Star Wars: Knights of the New Republic (IC)

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  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


    Knights of the New Republic

    Episode 1:


    After months of debating with the war-hungry peoples of MANDALORE, BARON DEX TA'EM has finally agreed to peace negotiations between his planet and the planets of the NEW REPUBLIC. The peace campaign, led by SENATOR AKI VARN, has been working tirelessly to prevent another GALACTIC CIVIL WAR if it was at all possible. Her personal meetings with BARON TA'EM have managed to win over his support for the cause, but there are some who believe it is folly. The MANDORLIAN-comprised extremist group known as THE DEATH WATCH, has publicly spoken out against the peace negotiations and have unleashed a series of vile and ruthless terrorist acts across the Galaxy.

    The MANDORLIAN people were believed responsible for each attack by the GALACTIC SENATE, but SENATOR VARN and like-minded Senators were not so quick to judge. Now a fugitive running from the government, BARON TA'EM and his council have taken refuge on DANTOOINE while MANDOLORE remains under a blockade imposed by the NEW REPUBLIC.

    Desperate for assistance, BARON TA'EM sent out a plea to SENATOR VARN in order to help clear his name. While en-route to DANTOOINE to meet with BARON TA'EM in an attempt to find the truth, SENATOR VARN's ship mysteriously vanished from known space. While the GALACTIC SENATE believed the disappearance to be the work of BARON TA'EM, newly appointed CHANCELLOR AQUILA SO was not so sure. CHANCELLOR SO secretly contact the JEDI COUNCIL on DAGOBAH for assistance in tracking down the missing senator, as well as discovering the truth behind the MANDOLORIAN CAMPAIGN. Although the council did not initially wish to get involved, it was the decision of JEDI MASTER LUKE SKYWALKER to send out a single JEDI to investigate the matter quietly.

    Agreeing to help, the JEDI COUCIL knew that if the MANDOLORIANS went to war, the threat they posed would eventually force the JEDI out of hiding and participate in the conflict, just as they had done so long ago in the times of the OLD REPUBLIC. But there was more to their reasoning then just that fact. MASTER SKYWALKER felt that the JEDI would need to investigate the disappearance anyways, as there was a mysterious presence surrounding the event, like a fracture in THE FORCE.

    So, MASTER SKYWALKER contacted a lone JEDI KNIGHT on TARIS and requested he seek out the cause of the disappearance as well as the mysterious FORCE presence spreading from the location where the ship was thought to have vanished...

    Borgo Prime - a Spaceport in the Outer Rim


    Albedo, a Dug adorned with rings and piercings of various precious metals and jewels, stared out the window of the Borgo Prime space station at the surrounding asteroid belt. He wore a quite fine, purple dug tailored suit and twiddled the death stick in his mouth back and forth.

    The large metal doors behind the Dug quickly opened, allowing a silvery protocol droid to enter the primary control room overlooking the asteroid belt. Back when Borgo Prime had been a publicly used spaceport, the designers had practically built an entire city into just one asteroid. There was an open forum area where traders or smugglers could sell their goods, conference rooms where , the hangar bay had enough room for at least 50 average sized ships, and there was an almost unlimited number of living quarters where passers by or permanent residents could stay while on Borgo Prime. However, rather than attracting good and clean business people, the station attracted all sorts of unsavoury types: bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue droid units, crime lords, and on special occasion, a Sith or two. Needless to say, you could never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, unless of course you had been to Mos Eisely, Tatooine.
    Slowly plodding towards its master, the feminine voiced droid spoke.

    ~ Master, you have a call from your benefactor again. Shall I put him through? ~

    "I don't believe that will be necessary..."

    A mysterious metallic voice suddenly spoke up somewhere behind Albedo's chair. Slowly, a tiny holographic image of a cloaked figure donned in a metal mask appeared on the console behind him. Albedo let out an annoyed sigh as he turned towards the holo image. "Quite unnecessary now, but nothing to do about it now."

    "I don't take being put on 'hold' very well. I'm sure you understand the urgency of this matter. Now, we have business to discuss. Have you acquired the Senator and your... Bonus, let's call it?"

