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  1. So there's been one true request from star wars fans for years. A remaster of the ORIGINAL trilogy. Not the versions that adds edits, but the originals on blu ray quality.

    WELL as it turns out, the fans have done it (Still in progress I think, but as it is, it looks REALLY good)

    The process was fairly complex. It's primary source is the blu ray versions, and for the original cuts they took footage from the originals, cleaned it up, re-did the colors (The DVD originals had terrible color) and then other edits to make it look good.

    Personally, I like allot of the changes in the edited versions (Cloud city looks bigger, that rock infront of R2 so it's actually more of a hiding spot, and I do prefer Han shooting second XP)
    BUT I understand why people like the originals MUCH more, and there are allot of edits that I don't like... Like that stupid scream to scare off the Tuscan raiders, Han's head awkwardly being moved to the side (I like that Han shot second, I just don't like HOW it was done) and just stupid stuff like that. If it were up to me, i'd make 3 versions. Original, Lucas's edits, and a mixture of the two of what i think is the best experience. But, as some of you may be grateful for, it's not up to me XD

    So what do you all think? Is this the BEST THING EVAR!!!!!!!!! Are the fans just stupid and this should be highly illegal? Is Disney stupid for being like "We COULD, but the originals are in bad shape, and it will take allot of time and money." Only for random fans to be able to do it faithfully. Which is also why people have high hopes for episode 7. It's made by a fan, for fans. While before it was simply George making his image of star wars which allot of us disagrees with.
  2. So basically they're modding a movie? XD

    Funny to think about, but if they're not profiting off of it I don't see what the harm is.

    I would say Disney is silly for not doing this themselves, but it would probably be a bad business choice.
    I mean the 're-mastered' edition of the sequels are hated, which has stuck a iron belief in people that original sequels are best sequels.
    Probably to the point that if Disney tried this they'd get hit with the same hate, with fans making assumptions and not even bothering to look at the product.
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  3. DIE, SCUM! DIE!
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  4. That's a bit awkward to view it that way XD But yes, it appears so.

    Primarily people downloading this for free instead of buying the blu ray releases.
    Though I'm kinda one of the people that say if you don't give what the people want, then EVENTUALLY I think there should be a right to make it so. Might be a wake up call to companies too if it was written into law somehow though I don't really know how it can possibly be written into law (Without people abusing it to no ends)

    I don't know about that. If Disney did make a remaster like this, and then SHOWED comparisons with original and remastered, then I think just about every star wars fan would jump on it. Star wars fans are a very dedicated bunch who I would assume would reward good company behavior.

    Can Disney take this project, add a few professional touches, and then resell it? Or is it illegal to take footage from a fan project that took footage from you? Because if I was Disney, I would probably jump on this opportunity as most the work seems to already be done now. And I doubt the people who made it would object to Disney using it.
  5. Not really. They're basically just using an ENB coupled with a few sound mods. :P
    Eh. At this point in the game?
    Blue Rays copies would have already been sold.

    No one's from then is going to delay it by going "You know what. I think fans will make it!".
    Maybe. The Star Wars community is very split when it comes to Disney at the moment though.
    I'd be siding with Disney there.
    The Modders took content for free and modded it, so Disney by reflection should be allowed to take it and add to it as well.
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  6. It's more that it's new to me. Modding a game has been a thing since as long as I can remember, but modding a movie? Just a bit strange and different to me is all.

    Is it? I've only been exposed to the fans rejoicing that star wars is away from George Lucas now. Sure, they're still a bit nervous, but over all happy and optimistic.

    That's what I Think as well, but what I mean is can Disney legally take the fans work of their own stuff, and then sell it as their own? (Kinda like you making a bunch of designs for a video game character, and then that company using your designs in their next game)
  7. Are these people who just watch the movies, or those with the extended universe?

