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  1. 3,000 light years from Tatooine an Imperial star destroyer floats aimlessly through space, a small group of stormtroopers leads four rebellious citizens to the brig being thrown into the same cell they have time to introduce themselves
  2. Brylan C. Gunman
    "Hey hey hey man watch where your putting those hands buddy," were the sounds of protest that could be heard from the up and coming smugglar, Brylan Gunman. Brylan had once again gotten himself into a world of trouble after taking a job offer that he knew sounded to good to be true and found out that his cargo was filled to the brim of stolen Imp tech which made his case even worse as he tried to plead about being set up. "I swear when I find that Rodian bastard he is gonna get it right between the eyes," he huffed while being pushed along towards the cell block of the ship while trying his best to bribe the troops off, "Hey I know this great guy that can get you pure Glitterstim for only 2,000 credits man I swear." After arriving he was checked for weapons and was stripped of his guns and any other thing that was considered dangerous except for his credit chip since he stopped the guy from reaching into his pants, "Hey now sir the only gun you'll find in there is meant for the ladies only so no touchie okay?" After that little situation and he was marked as clean they threw him into a large cell and activated the lazer field that would harm him if he tried to break out. Even though he was probably in the worst situation of his life Brylan simply sat upon the one cot in the room and started whistling as if this was just another day on the job..and for him it really was.​
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