Star Wars: Return of the Force

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    On a Corellian Corvette
    In the middle of nowhere.

    The woman slouched on her pilots couch as the swirl of hyperspace hypnotically filled her vision as she drifted between wakefulness and sleep over the past two hours. There was no rush to get the cargo of mint-condition first edition "Hutts in Love" to their buyer, who'd want to steal some trashy pseudo-pornographic soap opera? She remembered watching one of them once, and spending the next three days being violently sick, no sapient being should ever have to see something like that... let alone the Hutts from that angle.

    As they came on their destination she found herself thrown to the floor as suddenly her ship was wrenched from hyperspace by a gravity well, alarms going off all around the vessel. A moment later she began to scream.

    The corvette known as "Just Spring Cleaning" was never heard from again.​
  2. Krotan III System
    Hersaun's Moon
    Hadrian's Blade Mercenary HQ

    The lighting in the room was poor when Korani entered his PMC Office followed by his men and woman.

    Fidel Castrot, his most capable advisor was smoking a thick cigar as he took a seat around the holoplotting table as the lights flickered into luminscent life. A Duro like his boss he had an air of absolute confidence.

    Kenno Thar was next, again a Duro he was tinkering with some small machine he'd probably picked up at a flea market, the various mechanical accessories he wore all had a purpose even if nobody but Kenno Thar realised what they were.

    Bardo Bas was next. A very militant and serious looking Duro he reversed his seat before planting himself on it facing the plotting table, his clothing scored with near-misses from Blaster bolts, though he preferred to do his work from the cockpit.

    Grodok followed him, the orange-skinned Nikto with spiky skin and a silly looking bandana as he twirled a vibroblade between his fingers.

    After him was the clonetrooper known as Lorreck the powerfully muscled clone took a seat uncomfortably, preferring to stand. Following him however came the sole woman in Korani's inner circle.

    Vizal Turraza, the blue-skinned twilek could stop traffic with her good looks and she'd long been a friend of Korani's pre-dating even the founding of his mercenary company, though of the past several months she had also taken to sharing his bed.

    Korani however didn't take a seat, the serious expression on his face telling all as Castrot's cigar smoke began to fill up the room as he hit the keypad for the plotting table.

    "The last six months have been a bloody farce." Korani spat. "The idiotic republics assault on the Duros system was an excercise in unbridled stupidity, meanwhile we've been sitting around with our thumbs up our arses spending as much as we've earned just to keep afloat." None of his inner circle could look Korani straight in the eyes. It had been a hard half year as his gaze crossed his people. Korani WANTED to blame somebody but as he looked at them all he, couldn't. They hadn't been responsible for the hardships they'd had. The CIS and Republic were. The clusterfuck of a war over Corellia and the Duro system.

    A war that Korani had heavily invested in. And yet the Republic failed so spectacularly at their assault on Duro that it was not only still in the hands of the CIS, but the Republic was no longer even actively contesting the occupation after General Grievous contested their assault personally with the Malevolence.

    Korani was only grateful that he hadn't been present there at the time.

    He dropped into the chair at the head of the table.

    The room remained quiet as the plotting table projected a holo of the Duro system.

    "Well then. It's time we look at getting it done ourselves. The CIS has repulsed a Republic Assault. It's time to discover what we can and see if we can turn the tide."
  3. Shadow's Regret.
    Somewhere, Travelling among the stars...

    Her lightsaber rose up just in time, the incoming silver blade blocked by her own, equally silver blade. Lena glanced with a mixture of exertion and intrigue at the face of her opponent, for her it was as if she was looking into a mirror as the opponent she was facing was identical to her in every way, the second Lena's face a exact copy of her own right now. This was no time to be idle however as she felt her senses warn her, she disengaged and ducked, just in time to evade the lightsaber of yet another duplicate slashing through the air where it would have severed one of her arms.

    She used the force for a burst of speed, skidding sharply to a halt and reached out with her hand, lifting one of her duplicates up in the air and before it could resist her she squeezed her hand as if crushing something and was rewarded with the tell-tale snapping of bones and rupturing her organs before the body of the duplicate simply just vanished into thin air.

    The other duplicate recoiled closing in and attempted to impale her in the stomach but she slashed down, ruining the aim of her duplicates thrust and send a blast of force destruction directly in front of her and blasted her duplicate into nothingness.

    With no threats remaining she let out a deep sigh and shuddered as she began her calming exercises after this training session. The only disturbance the beeping of her commlink as it came active, upon answering she heard the throaty, growling voice of Ko'Chul. "Lady Lena, they are ready and briefed, awaiting your signal." She was silent and simply tapped her commlink twice that she had understood and was likely on her way.

    A short journey through her ship later and she found herself in the hangar, where two ships were undergoing the final stretches of being prepared to launch. Near those two ships were several dozen people gearing up and checking their equipment, upon sight of her they stopped and stood at attention. She surveyed them all in a glance, nodding slowly, "You have all been briefed about the mission, it will be dangerous but I am certain you all have the training and capabilities to see this through. Remember the objectives and if all of you stick the plan and improvise where necessary.... because no plan works as it is stated in a mission briefing, something will undoubtedly go horribly wrong." She got a few chuckles and grins at those words. "You all know what to do if there is a chance to be captured... there will likely be no mercy given or granted. Squad leaders are you prepared?"

    Several men and women stepped forwards and nodded as the low whine of silent engines was barely heard when they were activated. "Then board your vessels and I will see you all when this is over." With that all that needed to be said was said and the men quickly and professionally boarded their craft, leaving Lena to watch them leave the hangar, thoughts swirling through her head. "This will be interesting." She finally just murmured to herself as she turned around and walked back inside the bowels of her ship.
  4. Niska's Skyplex.
    Niska stood there looking at the coffee percolator a scene of puzzlement facing him, a semi-circle of dead bothans, a good half dozen, not a knife mark or blaster burn on them. But all dead. Niska stepped over one of the stinking aliens and poured himself a cup of coffee from the Percolator walking off without even raising an eyebrow.

    Returning to his office he seated himself down before Crow entered the room without so much as a knock. "It's the last time I send Bothans to do anything. I sent Bothans to get me a coffee, all dead." Crow said before noticing the coffee in Niska's hand. Best not to ask he resolved to himself.

    The fact was it had not been a good half year, Niska had grown irritable with the failures and expenditures required to shore up losses and they had only gotten more problematic, not better. But Niska had a plan. Between his two major holdings, the D'xun Defence Base and his Skyplex, the Venans had a history of rebelling against their nobility. Perhaps it was time to leverage his strength and it was Vena that might prove interesting. A place seemingly too insignificant to matter to the Republic or CIS.

    "Crow, I have a job for you." Niska said looking up at Crow. "Take your little crew over to Vena, I want you to check out the area. Engage in some raids of minor villages and towns, test the response and defences of their little planet. If they're strong enough, we'll adjust accordingly. If they're not, I will offer them... protection from the big bad murdermen. Do not be seen personally Crow. My plans cannot afford to be upset by some Venan recognising you next to me at some meeting."

    "Am I simply going to be murdering and pillaging or did you have something more... visceral... in mind sir?" Crow said respectfully still wishing he had his coffee, or at the least hadn't sent Bothans to get it.

    "Slaughter and Pillage basically, but if you can, make contact with the Revolutionaries and Terrorists. Train them. Recruit them. Use them. Your murdermen are worth more than they are, why let your men bleed if the natives are willing to do so to strike a blow at Venan nobility." Niska said.

    Crow simply smiled in answer. It was time to get back to some real work.
  5. Darth Andrea, Korriban Academy

    Andrea was alone in the chamber, several dozen holocrons surrounding her as she meditated upon a select few, the ones she had obtained on Dagobah, that accursed swamp planet, its stench could somehow not be washed off from the delicate machines. Still she was finally getting somewhere, several months had passed seeing her consolidate her powerbase after being absent from view within the ranks of her organization and people. It was necessary however, her experimentation with the sith pureblood DNA to create her new form and appearance, perfecting and molding it till she looked like she was today.

    Her mind wandered to her visits to Kessel, Drokan not recognizing, only when she spoke realizing the truth that she was reborn, the look on the skeletal, gaunt givin face when he did bringing a smile to her lips. The oaths of allegiance from those Sun Guard in her service once more. All her disciples and her new apprentices kneeling before her and swearing their service to her, her memory lingered on the image of Rhak-skuri and she frowned, that one was still going to be trouble one day but no matter how that would unfold would become clear in due time.

    Her meetings with the other Sith were also on the front of her mind, her reunion with Azazel was still a bittersweet memory she treasured. Jacoiba had barely shown any shock or other emotion when seeing Andrea's new looks, she suspected Jacoiba had done that on purpose to deny her any joy from seeing shock on Jacoiba's face. Gra'tua was... his usual self, gruff and distrustful of her, which was expected from the lapdog. Lena had seemed intrigued, asking a number of questions that led Andrea to believe the more secretive among the sith alliance was trying to figure out how she had done it. Let them guess and wonder if they wanted, this accomplishment was hers and the method she used to do it was her secret.

    She frowned, tilting her head, the moment she had mentally thought about secret she had... heard something in the voices of the holocrons she was meditating upon, she reached out and seemingly at random brought a holocron forward, waving her hands to silence the others while keeping the one she had chosen active. Opening her eyes slowly she let her sight become used to the low lighting she had active in the holocron vault and looked at the small holographic representation of a force user who had provided the holocron with its wisdom. A female human was looking back at her, silent as no doubt the sensors or intelligence of the holocron had detected that it had been singled out. "What was that you said a moment ago." For a moment Andrea was about to jump up in alarm before she realized the voice had been her own, she had been meditating for a number of hours, perhaps most of the day so hearing a voice that wasn't being filtered mechanically was strange to hear, even if it was her own voice.

    Regardless she asked again, specifying what she meant. "You mentioned a technique just now... a 'Force Net'? Tell me more about it."

    The ancient female force user seemed to smirk, showing filed shark-like teeth as she began her tale and explained the specifics of a interesting technique. That seemed to be centered on making a 'cage' around a target made out of strands of dark side energy that would sever one's connection with the force and drain them of their strength. Once drained the net would not dissolve, no if she would keep concentrating she would be able to have the strands of dark side energy begin slicing through the trapped victim, resulting in a messy death. A mundane with almost no connection to the force would quickly die a horrible death this way, a force user would last a while. This she liked as she began to see this power as a potential viable means to capture enemy force users, trap them in cage of dark side energies and drain them to, or near the point of exhaustion and then cancel the technique. The drawback was that she apparently needed her full concentration on this and if her concentration was broken the technique would be canceled, something to keep in mind.

    She was able to learn two more minor techniques thanks to some of the other Dagobah holocrons but the majority of the holocrons were either about techniques she already knew or would be useless to her because she was not some dogooding jedi, she did enjoy torturing the holocron ghosts of those jedi masters with her tales of her sith legacy in the making.

    Emerging from the holocron vault she was greeted by the rumbling growl of one of the largest Tuk'ata she ever had lain eyes upon. It was a, in her eyes, majestic beast, infused with possibly decades if not centuries of dark side energies from living within a sith tomb it was mighty and fearsome beast. Thankfully it was also bonded to her and she merely extended her hand. "Rayvon... be at ease it is just I, returning from the vault." She glanced around seeing the glowing eyes of other, regular sized, Tuk'ata watching her. She had opted to make the entrance to her vault with her most precious treasures 'hidden' within the confines of the Tuk'ata habitat of Korriban Academy, thus far none had been able to penetrate the vault.

    Rayvon rumbled the Tuk'ata matriarch forming broken words in the sith language. <"You... visitor.... wait."> It said, nuzzling against Andrea's hand before she retreated.

    A visitor? She went to the exit of the habitat and stepped outside into a corridor of the compound, finding captain Reneva patiently waiting, when she noticed Andrea she stood at attention with a amused look she was motioned to relax. "Captain, what brings you here?"

    She saluted and produced a datapad. "Two reports, this came in from your agents investigating that.. .request of one of your associates."

    "I see." Andrea said while taking the offered pad and quickly scanned it, apparently her sources had not found much, with a snort she handed it back. "Let someone forward this information about... him being careful around a 'Devaronian' as the possible species of his rival. What about the second report?"

    "The Dark Rebirth is ready to leave, when you are. Our heading is still the Mandalore System?"

    Andrea smiled and nodded, "Yes, I have been invited by Azazel... and by extension Gra'tua, to be present at the birth of their children so I aim to be there when it happens, lead the way captain."

    Andrea learned a nifty new technique thanks to some holocrons she still had

    Information forwarded to Kuryi Gabriel Saros that his rival is a Devaronian.

    Andrea heads with the Dark Rebirth to the Mandalore system to be present at the bird of Azazel and Gra'tuas twins.
  6. The Kwenn System,
    Nova Retreat Space Station.

    "The mines in the Sarka system are turning out valuable minerals we sell on the open market, the shipyards are in demand still with private buyers and governments wanting to add ships to their defenses as the galactic war is still raging on. Though also commercial liners and trade transports are in demand. As for the station we..." The voice trailed off, Mochi tapped on his datapad and tilted his insectoid head to the side as he looked at his employer whom he was giving his financial summary to. "Neia? Are you asleep?"

    She muttered something and shifted in the chair in response. Mochi appeared not surprised or even irritated he merely let out a clicking sound, walked forwards and poked her leg. Neia woke up startled, eyes wide and unbalanced because she was in her chair with her legs on the table, she arched back and yelped as she fell over in a heap, groaning. Looming over the desk to look at her prone form slowly turning over and getting up he spoke up again, "Would you prefer if I put this information in writing for you to peruse at your own leisure?"

    It took her a minute or two and Mochi repeating his question two times before she realized what happened and what he was asking. She sheepishly nodded, "Yeah, that would be best Mochi, thanks and my apologies for being rude. Didn't mean to fall asleep on you but it has been a rough night."

    Mochi gathered his documents and when he spoke again it was with faint amusement. "Missing the Jedi? Ba'al?"

    She snorted, looking away so he wouldn't see her face. "Maybe, what is it to you?" Mochi just shrugged and finished gathering his things and made ready to leave, pausing when Neia called out to him. "Hang on, anything else on the rumours and wild tales circulating around the casino and cantina floors about ships vanishing in the area they are calling the 'Randon Triangle'? Spacers, smugglers and rogue traders, they have a sense of drama. Giving a area of space such a name after a series of rumours of vanishing ships began to circulate. It is not the CIS or Republic and common pirates wouldn't be able to affect such a large amount of territory. So any word from my contacts on the trade lanes?"

    "Ah, if you had merely wished me to report on that you should have said so, one moment, I will tell you now and then also make a summary of all what I wished to inform you and discuss about for your later perusal." He rummaged through his datapads and retrieved the one at the bottom. "Let's see. Ah yes. Some of the regular traders that frequent the facilities and you have struck friendships with have given reports of debris near hyperspace exits and entrance and ghost images at the extreme edge of their sensor range, possibly cruiser or bigger class from the accounts."

    "No recognizable design?" Neia said, interrupting." She noticed the look on her Verpine mechanic and coughed, "Sorry, please continue."

    "As I was saying." Mochi resumed, casting his gaze back to the datapad. "None recognized the design, then again those who did report it also stated that the ghost image was only there for a second or less. One of your friends however has reported that many, if not most, of the vessels disappearing have ties to the Hutt Cartels, not just to one or two indicating a feud of some kind, but of all the Hutt Cartels. Two cruisers send by the Hutts to locate some of their missing shipments with valuable cargo have also been rumoured to have vanished."

    This time she waited a moment to make sure Mochi was done before opening her own mouth. "I see... so it's not the Hutts either, that is surprising they would have been my guess seeing as it was unlikely to be the Republic or CIS." She was saying this mostly to herself as she put her thoughts into order. "Very well, Mochi, I want you to get into touch, on my behalf, with my smuggler, trader and Syndicate contacts to ask them to look into this matter, delicately if they can. I think I will take up contact with my hutt contact in person."

    Mochi nodded but remained still, "I almost forgot. A message has been send by Kiyla, Deliah and Jantor, they are on their way home. The upgrades have all been installed on both vessels and they have had plenty recruits to fill some of the new empty barrack space, if your intent is still to go through with this grand liberation effort that this Goddor and Thrall wished to set up with help from ourselves and the others."

    "Yes that is still the plan. It was a rather passionate plea and you know my feelings on slavery and the kind the CIS is doing to those people... they get what is coming to them, if I have to help with that then I will gladly do so." After she said Mochi merely inclined his head at her and left her office, leaving Neia alone. She turned around, looking through the one-way screen at the cantina and casino floors below her office. "Would be nice to hear from them though... especially Ba'al..."
  7. Mandalore System,
    A tale of a Sith and his Minions.

    He looked at the blaster in his hand, testing the weight as he extended his arm and sighed down the barrel at the target at the far side. He exhaled and squeezed the trigger, a blasterbolt released and speeding forwards.... missing the target. Frowning behind Revan's mask Valar looked at the blaster again and muttered a soft curse under his breath and tried again, adjusting his aim slightly and fired again, this time hitting the target. "Better." He said to himself, turning aside to glance at his instructor. "Well, it has been almost 8 or 9 months since you joined my crew Goran and went to the task of instructing me how to use this." He gestured with the blaster, "And it seems your instructions paid off since I can actually hit the side of a barn now." He said dryly, with just a small hint of amusement.

    "If you could have hit a star destroyer when we started I'd have been surprised" Goran replied in the same tone. "You'd have learned quicker and taken less knocks if you hadn't been such a difficult student."

    He let out a snort, "And deprive you of the obvious pleasure you gained of berating, mocking and otherwise making me make a ass out of myself? Not to mention to the great amusement and pleasure of my crew? They might not think I know but I am fully aware that over half of those warriors present right here on the adjoining training areas are mainly here to watch you berate me." He glanced at a clutter of warriors who quickly pretended to be occupied. "Still I hope that, besides having to instruct a difficult student, you enjoyed your time among my clan."

    Goran Raised his own blaster and with barely a moment to aim squeezed of two shots in rapid succession, while neither hit the center of the target they did come close, the second closer to the mark. "I half expected to discover you were something of a fraud when I first came aboard. A sith that wanted to dress up in armour and play at being a warrior. I was grateful to learn that was not the case." Goran replied and a far more serious tone. "While in your service I have seen you undertake a number of battles and do credit to our people. to top it off by fluke or fate you even found living warriors of our cultures forefathers and bested one in single combat." Goran fired off another couple of shots that hit their mark before continuing. "I would say I have enjoyed my time here."

    His mind wandered to the scar on his chest he had opted not to have removed with bacta treatments, its position perilously close to his heart. "That was a good fight, with the Taung warrior. I am glad none of my warriors or Lena's people intervened. I might actually have died happily if he had struck me down, though of course I am happy to remain alive still." He paused and took a moment to aim and fired, missing the target. "Well... i clearly need more practice still." He said with a chuckle. "However, it has been a long time since I saw my daughter and with new blood of my blood arriving imminently, it would be good to see her again, perhaps return her to my side. Assuming you agree, perhaps we can return to your clan and see your sister, alor Silas, once more."

    "It would be good to see Thrace again." Goran said holstering his own blaster, "And I imagine I have accomplished the goal of this exchange by now, I doubt she will be disappointed with the results."

    "I certainly hope so, I will admit to..." He trailed off, concentrating on his next shot and fired, this time hitting the target closer than he had gotten before, mentally giving himself a pat on the back that he wasn't a total loss. "As I said I will admit to miss you, your input and presence have been appreciated." He was silent for a moment as he holstered his blaster, thinking. "I accepted your alor's invitation in the hopes of recruiting clan Silas to my cause, perhaps that will be the case once you tell your sister what you have witnessed, if so, I have a open invitation for you to remain at my side and inner circle." He shrugged, "But that is for later concerns, we are back in Mandalore space, if you gather your belonging and would be so kind to send a forward warning to your sister, we could make planet fall and reunite with her. What do you say?"

    "I'll gather my things." Goran replied simply as he turned for the door.

    Some time later Valar and Goran shared the confines of a Kalikir Gunship, along with Bo and Andrieke after Goran had said Thrace Silas would by glad to welcome them and her brother back. The trip down was uneventful, although the sporadic commentary of the pilot, making some kind of animal noises while playing with some toys was distracting at times. Once landed the disembarked and glanced around, Valar turning to Goran, "We wait for a escort from clan Silas or are you to lead the way?"

    Goran simply hoisted his gear onto his shoulder and began walking with a small gesture for the others to follow, once they were out of earshot of the craft he spoke to Gra'tua."You need to do something about that pilot, he ain't right in the head or something."

    He couldn't help but chuckle and stepped closer, so that Andrieke and Bo would not overhear him. "I know, but his flying skills are impressive, that and it annoys my commanders, keeps them sharp and on their toes. That and I think the way he acts is his way to act under pressure... that or he is just mental, time will tell." He finished saying while they continued walking towards the clan Silas encampment.

    Reaching the outskirts of the encampment Goran stepped out in front of Gra'tua and gave a salute. "I believe you know the way from here. My sister has apparently not changed residence in the last few months, your daughter should be with her I believe. It was an honour to serve under you Alor Gra'tua, but I must see to my own warriors for the time being." He said before ending the salute and turning for the practice fields.

    He gave a warrior salute back, "It was a honour to have you fight beside myself and my clan Goran, perhaps we will do so again." He watched him leave and then gestured for Andrieke and Bo to follow him as they made their way to Thrace Silas's vheh'yaim as they approached he nodded to the guards outside. Motioning for Bo and Andrieke to wait outside he entered the vheh'yaim, assumign he would not be opposed, taking off his boots and mask, his armoured boots placed at the entrance while tucking his mask under his arm. "Su cuy'gar." He said upon spotting both Thrace Silas and his daughter Kyr'am.

    "Alor Gra'tua." Thrace said with a respectful nod and she gestured for him to take a seat. "My brother tells me you nearly sheathed the sword on us, care to share the evidence?"

    Kyr'am actually smiled upon seeing her father and he did too, they only had sporadic contact but from what he gathered she had enjoyed her time with clan Silas. Taking the offered seat he chuckled, "I would, but perhaps not indoors, my swordarm still ahs the most practice and use but your brother Goran has been effective in instructing me how to shoot a blaster and actually hit something instead of making a are of myself. Although according to him I still make a arse out o myself wit ha blaster most of the time, i suppose that is better than doing it all the time."

    Thrace raised an eyebrow at Gra'tua's apparent cluelessness before simply smiling and offering refreshments. "You caused quite the stir with your return to Mandalore this time, its not every day an extinct race returns to the galaxy." She continued.

    "Especially if they are the original Mando'ade... and have joined a relatively new clan." He couldn't help but smirk a little about that. "Your brother was there, therefore clan Silas, to share in the glory and honour of course."
    "So you say, Gorans account had he and the rest of your company standing aside while you dueled the leader. He was present, but you did the work." Thrace replied.

    "Perhaps so, but I will not take or lay claim to all the credit, many of my warriors and Goran made it happen that we even got to the surface and entered the ancient sanctuary of the forgotten clan. And for that they all have my thanks for enabling it." He gestured to Kyr'am, "I trust my daughter had a enjoyable tiem here... and proved herself useful?"

    "She shows more capability with a blaster herself than when she arrived, as well as learning to fight unarmed and without using the force." Thrace replied. "She went on a few contracted jobs with other warriors of the clan and did not dishonour herself or the others. Quite the contrary, I heard one of the warriors suggest she join my clan permanently." Thrace added with a smirk and a glance at Kyr'am.

    He rose a eyebrow and glanced at his daughter, who looked remarkably neutral, though there might have been a small hint of pride in her facial features. "I see, she has done her father and clan proud then acting like she did if she receives such high esteem from you." He smiled, "Still, if you recall our talk when we first met, I suggested a alliance between your clan and mine, perhaps even becoming brothers, and sisters, in arms. After this exchange of warriors, which I assume Goran has kept you up to date about, do you have a opinion on that offer now?"

    As Thrace began to answer Gra'tua's commlink chimed and the voice of the gunships pilot could be heard. "Alor, there are ... inb..nd... approach sugge.... ostile...." The transmission was patchy at best and cut out after that.

    Frowning he turned to Thrace, "Seems something is interfering the signal but inbound approach? Apparently hostile? Do you have any sentries who can shed light on this?" As he said this he tried to raise Kashiir but only received static in return. "Well.. disrupted communications... someone is about to attack this place." He tried hailing the pilot. "Pilot, this is your alor, lift off and head to orbit, contact the Kandosii Naast and have Kashiir make a scan of the planet to see what is going on and attempt to break through any jamming. I repeat, head to orbit. Contact Kashiir. Scan the surface. Attempt contact." With that he turned to Thrace, "If this is a attack... how can I and my people be of help."

    "Our clan stays out of the rivalries that afflict our people, if we are under attack it is more than likely due to your presence here." Thrace replied as she rose and tried her own commlink, only static replied, it seemed the pilot had gotten a warning off just before the jamming had taken full effect. with Comms down Thrace went to the wall with the hand annotated map and moved it aside, behind was a simple computer console where she quickly keyed the auditory allert for the settlement. From the roof a low siren could be heard which was quickly picked up by sensors one adjacent roofs and repeated.

    "My people know where to go, and to be honest i do not know how much help you can be with but 4 people until we know the nature of the attack." Thrace said as she turned to Gra'tua.

    He frowned, "If they are after me I assume it is clan Ordo, but they would not be so foolish to attack me when I am a guest with another clan, especially a neutral one." He said as he put his mask back on, noticing Kyr'am ready her blaster, making sure its powerpack was charged. "Even so, if they are coming here with hostile intent after me, I will try to get away and spare you any combat if you wish to remain neutral in this." He said while feeling the comfort of revans lightsaber hilt in his hand. "Lead the way Alor, for now we will follow your lead in this, since this is your camp and clan."

    "We may stay out of rivalries in general, but if they want a fight we will give them one. Even if their target is you, you are our guest afterall." Trace replied in the middle of strapping on her armour. Goran soon entered the vheh'yaim and glanced at Gra'tua before reporting. "Six Kom'rk transports are nearly on us approaching from the west, markings indicate a clan from the southern plains, not a large clan but apprently well equipped. Comms and sensors are both down, all we are to go on is visual sightings."

    Thrace grabbed her helmet and pondered for a moment. "Six transports means possibly 150 troops with air support. I assume our pilots are getting to their craft by now, though we only have a few armed Aka'jor shuttles. we need to prepare for a ground assault also, Goran, make sure our fixes defenses are ready and have them prioritise the transports." Goran saluted and left to carry our his orders. "So then Gra'tua, shall we roll out the welcome wagon?"

    He pulled his blaster out and smirked behind his mask. "We shall, if my pilot received my orders then perhaps we shall see reinforcements shortly, but lets not count on it, where do you want us?" He asked, idnicating himself, Kyr'am, Andrieke and Bo. Recognizing Thrace, Goran and perhaps even his daughter to have a better lay of the land and how to defend this camp.

    "I don't suppose any of you thought to bring heavy weaponry?" Thrace said with a grin. "Of course not, trouble was not expected. My people should have the main points covered, I think you four will be best used as a flying company, plugging gaps or shoring up pressed defenses." Thrace continued, "we shall head to the Western Barricades and see what we can do from there."

    Bo and Andrieke had both their blasters out and at the ready, Gra'tua giving them a curt nod. "Enemies are on approach, possibly out to get to me but uncertain at this point. We will help with the defense of this camp and clan Silas." They merely nodded and activated shield belts if they had them while he and Kyr'am used the force to form protective bubbles around themselves. "We may not have heavy weapons but each of us are deadly warriors in our own regard, ready to make any who dared to attack your camp regret their foolishness."

    "You have a penchant for melodrama don't you." Thrace replied with a grin as she drew her own blaster, a heavy pistol of foreign and unfamiliar manufacture. As they stepped outside they would see the camps pair of Ak'jor shuttles moving fast over the far end of the camp, presumable to intercept the incoming enemy. there was also a frenzy of activity as warriors rushed to man defensive positions from an attack they knew little about.

    "You have no idea." Came the amused voice of Kyr'am as she stepped up, ready to defend this clan that she had stayed with for the better part of a year.

    Valar just snorted, "Perhaps but it comes with the cloak." He said gesturing to the cloak affixed to his armour. "To the western barricades it is, lead on."

    The sound of heavy blaster fire, likely from the shuttles as they soared overhead could be heard, Goran had said there were six dropships headed their way, the odds did not favour the two shuttles. More frenzied weapons fire could be heard a moment later as it was clear the two shuttles had engaged some of the dropships followed by a loud and rather final sounding explosion.

    A few moments later the sound of repulsor engines were again heard overhead as a pair of low flying Kom'rk dropships rapidly passed overhead and conducted a strafing run of the eastern barricade, while the dropships themselves did little damage the quadlaser turret defending the point reacted fast and clipped one of the dropships as it passed overhead, causing damage but not destroying the craft.

    Gra'tua saw the enemy craft fly by and glanced at Thrace, "Maybe two of my people can be moved elsewhere, Bo and Andrieke are commanders of mine who could help out." Thrace just shrugged in response, her eyes already scanning for potential targets perhaps. Turning to Bo and Andrieke he gestured, "Bo, south. An, east." Both of them nodded and jogged off, activating jetpacks to get a boost to get to the positions.

    From the not so distant sounds of engines and weapons fire a likely stratagy started to formulate in the kinds of Gratua and his commanders, particularly in the south and west. Thrace also seemed to have a good grasp on what was happening and signaled the commandos standing by a little behind her position to reinforce the north. suspecting at least one dropship to make an attack from there.

