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    Are you something of a fanboy/girl/potato of George Lucas’ genre-defining space opera saga?

    Do you think Han shot first?

    Do you think that anyone who ever mentions the word “midichlorians” should be strangled with garrotte wire?


    ‘STAR WARS: Republic Spearhead’ is a Chat RP seriesNEVERMIND, WE'RE USING THE FORUM run using the Star Wars D20 system; a re-imagining of the somewhat ill-advised first episode of our favourite saga of lightsabers, blasters and droids, it begins in a similar manner to the outset of ‘The Phantom Menace’. Instead of Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor being dispatched to sort shit out, however, the Chancellor has secretly deployed a group of elite soldiers, spies and mercenaries known as Spearhead to help get things back under control.

    This project is still early days at the moment, but I wanted to assess the amount of interest there might be for such a game. If you should have any questions or queries, fire away.

    GAME INFORMATION (to be updated as things progress)

    • The starting level is LEVEL 3. Nice, solid number, meaning characters aren’t too squishy but still have lots of time to grow.
    • The various classes are easily accounted for within the premise; Soldiers are the heavy-hitters and fighters that make up the backbone of Spearhead’s task-force, Scoundrels are part of the blockade runner crew, Scouts can be another detachment of Spearhead or else part of the blockade runners, Nobles represent the officers and the negotiators accompanying the unit, and there might be one or two Jedi attached to the mission as well.
    • No, you can’t play a fucking Ewok.
    • You can’t play a Jawa, either.
    • Creating a Wookie Jedi is like strapping an orbital laser to your doomsday device. Shit’s just overkill, son, don’t do it.
    • Though the game starts out similarly to ‘The Phantom Menace’, you better believe we’re not going to be following that score note for note. The idea of 'Republic Spearhead' is to take a setting and a story then make it our very own.

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  2. Is this all going to be chat RPing? I am interested, and even have the core book plus the ships book for this game. I'm just not a fan of chat based RPs. Also, Looks good Grumps! We've played this a few times in our gaming group a few years ago, oh the stories I could tell you haha.
  3. Going by the experiences we've had with D&D-esque games here on Iwaku, Chat RPs tend to be the best format for them. If you're willing to give it a shot, it'd be awesome to have you involved.
  4. I don't see why I couldn't give it a shot, I'll likely have to dig my books out of storage, but sure! I'll start thinking about what to play and some character options. Thanks!
  5. I like the idea of anything Star Wars related in rp but am also not a big fan of chat rp (Mostly cause I tend to end up running around a lot and getting interrupted constantly) It sounds like a lot of fun though
  6. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and would be all for a D&D esque roleplay, but I, like others, am concerned about it being Chat RP. I'm often not available for various reasons, so I worry if I'd be able to attend a regular session.

    However, this is definitely something I have a lot of interest in.

    Would it be possible to structure it as a forum RP with very short posts so that the GM can handle rolls and post their results? We'll have to take the GM's word on the integrity of rolls, but at least for me this would be much easier to use as I post a lot during the day and very little in the evening.
  7. Asmodeus (Sorry if I misspelled) Had a setup for D&D roleplays using the chatbox here on the site. He had it set up so that everyone could do their own roles there and then, if need be, he could check the records to see if we were being truthful about the rolls. You could ask how he did that and he might even help ya figure it out. Also I may or may not participate but for now I hope this was a little helpful ^_^
  8. The dicebox can generate and log dice rolls, yeah; that's probably where this game would be run if we were to run this as a Chat RP.

    Although from what you guys are saying you prefer, I could potentially be convinced to run this as a forum-based RP.
  9. Hurr hurr. They pissed on your chat roleplay bonfire.

    Also, shadies and mental-men, look back at the posts you've made in this thread. At the bottom right will be a link entitled MORE OPTIONS. Click on this, and you get an option to roll a dice.

    Therefore, to make this a forum RP, we would just post our actions, then go back to the post, click more options and select a dice to roll.

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  10. Well, Diana, I did try. But gotta give the people what they want.

    Okay, so this above idea as a forum RP; who's down?

    EDIT: Just checking to see if the dice remain as they were when one edits a post.

    EDIT EDIT: Sweet, they totally do. How 'bout that.
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  11. Really? Cool
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  12. I guess you can only roll 1 at a time....

    Okay, so you click "throw another" to get a duplicate. And go back to More Options to change the number of sides.
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  13. That's awesome!

    Haha that's weird. The notification I get at the top of the screen is in Spanish. "Has tirado un dado" = "You have thrown a die"
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