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  1. this is a star wars fandom rp (not canon) multi- timeline ( mixed timeline from old republic clone wars and galactic empire eras) as i said it will be non canon meaning reality warping custom species etc. i would like at the least a sentence per response grammar wont be an issue so long as everyone gets what is meant
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  2. I do have a Mandalorian Gun Dancer named Sahren which I haven't played in a while. Gun Dancers are a Force User of my own design. The Mandalorians, after experiencing a rift between their people and the Jedi, decided to develop their own force users. As a newly formed group of adepts they are nowhere as skilled as the Jedi. For example, they have no ability with telekinesis. They are, however, incredible with blasters in a manner similar to the movie "Wanted".

    She is also something of a "scoundrel", pilots a YT-1300 freighter and has a partner/co-pilot who is a slicer.
  3. sounds good, unfortunately you are the only one who has shown interest i guess it can be a one- on- one if need be (though i was hoping for a large group either way you are in... that is if you want to be
  4. I haven't been here long but one thing I noticed is that nobody seems to check the OOC sections of the various forums for new games. If an IC thread gets their attention then they'll look at the OOC. As a result, I'd recommend establishing an IC thread. There doesn't even have to be any In-Character posting, just a description of what you're looking for.
  5. I have an interest in this since I do like anything that deals with star wars.
  6. i have been here a while; however; i just re- instated my iwaku, and i am still learning how to do things i will admit that and go one step further by stating that i'm still learning how to properly utilize a computer i prefer a quill a bottle of ink and parchment
  7. @Solar✹Blitzfang43 you are welcome to join as you can probably tell (not sure if it needs clarification) but this will not follow the regular "set in stone" story lines it's basically a make it up as you go type deal and i would like the feedback and input of all participating (standard site rules apply)
  8. Make it up as you go huh well thankfully i'm great at on the fly storylines so I enjoy this idea even more so now.
  9. cool i did have an idea for a primary plot however as no one found interest in the page i forgot what it was and now it is the disheveled mess you see before you looking kinda like gollum from lord of the rings
  10. Well i'm sure we'll make it work cause anything can happen in the Star Wars universe since even the best plans do go awry, but its more fun that way.
  11. Well, you could dwell on your multiple reality/timeframe crossover as a plot related event. Perhaps it's some form of temporal aliens, like the Gallifreyans except bent on evil purposes. You might even have some "steampunk" stormtroopers in there somehow :)
  12. well i may or may not have mentioned dimensional rifts which could account for such things thus again making it not "set in stone" story line i'd say non canon but i'm still learning what that means
  13. excuse me i said reality warping but it is basically the same thing
  14. well i guess we might as well start our C.S.s if anyone else gets interested they can jump right in
  15. Cool cool I get the feeling that this is gonna be fun.
  16. i hope it will be anyway maybe a laugh or two along the way couldn't hurt either
  17. I didn't mean to imply other franchises if that was what you were referring to.

    I more meant that it might help to explain how Kaminoan clones might be fighting against the Vong. A better idea might be some sort of ancient Sith device or artifact that is ripping time itself apart, maybe as a power source, maybe as some sort of weapon but that isn't particularly important at the moment.
  18. all very good ideas and the other franchises couldn't hurt could it? like i said i'd like full input and feedback this is our blank page let's write our johan sebastian bach's 5th symphony for lack of better words
  19. I would advise against other franchises, even those of the same genre. It leads to "difficulties" with various fan bases. Then there's the differences in technology levels.

    For example, Star Wars vessels have nearly no defenses against kinetic weapons so those of Battlestar Galactica, despite having primitive technology would rip right through them. Star Trek vessels can "see" with their sensors several light years away and can destroy most other franchises from so far away that the other ships won't even know who is shooting at them. Then, when Macross/Robotech fighters enter the fray, a single fighter can take out up to fifty fighters of other franchises.

    Plus, the less said about War TARDISes the better. It would be really confusing to find out a ship was destroyed before it even get to the battle thanks to temporal weaponry :)
  20. ok gotcha though both star wars and star trek vessels utilize ship wide shield and star wars has force and ray shielding but i shall take you advice and keep other franchises out
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