    Gra'tua turned to Kyr'am, "head into the village, round up what warriors are not committed to a barricade and be ready to support any side that might need a quick response team." Her helmeted head bobbed up and down and Kyr'am headed to the middle to see who she could find and gather, while waiting for any signal or sign of which barricade to reinforce.

    The Commandos responded to Kyr'ams signal and moved in to be ready to respond quickly to any of the barricades with the young sith warrior. The sound of engines was again getting louder and flashes of heavy blaster fire flew over the village as one of the shuttles flew racing across the camp with one of the dropships in persuit. The dropship unleashed a withering arrary of fire on the shuttle but only clipped a stabiliser leaving the shuttle airborne if not as manouverable. The north and south barricades also came under attack as the shuttle and dropship passed overhead by sustained heavy blaster fire while the barricades stopped the unaimed fire from hitting the defenders it also made it near impossible for them to safely see what was coming.

    Bo ducked down behind the barricade, looking up as a enemy craft was chasing on of the clan silas shuttles, looking for some of the heavy weapons people near her and pointed up. "Shoot that Kom'rk down!" While she went to prepare to face a incoming wave of attackers on the ground.

    The heavy squads in the South and East both turned to fire on the Kom'rk as it passed overhead but neither had the time for a solid weapons lock before the ship passed out of range. as the blaster fire at the south and north barricades continued, fleeting glances past the barricade would show assault troops of the attacking clan moving up cautiously under the covering fire of the heavy blasters, several of them preparing to lob grenades over the barricades.

    Bo turned to the warriors with her, "Covering fire." She ordered as she waited for them to do just that so she could pop out of cover briefly and take shots at any of the enemy who seemed to be about to hurl grenades to eliminate that particular threat and give them something to think about.

    In the south Bo's order of covering fire was met with vigor and intensity as the two squads on either side of the barricades braved the incoming heavy blaster fire and opened up on the approaching squads of troops the three squads caught in the open in what they thought was a solid covered advance were caught off guard and several fell to the covering blaster fire while the others sought cover from the blaster bolts heading into their midst. Bo meanwhile managed to pick a few of them off in the scramble.

    In the north Goran was having less luck as the unrelenting fire from the enemy heavy weapons kept he and the assault squad with him pinned an unable to have much effect on the approaching squads, an issue not had by the heavy team that had braved the fire enough to get a pair of repeater blasters set up on the barricade and firing down into the approaching squads with results similar to the south.

    Bo grinned, the thrill of battle, was there a better rush? She turned to the heavy weapons and motioned them forward to the barricade to join in on firing at the approaching enemy while there were no enemy ships in the air to take shots at. With the heavy weapons joining in she and the assault warriors continued firing over the barricades at the enemy to keep them pinned down if possible.

    Kyr'am meanwhile glanced to the south and north, both positions seemed to be under attack but she and the Commandos she had gathered were looking which barricade would need them the most and only then act.

    Goran ordered the men under his command in the north to keep up the fire, inspired as they were by the courageous efforts of the heavy weapons team, who were continuing their deadly rain of blaster fire even in the face of the fire coming from past the assaulting warriors. As a combined effort they quickly suppressed and eliminated a majority of the warriors before them, the rest of which were rappidly seeking some forme of shelter from the blaster bolts raining down on them.

    In the south Bo and the Silas warriors were not quite so effective, at least the warriors weren't. Bo seemed eager to make up for her previous mediocre performance with a rather impressive display of rapid marksmanship which the heavy squad took advantage off to set up their own weapons and start firing into the enemy warriors before them. As with the north the enemy warriors, or those that remained scattered to seek whatever cover they could.

    "Well it seems the fight left them... set blasters to stun." She gave the simply command and then got from the barricades to stun the remaining enemy, it never hurt to have prisoners...

    As it was Bo chose to let the Silas warriors take most of the credit for the stunning while she placed a few half hearted shots in the right direction, the enemy troops I the south were all stunned and the heavy weapons fire from further down the path ceased.

    Another loud explosion was heard at a short distance to the east, the defenders had only a moment however to wonder if it was friend or foe before three dropships made a strafing run at the east barricades with devastating results as the two defending squads were torn up by laser cannon fire. The lead dropship made a less impressive effort as it missed its mark and was in turn shoot down by the Silas quad turret, crashing into a hut on the outer edge of the cluster of structures.

    Gra'tua turned sharply at the explosions and cursed, turning to Thrace. "I'll investigate!" And off he went.

    Kyr'am blinked, that was close, she stared at the wreckage of what was once a Kom'rk transport and a silas hut, for their sake she hoped none were in the hut, she couldn't give a damn about the pilots. Seeing the commandos had also survived she looked to the east where the craft had came from and saw utter devastation. "Well... the eastern barricades definitely need reinforcing..." Gather the commandos she rushed towards the east, a ground assault probably close behind the enemy strafing run.

    Andrieke lowered herself to the ground, still shaken, that had been close. Kyr'am approached cautiously, her blaster coming up when she saw Andrieke but lowering it once she recognized the armour. There was nothing to say as they went to work to salvage what barricades or cover they could and prepare for the attack.

    Bo was dragging the stunned prisoners back to the barricades with her assault squads as the bombing happened, hearing the explosions she glanced back. "Pick up the pace!"

    Seeing the way relatively clear the remaining dropships continued their strafing run at the west end of the village, managing to shake things up a bit for those on the ground and took a few lucky hits to one of the assault squads still with Thrace. Both the north and south defenses tracked the two dropships as they passed and scored hits to the vessels, there was a good chance the two dropships would not be coming back after this pass.

    As expected the initial strafing run on the east barricades was followed by the expected march of boots as fourty odd warriors came running towards the weakened defences firing sporadic covering fire to keep the defenders that were left on the defence.

    Andrieke cursed as blasterfire tore apart the little amount of cover she was behind and several shots impacted on her shield, draining its power but thankfully saving her. She had to be cautious, waiting for her shield to recharge, which would take a while. She nodded to Kyr'am, while her alors daughter popped out of cover to fire at the approaching assault warriors while she turned to the north-east where she saw a number of approaching enemy warriors trying to flank them and opened fire on them with her twin blasters. Trying to discourage the enemy till some reinforcements came to the barricades.

    Gra'tua was still doing his best to join the eastern barricades, seeing now there was not much left, littered bodies everywhere and from the looks of it only his daughter and Andrieke were on the defence with several Silas commandos hurrying to join them. He noticed commandos wearing a different colour of armour scheme approaching from the south, snarling he stopped and brought up his blaster, opening fire on them.

    Bo meanwhile heard the rather loud volley of several blaster rifles opening up to the east and turned in that direction, turning back she gestured to the assault squad still manning the defense and gestured to the east, shouting. "Reinforce them if necessary!" Making sure they got that order before she resumed dragging the stunned body of one of the enemy back to the barricades.

    Goran had been keeping an eye on the East barricade since the strafing run, with the north now clear he turned to the heavy and assault squad with him and ordered them to set up a new line of defence in what was left of the destroyed hut.

    The four squads of assault troops kept up their advance and fire, the same squad that forced Andrieke into cover opening fire on Kyr'am and knocking her back while overloading her protective capacity with the force. A second squad in the mix opened fire on the approaching commandos, scoring a few hits but not enough to take down any of the well equipped warriors. Warriors that fired back with considerably more effective results.
    The two enemy commando teams had more mixed luck as the team facing Andrieke found themselves unable to get a solid shot off while the team facing Gra'tua, while quite accurate and would have likely decimated a lesser opponent or squad found their attacks deflected as Gratua dropped his blaster and ignited both of his sabres to defend himself.

    Andrieke was not happy at all right now, she thought she had uncanny luck, almost as if she had struck a deal with the goddess of luck and fate. So why had it abandoned her all of a sudden? Nevertheless she returned fire on the approaching commandos.

    Kyr'am was defenseless, dropping her blaster and drawing her sabers, she could perhaps surround herself with the force once more to protect herself but that would limit her options. Instead she drew upon the force, her anger at these warriors who dared to invade a place she had come to call home for months and attempted to unleash a force wave to knock the enemy off their feet and possibly injure them.

    Her father meanwhile faced down the commandos, curing them in Mando'ad and charged, lightsabers swinging.

    The East quadlaser sung around to fire on he approaching troops that were breaching the barricades, the opperators shouting for Kyr'am to get the frak out of the way, for which the young warrior was both grateful and quick to follow suit since the shout had interrupted her focus and caused her attack with the force to fail. The troopers opened fire but failed to hit anything of significance as the Quad turned it attention on them and spoke.
    A few moments later seventeen of the attacking warriors were dead or severely wounded.

    Andrieke's retaliation went less than stellar as her shots failed to find their marks, those attacking her however were a little more effective as the impact of multiple blaster blots impacted her armour in the chest and knocked her on her arse. He armour wouldn't hold up to much more she realized rather quickly and she was rather vulnerable on the ground as she was.

    Gra'tua again showed his mastery of the sith arts as he deflected the next volley of shots back at the commando team firing on him, the deflected bolts finding a home in the weak points in the armour of his enemies, killing them.

    At that point two of the enemy dropships broke into separate attack runs specifically on the quad emplacements in the north and south, both delivering attacks of brutal efficiency and destroying the targeted emplacements.

    Bo grimaced, seeing the turret at her position go up in flame, well this would be fun...

    Gingerly tracing over the hole in her armour, realizing it had saved her made Andrieke groggily stand up on her feet, there was no cover to retreat to so she did the only option she had, she opened fire at the approaching commandos with grim determination.

    Gra'tua ignored the smoking corpses of the commandos he dealt with and turned, stepping around the side of the flak turret and reached out with a hand, extending his fingertips as he unleashed a blast of chain lightning at the enemy assault warriors.

    The two dropships moved on to the east and west emplacements and without much fanfare repeated their actions against the north and south targets. In the west however Thrace ordered the heavy weapons teams there to fire their Plex missiles at the dropships causing some visible damage and likely cuasing the dropship to pull out after this pass.

    In the east Gra'tuas lightening did little but impact upon the former barricades structure while Andrieke royally screwed up and failed to take down a single enemy commando in her efforts. This was shortly rectified however by the Silas commando squad as they trained weapons and opened fire on the squad attacking Andrieke.

    Seeing reinforcements had at last arrived Andrieke felt a surge of adrenaline coursing through her to keep fighting on quickly pressing the activation stud of her shield belt seeing it had recharged before resuming firing with a vengeance against the enemy commandos.

    Kyr'am brought up her blaster, a bit shaken perhaps from narrowly getting out of the way of the flak cannon before, witnessing the destruction and death it had caused before it had been destroyed. Opening fire on one of the enemy squads as she watched her father close in and began a deadly dance with his sabers.

    What happened instead was blasterfire from their side bouncing off harmlessly of armour or nimble warriors jumping out of reach of lightsabers. On both sides.

    The sound of engines was heard again and the three remaining dropships returned and after a smattering of fire on the defending troops in the west they hovered and opened their troop bays. Comando's were the first out, their jetpacks allowing for a rapid egress while squads of assault troops dropped from rapel lines.
    Thrace quickly ordered the squads with her to fire on the new arrivals as she herself raised her blaster and opened fire. Meanwhile in the south the heavy weapons team there turned and started firing on the nearest dropship with devestationg results due to the clear line of sight and some tight aim. How the dropship was still in the air was frankly a good sign for mandalorian engineering, the troops dropping from it however had less luck as many of them were jostled from the lines as the craft shook or outright shot down by the Silas gunners.

    Bo saw the dropships come, seeing a missile launch forth to kill several rappelling enemies in the blast. Alor Thrace was going to be in close quarters combat however, "Heavies remain here, assault move in to support but stay in range of the barricade!" She shouted to the troops with her as she activated her jetpack to get close, as she got a line of sight she noticed one of the enemy warriors who seemed to be in command and decided to issue a challenge. But not like a idiot by shouting out to him, no she preferred to issue her challenge by leveling her blasters at his back and opening fire.

    Meanwhile at the Eastern barricades the fighting continued, Gra'tua's people and the Silas troops gaining the upper hand and though not exatly gradeful or presice they did manage to eliminate the remianing hostiles in the east.

    In the North Groan quickly shouted orders to the commando squad manning the barricades with him and they together jetpacked towards the building mass of troops to the west while signaling for the heavy to return to the barricades in case more troops arrived.

    In the West the disgorged commandos opened fire but it was mostly a wild spraying of blaster bolts, likely intended to keep the defenders off balance though it had little overall effect except to for the moment take the heat off the assault troops still detaching themselves from the rappel lines. The commander that had dropped found himself under attack from behind already as Bo fired on him. Spinning on his heel he brought his gatling blaster to bare and fired on the mandalorian woman with reasonable results as he forced Bo Bo to move to avoid his raging blasterfire.

    Seeing no enemies but hearing weapons fire and the sounds of engines at the west side of the village Gra'tua turned and gestured to Andrieke and Kyr'am, you 2 with me! The rest of you stay here and protect this side of the village! And with that he ran, sincerely hoping Thrace Silas would leave some enemies for him to kill... and remained alive herself.

    Bo cursed, why did he had to have been armed with a gatling laser of all things!? That face however did not change her plan as she kept firing at him.

    To very little effect as it turned out, maybe the range was a bit to far for her blasters, she quickly found out that was not the case for the enemy officer who's sweeping fire came to bare on her and overloaded her shield generator in short order. It simply was not designed to take that much of a beating, with the shield redlining she needed to move fast or her armour would seem be put to the test and true beskar armour was hard to find in recent years.

    The assault squad with Bo had a little more luck as their blasters found marks on the officer who also appeared to be protected by a shield, he did not flinch however and kept up his fire. While the assault troops that had dropped from the same dropship moved to intercept goran and the comandos with him. Fire was exchanged with Goran taking a few hits, nothing major but enough to throw his aim wildly off while a commando beside him dropped. The effect on the troopers was par for the course with a few of them going down under the comandos fire.

    The heavy team in front of Thrace had their Ewebs set up again and as the enemy commandos opened fire so did they, to much more effective results. The cluster of troops and commandos to the south east had mixed results some scoring hits while others flushed targets or kept them pinned while taking few casualties themselves.

    Bo moved to cover, cursing all the while, luckily she had trained with Canderous who also seemed to like toting a rapid fire blaster like this one so she knew a bit what to expect and what damage he could unleash, from her cover she opened fire once more, trying to take him out.

    Meanwhile the others caught up with Goran and his men, Andrieke using a boost from her jetpacks to get on the roof and open fire from elevation while Kyr'am stepped up, blaster raised and squeezed the trigger. Gra'tua meanwhile had forgotten to pick up his blaster, his sabers out and at the ready instead to deflect incoming fire.

    Bo's fire was dead on as she hit the power line to the XO's back mounted powercell. The gatling weapon in his hands went dead and a cry of rage could be heard across the compound. Bo's second shot took the warrior in the shoulder, which served only to intensify the noise. Kyr'ams attack slammed into the assult squads that had turned to attack Groan and those with him dropping the soldier cold though hardly lessening the squads strength while Andrieke's attacks had mixed results. The first shot did much the same as Kyr'ams had, the second never left her barrel as the blasters power cell malfunctioned and fused with the weapon effectively destroying it and if not for a quick release catch on her gauntlet it would have done serious damage to her hand as well.

    The two assault squads flanking Thrace linked up as both were depleted in numbers and took up a position on the outer side of the barricade in order to get a better position against the superior hostile numbers. This proved to be fortunate as both squads were encouraged to make every shot count as they opened fire on the hostile troops. The heavy team near thrace despite making a devastating counterattack against the commando team before them only moments ago suddenly found the remaining commando was under their sights and within their defensive line. As this happened with a whine of engines the dropships, their contents on the ground took off, no hint of their next action.

    The commandos with Goran along with Goran himself fired into the troops before them and scored some hits if not particularly effective results while Thrace herself took out the remaining commando that was now attacking the heavy team on her flank, though not before the lone warrior had inflicted heavy losses on the weapons team.

    The enemies retaliation was decidedly swift, the assault troops all moved to positions with either better cover or a greater field of fire while the remaining commando's moved in for closer range attacks. One assault squad opened fire on Bo scoring mostly superficial hits but enough to encourage her to keep her head down and delaying her shield recharge a little longer. The two near the barricade opened up on the silas assault troops with effective results while the commandos mostly seemed to distract the troops, though one went for Thrace and scored hits against the Silas Alor.

    Andrieke looked at the remains of her pistol, those pistols had been with her for years and now one of them was destroyed, clenching her left fist she holstered her remaining pistol and brought out her rifle and took aim, opening fire on the Assault warriors who had been responsible for the destruction of her pistol.

    Gra'tua turned to Kyr'am, "Let your blades do the talking." And with that he charged to join Thrace, seeing a number of commandos up close to her and with a warcry closed in to attack while Kyr'am rushed forward herself, holstering her blaster and drawing her own sabers, igniting them as she closed into a assault squad from behind targeting Bo.

    Bo saw Kyr'am rushing towards the assault warriors taking potshots at her, making her break out of cover to hunt down the XO since his main weapon was useless, as she went for him she noticed the assault squad that had followed her bringing out grenades and hurling them to a concentration of enemy assault squads directly ahead of them.

    It seemed Andrieke needed to practice with the rifle a little more often as most of her shots went wide with only a couple finding their mark on the chest of a warrior. Kyr'ams attack proven somewhat more fruitful as her twin sabres sliced into the warriors attacking Bo with devastating results. Bo Bo's own fire at the enemy XO scored several more hits which ultimately did very little. The XO on the other hand started to laugh openly as he took a device from his belt and pointed it at Bo's feet while continuing to laugh.

    The enemy commando squad attacking the barricade used their jetpacks to gain the upper hand on the warriors taking shots at them from the other side, a few of the warriors got off some good shots at the commandos but they struck back feircly. The comando squad facing Gra'tua had less success, in fact their elite training was inadequet to keep up with the sith lords sabres as they siced through the weak spots in their armour with ease.

    Trace and the heavy team did little but keep the enemy occupied but neither did those they were shooting at make any headway themselves while Goran and the commandos with him took down the assault squad firing on them with predjudice.

    The Roar of engines was once again heard a few moments later as the dropships returned for more strafing runs, one aiming for Goran the commandos with him and andrieke while the second homed in on the device the XO was pointing at Bo Bo and delivered a devestating accurate blast of laser fire on the otherwise confident warrior.

    As the dropships pass from their strafing run another roar of engines could be heard approaching, this one had a different pitch, one Gra'tua's people would recognise instantly. The kalikir gunship burst over the treetops and laid out a devastating blast of firepower in the path of the dropship that had just attacked Bo, missing but forcing the dropship to alter its flight path and slow down a little. A burst of static filled voice came over Gra'tua's comm as the Kalikir passed overhead. “Wa.h . ti.. ..pport ...s, suc...s.”

    Gra'tua couldn't help but smile hearing that while still fighting the commandos, only uttering three words, not even certain he was heard. "You are late."

    Andrieke charged forwards after dodging the blast, stopping beside Goran Silas, he appeared to be breathing still, that was all she could do as she saw the XO laughing still. "Enough." She muttered as she raised her blaster, switching to stun assuming her alor wanted this man as a prisoner and fired.

    Kyr'am saw the blasts and then a prone body of Bo, she let out a shout, her rage fueled as she saw comrades and allies fall and hacked her blades at the enemy. Meanwhile the squad Bo had been giving orders saw her fall but remained fighting, firing their blasters.

    “I--l -e -ack.” Wash said barely audible over the comms as the three dropships left the compounds clearing again. Followed a few moments later by another explosion.

    The firefights were heating up and while Gra'tua and his people were apparently distracted by the arrival of their gunship warriors on both sides were dropping. The XO saw his chance with the hut flattened and Bo prone and shell shocked, he pulled a heavy blaster pistol and fired on the unfortunate warrior with little but her armour to stop him. Of course he was hit by Andrieke's stun setting his heavy armour absorbing a sizable portion of the effect, though under a sustained barrage it would likely overwhelm him. The stun did not however drop the XO and while knocked off a killing shot his blaster still did damage to poor Bo.

    As the fighting continued Bo came to, screaming in pain as she reached for her stomach, feeling a cauterized hole, with a grunt she got to her feet, looking around in a daze till she noticed the enemy commander, holding a blaster and aiming it at her, that explained the stomach wound. Her blasters not in her hands she raised her right wrist and fired with her wrist attachment.

    Goran likewise switched his blaster to stun and fired on the XO as a second explosion in the distance is heard, his shot however went rather wide. Bo's attack hit home but was too weak to do much damage, meanwhile kyr'am and gra'tua both eliminated the forces directly before them.

    Struck by Andrieke yet again the XO went to one knee as the stunning energy started sapping his strength, still he managed to fire off a number more shoots at Bo, he didn't plan to go down just yet. The shots however failed to land. The remaining enemy commandos threw themselves at Gra'tua with reckless abandon stripping his protective force bubble and making the sith lord vulnerable.

    Feeling her mortal existence very clearly at the moment Bo decided a strategic retreat was beast as she limped away, seeing the squad was still there she gestured to the XO, "Capture him." She muttered, her voice getting a bit weak after the hits she had sustained, she wasn't even sure she said that since her ears were still ringing from the blast that had briefly knocked her out earlier.

    Andrieke meanwhile looked down the sight of her rifle at the kneeling enemy commander. "Just give up already." She snarled as she squeezed the trigger. As this happened Kyr'am ran past engaging the last enemy assault squad while her father battled some more commandos still.

    Andrieke's second burst hit its mark and the enemy XO dropped, finally subdued. This success was followed a moment later by the roar of enemy dropship engines as the owner of said engines came in for a strafing run on the silas assault troops with Bo. While Bo managed to fire her jetpack in time to avoid the laser fire the squad was not so lucky.

    Gra'tua was having a difficult time with the commandos it seemed, either they were exceptionally good or he needed to lay off the strawberry mocca triple shots with marshmellows and sprinkles. Kyram on the other hand was doing exceptionally well against the assault warriors she had engaged, so much so that after finishing them off she let go of one of her sabers, pulled her blaster pistol and shot the three commandos facing her father in the back of the head. A few moments later from the south Bo heard the kalikir's engines again moment before it burst into sight with lasers firing hard on the enemy dropship and hitting its engines in the process.

    Ignoring the aerial combat Andrieke moved forwards, her gun aimed at the prone form of the big guy she reached out and prod him with her foot. "Ok he's stunned... Bo, are you alive?"

    "For the moment... did we win?" Came the voice from Bo further up, her jetpack out of fuel and holes all over her armour.

    "We are alive and at the moment no enemies in sight, so maybe." Was the war leader's reply, hearing no longer the distinct noises of lightsabers in combat she figured her alor and his daughter had also dealt with their enemies so allowed herself to relax a little and make sure the enemy commander was bound and had no weapons to call on. Bo did the same by going for her prisoners taken earlier and keep a eye on them.

    Gra'tua looked at the corpses at his feet and then at his daughter, he could not see her face due to her helmet but he could just sense her smirk. "Vor entye." A debt to repay later, he turned to Thrace. "Are you injured?"

    It would seem not.” Thrace replied as she heard the static on the com lines lift. “All warriors report to the compound, assemble outside my [hut].” Thrace said as she started heading that way herself. “Join me.” she said to Gra'tua over her shoulder.

    He nodded and turned to Kyr'am, "Gather the dead and wounded, take care of the latter and prepare the former for burial." Kyr'am nodded, wondering how many faces of the dead she would recognize as those she got to know during her time here. Andrieke and Bo joined her, Andrieke taking charge of the prisoners while Bo helped Kyr'am with the wounded before joining the lying ranks herself waiting for someone to attend to her injuries.

    Following Thrace the Kalikir gunship landed, making Gra'tua pause for a moment as the pilot sauntered out, hands in his pockets. "So all the baddies are dealt with I think, what's up boss?"

    Valar stared behind him and then back at the pilot. "Where are the reinforcements?"

    He got a quizzical look in return, "Reinforcements?"

    Valar kept staring, frowning behind his mask, "Nevermind, for now. Get in the ship, contact Kashiir and order him to send down troops and medical personal. Now." His tone inviting no argument and watched until the pilot hurried back into the gunship to carry out the orders. While alor Gra'tua rejoined with the Silas alor, walking next to her. "So, are the clan markings of these warriors known to you perhaps?"

    “Their marking are those of a small clan from the southern plains, our last report said they were not so well equipped and it would imply that they would need the bulk of their forces to pull off this attack.” Thrace said as she entered her [hut]. “Things aren't adding up, we've never been in conflict in the past.”

    Seeing as it was not clear if they were to be attacked again or not, he opted not to remove his boots in case they needed to get out in a hurry. "I see, well we seem to have some prisoners, we can question them of their purpose to attack your clan, assuming they know. If it was due to my presence... then I do regret coming here, it was not my intent to bring battle at your doorstep."

    “The only thing that changed was your being here, I do not think that is a coincidence.” Thrace said. “As it was your people that stunned the captives, I think it only fair that you interrogate them, I trust you would share the details revealed of course.” she concluded as wash poked his head into the [hut].

    “Uh, boss... Kashiir says he's sending some teams down to help.” the pilot said a little hesitantly.

    He glanced at the pilot and then back at Thrace, "Forgive me of being forward but I thought that some extra troops to help defend the camp and medical supplies and staff would be welcome." Turning back to the pilot. "Wash... was it? Return to the gunship please, I will come by shortly, to ask where you were at the beginning of this." With that he dismissed the pilot and focused on Thrace. "If you accept I could place your clan under my protection, from the way my daughter did her best to defend this place and your people she has grown quite fond of your clan and your brother has been a battle brother to me."

    “That you were willing to stay and fight, and that you still offer support means a lot to me and mine.” Thrace replied. “Even before this attack I was leaning heavily towards throwing my support behind your bid to become Mandalore. When you make it. I know the jendri support you and even Fett shows no sign of opposing.” Thrace grabbed a decanter of a gold liquid from a shelf and poured two shot glasses. “I can tell you two things about the clan from the southern plains even without an interrogation.” She said as she passed one of the glasses to Gra'tua. “They should not have been able to pull this off by themselves. And they have long had strong ties to Ordo.”

    He took the glass and toasted it to her, "My thanks for your support and as for this clans ties to Ordo, let them voice it out loud, if Ordo ordered this attack I wish to know it... so their fear to attack me directly will be known that they ordered a lesser clan to do the deed, while attacking a neutral clan to get to me." He downed the contents of the shot glass after removing Revans mask and resisted the urge to cough, it definitely was strong whatever it was. "On the subject of your support, forgive me if I am presumptuous, but perhaps we can make this a more formal alliance? What do you say of your clan joining ranks with my own?"

    “If you call for aide Silas will come.” Thrace replied simply. “You are offering the same I assume.”

    He extended his arm and hand, offering a warrior's grip. "I do, if you call for aid, clan Gra'tua will come."

    “Goran has also expressed a desire to stay on with you, I cannot think of a better liaison.” Thrace replied before grinning. I've also had requests from several others due to spending time with Kyr'am while she was here, I believe some of them are trying to court her.” She added as she offered Gra'tua another shot.

    He was about to reply when he heard the bit about Silas warriors possibly courting his daughter he coughed and took a moment to breathe, shaking his head. "I... see... well my daughter has her own mind, it is up to her who she shares her bed with and eventually start a family. And regardless of motive, I will welcome anyone who wis ht ofight beside myself and my warriors. I must say I am pleased to hear Goran will stay on... even if it is probably to keep berating me about my lousy shooting skills." He finished saying with a smirk.

    “I imagine that he will.” Thrace replied “Now we both have work we need to do, I need to prepare the rest of my people to move to another location and you have prisoners to question.” Thrace said as she stood, “You also have a story to hear I believe.”

    "So I do, may we meet again under better circumstances, if you need supplies, go to the Dragonsteeth outpost, my people will give you anything you need." He bowed, giving a warriors salute. "Until we meet again." With his goodbyes said he left her home and nodded to Goran and the Silas warriors waiting there, "She is ready for you all now." With that he moved past them towards the Kalikir gunship, seeing the pilot sitting on the embarkation ramp, toying with a plastic reptile toy of some kind he quickly stuffed away upon sight of him approaching. Before he could speak Valar spoke to him first. "Where were you, explain." Four words, simple and direct to the point as he narrowed his eyes at the pilot.

    The Pilot looked up at Gra'tua for a moment before tilting his head slightly, pulling out the toy reptile again and tossing it over his shoulder into the gunships cargo section. What followed was a muffled cry of pain from the impact.

    He turned to look over the pilots shoulder and then back at him, a eyebrow raised, taking hold of a lightsaber hilt he strode forwards past the pilot to look at what, or who uttered the cry of pain.

    The sight that greeted Gra'tua was a mandalorian male stripped of his armour, gagged and bound by hand and foot. "You see I had a little trouble myself after I warned you they were coming." the pilot said as he came into the gunship behind Gra'tua. "This guy and a half dozen others tried to take any ship they could get to on the landing field, only two of the Silas shuttles made it off the ground and another war destroyed before it could take off." the pilot pulled out a second toy reptile, this one flattened and missing a few pieces. "this Bastard stepped on Zoe and the noise led me know he was there before he could take me out."

    Valar stared down at the captive and then suddenly chuckled, turning it into a booming laugh, shaking his head. "And Goran said to replace you... not to mention Bo's report your... toys... were nothing but a annoyance." He turned and slapped the pilot on the shoulder. "Impressive, I have been using your Kalikir for my own transportation but I think it ought to be made official, you are my personal pilot, I need someone who is able to fly like you do and can even take on a number of armed warriors who dare to take the ship." He turned back to the prisoner. "As for you, you will be treated with respect, if you show it in return, but for now, seeing as you look somewhat upset, you shall remain bound like this."