    Because those I talk to (particularly Kotor fans) share my stance in that we're excited for the movie, we want it to be good, but are very cautious given how they just de-canonized the best the Universe had to offer.
    Oh, in that case I really can't say. :/
  8. I would like a remastered version of the original movies. o__o Color and quality fixes only. No other changes. It's really irritating to have memories of the original movies but then not get to have copies of what I grew up with. It sucks that there is ONLY edited versions out on dvd and bluray. Some of the changes are meaningless and don't really affect things much, but the BIG stuff that alters the movie (like the han thing, or editing in that young guy over the original actor) really annoy the crap out of me. Those kind of things are fun to add as an "alternate version" of the movie, but not to REPLACE the original movie. @___@
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  9. Both actually XD Granted, I'm not hardcore deep into fandom, but I do hear quite a bit when I occasionally go into the fandom a bit. Regardless, I'll take your word for it as you seem to be in the fandom much more than I. I just haven't had any negative exposure is all.

    BUT Disney didn't say extended is non-cannon, they said that they're legends (It's really weird XP) The books/games DID happen, but not the way the games/books may have said it. So lets take Bane/Revan. They did exist, but what they did and how they did it might be a bit different than what the books says (Disney wants you to see the novels more as reading a history book. When you read a history book, what you read did happen. But the book probably exaggerated/lied/misinformed you about a few details.

    In other words, they don't want to contradict cannon, but they don't want to research every tiny thing (The books contradict eachother sometimes I heard) So if what they do contradicts cannon, it's an easy way to say "Well that book was wrong in that little detail."
  10. Well then this fan project is just for you :D :D :D

    Speaking about the Bobba fett voice though. That comes down to the difference in cooler, vs cannon. Cannonly, Bobba is a clone, so he should have the new voice. On the other hand though, his original voice was so much more menacing DX Or even the lightsaber's blood spill in the Katina (I don't know how Lucas came to that conclusion at first) But on a history stand point (Like what that one guy was saying) the original edit is better, and even technically better.
  11. Well to be fair the Kotor fans I mentioned are mainly IRL friends of mine, who like me grew up on the Kotor Games.
    And I was the first among us to voice the concern with Disney and the Canon stuff, so it's possible they ended up adopting that position because of me.
    Really? Where did they announce this bit?

    Because what I understood was "It's all non-canon, unless if we specifically say so" in which other words meant if they brought it up in a movie.
    Which given what they're making atm would be nothing outside of the Galactic Civil War or Clone Wars.
  12. Fun fact was that Boba Fett originally was just some boy who grew up to enter the field.
    The whole clone thing wasn't even thought up till many years later.

    +The books get a little confused about him. Because in the movie they outright told Obi-Wan that the clones age faster, but Boba was made an exception and aged normally.
    Like, the increased aging was an added effect to the clones while Boba was meant to be pure.

    But the Boba Fett series of books directly mention him aging fast cause he's a clone, so the author of that missed that detail. XD

    As far as the voices are concerned?
    Neutral, both are well done.

    There should still be an untouched original copy though.
    I personally support this change.

    Lightsabers have been established to not cause bleeding for so long, to look back at the Originals now and see the blood is a bit immersion breaking.
    That being said though, obviously have an untouched original too, for novelties sake.
  13. [​IMG]

    Very cool. Disney can nuke itself for all I care-- give me a visually remastered original trilogy, and give it to me now.
  14. Speaking of KOTOR, after trying to find graphics mods (And failing) I was just gonna play it. Well RIGHT before I went to play it, I went to the internet and Disney was like "We're making an HD remaster of it :D :D :D :D"
    And i'm like "WELL, guess I'm waiting to play KOTOR now XD" (I'm sure it's still well worth playing, but I've always prefered remakes/remasters over originals. Gaming wise anyway XP Except for Fable. Anniversary was... Underwelming, and I like lost chapters more) If they're gonna go through the trouble of remastering it. So even if I'm wrong and misread somewhere, KOTOR 1 and 2 is meant to be cannon as they are remastering 1, and already released a HD patch for KOTOR 2.

