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  1. Nyrscha smiled maliciously as the padawan weakly grasped at his throat, futilely trying to remove the phantom fingers strangling his life from him. She used the Force to drag the padawan closer until her lips were almost touching his ear, the fabric of her hood brushing against his cheek. "And just remember, my dear little padawn," she whispered in a sultry voice, "there is no death, there is only the force." With those words, she snapped his neck and let his body fall to the ground next to her other victim, another padawan, this one female. She surveyed her handiwork with a slight smirk on her lips. The pair of padawans made a lovely picture, the two corpses in identical robes laying side by side. It was a pity she was on a tight schedule. She would have loved to make the pair scream a while before they died.

    She turned away from the scene and exited the ruined structure she had lured the padawans into. Two padawans down, one master to go. Nyrscha fingered the elegant saberstaff strapped to her belt. The master would have sensed the deaths of her padawans and was probably already on her way here. It was unlikely that the master suspected a sith had killed her padawans, after all there was plenty of things on Taris capable of killing a few barely trained force users. All Nyrscha needed to do was wait. She backed into the shadow of another ruined structure where she had a clear view of all approaches to her position and settled down to await her prey.
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  2. With his nemesis', his former master's, saber staff in hand he approached the battlefield in slow steady steps. Nothing around him except the sound of his boots hitting the ground beneath his feet. Benn Dameri, rogue Sith apprentice and enemy of Darth Vaarask and the Empire, wondered aimlessly with nothing but the force and his hatred to fuel it. His mind was constantly plagued by the thoughts of who he sought to rid the galaxy of; thinking of crushing his neck under the ghostly grip of his mind.

    His thoughts came to a pause as he was interrupted by the sight a mile ahead of him of an army storming a republic base. A legion of troopers and sith acolytes alike, bearing lightsabers and blasters in the name of conquest. In their sights the army turned their aim on him, holding their fire for a reason Benn did not understand. But it came to him that perhaps his old mentor spread word of him across the galaxy, enough to make him known to all on first glance. He gripped his other saber in anticipation, waiting for something to happen as the field grew silent. Whispers of slander towards Benn's rebellion danced over the lips of the army, growing ever louder as more joined in. Benn activated one end of the staff saber to break the silence and signify he was ready to die, the Sith forces cried out for battle and charged him, a single man. Benn slashed out to his right and sprinted towards them as well, blocking shots from blasters as he entered the fray.
  3. A young Jedi, mirilian, barely knighted from the looks of her, walked up to the ruins with two troopers trailing behind her. Her last target, looking for the dead padawans, no doubt. Nyrscha smiled from her vantage in the shadows. They hadn't noticed her yet, pitiful lambs to the slaughter. She stepped out of her hiding place and ignited her saberstaff. She took a moment to savor the look of fear and surprise on the Jedi's face before setting upon the trio in a whirl of black robes and red blades.

    The first trooper died before he had a chance to pull out his weapon. The second one managed to let off a shot before being impaled on Nyrscha's saberstaff. She pressed a foot against the trooper's chest, pushing him off her saberstaff just in time to block the Jedi's first blow. Nyrscha met the Jedi's eyes across their crossed blades. The green and red light dancing across the Jedi's young face. Nyrscha bared her teeth in a grin. With a twist of her saberstaff, she disengaged with the Jedi and danced back. They clashed several more times, trading a few fast blows before separating again.

    The dark side sang a song of blood and death in her ears as Nyrscha danced a dance of blades. The sounds of clashing sabers filled the air as red and green blades flashed. Then, everything stopped and the last gasps of the dying Jedi was heard, the tip of a blood red blade protruding out of her back. Nyrscha retracted the blade of her saber and let the Jedi fall to the ground.

