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  1. 20+ years since the death of Emperor Palpatine, and the birth of the new republic and the new Jedi order, chaos has subsided and peace reigns once again but not without corruption. many have forgotten the war for independence by the C.I.S. which gave rise to the Empire. as those corrupt seek to gain power, those in power seek to gain more power bringing the new republic to the brink of collapse and the rise of a new empire draws near, clones have been reinstated as a police force and armed forces, a mysterious man in hooded robes simply referred to as the Dark Lord gathers highly trained clones into a hell-jumper program and still more for personal guard, utilizing old, redesigned as well as new vehicles and ships for housing his army readying for taking over the galaxy. you are one such clone whose genes have been supplemented by one of the many races of the galaxy and have been approached by the Dark Lord with in hopes of recruiting for 'days of new glory and non-corrupted livelihood' it is your choice to join what will eventually become the new empire, remain with the new republic, or join the future rebellion.

    Cloning number:
    Appearance (picture optional):
    Preferred Abilities:

    Cloning number: Trooper 231521
    Nickname: Dead-eye
    Appearance (picture optional): blond blue eyes wears armor similar to stormtrooper armor, but is black with slight red tints


    Age: 20
    Race: human
    Faction: New Empire
    Class: Specialist
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 210
    Preferred Abilities: Stone- steadies the nerves, emotions and muscles of those around him, Sling- using the force 231521 can throw small objects like projectiles, burst of speed- 231521 can use the force to speed up himself and others near him
    About: 231521 was cloned from an outcast tusken shaman who was capable of utilizing the force; however; 231521 has minute control over potentially great amounts thus was never discovered by the New Jedi Order and has had to learn to control his abilities on his own.
    Other: 231521 has lived in the New Republic since the day of his emergence from the cloning pod, he has noticed the corruption creeping into the New Senate and been unable to do anything about it until he was approached by the Dark Lord.

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