    Normally, I'd say to look it up yourself and do your own research. But star wars is something I'm more liniant on :D... THAT BEING SAID! There are way too many people bitching about it being non-cannon that I can't even find Disney's elaboration. In fact, I can't even find their original post saying it wasn't apart of their cannon anymore. DX

    But yes, they did say that. And then later during their elaboration, they deemed it was all cannon under "Legends" Arguably they did that due to major backlash, but it's what they did so yeah :D

    But it's the reason why they call it "Legends" now instead of "Extended" Because they want it to be viewed as Legends of the past (Also probably why in the ep 7 trailer Han says "It's true, all of it")

    They created this side team called lucas film story group (Or something like that) to make sure that there's nothing contradictory anymore. The post I read said "from now on" though I wouldn't be shocked if they go back.

    That was my thoughts too. The original needs to be released no matter what makes sense and doesn't. I don't know, just something magical about the original that I can't really explain and even know it doesn't make cannon sense at times.

    Speaking of the clones, the "Clone wars" was mentioned in the original. Now George says that he didn't have anything planned for the clone wars at the time... But come on XP You don't just come up with the name "Clone wars" with no planning in a universe like that do you? I have a feeling that he kinda had the clones planned at the time, though not sure how related to stormtrooper looks it was.
  15. *Looks it up*

    It... Doesn't seem worthwhile. :/
    Like all I can find were some half-assed windows movie maker trailers.

    The graphics looked dead on the same, and they claimed stuff like co-op and new items... But showed nothing for it, at all.
    If these were actual features I'd expect some video proof of it. :/
    That's the thing though. I did look this up before, multiple times.
    All that I can find is Disney plugging in their ears and trying to burn all the extended universe into non-existence.

    As for the trailer?
    I always assumed that was Han Solo explaining the Force in general to the protagonists.
    Yea, I know. But it was name only as far as the movie are concerned.
    And even if George had a ton of the lore figured out, there's no way he'd have known Jango's voice actor.
  16. That's kinda a shame DX Lets hope it delivers in the end, the faith of allot of the fanbase just might be on the line with this games remake alone o.o They've already done goofed by giving battlefront to EA's DICE team.

    FINALLY found... Something. And now I know why it was so hard to find, they said it so awkwardly XD

    Show Spoiler

    “Well first of all, we don’t want to just disappear stuff that everybody read and loved – including myself. Legends are things that are often told over generations so they’re not… they change constantly with the telling, so you can’t actually attribute an author to any particular one. Often it wasn’t someone who was actually there. You can go back to any of the legends… they’re pretty sure there was a ‘King Arthur,’ but most of the stories probably did not happen. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t kernels of truth in it.

    “Even though they would no longer be part of a Star Wars official history, they’re still stories that mean something, and they can mean something to you, even if they didn’t ‘happen.’ That they are legends. And legends are big, and legends are exciting, and legends are special, and you can read them, and tell them, and love them. And then we also read history, and we retell that, and love it, and that gets retold until it’s a legend too.
    “So that’s why we called it Legends… So it wouldn’t get shoved off too far to the side, and treated like it never happened.”

    ‘Star Wars’ Creatives Explain Why Canon vs Expanded Universe Shouldn’t Matter

    So if I were to walk into episode 7 now and talk about Darth bane, the citizens will probably talk about him like they would about king author. The stories, but skeptical about how it actually happened. They WANT to use extended universe stuff, but use it their way, and to make sure it doesn't contradict. So it sounds like they want to re-create the extended universe. The only thing that's guaranteed to not be cannon later on are the future stories with Luke's grandson and stuff as they wanna make their own future.
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  17. Don't get me wrong, it would be outright amazing if it did live up...
    But the complete lack of inside looks... Or even decent graphics has me thinking it's all a scam.
    Ah. Well honestly that just sounds like they're trying to appease the fans. :P
    Basically going "Oh they're not uncanon, they're just... Legends! Yea that's it! Legends!".

    I wouldn't let this is imply Disney actually plans to bring it in until I actually see it happen.
    The wording is just too vague and suggesting it's just repairing public relations.
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  18. yeah, but to be fair, isn't still in super early development? At least at the time they showed us stuff for it? It wasn't too long ago that I heard about this.