    "Yes yes, I have this senator of yours," He said as he adjusted a flimsily framed picture of the Dug holovid star, Seboca, next to a cyborg face plate reported to have been retrieved from Utapau during the end of the Clone Wars. "She is currently in one of the holding cells under heavy guard and brought with the utmost discretion." Albedo added, turning the chair around to face the holograph completely. "The... Bonus, as you say, is in my possession as well so no problem there." He explained with a wave towards the droid, a gesture which indicated that he wanted a drink. The feminine humanoid droid did as he commanded and also refreshed the gabaki to fill the room with a relaxing smoke.

    "Now, indulge my curiosity. I am putting my investment at some risk keeping this senator here. I could run a scan and find out for myself but it would be far more quicker if you were to tell me." Albedo said, holding out his hand. The droid arriving with perfect timing to hand him a crystal glass of ebla which he took a small but drawn out draft from.

    "The less you know about the Cube, the better, perhaps. All you need to know is that it once contained vital information known only to the Jedi Order long ago, during the time of the Old Republic. You may keep the cube once the information is decrypted from it. It still holds significant value with or without the information stored within."

    "Fine then." Albedo grumbled with obvious annoyance in his voice after a swallow, swirling the liquid in his glass. "And what of the senator. Who is she? She is the one I am more worried about. I'd rather not want to expect some New Republic commandos try to rescue her." He said as he took another draft of ebla.

    "I would have thought you knew who Senator Varn was without my having to tell you, but so long as you keep her there and away from the Mandolorians-."

    The dug had not really gotten a real good look at the senator as just his flunkies had kidnapped her and not recognized her themselves. At the mention of her name, Albedo's previous draft of eblas came spurting out followed by a violent coughing fit. "Aki Varn? If the hardheaded bucket heads or the Senate even suspect that I was involved they will come here riding their basilisk droids like something out of vengeful dogma!" Albedo exclaimed with an outrage, getting up from the seat to look down at the hologram.

    "I wouldn't worry about that if I were you. As of now, both the New Republic and the Mandolorians believe the Death Watch has abducted Senator Varn. The extremists will not deny these claims, because it is generating the civil unrest they so desire. Your involvement, so far, has gone unnoticed. But that does not mean you are in the clear. I have sent some of my cohorts to assist you in keeping away prying eyes. They will remain cloaked until you send out a specific encoded transmission, which I will send you momentarily."

    The figure nodded his head subtly, as if to reassure the Dug that nothing bad would of this predicament. Then, he spoke again.

    "However, I have noticed you acquired a few new... Additions, shall we say. When hacking this console, I noticed some new data entires from your salvager droids: Five humanoids, and two droids. Two of those humanoids, as the scan files read, displayed high levels of an unknown energy signature sweeping through their bodies. One of those humanoids even had a set of extremely unique weapons on their person... Would you mind explaining why you seem to have a set of Jedi aboard Borgo Prime, Albedo? And, more importantly, why I was not alerted to this sudden acquisition of all the Jedi are supposed to be dead?"

    Albedo turned away from the hologram, hiding his angered expression as he snatched the ebla bottle from the droid and refilled what spilled during his outburst. He calmed down as the figure told him that he was safe but his anger rose once more when the figure told him that he had sliced Borgo Prime's personal console and looked into his personal business. Albedo took a deep breath and took a long draft from the drink before he waved at the droid to prepare his hookah.

    A moment longer than necessary, letting the hooded figure wait for a while, Albedo answered him. "I did not know that it had anything to do with you. I have other business other than you and your associates. It also has nothing to do with this job either. If you must know: it is a recruitment. An addition to my... Collection." He said with a smirk, enjoying to withhold information from the person in the holographic projection.

    "The fact that you currently have a Jedi aboard your space station is not good new to either one of us. You have no possible way of sedating a Jedi, but if you act quickly you and your droids might be able to kill it before it recovers. You should have informed me of its presence, because now this 'acquisition' could become a very serious complication in our plan, should it escape. If it was looking for the Senator, you have just led it right to her. My agents will not fail in destroying the issue if it gets out of hand, but I trust you can handle this little 'Jedi' problem. I'm giving you a warning, however: do not leave it alive. Either you kill it while it's vulnerable, or you stall it long enough for my agents to arrive. You can keep the body, but a live Jedi is not a smart thing to collect."

