    My fingers gripped the hilt of my lightsaber tightly. The tempation was too strong. But, I couldn't do it. I refused to let my rage take me over. I would never let myself fall as he had. I deactivated my blade, holding it at my side.

    "No...I won't kill an unarmed foe. It isn't the jedi way. Besides, I know that she would never forgive me if I did."

    Kylo Ren shook his head, crossing his arms in front of him as he did so, replying softly.

    "A pity. You had promise. Do it."

    As he finished speaking, split second passed before I felt a searing pain tear through my chest. I glanced down, seeing a bright red blade piercing through me. The pain was agonizing, and the realization that it was Su who had attacked me was even more so. The blade deactivated and I fell to my knees, looking back at her, a hint of sadness in her eyes, betraying her smirk.

    Her blade ignited again, and swung at my neck...

    The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the cave, alone, surrounded by darkness. I felt cold. Defeated. The darkness cleared, and I realized I was in the forest outside of the cave. The wound I had received wasn't there. It was all an illusion. A test, of what, I couldn't say, but whatever it was, I had clearly failed...

    On my knees, my hands rose to my face, and I wept. This vision, what did it mean? Was I destined to fail? To lose to Kylo Ren, to be left behind and betrayed by Su? be killed by her? No, it couldn't be. These visions were nothing. Merely a nightmare, a side effect of the dark side of the force's strength here.

    I wiped my eyes as I felt a familiar presence in my mind. B'Ransu. Her voice was almost painful to hear after what I had just experienced. I sighed heavily, putting up the mental blocks in my mind to ensure no reading of my thoughts. At a time like this, that was paramount. She asked me if I was okay. Poorly timed question. However, I didn't want to concern her.

    "I-i'm fine' Su. Are you?"

    My voice was shaky, and I composed myself before asking if she was as well. I slowly stood, glancing back at the cave before beginning to head back to my shack. I truly hoped I would never have to come back to this terrible place again.
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  19. image.jpg

    During the time B'Ransu spent ranting her heart out at Maar, the young Jedi simply wanted it to end. Their bickering, that is. Maar couldn't deal with her constantly questioning him, arguing against every one of his decisions and, more importantly, the unspoken thought that she believed he would turn to the Dark Side. She spoke to him as if he was a child, meddling in things that he shouldn't have anything to do with. He was a Jedi, like his father before him. Even Master Luke had told Maar during their time at the academy that with equal balance, both sides of the Force could be utilized by the Jedi. Ben sought out the dark and fell as a result. As far as Maar was concerned, Kylo Ren was an empty shell of his former friend, a shadow lurking amongst the light. He lost sight of balance and instead chased after ultimate power over the Force and fell to the Dark Side. He was not Ben. Maar could care less about power, and even though he felt the temptation from time to time (as all Jedi do in their 'journey'), Maar would never give in to those temptations. He knew what happened to Vader... He knew what happened to Ben.

    In the time since B'Ransu had left, Maar decided to hang out for a few hours. Collect his thoughts. She did have valid points about his 'job', but Jan Oorden was doing good for the people of Coruscant. He had brought in nearly hundreds of criminals and, on the side, had earned a substantial second profit for the two of them to live on. Her comments about 'Niner' were absolutely uncalled for as the droid had helped her so much in the past with various mechanical issues and whatnot. But the worst thing about the speech was when she claimed she would be better off with Mako. He remembered feeling a swell of anger when she said that, wanting to throw a hydro spanner across the room to silence her... But he didn't. He couldn't. Despite how angry she made Maar occasionally, she was his friend and... And he couldn't lash out at her. Not in that way.

    His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a voice echoing in his head. Bee?

    Taking a few moments to reflect on her panic stricken tone, Maar considered refusing her message altogether. The sting of her words still hung onto him and, despite wanting to keep her around (perhaps for selfish, personal reasons), Maar thought about what would happen if she went to live with Mako. Maybe he was trying to get himself killed. It would be safer to stay away from her...

    But, again: he couldn't do it. Not to Bee... He cared too damn much.

