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    • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


      Peace! Having struggled against the relentless forces of the GALACTIC EMPIRE for over 23 years, the REBEL ALLIANCE finally defeated the corrupt system. EMPEROR PALPATINE, also known as DARTH SIDIOUS, was destroyed once and for all by his apprentice DARTH VADER and his son LUKE SKYWALKER during the BATTLE OF ENDOR. With the SECOND DEATH STAR destroyed along with the Sith Lord, but the GALACTIC EMPIRE was not defeated yet. They instead fled to the furthest reaches of the Galaxy, preparing to strike back at the REBEL ALLIANCE for all they had done.

      In the time between conflict, the REBEL ALLIANCE, led by newly appointed CHANCELLOR LEIA ORGANA, made their best efforts to undo the damage the GALACTIC EMPIRE did to the Galaxy. The GALACTIC SENATE was re-established and democracy took over once more, but that was not the only significant change. Having fulfilled the prophecy to bring balance to the Force, LUKE SKYWALKER disappeared from the face of the universe, taking refuge on DAGOBAH after he realized the Galaxy was better off without either a JEDI or SITH influence within the government. So, he and the RED SQUADRON of the REBEL ALLIANCE sought out the ruined Jedi Temples spread across the Galaxy, gathering artifacts and holocrons to prevent anyone from discovering them. The existence of the FORCE USERS would disappear alongside the destruction of the SECOND DEATH STAR. Once his mission was complete, LUKE SKYWALKER returned to DAGOBAH, where he set up a secret JEDI ACADEMY. He would continue the teachings, but the JEDI would no longer meddle in the affairs of the Galaxy. It was time for the people to live on their own.

      But as the NEW REPUBLIC began to gain its footing, the GALACTIC EMPIRE returned, having discovered and reactive do the ancient SEPARATIST BATTLE DROIDS to serve alongside them. They were back, ready to reclaim the Galaxy from the REBEL ALLIANCE that had bested them so long ago. Taking to the battlefield with extreme caution, the NEW REPUBLIC entered the SECOND GALACTIC CIVIL WAR with no help from the NEW JEDI ORDER. Years passed and after another long struggle between the two groups, the GALACTIC EMPIRE and the NEW REPUBLIC signed a peace treaty and decided that a partnership would be beneficial to both the galaxy and the groups. The GALACTIC EMPIRE was given its own space within the galaxy and the surrounding systems were adapted to a more peaceful Imperial control, this time led by the GRAND MOFFS. Despite the treaty, the GALACTIC EMPIRE split off into two separate groups: those who wished to ally themselves with the NEW REPUBLIC (the Moff-Empire), and those who wished to oppose the NEW REPUBLIC and return to the way the galaxy was back in the days of the OLD REPUBLIC: when the SITH were in control (the Sith-Empire). The SITH-EMPIRE was labeled as a threat to peace, but no acts between them and the NEW REPUBLIC resulted in a full-out war. Instead, the unified MOFF-EMPIRE and the NEW REPUBLIC agreed to deal with the threat on their own means, hunting down the SITH-EMPIRE. Once again, the JEDI did not interfere, but they remained vigilant, keeping a close watch for any signs of the SITH returning.

      As the years continued, the galaxy saw quite a few changes, all of which were for the best. Treaties between enemies, new trade routes, and the re-establishment of peace and order in the Galaxy; all just to name a few. It would seem that the Galaxy is in fact better off without the JEDI or SITH. The few remaining JEDI, trained by LUKE SKYWALKER, spread out through the Galaxy to pursue their own destinies, be it protecting the innocent through acts of charity or to seek out any potential SITH after it was discovered a secret academy on KORRIBAN was still functioning.

      Without the conflicts of the JEDI and SITH to distract them, the citizens of the Galaxy have dedicated their efforts to maintaining the peace they worked so hard to achieve. But now, the NEW REPUBLIC struggles with the ever-growing threat of a 3rd GALACTIC CIVIL WAR caused by the war-mongering residents of MANDALORE.

      The Galaxy now hangs. on a thin balance. With the NEW REPUBLIC struggling to keep the peace they once had, one simple act could launch the galaxy into what could very well be the largest conflict since the Revan Wars of the Old Republic...

    • Rules (open)
      1. No godmodding, metagaming, etc.

      2. Proper grammar is needed, this is an Intermediate level RP, I expect a solid two paragraphs per IC post. No one liners either. You can also work with collabs if you don't want to flood the IC with only one conversation, so use that to your advantage!

      3. Original characters only. No Mary Sue type characters, people have flaws, your characters do too.

      4. Maximum of two characters per player. If you want more, you'll have to give me a really good request or kill off one of your existing guys.

      5. Characters can (and probably will) die. If they do, you can make another, should you want to fill that void.

      5 1/2. If you have one character and want to leave the RP indefinitely, we can collaborate on a creative way for your character to either leave or get killed off. This really only applies if you want to kill your character. If you don't want to, then ignore this rule.

      6. Try to be nice to one another in both the IC and the OoC. Everyone's here for a good time and even though I'm not a fan of confrontation (I personally don't like telling people off), I will intervene if things get too out of hand or if I'm requested to do so. Let's not have that happen and be nice ^^

      7. Keep swearing, violence/gore and sex to a PG - 13 level. Romance is cool, I love it in RP's! If you get to a mature moment, fading to black is your friend in the thread, but if you take it out of the thread please follow site rules on Libertine/Liberteen RP's.

      8. Please be active. If you're going to be unable to post for a while, then please notify me. If you lose interest in the RP and want to leave it then also notify me. I will remove your character from the roster and give them a good send-off. I won't kill anyone until I have official confirmation, but if you don't respond then I'll GM your character out of the IC until I get an answer.

      9. Although we're all travelling together (primarily) and the main plot is pretty much dictated by me, I'm all up for collaborating with you all to make this a group effort! That being said, I might not approve every idea because I still have to make sure things make sense continuity wise.

