Star Wars: Rise Of The Consortium

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  1. 1000 years after the Force Awakens

    The Republic has been in decline for the last 100 years thanks to over expansion, Insurrection, Poor economy, Increase in crime and failing infrastructure across the board. This allowed for the birth of a new threat to the Republic, The Consortium. The Consortium came from the outer rim when groups of planets united their power and resources to form their own regime. They soon spread, Taking, even more, planets into the Consortium. The Consortium is backed by plenty of credits from people with stakes in The Consortium all the way down to the underworld.

    The Consortium has even played a part in the decline of the Republic by using their connections to fund rebellion and increase spice trading. The Consortium is big on business and tends to bring money to planets with plenty of corporations. It puts all able citizens to work in some form paying them low living wages until the war with the Republic ends. The Consortium drafts half of its citizens into the military and employs mercenaries to assist in the war effort. The Consortium also have their own force users just like the Republic who have the Jedi. The Knights of the Consortium and they practice in the dark side of the force, seeking power and control. They study sith teaching but would not be considered true sith.

    The Consortium is an Oligarchy controlled by dark side users, Businessmen, and politicians. They maintain a strict control over Consortium. They do not tolerate crime and punish with harsh sentences like death or slavery. The Consortium is sending out a small but powerful fleet to further advance their domination of the galaxy. This fleet will have soldiers, Mercenaries, and Knights aboard. The final days of the Republic are near.(Once again)


    This is a new Star Wars roleplay created by @Spectre and myself. We are looking about 4 other players to join us and this is your chance to join the Star wars universes in this awesome fandom. The main focus of this will be the Force Users (The Knights of the Consortium) but you are welcome to play Soldier or Merc. If you have any question please ask me or @Spectre.
  2. Interesting... I'll keep an eye out! =w= /
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  3. Yesss. This is like playing the villains or anti heroes a bit! Once again the galactic republic is in decline, and someone looks to try better. The Jedi sit complacent with the republic, and are far from combat ready as they were in centuries past.

    As agents of the Consortium, the players will have plenty to do :).
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  4. Definitely in!!
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  5. I would like a spot in this.
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  6. Yes, Very good.
  7. Excellent! Getting traction here.

    Our heroes will be going on a quest to "liberate the people from the corruption of the republic". The characters can or will be a mix of Force sensitive recruits, as well as soldiers, pilots, mercenaries, and intelligence operatives.

    Yes, you may be a force user, but these characters will be relatively new- so we won't be allowing a slew of force powers and abilities of the likes seen in old republic, or clone wars era. The age of Jedi and Sith have risen and fallen many times, and once again the are in a state of decline and stagnancy due to long terms of relative peace. There will be obvious limitations but surely room to grow.

    The secrets of the force have been well hidden. The jedi of the past have done well to hide them, and even they themselves are a remnant of what they once were. The Consortium knights lead by their grand master has unlocked many of these secrets, and have taught a handful of disciples beneath him, who in turn have taught a new generation of knights, who teach the new generation of acolytes beneath them. It is their mission to unlock the secrets of the force, as well as be emissaries and agents of the Grand Master. They take orders only from their direct superior Knights, and sometimes support and attach themselves to military or diplomatic missions for the consortium.

    The Consortium also employs mercenaries to do some grunt work for them, if they need something done, but not necessarily want their names tied to the dealings. Or if no military units are available to travel. Their army and navy are currently rather small, but growing- and are well trained and equipped. The systems that do not support or align themselves will be taken by force- usually overwhelmed quickly, as to not prolong or create unnecessary bloodshed or violence. These colonies are then given the final chance to serve, and if not- are placed in internment camps or enslaved for hard manual labor. They are treated as criminals- as they do not support the betterment of the galaxy!

    Anyhow. Love to see a few faces turning up!
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  8. I'd like to throw in my interest as well.
  9. This sounds like (if anyone has ever played it) Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Curruption. I'll raise my hand for a interest
  10. Sounds good @Archer !

    @Aster I've never played. But i've just googled it, and do see that the Zann Consortium has a similar name. Though their tactics may be partly similar in that they use criminal and mercenary work, as well as undermining government rule- That seems to be where the similarities end. I had no idea though! What do you think @Cush Almighty ? Should we change the name due to the similaritiy? Or does it even matter, and want to keep it as is?
  11. *waves hand* You will let me join.
    (Sorry couldn't help it...)
  12. We'll still have lightsabers, right? I WANT A LIGHTSABER *mouth foams*
  13. Of course it doesn't matter. This is first time I heard of such a thing so I say we should keep the name we have. Now if someone has a better name tell us and it will be considered.
  14. hah, yes. Lightsabers will be a thing for the Consortium Knight initiates only. :)
    Those will be the characters who [still up for debate] have been taken at a young age, or are descendants of current Consortium Knights.

    Cush and I plan on playing more senior Consortium Knights- that way we can be physically present, as well as have elevated permissions to GM the group as needed . So if you have questions, please- we welcome them
  15. So.... Could I please join?....
  16. Sure and that brings are total to 8 players.
  17. I would be so up for being like the "apprentice" to one of your knights! I actually prefer being the kind of character that is still learning and making mistakes and the like!

    Woohoo Lightsabers!
  18. We doing this or did something happen?
  19. I'm kinda letting @Cush Almighty handle driving for now. We are still good to go, just clearing up some things on the back end.
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