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    (Please have this playing as you are reading the prologue. Thank you.)


    3,645 years before the Battle of Yavin, a Galactic Civil War raged between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. During these dark times, an extragalactic object capable of creating life and containing vasts amount of knowledge came into contact with the war-torn galaxy and crashed on the Jedi holy planet Illum. Upon discovering and witnessing it's extraordinary abilities, the Jedi High Council deemed the "Cube" to be too powerful for anyone and ordered the Cube to be sealed away deep in the caves of the Jedi Temple on Illum.

    However, it didn't take long for the Sith to find out about the Cube and launch an invasion on Illum. While the Jedi managed drive away the Sith, the High Council knew that they would have to make the make the Cube's existence a secret. Creating a secret room far beneath the Jedi Temple on Illum and placing the Cube within the room. The room's existence was a secret that only the current Grand High Master and his successors would know of.

    In the millennia following, the Cube became nothing more than a myth and soon forgotten after the Great Jedi Purge, fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. Now, 3,647 years after its discovery, the beings of the Cube's origins would come into contact with the galaxy...

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  2. Trudging through the frozen wasteland known as Illum, Jason Straden wiped away the frost that had gathered on his visor as he looked down at the datapad., wiping the snow off it too. He was close alright, really close. Close enough that the Mandalorian looked to see the abandoned Jedi Temple towering over him. Having gone untouched for over two decades, the temple was half buried in the snow and some of it's spires were missing, most liking having collapsed from years of neglect.

    Using the Force to clear his path to the entrance and pushing the titanic doors open, the freelance mercenary gazed around the temple's main lobby. The bodies of Jedi from the Great Jedi Purge were scattered throughout the floor, all well-preserved by the cold. However, Jason wasn't here for sight-seeing. No, e was here on a job to retrieve a mystical object of the stories his mother would tell him as a child. But for the amount creds he was being paid to find it and bring it before anonymous client, he was willing to believe in anything.

    Jason stopped at the entrance of the crystal caves and drew his lightsaber, using it to melt the the wall of ice that had frozen over the entrance before deactivating his weapon and venturing into the caves.

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  3. Bonecrusher hated Illum. The cold coupled with the difficulty of walking over snow and ice made working on the planet a pain. Then again, he hated a lot of things. The only thing he hated more than his current situation, was facing the wrath of his superior, Starscream. His dear leader had tasked him with observing some scrawny human brat. If his supreme leader's information had been correct, the insect was after the AllSpark. He hated that cube, it created too many problems for him to even consider it being worth wasting time over. How his "leader" had found the information was unknown. He had assumed it was a communication intercepted by Soundwave. That creep was always listening to things.

    Anyways, he found himself hiding behind a snowy bank overlooking some kind of temple. His white exterior kept him mostly hidden, providing he didn't move. He hated his new alternate form. it was disgusting, much like his previous one. He also hated the color white. It reminded him of how annoying the snow was. It got everywhere, even in the chinks of his armor, and it was a pain to remove.

    As the little whelp entered the caves, Bonecrusher waited a few moments. Best to give it a little bit of a head start before continuing. No sense in being too hasty and giving his position away too early. He would really hate that. It would make his job a lot harder. He'd hate to have to explain to Starscream why he failed such a simple mission. He could just hear the slag-head now, ranting on and on about how failure wasn't tolerated.
  4. The constorium had its easy set once more on Vela. Her one time employer Tyber Zann had begun to turn the galaxy inside out searching for her. The knowledge she posessed was something highly sought after by all the factions espcially the Zann constortium itself. She had plans of machines and information on the different organizations ranging from the Hutts to the Empire itself that could heavily effect any of them at any time with the simple weapon of the word. Along with this her knowledge of the inner workings of the crime network were unparraled. Outside of this all she was highly trained and was force sensitive to go along with it.

    Her time with the empire before the constortium was one episode she would never forget. She was trained with a Lightsaber but chose a blaster once defecting. She enjoyed the feel of a weapon kicking in her hand more than the easy and simple slice of a lightsaber. Although Tyber Zann knew this and had the nightsister he employed for a time teach her sith Alchemy he still let her go without knowing her intentions. No on the run.. Zann was slowly catching up. It was all falling apart but she had one thing over all the other Defilers.. She was not only force sensitive but she was a highly trained pilot.

    High over Illum a fight was beginning to brew. The heavy fighter nicknamed Advent left hyperspace with a large frigate close behind it. Vela knew what it was and that she was followed. There was no reason for that style craft to be out here. The frigate instantly began to open fire as she brought the newly designed heavy fighter around. The X71 Invictus was a prototype Heavy Gunship and the only one of its kind in the Galaxy. A product on Mandalore ship yards its hull was entirely Mandalorian Iron. Vela turn the ship around and immediately locked onto the oncoming frigate. The Proton Torpedo launchers built into the Heavy Gunship began to fire repeatedly as they shot out towards the gunship.

    Several impact littered the hull of the Heavy Frigate before the twin Railguns began to open fire. The rounds impacted the Frigate causing it to begin to splinter. The lights shut off and the ships engines went out. The guns on the ship went silent as the shields on the Invictus stopped flareing. She looked down at the shield capaciter and smirked as it barely dropped below 90%. With that she knew she had to lie low. The communications would not have come onlinein time for them to send out a message but them going quiet would attract attention. With that she descended down towards Illum.
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