      11. You just realized there is no "10" and went back to check :3

      12. Now that you're pissed at me because of "11", post your favourite Star Wars quote in the "Other" section of your sheet so I know who read the rules.

      Factions (open)
      New Republic - The main democratic organization in the galaxy. The New Republic serves as a unified government for planets and star systems that wish for democracy as opposed to the previous dictatorship posed by the Empire. The New Republic, run by Chancellor Leia Solo, controls the majority of the star systems in the galaxy and is ready to combat the "evils" of the Sith and the Sith-Empire (and Mandalore, if it must).

      Moff-Empire - A more democratic version of the Empire created after the Second Galactic Civil War ended at the Battle of Felucia. The Moff-Empire is controlled by the Grand Moff's, who have since renounced the ways of Palpatine's Empire and have unified themselves with the New Republic. While they still utilize TIE Fighters and Stormtroopers, the Moff-Empire has made it clear that they are no longer affiliated with those who wish to control the galaxy through fear. Instead, they now manufacture weapons and have re-activated the Clone colonies on Kamino (after rebuilding them) to create a Grand Army of the Moff-Empire/New Republic to combat the threat of the Sith-Empire (and Mandalore, should it come to that). The Moff-Empire also has a seat in the Galactic Senate, further proving that they are democratically based.

      The Hutts - Just like in the centuries prior, the Hutts have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. They are notorious gangsters who hire bounty hunters and criminals to do their bidding across the galaxy. Thanks to the efforts of the New Republic, Hutt-space has been greatly diminished and now only a handful of planets remain under the control of the Hutts. As a result, the Hutts have now begun targeting New Republic planets and trade routes in an attempt to "strike back", but their attacks have been met with swift harshness from the New Republic and its allies. The Hutts run things via controlling crime, so Bounty Hunters and criminals (and slaves) are more likely to be involved with them

      Sith-Empire - The original "Empire", but repackaged and refurbished. Those in the Empire who wished to return the galaxy to how it was before the Rebellion defeated Palpatine (and to a further extent, how it was when the Sith ran the Galaxy back in the Old Republic Era) reactivated the legions of Separatist Battle Droids to create an exact replica of the "Galactic Empire", but on a smaller scale. The Stormtroopers in this group were given a makeover and rebranded as "Dark Troopers", consisting of members ranging from normal clones, civilian recruits, and battle droids of all varieties. While it bears the name of "Sith", the Sith-Empire actually has no link to the Dark Side of the Force. They only used the name to inspire the fear and power that comes with such a title.

      Mandalore - The Mandalorians have always been known as the most dangerous warriors in the Galaxy. Some of the greatest wars in known in galactic history have been initiated by the species, including the famous Mandalorian Wars. Recently however, the planet's inhabitants had been mostly dormant during the Two Civil Wars, but now it seems like they are preparing for war. With no clear intention being present for their actions, the entire galaxy can only stand back and hope that they aren't in the crossfire when the Mandalorians decide to initiate an all-out war.

      Character Sheet (open)

      Appearance: (Image and/or a description, but image is preferred. Anything except for Anime is allowed. Anime just doesn't work well here.)



      (Male or Female)

      Species: (Any from SW, including Droid. Only exception is E.T. All he did was make a cameo, that was it).

      Faction: (New Republic, Empire (Moff/Sith), Mandalore, The Hutts, None.)

      Weapons: (include images if you have them)

      Equipment: (Non weaponry.)

      Skills: (As in "actual skills", not what the Force allows you to do. Mechanics, computer hacking, piloting. Those are examples of Skills you should put here.)

      Flaws: (at least 4, and don't make them stupid. No "Has a weakness for Cupcakes", please).

      Force Sensitive: (Yes or No)

      Force Abilities: (If any. 8 Maximum. Only "Side Sensitive" powers apply to your specific side. Ex. Jedi = 6 Light 2 Neutral, Sith = 6 Dark 2 Neutral, Inbetween = 3 Light 3 Dark 2 Neutral, or however you want to sort it).

      Bio: (Quality over quantity, but I'd like at least 2 paragraphs).

      Other: (additional information you may want to let us know about. Maybe you have a droid? Maybe you're allergic to shellfish? Who knows unless you tell us ^^)

    • ~ Cast List ~

      (In order of sheet posting)​

      1.) Maar Zhet - mr_pibbs

      2.) Vondo'Zen'Das - NewKingofDrangleic

      3.) Alexander Gladstone / Arc Beetle - EddiEddi

      4.) Baltan Kelborn - caligari

      5.) Tifa Elspeth - The Classy Mog

      6.) Gambit Hapes Crow - WitchChild

      7.) NA - ResolverOshawott
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  1. My Character


    Stands at 5'6, with long and messy chestnut brown hair. He has dark brown eyes and thin eyebrows. Being a young man, Maar is quite thin. Most of his body weight is just muscle he's accumulated from the intense training his Sith masters put him through.

    Alternate Outfits (open)

    Regular Outfit


    What Maar is traditionally seen wearing.

    Sith Robes


    Kept from his days as a Sith Apprentice, Maar holds onto these robes because he never knows when he might need a Sith disguise.


    Maar Zhet







    Main Faction:

    New Republic (originally with the Sith-Empire)


    Lightsabers (open)


    The Lightsaber of his father, Jan Zhet, recovered after Maar went back to Nar Shaddaa to investigate what should have been his family home. It was in quite the state, but after replacing the crystal and a few modifications, it was ready once again.


    The Sith blade he crafted as part of his 8 year training with Darth Dementus. the parts were taken from an ancient Sith Trooper base. Quite surprising that it still works, considering they were made during the Old Republic

    He normally carries around both Lightsabers and regularly changes between them, but primarily choses to wield his father's lightsaber. Maar is still learning how to properly wield both at the same time.

    DC-15 Side Arm (open)
    Maar keeps this around as a formality. While he really doesn't need it, it's easier to have a backup plan in case somebody has Force-dampening shields and takes away his Lightsabers.



