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  1. The Knights of the New Republic
    Welcome, to the first Jedi Order since the destruction of the old on Coruscant by Darth Vader. Here, you have begun your first steps towards an enlightened path: that of a Jedi. It will be a hard life; one without reward, without remorse, without regret. A path will be placed before you. The choice is yours alone. Do what you think you cannot do. It will be a hard life, but you will find out who you are." Qui Gon Jin Holocron
    "We receive countless requests for assistance from all over the galaxy. Since we believe in learning by doing at the Academy, students of all levels help with these requests."-Luke Skywalker
    In this thread, you choose to be a Jedi. What kind is up to you. There are three different specializations: The Councilor,The Guardian, and The Sentinel.Each of these specializations have strengths, and weaknesses. You may only choose one.
    Jedi Guardian
    Jedi whose skills lie on the battlefield, Jedi Guardians focus the majority of their training on combat. Guardians quickly excel at lightsaber combat and prove to be a most resilient foe. Since much of their training is devoted to their art, little time is spent developing their Force powers.

    Jedi Sentinel
    Focusing on diplomacy and diversity of abilities, Jedi Sentinels could be considered analogous to Scouts. Jedi Sentinels combine the art of combat with skillful manipulation of the Force. They use their unique view of the Force to help them defend mind and body from toxins and mind-altering Force powers.
    Jedi Consular
    Jedi Consulars seek to bring balance to the Galaxy, and to the Force. To that end, they spend their time in meditation, strengthening their connection to the Force and honing the Force powers. Jedi Consulars are not generally meant for frontline combat, but rather to use their force powers to offer support to their teammates.


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