    "I have my own agents. I have my ways. A... Jedi... Under my employ could prove to be a valuable asset. Someone who can use that hokey power of the Force for my personal benefit. Do not worry, I have taken the necessary precautions. His Lightsabers have been confiscated, all three of them. Our deal is still underway, I do not make it a habit to break deals. But that Jedi... In fact all of them, are mine to do with. They are all capable and they all have their price. I do not ask for your trust but our deal is not compromised... Yet. If this Jedi proves too difficult to handle, I have ways to deal with him and those who have been brought aboard. I have multiple contingency plans just in case Borgo Prime is to be compromised in any way. If I do not get him to cooperate... Well, I could always add a few new Lightsabers to my collection." Albedo said with nothing but confidence, walking around his office. As he ended his little speech, he found himself facing a wall. Tapping the metal paneling of the wall opened a secret compartment, containing half a dozen lightsabers of various colours, but most of them were blue. "I would find it a great courtesy if you did not kill what I have plans for."

    "You are foolish to think you can contract a Jedi. Even if they have changed their teachings, do not for one second believe that they are willing to break their beloved 'Jedi Code'. They are not highly trained mercenaries, nor are they willing to cooperate with someone of your influence, unless of course they mean to bring down your little world."

    The hologram turned as Albedo opened a compartment full of Lightsabers, most of which had belonged to the fallen Jedi of Order 66. Some of them appeared to be new, or at least refined enough to look new, but it still did not sway the hooded figure. A low growl came from behind the mask as he listened to the overconfident Dug.

    "I never said our deal was threatened, I was merely stating that your decision not to kill the Jedi was a mistake. One that you will surely pay for if you weren't smart enough to contact me. The Jedi will not work for you, nor will the Jedi forgive you for taking its life as one of your 'collectables'. I will not order them to kill just yet, but since I have my own doubts about your plan, I will send my agents aboard Borgo Prime anyways, regardless of wether or not they are required. I wouldn't want my investment to be all for nothing, after all."

    "Do what you will, so long as you don't inturrupt my business. If this Jedi denies the honey, I can always give him the vinegar." Albedo said as he ran his hand over one of the hilts, grinning. "I have done my research. I can handle a single Jedi. Glad though that you seem to care." He said before turning around to face the Hologram. "Now, was there something else you wanted or can I get back to my business?" Albedo asked with a defiant tone and a grin, taking pleasure at the position that he was in.

    "Perhaps I was mistaken in assuming the Jedi were the most overconfident and arrogant beings in the Galaxy. You seem to be proving me very wrong... But, at least for now, I will have to trust your judgement, though I doubt you'll be able to contain the Jedi permanently."

    Quickly fading from view, the hologram projector was shut off from the other end, leaving Albedo alone with his thoughts. Still confident in his belief that the Jedi would soon work for him.

    "Everyone has their price..."

    Borgo Prime: Containment Cells



    Slowly blinking as he felt his mind returning to the conscious world, Maar groaned and let out a deep sigh. "That's the last time I let that Astromech droid fly the ship..." moaned the Jedi as he realized just how sore his entire body was. His limbs were aching and his skin felt hot, almost as if he had experienced some kind of extreme physical strain recently. Even as a Jedi, Maar still had his limits. Now I just need to figure out what the Hell happened... thought Maar as he squinted, trying to gain back his now blurred vision. Why did everything look so yellow? In a matter of seconds, Maar realized that the hazy yellow colours dancing in his vision were actually the rays of a containment cell. Luckily for him, his cell did not appear to be 'Jedi Proof'. Easy fix... Maar thought, looking around the room for a switch of some kind.