    • A standard New Republic-grade grappling hook.

    • A detailed map of the Galaxy within a Holocron.

    • A wallet with well over 10,000 Republic Credits (all interchangeable thanks to a new currency device that immediately converts money into a different currency, as not all planets have adopted the Credit system)

    • Rebreather


    • He is an adept pilot, very skilled at flying pretty much all types of fighters. Specifically, he's had training with TIE's and a variety of smuggling ships, but the knowledge can be applied to other vehicles. He's also had some training with Pod Racers, Swoop Bikes, and even a few confiscated Rebellion Ships such as the X-Wing or the Y-Wing.

    • Maar is very good at lying, even without the assistance of the Force. Normally, he can get people to believe whatever he says, but there's also the

    • Being a (former) member of the Sith-Empire and apprentice to Darth Dementus, Maar has been taught many of the primary languages in the Galaxy. Primarily though, he knows Ryl, Huttese, Bocchi, and most codes used by Droids.


    • Still suffers from "Sith tendencies" (over confidence, sudden fits of rage, jealousy overpowering his thoughts, etc).

    • Tends to rush into things without really thinking them through (most of the situations he has to get out of, he inadvertently created due to a lack of fore-thought)

    • Still struggles with keeping himself balanced in the ways of the force, allowing for much more of his "Dark Side" to come out when dealing with conflict/stressful situations.

    • While he is somewhat skilled with the Force, he still isn't the strongest Jedi/Sith in the galaxy. He's also a little too confident and tends to let his guard down a lot.

    Force Sensitive:


    Force Abilities:

    Breath Control

    Detoxify Poison

    - Light Side -

    Force Stun

    Jedi Mind Trick


    - Dark Side -

    Dun Möch

    Force Scream

    Force Lightning


    Son of the newly appointed Jedi Consular, Jan Zhet, Maar was a surprise to both the Jedi and his wife, Corrida. Being trained during the age of the Empire by a Jedi who had managed to escape Order 66 on Dantooine, Jan learned everything he could about the Force in hopes that he would one day assist in the fall of Emperor Palpatine. However, when Jan's Master was located by Darth Vader and killed during the final days of the Jedi Purge (4BBY), Jan fled for the planet of Nar Shaddaa. The strong dark side energies emanating from the planet provided a useful cover for the Force aura surrounding him and three years before deciding to leave Dantooine, he met his wife Corrida (3ABY). Before leaving for Nar Shaddaa, Jan and Corrida got married. However, they had not planned on having a child before they arrived on the planet, having travelled as refugees and found a small isolated home in the slums. Maar's conception was a shock to the couple, but a blessing nonetheless. As the months passed and their son grew larger, Jan found himself having to use the Force in small doses in order to survive by stealing food and clean water. Nobody was willing to hire the Jedi because of his refugee status, but also because he had been arrested four times for theft.

    At nine months in her pregnancy (4ABY), Jan and Corrida were amazed to hear that the Empire had been completely destroyed and the New Republic was launched. Thankful that the Empire would no longer search for the Jedi and try to eradicate them, Corrida and Jan made plans to move from Narr Shaddaa to Naboo and raise their baby in the perfect home. Jan learned word of the New Jedi Order Luke Skywalker had created and shortly before they left, he called Skywalker to announce his existence. Skywalker was pleased to hear another Jedi had been taught in secret like he was and arranged for a transport to Dagobah for his initiation. However, before they could leave for their shuttle, a legion of Dark Troopers landed in the city and sought out Jan, which ended in a climactic duel between a Sith by the name of Darth Dementus, and the Jedi Consular. Darth Dementus, previously known as Sett Oors, had once been the apprentice of a surviving Jedi much like Jan. However, Sett soon grew to resent the feeble and simple-minded views of the Jedi and taught himself the Dark Side as best as he could (mostly though, he allowed his emotions to fuel him). But shortly after he turned, Sett killed his master and traveled to the Sith home planet of Korriban in order to study the ancient ways of the Sith. He soon found out he was not alone and many other "Dark Jedi" had been flocking to the planet in order to properly develop their powers into something greater. They were only Force Sensitive when they began, but Sett, under the alias of "Darth Dementus", taught the others everything he knew about the Force and together they worked together to unlock the secrets of the Dark Side.

    Having properly gained control of the Dark Side within a year (started in 3ABY), the new Sith plotted to destroy the Rebellion and verify that the Empire would not fall. When the Second Death Star was destroyed alongside the Empire, Darth Demtentus decided to reform their plan: they would now succeed where Sidious had failed and successfully take control of the galaxy, enforcing the ways of the Sith upon any soul who could make contact with the Force. Starting with a whole new Jedi Purge, they would secretly cleanse the galaxy of the Light side and rule over all with fear. It was like exterminating vermin: silent and quick. However, Jan wouldn't allow them to purge any more Jedi and rather quickly, he won the fight. Forcing Dementus on his knees, Jan was ready to finish him and take down his Dark Troopers. But before the final blow could be dealt to the Dark Jedi, one of the troopers found Corrida, who had rushed back home during the battle in hopes to warn Jan before it was too late. Demanding that Dementus call off his troopers, Jan was killed by the Dark Lord when he accidentally let his guard down.

