Star Wars: Devastation



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Star Wars Devastation is a post-apocalyptic AU Star Wars RP set in a loose cluster of planets surrounding the Inner Core. The role-play on the site centres around the rebuild effort of a faction known as the Core Remnant Republic after the destruction of Coruscant and the entire Inner Core. The RP is set in 754 ABY, and the face of the Galaxy is very much different from what you might expect in a Star Wars RP.

After a large-scale catastrophic event in which a ship travelling in hyperspace collided with Coruscant the Galaxy has been thrown into disarray. As if the widespread fallout and destruction wreaked on Coruscant itself was not enough for the Senate and governing force to deal with the accident had a far more dangerous surprise in store for the Galaxy.

In the start they thought it was the fallout, the radiation from the reactor of the mysterious ship that had collided with the planet causing people to die. Little did the people of Coruscant know, as they rushed to evacuate the planet in droves and find safe refuge in the other planets of the Inner Core that the ship involved in the collision had carried a very dangerous cargo. An airborne super virus had been present in the ship, and once it had breached its containers the spread was rapid.

The refugees carried it far and wide across the Inner Rim, people dropped dead within days, widespread panic gripped the Galaxy. The few who escaped untouched set up a rough perimeter around the affected areas and nobody was allowed out. It was a harsh call to make, but one that was necessary to protect the Galaxy at large.

With the Inner Core locked off, the surviving members of the Senate and the two warring factions in the Galaxy gathered on Arkania. A new Senate was established, a new faction rose from the ashes of Coruscant. The Core Remnant Republic is now tasked with securing what is left of the Galaxy before a war breaks out, determining what kind of a virus they now face and once more making Coruscant and the Inner Core a safe area to govern from.

On Star Wars Devastation, you are guaranteed to experience a very different brand of Star Wars, so join now!

• A new take on Star Wars
• Unique factions
• Friendly environment
• Centered on freedom, lots of room for creativity
• Knowledge of the fandom NOT required