    When his search came up fruitless, as the only thing Maar could see that might open the cell was a control panel located to his far right. He thought about another way out of the cell. Eventually his eyes landed on the cables linking the cell with the control console, unsure wether or not disconnecting them would result in his electrocution. Then Maar thought about potentially overloading the console with a bit of force lightning, but again, he could wind up frying himself.

    Deep fried Jedi wasn't exactly a fun thought for Maar.

    But, he couldn't see any other solutions aside from meditating and waiting for the cell to unlock. "Well, guess it's one alternative or the other..." grumbled Maar, not exactly excited about his current predicament. Taking a deep breath as he convinced himself this was the only way out, Maar closed his eyes and focused his attention on the industrial strength cables. Waving his hand in a circular motion while his arm remained at his side, Maar imagined the cables breaking apart cleanly. It took a little longer then he originally thought, but finally the cables snapped in half, shooting out a few sparks, but nothing more.

    Sighing a breath of relief when he stepped out of the containment cell, Maar stretched his tired limbs and nodded to himself. "Alright, well that worked better then expected. Awesome... Still doesn't help answer the whole 'where am I' question."
    Looking around the cell block with an inquisitive expression, Maar's eyes landed upon a window overlooking the asteroid belt surrounding his current environment. "Huh. We're not moving, so I guess I'm on a space station of some kind." said Maar, talking to no one in particular. He then raised an eyebrow, realizing he had been talking to himself a lot since he first woke up. He continued to stare out the window for a few moments before glancing around the room again.

    Near the control console rested a set of large, sealed metallic doors. It was obvious that the room was some kind of containment block, as a series of cells lined the rather lengthy corridor. While most of the cells were empty, there were five others aside from his own that contained a set of prisoners: a Chiss donned in a set of heavy armour, a Kel'Dorian wearing Clone armour, a Mandolorian dressed as a Stormtrooper, a Human woman who Maar had previously encountered, and a Hapan who Maar recognized as a smuggler who had frequently visited Nar Shaddaa back when the Jedi had taken up residence on the crime-ridden planet. Close to the Kel'Dorian's cell was a deactivated R2 Astromech droid. The droid showed serious signs of burn damage, indicating it had to be electrocuted in order to turn it off.

    The severed cables had only disengaged the lock on his cell, so Maar was left with the task of freeing the others. Unless of course he decided against it. They seemed to all be slowly regaining themselves, but Maar decided to first ask them a few questions before he started unlocking the cells. "Before any of you ask, no, I'm not the one in charge. As far as I know, we've all been taken aboard a space station of some kind for reasons that currently evade me. Do any of you remember what happened before you blacked out? What you might have been doing before we were abducted?" Maar asked, crossing his arms as he stared at his fellow prisoners. "I'll free you afterwards, I just need to know if there's any reason why I shouldn't unlock your cell. Be honest, because if I get the feeling that you're lying to me, you can just remain in that cell. If any of you know exactly where we are, speak up. I'll free you first."
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  2. Alexander slowly opened his eyes, Not that Maar could see that. He listened carefully then looked towards Arc Beetle. The little astromech had been electocuted to shut it off. that was impressive considering it had military grade ion sheilding. then again.....maybe..... He grinned under his mask and stretched as best he could. "All I can remember is my ship getting hit with a ion pulse to the engines, then a whine and then everything went dark. I suspect it was a ion pulse and a nuro-lance." He said and then looked at the droid "Oi! Arc Beetle! stop messing around." He called, the droid seemed to grumble before booting. "Yeah yeah. just be glad I got you the ion sheilding." Alexander said before the astromech made its way to the main command console.

    Arc Beetle plugged himself in to the console and started to buzz softly. Then came the strangest dialog going:
    "C'mon whats taking so long?"
    "Beep...beep beep boop."
    "What do you mean? 'its locked' Then unlock it!"
    "beep beep peep. beep."
    "Ok, so just work round that."
    "beep beep."
    "and your mother was a protocol droid. now hurry up."
    There was a few more beeps, a swear word from Alexander and then the cell hissed free. Alexander smiled, stretched and pulled his helmet on, glad his armour hadn't been removed. "Ok Arc beetle, Find out where my weapons are, and where my ship is. I want off this junk pile." he then paused as the astromech buzzed at him. "Yeah ok, and where the main reactor is. I'm going to blow this place to hell." He then looked at Maar. "I'm Alexander, or just Alex, And the rather annoying little bucket of bolts is arc beetle." This caused the astromech to make a rather snarky sounding beep and brandish a buzz saw.
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  3. Tifa

    So much darkness. Then a voice. It rang out, in some strange, soft, monotonous tone.


