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  1. Hello there, everyone. This is somethings I've been wanting to do for quite some time. Is anyone interested in this? I'd like to discuss an outline of a plot that anyone interested would agree with before making a beefy signup page.

    I was thinking it would take place at a "grey-Jedi" academy, started by Revan far away from the currently recorded universe and move from there, with the republic and Mandalorian beginning to scout farther into space.

    OOC/ signup is here
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  2. Could be interested, But could we a Mandalorian or strictly Jedi?
  4. Nope, I'd say feel TOTALLY free to be a Mandalorian :)
  5. YEA! Then I am interested!
  6. You have my interest, though out of curiosity, where is the Sith Empire at this point?
  7. So. Do we have enough people now? :o
  8. Hmm... Interesting question. The Sith seemed to die at the end of KOTOR 2 with Kreia, so that basically gives us free pull with it. We can really put it where ever we want to.

    Almost! I want to flesh out a plot before we start something.
  9. Welp, I'm gonna make a sign-up sheet now! see you all there!
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  10. You might want to link the thread saying that the OOC is up o.o
  11. Oh, hahhh. Right. OP updated with link to the OOC/ Signup!
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