    Tossing the body aside, Dementus looked upon Corrida and hesitated. Normally, he would've killed her, but never before had he encountered a child born from a Jedi. In that moment, Dementus decided not to kill her or the child, thinking that since the child would know how to wield the Force, it could become a powerful ally. He then ordered that Corrida be taken into Sith custody on Korriban until she gave birth. After Maar's birth, Corrida was kept locked up along with her newborn. Every day, droids came by and made sure she received the proper nutrients and vitamins to stay alive and keep the baby healthy. After she had properly taken care of Maar and once he was able to properly act on his own, Sith Troopers would arrive and take the boy away to continue his training. Dementus would then lead him to an isolated chamber where Maar would spend the next 8 hours learning all about the Sith and the Galaxy, how to use a Lightsaber and a blaster, how to fly a starship, and most importantly, the inner workings of the Force. Mostly, Dementus forced the other Sith to train the boy as he was always busy planning how to covertly slip Sith Influence into the newly reformed Galactic Senate. After a month or two of training, the Sith assigned to train Maar would present the boy to Dementus and let Maar demonstrate his new skills. If Dementus was pleased at his progress, Maar would be given special advice and lessons from Dementus himself. If the Sith Lord was not pleased, however, the one training Maar that time would be forced to have a droid discipline the boy until his skills improved. This cycle continued for years until finally, at the age of 14, Maar became so enraged at the droid that he completely destroyed it, then broke out from his discipline cell and tore apart the backups. Darth Dementus was extremely pleased with Maar when this happened, knowing that finally he had allowed his anger to make him strong. At this point, Maar was deemed to have completed his training and was allowed to build his own lightsaber.

    As Maar entered the rankings of the Sith, Dementus ordered that his mother be killed, knowing that his emotions for her were holding him back. Unbeknownst to his Sith Order, Darth Dementus commissioned a special crop of clones from the Kaminoians, using some of the leftover "Clone Troopers" who had their minds wiped and re-fitted for a new purpose. When the clones were ready a year later, they were instructed that they worked for the New Republic and that they were to attack the Korriban Sith Temple and kill Corrida, who was a traitor to the New Republic. Landing on the planet and attacking the temple, the "Republic" clones found and murdered Corrida. In his distraught rage, Maar slaughtered the remaining clones along with one of the Sith who was training him that day. After giving her a proper funeral, Maar vowed that he would never forget what the Republic did to him. When he was strong enough, he would make them pay.

    However, when Maar was 17, he realized the truth about his past. Having been given a mission that took him to Nar Shaddaa, Maar accidentally stumbled across his parent's homestead (it was in the slums he had chased the target into). There, he found his father's lightsaber and discovered his true parentage (Dementus always told him that he was the son of the Sith Lord). Shortly after discovering the home, Maar did some snooping around and eventually learned that Dementus had ordered a batch of clones after he realized that the "Republic Soldiers" which attacked Korriban were almost identical to one another (he learned this by looking at old video footage of the attack). His journey to Kamino led him to the discover that Dementus had ordered the clones and reprogrammed them into "Republic Soldiers". It wasn't long before Maar put two and two together and realized he and the other Sith had been duped for so many years. Full of rage and contempt for the man he once called "Master", Maar confronted Dementus and challenged his master to a fight. Dementus easily overpowered Maar, but the young Sith managed to completely sever all of his master's limbs and make an escape in his shuttle. It is presumed that Darth Dementus died that day, but the Sith continued without him. Having now realized his mistakes, Maar sought out the Jedi Order to warn the Jedi of the Sith reemergence. Troubled by this, Master Skywalker promised Maar that the Jedi would try to locate the Sith and keep them from upsetting the Galaxy once more. He then pardoned Maar, making him a "Reformed Sith". From there, Maar taught with Master Skywalker so he could learn the Light side of the Force. Maar would finally do something right with his life and be the Jedi he was meant to be. In honour of his mother and father who had fallen prey to the evils of the Sith, Maar vowed he would do everything he could to eventually see the destruction of the Sith and avenge their deaths.

    So, he set out on his own, trying to remain anonymous like the other Jedi before him. He kept out a watchful eye, seeing to it that any signs of the Sith were... Taken care of, before a problem could arise.


    Maar is an emotional wreck and rarely speaks of his past or of his mother. The only thing anyone knows for sure about him is the fact that he has an attitude problem.

    He's also a bit of a ladies man, but the mental barricades he set up prevent Maar from having fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex.

    "You stupid little Astro-droid..."
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  2. Name: Vondo'Zen'Das He goes by Zen for business transactions, his third name is Dozenda which is the name he uses with closer friends, family, and lovers

