Star Wars RP search! Please?

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  1. I am pretty sure I have a thread like this one but I can't find it :/ Sorry!

    1- Frequent replier (More than 5x a day. I am never busy so i want to RP as much as i can)
    2- Replies to be longer than 1 sentence as they are hard to reply to.
    3- Open minded (AUs,Mpreg, Gender swapping,Etc.)
    4- Talking on the side as we Rp
    5- Decent grammar and writing. No abbreviations and What not.

    I usually play females and bottom males,females. But don't be afraid to ask

    I do not do OC X OC. I can not stress this enough.
    I prefer someone who has seen The Force Awakens. It just makes it much easier to make ideas.

    Star Wars
    Pairings: (I can double) Bolded is what i will play
    Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x OC

    #1 Childhood friends
    My OC and Kylo were friends from the Jedi temple/Training with Luke.
    Extra: They have had a relationship

    #2 Tie Pilot
    She was taken away from her parents at a young age to work for the first order. She aced her tests and had become a leader for The First Order Tie Fighter Pilots. She didnt hadnt know she was force sensitive because her mother despised those type of people and didnt want that life for her daughter.

    ** Ideas are always up in air. I much prefer to collaborate on ideas with you, a potential partner. **

    Star Wars Highschool AU
    Pairings (I can double) Bolded is what i will play
    Kylo Ren / OC
    Hux / Phasma

    *I don't know why but ive been liking the idea of HS AUs lately
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.