    Nyrscha pulled her up her hood which had fallen down during the fight. She took a moment to savor the adrenaline in her veins before clipping her saberstaff back on her belt and setting off. She uncovered her speeder bike from where she had hidden it, and headed towards the nearest imperial outpost. On her way there, she heard the sounds of a battle and the distinctive hum of a lightsaber. Curious, she slowed and headed towards the sounds. When she arrived at the scene, she saw a sith, fighting imperial soldiers. More intrigued, she guided her speeder bike closer. She narrowed her eyes and studied the Sith. He seemed familiar. Something in her mind suddenly clicked. The Sith was Benn Dameri, rogue Sith Lord, former apprentice to her master, Darth Vaarask. Nyrscha felt the dark side calling to her again. This one would die too. She stepped off her bike and walked towards the battle. "Cease," she called out to the imperial soldiers in a loud, commanding tone. "This one is mine." She turned to face the rogue sith and ignited her saberstaff again. His head would make a fine gift for her master.
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  4. Ripping his left saber from one enemy, twisted around and thrust it into another's chest. Kicking him off he lashed out in all directions from the surrounding army as they crowded him, the flash or red blades hitting flesh in a constant display of light. Two sith charged him from the front and his rear, Benn ducked low on a single knee and stretched out both sabers to block their incoming attacks. Continuing their assault he stepped carefully away from them, switching his view between them to keep up with their moves. Annoyed, one charged him openly. Benn took this chance and pulled the Acolyte's saber from his hand, then quickly throwing his saber staff into his legs and slicing them off. As he recaptured his blade he was jumped by three troops trying to over power him. Hardened and focused, he channeled the force through his body and released it into a shock-wave around him. As the troopers went flying he twirled his whole body in a tornado is crimson light, cutting a path through them like a hot knife to butter.

    When he made a clearing in the crowd, the gunman retreated with the Sith stayed. All had grown silent on the battle ground once again, still with the silence of anticipation dancing aboard the mind. Dameri's breath was barely steady, but abnormal regardless to what his training prepared him for. He knew he would survive this, not because he believed so, but because he knew none here were a match for him. But the challenge still remained and had to be dealt with.

    Sheathing his twin sabers to his belt, Benn drew Vaarask's old saber staff and gripped it with both hands, igniting only one blade. He held it in the back-handed position in his right hand, letting his left hand be free to use. Just then the Sith prepared to charge him until a single word compelled them to remain still.

    "Cease!" he heard from over the sea of black armor. "This one is mine," she said.

    What stepped forward was a woman, Sith Lord perhaps, bearing intense eyes of malice and blackness. Benn immediately could sense her strength in the Dark Side on a familiar channel. She was strong, but inferior from what he could sense, the same as Darth Vaarask. Oh yes, now he knew of her. His rival's new apprentice. With a huff he put away his saber, grinning beneath his mask as he waited for her to attack him.

    "I don't need a saber to face you.... Slave," he mocked her, throwing jabs at her title.
  5. Nyrscha knew the other sith wanted her to be angry, but she did nothing to quell the rage boiling up within her. She was sith, her anger made her stronger. This rogue sith, he was worthless, he was weak, he turned his back to the Empire and he dared call her a slave? Oh, She would make him scream before she killed him. Then she would see his head mounted on her master's wall. Her yellow eyes flashed as she ignited her saber and her lips twisted into a snarl. She would teach this traitor a lesson and let him be an example to all those who would betray the Empire. She charged at him with a feral roar, swinging her saberstaff at his head.
  6. As he anticipated, she allowed her rage to fuel her as she came at him. Benn hopped on his feet pacing his eyes over he arms and legs to carefully predict exactly how to counteract her attacks. Fortunately, she opened the fight exactly like his former mentor would: rushed and aggravated. The memories of duels between him and Vaarask came back in random flashes in his mind. They acted as a poison and a bonus as they both, reminded him of the hatred he bore, yet briefed him on exactly how to handle this novice claimed master.

    His upper body fell backwards, ducking under her blow and extending his hand. As he felt the touch of her body against his palm, Benn unleashed a force push as strong as he could muster to send her flying. Before she could react from his first attack, Benn used force speed to dash over to side, grabbing her foot, and pulling himself up to aim with her upper body. His left hand held her saber-arm at bay while his free hand charged a blast in his fist. Looking down upon her, he brought his empowered punch toward her upper body sure of it being the final blow.
  7. The rogue sith moved too fast, and she could take stock of her situation, her saber arm was trapped in a strong grip and a force enhanced punch was heading towards her torso. She refused to be defeated by this worthless traitor, she refused to be shamed in front of the imperial soldiers that had been attacking the rogue sith a moment ago. With a screech of rage, she used her free hand to send out a raw wave of force energy before the punch could connect, and sent her and the other sith flying away from eachother. Her saber arm was torn from his grip, and she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. Dislocated probably. She wouldn't be able to use a lightsaber with that hand. She switched her saber to her left hand and glared at her opponent's masked visage. His mask unnerved her, the emotionless shield it presented. She wanted to tear it from his face so she could see the play of emotion in his eyes, but she was distracting herself.