    Gra'tua troops arrived shortly after and the gathering of corpses, both friendly and enemy alike began, while the captives were send to the Kandosii Naast for questioning and further interrogation. Making the mreveal if Ordo or some other party was the instigator for this attack. Once it was clear to Gra'tua clan Silas would be safe he left, returning to his vessel with his people.


    It had been a few days since the attack on clan Silas and Valar Gra'tua was on his own, waiting for when Azazel would give birth to their children when suddenly the door opened, Magog walking in. Noticing his personal physician... and torturer was holding a datapad he waited for him to speak, indicating for him to approach. The Mandalorian 'doctor' approached when his alor indicated he could and handed the datapad over. "Our findings from the investigation and torture of our captives, sadly no conclusive results as you can see but some interesting facts you might be interested in and draw your own conclusions about, alor Gra'tua. They did act on behalf of another party for certain but they did not specifically say who."

    Valar nodded slowly as he read the file, "How does Tihk fare and the prisoners?"

    "Tihk... needs some rest, he appeared somewhat distressed after his efforts, as for the prisoners, they did not make it, I must admit they hold out longer than I anticipated but they have ultimately all passed away. I have them scheduled to be incinerated." Magog reported, seeming positively delighted with the experience he gained.

    "Good I want nothing of them to remain, they were filth and will be purged as such." He said as he finished reading the file. "No conclusive evidence indeed... but I can make my own conclusions and act on them, thank you Magog, go. I want you to be rested and ready, I want the best medical care for Azazel when the twins are due." Magog bowed and turned to the exit, leaving his alor to brood on his thoughts.

    Summary (open)

    A what originally started as a simply attempt to recruit more troops concluded into a battle of life and death for Valar Gra'tua and his people as he meets with clan Silas once more to return his daughter to his side.


    Gra'tua Gained Physical Trait Sabrer Barrier 3 due to his excellence in combat and defending himself with a whirling wall of lightsaber movements to redirect enemy blasterfire.

    Bo Gained Tech Trait Shield Belt 2

    Kyr'am Gained Special Trait combined arms dual wielding.


    Clan Silas gained as a ally, Goran Silas remains a member of clan Gra'tua.

    Torture of a few prisoners revealed that the attack was instigated by another party but as to who exactly, there is no 100% guarantee.
  8. Shadow's Regret.
    Somewhere, Travelling among the stars...

    Her mind was at peace as she concentrated on her breathing, her eyes closed as she ignored the world around her, that is how she started this exercise and she had since then lost track of time but to say she was pleased when she felt something thrown at her to get her attention was definitely not true. She opened her eyes and looked down from the iron pole she stood one with only one foot, balancing carefully. "Yes... Verat? Surprising to see you here." They were in the section reserved for training for force users and a distance off notice her pupils fighting mock battles with lightsabers or the force. "One moment." Lena took a deep breath, concentrating on the force and then jumped off, using the flow of the force to guide her descend and slow herself down, landing on both her feet without the need to break her fall and rolling over the floor. "My apologies but I had a rather pleasant meditation session, concentrating on matters of the force. That and I needed two hours to jump perfectly on the pole without falling off right away so the interruption better be good."

    Her ships captain's face was nigh unreadable with the skeletal structure the Givin species had but he flinched a little, perhaps recalling how she had hurled him into a shuttle which had required him to recover a number of weeks in the medbay. However he recomposed himself within seconds. "The message you have composed to that... underworld figure." She could detect the disdain in his voice and was amused by it but made no comment on it, gesturing for him to continue. "It has been send as you requested and you still wish for me to prepare a shuttle for you to head to Nar Shaddaa?" She nodded, noticing his confusion she merely smiled and raised a eyebrow. "Forgive my... rudeness, lady Lena, but if you wish to attend a meeting with his man, assuming he will attend, but... at the same time you also wish us to head elsewhere? With you being present here as well."

    Lena laughed softly, smiling she placed her hand on the shoulder of her Givin captain. "My esteemed captain, you should know by now that when I want to be in multiple places at once-"

    "I can arrange it to be so." Came her voice from behind Verat as another Lena placed her hand on Verats other shoulder.

    "So please, ready the shuttle so that one of us can make it to Nar Shaddaa in time." Came a third Lena who stopped concentrating on concealing herself with the force.

    "So as you can see." The first Lena said, gesturing to the second and third version of herself. "It all taken care off, so carry out your orders and duties captain, know all is well." She looked at the second version of herself. "Go with him, you will be there on Nar Shaddaa." She received a nod in return and let go of Verats shoulder, watching herself leave guiding Verat along. Activating her comms she contacted sickbay, "Make sure the... candidates remain on full life support, they might need to last a while." She received a confirmation and terminated the link, turning to one of her better halves that still remained with her she nodded and gestured for her to follow.

    They left the force training area together walking into the more common training zones with practice ranges and cages for the regular rank and file and her command staff, noticing Bodhicai to the side with her cortosis staff trying to show Irys Dza the basics of wielding one of her own, the Bothan slicer not in the same category as the female Morgukai Nikto trained but perhaps getting there in time. They did not stop to chat however and merely resumed their way, her other half cloaking herself with the force once more so they wouldn't need to receive the odd look of Lena's people seeing more than one Lena.

    The both of them eventually reached the ships library and came upon the loremaster in Lena's service going over several starcharts and muttering to himself. "So you asked to see me in five hours, it has been five hours so what is it you wish to show me?" As she asked this the other Lena revealed herself and leaned against one of the bookcases.

    The loremaster looked up, blinking when he saw two Lena's, as he started rubbing his eyes, "It's confusing when you do that... who is the main?"

    "Does it matter?" The Lena asked who was leaning against a bookcase. "What do you have for us."

    The loremaster looked back and forth but clearly was not getting a answer and then proceeded to merely shrug and pick up the starchart on top of the pile he was studying and pointed down at one of the stars. "The planet Athiss, which houses the tomb of Vodal Kressh, a direct descendant of the ancient sith empire lord Ludo Kressh. The tomb has been looted, cleared, by the Sith Empire several thousands of years ago but my research indicates some, valuable, artifacts yet remain you might be interested in and if they are worthless to you, there is still a value to them on the black market."

    "I see, do you know of any dangers that may lurk there in wait for us?"

    The loremaster shook his head regarding the Lena who asked that. "I cannot tell for certain my lady, however, as I said the tomb had been cleared... several thousand years ago, whatever resides there now." He shrugged. "I cannot say, yet in my experience and from what you told me of tombs you, and your fellow sith allies, have explored, sith and jedi tombs alike draw all sorts of 'things' that will prove themselves to be a hazard to any who wish to explore the depths of the tomb."

    "Nothing we can't handle." The other Lena remarked.

    "One time will be enough." The first remarked before they lapsed into silence.

    "How do you keep the duplicates apart from the real one?" The loremaster asked after a moment.

    "We are all Lena." She merely remarked, both of them saying the same thing at once. "You are dismissed, thank you for your information." Being dismissed he gathered what things not related to the world of Athiss or the sith tomb the loremaster hurried out, casting one last glance back and just shook his head, wondering why he decided to work for someone with... multiple personalities...
  9. Arami System
    Saros Incorperated HQ, Kuryi's Office

    Kuryi looked out the large exterior window of his office in the newly constructed headquarters of the Saros corporation in the Arami system. With the shipyards expanding to include a larger capitol class drydock and the addition of a second salvage processing centre for the debris field it had seemed prudent to build a more centralised control centre for the system. Kuryi had even considered briefly of adding a fuel depot to the list of assets in the system to encourage more commercial traffic to the otherwise out of the way system. Funds were running low for the time being however and such plans needed to be shifted to the backburner.

    The door behind him chimed and he waved the activation sensor on his desk to open the door, the figures that walked in were expected afterall, his officers Iella and Miria. At first glance they made an unlikely pair, the Echani enforcer and the former jedi padawan, but the two had formed a strong friendship with Iella teaching Miria the Echani open hand style of fighting and how to effectively wield a blaster. Kuryi had heard that Iella was even asking Miria to teach her to wield a lightsabre, Something Kuryi had considered learning himself if only so that he knew their capabilities better, he suspected that was Iella's reasoning as well.

    “Sir,” Iella spoke up. “The expedition is ready to depart.” The expedition she reffered to was one Kuryi had ordered prepared a week prior when the construction of the station had finished. Their task was to travel to the Tapani sector and see what they could find out about the Mecrosa Order and the sith lord Andrea had told him off. His agents in the region had provided a small amount of information thus far but Kuryi preferred to know more. As Miria was the only force sensitive in his employ, her presence might incite a reaction or her own senses might find something his agents missed. Iella was going because she was one of his more capable and trusted officers, Eahn was also going but presumable was already on the vessel the expedition would take. Kuryi had ordered the Torrio made ready, the Cadillac class cruiser that usually lead the Armai system's defence fleet. with a squad of the beast scouts that Miria had trained and a few operatives and commandos for backup should things get... interesting.

    “Very good.” Kuryi replied as he turned from the expanse of the shipyards outside his office window. “Remember you are on an information gathering mission Iella, Do Not engage unless there is no other option open to you.” He added quite firmly. “I would rather have my people back safe and a little less knowledgeable than not have you back at all.” He concluded with the same tone and businesslike expression. To Iella he spoke volumes with that as she was as capable of reading body language as he was. To Miria Kuryi's demented seemed cold, but after training with Iella she was starting to look beyond the surface and to start trusting the force as her former master had tried to teach her.
    “Understood sir.” Iella replied casually. “We have also had a request from the Blue Bird to join us.” Miria almost spoke up to add her name but stopped herself, Kuryi knew who Iella meant and Iella meant no offence by addressing her so.
    “I'll allow it, Adia's upbringing may help you gain access to places you may be unable to go otherwise. I considered sending Baphr in the first place for that very reason but I need him elsewhere.” Kuryi replied.
    “I'll let her know sir. Is there anything else?” Iella asked.
    “Nothing, Find what you can, report back and stay alive.” Kuryi replied before tipping his head an smilling for a moment. “Though if you happen to run across any of Andrea's people while you are in the sector lend them a hand if they need it, so long as it does not complicate your original goals of course.”
    “Of course sir.” Iella replied with a short nod of her head. Kuryi simply waved his hand towards the door and turned around to watch the vista outside the window again while the two women left. Andrea had intrigued him with this talk of a sith lord in Tappani. Glancing sideways the two Mandalorian Crush Gauntlets he had picked up on Anaxes were on a manikin on the corner of the office along with some light and flexible combat armour he had obtained, it went against the teaching of the Echani Arts to wear armour, but after Anaxes some protection had seemed prudent, later events had not disproved that hunch. Besides the black skinned sun guard offshoots of the Echani wore much heavier armour and still fought hand to hand quite well, Mandalorians were skilled hand to hand warriors as well and they wore heavy armour. The concept of not wearing armour for maximum movement was commendable, but these days with blasters in every mooks hands it was at best foolhardy.

    Sighing softly Kuryi turned away from the window again and sat at the desk. There was work to do afterall. He had a video file to transmit to Andrea from what little his investigations into Traiserus had already turned up. A gala ball from twenty years ago, apparently in Traiserus honour. Armed assassins had broken up the ball partway through and by the end of the fight the assassins and the attending nobles were dead, Traiserus and twenty others who appeared to wield the force and worked for traiserus were all that remained. As a footnote Kuryi added Information about a woman working for Traiserus, she employed the force in her death dealing tasks and only one of her eyes had changed to the accustomed crimson-gold of a sith. Also that it was believed Traiserus had bought a shipping concern on Fondor a few months ago, for what reason he did not know and his hutt contact, Zier Besadii, had been unable to tell him more. Encrypting the entire file Kuryi sent it along the secure channel that had been set up to communicate with Andrea when required.


    Arami System
    Overlooking the large shipyard cradle.

    Te-ru looked out at the spaceframe being slowly assembled in the cradle it was little more than a skeleton of the ships eventual outer hull but in her mind she saw the completed vessel sitting in the dock. Its only designation so far was 'SBC-01' , little more than a production code and likely the registry that ship would keep upon completion. The design was to take advantage of the new large cradle and build a ship to fill the command role presently served by the Cadillac class cruisers, which would fall back to a more front line roll in the expanded fleet Kuryi had planned.

    The ship presently being built was to be hers, and should it pass flight trials at least two more were planned to fill secondary rolls. Hers was to be unique however, with customisations to her specifications that would not pass onto its sister ships should they be built. The honour of naming it was even hers, though so far she had not been able to chose. That was fine though, until the vessel was closer to completion it did not need to have a name, SBC-01 would suffice until then.

    Turning away from the window Te-ru picked up a datapad and began the tedious task of making up preliminary crew rosters for the vessel. Like the name these would not be needed for a while, but it was always good to give people some warning and she wanted several of her command crew from the Luciano she also needed to select a wing leader from the pilots in her task force. The new ship was a carrier at its core and while she had made sure to recruit pilots with a higher standard than those that filled the rest of Kuryi's fleet outside her task force she felt this new ship deserved a higher standard again. So she needed a candidate from her roster of squadron leaders who had the skill and potential to step up and lead all the squadrons that would be assigned to the new ship. It was not going to be an easy task.

    Another thought occurred to her as she went through the lists on names and service records. Nothing was stopping her going outside her task force to recruit such a pilot. She had a few idea's as to where she might find an outside candidate, more than just piloting skill and the potential for leadership however Te-ru wanted a new ace squadron to lead her fighters in her new command, while the Valentine interceptors were durable and dependable they lacked certain features of true high performance craft. Lucchese starfighters were manoeuvrable well protected and well armed, but speed was a factor and they lacked utility. No the squadron needed a new design of fighter. A pilot with mechanical knowledge would be most desirable, Gris would be able to build a new fighter quite well she was sure, but a pilot that knew engineering could offer insight the little man might miss with his own lack of piloting skill.

    That thought decided Te-ru set about building a short list of potential candidates she was aware of already, if they were not interested they might at least know someone that was. She still have a number of contacts from the days when Kuryi's operations were more smuggling than legitimate and her more recent connections since rising to lead Kuryi's special task force fleet would help as well.


    Arami System
    Saros Incorperated HQ, Kuryi's Office

    Kuryi was musing over potential asset acquisitions or other tasks he could send his people to accomplish in the near future when his personal dataline beeped quietly and a message was deposited from his network of eyes and ears. He read the file with interest as it held very recent and valuable information. When he had finished the file he smiled coldly and tapped his commlink. “Iella, we have a change of plans. Transfer your team to The Art of Battle and make sure Ahmba and Eahn join us, Cazador too, his unique talents might be of use.”
    There was obvious confusion in Iella's voice when she replied “Boss?”
    “We're no longer going to the Tapani sector.” Kuryi answered her.
    As Iella responded with an affirmative the dataline beeped again and a new file was dropped, this one routed through the communications board after it had passed all the security filters. It had a note from the comms team that it did not correspond to any known contact.

    As it had already passed the filters there seemed no harm in reading the message Kuryi decided, even with the previous news being quite the boon. The new message was text only, but Kuryi was used to such messages these days, he stopped counting how many a day cane through something in the order of 3 years ago, before the war started. It started out simple enough but by the end of the message Kuryi was intrigued, he would certainly be visiting Nar Shaddaa in the near future he thought with another cold smile.

    • Summary (open)
      Kuryi enjoys his new office in Arami and discusses an operation in the Tapani sector with his officers.

      Te'ru observes the frame of what will become the new command ship of her task force fleet and ponders possible crew arrangements for the vessel.

      Kuryi receives new intel as well as a message from an unknown person. A trip to Nar Shaddaa is planned.

    • Hello,

      You do not know me or even have any reason to trust me or the offer I extend, I have heard of you however. Enough to arrange a meeting with the prospects of possibly coming to a agreement or arrangement that will benefit us both. To that end I wish to meet you face to face if possible, given that you are a Echani you no doubt would have the advantage with a opportunity to 'read' me as your kind are able to. I am currently on Nar Shaddaa in a hotel room I have hired for the time being in the Gundark Pit hotel, ask for Lady L at the lobby I will be there if you wish to meet.

      As a incentive, a small gift of knowledge. Some of my contacts have informed me there is a contract on your head that is circulated among members of the Bounty Hunters league, watch your head Kuryi Gabriel Saros.

      With Regards,
      Lady L.
  10. In the life of the friends of a Jedi,
    Illusion of Grace hyperspace transit to the Krotan System.

    Thrall leaned back in his custom made command chair, knowing full well the eyes of every bridge officer was on him as he closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead, sighing deeply before taking a deep breath, looking up at the officer who delivered the news he had just received. "You are certain of this?" He received a grim nod and sighed again. "I see, give me shipwide." He waited till a nearby officer nodded that the intercom over the ship had been activated. "Crew of the Illusion of Grace... it grieves me to inform you all... that the mess halls are all out of guacamole. Now before you all start rioting or making attempts of mutiny, let me assure you that we will restock our supplies as soon as possible, so please, keep at your stations and don't storm the bridge, thank you.... also we are about to exit hyperspace, so please do not smoke in the corridors and make sure any children are strapped into their seats, thank you."

    He chuckled, shaking his head. "Ah that was good, do tell me if the crew decided to start a mutiny because they have a idiotic silly person as their captain." The rest of the bridge crew chuckled in good humour and resumed their duties. A moment later as they left hyperspace Thrall was more focused, they had come here looking for mercenaries, hearing rumours of a Duros mercenary with a small army was just the kind they could use to free Beardface from his foolish endeavor of saving a entire planet. Maybe save the planet while they were at it too but Thrall's primary concern was getting his friend and employer out, even if Tohkran would oppose it, the Sluissi really did not care about Tohkran's feelings on the matter, last time they had heard from the jedi was four months ago and that communication had been garbled and filled with static.

    He was only casually looking at the sensor reading and just asked his comms officer to send a hail on the frequency they had gotten for the mercenary contacts to speak a representative when he paused at a sensor image ship and frowned, pausing it to study it more closely. "Where have I seen you before... hang on." He looked closer and then pulled up some data logs of almost a year ago. "Huh... it's a small galaxy." As he looked at the exact same ship, the Illusion of Grace and this vessel, along with a third, had been caught in a conflict between the Republic and CIS, both of them fighting for the Republic while the third had made its escape. "Well let's see if I finally get to meet the captain of that ship, that ship handled itself well in that conflict so perhaps it was a good idea indeed to come here..." He muttered to himself.

    Korani awoke to a buzzing from his comm-link and sat up shaking the sleep from his eyes. "What is it?" He barked as he sat up and began dressing. They wouldn't bother his sleep, Vizal stirred next to him and rolled back over.

    "Sir, vessel emerged from Hyperspace on safe approach." The voice of a Duros he'd never met said. Whoever had the graveyard shift.

    "I'm on my way." He barked and slapped the comm-link. "This better not be another fucking snowglobe salesman or i'm going to airlock the little cunt who woke me." He snapped and headed for the bridge of the Irregular Apocalypse. He saw on the plot a pair of blade corvettes were moving to get more scans as he sat down in the command chair. He suddenly squinted at the plot. He knew that ship.

    He activated the communications system. "Welcome to the Krotan system and the lunar colony of Hersaun I, my name is Ter Korani, Commander of the Hadrian's Blade Mercenary Company, and your vessel is familiar to me. How can I help you?"

    Thrall inclined his head in greeting to the holographic Duros face. "Thank you for your welcome, I admit I was not expecting to talk to the... 'big boss' himself. I would be Thrall Pontax, captain of the Illusion of Grace. I came here looking for mercenaries." He allowed himself a grin, "I think I am in the right system for that. Also, I have a rather nagging curiousity problem, have we perhaps met each other before? Or at least our ships? We never interacted personally but rather through the Republics military supreme commander who either demanded we help fight, get out of the way, or get blown up."

    Korani grinned. "We did indeed, some time ago, a year or so, maybe more. We found ourselves fighting with the Republic against a CIS fleet, I crippled the Malevolence's main weapon with my spinal weaponry.. though I hope Grievous doesn't remember that after all this time..." Korani chuckled. "But let's meet up somewhere more sociable, I have an office on the surface with my compound, that'll allow us to discuss business and I can even show off some of my toys." He grinned.

    He chuckled, "Well glad to meet you in person momentarily then, I shall be heading down to the surface shortly." With that the link was ended and Thrall headed to the hangar for a shuttle. Touching down on the planet's surface moments later in one of the Nu-shuttles the Illusion of Grace carried.

    Korani took the Enfilade down to the surface landing on the roof of his PMC office and heading down inside the building. His people were discussing potential contracts with clients when he reached the main doors to the office as the Sluissi headed for the building. A couple of Duros bounty hunters flanking him. "Welcome to Hersaun I." He smiled.

    "Thank you, I had heard rumours about your company and if only a fraction are true then I am definitely at the right place." Thrall was saying as he extended a hand. "Thought since all I heard rumours I was hoping to perhaps gain a bit more knowledge about your company, the Hadrians Blades. Out of the... what is that human saying, nerfs mouth?"

    "Mercenaries with a cause, you might say. Working for credits and, more personally, working to free Duros from the CIS." Korani admitted with a shrug. "So long as you don't expect us to murder defenceless women and children, or commit an action that would lead to do such an action, then we're content to take almost any employer." Korani lead Thrall through the office into a large board-room with a massive transparisteel window facing out onto a firing range. Empty at the moment but not for long. "I've got a demonstration on the way. It'll take a short while longer to arrive."

    Thrall slithered along, following his host to the office and to the window, looking out. "I do like demonstrations... as for what you just said, that is good to hear, I met five other companies before who made it clear they only cared about... well credits and seemed to indicate that civilians were just 'collateral damage'." He uttered with disdain at the memory, before lapsing into silence to see what the demonstration was about.

    "Many mercenaries are like that, too concerned about credits, not concerned enough about reputation, mercenaries who spend their time taking any job without regard to morality end up being little more than thugs for the Hutts and their ilk." Suddenly a number of transports landed in the field outside and disgorged their contents.

    At the forefront a massive tracked vehicle with a main turret and artillery cannon rolled out of it's transport, flanking it two smaller repulsor vehicles emerged from other transports. Each of the two having two large turrets with heavy mass drivers and a pair of light gun turrets loaded with triple blasters. And then another twelve repulsor tanks emerged each with a main turret with a turbolaser cannon and a coaxial beam laser and a couple fixed weapons facing forwards.

    "As you can see, being reliable and having a degree of morality has gotten us plenty of wealth." The main turrets of all the vehicles turned towards the hillside. With a roar and a flash they all opened fire with their main guns. The targets on the hillside replaced by field of craters. "And being a little flashy never hurt either."

    "Shock and awe tactics." Thrall said in response, impressed by what he had just seen as he nodded. "A common tactic, but one that has proved its worth over the centuries I suppose. However, how does that far against droids... particularly CIS battle droids, you mentioned your main goal was the liberation of Duros so I do imagine you have faced against CIS droids before?"

    "Droid Armies tend to be less reactive than biological forces such as clones fielded by the Republic. Indeed, the CIS while has massive production seems to consider little strategy behind drown them in droids."

    Korani turned from the display. "The Irregular Apocalypse carries approximately two-hundred and fifty armoured vehicles, including bikes, as well as just short of four thousand men. My Hadrian Class Frigates can transport another four hundred approximately all up, as well as capable of planetary landings. My direct experience against droid armies is limited, but my 'General' Fidel Castrot has significant experience in the field. Add on that with three vessels, my Corvettes remain to defend my moon after all, I can also deploy approximately thirty-four squadrons of strike craft and I can manage a small war. Or you can opt for a smaller contract depending on your needs. So the question is..."

    Korani paused. "What sort of job you want, a small war, a skirmish, some bodyguards?"

    Thrall was silent for a moment and then produced a small holo-emitter he had modified, it no longer could be used to communicate but he used it to play several recordings and images. The sensor scans of slave labour camps on Antar IV with CIS droid overseers. CIS military patrols walking through the streets with no sign of the local populace anywhere. Several images of the ships that were blockading the planet at the time of the recording. All the data collected by the Illusion of Grace at the time Tohkran had decided to remain on the planet. Once he shut off the device Thrall spoke up, "That world is called Antar IV, the CIS invaded and turned its population into slave labour, forcing them to work in factories dedicated to turning out more war materials. My employer, a man named Tohkran, became involved with the resistance on that world about 7, to 8 months ago along with a large number of troops we had, requesting me to gather forces to come and rescue, and possibly liberate, that planet. We own a shipyard concern in the Bestine system so we had access to ships and some troops normally reserved to guard our facilities."

    Thrall was not about to reveal that the man he worked for was a jedi with a small private army and fleet, instead opting to describe Tohkran for the shipyard magnate persona he had adopted as a cover. "The Republic could not offer any sort of military assistance, stretched as they are, apparently their efforts to liberate Corellia and Duros failed. So as you can see, I would like to open up the discussion to hire your entire company, troops and ships. To fight CIS forces."

    Korani studied they hologram. Three Lucrehulk class vessels in orbits to maximise their coverage according to old intel. Plenty of troops and squadrons. It had the potential to be a real clusterfuck, or a great victory. "Three questions." Korani said holding up one finger.

    "First: How much are you also committing to the small war?" He raised a second finger.

    "Second: With your intel, was there any indication the CIS was stepping up its defences?" He held up a third finger.

    "Third, what are you offering for the job?" He finished.

    Thrall thought for a moment, "As for what we are committing, any and all ships, troops and vehicles we can spare. Two capital class vessels with no less than 4 support/escort class vessels with several hundred soldiers. Some allies and business associates are also helping out, I cannot speak for what they are contributing but it will be roughly along the same numbers I suspect." He thought for a moment, "Also... my ship, the Illusion of Grace, is equipped with a cloaking device so it might be possible to scout ahead." He said, hoping that being upfront about their own capabilities was the wisest course of action.

    "The second answer, we came in and came out undetected so I have no reason to believe they stepped up their defenses during that time, though I cannot say if perhaps due to my employer joining the resistance there they needed to increase security."

    He thought for a moment. "To answer your third question, well I actually counter you with a question of my own. How much are you asking?"

    Korani's lips kinked up into a smile at the mention of the cloaking device. "Aye, I noticed that during our playtime with Grievous, though I have wondered if it was a Hybridium or Stygium device. But overall good news. Asking price. Two and a half million credits plus salvage rights on 30% of captured war materials. Including, if we can pull it off, one of the Lucrehulks." Korani said. He was up for negotiation on the credits side, but the salvage rights demanded were quite generous really.

    Thrall thought for a moment before he began haggling, "Two million credits and one of the Lucrehulks if we can pull it off, but the rest of any war materials captured are for the people of Antar IV to arm themselves with in defense. It is doubtful that if we manage to pull this off the Republic would help them out so either we or they themselves need to guarantee their own safety. Using the weapons of their former oppressors seems the most logical step. And if we cannot captured a lucrehulk you get the full 2 and a half million credits. Half up front if you so wish."

    Korani considered the offer, naturally it was low, haggling was never a simple affair. He shook his head. "A Lucrehulk is worth far more than a half a million credits. And a humble 30% of captured war material is hardly going to pauper them, at least if we do it well. If we can get the Lucrehulk i'll settle for that alone, but if we can't, the full 2.5 million and.. 20% of the captured war material." Korani returned.

    Nodding slowly Thrall brought forth a hand to shake on it. "Two million and a Lucrehulk, or 2.5 million and 20% of the captured war material, but the people of Antar IV, if they wish to keep any of the war material, would have to get first picks, agreed?"

    Korani nodded. "Provided that damaged and material requiring repairs are exempt from that." He grinned.

    "Naturally. It will take time for all who are contributing ships and troops to prepare them all, we would send word and gather everyone in the Bestine System. from where we will depart for Antar IV in the Prindaar system." He smiled, "Assuming we indeed have a deal."

    Korani considered it. He'd leave enough of his resources to protect his own investments. "We have a deal. What timeframe are we talking about here?"

    "Probably with one month, maybe 2, as I said several people are contributing to this so it all depends on us all joining forces as one."

    "Well then, care to join me for a drink to celebrate our contract?" Korani got a bottle of Corellian brandy from the desk.

    "Certainly." Thrall slithered forward to the desk to partake. "Oh, separate question... do you have any guacamole...?"

    "No, just Duros, Zabraks, some Clones and a few humans or so in our Security troops." Korani said assuming they were some race he'd never heard of. Safe bet right?

    Thrall laughed, "Nah it's, eh nevermind, let's see how good that, ooh Corellian brandy, perfect!"

    Meanwhile in the Bestine System
    'Safe Refuge'

    Meilyan smiled as she looked in, shaking her head amused, when she checked with the younglings she had noticed them all missing, quickly gathering Goddor and Huyang to find them when the old lightsaber instructor droid had a 'hunch' where they might be. So here the three of them were are the threshold of the Akk Dog habitat at the base and saw the younglings were vast asleep, cuddled up against the sides of the reptilian force sensitive hounds. One of the beasts had perked its head when it sensed them, studying them briefly before putting it's head down and gently placed it, almost protectively, on top of the head of padawan Miri who seemed to smile upon sensing the contact and cuddle closer against the flank of the beast.

    "It seems they are well taken care off and it is still several hours before we are supposed to wake them." Came Huyang's voice, lowered so his robotic voice wouldn't disturb the children.

    Goddor nodded stepping back, his voice amused. "I agree, I do wonder where Schaduw is though." As he said this a shadow broke loose from the nearby wall and the Defel seemed to smirk. "Question answered, couldn't sleep?"

    The Defel looked at the room and the Akk Dogs inside, shaking his head, "I could, noticed the others sneaking out. Went to see. Not my preferred type of sleeping. So stood guard for them."

