Star Wars Roleplay (Multiple Pairings/Ideas Inside)

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  1. Alright, this is gonna be pretty short, but I'm looking for a Star Wars 1x1. (Obviously).

    I'm gonna list some canon pairings, original pairings, and a few ideas to go with specific RP's. Send me a PM if you're interested in a specific pairing or idea, but please keep in mind: I WILL PLAY THE MALE IN ALL THESE SCENARIOS. If you ask me to play a female or expect me to play one, I will not respond to your message.

    Also, if you have any ideas for a Star Wars RP (pairings, plots, or even just scenarios) you'd like to try out, feel free to tell me. I'll be honest about wether or not I'm interested in your ideas, but we'll never know until you tell me! ^^

    Anyways, onto the list:


    **Note: most of these pairings (outside the Canon ones) can have characters from different species. Example: a Slave Girl could be a Twi'lek, whereas the Bounty Hunter could be a Human. There are too many aliens to list here, but I won't participate in an RP with something that isn't humanoid-ish. Ithorians and Rodians being examples of aliens I won't work with**

    Princess Leia x OC

    Padmé Amidala x OC

    Aalya Secura x OC

    Oola x OC

    Mara Jade x OC

    Jania Solo x OC

    Juno Eclipse x OC

    Sith/Jedi x Pilot (think of a romance similar to Starkiller and Juno)

    Sith/Jedi x Slave Girl

    Sith/Jedi x Sith/Jedi

    Sith/Jedi x Nightsister

    Sith/Jedi x Bounty Hunter

    Sith/Jedi x Advanced Droid (will explain if required)

    Noble/High Government Official x Jedi/Sith

    Smuggler x Jedi/Sith

    OC/Canon x OC/Canon (this is for pairings you had in mind or I forgot to add :3)

    Almost anything involving the Original Trilogy, Extended Universe, and Alternate Universes.


    (adding in a minute)
  2. First of all I love starwars and I must grab you for this before anyone else does. *pulls out a vibrosword and swings it around.* mine! muhahaha!

    I'd love to partake in either sith/jedi x slave girl or sith/jedi x advanced droid. Or maybe sith/jedi x night sister but probably the first two. I shouldn't consider more options or *brain blows up* ..too late. I don't really care what time line it is in original, extended, or alternate although alternate has been cool.

    Yay starwars! am so exited I might just have to jump out the window! Again!

    I have SW characters I've made in the past from previous starwars roleplays too but can always make up new ones.

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  3. Cool, sounds like fun! Mind PMing me some ideas or concepts you may have for those pairings?
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