Star Wars Romance

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  1. Kinda just popped into my head lately for a little lightsaber action, mind-twisting plot, and touching romance.

    Star Wars is an old legacy that never gets old, if that makes sense. So I devised a love story in the back of my head that may/may not be plotted co-side with the original saga. My hopes are to make something taking place after Luke's victory against the Empire. Here are the two set ups in question.

    1) Two young ones are adopted into the Republic after surviving having their homes raided and decimated by the Empire. As the two grow along side each other, the rise above the ranks and grow closer than ever. They train together, laugh together, sleep together, and fight together. Soon enough, they've fallen for each other. As years flew by they graduated into Jedi Knights, and fight as a dynamic duo until they encounter a powerful sith sees their potential and begins trying to convert one of them, possibly both.

    2) Two lovers are compelled to face each other when one is converted to the Darkside. As the Sith converges further into Darkness, the Jedi continues to fight and draw them out while the war rages between the Empire and the Republic.

    As always, they're a work in progress and pretty open to ideas so thanks for looking and IM me if you're in. I have tons other RPs to work on, but due to the lack of time and patience they haven't lifted off so take a look at those too if you like! Chow~