    Meilyan nodded and started walking away, waiting for the others to follow before she spoke up, no longer having the need to whisper. "Thank you for that, we were worried for a moment. I will however reprimand them, just a little, for sneaking out of bed." She smiled saying this however before a more neutral, perhaps concerned expression came over the Mon Cal features. "I do hope Thrall is successful, it has been a week since he last send word."

    Goddor nodded, "He mentioned the mercenaries he had encountered thus far were not the type we would work with, so this Hadrian's Blade company he heard about was going to his next destination. So I am sure we will hear from him soon." The Rodian jedi said and the rest of their walk was in silence, each lost in their own thoughts, except Huyan who was thinking about a big blue box.
  11. Baptized in Blood: The Birth of Jate and Kara
    A Story of Azazel, Andrea and Valar
    Mandalore System, Valar's Station

    Azazel tries to keep her breathing steady as she holds her belly, wincing between contractions and loosing grunts of pain. Xen busies at her side, trying to guide her into a chair he had kept ready for her for the last week or so. “Mistress, I must advise you to sit down. We must get you to the medical facilities. Your contractions are too close together, we’re not going to be able to administer an epidural at this rate!”

    Azazel looses a soft yelp, face twisting in pain as she clenches her fists and turns upon Xen. “WHERE IS ANDREA, THOUGH?!” she all but sobs, finally and reluctantly letting Xen press her back into the wheeled chair. He begins down the halls in a hurried pace as she continues, “She was supposed to be here! She knew! Even Valar managed to make it back and he just ran off without thinking!”

    Xen narrows his eyes as he takes a corner a little too sharp, hesitating as he tries to reorient where they were. He was far too unused to these halls of Valar’s and this entire thing had him a nervous wreck. Surely if he was to mess up, Azazel would have his head. “Deep breaths, mistress. Remain calm, keep counting. How long between them now?”


    Xen plants a hand on her shoulder comfortingly as he pauses and busies himself with his commlink, calling ahead to the medical staff, “Azazel is going into active labour, please ready the facility for our arrival… And do call Alor Gra’tua to be present… And please, PLEASE, keep an active watch for the arrival of Mistress Andrea and send her to the medical bay immediately upon arrival…” He winces and draws his hand away, warbling out a pained note as he realizes the surface of Azazel’s skin had begun to heat up. “Mistress! Control yourself! If you can’t keep from tapping into your powers at this critical moment, I will be forced to find some way to keep you from doing so!”

    Already, flickers of fire were beginning to erupt over her skin before she finally cuts them off. “Easier said than done!” she roars out, “You don’t have these parasites trying to rip you in twain!”

    Xen rolls his eyes and picks up his pace towards the med bay, “Just… Deep breaths, mistress. Hold off from pushing, yet. We’ll be there soon.”

    Valar Gra'tua stood in the hangar section of Beskar Station, watching as a shuttle landed and let its passengers disembark, he straightened himself as he looked at his stations new 'guests'. "Andrea... a delight to see you."

    Andrea smirked as she strode forwards, flanked by Trizz and Khanna, "Yes I am sure you are happy to see me, where is Azazel?" She could just imagine how he disliked having her here, Azazel giving birth must be bringing back some memories of what happened when their daughter was born.

    "She is in her room and-" He began before suddenly pausing, holding up a hand as clearly someone began talking to him on his private commlink. "She has just been admitted to the medical bay." He gestured to two Mandalorian warriors. "Escort Andreas people to where the rest of Azazels people are gathered." He glanced at Andrea, "No offense, but I rather have only you be present, without any of your people, no exceptions." He said in a firm tone that expected no argument.

    She was about to ask to have Trizz present, another medical professional would never hurt but hearing his tone she merely nodded and gestured. "Lead the way."

    Moments later the two sith, joined by Bo, Andrieke and a dozen or so Gra'tua mandalorian commandos who merely stood by and on guard, entered the medical bay where Magog and his chosen medical staff where already surrounding a bed with Azazel on it, Xen standing next to it unwilling to remove himself even after being asked by Magog and other doctors repeatedly.

    Ignoring Valar and his people she hurried forwards, glaring at any medical staff that would stand in her way to join at Azazel's side and grab her hand, squeezing it. "I am here my love."

    His glare followed Andrea but he also stepped forwards, joining Azazels other side, nodding to Magog who resumed his work. "As am I." He said softly, watching Azazel, "It is time then." His voice filled with emotion, perhaps even a hint of nervousness.

    Azazel grasps their hands, squeezing them so hard her knuckles turn white, as she scrunches her face up, fighting back another choking sob. “Valar, you bastard, you did this to me!” she snarls out, sweat beginning to bead upon her flesh and her breath coming more heavily. “I’m going to ki—” she trails off into another short cry as the doctors busy about her. Xen looks nervously at Valar, certain she did not mean to kiss him. He clears his throat, “Magog, perhaps a force sedative of sorts for the Mistress… If not for Valar’s sake, then for the childrens’.”

    She resists the urge to snicker openly, knowing full well what Azazel was going through, she did not react to the pain in her hand, merely squeezing back to let Azazel know she was there and supporting her.

    Magog brought forth a needle, tapping it. "I am already doing so." He said with a irritated voice. "It would help if you... and in fact anyone who isn't a medical staff or parent to be, to remove themselves from her side so we can help her and the twins with our full capabilities." He said as he jammed the needle in Azazel's arm and injected her with some sedatives that would suppress her force abilities for some time. And then quickly stepped back in case she would punch him or worse.

    Gra'tua simply stared back at Azazel, tracing over the back of her hand with his thumb. He knew from experience it was the wisest course of action to remain silent since it seems Azazel was reacting just as... violent... as Andrea was.

    Andrea let out a snort and traces through Azazel’s hair. "I am not going anywhere."

    The injection was like ice into her veins, and as it courses, she finds herself whimpering at the sudden disconnect she felt from the force, with everything. She looses a steady stream of curses between gasps and winces and watches Magog retreat before she could exact retribution. Xen hesitates, watching Azazel and pales, nodding at Magog and slowly retreating. In all truth, he did not want to watch the horrors of birth and now he had an excuse not to be present. “Imagine she’s ready. Judging by her reactions, the contractions aren’t very far apart anymore.” Azazel huffs out and gnashes her teeth, “Thank the Sith Gods.”

    Magog came back, but still kept his distance, force powers were suppressed for now but she still had her arms and legs. "We had no time to discuss it earlier but do you wish to give birth naturally or do you wish to make this a full medical procedure lady Azazel?" He sounded perhaps a bit too eager because he noticed his Alor looking in his direction, sensing the glare behind Valar's mask.

    Andrea snatched a wet cloth from one of the medical staff and began dabbing it over Azazel's forehead.

    Azazel snaps back at Magog, “Does it seem like I care?! I JUST WANT THESE THINGS OUT OF ME.”

    Magog looked at his alor who have the briefest of shakes of his head. "No procedure it is! Unless there are complications then, well then what are you waiting for? Start pushing woman!" He chuckled and went to direct his staff.

    For the next four hours, the tension was high in the medical facility as people bustled about and checked on Azazel as she attempted to push out the first of Valar’s hellspawn. On more than one occasion, Azazel found herself attempting to reach out to the force, wanting to mutilate one of the staff who had a bit too much of a mouth on them, or even Valar for the briefest second, being the wretched cause of all of it. However, they appeared to be safe as she was blocked thanks to the sedative. However, for a moment, she did break her grip upon Andrea’s and Valar’s hands and make to bring him arm during a particularly bad contraction. His wearing of his armour did him well.

    Finally, one of the staff suddenly exclaims excitably, “She’s crowning! I see the first head!”

    She grabbed Azazel's hand again and squeezed, "Almost there love, almost there. Breathe and push!"

    Valar meanwhile was very glad he was wearing his armour, Azazel clearly intending him harm in this state, when he heard the nurse shout out the first head was showing he went to the foot of the bed in preparation of seeing a glimpse of his children.

    Azazel glares at Andrea, about to slap her for telling her to do something she was already doing but finds herself forgetting to do so as she cries out and continues to push. She huffs and puffs, screaming at the top of her lungs as the first of her children are brought into the world. She looses a whimpering sob, horrified there was still another one yet and already feeling exhausted.

    She was trying to be as supportive as she could for Azazel, seeing the angry glare before she cried out again and resumed her pushing. She had no idea how much time passed but then all of a sudden crying could be heard as a new life announced its presence in the world. "The first is here Azazel! Almost there, not long now!" She said excitedly.

    Gra'tua watched as Magog helped deliver the first of the twins, handing her to a nurse who gave a loud slap to the baby's buttocks and he started crying loudly as his, noticing it was a boy, son indicated he was definitely using his lungs. But Azazel was only halfway there.



    Two ships with stealth equipment had made it past the patrol ships of Clan Gra'tua without being detected, drifting to the station and then clamping on with boarding collars. Commencing to cut through the hull with advanced plasma cutters, gaining entrance to the station shortly.

    Figures crawled through the entrances they had cut open, figures wearing black armour and carrying a varied array of weaponry, surveying the scene for a moment before they seemed to be satisfied and more figured emerged, several setting up positions to guard the ends of the corridor they had made their entry while the others started venturing deeper into the station, moving with definite purpose.


    In total, the birth of the twins would take four hours. Azazel growing soaked in sweat and screaming loudly as she struggles to push out the second of her brood. Four grueling, painful hours, and the top of the second, her daughter, could be seen. She pants raggedly as she strains to complete. And with one final wail of pain, the second is born. Azazel slumps back into the pillow like a leaden brick and groans, eyes starting to close before she reaches her hands up and out, “Give me my children.” She blinks her eyes, struggling to stay awake.

    Magog glanced at his alor as if for confirmation who just stepped forwards, taking the twins in both his arms, looking down at the cleaned and swaddled newborns. "Heh." He smiled softly behind his mask, "They have your eyes." He said softly as he approached Azazel and presented the twins to her.

    Azazel takes them from Gra’tua and cradles them against herself, looking at their squishy pink baby faces. Her face softens and her eyes begin to water as she draws them closer against her and softly kisses them upon their brows. These were her children. All that, and here they were, she had them in her arms at last… And it made it all worth it. She looks up at Valar and murmurs, “Our little Jate and Kara…” She smiles softly, exhaustion apparent on her face, but reluctant to release them.

    Andrea looked at them, smiling. "They are beautiful." She murmurs softly to Azazel, part of her feeling awed to be present. Sensing that both twins were strong in the force, she had expected it seeing as Azazel and Gra'tua were the parents but that would not have been a guarantee.

    Magog and two nurses stepped forwards, the Mandalorian physician coughing softly, "Lady Azazel? May we have the children please?"

    Azazel opens her mouth to protest, before slowly nodding. She gives a stern look to Magog and hisses out to him, “If any harm are to come to them, rest assured, there will be no corner of this galaxy you will be safe.”

    Magog glanced at his Alor who just nodded as the nurses stepped forwards to take the twins and then proceeded to head to the other side of the med bay. Gra'tua meanwhile stepped forwards, taking hold of Azazel's hand and squeezed it. "Azazel... my love. How do you feel?" He asked gently.

    Rolling her eyes she snorts, "How do you think she feels you moron!? She's exhausted." After all these years and experiencing the same with her giving birth to Kyr'am and he was still dense!

    She looks between the two and just sighs, letting herself fall back against the hospital bed and closes her eyes, “I feel like I’m half-dead… So, if you two would keep from snapping at each other’s’ throats… Just for a little while… I’d appreciate it.”


    At a control room, on the deck which had Beskar Stations medical bay located the doors opened with a hiss. The nearest on-duty operator looking up from his screen to see who had entered. His brows shooting up in confusion, "What-" Was all he managed to utter as silenced blasters opened fire from the doorway killing the staff of the control room within seconds.


    He ignored Andrea's words, eyes only on Azazel. "I am sorry to ask this right now but there is no better time for it than right now actually..." He trailed off, searching for words while also waiting for Azazel to open her eyes and look him in the eyes as he removed his mask and placed it aside.

    Azazel takes a slow breath, barely managing to open eyes as she looks back at him, “Whatever is it, Valar?...”

    He smiled softly, almsot sadly as he closed his eyes and then opened them, nodding to himself as if he had decided upon something. "Azazel...." His eyes narrowed, "Why did you try to have me killed on Mandalore three days ago?"

    Azazel looks at him, at a loss for words that he had found out… And so soon. Her heart races as she bites her lip, nothing she could say would sound good, and as of this moment, he had possession of Jate and Kara. Her gaze flickers to Andrea before she looks back at Valar, “You honestly think I would try to honestly try to see you dead? At a time like this?” She scoffs weakly, “Valar, whatever would make you think this?” She straightens herself up with a grunt of pain, trembling.

    He pulled his hand away in disgust, glaring at Andrea before turning his gaze back at Azazel. "I am not one of your zealots Azazel." He said through gritted teeth, his anger... and immense sadness showing as he realized he had been right when he got the interrogation reports. "It was you... only you knew I had left my ship and had the time and resources to arrange the attack on such short notice... and I can sense your hand in it.... I only want to know why... and if you worked with someone else." He glared again at Andrea upon saying that.

    Behind them, Xen noticed that Bo and Andrieke, as well as the 12 commandos had their blasters out, all pointing at him with Andrieke shaking her head, "Not a single move trunk-face."

    She blinked, she had no idea what was going on but noticed that those Mandalorians had their blasters out, some of them pointing them at Azazel's man while others were aiming them at her. "Gra'tua... I have no idea what is going on, but let's not be hasty... she is the mother of your newborn children..." She was saying while remaining calm, trying to diffuse this situation whatever it was. And definitely not reaching for her lightsaber.

    Azazel sets her jaw as she glares icily at the Mandalorian. She raises her chin, clenching her hand now that he had withdrawn from her, “I did not honestly try to see you dead, Valar. I sent them, yes, but if I truly wanted you dead, that would not have been how it would have gone.” Azazel huffs and tries to shift forward, but frowns and slumps back, exhaustion and the pains from delivering the twins getting the best of her. “I would do with you as I intend with that bastard, Traiserus, if I wanted you dead. I would do it with my own hands, at the point of a lightsabre…” She grunts and relaxes back, running a hand back through her hair, “It was a stupid test… To see you have not grown lax in these recent months… To ensure you could protect them.”

    She steadies her gaze upon Valar, tears at the corner of her eyes, “Love, that monster wants to kill them… He will stop at nothing to see me harm, even at the cost of their lives… Which…” She swallows, barely able to force out the next part, “Which is why, our Jate and Kara will be in your custody…”

    He snarled, "A stupid test... then tell me, what if I had 'failed' that test, meaning I would have died, meaning you did try to have me killed!" He exclaimed loudly, the anger he had been suppressing the moment he began to suspect boiling to the surface.

    He then pointed accusingly at Andrea, "What is it with women wanting me dead the moment I am going to have a child with them!?

    “If you had failed, then you would not have deserved to by my Riduur or to raise them, in the increasingly likely event I am to die!” she snaps back, “You were not there when Traiserus simply sent his lackey of a son to attack us! AND HE WAS TOYING WITH US! It was by sheer luck I did not die that day. Or did you fail to realize, before I went for repairs at your facility, that the entire bridge was forcibly removed from my craft?!”

    Andrea did her best to make not a single movement that might make Gra'tua or his people think she was going to attack. "Valar, calm down, Azazel just wanted to make sure you were worthy to protect your children, this Traiserus wants her death, when his son attacked Korriban, that Marcus said so himself that Traiserus wanted to cut the children out of her pregnant belly. Azazel just wants to be sure her children will be safe..."

    "SILENCE!" He shouted at Andrea, "You are not part of this discussion bitch." He snarled, gnashing his teeth. "Yes I was not there! I know I was on my way and I did my best to keep you safe these past few months! And yet you tried to have me killed... as some sort of test!? Instead of just asking me? Or telling me you had concerns!? You instead orchestrated a attack that could have seen myself or my firstborn dead! Tell me that in the event of myself and my eldest daughter dying you, with children born from my and your blood wouldn't have been useful to make my clan follow you instead." He said, his voice cold. "If you truly thought of me as your riduur you would have been honest with me.... instead you tried to have me killed... test or no." He grabbed hold of his lightsabers, pulling them loose and ignited them.

    The moment he ignited his sabers she placed her hand on the hilt of her saber and readied her hand to throw lighting his way to hurl him back if he made a move to stab her or Azazel. "Gra'tua...." She said, though a hint of conflict came to her. Azazel tried to have Gra'tua killed... with Kyr'am there as well?

    She looks, in fright, between the two of them. “Cease this, the both of you!” she cries out, “Don’t do this! Don’t taint the day of their birth like this.” She gasps with pain as she pushes herself up to stand, on unsteady legs. “Kyr’am is a big girl, you have trained her well and she is just as strong as her father. You know she was not really in harm’s way. You weren’t either… Or are you saying you’re so pathetic as to die to a rival clan who have yet to submit to you.” She reaches out and places her hands onto Valar’s shoulders to steady herself, “Or are you saying you are no longer going to be Mandalore?”

    Before anyone else could reply the doors to the medbay opened from multiple sides and black armoured figures ran in, coming inside from three seperate directions. Two of the groups stared at the scene, perhaps a moment of confusion upon seeing mandalorian commandos with weapons drawn at Andrea, Azazel and Xen but it seemed that whatever training kicked at once and they brought up their weapons to fire squeezing the triggers.

    The third group stumbled almost right into Magog and the two nurses holding the twins, the leader of this group seeing the swaddled bundles and crying out. "GRAB THEM!"

    As the other two groups opened fire on the surprised sith and warriors, stunning blasts bursting forth from the weapons of the new arrivals. The shots missing the sith but the ones being shot at the mandalorians and Xen on the mark, dropping them to the ground.

    The third group shot down Magog and the two nurses with ease, two of them quickly running forwards to catch the nurses and relieve them of the bundles before they would drop to the ground. "WE HAVE THEM! WEAPONS OFF STUN!"

    "What by the bones of the sith is happening!" Andrea shrieked as these newcomers stormed in and began shooting. She just reacted, turning to the nearest group of hostiles and unleashed a storm of force lightning on them.

    Andrea reacted by instinct as she hurled waves of lightning at the attackers the storm of force lightning rolling over them. Seven of the ten black armoured individuals were scorched and burned alive by the lightning, cooked in their own armour as electric shocks made them convulse and die in tremendous pain.

    And with the launch of Andrea’s force lightning, Azazel feels a flicker once more, her connection with the force beginning to return. She attempts to wrap a barrier about herself, but nothing happens. “Valar, save them!” she screams as she lurches forward to recover her lightsabre from Xen and sweeps up a discarded vibroblade from one of Valar’s unconscious followers. She snarls and launches herself at the group opposite the crispy corpses.

    She had been at the point of passing out before but clearly this argument with Gra'tua and the fact that these itnruders had her children drove Azazel into a murderous frenzy as she gutted two of the black armoured intruders, stabbing them through their armour as if they weren't even wearing any.

    The three survivors from the force storm assault switch the stun setting of their blasters off and opened fire at Andrea.

    The group Azazel charged into was divided, five of them opening fire at Andrea and Gra'tua while three others drew blades to attack Azazel.

    The third group also split up, five of them moving forwards opening fire at Andrea and Gra'tua while the last five with the twins started backing away, retreating as fast as they could.

    The three survivors were clearly rattled by the force storm, as their shots simply went wide all over the place.

    A enraged sith among them was distracting the gunners near Azazel with their shots going wide as well, the ones engaging Azazel with blades had more luck, two drawing her attention so that the third scored a fleshwound on Azazels back.

    Those that had split off from the third group had more luck as their shots hit, but failed to penetrate the armour of the two sith.

    As these intruders started shooting all of them it was clear they were not his, Azazels or Andreas people, with a cry of rage he charged for the five intruders blocking him from those who had taken his children from Magog, lightsabers twirling.

    The five figured stepped back and otherwise backed off, disengaging before any of the lethal lightsaber blades could get close to strike them however.

    Definitely annoyed now that people were shooting at her she turned to the three survivors from before and hurled more lightning their way.

    Seeing her hurl lightning before the three knew what was coming and quickly ducked for cover behind medical beds and devices to evade the lightning storm.

    Azazel winces, feeling far too many stings and aches after she felt the blade of one of her opponents sweep across her bark and leave a shallow wound. She curses under her breath, fury in her eyes and more than ready to torch all those before her, if not for the block. With the lack of force powers, though, she simply tries to satiate her growing call for blood by lashing out with her weapons.

    The armoured intruders backed off as she started flailing wildly with her weapons, one of them commenting. "Is she glowing from just giving birth?"

    "Nah I think that’s her enraged at us kidnapping her babies."

    As the lightnign storm passed the three Andrea was occupied with popped out of cover firing shots off rapidly.

    The five gunners near Azazel also blasted away at Andrea while their companions resumed lashing out with their blades at Azazel.

    The ones entangled with Gra'tua drew swords and pistols and began trying to find a opening to cut him open or shoot a pistol in his face.

    The ones with the twins meanwhile ran out of the med bay in the corridor beyond.

    The people shooting Andrea were very motivated it seems to take down the sith who was hurling lightning, their shots punching clean through her armour and into her stomach makign her lose her balance and drop to the ground with several small craters in her chest armour.

    As Andrea falls down the others shooting her way had their aim spoiled and their shots impaced on the bed Azazel had vacated.

    The ones trading blows with Azazel were too busy staying out of reach of the wildly flailing vibrosword and lightsaber to get another attack. The ones attacking Gra'tua fared no better

    Definitely enraged now Valar cursed in Mando'ade and lashed out rapidly with both his lightsabers, trying to cut his opponents to pieces.

    Two of them were cut down, their dismemberred pieces littering the floor but the other three remained alive and well.

    She coughed up some blood, heaving herself up and a hand wandering to her chest, feeling the punched holes in her armour. "Why do enemies keep ruining my chest pieces..." She muttered before she shuddered with pain as she got to her feet bringing forth a bubble of the force around herself to hopefully evade more shots her way.

    Her eyes flicker back towards Andrea for the briefest of second, concerned. However, her attention does not remain from her own fight for long as she feels her powers flickering once more. The drugs were wearing off. She reaches out and summons a wrap of insulating protection about herself as she presses on the attack.

    The people she was fighting decided to not be near Azazels blades however, preferring their limbs attached together. The armoured commandos resumed fighting their original targets remaining the same.

    A torrent of blaster fire and swords clashed, only Valar nearly being cut but able to quickly dodge out of the way of the worst of it.

    As Valar counter-attacked after dodging he beheaded the first, stabbing the second in the stomach and twisted the blade up to his chest before pulling out and thrusting both blades through the head of the third and last commando he was engaged with, freeing him from their obstruction to resume hunting after the ones who had left the medbay with the twins.

    She glared at the three who kept shooting her, her eyes ablaze with fury. "I am Darth Andrea, of the sith and I will not be killed by some random encounter!" She screamed as she brought up her hands and just let loose with wave after wave of force lightning from her hands.

    And again the commandos ducked into cover as the lightning was fired, perhaps she should try a new trick that wasn't as easy to figure out what was coming.

    Azazel looses a snarl, growing weary with the fools before her. Her rage begins to manifest in flickering flames along her arms. It would seem the sedative was out of her system… With a roar of her anger, she lets loose a billow of flames at those before her.

    Two of the commandos dove out of the way but one wasn't so lucky letting out a cry before being burned alive, nothing but a burned husk falling to the ground.

    The commandos kept firing, the three Andrea was hurling lightning at stil lfiring at her while the now 2 left with Azazel tried trying to stab her once more. The five who had been shooting Andrea turned, seeing Valar had dealt with their companions and opened fire at his back with rapid fire.

    Blasters impacted on the force bubble around Andrea, evaporating her protection into nothingness.

    The one firing at Gra'tua seemed to be on the mark, Azazel sensing they would hit and tried to intercept the blasts, diverting with her saber so Valar could run after the ones that had kidnapped their kids. Her jump was foiled however as those attackign her took hold of the opportunity and scored some hits, stripping her force protection. The ones shooting Valar stil lgot their shots off... and hit him right in the spine, penetrating the armour and dropping Valar to the ground.

    The ones engaged with Azazel tried to score more hits but this tiem Azazel was prepared and they failed to hit her.

    Pain was coursing through him as he got to his feet, the pain immense as it shot through his back and spine from where he was hit, blearily he raised a bubble of protection around himself and kept goign after the ones who had gotten the twins, albeit slowly due to his injury. The pain reminding him off his comms however, "This is alor Gra'tua... enemy intruders on the medical deck... black armour, weapons on stun... they have my children!" He received no reply but paid no heed to it as he started picking up his pace

    Andrea got on her comms as well, shouting into it. "Trizz, Khanna! Get your arses up here we are under attack and they have the babies!"

    She got a reply from Khanna, "On our way, some clan Gra'tua are in the way, dealing with them."

    Andrea let out a small sigh of relief before she turned to her three attackers, snarling as she changed tactics, using the force to lift up various medical equipment, beds and just hurl them with force at the three of them, if able picking up those three and just smack them into a wall to break their bones.

    The three attacking Andrea were surprised when she did not hurl lightning, too late to dodge the numerous objects hurled their way before they themselves were also picked up and hurled against a wall with a series of sickening cracking sounds and their bodies bend at unnatural angles.

    Azazel doesn’t even try to summon up more of her protection yet as she simply shifts to the side and sends out a wave of force, intent on throwing her attackers into those still shooting at Valar.

    Her attackers wavered but remained standing.

    With battle cries the two attack Azazel while their fellow commandos resumed firing on Gra'tua.

    The managed to get past her guard, delivering more fleshwounds, one on her arm and another on her leg, this seemed to enrage the sith only however.

    Their aim still true at the tempting target of Valars back but only stripping away his bubble of force protection.

    Gra'tua ignored the urge to lash out at those attacking him from behind, still moving forward and reaching the exit, still inside the medbay but able to peek out into the corridor beyond, there was no sign of the ones who had taken the twins however and the pain clouded his senses to detect his children.

    She turned, seeing only seven of the enemy left but Azazel was in the middle of them, she winced in pain and fervently hoped Azazel hadn't forgotten the tremor in the force that would announce Andrea using a force storm, even so she shouted. "Azazel! Move!" Before she unleashed her power.

    Azazel dove out of the way as Andreas storm passed over, those two she had been fighting noticing what she did and did likewise, evading Andrea’s wrath. The five gunners were not so lucky as lightning coursed through them, once the lightning storm passed they collapsed, smoke pouring out of the seals of their armour.

    As they dive out of the way, Azazel another burst of flame at the two remaining, “Andrea, with Valar, I’ve got this!”

    The two remaining commandos had no time to scream as flames engulfed them, killing them instantly.


    Lydavis leads the group true through the corridors, following the faint presence of the force that belonged to the twins. Just as they round the corner, the presence growing nearer, the group of Andrea’s and Azazel’s followers manage to just catch sight of the kidnappers with the swaddled twins in their arms. Lydavis curses and taps into her commlink, attempting to contact any of Gra’tua’s frequency… Only to receive static. She curses under her breath, instead looking at Trizz and Khanna, “Tell your mistress our location and which way they are going."

    Khanna tapped her comms. "Andrea, we caught sight of the kidnappers, in pursuit." She replied hastily while also giving her best description of where they were and receiving confirmation from Andrea that she was on her way with Azazel and Gra'tua.

    Khanna was then about to round the corner when she got a preminition of what lay ahead, skidding to a halt and cursing silently, Turning to Azazels people. "They are lying in wait, a E-Web repeating blaster is setup along with 3 more people with blasters."

    She readied her lightsaber pike, not yet igniting it. "I'm going in though..." She said as she used the force to cloak her from view, hopefully and rounded the corner.

    One of the commandos saw a flickering however and shouted out, getting into action and opening fire but only hitting air.

    Kitt grimaces as the guns go off as Khanna goes forth. She looks at Janii and nods at her as she draws a grenade out and taps on her personal shield. Janii readies her gun and nods, activating her holodecoy device and sending forth a projection of herself in order to distract the guards. Kitt waits a beat before gesturing for Janii. The two charge into the hall, Kitt throwing the grenade in her hand as Janii lets loose with her blaster. Lydavis herself holds back a moment, summoning up her protection.

    They round the corner, Janii firing, downing two commandos as Kitt threw her grenade, her aim off and too much strength in her throw as it sailed over the E-Web and commandos, detonating at the back of the still running group with the twins, catching the rear member who falls over, wounded with schrapnel in his back and slumps to a wall, the others ignoring their comrade and still ran for it.

    Trizz rounded the corner after Azazel's people seeing Khanna was alive still thankfully and fired at the E-Web crew.

    Trizz downs one of the E-Web gunners right between the eyes.

    There were 2 commandos left, 1 manning the E-Web and both opened fire iwth their weapons.

    A volley of blasterfire from E-Web goes out obliterating the shields of Janii and Trizz, Kitt diving out of the way just in time, but the full force of the E-Web hit Darth Khanna ripping through her armour like tissue paper. Falling on her back her chest area a gory mess.

    The same was about to happen to Trizz as the other commando fired on her but then out of nowhere Kitt jumped up and tackled Trizz aside the blasters impacting on Kitt's shields, draining them but saving Trizz's bacon.

    Not able to help herself Trizz grabbed hold of Kitt's head and kissed her deeply and passionately for her save before scrambling up as she had witnessed what happened to Darth Khanna, rushing to her side to stabilize her with her medical skills.

    Trizz looks up, "Go on! I need to stabilize Khanna!"

    Lydavis waits for the gunfire to die down, like a true Sith, and finally steps out, releasing a storm of the force at the gunners remaining. Kitt, herself, stands to her feet and starts running forward, unhooking a stun grenade from her belt, ready to duck, dip, dive and dodge and lob it as soon as the enemy was back in sight. Janii, meanwhile starts rushing forward, pausing to fire at the gunners.