    [BCOLOR=#000000][​IMG] stands 6'5 weighs about 210 pounds[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Casual outfit: Wears a simple black sleeveless shirt, red leather jacket, black pants, and combat boots. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Armored:[​IMG] [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Age: 39[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Chiss[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Main Faction: Bounty Hunter[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]dual blaster pistols[​IMG] [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Two ripper[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] pistols [​IMG] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]as well as a vibro knife in a boot sheath[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The VX Vibro-greatsword, also known as the Czerhander with cortosis weave[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Belt sheathed Vibrosword.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]S-400 Stealth Sabateur [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Wrist launcher with blaster addition, launcher fires sleep and mild poison darts as well as explosives. Blaster is a mid range addition that fires 20 shots before needing reloading, also shoots eletric nets to capture particularly tough prey.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Equipment armor in appearance armored picture, grappling cord, restraints, frag, and sonic grenades, full enviro suit built into armor, restraining cord fired from wrist launcher as well as titan (strength) gauntlets and a stun cloak.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Skills: Skilled pilot[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]naturally athletic[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]zero-G combat specialist[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]accomplished duelist[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]skilled mechanic[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Flaws: No nonsense ideals[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]very mission oriented[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]arrogant due to skills learned hunting Jedi as well as bounties[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Almost lacks certain emotions due to torture and escape from a group of dark jedi[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]closed off and distrustful[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Force sensitive: The Force is less than a whisper to Dozenda, he doesn’t even know of it’s existance within him, however it has been the reason he has stayed alive throughout his life. It manifests in his above peak strength, agility, and health. There is nothing spiritual about the force when it comes to it’s presence within Dozenda.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Bio:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] Dozenda was born on an outer rim world, living with his family till he turned eighteen. During that time he learned how to fight and to shoot from his father, the man was an ex imperial officer, and Dozenda eagerly followed his footsteps. He joined the Imperial Academy and quickly became the top student in his class. He quickly rose within the ranks of the Moff Empire, becoming a captain of a storm-trooper regiment, that kept the peace on one of the rim worlds of the new empire. On a routine night patrol Dozenda and his party were ambushed by soldiers clad in black armor using blades and blasters in tandem, they killed four of his troopers and took the rest hostage. There they tortured him and the rest of his group, claiming they were dark jedi and trying to feed off of their fear , loathing and anger. One by one Dozenda watched his men get taken, tortured and killed over the span of several weeks. He always thought back up would arrive, that somehow either himself or anyone else had gotten a distress signal off in time. He was turning more and more hollow, losing himself and feeling useless and forgotten, a complete letdown to himself and his men, at the edge of his breaking point, when the last of his crew lay dead within the cell next to him, that is when he broke, he doesn't remember what happened, he only remembers from the time he awoke after several bacta treatments back at the imperial base within the city. He was told by his superior that he was found, half starved, missing one eye, his left arm, and blood covering him from head to toe. Dozenda told them of the ambush and what he remembered of the weeks of torture and...the utter defeat he had felt, his superiors put him on a medical leave to be evaluated and treated for PTSD as well as many other mental ailments from the torture, starvation and loss. Dozenda was discharged from the Imperial military, a bright star dimmed by his first, only, and most devastating defeat. Despite being patched up, and given a new prosthetic eye, as well as his prosthetic arm (which he had made to still look like a mechanical arm) he felt not entirely whole anymore, like those "dark jedi" had taken something from him. He found out later that it had been his compassion and courage they had taken, he was no longer a caring, and commanding leader, he was a scared shell of a man that stabbed people in the back, and left others to go hungry, just making enough to scrape by as a vagrant and second rate hunter. It wasn't until he was beaten a second time that he was made to realize that what he was, and what he is wasn't the real him. His newest mark, turned into his greatest ally after three years of earning each other's respect and trust. He trained Dozenda, trained him in dueling, and close quarters combat, something barely touched on anymore, he taught him how to modify and customize armor, weapons, and prosthetic limbs. After eight years of finding himself with his mentor, Dozenda finally started feeling like a person again, he was still closed off and had barely a funny bone in his body...but he was starting to seem less robotic, even feel less robotic now that he knew what he was. He was a bounty hunter now, not some second rate shmuck who killed no life's in back allies, he was a fully armored, armed and dangerous merc who has taken down a lot of enemies to the Moff Empire (yes still loyal to his father's legacy even if he can never grasp it) he has even been seen as a bodyguard to the Moffs on a few of their trips to Coruscant in their dealings with the Republic Senate, in full armor of course.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Montross: May the best man win.
    Jango Fett: I am the best. Always was.
    Montross: We'll see about that...
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  3. Appearance:
    With a set of stolen and modified clone armour
    He rarely removes his helmet, if ever.
    Alexander Gladstone.(atleast thats what he calls himeself)
    28(? he dosn't say)
    Species: (Any from SW, including Droid. Only exception is E.T. All he did was make a cameo, that was it).
    Weapons: (include images if you have them)
    On a day to day basis he carries;
    Customised Bow Caster.
    R-20 Scatter Blaster
    However his ship also houses;
    FA-3 Fletchette launcher
    LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun
    As for Close combat, He carries with him a Stolen Sith Sword he picked up in his childhood
    Armour, Grapple hook (with liquid rope and a magantized clamp), Rebreather, several tracking beacons, Tool kit, light stick, Several power cells, Omni-tool with lock picking systems.

    Skills: Piloting, mechanics, hacking, computer use, High combat training (explained in back story), spotting force use.

    Flaws: Hatred of bounty hunters, High levels of distrust, Often shoots firsts asks questions later, Prefers the company of Arc Beetle over all others. Has a addiction to cupcakes.

    Force Sensitive: Yes (barely)

    Force Abilities: Oh shit sense, Simply put, if something BAD, is going to happen, he gets a pre-warning of anywhere between 5 seconds to 5 minutes (Gm needs to tell me if I get this, Not skill wise, but as in IC 'Eddi, Alexander is getting oh shit feelings')

    Alexander, who grew up in hidden seclusion for 5 years as the war raged on was by and far one of the best pilots his father had ever seen, on one of the furthest outer rim planets he helped his father run stellar fishing for space born creatures. He learnt to fly at a very young age, seeming to be able to 'sense' anything dangerous coming towards him. Upon the colapse of the empire His father decided that they may take their stellar fishing buseness elsewhere. Alexander went with him, now one of the best pilots in the fishing fleet. Upon one of their jobs they were ambushed by bounty hunters Hired by the witches of Dathamir to locate and bring to them any force sensitive children. Due to the Sith and Jedi purging of force users the Witches are low on numbers and so are taking any and all force sensitive children they can, So these hired bounty hunters who themselves were ex sith captured Alexander and carried him to Dathamir, only after killing his father in-front of him.

    Spending his years on Dathamir training under the witches Alexander became instrumental to them, Doing any flying they required as well as rapidly progressing in their combat training, what little force sensitivity he had helping him in both. Where he failed however was with their force training, the only thing that reacted to him was one of the ancient Sith swords they had, it full on lept from the weapon rack to impale his foe in one training session. In reignition of this they let him keep it. yet his force skills still failed to develop.
    Many years passed, Alexander had become a apt warrior in all weapons, and was also capable of doing what the witches could not, use technology, hack machines, Fly ships, Fix machines, Communicate with Droids.
    Later on, Alexander had grown tired of running errands for the witches and wished to leave, yet despite his numerous requests to go with others off planet he was denied over and over again. Eventually he grew tired, and on one of the times he was mediating between some sentient droid bounty hunters and the High mother he engineered a argument and insults to be passed. Killing the droids he rushed outside to 'check there was no one on their ship' and proceeded to Hijack it and leave planet. Now wanted by his tutors and 'family' he raced across the galaxy, stealing what he could, taking any job he could.