    Yeah... I'm okay. Are you okay? Listen, when you get back... I want to talk about this morning. I don't... I'm... Sorry.
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  20. B'Ransu

    My worst fears were realized. As the number of criminals and inhabitants of The Underworld look on at my mild panic, I remained calm as I could be. Maar was okay, and Mako was okay. That brought a great relief to my heart, but also with that came a great that suggested something I knew would shatter the very little of sanity and humanity I had left. If I felt loss of The Force so strongly but yet Maar nor Mako felt it, that means that it wasn't Kylo or Orix that was harmed, because they're both connected to us and everyone would feel the Force. No, this was personal. This was all me. There's only one person who could affect me like this but not the others, because he's only tethered to my heart. My grandfather was dead. And I knew it. My breathing increased as my vision begins to pulsate around me. My reputation here had been built as the silent and strong type, but I could feel the curiosity in every single one's heart down here, yearning to know what's staked my vulnerability.
    I could see Tal Vog and the Toyadarian looking from the hut of the tech shop, both a good distance away but their expressions distinct on their faces. This couldn't wait. Mako came in first mentally, my mind getting a bit lighter as he spoke.
    'I-i'm fine' Su. Are you?'
    'Yes Mako...I'm okay...but...something's wrong Mako....I- I....I felt a great disturbance. I think he's dead. I think my grandf-'

    A Rodian criminal known for stealing approaches me. I get apprehensive but once I sense he's docile I refrain from my defensive posture. He reaches out to me and those goggle eyes lock into mine as he slouches in sincere concern.
    Rodian: "Are you okay, Shadow Girl?"
    I simply nod and begin to walk back hastily towards the shop. I approach as the bounty hunter and Toyadarian look befuddled. I say nothing as I past them and grab my toxic mask from the counter and I equip it, so that I may pass through the pollution barrier to get back up to the surface. The Toyadarian buzzes in front of me and stops me mid stride.
    Toyadarian: "Wai whoa whoa what is this? You must not leave! Shift is not over for another 7 hours!"
    "I'm sorry my friend. Something has come up."
    I rush past him and Tal Vog as I exit back outside the shop, the Toyadarian in tow.
    Toyadarian: "HEY!!! After I take you in, give you fair wage you repay me like this?? This is business! We must keep our operations going!!!"
    The Toyadarian then turns and buzzes to Tal Vog. Grimacing.
    Toyadarian: "You say you're a bounty hunter ehh? You've seen the girl's skills eh? 50,000C if you can convince her to stay....I'm good for it."
    I was already gone. I begin to trek up the steep hill road to reach the climbing point of the pollution barrier. And then like clockwork, Maar came in. There was much inconfidence in Mako's voice, but at least I knew it wasn't anything dark. Maar's feel was more urgent, yearnful, but I was so happy he was alive....even if it was at the price of my grandfather. It made me realize how stupid our petty arguing has been for 25 damned months. If I would've lost him with the things I last said to him....I'd have been torn apart.
    Yeah... I'm okay. Are you okay? Listen, when you get back... I want to talk about this morning. I don't... I'm... Sorry.
    Maar....I'm...I don't know. I think Lor is...I'm so sorry of what I said to you Maar. I don't want to lose you...
    Just thinking about it made me tear up. Maybe this was what I needed. To just let go. To give in. To the sadness and despair, but not in the darkness. In the light. I needed to clear my conscience....but that would mean I would have to also release the notion that Ben and Valen were no longer themselves. That would mean I would invite the concept of Kylo Ren and Orix into the fold. I didn't know if I was ready, but I did know....if my grandfather really was dead, then I'd have to find out why. Reading Tal Vog's....or should I say Vik's mind....Kylo was there. He led the assault. That's about all that's known. He's responsible for the bodies, but did he personally strike down my grandfather? Ben knew Lor since even when I was little, since he was a youngling. Was it a mission? Or was it personal? Did he do it so that he wouldn't have a living memory of anything relating to me? Of my death? Little did he know, that when he found out the truth, he was going to answer one way or another.
    I shuck the pain off as I climb back up to the surface streets of Coruscant. The trams and transports flying all around above me. I remove my mask and speed to the flat where I hoped Maar awaited. I didn't care if he was mad at me, he was alive. I looked back to make sure I wasn't followed, and continue onward into the residential district of the level 1 city. The golden sun radiates across the white marble stone below me, the rays bouncing off of my worn clothing in a new sense of refreshment, but I was far from refreshed. I pounded my fingers nimbly into the locking mechanism, the color going from red to green as I enter in to see Maar. I sprint towards him and I wrap my arms around him tight and begin to cry. I bury my head in his shoulder.
    "Maar...h-he's...dead. We....I have to go."
    I push off of him just as fast and forceful as I walked over with reddened, streamed eyes of pain and hopelessness and begin to disconnect my encrypted network, placing all the parts and components into a knapsack that Maar and I had stolen when we first got here. Occasional grunts of weeps and tears ensued, not even asking if Maar was staying or not. He probably would. He made it clear. But I had to do this, this was family. This was guilt. This was regret. I had to see for myself. It was the only way I would realize.....I had to realize. I had to clear. I reach back out to Mako mentally.
    'Mako, I'm going to Jakku. Ky....Ben was there. He...I think he killed my grandfather....'
    Had I been saying that vocally I would've choked up and broke down in tears yet again. But I had to be strong. 2 years of doing so, of being paranoid and dormant. Might as well stick to my guns. It sounded horrible, but he was dead now. Nothing would change if I exposed myself....or maybe it's that way of thinking that got him killed. Maybe it's that way of thinking that LET Ben strike me down with no rebuttle that night. There was something I had to see....hopefully this will provide guidance. I haven't had any in 2 years, no guidance, no meditation, no peace. Nothing but what I carried with me.
    Encumbered (open)