    Oh. Right. Of course. She was artificial. A Droid. It was strange, she felt human, but had so little an idea of who she was. Of course, that didn't matter, did it? She was just a Droid. This thought made her angry, an emotion that she shouldn't even have been able to experience. Such an odd thing to think about, that line between organic and biological.

    Tifa's brow creased as that feeling of irritation and confusion boiled in her chest, her eyes slowly opening to reveal her location. A cell? Right, her ship had been attacked, during a mission. A simple job. Pick up package. Deliver to target. Track target through package. Take the actual target. Deliver it. Get paid. Unfortunately, she had been stopped on the third to last step. That port was just a bad case of wrong place wrong time.

    Now, here she was, trapped in a cell, two, three...five other people. This was just awful. Her eyes caught on one of the individual, the young man who had popped out of his pod first. A jedi, whom she immediately recognized. Well, this just got worse. At the least, more interesting. Another individual had managed to escape his pod, and activated an astromech Droid. A Droid. It figured. His rapid series of beats were probably just noise to most of the people here, but Tifa, she recognized it as easily as galactic basic. She could even communicate in a similar way through taps.

    The "woman" rose her hands, pressing hands against the cell. How exactly could she get out of here? Her eyes scanned the room, spying the cables, and the terminal across the room. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to hack. At least, if she could reach it. Which, clearly wasn't an option. She needed to escape.

    "I was captured by some punk who interrupted my job. I don't remember much else, but, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me out of here. I can help you get out of here, even help blow this place away..."

    Tifa's voice trailed off as she eyed the two men suspiciously. What was going on here? Why was she here? Why was HE here? Too many questions, and all so suddenly.
  4. Gambit had woken up fairly early on though he had not done much but sat down on floor with crossed legged in a meditating position. He seemed to have all his armor on but anything that would assist him to escape the cell, even though that did sound like a good idea he figured that whoever went to the trouble to capture people would rely on something other than just a holding cell, his helmet placed at his feet and facing the cell door until the young man seemingly managed some way to escape. Maybe it was time to get out of here though Gambit highly doubted that however many there were in the cells, they would be hard pressed to escape from wherever they were now. Guards and what not. He just took in a deep breath and relaxed, listening to the man's words about whether or not he should let them escape.

    "That is a bit of an idiotic question given the circumstances, isn't it?" He asked as he slowly stood up and picked up his helmet, getting closer to the cell's door and leaned to see a Kel Dor with an astromech exit his cell. Must have used that astromech to get out or something. Maybe the security was a bit more lax than he had expected...infact...why had no guards come in yet? Either way he then looked over at Maar. "Last thing I remembered was answering a potential opening for some merc work. When I got there, I seemed to have been stunned and brought here." He said, placing his helmet under his arm. The man's face was vaguely familiar but that was about it, no name coming to his mind.

    "For whatever reason, whoever captured us must have some reason to. I have no bounty that I can think of and I make sure that no one is after me dead or alive. This could be some strange recruitment, that seems the most logical to me at the moment" He said, taking a few steps away from the door, placing the helmet back onto his head, covering up the patchwork face of his.
  5. Dozenda grumbled as he opened his eyes, the blood red eyes looked out at the man standing in front of the cells, asking questions that he no doubt expected an answer to. He shook his head "Just a bounty hunter, I was told there would be a job here, was ambushed, killed five of them, but was stunned, taking down by their sheer numbers...thought I'd wasn't going to wake up this time." The chiss was calm, calculating and narrowed his eyes at Maar "How did you escape, these cells are to good to have a do we know you're not one of them."