    A combination of force lightning and blasterfire from Lydavis and Janii shock and blasts the 2 remaining commandos off their feet, Kitt evading the lightning storm ignores everything and just runs past, almost rounding the corner the group with the twins went into.

    The wounded commando slumped against the wall after being injured by the grenade feebly raises his blaster, trying to shoot Kitt.

    His hand was trembling however and his shot went wide.

    Trizz still tried to stabilize Khanna but the sith disciple was in bad shape, as Trizz was working Khanna started going into seizures.

    Kitt begins to round the corner… And spies, right then, the four commandos splitting up into two groups to go into the separate holes cut into the hull as well as a group of five running straight at her. She makes a split second decision, heart racing as she realizes she really would be risking her life here… As she draws back her arm, and throws the grenade towards those trying to board. She awaits the gunfire of the remaining five to rip into her. And that is when Janii bursts behind her and open fires upon those in the hall, her gun set to stun to not risk the babes.

    As Kitt throws the Grenade Janii appears at her side, gunning down the enemy commandos with extreme prejudice, Kitts grenade bounces off the ceiling right down at the stunned commandos and goes off, with no effect since they are already knocked out.

    The two commandos holding a twin each hurried through the hole, their escorts turning around to witness their comrades getting stunned, with a curse they drop their blasters and retrieve items from their belts, thermal detonaters and prime them rolling them towards their stunned comrades, Kitt and Janii.

    One of the thermal detonators was a dud, not going off at all, the other however detoanted, vaprozing the stunned commandos and hurling Kitt and Janii off their feet back into the corridor they had come from. After a moment Kitt opened her eyes, her armour ripped open and some schrapnel had lodged itself in armour and her arm but she was still in one piece and breathing. Glancing over at Janii however... the cyborg woman was a mess, flesh and cybernetics were torn up and she was bleeding all over, she looked almsot if not as bad as Khanna was, her life on the verge of death.

    From the corridor where Khanna, Trizz and Lydavis were came running footsteps as Andrea, Azazel and Gra'tua came in view, the three sith finally caught up.

    Andrea widened her eyes, seeing Khanna all sorts of messed up with Trizz hovering over her, running forwards she pushed Trizz out of the way. Wordlessly grabbing hold of Khanna by her shoulders and drew upon the dark side of the force and then let loose dark side energies into her disciple to save her life.

    At first it seems what Andrea was doing was not helping but then a surge of dark side energies burst forth mending Khanna's wounds as best they could, she wasn't recovered but at least she was no longer on deaths edge.

    Lydavis was on her way down the hall when she saw the explosion knock back the pair… And they both looked worse for wear, Janii in particular. Lydavis keeps going, looking sympathetically at Janii as she draws in the force… And launches lightning at the two commandos in the hall, not slowing her pace. Kitt watches her, body trembling in shock, gaze bleary and the world so far away, before out of the corner of her eyes, she spies the sith masters running as best they can. Azazel, looking pale, exhausted and near dead on her feet… Andrea with craters in the front of her armour, bloody… Gra’tua looking pained, and from what she could see, similar craters. It all seemed surreal. Azazel, meanwhile, looks at them all with wide eyes as she keeps running as best she can, stumbling over her own feet with exhaustion, though her heart beat so hard, she could hear the pounding in her ears.

    The lightning imapcts none of the commandos who turn and try to leave but freeze as they hear the soudns of the hatch to their shisp close, knowing what was about to happen they quickly draw their blasters and point them at their heads, deciding for a quick death a second before the shisp detach and vent the corridor into space.

    Lydavis widened her eyes and jumped back, jsut as the emergency bulkhead doors smash shut, saving her life. Her heart pounding she noticed Janii was breathing better however. A blastershot broke the silence, the injured commando slumping over with the barrel of his blaster in his mouth.

    Alarms of a hull breach started ringing but that left the sith and their battered people with their thoughts... and the slow realization that the intruders had escaped, with the twins.

    Azazel stares at the bulkhead with wide eyes, before simply crumpling to the ground, too weak to keep going and her heart heavy as tears begin to flow freely.

    Gra'tua slowly moved forwards, past the bodies of friend and foe alike as he palced a hand on the bulkhead... and then punched it with a cry of despair and rage. "KASHIIR! GORAN! ANYONE! RESPOND DAMN YOU!" He shouted in his comms, the other end still silent no matter what he tried.

    Andrea was still cradling the body of Khanna, looking on stunned, had this really happened? How... how had this come to be?

    Lydavis stares on with horror, looking at her mistress, trembling, at a loss for words. Kitt breathes raggedly, her midsection searing with pain from the detonation. She tries to push herself up, but her arm was not holding her. She murmurs under her breath, “I wasn’t good enough… I am so sorry.”

    Kitt breathes raggedly, her midsection searing with pain from the detonation. She tries to push herself up, but her arm was not holding her. She murmurs under her breath, “I wasn’t good enough… I am so sorry.”
    9:15 AM - Sarzum: *********

    They were all in the medical bay, Valar, Andrea, Khanna, Janii and Kitt being tended to by medical staff. The reason for Valar Gra'tua not able to communicate with anyone revealed as a control room had been breached, its staff murdered and systems hacked to prevent any communication on any clan Gra'tua channels sending or receiving from the medical deck. Furthermore, besides the murdered control room staff there were a total of thirty Mandalorian commandos of clan Gra'tua dead, ten more had been knocked unconscious or had broken bones, as well as twenty Zabrak soldiers, most seemed to be slaughtered at the hands of the intruders, twenty of the dead commandos however were at the hands of Azazels and Andreas people since those bodies bore marks of lightsaber cuts and lightning scarring.

    The medical bay was crowded, Kashiir had joined with a detachment of troops and just finished his report, one of the patrolling ships reporting two vague contacts on sensors right before they vanished, presumably entering hyperspace to escape. A total of 31 corpses were retrieved of the intruders but preliminary reports indicates no clear insignia or sign of their origin.

    Gra'tua gestured for Kashiir to be silent, getting up and wincing in pain, the doctors had looked at his injury and had told him he was lucky, if the shots had landed a centimeter away he might have been paralyzed. He ignored the advice of bedrest however as he walked to the bed upon which Azazel was lying, staring at her with emotionless eyes as he clenched his fists. "Were these Traiserus's people... has he our children..." He said through gritted teeth, the pain and anger he felt coursing through him like a flow of magma.

    The Dark Lady rubs over her eyes, puffy from tears as she tries to fight off the exhaustion. Sure, she had fallen unconscious not long after the whole affair, but she was still struggling now. She looks at Valar and then glances away, “Perhaps… I would know not who else would have them… A rival clan of yours, perhaps?... Or if we were to really suspect… Another of our alliance?...” She bites her lip and shakes her head, “I wouldn’t know where to begin looking. We have been searching these past many months for a sign of him and had none…”

    Xen nurses his bruised head as Kitt grits her teeth as she receives stitches, the shrapnel having been pulled from her arm. From five or so beds about her, various commandos look upon her with either glares or respect as they have their arms or legs are set and their broken ribs wrapped. Lydavis gnashes her teeth, “Or perhaps the Dragon Lady you so admire has recovered and decided it was her chance to be free of your service… It has only caused her great bodily harm.”

    From the next bed Andrea cursed as some of Valars inept medical staff did a clumsy job of applying bacta patches to her stomach. "The armour looked vaguely familiar of what those bastards were wearing when I boarded and claimed that ship of theirs when they attacked Korriban, so Traiserus seems likely. Or another affiliated with the Mecrossa Order." She winced and gritted her teeth, she had refused painkillers and now regretted just a tiny bit "I would very much like to hunt him down and repay him for the pain caused today. Or whoever is responsible, I don't care... just hand whoever is responsible to me and I'll perform my most interesting sith alchemy experiments upon them..." She said with a growl.
    Trizz meanwhile had finished tending to Khanna the sith disciple resting now, satisfied with the work on her she had moved over to Kitt's bed and reached out to take the Echani woman’s hand in her own and squeezed. She had a moment of fright when she had laid eyes on Kitt after that explosion but it seemed she had survived, or was at least better off than the cyborg they had with them.

    He looked from Andrea to Azazel, snarling. "Two times... I fell in love with another sith... two times both those sith tried to have me killed." He gestured threateningly at Azazel. "Don't you dare deny it or say it was some test, you... tried... to have me killed..." His voice was shaking with rage, sadness and grief. "And now... our... my children... have been kidnapped by what appears to be your enemy, this Traiserus." He glared at both of them before settling his gaze on Azazel. "Once you are patched up.... I want you and that bitch gone from here.... or I will kill you both."

    Lydavis raises a brow, looking over the med bay, trying to count just how many there were there as she watches Azazel’s temper begin to pique. It was like trying to hold it in a sieve, though, as she looks upon him and her shoulders slump, “I deserve it.” She closes her eyes, fighting back a fresh wave of tears, “I tried some pathetic game to see if you were capable… And look at us now… All three of us, and several of our most trusted… Could not manage to protect them.” She buries her face in her hands, “My… my children are going to be killed, or worse, because of my wretched fight for power. For my pride.” She begins to sob anew.

    Wincing Andrea got up, shuffling to Azazel’s side and placed a hand on her shoulder, squeezing while glaring at Valar. "You are a oaf, after all this time still. We should be working together to get the children back and you wish to send the mother of your children away?" Again she silently added to herself.

    He glared at Andrea, "I have been betrayed twice now, as I said before. I am not sending away the mother of my children, I am sending away a hu'tuun!" Upon saying that last word those Mandalorians present perked up and muttered among themselves, glancing at both Valar and Azazel. "Azazel you are a coward, I still do not understand why you thought of doing some game with me when you should have known I would have fought and died for you." He clenched his fists tighter. "I will look for my children but either of you gets in my way and I will not be liable for the consequences."

    Those words, it left Azazel hollow. She could have tolerated anything else of Valar’s abuse, but that was it. She snarls and whips out with the force, to entrap Gra’tua in her crushing force and hold him there as she applies threatening pressure. “Valar, I will acquiesce, it was cowardly of me. But if you ever deny I am the mother of your children again…” She looks about the room, her free hand pointing at Magog accusingly, “I trusted him! TRUSTED YOU! TO KEEP THEM SAFE… That is why I came here. That is why I was going to limit my company of the only blood I will have ever truly known, that which I have carried for 9 months! And within the first moments that they were in this world, YOU failed me, YOU failed THEM. YOUR security was lacking. YOUR people could not repel these intruders. YOUR medic was incapacitated and lost them. YOU failed to break through the intruders and pursuit them in time as Andrea and I attempted to give you a chance to do so.” She raises her chin, “Now YOU send ME away, and say I am not their mother?! Tell me what sort of a father YOU are, then!” Her vision was already beginning to swim to hold him there, and her grip releases, allowing Valar to fall once more as she finds her limbs leaden once more and unable to keep it up.

    The first thing Gra'tua did was breathing hard, the second was gesture his people to stow their weapons, the third was reaching for his lightsaber when a hand intercepted his and stopped him, looking up to see Kashiir shaking his head and step forwards, bowing to the three sith.

    "My apologies if I am interrupting..." The chiss said trailing off, his glowing eyes scanning the faces of Azazel, Andrea and his lord Valar. "Emotions are running high at the moment and some things were said that might have been due to these factors. What cannot be denied is that... trust... has been lost, perhaps on both sides. But perhaps it is better to work together to find out where this Traiserus hides and save the twins?"

    Her bottom lip trembles as she looks upon Kashiir before slowly nodding. She pauses before murmuring, “Valar, riduur, Jate and Kara need us… Send me away after they are recovered, if you still feel this way… but not a moment sooner…”

    He twitched when she called him riduur but took a deep breath calming himself, glaring at her till his look softened a little. "I... regret some... if not most of my earlier words." He smiled wryly, "I do hope if you wish to play games of power you will do so without trying to have me killed." He stepped forward leaning in to kiss her deeply, his eyes hardening a moment. "If you want me dead, stab me from where i can see you and not at my back." He shuddered and his eyes softened as he backed away. "Lets find this Traiserus and end him." He glanced at Andrea, "Do you have any issues with this?"

    Andrea looked from Valar to Azazel, shrugged and stepped forward, grabbing Valar by the collar and reeled him in kissing him hard and deep before letting him go and push him back with a smirk. "Oh these people hurt me and mine I will definitely want retribution for that." She then turned to Azazel and traced over her side, "We'll find the twins. That I promise."

    Azazel relaxes after Valar’s kiss before blinking in surprise at Andrea. Her mouth opens and works at a loss for words. Before she just shakes her head, lips crooking into a faint smile, hard as it was. “Andrea, I am well aware…” She closes her eyes and breathes deep, “Last time, I left him a burn victim… This time, I will see his head rolls.Traiserus has messed with the wrong siths for the last time."

    Valar blinked, looking oddly at Andrea. "I... I have to take my leave, look to repair and funerals of my men." He bowed lightly and turned to leave. Kashiir inclined his head to both Andrea and Azazel before following his lord to assist him, and remind him to return to a bed to rest due to his own injuries.

    Andrea watched Valar walk away and once he was out of earshot leaned in to Azazel, "Did you really try to have him killed?" She murmured.

    Azazel sets her jaw as Andrea whispered to her. She draws Andrea closer, kissing her on the lips and remaining close, to hide her lips from others, she, just barely audible, replies, “It was not my intention… But failure… Was a possibility.”

    She kisses Azazel back, purring softly and grins. "Mmmn I see." She murmured back. "Win-win either scenario... however...." Azazel would feel Andrea's lightsaber pressing against her side. "Try that again... with Kyr'am being in in the firing range and I will do something I will most likely regret." She kissed Azazel again. "Luckily that didn't come to be."

    Azazel kisses Andrea again, “Love, I’ve had enough threats thrown in my face today. I have lost far worse than my life… If I could even endure more fear for now, it would not be over my life… But I will remember.”

    Andrea chuckles, "Hmm was not a threat love." She sat down grabbing Azazel’s hand and held it. "Was a promise I hope I never have to fullfill..." She murmured as she rested her head next to Azazel’s.


    The screens flickered on and two heads appeared, their faces slick with sweat after being confined to their helmets for so long. They each held up a sleeping baby, showing it to the camera before one of them spoke up. "We succeeded. Both targets are acquired."

    "So I see... losses?" Came a voice in response from the darkness observing the screens.

    "All but us two... they proved to be more formidable than anticipated... there were three of them, lady Andrea was there as well." Replied the second, her voice strained and tired. "We couldn't wait for any of ours who still lived."

    "Regrettable but not unexpected, the losses are acceptable, take them to my base on Myrkr, their parents won't be able to sense them from there." The two commandos nodded and terminated the link. The light from the screen casting shadows in the room, but leaving Darth Lena's face visible as she placed her hands together and became lost in thought.
  12. The Kwenn System,
    Nova Retreat Space Station.

    Neia was sitting at her desk when the door chimed, "Enter." The door opened and Gaarwarr and Kalira walked in, she smiled at them. "Thank for coming, sorry for interrupting what both of you were doing but I have a request to make to both of you." She leaned back, "I assume you have all heard about the 'Triangle' as some of our visitors and contacts call it?" They nodded, "Well I asked some of my friends and contacts to look into these strange events happening right at the border of the Kwenn System."

    Kalira sat down in one of the chairs, kicking her feet back on the edge of Neia's desk, "Sounds smart, learned anything?" Gaarwarr remained standing and simply waited for Neia to continue.

    She sighed, tapping her fingers on her desk, "The spy network brought back only rumours I already heard about. If any of you were at or near hangar five two hours ago then you know one of my smuggler friends brought her ship in, heavily damaged. She had a encounter investigating something on my request with a unknown double-hulled vessel." As she talked she tapped some controls letting one of the holoprojectors of her desk come alive and display the somewhat grainy image her contact gave her. "I don't suppose either of you recognize the design?"

    Both Kalira and Gaarwarr shook their heads in the negative and Kalira spoke up. "So you want us to investigate where that ship is from or something?" She asked as she brought out her can of air freshener and sprayed some in the air near her, making Gaarwarr grunt at which she just smiled and shrugged before looking back to Neia for confirmation.

    "Not exactly... I want you and Gaarwarr to take the Wroshyr Song and head to Kashyyyk, the explorers, Sannah and Jochi... I send them out too to see if they could find anything and they haven't checked in lately. Last we heard was them resupplying at Kashyyyk. You might not end up going alone but even so I would like it if you two start preparing the ship and it's crew for departure?"

    Kalira and Gaarwarr shared a look and it was the Wookiee jedi who spoke up, <"It will be done.">

    Neia smiled, thanking them before seeing them out, once more alone she picked up her datapad with the last source of information, Urai Fenn had send word about her query if the Syndicate knew of what was going on in the 'Triangle'. A rather cryptic worded message that basically meant, 'contact your hutt contact'. This did not make her feel comfortable at all and made her wonder what she might be getting herself into. She however sat down behind her desk and contacted her communications people. "This is Neia... please contact Deluise the Hutt, ask him respectfully if Neia Kahleesi can be granted a audience to speak to him." She got a confirmation and all she could do next was wait.

    A short time later Neia's holoprojector flashed a signal that an incoming link was established, presumably from DeLuise. when the projector activated Neia was greeted by the image of Vin-N13, DeLuise protocal and administration droid. Vin-N13 was something of an oddity among droids in that DeLuise had the droids exterior customised to his own eccentric tastes. Vin-N13 has a silver metalic finish where most people would expect to see flesh of a humanoid, black and white pinstripe paintjob in a rough approximation of a suit elsewhere. the optical sensors appear to resemble sunglasses and for some odd reason, DeLuise fashioned the droid with a fedora. For all the work DeLuise has had done to Vin-N13, the droid suffers from a mechanical glitch that causes a twitch when it finishes a sentence.

    "Hello Kahleesi." Vin-N13 said before its head twitched sideways with an audible mechanical whir.

    She smiled a bit, noticing Vin-N13 still had that twitch. "Hello Vinnie, good to see you, is DeLuise the Hutt available?"

    "The Boss is just finishing his slime bath." Vin-N13 said with the customary twitch. "He should be free in a moment if you'd like to tell me what you are inquiring about?"

    She sucked in one of her cheeks in thought for a moment before replying. "It concerns the area of space people have started to call the 'Randon Triangle'." It might be fruitless but she paid close attention to Vinnie's reaction when she said that name.

    Vin-N13's reaction was delayed momentarily as the droid thought over the question, the twitch came first this time. "I do not think that line of questioning will get you very far." Vin-N13 replied.

    She sighed and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before she opened them again and looked at Vin-N13. "Vinnie, I have been hearing a lot of rumours lately about ships vanishing either without a trace or only leaving wreckage behind, I have friends that are missing in the area right now. Some of my contacts even saw sensor ghost briefly that vanished before they could ivnestigate, or at least the ones who are brave enough to try and get a closer look. I know that a lot of the missing ships are somehow Hutt affiliated and that even a few cruisers, assumed to be send to look for missing cargo transports with shipments, have vanished as well.

    The other contacts I ask either repeat rumours I have already heard... or said I should talk to the Hutts, my contact DeLuise the Hutt directly. All I want is to figure out what is going on, can do it on my own but it might be better if I work with the Hutts who seem to know a great deal more." She shrugged, "I am just a business woman looking out for her interests, whatever this Triangle is, it is right at my doorstep and I have no desire to see it spread."

    She clacked her tongue. "I also have a image of a ship, or one of the ships that may be responsible for the disappearances." She said lastly, wondering how that would go over.

    "Vinnie. Stop hogging the holoprojector." The unmistakable voice of DeLuise the Hutt could be heard in the background. "Sorry boss" Vin-N13 said as he looked away from the projectors sensor. A few moments later the image fluctuated and changed to show DeLuise himself. "So you know more than most people about this triangle then Neia."Deluise stated before pausing to stuff some sort of slug into his mouth. "I should have expected such from a clever one like you I suppose."he continued with a pitched laugh.

    She smiled and shrugged, "DeLuise, good to see you. You look especially slimy today, I love the sheen you seem to have right now." She traced through her head-tresses. "My apologies for my own appearance but it has been a busy day for me thus far." She reached for a glass feeling thirsty and took a sip as she formulated her next sentence in her thoughts before voicing it out loud. "I know more than the average person but some pieces are missing... I was hoping you could fill in the blanks."

    DeLuise popped another slug into his mouth before replying to Neia."These Scorpian slugs are quite divine when marinated properly."He said as he stuffed yet another into his mouth before continuing before he had finished eating it. "Have you ever tried them?"

    She crossed her arms and stared at DeLuise, "... In what kind of poodoo have the Hutt kajidics gotten themselves into?" She wondered out loud after Deluise the Hutt blatantly evaded her request. "And no I never tried them, I prefer Vaoloi."

    "You really must try them, I could give you the contact details of my supplier, his prices are extortionate normally but I'm sure we could work out a deal for you." DeLuise continued.

    She was about to reply she didn't give a damn about slugs when she stopped herself, staring at DeLuise... a slow smile forming on her lips, assuming her sudden hunch was correct. "You know what, never stop yourself from new experiences. I would love to get in touch with your supplier of Scorpian slugs."

    "Excellent." Deluise replied as he stuffed yet another slug into his mouth."They really are quite a culinary experience. Vinnie will transmit the contact details to you."

    She waited and then frowned, apparently her hunch was wrong and she sighed putting her face in her hands and then snapped her head back, massaging her temples. "DeLuise I am trying to help here. But I cannot do that if I don't get a clear picture of what is going on. Can you answer me if I ask, hypothetically, if the Hutts are in conflict with some group in the 'Randon Triangle' or not? Two slugs for yes, one for no." She said with a amused snort despite being somewhat vexed by her contacts attitude.

    "I Strongly advise you let this go Neia, you're not going to though are you." Deluise said with the Hutt equivalent of a sigh.

    "Nope, someone, you, once said I was too stubborn for my own good to start a space station in Hutt territory and have it build right next to another space station already. Yet business boomed and I thrived." She paused and shrugged, "Ships have gone missing and now some friends of mine too." She reached on her desk, projecting the grainy image her smuggler contact brought back, gesturing to it. "All I know is that ship is connected to the disappearances, or at least a strong suspicion it is and that whoever it belongs to seems to have a dislike for any Hutt affiliated craft but it doesn't stop them from attacking any and all traffic in the area, not just any Hutt affiliated... though they do keep the CIS and Republic alone from what I gathered. So do you rather I start delving into this in the dark with the risk of stepping on anyone's toes or tail or can we help each other out... have you lost any ships out there?"

    DeLuise picked up another slug and toyed with it for a moment before putting it back in the bowl he had taken it from, suddenly finding his unusualy great appetite had fled him. "Consider this a Hutt matter and leave it alone Neia. Knowing you however you'll do as you please, so if you must poke the d'oemir bear, make sure you have a very large stick."

    She activated another series of controls and the grainy image of the ship her smuggler contact had given her was now joined by the elongated image of a long, massive ship, bristling with a number of weapon batteries. "The Free Trade Gambit is a very big stick DeLuise, especially after it has recently finished installing all its upgrades. I am sure you had some of your people inform you about it over the months that it was away. DeLuise... we have been business partners for a while, I even might consider you a friend, as you said I will investigate what is going on. If I have to guess, the Hutts are in conflict with some other party who is not afraid of dealing major punches because the Hutts have lost a lot of ships and yet I hear nothing about any wreckage belonging to these... 'wraiths' that come out of nowhere to shoot down traffic in the region. So would you prefer I go in on my own or perhaps with some knowledge and potentially help out the Hutt Kajidics with this? Consider this, if you tell me I will keep it to myself and if my investigation turns up nothing you can just state, if anyone bothers to ask, that I am a stubborn Nautolan who does as she pleases... but if I manage to solve this and perhaps help restore some peace and stability to the region, you are free to claim you send me there and that it was your ingenuity that restored traffic and trade in the region."

    "Neia, you know I too consider you a friend. At least as much a friend as a Hutt such as myself ever has." Deluise said as he waved a stubby arm almost dismissively at the notion. "I could even state publicly that you are a valued business partner. So in the spirit of that partnership, I will Tell you to drop this.." Deluise said in a tone he rarely used with people he liked. "Now Vinnie will send you those contact details for the scorpian slugs, my time however is up." The Hutt crime lord said before the holo call was terminated at his end. A few moments later a text only message came through the same channel with the contact details from Vin-N13.

    She clacked her tongue and sighed, rubbing her temple. "Well, seems we will be going in dark." She muttered before standing up and stretching, pressing her intercom. "This is Neia, please inform Gaarwar and Kalira that the Wroshyr Song, and the Free Trade Gambit will depart together at 20:00 tonight."

    "Sure thing boss, what is the destination for the navigation officers to already start calculating hyperspace routes?" Came the reply.

    "The Randon Triangle." She replied honestly.

    It was silent a moment at the other end before the commsec in her emply answered her. "I, understood boss. Anything else?"

    "No, that would be all, thanks Chuck. Wait... forwarding some contact information of a supplier of Scorpian slugs, get in some orders, make certain to say DeLuise the Hutt referred us." With that she signed off and walked over to the one-way window to look down upon her casinofloor, thinking to herself and shaking her head. "What have the Hutts gotten themselves into..."
  13. Yavin 4 Sanctuary
    Lightsabre practice room

    Jacoiba watched from the sidelines as her students sparred amongst each other, Eltarr and Helena on one side, Yaggle and Yeonara on another. She watched as the newest and somewhat smallest addition to their company jumped around Yeonara, The woman was clearly becoming frustrated with the little mans constant moving. Yaggle was an interesting one, Jacoiba had procured him from the auction that turned out to be nothing but a farce, but still fruitful none the less, he was skilled, if not quite up to Yeonaras skill level, which was proven as the woman threw him down with a quick force lightning as he attempted to jump her again.
    Jacoiba clapped approvingly, slowly making her own way toward the pair. Eltarr and Helena both stopped in their tracks, neither had realised their mistress had been watching so closely, Helena backed away slowly, she was still skittish around Jacoiba, the hours of constant torture and breaking were firmly printed into her mind, memories of her former life as a jedi crushed by the scars her mistress had left on her.
    Jacoiba waved Eltarr, Helena and Yaggle away to dismiss them, their training session was over for now “you three can go, well done”.
    Yeonara watched as her fellow students left her with their mistress, never a nice place to be left, not with the way Jacoiba was slinking toward her. “Your skills have improved greatly Yeonara,I am impressed, lets see how you go against a real opponent” Jacoiba ignited one end of her double bladed sabre and lunged toward her Student, Yeonara was quick on her feet and dodged the blow before striking out with a bolt of lightning. The bolt was deflected off Jacoibas sabre and soon Yeonara found herself backed into a corner, Jacoibas speed with the sabre was too much for her, but she noticed one small opening and used it, she hit her mistress with a quick bolt of lightning and darted behind her while she was still stunned. Jacoiba turned quickly and as she did sent her own bolt toward her student, Yeonara was sent flying back across the room and landed on her backside. Jacoiba laughed and smiled at the woman, “the first of my students to land a decent blow, well done, now get up and get that seen too” she said as she noticed the burns appearing on her students arms. “Meet me in my quarters once you are finished, we have plans to discuss”
    “Yes my lady, and... thank you”
    Praise from Jacoiba was rare, so when it was given, it was warranted.

    Jacoiba made her way back to her quarters, she had sent for food and refreshments to be sent up. It was awaiting her when she arrived, along with the reports from her infiltrators, it seems Sekar Pyke had made good use of her infiltrator, he had been climbing the ranks of the syndicate thanks to her, and she had secured her alliance.
    But what she found more interesting was not only the birth of Azazel and the lapdogs twins, but the capture of them from the lapdogs own station, not only that but Azazel herself was behind the attack on Mandalore . Seems their alliance was wearing thin. Jacoiba smiled, she was sitting back in shadows while her 'allies' were tearing themselves apart.
    She had not learned too much else, Andrea had a new force ability, the republic senate was in dissaray due to Jacoiba leaking the information she had previously gathered, and Cyphor seemed to be gathering together troops and ships, but she did not know the reason behind that. “Just what are you planning my former master...”

    A moment later Yeonara entered her quarters. Jacoiba placed the reports down and motioned for the woman to sit. “Now, you have proven yourself above your fellow Students Yeonara, and I have decided that it is time you find a suitable student of your own”
    Yeonara Stared at her mistress for a moment, the woman who had killed her friend and ally and turned her from the path of the jedi.. and yet.. she was completely loyal to this woman as her student.. now she wanted her to have that responsibility herself. “Y..yes my lady, I believe I would be capable of training my own apprentice, but.. how does one gain an apprentice?”
    Jacoiba laughed “Well, I tend to break mine... or buy them.. but I believe Admin may be able to help you find one, I will be sending him out with you, Along with Rikai and a troop of Rikais best soldiers, I will not have you unprotected, you are still my student after-all, I have already made the arrangements with Admin and Rikai, and they are awaiting your arrival, you will leave in the morning”
    Yeonara sat back, taking some of the food on the plate in front of them. “As you wish mistress” She knew the guard was not purely for her protection, if she were to step out of line she knew her 'guard' would be the first to take her down if she were to threaten her mistress, after-all, trust was not a known thing among the sith, this was becoming more an more clear to her since abandoning her jedi training.
    “You, may go, gather your things and meet with Rikai and Admin to prepare”
    Jacoiba watched the Togruta woman leave, she had a lot of potential that one, potential Jacoiba would watch carefully, she knew how easy it was to turn on ones master.

