Star Wars Humble Bundle

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  1. Holy shit.

    Holy shit.

    Holy shit!


    If you're a Star Wars fan, or hell, a fan of fun games period, then this is the Star Wars game bundle of the year!! You will not find a better deal on Star Wars games than you will in this bundle all year long, even on May the 4th.

    Buy it up now if you don't own these games! Hell, even if you're only missing one of them, the price is worth any one of them!
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    Why? Why must I be broke?!

  3. I just dropped the $12. I can't wait to see what next week's mystery title is! 8D
  4. Thinking about making a SW avatar and signature, all this hype about the movie and now this.
  5. Tempting, but I have limited funds for such things during the year.

    +The only games here I don't own are Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (though I own the 2nd), Dark Forces, and TFU 2.

    Although admitingly, Battlefront 2, Republic Commando & TFU 1 I only have for the 360.
    While empire at war requires the CD, which I misplaced...
    Which means I effectively don't have it.

    I'm now talking myself into buying this.
  6. Guh. I have almost all these games on CDs xD
  7. I've owned all of these except TFU, TFU2, and Empire at War.

    And I've lost all of the physical copies.

    At $12, not only do I get the games I don't own, but now I forever-own the digital versions of the ones I've lost (or at least I own them for as long as Steam remains a thing). And considering that any ONE of those games (save for Dark Forces) cost $9.99 or more, I think I got a good deal on these!

    NOTE: Most, if not all, of these games will be on sale on May 4th for 66% off. (Get it? 66? Order 66?) So if you're only missing a title or two, it might be better to wait.
  8. I wish i had the dollahs on me
  9. Ten bucks for Republic Commando.


    No money for another two weeks. Unless taxes come in sooner..
  10. OH ALSO:

    Charity. A portion of the proceeds go to unicef!
  11. Is it bad that I already own all of these?
  12. Yea I grabbed the 12$ package.
    And sent all the money to the charity.

    Would have done it to developers.
    But all the games were either ancient, or made by developers where cash isn't a concern.
  13. I mean, if anyone wants to buy me games, I'm all for it. My Steam is imanarglehunter. Keep the cash flowing, kiddos.
  14. Have dungeon defenders will trade for Republic Commando.

    Can't believe it didn't go on sale this Christmas..
  15. "i'm a skint uni student who has no time for games"
    "yeah but-"
    "I'm already over budget and-"
    "And I have no time, I'm already behind!"
    ".........okay i tried *buys*"
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