    She focused her attention back on her foe and quelled her innate instinct to charge at him again. He was more skilled than her, that much was obvious from her first attempt. Instead, she started circling around him, looking for any weakness she could exploit.
  8. Her counter move was enough to send him back, but not enough to intimidate him nor impress him. Benn landed firmly on his feet without losing an inch of footing. A strong aura of the force burned over his fingers as he cracked his knuckles; along with the sound of snapping bones, so did the aura fade from around his hands. A sigh released from his chest as he noticed she was injured already from a simple attack such as that. If she could see his face she'd see a look of disappointment running across his face.

    As she circled around him, his mind analyzed how to take her on once again. She switched leading hands and her agitation was increasing with his patience. Her inexperience was showing upfront and it was embarrassing. If he were still a Sith he would have killed her by now, as would any, for the way she represented them. Perhaps that was Vaarask's plan for her: use and do away with her. Perhaps there was no potential in her at all, and he was throwing her in his face to antagonize him. A failure unfortunately for his former mentor.

    "Are you going to come? Or all the Sith's new toys as cowardly as you?"
  9. Nyrscha saw red as the other sith taunted her again. The Force screamed at her to charge at him again, but no, she would not. Nyrscha was many things, but she was not stupid. She had already seen what came of mindlessly charging the other sith, and she would not repeat that mistake. "What?" she sneered instead, "too afraid to come and attack a wounded girl that you'll have me go to you?" Without waiting for a reply, she blasted a stream of force lightning at the other sith.
  10. Benn extended his hand towards her attack and caught it in a warp of energy. Force lightning was a standard attack that any Sith knew how to use and retaliate again. If he could guess her tactics, she was trying to be unpredictable using the force. Yet, as Benn was certain as before, she would know what it meant to be a true master of the force after their confrontation.

    Using his free hand, Benn gave her a taste of a strong bolt of Sith lightning in a raging blast. In the off chance that she caught his attack, he added on the pressure with a quick shot of force push to unbalance her.
  11. Nyrscha had lifted her saber to block the incoming lightning, but the unexpected force push blew through her defenses and the force lightning hit her. She screamed in pain as her body controted and spasmed in response to the electricty. The acrid smell fo burnt hair soon filled the air. A small nagging voice in the back of her head whispered that she was in over her head, that she should have passed by the battle, that she would now die at the hands of the other sith, but she quashed that voice. If she thought like that, she might as well be dead already. With every scrap of her will, she forced on hand infront of her convulsing body, and concentrated on letting out another blast of force energy at the opposing sith.
  12. Waving his hand towards his left deflected her blast into the standing by army. From the way she laid upon the ground, he began to conclude that she was giving up. The pup had faced the wolf and submitted under a the face of desperation. Looking down at her, he shook his head; he was not disappointed but he pitied her. Vaarask trained her into think she would be his downfall to realize she's not even close to his skill level. And, to enhance the burden even worse, the audience around them had come to witness her humiliation first hand.

    "I pity you, girl... I can't imagine the embarrassment you must feel right now."
  13. There was a strange kind of clarity that came in the face of certain death, and that was what Nyrscha was facing. If she kept fighting the other sith, he would kill her. If she went back to face her master with this humiliation, she would die by her master's blade. It was in this time that she realized her master had never meant for her to live. Darth Vaarask never meant to train her as an apprentice. She was just another pawn for him to be sacrificed in the field. She wondered if the sith trying to kill her, Benn Dameri, if he has such a realization, and that was why he left.

    She tried to find her anger, her hate, her passion, something, anything to draw the dark side back to her, but she only felt a strange sort of weariness. She laid on the ground and stared at the Tarisan sky instead. She would die today. Her pride would not allow her to face the sting of humiliation, not with so many people watching on. She should get up and fight the other sith again. Slowly, she dragged herself off the ground to face the man. "I don't need pity from the likes of you," she tried to snarl venomously, but it came out more like a tired confession.
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