Star Wars: Fangs of Corruption

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    It has been five years since the Rebel Alliance's pivotal victory at the Battle of Endor and the formation of the New Republic but the fight for peace in the galaxy is far from over. With the remains of the Empire still


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  2. Vela stared out into the open expanse of the space that seperated her from the planet she was on. It had been awhile since she had set foot on a planet and yearned for the ability to touch whatever kind of foilage that this planet harbored. It had been nearly six galactic months since her fleeting experience from the Zann Constortium. She had been a leading member in Tyber Zann's Defiler operation and had grown weary of his actual motives. Now, she finds herself in possession of a rather unique holocron. One of a very hold history dating back quite some time. It was valuable and... it was Zann's.

    She had setup a contact network over the past few years since the fall of the Empire and she found herself able to get into contact with a rebel agent. In doing so she began the path towards backstabbing the largest criminal in the entire galaxy and she could easily get away with it. Where she lacked in strength she made up in ingenuity and cunning. She finally took a deep breath. She was in her element in space. She was a master pilot and could fly anything from one of Zann's Dreadnaughts to a simple single seated transport.

    But, where she was best at was the pilot seat of a heavy fighter. She loved the thrill of it all and although had nearly died on several occasions had more kills then any defiler under her belt. She was one of the best in the Empire before its fall and was even better in the years following in the Zann constortium.She was trained all her life to do what she did and she started young giving her an edge over most of the people who lived in the galaxy today. So, it was with all of this in mind that she descended to the planets surface and exited her ship at the star port.

    She looked around as she fixed her outfit. It was abit revealing but it was inconspicuous. But, most of her people were out in the stars far from most of the galactic deals of the day. She was one of the few thats remained in the spot light. She just shook the thought out of her head and walked out of the starport to the designated place of meeting. It was then she caught the motion of a larger ship moving towards the star port and she realized that she was being followed. It didn't matter much. The ship she had was old and out dated let alone fit to be called a fighter. It was horrible to even think she piloted that wreck for as long as she did.

    But, it wasnt easily tracked.. meaning she had a hunter after her. Oh, how fun was this going to be. That man had no idea what he was hunting. That hunter was hunting the hunter. Stalking the prey that was not truly what it seemed. Zann probably gave some bullshit bounty on her with fake lists on who and what she was. Well, they would find out the hard way and would most likely die in the process. But, today was a good day and she was feeling rather good about everything. She was in the mood to spare the persons life if they tried to take her alive.
  3. Jason leaned against the concrete wall of an alleyway leading out into the marketplace. This was the meeting place his client, Mon Mothma, and the person who he had been hired to escort had agreed upon. This wasn't the first time the now Chief-of-State of the New Republic had contracted the Mandalorian mercenary. He had been doing jobs for her ever since the destruction of the first Death Star and developed somewhat of a friendly professional relationship with her.

    Staring into the marketplace, Jason watched as merchants inspected roonstones before purchasing them just to make sure they weren't being scammed, the occasional mechanic selling droid parts for more than they were worth, and so on and so forth. The mercenary couldn't help but to mentally applaud the woman he was going to protect. Not only did she betray Tyber Zann, oh no, she stole from him. Hell, barely anyone made it out of the Consortium alive after betraying Zann. But, this woman, Zela Zwan, managed to do it and take one of his possessions with her.​
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