    He was barely able to fit in there, hunching over he looked down at his left arm, at the elbow he was missing his prosthetic, no doubt because they knew it wasn't exactly just a prosthesis anymore. He silently cursed and, using his prosthetic left eye he looked for...something, either a weakness in the structure of the good there... or in the heart rhythm of the one that had freed himself. Dozenda did notice that he had his armor...but just like anybody else key components were missing from certain pieces of it, the blaster addition as well as darts, grappling cord, and many other things were missing from his armor. He cursed a second time as he realized the stun cloak was also not on his person. He sat down now, not beaten, no Vondo'Zen'Das doesn't lose anymore, he merely was waiting for the one that freed himself to make his move, "I will say, you're going to need bodies to help with escaping here...hopefully with the idea of killing whoever locked us all up, we may not know who could be a traitor if there is one among us, but as of right now, even the would be betrayer needs to get out just as badly as the rest of us. So we have very few options, and even less time to work with until guards show up, you maybe able to handle them by yourself or you may not. Even if you could there's no doubt more, the ones that jumped me were seasoned, smart, and have obviously been working together for awhile, they were synchronized. If you free me I'll at least help you get out of here, after that I won't take any bounties on you as a sign of respect and appreciation for saving my life." He was matter of fact, something his old friend was trying to get out of his system, he said what he believed people wanted to hear, cold ahrd facts, something he himself believes in more than anything anymore. He kept himself silent, feeling like he said his piece and just waited.
  6. Maar thought about all the responses given to him by the various residents of the cell block. The one with the droid, Alexander, had escaped from his cell in a rather implausible fashion. Maar thought for sure that the droid wouldn't have been able to recover on its own, as the damage on its hull indicated a serious blast of electricity, enough to fry the circuits of any droid. It would've required somebody to completely reboot it's systems and replace some of the internal circuitry for the droid to work again... But somehow, it was still functioning even without all that. Impressive, but confusing nonetheless. Soon after he was free, the Kel'Dorian requested the location of weapons, a ship, and the station's arc reactor from the droid. "Firstly, we should figure out where we are as opposed to where the weapons are. Secondly, your ship was most likely destroyed by whoever brought us here. I doubt they'd want it anyways. Thirdly, and this is by far the most important: don't blow anything up, or I'll blow you up. This could be a civilian filled space station, we don't want to kill anyone who isn't responsible with our entrapment." he explained in a low voice, turning away from Alexander to examine the others. Slowly freeing them one by one, Maar deactivated their cells and waited for them to meet with him.

    Everyone had the exact same answer as he did: Nobody knew why they were here. However, the bounty hunter asked some rather unfavourable questions. "My cage was faulty. The wires connecting it to the computer terminal were incredibly weak, so when they shorted out, I took my chance and escaped." Maar explained, subtly waving his hand behind his back. While everyone was focused on him, Maar subtly re-connected the wires in such a way that they appeared worn down and faulty. "But I'm a friend, trust me. Just don't get on my bad side, and we'll do just fine."

    Looking around at their current surroundings, Maar suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Sensing somebody was about to speak, the Jedi held up his hand to quiet them. "Shut up. Shut. Up." he dryly stated. Staring ahead at the large metal doors leading outside the cell block, Maar felt a strange presence approaching them. No heartbeat, but there was some kind of energy signature. Droids. Six of them. Five of them were approaching the door and shared similar energy signatures, but the sixth one was different and closing in from behind. It was much closer then the others, so Maar snapped his fingers towards the door. "Keep your eyes on that entrance, I have no doubt that whoever captured us knows that we've escaped our cells. Somebody'll be here soon, so try to crack that door open, or at least fortify it enough to last against some kind of attack. Alexander, was it? Your droid seems more then capable with tech, so you and Arc Beetle try to hack that security panel. Tifa, give them a hand. You're handy." he explained, pointing at each person he addressed in a commanding fashion. Next, he turned his attention to Gambit and Dozenda, snapping his fingers towards the approaching energy source. "You two, come with me. Let's see if we can find another way out. Keep your wits up, somebody might try to come at us from behind."

