Star Wars Rogue One

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  1. Trailer for a spin-off Star Wars movie has been leaked.

    Personally this Trailer has gotten me really excited.
    And I don't know why this one has. XD
  2. Regardless of what people say about the newer Star Wars stuff, this is awesome. I mean, Rogue One is basically just a rumor mill right now, but it has potential to be great.

    The trailer gave me chills too, god damn.
  3. Huh. I thought I made this post?

    Stupid me if I didn't.

    Anyways: Star Wars about the troops? I'm all for it!
  4. Additional: Rogue One can't have any official advertisement at all currently because of a deal they have with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It was deemed that the ads for Rogue Nation would conflict with anything announced about Rogue One (which I agree-- Humans are very stupid creatures).

    So we won't get any stuff for Rogue One until Rogue Nation is done with it's theatrical run, pretty much. That's also why we're watching this leaked from Celebration, wheras all of the other trailers (Teaser 2 for TFA and Trailer 1 for Battlefront) were released.
  5. I always loved when Star Wars entered it's darker roots.
    Showed the tale of soldiers, and more ordinary folk.

    So I'm really hoping they do good with Rogue One.
  6. Well, I think (based on the trailer) that Rogue One is set right after Episode 3 ends and at the start of Episode 4(?). Since we get to see the Death Star (I think it's the Death Star) and we hear cries for someone, asking for help?

    I think that we'll get to learn more about the Rebel Army and the Jedi Order after Order 66 was released. It'd cool to see the chaos after Order 66 was released.
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  7. At Celebration, they said it takes place just before the events of A New Hope. So right before Episode IV.
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  8. I really hope they make a zombie movie involving Star Wars! With Boba Fett!

  9. There's actually a zombie Star Wars book! :D

  10. That is only a book! D: What about a movie?!
  11. That will be interesting also, to see how they were fighting the Empire before Luke came along.
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