    Jacoiba had one more report to read, it seems her explorers may have found some old jedi ruins on the planet Mustafar, in a region called the smoking forest. “That's not ominous or anything...” she murmurs to herself. It seemed the ruins were not entirely abandoned however, and they had no idea of the number of its occupants, if any regular. “Of course they don't, because it seems I only employ dimwits”.
    Jacoiba sat the report down, her search for jedi artefacts had somewhat stalled, but now she had her base here, she finally had a place she could bring the artefacts too, her 'allies' were yet to discover this place. After a few moments thinking she began making the preparations for herself and a select company to take to Mustafar. It was past time for her to begin with her plans.

    Summary (open)
    Yeonara goes off to attempt to find her own apprentice.
    Jacoiba makes preperations to find some jedi ruins on Mustafar
    Party going to Mustafar:
  14. Darth Andrea, Mandalore System.
    Valar Gra'tua's Station.

    Andrea walked through the corridors of Valar's station, smirking a little despite what had happened recently, to think she would be allowed to freely walk these halls was a oddity but it seems that the recent events had changed matters slightly. She approached the observation bay, nodding to the young Echani woman standing outside on guard. "Trizz asked after you." She said casually, grinning a little as she walked past into the room. Looking more concerned now as she looked at Azazel, her back turned to her as she was gazing out the large screen to the stars beyond. "Should I come back later?" She asked softly after a moment of waiting, seeing no sign Azazel had sensed or acknowledged Andreas arrival.

    Azazel's face was set, a stony mask as she glared out at empty space and flickering suns far off. Her hands were clenched upon the rail. So deep in thought, she almost missed notice of Andrea's presence until she spoke up. She is slow to respond, as if subdued before she pulls herself away from the void beyond the glass and settles her gaze upon her lover. "No, there's no sense in that... It might do me well to cease my brooding." She glances back at the vastness outside, a frown creasing her face for moment before she draws away and seeks a seat. "Leaving already, I take it."

    She chuckled softly, walking to take a seat next to Azazel, "That obvious, huh?" Her face was sad but determined. "Yes I am afraid so, I need to... tend to my people and errands I had lined up. That and I plan to make some personal visits to contacts of mine and 'stress' I want some leads on Traiserus. And I didn't want to leave as if I were a thief in the night." She reached out, taking Azazels hand and squeezed it. "The twins are alive still, if he wanted them death his people wouldn't have used blasters on stun when they stormed into the medbay."

    She nods slowly, but sets her jaw, brow knitting together. "I have no doubt of that... But you do not find it odd?..." She levels her gaze at Andrea, "Consider for a moment Traiserus' course of action this far and his words..." She clenches her fists, "He has heirs of his own and vies for control of the Order... He need not worry about the children of his enemy, and he did explicitly wish them dead..." She takes a slow breath, "Furthermore, they not only knew of Valar's home... But carried out this act with very exact precision... Reaching the core of communications and the medbay virtually undetected and extracting them as if no great feat... All this, while knowing the expected date..." She glares at Andrea, "We are not wanting for enemies..." She sighs and closes her eyes, "No, the more I think of it, the more doubt I have. Yes, Traiserus is the easy target to pin this upon... But what of those who readily would have had access... Valar's mandalorian 'friend' perhaps who belongs to another clan? It would be cowardly and dishonorable to lie to his face so... But it cannot be discounted... And the others of the alliance... Rather, Jacoiba... Whatever has she done recently to show herself a part of this alliance? Rather, what has she ever done?" She huffs and settles back, exhausted, "But perhaps I am jumping at shades and specters. I am not so foolish as to fail to realize my view of this galaxy has been painted red and I now see traitors and enemies everywhere... I cannot even begin to know who to trust anymore..."

    Andrea reached forwards, cupping Azazels cheeks and kissed her deeply, pulling back a little to murmur against her lips and look her int the eyes. "Hush... whoever has them, Traiserus or perhaps someone else... we will find them and we will hurt them." She gently traced a finger over Azazels cheek. "Do you trust me? Or at least trust me enough that I will want my own retribution on those who caused this mess for what happened to myself and my own people?" She gestured to her stomach where the hint of bandages and bacta patches are present.

    Azazel returned her kiss, but only half-heartedly. She frowns and closes her eyes, "Is that all you care about, Andrea? What they have done to you and your followers?" Azazel draws back and looks at Andrea, as if wounded, "What of that which has been done to me?" She fixes her glare upon her, "What of the babes that have been ripped from my grasp, after not even a day?" She hisses out, venomously, "You ought know of the deepfelt pain that comes of the product of your womb being seized from you. Now, imagine it twice-fold. And not to one you know will rear them well but some foul monster you know not what they will do upon them!"

    She remained silent for a moment, then smirked. "Good, use that lovely fire of rage and hatred of yours love. It will keep you going to get your children back." She pulled back, muttering softly. "It has sustained me for decades." She said mostly to herself, looking off into the distance before shaking her head to clear her thoughts. "If I seem selfish, forgive me, but it is good to see you determined and vengeful, instead of depressed, if you are enraged then you are determined to get them back."

    She sighs and looks away, "I suppose that is something... But very well, take leave and busy yourself with your business." Azazel looses a deep breath, digging her nails into the fabric of her robes, praying to herself that this hunt does not last as long as Andrea's plight.

    She caressed Azazel's cheek, waiting for the other sith to look at her before she smiled softly. "I will have my people hunt down any leads they can find on Traiserus. When they do, you will hear about it... and I will offer whatever assistance you need in hunting him down to get the twins back."

    Azazel nods and nuzzles against her hands, remaining silent. Her thoughts began to stray once more as she closes her eyes. "Thank you, Andrea," she finally murmurs.

    She smiled softly gently cupping and tracing Azazels cheek and then she walked away without a further word said or needed to be said. At the exit she paused only briefly, glancing back at Kitt, "Keep her safe." She murmured and continued walking, much to do and not enough time, as always, to do it all...

    Dark Rebirth, hyperspace pause between systems

    She cocked an eyebrow staring down the hologram representation of her cousin Kano, "So let me get this straight... you wish me to head to the corporate sector, to the Cazador system where a supposed hidden refueling base is located and in use by the Separatists to resupply and conduct strikes against the Republic holdings in the region. That sums it up?"

    Kano's image flickered and then he nodded, "Yes, that would be the main goal. Understand the enemy asset is located in a region that is somewhat.... politically inflammatory if we were seen to be acting openly. Especially since the world this base is located on are also conducting some 'humanitarian' operations to neighbouring worlds. So to attack it under official Republic sanction would be disastrous for our position in the region.... however if say 'pirates' attacked the world and happen to raid/bomb the refueling base then the Republic has no blame in such regrettable events. I have been tasked doing this by the Chancellor herself you know." Kano sounded rather pompous and full of himself saying that then got a bit of a concerned look on his face accompanied with a frown. "I am currently however mostly concerned tracing a leak that cost us the Corellia-Duros campaign, our supply routes were somehow known to the enemy and the operation turned into a disaster with too many casualties on our side than we'd have liked...." He shook his head, "But that is for me to investigate, will you accept the task in the Cazador system? Oh... the refueling base is the prime target but if you were to eliminate the humanitarian efforts in the same system then it would be even more beneficial then we can step in with our own to look all the better in the region."

    Andrea let smiled slowly, "As it happens I would love trying some virulent agents I have been toying with to-"

    Kano cut her off, "No! I mean, no, not that please, we would like to have some survivors to 'rescue' after the savage pirate attacks after all. Image and appearances are important, we have no interest in liberating and rescuing a decimated system."

    Andrea clacked her tongue, "Nobody lets me have any fun these days. But fine, just the refueling base with these humanitarian efforts as a secondary objective. Since you stated the location of the refueling base was a secret I will just have to blow up a lot of it however and see which explosions are bigger when we hit fuel stores." She shrugged with a smirk. "I expect to be well rewarded with this however."

    "Naturally, I wish you luck, now I must resume my leads to my own investigation. Do not tarry Andrea, we expect your report on the situation soon." With that Kano ended the link on his end.

    Frowning she stared at where Kano's hologram had been a moment before and let out a snort, Kano was thinking too highly of himself lately, her cousin seemingly thinking he was better than her. Who had supplied him with information and favours that saw him rise in the Republic hierarchy? She did, perhaps she would need to remind him of that in the near future. But for now she tapped in a frequency for another message, sending it to her kubaz agents with the request if the network had any knowledge that could help her in the Cazador system. With that she leaned back and closed her eyes for a moment.

    This opportunity was a good thing, it would distract her from what had happened in the Mandalore system, she dearly hoped her agents or those of Kuryi would find anything about Traiserus they could use, she had made a promise to Azazel and she intended to keep it...

    Dark Rebirth, Bridge

    Reneva had her fingers dance over the controls, her eyes glancing back and forth between two screens which were integrated in the design of her command throne on the bridge starmaps with known, stable and unstable hyperspace lanes were laid out before her as she switched between them, plotting the fastest and least riskiest routes for the ship to take. Not that she had been given any heading or course for them to take next.

    This was to train herself by spotting dangers in the established routes that were known to them in the ships navigation database and potentially save their lives if a quick calculation of a escape route needed to be found. Darth Andrea was not the first sith she had served but it seems she was the more demanding, expecting her people to think and act on their own initiative when she was not around to give orders. Granted Andrea in matters of ship related issues referred to Reneva and the others of the senior command staff regardless, since it seemed she had more experience with this mystical force she and her disciples could command. Reneva had no such power at her command except her own wits and experiences to guide her actions and get things done.

    She frowned, pausing as she stared at a route she had just calculated and laid, after am oment of study she noticed the error she had made, if this was a actual route they would have taken she had a 76% chance of the Dark Rebirth crashing into a rogue planetoid that was spotted in the region. A minor correction added a few minutes longer to hyperspace transit and only 3% chance of hitting the rogue object in their path.

    Pleased with herself she stored the hypothetical route in her own folder of potential routes and leaned back in the command throne, closing her eyes. only for a moment however as her eyes snapped open when the chime came from her chair of a call, straightening herself she looked at the miniature holographic projector in the armrest become alive and show Andrea's head. "My lady." She said, inclining her head respectfully.

    "Reneva, I want you to plot a course to the corporate sector, final destination the Cazador system but I wish to drop out of hyperspace in a empty system before reaching there or in the void of empty space." Came Andrea's voice.

    She did not appear to be confused with this request, having heard more odd orders from the sith she was serving, "As you wish my lady. Anything else?"

    Andrea smiled, "Make sure the ship will be combat ready on our way there. That is all."

    Reneva tilted her head but nodded, "It will be done." With that the hologram faded into non-existence and she turned to the bridge. "Prepare the ship for hyperspace transit, heading the corporate sector, final destination the Cazador system. I will provide the navigation date on the route to it, thank you lieutenant." She said nodding to the lieutenant standing by the navigation crew who accepted the order and told his people to send forward all navigational data they had on the corporate sector to their captains consoles.


    Andrea says goodbye to Azazel and promises her to seek out her kidnapped twins.

    Away from Mandalore she is contacted by her cousin Kano with a offer/request from the republic which she accepts.

    Reneva improved her navigation skills and gets the rank of colonel.
  15. Vena

    Crow and his Merry Murdermen

    Crow sat back on the 'Throne' of the Debt Collector as the stars all snapped back into position as the transition
    to realspace was made and he examined the star system. "Keep us going towards Vena at thirty percent military
    power. Keep weapons activated but at low charge. Keep shields at 20% but ready to bring to full power at a moments
    notice. Passive scans only. Head for the co-ordinates we were given." Crow said sharpening his blade.

    The Murdermen who had the honour of piloting the Debt Collector nodded as they followed his orders to the letter. A
    campaign of rigorous training, careful abuse cultivating an utterly loyal crew of psychopaths, murderers, rapists
    and thugs of all stripes. If Crow ordered them to eviscerate a newborn and eat their entrails they'd do it, and
    cheer that they were chosen to.

    "Now to see what this world has to offer." Crow said with a smile.

    Their approach seemed to be undetected by the local customs or military presence, the sensors of the Debt
    Collector detecting what appears to be a small battle on the other side of the system however, perhaps that is
    whats keeping the local patrols busy as they made their way to the planet Vena.

    "This is going to be fun boss." One of his men said eagerly. Crow chuckled in response.

    "Remember the first lesson." Crow said.

    Inside the cockpit all the Murdermen present responded at once and simultaneously. "Rape and Pillage THEN Burn!"
    Crow smiled in response.

    "Good. Scorpius, Land us near the co-ordinates." Crow ordered. The Murderman in the pilots seat wearing what looked
    like nothing so much as a gimp suit. He was a real nasty piece with an intelligent streak. Crow had him slated for
    rapid advancement.

    "If you wish Sir." He said with a voice that sounded mocking, sarcastic. Classic Scorpius.

    The planet Vena seemed peaceful form a distance, as the Debt Collector got closer however sensors could indicate
    there were pockets of heavy fighting going on in various regions and continents on the surface. The area they were
    supposed to meet with someone seemed rather barren of any fighting however and almost devoid of any populations
    whatsoever besides a few odd villages and lone buildings, their destination being one of the latter. Surrounded by
    woods though it had a surprisingly empty clearing that was perfect to land a ship the size of the Debt Collector.

    "Scan it thoroughly, then take us down, Scorpius, Revenant, Ladykiller, Remus and Dogeater will travel with me on
    the 'cycles to our planned destination. The rest of you are to take station defending the ship except for.. you
    two. You'll remain on the ship, keep the defences armed and ready to take off for my position at a moments notice."
    Crow ordered. It would be interesting to see what happened next.

    Just as they came upon their approach and began scanning the area the comm crackled and a voice came on speakers.
    "Oy! oy you there, I see ya big stinking dingus, whadda ya want of me, ye ain't on of ma 'sual ferries. Git back
    and seek another shiny spot ta land at."

    Crow keyed the communications. "You must be the chap I was sent to find, I heard you had a healthy dislike for
    authority, a healthier collection of excellent weaponry and you might know some other folk around here I might be
    able to help out with their government problem." Crow keyed the comm after motioning silence to his men.
    They were an enthusiastic lot and without it were as like as not to start whooping and howling as soon as he'd
    opened the channel otherwise.

    There was some silence on the other end before the rough voice came back on again. "Ye ain't on the list buddy
    boy, I ain't herd of ya so why I ought ya to let yer rustbucket land on my nice shiny spot, eh? I got me a
    rocketlauncher aimed at ya. Part of me exqis- exqquasi- part of me collection." He said with pride after some
    haltingly attempts to say a particular word but failing at it.

    Crow shrugged and keyed the comms. "I'd be happy to look at it, if you want to be that unfriendly, i've got a
    gunship with advanced armour, three shield generators, two light turbolasers, two heavy lasers, four laser cannons
    and a heavy ion cannon I can show you back, if you get my drift." Crow said. "But i'd rather not, not when I have a
    crate with a brand new Merr-Sonn PLX-2M missile launcher that i'd be happy to misplace for an appropriate
    introduction." Crow said.

    "Of course, I could just go find another collector with friends to make friends with." Crow said.

    Again there was silence on the other end before the voice came back on. "Woohee, that sound like some fine guns,
    hey buddy, there's this target range three clicks outha south of ma cabin. Looking at it right now, can ye blast it
    with dem turbolaser guns?" It would only take a moment to scan the area there was indeed some kind of target range
    in the designated area with a lot of craters of all kinds of weaponry on the surface.

    "Let's find out." Crow said smiling. "Full power to the Turbolasers, turn over fire control to me, Scorpius,
    orient us to the target. I'll take over fine control of the guns." He said. "But keep an eye out in case he's using
    this as a chance to fire at us."

    As Scorpius oriented the ship Crow let himself slip into his zone as he watched the firing reticle waiting for it
    to align with the target. Then when the moment came, he squeezed the trigger."

    The guns were aligned and as Crow squeezed the trigger a nice firebal lerupted at the target range, accompanied by
    the whooping over the comms. "YIPPPPEEEEE! That was 'mazing! Ye cleared ta land on ma shiny landing spot boy, I got
    some lemonade waiting for ya." With that the comms clicked off.

    The Debt Collector settled down as the whooping in the cabin died down. It was always fun seeing the real big guns
    go off at something. And Crow had plans to use them plenty often. But as he said before on landing he entered his
    troop bay and climbed on one of the Murdercycles as Scorpius, Revenant, Ladykiller, Remus and Dogeater did the
    same, the assorted weapons they carried only paused as one of the Murdermen loaded one of the PLX crates onto
    Crow's bike.

    As the ramp lowered the six cycles emerged into the light and headed for the farmhouse before Crow indicated
    everyone except Scorpius to wait near the main gate. Crow headed in and dismounted near the farmhouse with his MkII
    Medium repeating Blasted Cannon over one shoulder. Scorpius had a disruptor rifle as they headed towards the farm.
    "The names Crow." Crow called out, "This is Scorpius." Scorpius grunted under the weight of the PLX-2 launcher
    crate. "Pleasure to meet you." He said loudly.

    The creaking alerted the two of them and as they looked they saw a pudgy man wearing a sleevless shirt rockign
    back and forth in a wicker rocking chair, a stouker concussion rifle across the armrests and his lap. "Took ya long
    enough, neat bikes. Come over here in the shade ya gits." He then turned to the farmhouse. "Ma! ..... MA YA DEAF

    From inside the farmhouse came a shouted reply. "WHAT!?"




    There came no further reply and with a snort the man spat a pleghm out on the ground, "Ye can drop that crate
    there, I'll git to it later, whadda ya want of me, eh?" He said gesturing to two chairs on the opposote end of the
    table his rocking chair was next to.

    Crow grinned and sat down. "Excellent choice in weaponry. Stouker Connies always make the most satisfying sounds
    when they hit tax collectors." Crow chuckled. Scorpius sat down awkwardly as his heat sink screwed out of his head
    and he changed the heat sink.

    Crow thought about his approach. "As I understand it the good folks of this world want peace and quiet with none of
    those foreigners, like me admittedly, mucking stuff up, dragging you into their wars and the like. I've never been
    one for governments and I heard yours was being a spot of trouble, so I came to make contact with some of your folk
    who are trying to rectify this over-abundance of big brothers iron fist and give them a hand beating it down and
    let the good folk make their own choices." Crow shrugged. "Call it my sense of civic duty."

    The man frowned, extendign a hand. "Where are me manners, Jebediah, Osbourni the XVI. Me pappi from way back used
    to be one of dem nobility folk back then." He stared at the heatsink in scorpius head with a mixture of interest
    and disgust. "Gimme a sec." He turned around. "MA! WERE ARE DEM- oh there ye are." A elerdly woman came walking
    out, holdign a tray with a pitcher and several glasses, putting them down on the table with a smack and then turned
    aroudn to march back inside without a further word.

    Jebediah grabbed the pitcher and poured the glasses full, setting one in front of his guests staring meaningfully
    at them that they better enjoyed the taste as he took a drink himself. "Deeelicious, right dem. So ye ain't a
    weapons smuggler, shame dat.... ye want to come in contact with dem yahoos fighting dem nobility? Dinnae think they
    want yer help, fighting to keep outsiders away and all... happy to take ma guns though, which come from folk like

    Crow chuckled. "We can smuggle. But we're unofficially part of a group working to help likeminded folks like them.
    What sort of gear do they get off you?" Crow asked. If they were too hard-line against his help he needed to find
    out enough about them to false-flag operate, and scale up their apparent work. He took the glass and slugged back
    the apparent home brew without a reaction. Though Scorpius decided to try and hack up his lungs for a good half

    Laughing Jebediah pointed at Scorpius and smirked, "Makes ye grow hair on ya chest!" He then turned back to Crow.
    "Wha gear they got of me? Hmmn..." He drummed his fingers on the stouker rifle. "Pretty 'uch what ya delivered to
    me, I might keep the shiniest one and sell off the rest to dem rebels. Dem rebels really take anything they can
    get." He snorted, "Dinnae want offworlders invovled but dem happy to take ya guns."

    Crow's face was one of good humour, but secretly he was a tiny bit annoyed. "I'm sure a friendly chap like you
    might be able to put in a good word for us, after all we're not looking to stay, just help them get their goals.
    After all, if our help can help them stop all offworlders for good, might they not be happy to accept said help for
    now?" Crow offered diplomatically. "It wouldn't hurt to try now would it?"

    The Venan citzien scratched his scruffy beard, frowning. "What do ya want outta this? If ye aint here to smuggle
    weapons... but here to help, wha did ya say? Help likeminded folks? Dem rebels hardly wanna do anything with
    outsiders, dey want things back to old timey days, alone, isolated... without fancy offworld guns." He said the
    last bit with a rather sad note.

    "We get the satisfaction of seeing a job well done. Of worlds protected from the nonsense of the Republic and CIS
    who seem intend to roll all other worlds under the heels of their war machines and..." Crow chuckled... "We get the
    satisfaction of blowing up folk deserving of it, a passion I think we share if your firing range is anything to go
    by. Let me guess, this place hasn't seen a tax collector in decades after the stories got out. Am I right." He
    winked conspiratorially.

    Jebediah grinned evilly and gestured to out the front where the rest of Crow's group were parked and waiting, "Dem
    scarecrows are made out of tha last bunch that tried to git me money." As Crow looked there were five 'scarecrows'
    planted in the ground, which were actually quite flocked with birds pecking at them. "Welp, guess I can call me
    contacts and see if any of dem are interested in meeting ya, would take some time though, makign sure its alll....
    how'd you say it... safe, secure, whatever."

    "Naturally, if they want a show of good faith, blowing up a government weapons depot, tax collection office, free
    some of their mates from a prison, i'm sure we could arrange such a demonstration." Crow said with a grin, "You see
    those guns on the bikes. Technology is based off of the CIS Flak gun. It'll turn a checkpoint into confetti."
    There was a glimmer in his eyes when Crow went into detail of the flak guns and he grinned, "That sounds fun, but
    yeah.... eh. Tell ye what, I'll get in contact with dem rebels, see if I can arrange a job for ya to earn dem trust
    and see how it goes, hokay?"

    He paused, "Id like me one of dem bikes in payment for arranging it, seeing dem crates you just drooped off were
    just a introduction gift, right? Right?"

    "Sounds good to me Jeb," Crow hocked into his palm and held out his hand hoping that the chap recognised the
    gesture. He'd have to pick up a replacement from 'Just another customer' when he had the time.

    "Hokay!" Jebediah said excitingly and hocked into his own palm and slammed it against Crow's shaking it. "One
    second." He turned to the farm house. "MA!"






    Jebediah blinked and checked his pockets, "Oh. FOUND THEM MA!" He turned back to Crow, still holding his hand and
    let go of it, handing him a filthy datapad. "If ye can copy dem data, its about dem patrol routes and schedules of
    da nobility patrols on the approach of ma house here."

    Crow took the datapad and withdrew one of his own copying across the data with curiousity. This would be fun.
    "What do the patrols usually consist of?" Crow asked his mind going into strategy mode. "And do you have any good
    topography maps of the area as well, the best surprises come in well informed packages." Crow grinned before
    turning to Scorpius. "By the way, Scorp. You get to ride bitch with Dogeater until we get back to the ship."
    Jebediah shrugged, "I dinnae know of spaceships, I know mah guns, thats it. I aint go out that often and when I do
    its to shoot mah guns. I just buy and sell guns, thats mah thing, everyding, else, can shod off and don bother me
    or I shoot dem. I'd try to make sure dem rebels provide some intel if they can on whatever target, but dems the
    best I can do."

    "Sounds good to me. I'll go arrange a visit with one of them right now." Crow promised. "C'mon boys. We're pirates
    today." He said downing another shot of the old timers liquor. It had its primitive charm.

    Crow chuckled. "No my friend. But how would you like to have your own patrol ship."

    Jebediah blinked rapidly and then got a flushed look, staring down at his toes and squirmed a little. "I cannae fly
    a fancy ship." He said in what seemed to be a ashamed tone.

    Crow grinned. "I have some friends who could teach you how, and your friends might be able to help you crew it.
    And I might find another one for myself later down the line."

    He semed to be briefly tempted about it but then shook his head, "Nae... I like mah feet on dem ground more.... I
    like mah guns, ye cant hear dem fancy explosions in space."

    "No, too true, but could you imagine them pulling up one of their own ships to check for guns." Crow said with a
    smile. "But if you're really not interested..." Crow shrugged. "The patrol routes will help a hell of a lot,
    thankyou. And i'll be waiting for your transmission. It's been a real pleasure Jeb." Crow said heading down the
    porch stairs, slowly enough to turn back without looking too eager if he changed his mind.

    He paused. "Though... do you know somewhere I could hide a bigger ship? Say, 180 metres long with a landing

    Jebediah blinked rapidly and then smirked, "Oh right at dem shiny spot you landed at, if ye blow up dem forest
    next to it I can have dem ground cleared and ready for a shippie that size."

    "You're a good man Jeb, I dare say even a great one." Crow said with a grin. With a bit of joy in his step he
    hopped onto his bike as Scorpius ran over to ride bitch with Dogeater. "Boys, let's clear some forest and give my
    friend Jeb a good look at what the bike he just got is capable of!" He gunned the accelerator and headed for the
    forest. As they got close Crow flicked on the arming switch for his Flak Gun and slammed the trigger. Closely
    followed a moment by the other murdercycle. "Colonkiller, spin the Debt Collector, full salvo the forest!" He
    ordered over his comm.
  16. Corellia

    Three Duros walk into a Bar.

    Korani was discussing the merits of using Wookiees as intimidating shock troops with Castrot when he was approached. "Sir, two minutes." The Duro said before returning to his station.

    "We'll continue this later." Korani said chuckling and Fidel snorted.

    "I'm sure we will, but unless you go and pick up some Wookiee shock troops to join us you won't convince me any time soon." Fidel said heading for his own station.

    "Deal. Next time we go out that way, i'll see if we can sign on some Wookiees and maybe even get some of those weird ornithopter things they use." Korani said.

    At the time promised the Irregular Apocalypse emerged from Hyperspace into the Corellia system with the Gladius and Pilum forming up alongside in escort formation. Korani turned on the advertising billboards on the ship and made sure his Transponder was ticking over clearly. "This is Ter Korani, Warmaster of the Hadrian's Blade Mercenary Company. Requesting Authorisation to approach Corellia for the purpose of seeking men, women and other for gainful employment with a respectable company." Korani transmitted to Corellia traffic control.

    It did not take long for someone to answer the hail. "This is Corellia Traffic Control, Irregular Apocalypse, you are welcome back in the system, stay clear of Selonia, there are current seperatist raids going on in the immeadiate surrounding zone of that world. So better stay clear, other than that, you are free to approach and get on with your business."

    "Glad to be back CTC, and thanks for the warning, join us at the Sunset Club in the Capital at 18:00 and i'll shout you a drink, maybe discuss a few business propositions with you, i'm sure you might have some friends who might be looking for work that pays a bit better than the daily grind." Korani said with a grind as he signalled his helm to plot a course to Corellia that avoided the trouble area. While it'd be nice to show off for prospective clients his business was all bought up for now.

    Korani and his closest people bundled up in the Enfilade and made their way down to Coronet City looking as beautiful as always. Though showing the pressure of the war, the way the Corellians moved around with chins up defiant as always in the face of a potential oppressor. The landing spot chosen took the Enfilade's weight easily and Korani stepped out into the light of the city as it approached sunset. Knnor Thar, Bardo Bas, Lorrek and Vizal Turraza followed him out into the city. "Say Vizal, you happen to know of any bars frequented by CorSec or ex-CorSec types?"

    Vizal just smirked and without a word began to lead the way for the others through the winding streets and some of the back alleys of Coronet City, moving to one of the entertainment districts, the only oddity being some weird looks from locals at the sight of the Strill on leashes.

    Eventually they reached a bar of some kind, called the 'Lucky Keeper' and she stopped in front of it, turning to face Korani and gesture behind here. "This is one of the spots, or at least one of the ones my type of people rather avoid."

    As if on cue the doors slammed open and a human and nikto came marching out, holding a struggling Nautolan between them, the Nautolan being rather loud. "-can't do this to me! Where is yo-"

    The human laughed and shook his head, "Listen punk, your fault from trying to sell death sticks at a bar we frequent, so just shut up and allow yourself to be processed by the system back at the station, keep struggling and we'll add resist to arrest charges, got that?" When the Nautolan didn't respond he nodded. "Good lad." The Nikto chuckled amused and the two marched their charge off, further into the street.

    Korani chuckled. "Well if I were inclined to doubt you love, that would have cleared it all up." He considered the situation. "Vizal dear, can you and Lorreck wait out here with the hounds. Lorreck might make them think we're more Republic affiliated than neutral and... i'd really rather not find out afterwards that you still had an active warrant here."

    She rolled her eyes and nodded with Lorreck almost cursing as Korani passed him the leashes to Sasha and Grey, the Strill he'd brought down with him for walkies.

    Without further ado he headed on inside, marching over to the bar and looking at the Barkeep. There was a tense moment, a heavily armed duro walking into a bar full of cops and ex-cops, off duty or not some no doubt suspected a sudden and violent confrontation to take place before Korani smiled.

    "A round for everyone with a CorSec badge, current or dated." He said loudly enough to be heard by everyone present.

    At those words several tables, with mostly younger adults, in their early or late twenties cheered, happy with the free drinks and at once signalling waitresses, organic or droid, for a refill. Some of the tables with more odler and wizened looking individuals seemed to stare curiously or suspiciously at the Duros arrival while they resumed talking with their companions.

    The bartender, a Houk with a odd insignia on his chest that looked vaguely like a medal of some kind smirked, "You got the credits to pay for that? CorSec are a thirsty bunch, especially for the expensive kind if someone is handing out free drinks."

