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Six months have passed since the attack by unknown forces on Corellia's Jedi academy. Since the attack, they have temporarily relocated to the remains of the Coruscant Jedi temple where they struggle to regroup after the major blow to their numbers they've suffered. Some of the older, more experienced Jedi have been sent out into the corners of the galaxy, searching for clues behind the attack and any sign of their comrades who were captured in it.

Mysteriously, many of the Sith have lost their powers. There appears to be no pattern to the power losses, only that many Sith of low and high ranks have lost their powers. Many of these Sith have been captured and put on trial. Some have cooperated, many have not. Others have escaped, searching for ways to restore their lost abilities. Because of the public trials of many Sith, the High Lords have debated how the Sith as a whole will react. Some want to call upon assassins, others want to go to war. A few fear the Force will soon leave them all. Opinions divide the Sith and threaten to tear apart the stability Aeron's servants have fought to build.

In the shadows, the anti-Force Guild started their campaign against both sides. the anti-Force guild attacked the Jedi, trying to scatter them. They found and tested an experimental cure on the Sith. In the new landscape, it is the Anti-Force Guild that has real power, yet neither Jedi nor Sith realize they exist.

With the growing chaos coming out from every direction, no one is safe, everyone is a target. The stage is set for a new galaxy to take shape, all that remains is for the players to take the stage.

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Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow is an intermediate-to-advanced message board role play taking place in 372.5 ABY. Our factions include the Queen's order of Jedi, the Sith Order of Aeron, the anti-Force Guild and the Independents. Open since the end of April 2011, we offer friendly, active staff members and the opportunity for a variety of characters.
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