    Just as soon as he spoke, the wall at the other end of the corridor burst open. A condensed explosive, no doubt. Smoke billowed from the destroyed door as small chunks of debris flew towards the group. Nothing more then a few pebbles, the biggest threat to them was if a piece got stuck in their eye. Following the explosion, the sound of clunking metal feet echoed through the corridor as a tall, humanoid shaped droid entered the room. In its hands; a blaster rifle, aimed directly at the group. Once it was in clear view of the team, the droid looked around and lowered its weapon, speaking directly to Maar.


    "Relieved Statement: Ah, Master! My programming suggests I am most glad to see you are not damaged." stated the HK-55 unit.
  7. Alexander looked somewhat surprised "give a droid enough internal shielding and it can take a shock from nearly anything arc beetle is just....well a bit of a trouble maker." He explained and looked at his arm, he still had his tool kit this would be fun. He looked at the door and grinned. "Ok arc Beetle, by the door, I want you to start causeing trouble the moment they come through." He said and sprinted over to the security panel and started to disassemble it and work on its innards. Arc beetle on the other hand was waiting by the door with a buzz saw and arc cutter out, along side what looked like a shock wand. and was waving them in a very threatening manner at the door.
    Alexander hissed softly to himself as he worked on the pannel. "Ok.....if I...." there was a crackling gout of sparks and the door controls flickered once then powered down. "gotcha!" he said and rather than starting to work on something else he continued to fiddle with it. now more concerned with the 'orders' he was given. "a civilian station dosn't just crush ships on a whim, nor do they hold prisoners for no reason. Thus blowing it up is perfectly fine. Secondly, I am going to find my weapons, I don't care where I am, if my ship was tractored or dragged along it'd have recorded our location. And thridly why in the seven hells should I follow orders from you, I'm only doing it this once because it was pretty much what I intended to do anyway." He said before the numerous screens that were used to originally play announcements to the inmates started to show security feeds from around the area.
  8. Gambit had an expression of displeasure which was effectively covered by his helmet. The first escapee had resorted to some vague threat about not getting in his way which was never a good sign. He didn't protest though and looked over at the Chiss bounty hunter. "This is gonna turn out to be an utter mess" He told him in a low tone and speaking Chiss to boot. This would probably be his best way to get anywhere near out of the situation and the only one that didn't involve interacting with the mastermind of the situation. He rolled his shoulders, a bit of a show of him getting ready for combat. Whatever happened, Gambit wanted his gear back. He had spent a pretty chit for them and would only settle for getting it all back or getting something a lot better.

    The others seemed to do the same, getting ready, and then there was the explosion. Instinctively Gambit held up his hand to shield his face despite the fact it was unnecessary with his helmet on but he was ready to either fight or surrender at whatever came through the hole. It was a droid, something like a protocol droid but carrying a blaster rifle. The droid addressed Maar and that made Gambit just tilt his head. "Wait wait wait. Hold on. What in the *huttese expletive* is going on here. How did you get here and through security?" He asked the droid.
  9. Zen nodded at the one that spoke to him, moving out of the cell and grabbing a mechanical arm off of a nearby table. He re-attaches his trusty prosthetic and checks a few things on it, as well as putting the armored gauntlet back over it. Zen looked for a weapon, shrugging when he didn't find any and just decided to take up his position at the door he was instructed to go to. He easily worked out how to have a comm between him and Gambit to wait until the action started. " I see that the loud-mouth with the one droid is definitely going to be a problem...if his ship is here I'd suggest blasting it into dust with him in it...but seeing as how that would be bad form I'm keeping that to myself, and you at this point. Utter mess doesn't describe how this is going to turn out, if I can get my weapons and gear back I can get out of this alive...maybe with one or two behind me." Zen says also in his native language.

    His arms and legs were stiff but ready, he turned quickly hearing the explosion and was ready to slam an anvil sized fist down on whatever came through but stopped when he saw it was a battle droid of some kind, that seemed to know the first escapee. "Blaster in tow, damned thing is handy at least...couldn't bring back anything more useful that one damned blaster though, so maybe not as handy as I thought." He says and turns back to guarding his own post.
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