    "My friend, give me thirty days and I could buy your bar right from under you. I have three capital ships in orbit with a little over two thousand soldiers to feed and water daily. Yeah I can afford a round of drinks." Korani passed over a stick of creds that should cover a single round at least. "How's it with the low-lifes?" He asked the first young CorSec to rock up for a drink indicating the stool next to him.

    The Houk looked like he was about to give a angry retort at the implied insult to his bar when he looked at the credit stick and instead smiled widely and stuffed it in his pocket.

    The young off-duty CorSec officer grabbing a tray of drinks smirked, "Giving us a boring time by laying low for the most part, one benefit I suppose to the night curfew and martial law status, we are still forced to go on patrols though, but with less action." He snickered, "The occasional fool who tries to sell illegal narcotics in a bar like this not withstanding of course. Thanks for the free drinks though, we can use them." He said before ordering a whole list of drinks and then waited for the Houk barkeep to keep up with all the orders coming in.

    Kenno and Bardo were just surveying the scene, noticing a band of clones grouped together and apparently sharing war stories in the far corner of the bar when Kenno notices that one figure had mvoed itself rather close to Korani and seemed to be listening in to whatever he was saying to a young CorSec agent, that or the figure was just getting a drink.

    Kenno leaned over to the trooper. "You seem a mite bit curious friend, after a drink? Perhaps a job. I'm sure we can arrange for both." He said and Korani looked over with a curious feeling of his own.

    Instead Korani turned back to the young officer. "I'm around looking to see if I can offer some work to any CorSec who happen to have retired early perhaps, or chosen to left looking for greener, and better paying pastures. I have free barrack space and thought, if I want reliable, well trained and skilled people with a sense of honour, courage and the right mind to tell the odds where they can be shoved, I sat back and the first thing I thought of was the good men, women and other who served the people of Corellia so well. If I want folk that fill the bill, what better than ex-CorSec TRT officers to fill the bill. I mean what other choice is there? The pacifists on Alderaan? The corrupt assholes on Coruscant? If I want the best, where else would I go but here?" the manner it was phrased in giving the answer to the young CorSec officer without ever saying it. Nowhere else.

    Before the young CorSec could answer the figure Kenno had noticed and pointed out spoke up, a feminine, but firm voice speaking up. "Janus, go back to your friends and enjoy the free drinks this... gentleman, has decided to give us all." The young officer looked from Korani to the speaker, blinking rapidly before nodding, his hand moving up as if to salute before he seemed to realize what he was doing and just nodded again. Grabbing the tray of refilled drinks and hurried off to the table with his friends.

    As Korani turned around to study the woman who had interupted him more he would see a female human, brown hair and looking to be in her thrities if he was any judge, but then all humans looked alike. Wearing a brown leather cloth over her outfit as she seemed to study him in return. "Nice sales pitch, who are you." She asked to the point.

    Korani nodded deciding he liked this woman. "Ter Korani, Warmaster of the Hadrian's Blade Mercenary company. I've been helping out now and again here in the Corellia system over the last few months, I had been hoping to help the Republic Push to liberate my home system but... well I'm sure you know that went badly. Intel leak or something." Korani said honestly. "So now i've been contracted to help liberate Antar IV from the CIS."

    She clacked her tongue, motionign to the barkeep who after a moment slammed down two shot glasses, one for her and the other she shoved in his direction while picking hers up and raising it. "Sorry about your homeworld, hell sorry about the Republic in general not getting their act together and letting some intelligence leak ruin a operation that was suppsoed t osecure the entire sector." She pulled her head back downing the shot glass in one go.

    She reached her hand out, "Acelin Sunrider, former Major in CorSec. Though some of these young 'uns remember me from being their guest instructor and still try to salute me." She snorted but seemed amused by that fact. "Antar IV, huh... heard about that, was there when we got some refugees a few months back... a occasion when we didn't arrest the smugglers because they smuggled women and children off that hell hole. Hadn't heard a peep about the Republic trying to liberate that area however."

    Korani took her hand. "The republic isn't, private investor. Good pay with the promise to keep one of the CIS Lucrehulks if I can take one intact. He has soem friends stuck on the surface trying to liberate it through insurgency, it's gone badly so external help is needed." He sounded grim for a moment. "People are better than droids, but it hurts to lose people, something those CIS bastards don't get the understand, hell to my knowledge only the Umbarans and Kaleesh actually do fighting themselves." Korani admitted.
    She frowned, "That's what we all thought, we here in Coronet learned better when they send in human saboteurs to try and disable some of the theatre shields. Ever since that security around our secure facilities improved." She shrugged, "Curious that you would go for CorSec, or at least ex-CorSec then. If you hadn't noticed this entire system, hell the sector is in disarray with the seperatists incursion taking place and their infrequent raids. What makes you think that one of the main lines of defense we have would want to go off-world at a time like this?"

    "Because you're good folk. Corellia's a big system and, if you don't mind me saying so, probably big enough to look after itself without the Republic stomping all over the place like amatuers. I've seen those big cruisers you guys build for yourself, excellent engineering. But some of these other worlds, they don't have folk nearly as capable as CorSec to protect them, or worse, corrupt as hell. With your help, I might be able to do my job just that much better and save more lives into the bargain. Look at this jewel of a city, you've got it wrapped up tighter than a Hutts bank accounts and have more eyes on things than a Bothan Barista." He slugged down the drink and signalled for another for both of them. "I know it's hard to ask such good loyal people to leave their homes when it's in danger, but is it wrong of me to ask that some of the best of those, men and women no longer in service at the moment, join me instead to try and offer a bit of that to others in need?" Korani said. Kenno Thar tried to hide a tear that sprung up in his eye at the moving speech.

    And Kenno had to admit, he didn't even tear up because Korani was the one paying his cheques...

    Korani felt someone tapping his shoulder, interupting his conversation, turning around he noticed two Republic clones looking rather cross, and a bit unsteadily on their feet. "Could you... repeat what you just said citizen? About the Republic being amateurs?" The voice of the clone was a bit slurred but not heavily so.

    A third clone came walking up, "Crusher, let it go. We are on leave for the first time in months, get those drinks and lets return to the table."

    The clone, Crusher, shrugged off the hand that had been placed on his shoulder to placate him and he got right into Korani's face. "Not untill this drek apologizes, me and my brothers died by the hundreds when our convoys were attacked."

    Acelin coughed, gaining the attention of the clone who turned to look at her, before he could say anything she just slugged the clone in the face with a uppercut that saw him crash to the ground, she turned to look at the other clones. "Your brother has had a bit too much to drink, maybe you ought to bring him back to your assigned barracks." The two clones looked at each other and then back at Acelin and Korani and just nodded picking up Crusher and started dragging him to the exit. Acelin watched them go and then turned back to Korani, "I hate it when people interupt my conversation."

    "I must say, I feel the same way." He looked at the clone being dragged off. "Thanks, I would have hated to have to stun him. The poor clones so done in for loyalty they don't even realise the errors their commanders make." He said plainly with a shrug. "Also, I think the Kaminoans could probably have engineered them with a bit better ability to handle grog." He chuckled.

    She snickered, "Guessing they are unable to get a tolerance for alcohol with how they are grown or whatever it is those Kaminoans do to them. Right... so I admit you spin a good tale and talk the good talk, but you have to admit its a bit farfetched still. Hell if one is paranoid they might even consider that trying to lure some ex-CorSec to see if they know of any defense protocols or related secrets that can be sold off to the seppies might be actually going on?" She said while downing her second glass and then gestured for a third round.

    "What secrets would those be?" Korani winked. "The Corellians are fucking awesome, you better not mess with em." He downed another drink. "I've no interest in CorSec secret or protocols." Korani took out a holodisk. "Here's a number of recorded engagements with the Hadrian's Blade as well as a list of references and previous employers, the ones who didn't want it to go unknown anyway." He looked thoughtful. "Or if you would like to join me on the Irregular Apocalypse, CTC did mention some Sep trouble around Selonia, you could watch how I work if you'd prefer, you and any other friends and comrades who you think might be interested."

    She smiled and nodded, "Thank you, let me take a look at this for a moment." Meanwhile she gestured for the barkeep to keep the drinks coming as she placed the holodisk in a slot of her gauntlet and a miniature projector came alive and started playing.
    As she watched the various scenes unfold of the Hadrians blades engaging various enemy combatants, the droids of the CIS appearing the most in the role of the enemy and even some scenes that were recognizable Corellian features, showing the Hadrians Blades fighting on behalf of Corellia it seems. "No thanks, last I heard the local defense forces of Selonia had things under control, appreciated of the offer however."

    Korani nodded and signalled the barkeep to swap his own out for water. Corellians made famously strong drink and he knew he'd hit his limit. "A pity, the Irregular Apocalypse's main armament is one of those massive Turbolasers their Munificents carry. He paused, "While i'm being honest with you, I will point out, that as a Mercenary outfit, I do have several ex-criminals in the ranks, I don't know if any have active warrants on Corellia. But I felt," He coughed, "that you should know, I wouldn't want you to believe that I deceived you."

    She nodded slowly, "Was wondering if you brought that up, I assume that the Twi'lek Vizal Turraza is with you? She was noticed outside, some minor infractions, petty smuggling, theft... and one indecent exposure charge. No great deal of interest in arresting her right now, probably because she is with you, guess you are a bigger hit here than I thought. Thanks for your honesty. So about Antar IV, if its a private contractor, what makes you sure they aren't coming in to lay claim to the resources of that world themselves? Instead of liberating the world they would just change who is in charge."

    "Only one count of indecent exposure? I'll have to help her fix that later." He chuckled. "As for your question... well the answer to that is probably best not discussed in public. There are still plenty with strong opinions on the subject." He said honestly. "Even here. Amongst good men and women."

    She turned to the bartender, "Sal, backroom in use?"

    The houk turned, considering it for a moment and the nshook his head. "Nah, that Horn fellow and his friends finished their Sabacc game a while ago, its empty right now."

    She nodded her thanks and then gestured for Korani to follow. "You can take your friends with you." She said over her shoulder as she went past the tables, nodding and exchanging a few words with some people she seemed to know before entering the backroom, a circular table set up with some betting chips still on it. She took a seat and waited until he entered and she gestured to the other seat. "Privacy established, so about my question?"

    Korani glanced around out of habit as Kenno Thar checked for any bugs. "My employer is a trustworthy man, a Jedi according to my intelligence and I have no reason to doubt it. From what I can tell, and have been told, they responded to a call for help from one Quinlan Voss, also a Jedi, to liberate the world from the CIS." Korani said plainly. "Unlike most i'm not beholden to the superstition that they're all trouble makers who get people killed around em. Seems to me that they just throw themselves into place where people are getting killed and more reasonable folks, like us, get to help them out."

    She blinked, opening her mouth and then closing it, appearing to be in thought. "A... jedi?" She finally said after a moment of silence. "Huh... I admit to not seeing that coming, I expected some kind of mining corporation or some senator trying to look all heroic but not this. Well this certainly explains why you needed to talk privately.... so you wanted former CorSec... if I tell you I might know a few what can we expect with this? Just a one-time job or perhaps longer employment?"

    "If they're willing, as long as they're willing to stay with the Company. Like I said, I want to help and your people are, honestly speaking, the best i've ever heard of." Korani admitted.

    She smirked and tapped the holodisk he gave her, "Even better than your current employees, huh?" Her smile and tone teasing and she glanced at the other two Duros.

    "My current employees are VERY good at killing people. In my experience that REALLY doesn't help with bringing in people peacefully. Kenno, what happened last time I asked you to bring in a target peacefully?" Korani asked.

    "Sir, I object. We brought him in piecefully." Kenno objected.

    "How many."

    "Only four.... or five... no six, almost forgot to count the torso. It was dripping everywhere..." Kenno replied.

    "See what I mean?" Korani chuckled.

    She rose her eyebrows, staring at Kenno and then turned back to Korani, "I am surprised you did not came looking for my people sooner." She tilted her head, "Before, you mentioned wanting to liberate your homeworld... and possibly secure this world too... so there would be a chance if we join, we would just be working to the goal of making sure our home, and families, are safe?"

    "Most definitely, most of my work now serves to increase my resources towards that very end. Unlike the Republic I don't intend to leave Duros in the hands of the CIS. The Republic may be willing to give up and put it in the too hard basket, but making sure our homes, our families and our friends are safe is too important to me to ignore." Korani said honestly. Though he privately admitted, the money was generally worth it too.

    "Well then." She stood up and walked over, leaning back against the table next to Korani and seemed to have reached a decision. "I would very much like to join your band myself then, I admit that the inactivity here is getting on my nerves so your proposal sounds rather good to me, if you'll have me."

    Korani smiled. "Welcome aboard Major." He stuck his hand out to shake it. "I'm sure with your training skills and clear regimentation in the young ones we can get a good number of your people with similar beliefs to help out."

    Recruits: Acelin Sunrider, ex-CorSec TRT Major and 60 CorSec TRT officers.
  17. In the life of the friends of a Jedi,

    Illusion of Grace, Azurbani System

    Thrall blinked as the ship exitted hyperspace and waited till all stations gave the all clear before he issued new orders. "Right then, we are back in the Azurbani System folks, you know what that means. Stay clear of Kiffex the Guardians might get a bit antsy if we get to close to their prison world. Comms, start broadcasting our ID to the nearest Kiffu Guardian outpost that we have been frequent visitors before and our intent to hire on some of their ilk if there are any who wish to venture forth beyond the Kiffu Sector."

    As the orders were carried out Thrall leaned back in the custom made chair, casting a wary eye on the sensor shadow of Kiffex, that world was a dark place one of the more inhospitable prison planets he knew about since the Kiffar just send the prisoners down there in escape pods and let them fend for themselves on that harsh world.

    Thrall began to itch as there simply was no response from the Kiffu outpost as they edged in-system. The 'airwaves' carrying only dead silence.

    Thrall clacked his tongue. "Well... this is not a good sign, I want a full sensor sweep of the system, tell me whats going on we should have been hailed several times by now."

    "I can't sir. There's some sort of communications and sensor dampening in place near the closest outpost. We're caught pretty dee.... addendum. Also detecting an active Gravity Well Projector... we're not going anywhere." One of the sensor crew responded.

    "Right, first off, don't you sir me boy, I work for a living... that is sir captain Thrall the magnificent." Thrall said with a smirk, trying to put some levity in the situation while he was thinking furiously of what in the name of the stars and beyond was going on in the system. "Well... to quote some of those military people who write those fancy strategem books.... communication and sensor jamming... along with means to prevent escape... means a possible invasion. If our sensors are useless, I want people at any viewports, try to get eyes out there... also activate the cloak, we are going dark people, set a course to the gravity well energy reading. Maybe we'll get answers there."

    The Grace moved in slowly trying to find the heart of the distortion, Thrall slowly comes to the conclusion that it's about time that the Grace's windows got a cleaning as it was nearly a full forty minutes before finally, it was spotted. A heavily modified MC80 Star Cruiser, made by the Mon Calamari.

    Looking at it, it looks to have been modified, the bulge of the Gravity Well Projector being fairly obvious. Even as you're watching several shuttles head down to the base, but a number of large dropships head for Kiffex.

    Thrall looked at the modified vessel and whistled, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing a prison break from the looks of it. A rather major one if they bring a ship like that to do the breakout." He tapped his fingers rapidly on the armrest of his chair, most of the Illusions crew were Kiffar so he better had to make a decision quick. "Right, bring us closer... I have a crazy scheme that just might work... inform our concussion and torpedo launcher crew to arm warheads and aim for the locations on that vessel that look to be its main weapon batteries... we'll try to get close enough to shove those warheads down their throat before they have a chance to shoot them down." He then turned to another crew member. "You, inform the barracks to start loading our guardian forces into our shuttles, in case we need to launch them to secure the guardian outpost, the surface or board that vessel." People went to work and Thrall leaned back.

    The launchers fired with fury and fire and... enemy point defences suddenly lit up, though ineffective the Gravity Well Projector it seems messed with the targeting of the warheads and only one actually landed on target, the Concussion Missile detonating hard against the shields of the Mon Cal vessel. Unfortunately the return fire from its heavy turbolasers were entirely on target and Thrall felt the deck rock as the shots hammered home before the shield were even fully raised, though they were still strong enough to take the brunt of it all.

    "Well that happened, all weapon batteries open fire, I want the heavy weapons and flak batteries of that ship destroyed or otherwise disabled! Prepare to launch interceptors at a sign of enemy fighter launch and prepare starfighters and bombers to be launched once that flak fire of theirs is diminished." He looked out at the hovering behemoth, or so it appeared to be, above them. "This might be a bit tough..."

    The Grace's fire seemed to be quite poor, though it was only matched by the enemies equally poor fire. Though it was then that the Grace discovered that the enemy had been improvising many of their weapons as ports opened and a barrage of heavy space bombs were launched towards the Grace.

    Thrall's eyes bulged. "What the-" He pointed out by reflex, "All point defense batteries open fire at those bombs! Shields to full! SHIELDS TO FULL!"

    The fire from the Grace dug deep into the Mon Calamari ship and shuttles began lifting from Kiffex as the Hyperspace shadow generator was shut down and they dived off into hyperspace, the commander of the MonCal ship trying to reinforce his shields and let his people escape. Unfortunately, the point defence fire didn't catch all the space bombs and a dozen reached the Grace, the shields on that facing dropping hard and letting one bomb through, though the armour was breached it did prevent further damage. The engines on the Calamari vessel flaring as it raced to escape.

    "Oy they are legging it, that's not nice. Diable their engines, launch star fighters and bombers to assist with that, launch interceptors just in case but they are to stay back for now." Thrall said quickly while keeping his eyes on the various readings and reports coming through, repair crews already going towards the section the proton bomb had gotten through.

    Missiles slammed into the shields as turbolasers tried to keep the vessel from escaping with the Bombers weaving in and out amongst the fire putting shots into its aft quarter. Unfortunately, the fighters seemed to do their best to run into the point defence fire from the MonCal vessel as the heavy guns tracked back and blasted out two of the laser batteries shattering through the armour threatening secondary explosions. A factor that contributed towards another pair of Proton Bombs getting through and damaging a shield generator badly enough to need repairs in a drydock.

    Thrall listened as 2 survivors of a Solar Shrieker squadron peeled off to return to base, their morale rather plummeted after watching their fellows get decimated. The Sluissi had to apy attention to the overal battle however and cursed, snarling. "Keep firing, they are getting away!"

    The enemy fire proved less accurate, all except for the heavy space bombs which it seems found a sensitive target, with the point defence on the Grace proving to be less able than gammoreans all six bombs hammered into the Grace and one of it's heavy Ion Cannon batteries was smashed to the point of requiring a refit. Unfortunately for the Mon Cal, the Grace's own salvo of munitions swam into the ass of the Mon Cal vessel blowing it's engines and hyperdrive to hell as a trio of Kiffu vessels arrived. Two of them made for the crippled mon cal strafing it with ion fire as they closed before clamping down onto the hull and beginning their boarding action.

    The last vessel approached the Grace. "Identify." Was the single-word transmission.

    Thrall wasted no time, "Thrall, captain of the Illusion of Grace, permission to send boarding craft to that mon cal pirate and your base in support of your troops?"

    "Denied Grace. We thank you for your help in this matter, but this is an internal affair, we can only thank you for delaying them as long as you did. Please state your purpose in the system." The voice came through somewhat angrily. Thrall is able to guess that it's not directed at him but more at such a brazen assault on one fo their outposts.

    "Well we got here to fill some barrack space, if you have any logs or files on my ship you are aware we have some ties with some of the clans who allow us to recruit guardians. I actually have almost 400 Kiffu guardians who are ready to assist their brothers and sisters if you require assistance after all." Thrall replied diplomatically. He paused, "We were sadly too late to prevent a number of dropships which left kiffex making their escape to hyperspace."

    Thrall is subjected to almost a minute and a half of the most unladylike cursing he'd ever heard, even capable of making him blush, before the Kiffu on the other side of the line realised the channel was still open. "Ahem... you'll have to forgive that. Your people have permission to land at the outpost and search for survivors and assist there if need be."

    Thrall turned, "Inform the hangars that-"

    The Kiffu officer smirked and shrugged, "Left the comms open to the hangar sir, our shuttles are already launching as we speak."

    Thrall opened and closed his mouth, shaking his head. "Right, well troops are away to provide support and rescue if needed. Is Marack-"

    "He has also launched his vessel to join the effort."

    "Of course he has... well, we'll sit here and wait, lets keep an eye on the mon cal cruiser and provide whatever assistance we can to the Guardians. However if we or they get orders from them to move away, obey, they are the authority in the system of course."

    After half an hour of little information Thrall finally gets a report from Marack. "They're... they're all dead. Only one Kiffu survived long enough for us to reach him. He said 'they're after Madrigan' and died messily... I mean seriously my boots are ruined..."

    Thrall slumped in his chair, sighing before taking a breath. "I see... tend to the dead as you would." He then opened the line to the lead ship they had been in contact before. "Guardian Vessel, this is Thrall again. I am sorry to inform you that my people have found no survivors, the one they did find died shortly after saying that these people were after someone or something named 'Madrigan'."

    There is a pause in the communications as Thrall can only hear the phrase 'mother of the gods....' uttered somewhere on the bridge of the Guardians vessel. "Can you repeat that last Grace? Did you say Madrigan?"

    "That's what I was told by my people, I take it that is not good news if they got what they came for."

    "Madrigal was sentenced for introducing biological agents into school lunch supplies and killing nearly four thousand children before the contaminant was discovered. A deliberate use of the chemical slabin." The voice said. "If he's escaped...."

    "Well, not to sound too hopeful, maybe we got here in time to prevent them from finding him? Will probably take time to take a count of your prisoners on Kiffex." Thrall ventured forth cautiously. "Anything myself or my people can assist with?"

    "No no, hold on." The officers voice came though. There was almost an hour before she got back to Thrall.

    "It's.... Madrigan is gone. He was a critical prisoner. Tracker-chipped. Either he's removed it and gone hermit somehow, or he was taken... Given what our prisoners are saying... he was the entire purpose of this raid."

    "Well... that isn't good at all then..." Thrall said, taking that news in. "Look I know myself and my crew aren't officially part of your organization, but we can try and keep a eye out since we are involved anyway.... not to sound too greedy but... we've gotten some damages... so was wondering what you were planning to do with that Mon Cal ship, after you lot have gone over all the data they might have for your investigation, of course."

    "It's being impounded and will be auctioned off to pay for replacement equipment and... personnel..." The woman responded. "You're free to head to Kiffu and seek out anyone interested in joining you. But i'm... busy... so please go away." She said plainly before the comms were cut.

    He nodded to himself and turned to the bridge crew, "You heard the woman, inform our people on the station to pay the proper respects to the dead there before they rejoin us while we head to Kiffy to do what we came here to do."

    The journey to Kiffu was uneventful and Thrall himself went down to the surface to meet with some of the clan representatives they had dealings with before, asking for their assistance and help with supplying troops to help Tohkran who has been stuck on the world of Antar IV for over a half year now. Hoping that perhaps his intervention and assistance to the Guardians in the system to make certain the prison breakout wasn't a complete loss on behalf of the Guardians would have gained him some favour with the clans.

    After all of the events, a couple units of Kiffu Guardians choose to join Thrall, a unit of Shock Troopers and a Support Squad. Though few recruits are gained, the spaceport does repair the shield generator pro-bono.

    In Summary (open)

    Thrall went to the Kiffu to try and gain some recruits,

    Instead stumbles upon a prison breakout in progress around the world of Kiffex. Preventing the capital vessel, incurring some losses and damages, of the criminals escaping but unable to stop the dropships who have secured the release of a prisoner.
  18. Reconnecting at the Nova Retreat
    A Collab of Ba'al and Neia

    So it was, that the Angelus Sanctimonia began to dock at the Nova Retreat, Ba’al giving her credentials, announcing her arrival. She readies herself, embarrassed, by quickly primping in a reflective surface to look all the nicer for Neia before she went to enter the station. Casae Novae meets her there with a wide grin, “Oh, how radiant you look this fine evening, Lady Ba’alkyri. Why, making yourself nice for the lovely vision that is the Lady Neia?”

    Ba’al flushes and looks away, walking down the halls, “That is no business of yours.”

    Casanova grins and winks, “Well, darling, I very much would like it to be.”

    Ba’al rolls her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose. It had been a horribly long many months in the company of Casanova… “Just… Go busy yourself with something. I am sure there are maidens to be rescued down in the casino… Just stay out of trouble!”

    His eyes light up and he twirls his mustache, appearing to be in thought and mulling it over, “Well, I suppose, if they are damsels in distress upon the casino floor, who am I, denying them liberation from their mundane lives.” He beams and makes off as Ba’al sighs out in relief and goes in search of Neia.

    She was hurrying through the passages in, what she hoped, was a dignified but still speedy pace. Inside her chest her entire being seemed to throb and she herself felt like doing a happy dance when she got the reprot from her stations control center that the Angelus Sanctimonia had entered the system and was about to dock. And if there was any doubt as to whom the ship belonged to, just before she entered the section where any disembarking individuals of the recently docked ship would first come onto her station, she received security reports over her comm that the usual twelve man detail were to go to their positions because Casanova had been sighted on the station once more.

    She ignored that for the most part, striding in past her crews who were busy hooking fuel lines to the docked ship and looked over the small crowd and making a beeline for her when she saw her. She probably sensed her approach but that didn't stop Neia to close, grab Ba'al by the shoulder and twirl her around to kiss her deeply right there on the deck not caring about any of the onlookers.

    She releases a pleased noise into the kiss and drapes her arms about the Nautolan. She draws back and shows a warm smile and murmurs, “Oh, my dear, this is hardly an appropriate position for a jedi to be caught in.” She looks into her eyes, “Have you missed me terribly, as I have missed you?”

    Smiling against her lovers lips she pulled back a little, adapting a bit more of a professional attitude though she kept a arm around Ba'al's waist and a warm smile on her lips. "It felt appropriate to me to kiss you after being apart for so long." She coughed and smirked with a small twinkle in her eyes, "And I am holding back due to the public scene we are in." She hummed.

    "But yes I have missed you Ba'al, welcome back." She then frowned, with a hint of sadness as she realized something but then a thought seemed to come to her and she smiled again. "I was about to comment about unfortunate timing because I am setting up a expedition of sorts and was about to head out... but perhaps you can join me? Once you hear what it involves? Have you heard about the Randon Triangle?"

    She furrows her brow, “I am afraid I have not, I have been quite busy these past few months, going with Casanova and making reparations for his past many victims… Whatever is this random triangle you speak of?”

    Neia looked around and chuckles, "Randon Triangle, its what the locals call it but... ah." She gestured to where they were. "Let's discuss it somewhere nicer... like my quarters?" She coughed and got on her comms. "Kiyla, our expedition is delayed for a bit, I-"

    The Twi'lek captains voice interrupted her with a amused tone. "No need to explain, we all know which ship has docked. Me and Gaarwarr already delayed the expedition launch, gives us more plan to prep, go have fun."

    She chuckles perhaps a bit embarrassed and then turned to Ba'al with a smile, taking her hand to quickly get the two of them to her quarters. Though truth to be told, it wasn't just Neia's quarters. Once she got involved with Ba'al she was happy for the jedi to make her own mark on the quarters so as they arrived her jedi lover would notice that the spot they had cleared so she could have a jedi meditation circle was cleaned regularly and her other touches to their quarters were in place still too.

    Smiling Neia wrapped her arms around Ba'al from behind and rested her head on the jedi's shoulder, kissing her neck lightly and murmuring. "I was considering... business before... pleasure... but it has been too long so..." She grinned, turning Ba'al around and then playfully pushed her on to the bed, pouncing her. "So this first...." She said while sliding her hands inside her lover’s clothes to peel them off, looking into those wonderful eyes while her body seemed to arch, inviting Neia to do more...


    No idea with how much time had passed but Neia was laughing euphorically as she snuggled with Ba'al, their clothes scattered around the bed. "Mmmn... have a idea now how much I missed you...?"

    Ba’al giggles and shifts closer to her love, hiding against her, “Oh, quite a very clear idea now…” She traces along her collar lightly and peeks up, “There was something you wished to talk to me of?”

    She chuckles and hums, trying to reorganize her scrambled brain, courtesy of Ba'al, and then nodded. "Mmmhmm... sorry have to close my eyes you are too distracting." She grinned and closed her eyes because she wasn't lying and after a moment of centering herself nodded slowly, tracing idly over Ba'al's hips. "The Randon Triangle... its a region of space, practically at the doorstep of this system, where all sorts of stories have starting to originate of starships gone missing or destroyed with only wreckage found. No clues as to whom is responsible, at first it was considered the Hutts were but their ships seem to be targeted the most by whatever is attacking ships there. I have a smuggler contact who recently came in, her ship badly damaged but it seems she is the only, or one of the few who survived a encounter with whoever is attacking ships out there, she managed to get a blurred image of sorts but it isn't in any database or recognized by any of my contacts.

    I tried contacting the hutts, offering my services but... they seemed to want nobody investigating, which leads me to believe that they might have stirred up something they cannot control and now it's hurting a lot of people, a rather large region is affected, dozens of inhabited systems. So I was going to send a small expedition to see what I could do." She took a breath after saying that, looking at Ba'al with a smile, "Would feel safer with you around" She chuckled, "Wouldn't want to vanish on you."

    She traces lightly along Neia’s cheek, nodding slowly as her mind plays catch-up and attempts to process all of this. She nods slowly before stealing a brief kiss. “I will go with you… If this has been managing to leave wreckage of starships, then perhaps it would be best you are not alone…”

    She was humming happily against her lips, kissing back. "Thanks..." She rubbed her forehead against that of her lover, enjoying the closeness. "I was planning to leave soon but... I suppose we have time to enjoy each other’s company here or elsewhere on the station if you'd like... while your ship is being refueled and restocked?" Neia was unable to hide the delight of that situation from her face.