    Also something my friend told me, they (Kinda) are gonna continue starwars 1313. The game its self is canceled. But the assets that were created for it is still gonna be used for something they have in mind. So it sounds like they are gonna make their own version of Starwars 1313.

    Which just goes down to what it's sounding like, Disney is making star wars in their image, changing things of the past, and updating it to how they want it. Earlier I said it's a good time to be a starwars fan (Before battlefront had much info for us) I'm still gonna be optimistic, but my feels wont change much if it all ends up sucking as I've always been a star wars fan, but not a fan of the movies.

    Why do I say that? Well I don't like the originals that much. Are they great films? Yes. But for me personally, not a fan. I don't like how Han Solo acts as he's more of a whiny brat/wanna-be than a badass space smuggler that everyone loves for some reason. I really don't understand why people like empire strikes back so much. The story is really good, but the performance for it was... Meh. And although I like return of the jedi, I couldn't even finish it the last time I went to watch it... Though to be fair, I have that movie mostly memorized. I thought there was allot of things I forgot so that's why I went to re-watch it, but no, turns out I actually had it all memorized XD

    Which all goes down to that I don't like George Lucas as a director. He created an AMAZING story, really good characters and lore. But how he showed us it just wasn't that impressive to me. I appreciate them, but I feel that if they ever re-did the original it'll be better. It will 100% loose it's magic, but I feel like i'll enjoy them more.


    Oh, definitely XD I bet ya anything that the moment they heard fan backlash they knew they fucked up, and came up with a middle ground to make themselves happy, and hopefully calm down the fans.
  19. They were saying it should have been released now, but had to delay it till Christmas time, cause reasons.

    Granted that release could have been the Alpha.
    But they gave so little info I couldn't tell.

    +They were showing side-by-side graphics as if they were showing off their finished accomplishment.
    Except they were the same (and in some cases, worse) as the originals.
    That's just developers recycling their code. :P
    It's to be expected.
    In all honesty I'm not the biggest fan of the Movies either.
    I mean they're great movies, but if there all I had to go by I'd be a casual star wars fan only.

    What made me a Star Wars fan to where I ended up getting a replica lightsaber, Jedi costumes etc were because of the video games.
    Kotor being the introductory that got me fascinated in the insane lore and universe that Star Wars was capable of.

    Then Games like Battlefront and Republic Commando being icing on the cake.

    So really when Disney dismissed the extended universe, they dismissed the best of Star Wars in my opinion.
    And that's why I'm judging them so harshly when it comes to stuff they say, do, show etc. Because they just raised the bar considerably by doing that.
    For when they did that, no longer do they just need to live up to some good movies, they need to live up to a giant, engaging and compelling universe.
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  20. It's coming out THAT soon???? And here I thought it would come out in the middle of next year for some reason.

    Well yes, but the way he made it sound, it's gonna be the same game, probably different name and slightly different story. Though I couldn't quite find much info on that.

    I'm not the only one o.o Sounds like I need to play KOTOR to truly understand. Every person I know who's played KOTOR are/become MASSIVE star wars fans.

    Now that just makes me wanna play it more. I'll start them after the HD version is released, see if the HD version is worth anything over the original which I have on steam now. Kinda hope it's released as an update like KOTOR 2 rather than it's own game, it sounds like it's not too impressive of an HD remake for now.
    Fairly recently I bought the star wars games on steam. I watched my friend play through force unleashed 1, and I played through 2. Pretty fun. Then I played battlefront 2 story, and then republic commando. I really feel bad for the clones now. Watching the clone wars from the animated series/movies it was... Well star wars. But from a clones perspective? Damn...

    I was gonna start dark forces a while ago, but I wanna wait for this HD mod to finish before I go into that one. Allot of the star wars games I have was in a small aspect ratio where there was a black box around it instead of full screen. I was able to fix a few of the games though a few I gotta wait a bit longer... Yeah, I'm spoiled DX

    I gotcha now. I'll probably be more pissed/annoyed/disappointed once I play KOTOR. Then again, I don't really take their word on it too much. They SAY it's not canon anymore... But come on XP Kinda like page 2 of that link, the people also decide what is, and is not canon in a way.
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