    Eight years ago.
    "OWW!!!! Master, Maar keeps PINCHING ME!!!! I'm going to kill him! ;( "

    Master Luke: "Hahaha, now now guys. Anger is what?"
    "....the path to the dark side."
    Master Luke: "...So could flirting be as well" [winks at Maar]
    I had no idea what he meant by that back then. I was so oblivious.
    Luke: "Remember something. Always remember. To feel is inevitable. The Force grants us sensitivity to all things in the universal spectrum, but, to act on those emotions in a loss of conscience is the path to darkness. Always let go, let it flow through you...then use THAT to kick his ass."
    The other younglings all ooooooooh at Master Luke's swearing, myself smirking as he directed that statement at me. We were preteens at the time, and after Luke left he let us roam around and play. I punched Maar in the arm and ran straight into Ben, he was about 24, and was already revered as the head apprentice to Luke. Ben puts his arms around me and crouches down.
    Ben: "And what are you up to, little bird?"
    "....about to kick Maar's ass."
    A swift smack to my arm came from Ben.
    Ben: "Language. You know....sometimes I think Master Luke underestimates how strong and capable you kids are because of your age. You've had stellar training, you're levels above the force than even he was at your age."
    Ben: "It's true. At your age Uncle Luke was a scrap herder and farmer. No ways of The Force at all....what I'm saying is....sometimes it's good to have a little fun. Sometimes the little things don't matter.'s good to carry your feelings and instincts with you, your training will always bring you back ;) "
    Ben: "Now run along little bird...oh! May The Force be with you."

    Three years ago.
    The night sky was beautiful. An image I'll never forget from memory. Just Master Luke and I. Side by side, listening to the river flow down below. It was time for out evaluations and ranks, and I knew I was a shoe-in for the new apprentice to Master Luke.
    Luke: "And you believe you are ready?"
    "Absoulutely Master. I have mastered Juyo, My telepathy is uncanny, you even said it's the best of everyone! I'm always channeling my thoughts and feelings to clear myself, I think lucid, and I act on the light."
    Luke: "All true, but you also need BALANCE. You've been so afraid of the dark you don't bother to embrace emotions."
    "But I have Master! In learning Combustion I've learned to tap into my inner emotions that I carry..."
    Luke: "Carry?"
    "Emotions I store to use in balance."
    Luke: "No, B'Ransu...carrying emotions and storing them is not balance. That's an eruption of emotions at a moments notice and that could make you careless and even destructive. Worse than can make you lose all you hold dear in a fair swoop. Then grant you apathy afterwards. That's when you lose yourself Bisu....I'm denying your rank into apprenticeship, you just have to work at it some more is all, don't get discouraged."
    "Easy for you to say... :/ "
    Luke: "Stand up."
    My frown turns sideways as Luke takes my hand and helps me up. We both stare at each other for a while, until he recurses into a bow. I chuckle under my breath, Master always knew how to cheer me up with a good old sparring session, but not one that anyone would think. We dropped our lightsabers and he grabs my hand, pulling me into a tuck as we begin to step in sync with each other, dancing under the stars. Master was great, he didn't show this treatment with just me, but with everyone. He had a personal way to connect with everyone, I miss him.
    Luke: "Hey, stop cheating. No telepathy to read my foot movements."
    "What? I have no idea what you may mean Master.... :) "
    Luke: "Bisu..?"
    "Yes Master?"
    Luke: "Never carry what you can't hold on to...."
    Never carry what you can't hold on to....

    I didn't know what was in store, but right now...I didn't give a damn. The next thing I would say wouldn't be out of animosity, but affection. For the first time in seemingly forever. Since that night.
    "Maar....I have to do this, I'm taking the ship. Please....PLEASE don't try to stop'll lose. I can do this....I can carry my own..."
    Was I convincing him....or myself?
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