    Years later and several ships onwards, He took a job to investigate a old sepretist battle ship, landing on the battleship he found a old R4 unit trapped in some doors, Letting the R4 Unit free he also encountered 6 super battle droids that were just starting to re-boot. The R4 unit did a about turn and proceeded to cut through all 6 with little more than a high powered arc welder, This prompted Alexander to name it Arc Beetle after its brown colouration. The droid is more than a little stubborn and argumentative. It did however attach itself to Alexander and Alexander is the only one that can give it outright orders.

    Owns a Droid (His CS will be up shortly)
    And a ship.
  4. Appearance:

    Arc Beetle


    R4 Unit


    Weapons: (include images if you have them)
    Arc Welder, Buzzsaw, Arc caster (think lightning gun/cutting device!)

    Everything a Astromech Droid has + jet boosters (high control), A advanced brain, Hypernet communication (can communicate with anyone anywhere in the galaxy). Ion Shielding (cant be electrocuted)

    Fix, EVERYTHING, break EVERYTHING. Hack ALL THE THINGS. as well as building things from scrap, he is also very proficient at stealing things, using tools as lethal weapons. Doing shit without people seeing, and being one step ahead of anyone on 'his' ship.

    Flaws: (at least 4, and don't make them stupid. No "Has a weakness for Cupcakes", please).
    He's a argumentative asshole when people mistreat him. He often ignores anyone but Alexander unless the request is something minor. GET OFF HIS SHIP! He's a prankster. He sometimes decides to do something stupid.

    Force Sensitive:
    Appears to be, Alexander managed to get his hands on a single force crystal and has implanted it in Arc Beetle. Meaning that the droid appears to be force sensitive.

    Force Abilities: (If any. 8 Maximum. Only "Side Sensitive" powers apply to your specific side. Ex. Jedi = 6 Light 2 Neutral, Sith = 6 Dark 2 Neutral, Inbetween = 3 Light 3 Dark 2 Neutral, or however you want to sort it).

    Go Look at Alexanders bio.

    We'll see.

    "I hate it when he does that." Obi-wan on Anikin being...well annie.
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  5. Appearance:
    Baltan Kelborn





    Bounty hunter

    -E-11 sniper rifle
    -D15 sidearm blaster
    - 74-Z speeder bike
    -Scout trooper armour (damaged)
    -heat pack
    -water purifier
    -grappling hook
    -camouflage tent
    (while he doesn't always cary everything around, he does have it all in his possession)

    -Stealth and reconnaissance
    -Excellent speeder bike rider

    -Arrogant and egotistical
    -Doesn't play well with others
    -Terrible in close quarters combat
    -extremely confrontational

    Force Sensitive:

    Baltan's life was written for him before he was even born. His entire family line, though short, has served and died for one government or another starting with his grandfather, who was a high ranking clone trooper for the republic during the days of the clone wars. His father too was a high ranking ground officer for the empire that followed the collapse of the republic and was highly decorated after the battle of Endor by the second imperium for his diligence in keeping his troops together to rally under a new imperial banner.

    Baltan on the other hand was considered a failure and disgrace from the start of his military career. While both his father and grandfather quickly rose up the ranks, Baltan's arrogance led to him never being promoted to sergeant during basic training. Still though, due to his remarkable skill on the training field, he was allowed to become a scout trooper. A position well suited for his already arrogant behaviour.

    For three years he served in the second imperium under the command of his own father who had all but disowned him, sending him on suicide missions only to regret seeing him return alive. Even at the end, during one of the final holdout battles against the retiring admiral Ackbar, his father sent him way too close to the frontlines in the hopes of watching him die honourably in battle. In the end it was his father who died as a casualty of war and Baltan who survived, if only because he deserted the battle and the second imperium like a rat fleeing a sinking ship.

    in the years that followed he spent time as both a mercenary and bounty hunter applying his taught combat skills to earn his living and has become a sniper of some renown. Assassinations and covert infiltrations are his speciality and are mostly requested of him.

    owns a DRK-1 probe droid to aid in reconnaissance and field repairs to his speeder.
    "only imperial stormtroopers are so precise"
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  6. Hope this is suitable.


    Tifa Elspeth

    41 (19 BBY)


    Human Replica Droid

    Smuggler/New Republic

    Dual Westar-34 Blaster Pistols



    Grappling Hook
    Stealth Field Generator
    Repair Tools
    Splicing Kit
    Combat Armor

    Droid Mechanic
    Unarmed Combat

    Poor People Skills
    Poor at Long Range Combat
    Prone to Blackouts when triggered
    Bloodthirsty when triggered

    Force Sensitive:

    Tifa was created in the year 19 BBY, as an alternative method of assisting with the Jedi Purge. Planted as a sleeper agent and victim during a mission in which the Republic saved several slaves from the Separatists. It wasn't long after that she was triggered at about the same time that order 66 was initiated. Having been in the care of a small town, under the protection of the Republic and the Jedi. After being activated, she eliminated the settlement, killing effectively the entire population, including a couple of Jedi.

    Upon completing her objective, she received new orders to hunt down nearby jedi. After defeating another two, she was beaten and left for dead, severely wounded. If not for her synthetic nature, she would have died. After the extensive damage, she was recovered, debriefed, then given a memory wipe, only to be dropped off an abandoned afterward.

    When Tifa awoke, she was delirious, alone, and an amnesiac. Suffering from a complete lack of memory, she wandered until she was found by a small group of people in the slums of Nar Shadaa. From then, she became a smuggler, working to help fend for the people who took her in.

    She always did her best to stay out of politics, always feeling like there was some unpleasant connection between it and her past. Unfortunately for her, she's in some way getting dragged into it.

    "It's a Trap!"

    To be added to later.​
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  7. Name
    Gambit Hapes Crow



    Possibly 25​


    Allegiance & Profession
    Mercenary, Pirate and Scavenger


    Gambit stands stands at about 185cm and weighs at about 91kg with a lean, muscular build. His light brown hair is almost always pulled into a knot and would other wise reach half way down his neck. He keeps his face mostly shaven. His eyes are deep blue like the oceans of Hapes. His Hapan face is littered with numerous scars from harsh combat, some he doesn't even know about. His left arm is artificial to his elbow. He walks with a small limp on his right leg.