    She beams and draws Neia closer by her waist, “Yes, I suppose that is true… How fortuitous for us…” She traces along Neia’s spine before furrowing her brow, crooking her head to the side. Her commlink was buzzing to life with a hiss of static. She could hear Casanova’s voice coming in, rather dejectedly, as he makes comments about the security staff ruining all his fun and accusing him wrongly of cheating the tables, all the while making a great case of his.

    A moment later Neia, after getting her clothes back on, got a report from her security that they had kindly requested Casanova to come with them to the brig to calm down or a few hours and the Bimm was now complaining his cell hadn't been cleaned properly and the customary chocolates were missing. She shook her head and repeated what she just heard to Ba'al. "Any regrets taking him in?" She asked as she went to the wall and took her electrostaff, giving it a practice swing as she stood by the door, ready for the both of them to head to some of training areas to get some practice in together.

    Ba’al arches a brow, considering it as she dons her robes once more, cinching it at her waist. “Well… He is a bit rough around the edges, that is for certain… Yet, what he brings to us in trouble, he seems to have helped us all improve… The women and men alike are now more alert and agile, as per having to avoid his grasping hands. On top of that, he is a good tool for my students, helping them to learn the patience we must exhibit sometimes… Or all the time, in Novae’s case… And believe it or not, he has a great many stories, with… unorthodox lessons to be learned, but wise nonetheless to heed.”

    She snickered a little when she heard Ba'al say the last sentence, "Has he learned that my Twi'lek commandos are not here to provide massages?" She smirked at the memory. "As I recall it took him at least two months to regrow that much furr back?" She said, offering her arm to Ba'al to make their journey into the bowels of her station. "Hmmn, speaking of your students, how is that going?" She smiled softly.

    Ba’al lightly twines her fingers with Neia’s, sobering from her giddy mood. “Those who were… padawans of Theo’s alongside myself, they are convinced they can learn nothing from me and so it is as if my words fall upon empty space. They do not hear me, do not heed my advice… Alyssandri especially, as she has taken to Leonis’ quest for revenge. I weep for them, so lost in their rage… My padawans, though, they are yet receptive to their elders… To me. They are slow in learning of recent. I have had to go back and reinforce the staples of our way and their learnings, to undo the damage Alyssandri had done and to ensure they are truly ready to move on.”

    "I admit to not knowing much about jedi ways, except what Gaarwarr, Mirelle and of course course you told me about them." She smiled faintly and blinked, a thought occurring to her. "I don't want to interfere with anything you had planned actually but, if you want to, and assuming they want to, Mirelle and Gaarwarr could travel with you and help you teach your padawans?" She said as they reached the training area, the only ones occupying it some Ailon who were sparring together here and there in groups. She hastily added to her words, "Only to help, think it would do them good actually, Gaarwarr especially seems to like the idea of instructing a younger generation. Wookieees for some reason are great with young people... must be the giant teddy bear look they seem to have according to my sister..." She chuckled as they found themselves a free mat, everyone present a member of Neia's people and trusted so Ba'al could not limit her abilities due to being a jedi at risk of discovery.

    Ba'al picks up a training saber, taking a test swing before she returns to the mat, "That is a great idea, actually... The guidance of those more venerable would be greatly appreciated and, I am sure, their knowledge of the way of Jedi would do so much... I only know so much myself, given circumstances..." She shifts into a stance, nodding to Neia and waiting for her to ready herself.

    She twirled her staff in her hand, making a few practice swings with it herself, it had been a while since she had wielded the weapon so she feared she might be a bit rusty with it. "I will bring it up with them, or perhaps you could? I am planning on taking both of them with me on the expedition so perhaps the three of you could discuss it while we are traveling." She shrugged, giving it as a option and then frowned. "Speaking of Leonis and Alyssandri... they will be there when Thrall calls us, well asks us, to join his attempt to liberate some system and save Tohkran from the CIS. Will that be a problem?" She got into a stance herself, holding her staff high, locking eyes with Ba'al, wondering which of them would flinch or move into action first.

    She sets her jaw before nodding, her blade wavering along the line as she considers which way Neia would go, "It will not be a problem for myself. I do not know how the others will respond, but if they have been taking their lessons to heart, it will be no problem... Leonis, however... Last I heard, he was only growing more frustrated in his hunt and he is blaming me for his failures." Her gaze flickers over Neia before feinting one way before pirouetting to strike her other side.

    She blinked partly distracted by the conversation and also by her lover's speed which she had forgotten about, only barely able to block the training sabers strike. "I thought with having a sister as a Jedi... before she died... he would know better than to resort to his anger, hate and frustration." She bit her lip, thinking about something, "This may come out of nowhere but... Are sith... truly evil?" She ducked and swept her staff low over the ground at the legs of Ba'al.

    Ba'al falters and slips at the sudden question, the staff sweeping her feet out from under her. As she falls downwards, she plants her hands and rolls herself to crouch back upon her feet as she looks back at Neia. "I... They use the dark side of the force... And they killed Theo... One killed children of the creche..." She raises her chin, "I don't know about all Sith... I don't even know if tapping into the dark side is inherently evil... it does things to you, it corrupts... But... Yes, I would say those who attacked, at least, were evil."

    Springing back to her feet she moved herself into a defensive stance again, eying Ba'al for her next move, moving her staff to create a deliberate opening at her side, or so it appeared. "I see..." She trailed off, she had never mentioned this before to, well practically anyone. Except Mirelle who was there after all but kept the matter to herself, but she felt like she owed it to Ba'al. "I... remember I told you I was kidnapped and imprisoned by this weird... organization or cult who were hunting force users on Anaxes... I shared a cell with one of these sith and she... actually helped me escape." She looked up at her lovers face, wondering how she would take that news.

    Ba'al keeps a mask on her face, "Is that so?... I wonder, what did this woman look like?" She was about to lunge for the opening when her instincts pull her in the other direction. She presses the attack from a different front, intending to upset Neia's balance.

    Neia opened her mouth to answer when Ba'al moved into action, too slow to block or dodge she yelped as she stumbled and then felt the training saber tap her on the breast, delivering a small electric sting. She rolled away and got back on her feet, waving a pattern in the air with her staff to keep Ba'al at bay while she thought back on what she had been about to say and took a few deep breaths. "She was a Twi'lek... one of the red-skinned ones... I think, I am not sure because she had a lot of marking and tattoos on her face and Lekku so I was not certain if the red was a natural colour. She did mentioned a mistress she served, that's all I know, I haven't seen her since Anaxes, not to mention I don't even know if she got off that world alive."

    She takes a slow breath and relaxes, disengaging the training sword. "That... A twi'lek... with a mistress..." She raises a hand to her head. "Casanova saw a twi'lek... With the woman whose lightsabre he filched... The same woman who attacked the creche... Who was with the sith master that..." She tosses the sabre, guiding it with the force to set in the rack.

    Her hands trembled as she was hearing this, lowering the staff till she just dropped it and took a halting step forward. "I... I didn't knew that, was she... does the Twi'lek I met fit her description?"

    She paces slowly, "I don't know... Novae just said a twi'lek. It has been a long while since, too... And he was being pursued by... well, a less than happy couple. He was not really paying attention. We only got that much out of him from repeatedly pressing." She folds her arms, turning on her heel and fixing her gaze on Neia, "But even still... You were both captured... It improved her chances too to have someone at her side. You cannot take it simply as an act of good will."

    She nodded, "I know and I agree, for all I know I was just lucky that we were both prisoners and just needed each other to escape, but... yeah I..." She trailed off again, trying to find the words. "As I said before i don't really understand the Force, Jedi or Sith..." She was looking at the floor, shuffling her feet a little but then looked up, locking eyes with Ba'al. "I just wanted to tell you because it somewhat is related to you with the whole jedi and sith rivalry or enemies and I didn't want to keep any secrets like that from you... like I said, and I know I am repeating myself, I don't know much about jedi or sith... but if some sith is trying to hurt any of my friends... or my lover, you... I will ram the biggest blaster I can find down their throat and make them sorry for even considering hurting you." She coughed and looked away blushing, knowing she probably might have been a bit too intense when saying that.

    She shifts to Neia's side and draws her into her arms, kissing the top of her head, "Thank you... So very much..." She takes another slow breath, holding her near and burying her face against her. "I... Perhaps I should meditate..."

    She hugged Ba'al back tight, nodding slowly against her shoulder letting out a deep breath she had been holding in without even knowing why. "I understand... do you... want to be alone for that? I could make myself scarce, busying myself around the station to give you all the time you need."

    "Actually, I would appreciate if you were there," she seeks out Neia's lips for a brief kiss, "I do appreciate your telling me..."

    She smiled relieved, kissing Ba'al back and squeezes her arms lightly with gratitude. "Right, lets get out of here." She blushed again, "Uhm... if I fall asleep again while you meditate... you have permission to poke me with something like you did last time." She looked away a bit embarrassed recalling the incident when she asked Ba'al to teach her to meditate while they walked off to their quarters.
  19. Darth Andrea, Dark Rebirth
    Corporate Sector

    Andrea looked over the hangar bay as some of the crew carried out her task of loading up the Chained Despair's cargoholds with various containers of food and medical supplies. To the other side her chosen crew were checking over their gear. At a couch she glanced back till she caught sight of her ships captain, Reneva standing at a respectful distance, waiting to be acknowledged. She turned around fully, facing her captain, "Yes?"

    Reneva straightened, clasping her hands together behind her back, "We are one jump away from the Cazador System as you requested, you did mention giving me further orders once we had arrived."

    "Ah yes, of course." Andrea smiled and watched as the last crate was brought aboard the Chained Despair. "You will remain here and wait for our return, I may be able to give you further orders by a communique but for now, the start of this will be carried out by myself and my chosen crew." She gestured to Darths Nyriss, Jade & Talon. While a little off from those three Karsk, Trizz and ten Hssiss commandos finished up packing their gear and walked aboard the freighter. "We will be scouting ahead as it were, the fuel base might be hidden but perhaps we can spot some clue as of its whereabouts with the Chained Despair. A ship like the Dark Rebirth suddenly appearing will raise questions and unwanted attention, perhaps forcing our prey to hide itself even deeper. A freighter under the pretense of delivering, or donating medical and food supplies will not draw attention." She paused. "Or at least not too much attention." She added after a moment.

    Reneva glanced over the freighter. "I see." She said rather dryly. "So we are to wait here for your return or some kind of communication?"

    Chuckling Andrea looked at the captain of her flagship with a amused expression. "Don't worry, depending on what we will find you will have plenty to do."

    "As you say, I will return to the bridge then, safe travels, ma'am." With a slight bow she took a few steps back and then turned around, continuing on her way.

    She watched her go and then turned to board the freighter herself, walking straight towards the command nodule of the vessel while behind her the ramp doors closed. In the cockpit Darth Nyriss was already strapped in the pilots chair and going through the last pre-flight checks, nodding when she was done. "Well then, let's see what we can discover in the Cazador System..." Andrea murmured while she watched the confines of the hangar give way to open space and a short time later they entered hyperspace.

    Chained Despair, The Cazador System

    Some time late the Chained despair dropped out of hyperspace at the edge of the Cazador System, moving further in towards the inhabited planets. It did not take long for the sensors to pick up several freighter and transport ships moving back and from the five colonized worlds. No doubt picking up relief supplies to distribute them over the sector, it seemed the CIS had been smart about this. Nobody would look twice at what appeared to be a unarmed freighter or transport which might be a special ops vessel taking advantage of the hidden base to resupply and refuel. Especially with it possibly hidden among the various refugee relief bases that had been set up.

    Andrea clacked her tongue and turned to Nyriss, "I don't suppose there doesn't appear to be any CIS military presence, increased security or one camp warding off all traffic except for a 'exclusive' list?"

    Nyriss shook her head in the negative to that question of her mistress.

    "Well one could always hope people are stupid enough to do it... fly in and just... 'casually' fly around while we make some scans. Look for the most obvious readings of large fuel supplies." Andrea instructed after a moment of thought.

    A small fleet of relief ships wandered past as the Chained Despair began actively scanning, most of the readings coming back about food and medical supplies. As the relief ships were caught in the sensor net, not giving any useful data to her whatsoever.

    She clacked her tongue, "Nyriss... please try to initiate a scan before another relief fleet gets in the way of getting any good readings." She said with a small hint of irritation at the minor show of incompetence of her disciple.

    A second reading of the various vessels and facilities gave Andrea number of locations of the various scattered relief camps but no clear sign of any hidden base, however. Some ships seemed to fly conservatively, minding their fuel reserves clearly to perhaps get some at fuel stations along their route. Two vessels were actually on a course that burned quite a bit of fuel as if they had nothing to worry about running dry any time soon as the headed for the nearest hyperlane exit.

    "Those two vessels." Andrea quickly said, pointing at the sensor readings, "Try to see if you can reconstruct their course in the system, where did they come from.... bring us in closer if you have to, we still have a cover story."

    Their course was a difficult one to keep track off, Nyriss did however knew enough the two vessels had come from the area of 2 of the planets and their moons, but which one they had landed upon was unclear to her.

    Andrea closed her eyes, a little frustrated and pinched the bridge of her nose with a sigh, opening her eyes again to look at the readings that were practically useless. "Well let's just go off the list, go to the first one... lets hope we get lucky this time."

    The scan was barely started when they were contacted from one of the refugee relief bases. "Hello there traveler, you seem to be a bit lost, can I be of any assistance to you?"

    Taking a breath and nodding to Nyriss she reached over and activated the comms, audio only, to talk back. "Hello, yes sorry this is our first time here. A friend of mine mentioned all the good work you were doing here so me and some of my business partners pooled some resources together to gather all sorts of medical and food supplies we'd like to donate to the relief efforts."

    "Well that is mighty fine of you, any donations, both credits or supplies are always welcome, about any of the camps would welcome them and can redistribute it from there." Came the jovial voice, sound very pleased with the news.

    "Ah I suppose we can't just drop them off at your camp?" Wondering if this was perhaps just someone from the hidden base who noticed them snooping around.

    "Oh by all means, landing pad C is currently clear I believe, transmitting our coordinates now. On behalf of the war refugees in the Corporate Sector I thank and salute you good woman." A moment later coordinates were given to one of the refugee camps on the planet.

    "Well, I suppose we have to maintain cover, get there but keep scanning." She told Nyriss, leaning back in her chair closing her eyes again.

    The scans came back with nothing as the Chained Despair approached the base they were being directed to. On the dock a number of people and droids were loading and unloading various crates of supplies from, and to other docked vessels. One man seemed to approach the landing pad the chained despair was on.

    Andrea was already at the ramp and pressed the release for it to be lowered, seeing the man Approach she smiled, she had a brief moment beforehand to cover her most curious features of her adopted Sith heritage, feeling safe to pass as a Zeltron. "Hello." She began as the man approached. "My name is Tish, so how does this work? We unload the supplies here and you take care of it?" She asked, acting genuinely curious.

    The man smiled, "Oh we would take care of it certainly, it would help however if you could unload the supplies yourself and maybe have a list or manifest of some kind detailing what you have? That way we can more easily redistribute it to the various outgoing supply ships." He gestured behind him, "As you can see the other ship crews and our own volunteers and droids are occupied with the scheduled ships to depart."

    She looked around and nodded. "Ah of course, I will let my people get to work, is placing the supplies off to the side of the landing pad good enough?" She said before gesturing Karsk over who held a short manifest she had made when having the supplies from the Dark Rebirth loaded up on the freighter before handing it to the man.

    He took it with a nod and began reading. "Hmm, oh yes that will be fine. Oh bacta patches and ration packs, excellent those will do a world of good, we have many refugees who have literally had to flee out of warzones and be caught in the crossfire." He shook his head, "Those poor souls, they are lucky to be alive sometimes and come out here with nothing. Thankfully there are people like you around."

    She kept smiling and nodded while Karsk and the Hssiss Commandos, wearing their regular clothes instead of armour and weapons began getting crates off the ship. "Just doing our part to help our fellow sentients, that I am lucky to be spared the trials of war does not mean we need to turn a blind eye to those who do. In fact I might be coming along with another shipment next week or so, assuming we are able to scrounge up some more supplies. Perhaps distribute them to another camp since you got this, assuming that works out?"

    "Oh no, no. That is fine, we are happy to take the supplies too if you come back, the more we get from donations like yours the less we need to bother the other camps for their supplies to set up runs." With a few more words he made his leave, no doubt boring Andrea with his thanks and gratitude for the supplies.

    Once he was gone however Karsk came over. "I don't know a lot about refugee camps and such..." He drawled, his eyes following the man leaving about on his business. "But why would he and others wearing the same getup." He gestured to a number of other volunteers wearing the same overalls the man had been wearing. "Carry concealed weaponry? Also." He gave a slight nod to one of the ships, that now Andrea noticed was less busy than any of the other vessels which all had a small swarm of workers and droids around them. "Caught a glimpse of a certain angle on that one, those stacks of crates are hiding it, but there a fuel lines coming out of a hole in the ground hooked up to that ship. I think we found our base."

    Andrea blinked. "Huh... and here I was thinking we had to make another scanning run next week... glad to have brought you along Karsk, you at least prove your worth thus far." She said, quietly seething on the inside that this man, overseer or whatever he was had fooled her into thinking this was a genuine humanitarian camp. "Very well, we will head back to the ship and plan from there." She said as the ramp doors of the freighter closed and she looked thoughtful, thinking of their next move.
  20. Cyphor Fey'lar
    Yexn we'Be Cbetabin

    Clezo jumped back from the sabre strike that was headed for his chest, unable to block the strike as his own sabre was presently across the room on the mats where it had been knocked from his hands. Theoretically he has more skilled than his opponent, his form was more refined, practised, precise, his skills defending with the force were well above his opponent as well. The one thing he had not counted on was his opponents mobility and energy. He had gone into the sparing session expecting a fairly straight forward sabre duel, what he got was more of a dance as far as he could tell which had him on the defensive from the start, a position he had not managed to recover from yet.

    The rodian padawan dodged a second, third, fourth strike. The blows were coming faster than he could keep up, he didn't even have the time to focus and retrieve his sabre with the force. Another blow barely avoided, followed by one where he felt the hum of the blade as it passed his skin. Clezo reacted by instinct as the next blow came, rather than avoid the blow he stepped into it, focusing on the force to protect him as the blade struck his forearm. Met with resistance his opponent was caught offguard. Clezo followed up with his other arm by hurling force energy at his opponent, not enough to knock them across the room but enough to stagger them and more importantly giving Clezo a moment to call his sabre back to his hand. With momentum on his side Clezo reached out to the force and used it to hide his presence, effectively vanishing from his opponents senses. Unable to locate the rodian padawan, Clezo's opponent turned sharply several times, still searching. Taking the measure of his opponent Clezo timed his strike and a moment after dropping his concealment his blade was at his opponents throat.

    “That was unexpected.” Kathlyn said as she backed away from the blade, her own sabre now extinguished. “I thought you were doing to back-pedal until you left the training circle with all that running you did.”
    “And you have certainly taken more to Nayana's style than your master's.”
    Clezo replied as he switched his blade off.
    “Well I'm small, quick on my feet and have sharp reflexes, movement suits my capabilities.” Kathlyn said with a shrug of her shoulders. “Kalmi is a fine teacher for defence, but she won't teach me anymore than the basics to attacking.”
    Clezo smiled and shook his head. “So you emulate Nayanna instead because you can't stay still. If Kalmi wont teach you to attack beyond refining what we all are taught as youngling's, maybe its for a purpose. They don't speak of it often, but are you aware Nayanna has never beaten Kalmi in a duel?” Clezo asked.
    “I've never even seen them duel...” Kathlyn answered with a puzzled look on her face.
    “They haven't much since the two of them were granted knighthood, but Cha'alla told me that Nayanna would challenge Kalmi regularly before. Not only has she never beaten Kamli in a duel, she never even landed a hit on her.”
    Kathlyn had to remind herself to close her mouth as she heard that, she didn't know how to respond to that information, she was emulating Nayanna's style because it seemed strong... staying on the defensive seemed... well … it made sense to Kathlyn that one should end a fight quickly...
    “Maybe try paying more attention to what Kalmi is teaching you about defence, there are few here that could teach the principles of defence, and in your case, when to switch between offence and defence, like Kalmi can.” Clezo told Kathlyn. “And now, I need a shower.” he added with a slight bow before leaving Kathlyn to ponder the conversation alone on the training mats.


    Cyphor had spent the morning going over reports from the spynet and his other contacts in the galaxy at large. One particular good piece of news was a highly detailed report on what was happening on Antar IV, details that would make the mission to remove the occupation forces from the planet as Tohkran was planning that much easier to accomplish. He would need to contact Thrall about it soon, the Sluissi had seemed anxious about Tohkrans present state on the planet the last time they had spoken.

    There were two other reports of interest to Cyphor that he had received. The first from an exploritory guild he kept contact with was of Force artefacts found in a massai temple on Yavin 4, the contact believed they were still intact and functional but not being force sensitive themselves could do nothing with them. Rather they had left the artefacts alone and instead passed the location details and initial findings along to cyphor.

    The second was a communication from Coruscant. His loremaster had tracked down a man claiming to be a jedi who was requesting a meeting with Cyphor. They had not given any personal details of themselves beyond the sparse physical details his loremaster had been able to discern however and wished to remain anonymous until the meeting itself. They had asked to meet in the lower levels, at a bar called 'Won Ied Wookiee'. The man seemed quite security conscious and requested Cyphor bring no more than two others with him to the meeting.

    Briefly Cyphor considered not going, but if they truly were a jedi there was a chance they needed help, Coruscant was not a particularly healthy place for a force user to hang out. After mulling it over a little more Cyphor contacted Cha'alla. “I'd like you to take Hal and Investigate a Massai ruin on Yavin 4, Take the Raek to get there, it needs a shakedown anyway and on the chance you encounter something along the way im sure Granna would like to put the vessel through its paces.” He said. Cha'alla replied a moment later, after apparently catching her breath, with a simple affirmative before closing the channel. Cyphor chose not to open the link again and ask what was going on. Instead he checked with the base computer to see where Kalmi was, the computer reported she was in the youngling quarters and so he made his way there.

    The scene that greeted him when he arrived in the youngling central lounge was oddly quiet, unusual in his experience. A breif glance around the room indicated that about half the younglings were asleep, another quarter were pretending to meditate while casting fast glances around the room to see if it was time to finish pretending yet and the remaining younglings were actually meditating, Kalmi sat near the middle of the room, slightly off the ground in a cross-legged pose as she lead the 'class' by example.

    Cyphor Smiled and reached out with the force to give Kalmi a light tap on the shoulder rather than speak and potentially break the concentration of the younglings that were succeeding in the task. Kalmi opened her eyes slowly and looked at Cyphor, the Bothan indicated they needed to talk and she replied with a nod as she stood and lowered her feet to the ground. She clapped her hands sharply and the room practically exploded into chaos as the sleeping younglings were roused and those that had been pretending took the que to burst back into activity. “The lesson is over for the day students, return to your other tasks reflect on todays lesson, especially those of you who did not take it seriously.” She said loud enough for her voice to carry. “Yes Master Rivers.” the younglings said as they started to scatter.

    “I wasn't aware you were scheduled for teaching today.” Cyphor said to Kalmi as she approached.
    “I wasn't, but their regular teachers seemed a little overwhelmed, I tried to give them some peace for a few hours at least.” She replied with a warm smile.
    Cyphor nodded with a smile of his own before speaking again. “We have a meeting on Coruscant to attend, I'm not sure if bringing Kathlyn would be wise however, it could be a trap, though if it is genuine the danger would be no worse than usual I believe.” He said.
    “A padawans place is with her Master, besides, she needs to learn and on the spot training is the most effective teacher.” Kalmi replied and by the look in her eyes, Cyphor was reminded of where he had found Kalmi in the first place. “She is rather headstrong, A reality check might do her some good. I trust that I can keep her safe and If not I then I know you would.” she added.
    “Very well.” Cyphor replied with a nod, it seemed Kalmi had taken to having a Padawan with more determination than he had initially expected, she was highly patient with the younglings, it seemed that she was less so with Kathlyn, maybe she expected her padawan to strive for higher standards. “We will be taking the Risk vs Reward, the Pandorum is a little to high profile for a trip to Coruscant where we want to stay under the radar. I plan to leave in around five hours.” He said as a follow up.
    “We will be there.” Kalmi replied with a nod. A nod that Cyphor returned before turning and leaving the room. He still had tasks to accomplish before then, so he headed to the Hanger bay so he could transit to the Pandorum.


    With orders given for the next few tasks his people would be about, Cyphor returned to his office board the Pandorum and took a seat at the large computer integrated desk before activating his link to the secure communication channels, selecting the frequency for the Illusion of Grace and waited for the communication to link.

    After a moment Cyphor heard some static and some frantic tapping on buttons and then a voice saying. "Is this thing even working? What the... who spoiled ketchup on my controls? Gah... oh, there it is. It's the furry face, greetings Cyphor, how do you do?" Thrall said as it seems a holographic image of the bothan jedi finally manifested on his end.

    "Are you having difficulties Thrall?" Cyphor replied, "All hell isn't breaking loose with Tohkran away from the ship for so long, or is the ... ketchup thing... normal?"

    Thrall shook his head, "Lot of stress eating going on due to some recent events, not important, what's up?"

    "My contacts have come across some rather extensive intel about the situation on Antar IV, I figured sharing it would make the big push Tohkran was hoping for happen more efficiently." Cyphor answered, ignoring the stress eating comment.

    Thrall became a bit more alert when he heard that, leaning forward in his chair to look closely at Cyphor. "Any information of that sort is more than welcome, what have you found?"

    "To start with it seems Tohkran and the allies he has made on the ground have been more effective than the greater galaxy know, the CIS higher-ups consider the occupation a failure and the governor is on Grievous personal shit list." Cyphor answered

    Thrall blinked and then laughed out loud, snickering. "Of course, beard face can be a total pain, I have personal experience." He still grinned, happy to hear any news related to the old man, especially this kind. "I hope that means that they have depleted resources already and won't be getting more troops any time soon."

    "Grievous has denied the governor any aide at all for the time being because of the failure to stop the Resistance fighters. he even tried forcing the locals to maintain the three lucrehulks that are the sole remaining blockade forces in orbit." Cyphor added before smiling. "Not the smartest idea, it gave the resistance access and the lucrehulks while still functional are damaged."

    Thrall drummed his fingers upon the arm-rest. "So we should act soon before circumstances change?"

    "My information indicates the Governor is unlikely to get any aide, he has enough to maintain the occupation, barely, but is unable to maintain order on the planet. If the situation were to persist as is id give the resistance a good chance of winning in another half year or so without outside aide."

    Thrall smirked, "What and we not gain any fun out of it? Besides in a half year things can change, rather would act sooner with this news..." He said trailing off, frowning. "Assuming you are still interested in helping or will this intelligence be your only contribution?" He looked at Cyphor with genuine curiosity, not accusation.

    "I never said we should not act," Cyphor clarified "Even damaged though those Lucrehulks could deliver a pounding. My own fleet is only small still though I have a new destroyer to lead the Arquitens I control, regardless, I still offer my support in ships and troops. I may think more of the CIS than the Republic in general but what they have done on Antar has to stop."

    "Agreed... I made some negotiations with a mercenary, he's got a sizable force to the fray and I witnessed his ship in action once already. He does want one of the lucrehulks however."

    "If we pull this off without destroying them I doubt that will be an issue." Cyphor answered, "The locals might find one useful to help keep themselves safe also."

    "That's what I said to him as well." Thrall replied with a nod. "So, do you have any suggestions master furry jedi? Should we meet with everyone and get things planned?"

    "That would likely be the sensible thing to do," He replied with a nod. "Would you be bringing this merc you hired along as well and does he know Tohkran is a jedi?" Cyphor added after a moments pause.

    Thrall just shrugged, "I didn't mention it. And makes sense to bring the merc along. Neia's station?"

    "Tohkrans company base is the closest 'neutral' location to Antar any of us in this cooperative own to my knowledge. Why not there?" Cyphor replied.

    Thrall rubbed his cheek. "Hmmn... suppose that can be done... just need to make sure to keep the 'visitors' away from the younglings areas." He said thoughtfully.

    "The merc at least, until his intentions toward force wielders is known at least. It might be best to warn Neia not to say anything in the invitation to her." Cyphor answered with a nod

    "Eh I think she is savvy enough to know when not to talk, harbouring some jedi herself and offering you lot a safe haven at her station." Thrall shrugged. "Right I'll wrap some matters up and then send out a invitation to you all, will you bring the punch?"

    "Falcon or grape?" Cyphor replied with a smile

    "Eh, can't decide, do both. I'll make sure to bring the nuts... think Neia has some leads to some good scorpion slugs?"

    "Very well. I too have some things to be about at the moment so I shall await the invitation and bit you goodbye in the meantime Thrall. Try not to get yourself killed while wrapping things up, Tohkran might spend months mourning your loose." He said with a smile that was fast becoming a grin.

    Thrall snickers. "After thanking the force profusely I believe. You will hear from me soon Cyphor, good luck in your travels and may the force be with you."

    "And with you Thrall." Cyphor said with a nod as he terminated the communication link.

    Before Cyphor cut off he heard a last sentence from Thrall. "What do you mean we are out of curry!?"

    Cyphor shook his head in amusement before turning his mind back to more immediate matters. He was leaving for Coruscant in a few hours after all.

    Summary (open)

    Missions and Intel!
    Thrall is getting fat!
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