    Armor & Outfits
    His main suit of armor is a light grey black market armor made by slightly superior materials as those of stormtroopers. It is light and offers great maneuverability while sacrificing little armor as seemingly unprotected section of the armor are actually covered by the same material as is used in Blast Vests. His helmet on the other hand is that of an old Phase II clone paratrooper with a rebreather which his original crew got from trading on Utapau. The helmet has been modified with macro-binoculars with a rangefinder. Were he to go to Coruscant though and needed to keep a lower profile than as someone who is wearing a full suit of armor among the populace, he wears his other outfit for when he needs to be lower profile in a major populated area but still expecting a scuffle. The outfit is comfortable with no face mask or knives. The torso is armored with an excellent blast vest. Other wise he wears other suitable clothing for the situation or just ones that are comfortable.
    Gambit's usual weapon of choice is his trusty blaster pistol. It has a wooden grip and holds 80 shots, modified so it packs about as much punch as a DL-44 after it has been modified which many smugglers and pirates tend to do. It shoots yellow bolts and can actually be switched to shoot continuously when holding the trigger or even charging a shot to shoot a single bolt that is worth ten. This does however expend the charge of the blaster far quicker. When he has reached twenty bolts on his charge, the grip vibrates. He often prefers this weapon due to it's versatility and potency, no need for a large weapon in most cases.

    His second weapon of choice, when he isn't in a proper civil place and requires a bit more firepower he uses his blaster rifle. It is slightly more powerful than his blaster pistol but it's effective range is far longer. It has been permanently set on semi automatic mode and shoots red bolts.

    With these weapons of distance killing, Gambit also carries two special melee weapons. His main melee weapon that he uses more often is a collapsible stun baton. Due to it's nonlethal nature it is a great self defense weapon that he can get away with through weapon screening if a city has strong policies against using ranged weapons such as blasters or potent slugthrowers. His other melee weapon is a LaserHones Vibrorapier which he was given by his first captain when he left his original crew. It is sleek, elegant and light and makes absolutely no sound unlike lesser brands of vibro weapons. It's hilt has a noticeable curve to it, something that he found to be a rather natural to use.
    Gambit carries a suitable amount of gear on him. He carries some non lethal grenades such as Glop grenades, Merr-Sonn stun grenades, Czerka T-289 Gas Grenades and even some Czerka Spore/S Stun Grenades. On his left arm he usually wears a special forearm bracer with various utilities such as a small computer, slicing programs and electronic lock breaker, motion sensors, a simple com unit, medical scanner. For his blasters he has an Ascension Gun attachment. Another blaster attachment is a dart launcher usually loaded with high doses of anesthetics for silent non-lethal takedowns. When he needs to be more accurate than the Glop grenades allows he uses a Stokhli stick. At his waist he almost always wears a personal Arkanian energy shield. a quite expensive piece of hardware but worth every credit chit. The most important piece of equipment that he wears however is a heavy military grade medical kit which he wears like a backpack. This thing could mean the life or death of anyone he is working with that has sustained serious damage. With this kit he even has a half a dozen bacta grenades.

    More gear that owns are Luma Flares, Survival kits, datapads, small rebreathers, spare clothing, ammo, Light dampening glasses, an alcohol flask and a hapan lute and two zeltron made recorders.

    His most personal and treasured item of possessions however are small jewels, one a yellow shard and the other a blue pearl, which he wears around his neck. He doesn't know where he got it but it is one of the few things he knows he owns prior to his mercenary and pirate life. Another precious is a ring around his right middle digit with a sigil of a feather on it. The ring is made of a dark beskar iron. The feather is the sigil of the Mandalorian Journeyman Protector.
    Excellent pistol marksmanship, able to quickly draw his blaster pistol from its hip holster and let off a couple of shots in a span of less than two seconds when prepared.
    A natural swordsman with a light weight blade.
    An amazing pilot with something that doesn't require a whole crew.
    Expert Medical Expertise and Combat Medic
    Rudimentary Slicing skills. Won't be hacking anything with advanced computer security.
    An Adept level of unarmed combat skill with an strange and uncommon martial art.
    Excellent people skills
    Basic ship maintenance.
    Speaks several languages and understands even more such as droid speak and shyriiwok.
    Jungle, Forest and Desert Survival
    Decent cooking

    Will try to avoid violence in most situations until bolts start to fly. Will never be the first one to draw if dialog is an option.
    Amnesia. He doesn't remember his origin.
    Tends to take the moral high ground despite the situation
    Extreme Dislike for Trandoshans.

    Force Sensitivity
    Apparently so​
    Excruciating pain, despair, anger and hatred. Those are Gambit's earliest memories followed by waking up in the med bay of the pirate and scavenger ship for hire known as the Star Crow. It was a Maaka Eekai class freighter with a full crew consisting mostly of aliens, no humans with their captain being an aqualish named Yaga Rondo. He and his dathomir medic explained to him in blunt tones that they found him as the only remaining survivor of a battle torn ship which they had tracked down after its automated distress beacon activated during a battle with another ship. Both ships were not all that big though the one he was in was large enough to have two escape shuttles and escape pods, some of which were missing. He was also found in a critical situation as he was in and out of consciousness, screaming and writhing with a missing arm. He told them how he did not remember anything, not even his own name. The medic decided to just name him after the ship he was found in and the system. The ship he was found in was designated as the Sarlacc's Gambit and they were flying in the Hapes system. Other than the damaged armor and clothes that he wore, the only other possessions he had on him were two small jewels that he had clutched in a vice ever since that the pirates had found him, unable to open his hand without excessive force. He was allowed to stay in the med bay with the Dathomiri male named Zanders Sirak while the rest of the crew gathered to make a decision on what to do with the unconscious young man. Gambit's estimated age was around eighteen or so and Sirak was fairly certain that he was Hapan judging by the natural hapan accent and the subtle features. Rondo's second in command, a trandoshan that called himself Scar, was firmly against keeping Gambit around and opted to either space him or at least sell him to slavery on Hutta or Tatooine. His brother who was simply known as Claw concurred but the rest of them were unsure but with Sirak's word to wait and see how things would turn out instead they decided to allow Gambit to stay...for now.

    That is how Gambit's first started out as a pirate and a scavenger. He was first taken to a nearby planet to get his wounds tended to, escorted by both Sirak and Claw just incase the whole amnesia was a lie and that he was about to report the pirates. Gambit was fitted with a simple cybernetic arm as a replacement with full five digits and taken back to the Star Crow where he would be put to the test. He did not remember much about what he could do but when he was put to it, he and the crew discovered that he was a rather good pilot as was temporarily put at the controls of the Star Crow. Although he was in no way better than their current pilot, a young Lethan male called Kelden, he was not too shabby with the big transport. He was also fairly knowledgeable on medicine and medical care so Sirak decided to take him under his wing and be his assistant. For the first couple of weeks he really got along with most of the crew except for the Trandoshans, helping around the ship and learning from the crew how to take care of the ship.

    After about a month the crew was about to be hired by some separatists who wanted them to do some ops or another. For it, the Rondo and Scar agreed that Gambit's combat abilities should be put to the test. During a long hyperspace jump, the crew assembled to the upper cargo hold, converted to a small training area. They started with blaster training. He wasn't really that great with a blaster at first so he had to learn some basics, using a low powered blaster pistol to shoot some targets so he wouldn't be completely useless in a firefight. They then went on to hand to hand combat which was overseen by Claw. Expecting a light training session, Gambit was too relaxed and was not prepared for Claw's first attack, his claws raking across his face badly but just missed his eye. Despite the protest of Sirak, Rondo let the training to continue and at Claw's second attack, some sort of muscle memory kicked in and he intercepted the attack and began to just lay waste to Claw with some strange form of martial art that none of the crew had ever seen. The session ended with Claw's arm dislocated and the silence of the crew. Some of them even thought that claw would've killed him but to see Claw so unexpectedly beaten to the floor. Sirak was the first one to begin clapping for their newest member.

    Their contract went rather well for some months until the separatists ended up losing either way but the crew of the Star Crow managed to get out with good payment so they could at least congratulate. Claw and Scar however were very displeased and after being with the Star Crow's crew for nearly two years, Claw had enough and during one contract, while Gambit was asleep in his room, Claw began to beat on him. Even with Gambit's skill in hand to hand, he was at a severe disadvantage he was eventually put in a headlock. Claw disliked how often Gambit smiled around aboard the ship so he decided to "improve" it, slowly carving at Gambit's cheek into a permanent smile. Just when he was about done with Gambit's new smile and about to break his neck, Sirak burst in after hearing the screams and shot them both with a stun bolt.

    When Gambit woke up he was absolutely furious which never really happened. He never showed a whole lot of anger since he first woke up on the Star Crow but now he was absolutely livid with Claw, demanding to see him and put a bolt between his eyes in a fit of uncharacteristic hatred. Sirak was there to attempt to calm him down and managed to at least quell the murderous desire. That desire though rose up a bit once again when Rondo refused to give Claw anything more than a slap on the wrist for his behavior by some solitary confinement way too short for what he did and unable to do any contracts for a while. Scar seemingly had a hold of the aqualish captain and Gambit gave them ultimatum of either throw Claw out or he would leave. As Claw had been on the ship for far longer and his brother held a high position on the ship, they would not throw Claw out so Gambit left on their next stop on Coruscant.

    He went on his own, receiving the helmet that he used on the second half of the first contract and Sirak's own personal blaster pistol along with his helpful advice and his old vibro rapier.

    For the new few years he worked mostly as a hired bodyguard and a mercenary, owning a small disposable ship which he used to get from mission to mission. He was low on credits for most of the time as he used it to get better gear, establish contacts and buying a small apartment in the lower quarters of Coruscant. He advertised as a capable combat medic for military operations and mercenary corps but was mostly freelance. He was however hired with some other freelancers, meeting a group of Mandalorians that mostly stayed with themselves but as Gambit was the most capable medic around he had to interact with everyone. The leader of the Mandalorians, Montross Surge. He was a hard man but he respected skill and made it perfectly clear his position if Gambit did not do his best if any of his mandos found themselves on the table. Despite his somewhat disfigured face after Claw's "friendly" reminder, Gambit smiled and made himself perfectly clear that he wouldn't do anything less but his best on everyone. They established a form of mutual if not outright friendship but they got along. The mandos and the freelancers were hired by some crime lord that needed them to actively disrupt spice trade of his rival and they did so for nearly a year, getting a rather generous
    reward until the crime lord's rival, the Pykes, retaliated. They had sent their own forces along with other mercenaries and they outnumbered the mandos and freelancers. Gambit was hardpressed to fight and keep those who were hit alive. It was a hopeless effort as they were ordered to stay put and guard stolen spice and they were getting picked off one by one even though they were putting up a good fight. When all the freelancers except Gambit were dead and seven out of ten mandos were left did they finally decide to retreat even though Gambit had insisted on it prior. They grabbed two of the wounded and one dead to their ship, Gambit doing his absolute best to keep them stable and alive. He reported that they were and just as Montross was the last one to board the ship he was gunned down by a trio of snipers. Gambit and the mandos entered the ship and quickly hauled ass off planet on the Mandos' firespray. Gambit got to work on Montross but his wounds were too extensive. One of the snipers had hit him in one of his lungs and another had shot off Montross's leg with a weapon that did not burn the wound properly so he had lost a lot of blood. As a show of respect and how much he valued for trying to save his brothers, Montross gave Gambit his ring with his dying breath.

    The mando survivors were thankful for Gambit's efforts and promised him share of their cut and would report back to their employer, dropping Gambit off at Coruscant.
    "History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all."
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